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Update 4/8/2000
some corrections to episodes, movie 4 added

Ki Ranger, Ao Ranger, Aka Ranger, Mido Ranger, Momo Ranger

Title Song

Matsukana taiyou kamen ni ukete
Negaiwa hitotsu aoizora
Pinku no hoho no gonin no senshi
Fukase midori no ashita no kase wo
(Goo gogoo)
Itsutsu no chikara wo hitotsu ni awasete
Sakebeshourino otakebiwo
Himitsusentai GoRenjaa

I'm limited in what I can legitimately say about the series. I've only seen the first, forty-second episodes, and the Fourth Movie, and a great deal clearly had happened in between. Our heroes were all adults as well as being professional soldiers. Except perhaps for the second yellow, but I have no idea. Here they are:

Tsuyoshi Kaijyou
Aka Ranger

Akira Shinmei
Ao Ranger
Actor also seen as 1977 JAKQ's Big One and as 1995 mentor of O Rangers, Miura Sanbou

Daita Ooiwa
Ki Ranger

Kenji Asuka
Mido Ranger

Pegii Matsuyama
Momo Ranger

And of course the late-comer to the group, the second Ki Ranger:

Daigorou Kumano
Ki Ranger

The heroes had all sorts of entertaining weoponry which I don't really feel like scanning in pics of. They had the soccer balls that changed colors as passed from ranger to ranger, to end as spiked bombs. They had the footballs (that probably exploded). Red had these double-ended cords which anything from claws to daggers to balls would appear. Yellow had double sticks, which could have nice pointy arrow-heads, or poking fingers or whatever on the ends. Blue had his lovely quiver full of deadly arrows and a rather cool-looking bow. Pink had the exploding hearts, earrings, and butterflies (Well she IS a demolitions expert!) and Green had these boomerangs, and a slingshot...
Oh, and they had these rockets to strap on around their waists. It looked quite amusing.

As for the mecha... first of all, that nonsense about the giant robots was yet to come (No, really, I LOVE the robots!). Here's a page with Mecha pics.

Featured villains:
Hisuikamen (jade mask)
Ougonkamen (gold mask)
Dokugasukamen (poison gas mask)
Seidoukamen (bronze mask)
Mushakamen (warrior mask)
Minions: Zorudaa

First Episode:

The eagle flag waves over the yellow and white-clad soccer players. A blade pierces their ball and it falls. But the lead player, Tsuyoshi, gets the ball and takes the blade. He recognizes it. And then evil laughter echoes, and bizarre beings, the black-clad Zorudaa led by Ougonkamen, with a scythe like a grim reaper, attack the unarmed team. Explosions everywhere. Amongst the fallen bodies Tsuyoshi survives to watch the building nearby blow up in flames. To race into the blaze, searching for survivors. He finds one man (his older brother?) weakly trying to reach a telephone. He says he was trying to call someone, but dies before he can explain more, as rescuers pull people out of the room. But the enemy has arrived, and Tsuyoshi tries to fight but falls with the others. And he gets to his feet, trying to pursue.

Another eagle flag, and a young man, Akira, leading his group in a training exercise through the pure snow to capture it. They crawl through the snow and then their flag is replaced by someone else's, and he finds himself and his group facing someone who is dressed vaguely like an ancient samurai. Mushakamen. Akira's group is cut down until he is the only one left, battered and bruised, staggering amongst the dead.

Another eagle flag, this place a karate dojo full of dueling men. A quake and they run outside, only to be cut down at the door. Soldiers try to guide them to safety as the building they were in is destroyed. And the young Daita Ooiwa sees what they face, the crazy-looking being up the tower. Seidoukamen. He fights. They all fight, but they are unarmed. And he is left the only survivor by a narrow margin, when the Zorudaa have gone.

Another eagle flag over women riding horses with calm, militaristic discipline. Young men jogging past and mixed groups practicing fighting moves. The horses round the track. The attack begins, as Hisuikamen and Zorudaa arrive in a jeep and start firing. Soldiers fall everywhere. And again there is a single survivor, she pulls herself up from amongst the dead. Pegii Matsuyama.

A rather young man is atop a building, taking care of a bunch of doves. Above flies the eagle flag. The attack comes, this time led by Dokugasukamen. He jogs through the crowd of defenders, gas spewing from his mask and they fall. Again, there is only one survivor. Kenji Asuka.

