The Goat Orphenok, who raided Smart Brain's R&D two years ago to retrieve the belts. Kusaka calls him "father". It turned out he was the Smart Brain president until he decided to go off on his own agenda. He made more belts, but these were even more dangerous. They destroyed the bearer then bubbled apart. And they had a bad reaction to Orphenok. Hmm. Also, in an all too familiar plot, he told Kusaka to fight if he wants answers. The belts destroy their bearers in a manner more like that of the Ryuuki disintegration in the Mirror World.

On his own goes the president of Smart Brain. Thirty-five year old Kyouji Murakami. He is the Rose Orphenok, and I believe he is also an artificial. He weilds quite a punch wearing only his human face. He's calm, charming, frightfully intelligent. He's the one who assigns other Orphenok their duties. "Get the Faiz and Kaixa belts. Kill Yuji Kiba and Naoya Kaido." He seemed to believe that Kusaka might be an Orphenok. He has a list of special children, a list just like one the previous president of Smart Brain had. This list is of children who escaped from death by a narrow margin. He eventually let out that he knew for certain Takumi was an Orphenok.

Bar Clover

Jay Crocodile Chako

Crocodile Orphenok, Jay. An African-American, he spoke Japanese perfectly from what little we heard and had an American accent when speaking English, which he did to his little dog Chako. He was twenty-six years old, and had the ability to regenerate from destruction... twice. He was finally destroyed, and a little girl inherited Chako.

Lobster Orphenok

Lobster Orphenok, Saeko Kageyama. She is twenty-four years old, professional and sensual. She seems to be the proprieter of Bar Clover. One of her more odd tendancies is to send her target a bottle of wine. She then extracts the wine he drank in the process detroying him. They don't mention anything about multiple lives, but I'm betting she has them. She's been assigned the job of pulling wayward Orphenok into the fold. Failing that, killing them. She and Takuma briefly were bonding over their defeats and confusion, their irritation with Murakami. But she became more enigmatic as the series progressed. She was interested in the wounded, the torn Orphenok. I think she's a sadist, actually. She gave herself to the Arch Orphenok, was purged of her faulty human genes and will always be the Lobster from now on.

Centipede Orphenok, Itsuro Takuma. He is twenty-five years old. One of his ways to manifest his power is through words in a book. He reshapes their reflection into power balls. On the surface he seemed calm and his own power is inherent, strong. But repeated defeats (one in which we know he was destroyed) cost him a great deal of stability. He was in tears at one point, for the partner he'd chosen did not survive the battle. He'd been assigned retrieval of the belts. For a time it seemed as though he and Kageyama might align against their boss, but she left him behind. Eventually, after seeing the Arch Orphenok eat the Dragon's face off, Takuma decided he would never manifest again, and fled into a life in the service sector.

Cannon fodder Orphenok

Stingfish was our first. Human name, Hiroshi Izawa. He could swim through the air. He killed Mari's unwanted friend and what was probably his own friend, pursuing her for the Faiz belt. Takumi killed him.

Ox Orphenok, young Mr. Aoki, was third. He waylaid Kikuchi for the belt, and was destroyed by Takumi.

Cactus Orphenok (first time I knew they did plants, too). Akai. Oh, hey, a pattern here. Blue Tree, Green River, Red er... Well. He actually got the Faiz belt, and then promptly turned around and killed Midorikawa. Unfortunately for him, Auto Vajin has a mind of its own and rejected him, attacking, thus getting the belt back to Takumi who destroyed him. And by the way, the actor was in the third Ultra Seven series, as Ultraman.

Owl Orphenok, Yamanote Music University's Instructor. He targetted the best of his students. He is the one who sabotauged Kaido's motorcycle causing a crash, and then ran over the boy's hand in a truck. Yuji Kiba took him out.

Snail Orphenok. "Man wearing mask". Quite possibly the Orphenok were ashamed to number this loser among them. He tended to steal into people's houses, eat their food and run. The Smart Lady waylaid him and frightened him into killing someone. Takumi took him out.

Flying Fish Orphenok. "Man on Bicycle". While he did seem prone to random attacks on humans, he also seemed to be targetting the belt. He killed a random man and probably never knew he'd made him into an Orphenok. Takumi took him out.

Toadstool Orphenok. The Clown. He liked to hang about on a unicycle juggling bowling pin-type things. He was chasing after Keiko Kurata. It seems his mission was to find children who had narrowly escaped from death.... Takumi took him out.

Worm Orphenok. Young Kouichi, who liked to ride a skateboard. He was recruited by Saeko to help. Destroyed by Kaixa.

The short-lived Rabbit Orphenok. Confused by what he'd become, when the Smart Lady explained he didn't think he could handle it, and tried to kill himself. Kaido took him under his wing and helped him get the Faiz and Kaixa belts. Murakami told the pair that only one of them could join Lucky Clover. The boy turned nasty, seeing Kaido as his competition, and went after Yuji. He took Yuka hostage against Yuji's good behavior. That pissed off Kaido. But Kusaka took the boy out in the end.

We've seen him around. He was the second Ultraman Nexus. He's also had a rough life in Kamen Rider Kabuto. *sniffle*

Second was the Elephant Orphenok, who is only identified as "That guy in the long coat". He also went after Mari.

Mantis Orphenok, Mr. Midorikawa. He actually seemed like a decent fellow. He was killed by his own partner.

Squid Orphenok, Mr. Eichi Toda. Tracking the Faiz belt he was called in by the Smart Lady to explain the facts of life to Yuji and Yuka. Intelligent, quiet, and he found the SL irritating, he nonetheless told the pair about the war between Orphenok and humans, explained the difference between Original Orphenok and non (basically if you didn't regenerate from being killed by an Orphenok, you're an original). And he was killed by Takumi. In a way, he's Kaido's father.

Scarab Orphenok. Known only as "man in glasses", he was tracking Mari until Takumi noticed him. Bye-bye.

Equisetum Orphenok, whose human face we never had a clue about. It seems he saw the battle with Crocodile going on and decided to join in the fun. Kaiza took him out. I can't decide if he's a pine type, or some sea critter.

Armadillo Orphenok. Yoshimasa Morishita, twenty-five years old and big brother to Chie. He'd gone a little mad already in his quest to find out what happened, who'd murdered his sister. Shortly after becoming an Orphenok he lost what was left of his mind and would have gone on a random killing spree. He'd already taken out two people, but Takumi killed him.

Scorpion Orpenok, young Oonogi. Called in to replace Jay in the Lucky Clover hierarchy, he might have been quite good. Except for this little problem of getting killed by Takumi in Faiz Accel Form.

Sea Cucumber Orphenok. Salaryman. He was called in by Takuma to help. Destroyed by Takumi in Faiz Accelform.

Up and coming are a Frog, a Spider... and who knows what else? But from the movie it seems we'll meet...

Long-horn (beetle), Giraffe, Butterfly, Pelican, Moose, Slug, Mole, Wild Boar, Lion and something called Erasumoteriumu (looks like a Rhino-type).

Summaries. Only episode one as yet.

Primary Characters

The Rebel Orphenok

Other Significant People