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Time Ranger was rather an astonishing series. Every time I was sure I could tell what they would do, they up and surprised me. That was nice.

The theme of the series is, amusingly enough, that we can make of our lives and fates what we will. We don't have to let what's happening to us destroy our spirits. Each member of this team had their life about as thoroughly screwed over as is possible to be. Yuuri, orphaned at age ten when her family was assassinated, slowly built a life for herself and learned to include friends in it, in our time. Ayase, knowing his life would be over soon because of his fatal disease, refused to lie down and wait for it to happen. He fought, loved, laughed.... Sion, isolated by circumstances since he was a baby dropped on Earth after his people destroyed their world in war, sought to make connections with people and learned he could make anywhere his home. Domon, first kicked out of his happy life as a professional fighter, then ripped from his time and family, learned to make a life and live in the time he was. Tatsuya Asami, ground under his father's heel since he was a child, determined to make a life of his own however hard it was to live without the family wealth. Naoto Takizawa... determined to make it on his own merits in a world where wealth and family connections mattered beyond skill and intelligence.

Time Ranger was about them. Not about the shiny machines, not even about the time travel. It was about the people who live in the world. Even the enemies were not left out. We watched Don Dorunero, a cold-hearted, merciless killer, godfather of his own little crew of criminals. Smart, old, and bitter. The only thing in his life that lifted him from that bitterness was the bright laughter and playfullness of Lira. Whether or not she was his mistress, I can't actually state for you. She treated him as her sugar daddy and never faltered in her half of the bargain, which was to bring lightness and frivolity to his hard life. And there was Gien, who slowly went from hyena cackles and general destruction to out-and-out homicidal, genocidal madness. Dorunero and Lira blended into the underworld society, moved out of the Londarz Tower and had quite a racket going with the assorted criminals they set loose to run operations. Some of the villains had been loose for months before they ran afoul of the Time Rangers. Everyone made their way in the world the best they could.