The Living

Aren't I just the cutest thing?Yuji's maybe uncle Yuka's foster parents and sister Smart Lady... but what is she? Mari's class The detective investigating, YY The mother trying to contact her son The son dreaming of music Mari's employer, owner of T-Club The detective's flustered junior, 򑺌Y seeking investigation of slime trails works at Smart Brain works at Smart Brain flustered at presentation being ignored Mari's class, no longer children Kyosuke Tokumoto and Rina Abe one of Kusaka's juniors at university Who is this man kept locked up at Smart Brain?

The Dead

Chie and Yuji, well SHE'S dead Chie and Yuji, 2 years later before her death Mari's poor follower Yuji's cousin, Chie's fiance? Yuji's parents Poor fellow hanging with Orphenok Yuka's mean cruel foster sister The poor guys lost underground Old friend of Takumi's A murderer former classmate of Kaido another former classmate of Kaido A fool to waylay an Orphenok Shouji Inukai Kiyotaka Nishida Mr. Masuda Takahisa Shindo and Haruko Kamijo Random victim of Flying Fish

Though the series has brought us one new Kamen Rider, Delta which it seems could be worn by most anyone though Kyosuke Tokumoto claims it as his, the movie will bring us two PLUS. Psyga, purple blue and white. Ooga, black gold and red (Omega, I suspect). And the foot soldiers for Smart Brain, Light Troopers.

Summaries. Only episode one as yet.

Primary Characters

The Orphenok The Rebel Orphenok