The generals report to their leader. He is cloaked in white, amongst these bizarre fellows he is the most bizarre, perhaps? He stands under a gleaming golden cross like a star. He looks like a Klu Klux Klan member. They cheer his conquer the world speech.

And a young man in blue armor races across a dark, dusty plain. Zorudaa pop up ahead of him and he shoots arrows to cause their fall. He is at once confronted by a man in red armor on a motorcycle, who of course calls him Ao Ranger. The man leaves, and Ao finds his enemies were merely targets on flat black boards. And written on one of them in white letters is "Sunakku Gon." He is in his civvies in a twirl to reveal the face of Akira. He wears a red shirt, blue jeans-jacket, a red and white beret, and heads off, determined. And elsewhere, a man in yellow is pulling a truck up an incline. Why, I couldn't guess. But the one in red arrives on a cycle, calls him Kiranger. He turns to see, recognizes Aka Ranger. The other rides off, and there is a dog with a plaque hanging around his neck. Ki Ranger reads it. The same message. He is Daita when he switches, in pale blue beret and jacket, white shirt. He will go. And a young woman in pink faces four Zorudaa on motorcycles. She tosses deadly exploding earrings at them. They are down and just then Aka Ranger arrives on his cycle, stopping behind her. She turns and receives the card straight from his hands. She is Pegii, in dark-blue shirt, white vest, sunset-sunglasses and big red ear-rings. And the man in green rolls to avoid spears flying at him. He uses his deadly boomerang to cut flying spikes. Just after he has turned the attack, he is called. "Mido Ranger!" He looks up to see Aka Ranger driving off. The word has arrived, stuck to his own boomerang. He is Kenji, with thick, wavy black hair, in blue jean-jacket, light blue sweater and pale-blue shirt. Aka Ranger rides off into the light, switching out of his armor. Of course, he is Tsuyoshi, in a white suit.

Kenji arrives at the small Sunakku Don restaurant. There are two women there besides the waitress, who welcomes him along with the cook who is washing a dish. He looks around, eyes bright with hope. One girl orders coffee, another ice cream. They look up alertly as the door opens, and Daita is there. He sits down and says determinedly, "Four bowls of curry rice!" The cook is trying to be sure he has Daita's order correct, for it is so much. "How's about two?" "Nope. Four." "You can't possibly eat that much?" "Oh yes I can!" They gaze at each other intently, then the cook determines to try it. He finally gives Daita four bowls of curry rice. Daita digs in with enthusiasm and great appreciation, to the cook's amazement. Especially after he's gone through two bowls and starts in on the third! Pegii arrives and orders ice cream, soon followed by a charming little boy who calls his big sister. The waitress (for she is his sister) encourages him, gives him a coin and sends him off. Just as he vanishes out the door, Tsuyoshi arrives to see the others with considerable relief. The three sitting there know him and turn to him anxiously. He greets them with a half-smile and joins them. They set their signature bars with his and Daita knows they are missing one. But Tsuyoshi thinks a moment, then smile and says it's okay. He leads them all through the door, they gather up their bars. The cook watches them go with a quiet expression of anxiety. They enter an elevator. Kenji has a question for Daita, which might be a riddle. "What is it when you put out the sun?" (???) Daita repeats the question, then checks with Tsuyoshi, but he hasn't the answer. They continue into the depths of the building, to another elevator. Faintly there is a sound of a guitar playing. They enter the elevator, and when they exit it is to find a man waiting for them, playing a relaxing melody on the guitar in his hand, western hat hiding his face. Tsuyoshi grins back at his startled companions, and heads for the man, who lifts the brim of his hat, a warm, laughing expression more in his eyes than face, and greets Tsuyoshi, who holds out his badge. A nod and Akira has out his own, and the other three chuckle with relief.

It takes the five badges together to open the blue door, and they enter the Goranger room. They are vocal in their astonishment and delight as Tsuyoshi introduces them to their base. They are promptly greeted by the deep voice of the computer. And it has to tell them about their enemies. It tells them there is an attack in process on kindergarten children, by Oogunkamen. They listen gravely, blinking back painful tears. And when it is done, Tsuyoshi flicks a switch opening the portal to the room where their cycles are. He tells Akira to go up, and tosses helmets to Kenji and Pegii, and mounts his cycle. Daita volunteers to go with Akira, who welcomes him and they go arm-in-arm. They head on out. And the ship is launched, Bariburuun, a curious mix between a helicoptor and other things. It is taken through the launch tube, it's engines warming up. When the gate opens above it, it heads up and out a great chimney. Akira is the pilot, Daita with him. And they follow the same course as their three team-mates. Daita turns to Akira, "Shinmei-san, what do you call it when you turn out the sun?"

