Choujin Sentai Jettoman!
Our group, au naturale and in uniform. From the man on one end to the girl on the other, the characters are:

Gai Kaori Ryu Lyta Ako

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And just for your edification, sons and daughters, I have here... the BADDIES! Yup, our villains. The Vyram (or Bairamu if you pronounce it the way the Japanese do). They deserve something of an introduction. Click on their pictures to see some more.

Gure Maria ToranRadiege

Grey (or Gure), has got class. He likes a good smoke, red wine and classical music particularly played on the piano by Maria! Now, you should know that Gure and our hero Ryu have something in common. Namely, Maria. She's either wearing the body of Ryu's girlfriend Rie who fell out of a hole in the spaceship when the Bairamu first attacked Earth, or she was created from her. In a way this makes her the youngest in the group, despite the physical attributes of Toran. Truth be told, both Toran and Maria have a vicious streak and are a bit sadistic. Though Toran plays a mean flute! Radiege is my personal favourite! The de-facto leader of the Vyram because he's just a little more powerful than the others and they can't bump each other off. He and Ryu develop a very personal hate/hate relationship over Maria. Click here to see the actor.

Now this young fella went on to play Tricera-Ranger in Zyuranger (that's Blue Ranger for you Power Ranger fans). Note his colours.
Toran got really angry one day and force-grew himself. Whereupon he took leadership of the Bairamu by thrashing Radiege (who never was very good at holding his temper) and started calling himself Toranza. Radiege got him back for it, though. Toranza ended the series as a human vegetable. Imagine, it took Radiege to make me feel sorry for the sadistic snot!

But there was a happy ending for most of our heroes. Three years after defeating the baddies, Kaori and Ryu got married!

and a big thanks to Anthony Leong, man of Dairanger Universe, for a nice bit of editing