Chojin Sentai JETMAN

Graphic Novel condensed from B-Club
Released 8/30 1996
Artist: Akiko Fujii
Original Work: Saburou Yate
(reading confirmed with poor confused man working at comic publisher)
Saburou Yate is a pen name for the person or people responsible for the lyrics of many a Sentai song.

Part 1: Time Gallops By

Chapter 1: Resurrection
Chapter 2: Challenge
Chapter 3: Personal Grudge
Chapter 4: Counterattack

Part 2: Soldier Running in the Sky

Chapter 1: Plunder
Chapter 2: The Night Before
Chapter 3: Father's Girl
Chapter 4: Lament
Chapter 5: Conclusion
Chapter 6: The End
The Last Story: Blue Skies

Ruma, Miina and Radiege
Illustration by Keita Amemiya

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