There are their enemy, having raided a kindergarten and stealing a full bus. Oogunkamen is feeling his oats, gloating. Then he sees the coming heli-plane. Children inside the bus call for their teacher, for the Zorudaa have taken her and she tries to run after the bus, but one Zorudaa beats her down. She lies unconscious. They drive the bus into a great warehouse. Cops behind shields come to challenge, but the Zorudaa cut them down with rapid precision, shields no use against their weapons. And the helicopter approaches. The three motorcycle Rangers are too late as they arrive amongst the dead. They go to the limp form of the teacher, but she regains consciousness quickly, with nothing on her mind but her students. "They took the bus in that building! There's a BOMB!" They try to get through the blocked doors and then see the helicopter above. Tsuyoshi signals with a command, and the descending machine must get these children out, before the bomb explodes and kills them all.

With nothing else for it, they settle for bashing their way through the roof, the Baribaruun possessing a mighty claw to drop. There is only a minute. Smash, smash, and smash until they've made a huge hole in the roof. Using their claw, they lift the bus out. They clear the area, okay-ing each other, huddle over the teacher protectively, and the building goes up in flames. Tatsuya has some strong focus on Oogunkamen.

Tsuyoshi pursues the fleeing attackers led by Ougunkamen until he corners them. They manage to blast him off his cycle and surround him. Oogunkamen throws the scythe at him, and then somehow is able to pull it back! Tatsuya is astonished. On the ground, he has to roll and duck the vicious strikes until the other four arrive in their battle armor. Tatsuya changes and they each identify themselves upon challenge. "Go Ranger?" repeats Oogunkamen in puzzlement. And the fight begins. Interestingly, their weapons are based more on the shape of the visor of their helmets. So they reach for their helmet and pull out a weapon! An arrowhead becomes a bow with razor edges, in Ao Ranger's hands. Mido's V becomes a boomerang. Ki Ranger pins one Zorudaa and asks him, "What is it when you shut off the sun?" Startled, the man says, "It's a trump!" "A trump! Of course!" He flips the man away. Arrows, kicks... and a heart whose flash disorients Oogunkamen. They fight well and destroy their enemy. Oogunkamen, who had sat aside watching for most of the battle, runs and the Go Ranger line up. Aka Ranger suggests an attack and the others agree. They seperate, Momo Ranger brings out the soccerball. "Green!" she shouts and kicks it to him. "Okay, Yellow!" he counters and passes it on. It changes color as it goes. "Blue!" shouts Ki and sends it off with his head. Ao sends it on to Aka Ranger, who kicks it to final target. Oogunkamen is gone.

The villain in his pointed, white hat, is down one soldier. His other generals fight over who gets to attack next.

And the heroes ride together on their cycles, down a rather familiar boulevard.

Featured Villains:
Hinoyamakamen Maguman Shougun (fire mountain mask magma shogun)
Tetsujinkamen (iron man mask)
Minions: Zorudaa

Episode 42

The beautiful, Bariburuun is in launch sequence. Daita is cheerfully kicking around, while Tsuyoshi and Akira consult with their superior. Daita grins in delight as the new missile, huge, is being added to their plane. Their Supreme Commander, Gonbachi Edogawa, tells them it is a drill missile. He tells them it goes in so far and then blows up. Tsuyoshi, a devilish sparkle in his eyes, is pleased with that. Pegii tells Akira that will make Bariburuun an excellent final weapon. To which he strolls forward, eyes dancing, and agrees. He flies to attack with the missile, dropping it amongst the wreckage of their enemies' base. It drills through the ground and causes chaos and damage. The leader of this group, Tetsujinkamen (iron man mask) throws a fit in the explosions. The equipment he and his people were working on is gone. Searching, running. Someone is calling him. "Shogun!" He struggles and finally wakes as two of his Zorudaa shake him. On his feet, they ask him and he says it was one terrible dream. And he leads the two of them to where more are working. They are all building a missile. They are rather Nazi-ish in their style of salutes, and nervous of their moody leader. For they have brought bad news. He has to go see the leader.

