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The best Tokusatsu Site in Thailand has done an English page on the series. They get terrific pictures! It makes me a little jealous. But I suppose it means I don't have to put up too many here.

I cannot do weekly summaries of this series. It's hard to track one, much less two. But I do feel a need to update as it's been several episodes now. How... how.... New Type The Live No. 005 titles the show "A Mechanical Rider." The motorcycle is coded SB-555V. It is a "Smart Brain Motors" vehicle. First ep aired January 26, 2003 at 8AM. Terebi Asahi has a website at

This is the initial design of Phi's. He has to punch 5 in three times to change into his armor. In the dark you can really see the brightness of the armor when it assembles.

Sole! Energy Holster

The symbol tied to the show is the greek letter Phi, which is really an interesting choice. The description of the armor includes a great deal about Soul Metal and Smart Brain. Could be Sol Metal. With the Black Shellmet (hahah) on top, the Neck Shield, the Full Metal Rangu (chest armor), Photon Terminals (bands at wrists and before elbows), Photon Stream (that seems to be the red stripe running along his body), Power Fingers (silver metal points on fingers), Soul Form (body suit), Knee Holder, and the Power Anklets. That's just the front. On the back there is the Metal Inter Cooller (broad band down the back of helmet), the Spin Pod (good question), the Photon Terminal (red stripes meet at the small of his back), the Spin Connector (back buckle of belt), and the Flex Bellows (squishy back of boots). The Shellmet has things, too. The antennae sticking up there are called Global Feeler A (right) and B (left). A provides a direct contact with the Smart Brain and allows all sorts of spy activities. B it seems provides for contact with Eagle, downloading all kinds of stuff from the mother computer. Right above the green gem is something called the Extreme Nose but they talk about satellite signals. The eyes are called Ultimate Finder, they have this Starlight Scope and camera thing going for them. The fine thread of red around them is the Photon Stream which carries the Photon Blood. The fine shell off the helmet is called the Pinfall Sonar. The mouth area is called the Extreme Regulator. The thing on his right leg is the Energy Holster. It's got a Cartridge Mount up top with a release button on the side, there is access to the Photon power with Photon Chop and there's a Magnet Mount, pointer kind of thing. Inside the Energy Holster is usually the Crimson Smasher. That's his gun.

Auto Version

This here's the SB-555V Auto Bajin in Vehicle Mode and the other mode. It's an off-road type of Autobike. Faiz Gear and all that. Has a Smart Brain of its own.

Summaries. Only episode one as yet.

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