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Their combination is the Magi King, and Red, at the very least, has the Magi Dragon to ride.

Coming up is Magi Shine, マジシャイン(ヒカル)役の市川洋介, Hikaru. He seems to be about 25. A teacher of Magic, his giant form is Sungel. He was Bragel's student.

The enemies are the Infershia. Ruled by N Ma, a being whick looks like an enormous squid when it finally made an appearance. His servants communicate with him through a hole in the bottom of Hell, he is gigantic.... He created Wolzard (Wol for wolf, which can only be written Uru in Japanese kana) from Blaygel. Wolzard carries the WolSabre and the Jagan Shield (which, it seems, has N Ma's eye in it), and can assume a centaur form (Wolcentaurus) by combining with the horse-creature Varikion (バリキオン). He can also combine in another formation called Wolkaiser.

There was 凱力大将ブランケン Gaiikitaishou Branken, whose body is half armor. Branken cross-references the Frankenstein monster. Its spy, Bankyuria (female-seeming bat-monster) can split herself in two, to become Nai and Mea (Nai to Mea = Nightmare). There are the cannon-fodder, Zobiru, commanded by High Zobiru.

Our heroes, as usual, have a selection of mecha for their personal use. The Magi Phone, into which they dial 106 to transform. The Magi Sticks, which have interchangeable symbols at their ends and can be used in a bow form, an Axe form, and lengthen out to be a sword. They ride the Sky Brooms.

Here are the basic spell commands. Each number on the Magiphone corresponds to a magic word. 1 = Maaji. 2 = Jiruma. 3 = Jijiru. 4 = Majiine. 5 = Jinga. 6 = Majiiro. 7 = Majika. 8 = Jii. 9 = Majuna. 0 = Maji.