There is a car, with the hooded man in all white. Behind it is Iron Man in a car with cannons, no hood for he would never fit. He halts them and looks about the valley they have come to, but then there is a cracking sound. The shaking and tumbling of stones startles Iron Man and his men, who are protective of him. They watch and the mountain opens to reveal... the missile silo? It appears, the lead car enters it and then it sinks back into the ground, thoroughly hidden. Iron Man knows this base is more secure than his, which can be easily seen. So, he takes his men off in their flying bicycle-planelets, the Condoraa. They are attacking a city, as our heroes and their Supreme Commander watch in dismay, then Daita and Akira head off in the Bariburuun, to face the attackers. Surprisingly maneuverable, the Condoraa are, and they let off smoke to disguise their attacks. Their bullets pierce the ship's hull, and Akira heads into the clouds. They circle back and the battle continues. Iron Man orders the Zorudaa to send out the missiles from their base. Three hit and Bariburuun dives, then regains altitude, but Iron Man himself fires on them. Akira maneuvers Bariburuun, and Daita sends out the drill missile. Just like in Iron Man's dream, it destroys the base within the mountain in spectacular explosions. His plane is hit a glancing blow by a fireball, and goes falling. Daita and Akira laugh, and Akira says, "Sayonara, Iron Man Mask, sir," with a playful salute.

And Daita stops to eat at the cafe, happily, gobbling up curry rice and still stunning the cook with his appetite. The little brother of the waittress is reading a book, and comes to ask him a question I THINK about where every child learns about monsters. He thinks about it carefully, then says it's difficult. Then the magpie bird starts arguing with him rudely. He tells it to be quiet, but it says kids are better. The bird wins the insulting argument by pointing out that kids learn these things from fairy-tales. "Fairy-tales! Of course!" he agrees. "I studied!" proclaims the bird. Poor Daita loses the point.

And Iron Man, with a broken arm, has to report to his lord. He begs the being for another chance to show him what he can do. But before he can get away, he is stopped. And then the leader summons something new, with his eyes glowing under the white hood. Hinoyamakamenmagumashougun and I'm just going to call him Maguma, who is in the dark and real face is hard to see. He's come from Iceland. When Iron Man would have argued, starting to say that the Go Ranger are his to fight, why bring in some lowlife stranger? Maguma replies himself Iron Man is a loser. Iron Man tries to attack him, but he disappears. So Iron Man says angrily that it is HE who will fight the Goranger, and flees the room. Maguma drops down from the ceiling, amused. And a mountain smokes, humans studying the readings until a quake shakes the ground, and then the mountain erupts, people caught and trying to get each other out of there. But it is not an eruption, but the raising of a huge base. Maguma's base rising from the ruins. And then it sinks down and is hidden once again, disguised as the mountain.

A report on the quake comes through on ticker tape. A young woman I may never learn the name of reports that Kitayama has erupted or something, and a bunch of college-people are out there. The Supreme Commander turns to his two nearest soldiers. Akira and Daita are thumb-wrestling when they are called upon to go to investigate. Their interaction is hysterical. Blue asks cheerfully, "You ready?" "I'm ready." "Shall we go?" "We shall go!" and the two are off, grinning like young dare-devils. The general sends the other three off on their cycles.

Bariburuun approaches, they see the mountain and agree to descend, not knowing they are being monitored. Maguma laughs and they decide to leave the plane, together in their armor, running. They find bodies and are trying to wake the men, when bear-traps close around their ankles and they find their wrists in chains! The bodies were Zorudaa, and they have our two heroes helpless and surrounded. They line up a firing squad and are going to fire. Akira tries to face it bravely, Daita covers his head. Bullets fly and... the Zorudaa topple forward onto their faces. Our heroes are quite confused only to find that their savior is none other than Iron Man Mask. "You understand?" he says from above them. He sends his Zorudaa down, and they fire on the chains to cut our two heroes loose. When Ao Ranger demands an explanation, Iron Man replies quite logically that they are his to defeat. He urges them on, and they go. Flexible boys.

