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In the beginning, there were three.
Well, and two mysterious others watching them.
But eventually they came together and were joined by a sixth.
My humble opinion

I remember when everyone was insisting that the additional two in Hurricanger would be Orange and Purple. Then when that proved false, they insisted a man and woman were coming who would be Black and White (and by the way, some people still insisted Ikkou's outfit was really purple. It's understandable, when looking at the picture above). It turned out both times these people were looking at pictures of Ryuuki Kamen Riders. Specifically Scissors, Oja, Femme and Ryuuga. So you see, that is why I don't post the earliest rumors any more. The real problem is that people who are so desperate to be the first with the news get ahead of themselves sometimes.


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Shushutto the Movie

Eventually I'll summarize it. Actually, Shushutto The Movie is not the only one (and one of my fav parts of it is the ending). The Ninpusentai Hurricanger VS Gaoranger movie has, indeed, been made. It's going straight to video and will be available to rent from March 14. All of the Gaoranger actors are present and accounted for. It looks like, for once, the two groups will come to blows though whether this is before they know each other as friends or after. The enemy for the movie is Chuzubo's little brother, Chubozu. Manmaruba in his adult form is in it. Tsue Tsue and Yabaiba will be aligned with the Jakanja.

Sentai HUB

What I think about Hurricanger

I really like it.

Hurricanger is about growing up. From day one, every primary character in the series has struggled to mature, to learn about themselves and the world they live in, how to deal with each other, how to accomodate for each other. It helped that the three Hurricanger are very, very young. It's a bit confusing, if they're high school students they'd be about seventeen years old. Possibly they're a bit older than that. They were also behind their peers at Hayate Way, so as the last remaining and by default the Hurricanger, they still have quite a lot of growing up to do. The Goraijer, on the other hand, they thought they were grown up. Three or four years older than the Hurricanger, after all. Unfortunately they found out that to their father, them being grown up meant one of them had to kill the other. Their first major step to maturity was defying his wishes. Oboro had to force her father to deal with her on her terms. Mugensai had to learn to treat his daughter like an adult. They'd never had to work so closely together until he turned himself into a hamster and could not turn back. And Shurikenger... well... I don't think he's ever been part of a team before.