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Once upon a time there was a Sentai program named Zyuranger. Then a company called Saban got ahold of the footage from it, and changed it into Power Rangers. But there was only a limited relation between the shows. It was limited to the robots, the costumes, and the villains. I enjoy Sentai programs, and have been using my website to introduce my favorites. So here is a brief introduction to:

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Dinosaur Warriors Zyuranger!

Time Capsule's Zyuranger Synopsis

To a fine piece of fan-fiction, Billy meets the Zyurangers in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.

Seventeen hundred million years ago, during the age of the dinosaurs, Homo Dinosaurus came under attack from the forces of the evil Dai Satan, led by the witch Bandora. She hated dinosaurs and wanted to wipe the entire species from the face of the Earth. The war was long, and terrible. In the end, Bandora and her servants were imprisoned within a vase on the wandering planetoid "Nemesis." But it was too late. The dinosaurs never recovered, nor did Homo Dinosaurus. But it was known that after seventeen hundred million years, Nemesis' orbit would take it back into proximity with Earth, and it was predicted that Bandora would get loose, and the planet would be a dead place. So the five children of the great houses volunteered to wait the time in suspended animation, to protect the people of the far future from this threat that had destroyed their own people. And it was the faerie wizard, Baaza, who stood guard over their long sleep.

No, I'm not putting pictures of the darned costumes, I'm sure you can go find a Power Ranger site for that purpose. Clicking on their names will show you their feature page. Mei is the Pteradactyl Ranger (aka Pink). She was Princes of the Rishiya Clan. Boi, a sweet young man, is the Sabretooth Tiger Ranger (aka yellow). He was a knight of the Daimu Clan. Dan is the Triceratops Ranger (blue). He was a knight of the Etofu Clan Goushi, Mammoth Ranger (black), is the brains of the group. He was a knight of the Sharma Clan. And the leader of the group is Geki the Tyrannosaurus Ranger (red). He was Prince of the Yamato Clan.

Now, you have to realize that they are the last of their people. There will never be any baby Homo Dinosaurus, with only four men and one woman remaining of the entire species. They gave up their chance of dying with their people, in order to protect the future of a different species.

The Faerie Wizard BaazaGnome and RyotaAnd this fellow, over on the left, is the wizard Baaza. He was also known as the Priest of Snow, or we would probably call him a "White Wizard." It also says he is Justice's Immortal. If you know your Power Rangers very well, you'll have seen him very briefly, as Zordon. And that was, by the way, a Mandrake he had to hunt down. A point, here. The cry of the Mandrake is fatal to anyone who picks it. You don't pick it without heavy duty earmuffs. He is not entirely alone in his mission. There are other magical people around to help. There is also the forest elf, Gnome. Whether he is a gnome or that's his name, I don't know. I do know that he, his grandson Ryota, and Baaza, periodically demonstrate that they have big pointy ears they keep hidden. He's an old friend of Baaza's. But he's also more than that. I'll explain later.

As a secondary point, you know the Zords, right? Again, you don't. They aren't machines in the Zyuranger Universe. They are spirits. When all of them form together, they are a god. Ideally, that would be the joining of Daijujin (the five combined) with Dragon Ceaser, and riding in King Bracchion. Together that formation is called "Kyukyudaijujin." That is the dinosaur god at its most complete. I keep having this horrible impulse to scan in the picture for you. Blah. Do you know how much space a full site takes? A LOT.

Baaza and the Zyuranger live in a magical cavern, hidden 2000 meters below the city of Tokyo. When you walk in from the elevator, this is what you see:

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The Villains of Zyuranger

You will think, at first, that you know all these people. You've seen them all, certainly. All except for the little baby. You want their Power Ranger names, go to a Power Ranger page. On the far right is Bukkubakku. He really is much of a silly idiot most of the time, so yes you do know him. Next to him stands Tottobatto, who is a vampire, by the way. On the far right, standing in back, we have Gryphoza and his wife, Lamia. That little baby is their son, born at the end of the series. The white-headed tinkerer, builder of Bandora's monsters, is Puripurikan. And in the place of honor at the center, we have Bandora herself.

Bandora and her people
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Sure, you look at Bandora and you think she's evil and nasty. Wanting to wipe out all the dinosaurs, including Homo Dinosaurus. What's her beef? Eh? Well, in Power Rangers she had no beef. She was just evil and wanted power. But you see, Bandora did have a beef, and a very strong one at that. She was a queen in her own right, with a son who was the apple of her eye. Kai. Unfortunately, he was a bit of a bad apple. He was fooling around one day, breaking open dinosaur eggs, when a parent dinosaur caught him at it and chased him off a cliff. Bandora only witnessed the attack, and she went mad in her grief. She swore alliance to Dai Satan for the power to avenge her son's death.

But there is a kind of forgetfullness that comes with madness. By the present, Bandora had essentially forgotten Kai, until Dai Satan sent his ghost to her to spur the battles with the Zyuranger. And when Kai died a second time, Bandora for the first time was able to grieve for him, and her power was broken. This allowed Baaza and the dinosaur gods to lock her and her people once again in the vase, which now spins through empty space. But she'll be back. And Lamia and Griphoza's son will probably be the greatest of her generals.

Bandora and her son, Kai
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I did like the premise and watched this series. But after a while it was getting boring. The heroes always won with rather competent ease. There was nothing particularly interesting about them, as far as I could tell. They were just eye candy. The villains were much more interesting. The makers of the show came to the same conclusion, and tried to come up with something to spur excitement. And they did. They came up with Brai.


Click for lots of pictures, and to read his story. It's intense.