They get back in the plane. Maguma has witnessed, and he is furious. But they are caught again, he fired chains that wound into the propellers and they cannot evacuate. An explosion from below sends their plane spinning and knocks them into each other, but they are finally forced down. They face Iron Man, who is delighted to meet them, only to find the other three are there to join their two friends. Summoning in his Zorudaa, they all fight. There is considerable humor in the battle, as Mido Ranger runs over the backs of a bunch of Zorudaa Ki Ranger has lined up. Momo Ranger uses exploding earrings, and Aka Ranger his lasso. Together they blast the Zorudaa who get trapped between them. And Ao Ranger faces Iron Man himself, who catches and breaks his arrow. But Ki Ranger is there and wrestles with him, for these two particularly work together. Iron Man knocks Ki away and Momo takes care to protect him. They fire their weapons at him, but he's pretty good at shifting slightely and evading their attacks. He is no pushover. Maguma is watching this fight, and then resorts to his own cheating and sets off explosions around Iron Man. The team is quick to take advantage of them with their color-coded soccer balls, which seem to change color per Ranger it reaches, until Aka Ranger sends it off with spikes. Iron Man simply catches in webbing and keeps it. So they send off another one but he takes that too, and is wearing them on his shoulders. His eyes flare and explosions start about them. He has them pretty well trapped. Pleased with himself, he heads for Bariburuun. Aka Ranger won't let Ao Ranger chase after him because of the bombs, and the plane takes off. Just what is he up to, they wonder?

Iron Man is almost singing for joy! He is going to defeat the Go Ranger! They are hurrying away on their bikes, but the plane is headed for them. And Akira pulls out the remote! He has control of the plane, and the bombs fall off Iron Man's shoulders and explode! The plane crashes pretty badly, and it looks like Iron Man won't be making it. Our heroes stare at the flames, and then slowly salute their fallen ship. And the sun sets.

And the leader stands to think of this lost servant. "You died destroying the Bariburuun. Nice work." But he has Maguma there, who must take over Iron Man's place and lead the battle against the Go Ranger. The vow to take over the Earth.

The Supreme Commander breaks out Baridoriin for our heroes, a new plane to replace the destroyed one. They are impressed. Also, the Varitank descends from the hold. They find this inriguing, as they all drive off together, with the tank following their motorcycles down the road.

Featured Villains:
brief shots of Gunkankamem, Torikibakamen, Kikanshakamen, Kenzamekamen and Oonatakamen.
Kuroshuujisoutou, the big leader.
Goorudenkamen Daishougun (Golden Mask)
Minions: Zorudaa

Movie 4

Out of the water on their apparently amphibious autobikes come the five, the Goranger! Riding up the mountain roads, followed by the Varitank. Cannons blast and buildings shatter. Flashes of previous adventures. Ao Ranger fights a ship-headed monster Gunkankame. Momo Ranger fights Torikibakamen, who looks like a witch-doctor. Mido Ranger fights a shark-critter, Kenzamekamen. Ki Ranger fights a train, Kikanshakamen. Aka Ranger fights a critter whose head looks like a box with a huge blade sticking out, Oonatakamen. Bariduriin bombs the enemies' installations. And on a long track parts of a huge missile are hurried away... into a mountain. And the villains are staring at a map, of islands with red lines pointing to specific targets all over Japan. This is Gooruden Kamen Dai Shougun. He accompanies the African contingent. (don't ask, I don't know yet.) He has a Mayan look. The leader, Kuroshuujisoutou, identifies their targets: "Hokkaido, Tokyo, Aoya, Osaka, Shikoku and Kyushu." He is planning the attack. But Golden Mask is fretting over interference from the Go Ranger. What can they do to keep those meddlesome people out of the way? A creature, locked away inside a mountain. Behind bars, chained to a wall. He struggles in fury. Koutetsu Ken Ryuu. He struggles with the chains as lightning falls and splits the mountain. He is free! His eyes gleam red.

A luxury cruise ship on the ocean, beautiful painting of the sun on its side. And the heroes are there. Daigorou Kuman (the second Ki Ranger) leaps into the pool, splashing water everywhere. Kenji Asuka (Mido Ranger) is there at the other end to applaud his jump, but his attention is distracted by the sway and swing of the lovely woman who precedes him out of the pool. She walks away with a rich-looking older man, but leaves her beauty-bag behind. Pegii Matsuyama and another woman affiliated with the team look half-troubled as they notices something odd about what she has left. There is something in the purse! A transmitter? She calls Akira Shinmei over. He and Tsuyoshi Kaijou open the compact mirror. They go through the rest of the bag, alarmed to find more spy-equipment. "She's coming," whispers Pegii. The young woman is indeed approaching, toweling her damp hair. The Go Ranger try to look casual about settling back in their seats, and Pegii and the other woman give the charming woman her forgotten items. She heads off under their watchful, suspicious gazes.

She is sitting with her rich-looking companion, perhaps not noticing how there is a group of people casually shadowing her through the ship. Akira and Pegii sneak into her quarters and they find some diagrams. Pegii takes quick photographs. The cruise ends, and our heroes leave the ship in their fine motorbikes. Following the expensive car the couple are in. They are not that casual about following, after all they go as a group. And the people they follow know about them, and smile.

They come to a fancy hotel, where they find the car. The six of them (for the other young woman is with them) decide on strategy. Pegii heads in and asks the concierge some sweet questions. I could only make out his answer. 3633 he says. And the two people have a file, and our heroes' general reads off. Tsuyoshi is getting the team ready to investigate. They all look grim. The other woman takes Daigorou with her to look like a simple couple as they spy on the strangers. We hear those two speaking English. "Oh, it's a beautiful day!" "Oh, yes!" cheerfully responds the man. Trying to look casual, our pair follows their path. Akira (wearing black and red, btw) comes out of a cable car to find himself under attack by Zorudaa. He makes relatively short work of getting away from them, hides in the flowering bushes and calls in Baridoriin. Alone, he flies it away to search for anything suspicious.

And inside the mountain, the cruel missile is being put together. The two strangers make it out to their car and slip away. Daigorou and the woman see them go, then he signals Tsuyoshi, who waits and when they pass, follows on his cycle. They are now on a boat crossing a channel. Tsuyoshi arrives where their car is. They are starting to look furtive as they hurry along. Tsuyoshi, Kenji and Pegii eventually race along a wooden path beside the sea, where they were going, but cannot find them. And then laughter echoes and the man steps out from behind rocks. He has a group of Zorudaa with him, and our heroes have to battle. But then there is a new noise. It is Koutetsukenryuu, with a boulder. The woman is beside him. And she sets him to throw the boulder at them. They switch into armor, and the fight is on. The exploding earrings don't do much good. And Tsuyoshi's jumping kick gets turned back. Next they try their patented exploding football. Well, it does explode. But the monster leaves the fight. And so do the two people, but they are on a speed-boat. So our heroes change into their civvies, somehow come up with another speed-boat, and speed after them.

Seeing the Go Ranger (three, anyway) behind them, they are getting frantic. Especially when our heroes catch up. The man starts throwing explosives. It may be slowing our heroes down! Uh-oh. The engine breaks and our heroes lose the two villains. They head back to the hotel. But when they get there, the monsters are waiting. Golden-mask, and Koutetsukenryuu are with the two people who look human. Laughing. And then the woman's voice changes and becomes that of a man, which is bizarre to say the least. A flash, and she proves to be Kuroshuujisoutou, who explains with delight that he's got this cool missile and they're too late to stop it. It will destroy Japan. And then the trio is surrounded by Zorudaa. They change into their battle armor and fight under the eaves of a castle. And then Akira and Daigorou arrive and the team is able to assemble. They make their challenge from the top of the castle, and fight Koutetsukenryuu and the Zorudaa. Momo Ranger is good with her sword, and Ki Ranger bashes his opponents into the wall. The man flees the battle, but Aka Ranger catches him with a noose. Koutetsukenryuu frees him, but Momo Ranger says she will take the attack, and her bomb drives the monster off and leaves the man unconscious. Kuroshuujisoutou challenges them from high in the castle, and Ao Ranger turns and uses his Blue Cherry arrows to turn the four arms of his face into a pincushion. He makes sounds of agony, then falls from the roof! Goldenmask gathers Koutetsukenryuu and the Zorudaa and takes off. Our heroes round the corner to see nothing but... "There!" says Red. The white cloth riddled with arrows. Is it... They run to investigate, but it is not. There is only a tree under the cloth. Our heroes are understandably disappointed. They determine to try flight.

In Baridoriin they eventually find the mountain that is behaving suspiciously. And just in time, too! The missile is about to be launched! There it goes! So they fire their own missiles after it! And it is a success, the missile is destroyed. Our heroes deploy the Varitank, which doesn't quite drop like a stone from Baridoriin's hold, as it has a parachute. But when it lands it rolls over then uprights and pulls out its digging claws to tunnel into the mountain. Zorudaa panic and run about as explosions ensue. The claw smashes things and the Varitank runs through the entire mountain, leaving destruction in its wake. And Koutetsukenryuu attacks the tank, so our heroes come out to fight. And then they determine to do the Bakutan Hurricane! The footballs. Momo Ranger leads the charge, an soon they have their five football bombs and kick them at Koutetsukenryuu. The bombs adhere to his body, though he struggles, and finally explode. Yup, he is dead. And our heroes ride home! The end.