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Updated June 16, 2000, 8:10am
Episode Titles

Michael Robinson, who obviously knows MUCH more Japanese than I do, occasionally provides me with information and corrections, so in a way he helped write this page.

3,000 years ago, the Baruban(Balban) space pirates invaded Earth.
They lived in a castle resting on the back of a stellar beast, Daitanikusu, who had a great empty stomach.
It got around sucking the energy out of stars.
The Seijuu (Star Beasts) and the first Gingaman, warriors from the Ginga forest, fought the Balban with the mystical power Earth, and finally sealed them on Daitanikusu at the bottom of the ocean.
The Ginga people cloaked their forest in marked boundaries and kept watch through 3,000 years, each generation providing a team of warriors to fight if the Balban should break free. This was the 133rd generation, and Hyuuga, Gouki, Hayate, Hikaru and Saya were chosen as the warriors of SeiJuuKen (Star Beast Swords).
When Elder Oogi held the ceremony of the succession of Star BeastSwords, an earthquake broke the seal of Balban (coincidence, I'm sure).
Elder Oogi sent the warriors to get the Ginga Bracelets, hidden in Roaring Mountain (outside of the forest's boundaries).
However, the Balban attacked them to prevent the birth of the new Gingaman.
Ryouma, Hyuuga's younger brother, foolishly challenged Captain Zaihabu of the Balban.
He would have been killed, but Hyuuga took the blast instead.
Then Zaihabu opened a crack in the Earth, and Hyuuga was caught within.
Unable to reach his brother's hand, he instead gave Ryouma the sword, before he fell into the Earth.
Enraged, and anguished from his brother's death, Ryouma accepted his heritage as a Gingaman, and let off a blast which brought the five their Gingabracelets.

The Balban spent the series trying to find a new power source to revitalize Daitanikusa.
Naturally, our heroes spent the series trying to prevent them from doing just that.

The Gingaman had power coins with the symbols of their guardian creatures.
All the companion star beast can be seen at the Mecha-Animals Page.
Warning, lots of pics, may take a bit to load.

The people associated with the Gingaman.

Let me introduce the Balban, shall I?
The four generals of the armies, first.

This information provided by the marvellous Sir Stack.


1. Densetsu no Yaiba (The Legendary Swords)
2. Seijuu no Sairai (Second Coming Of The Star-Beasts)
3. Daichi no Chie (Wisdom Of The Earth)
4. Aasu no Kokoro (Grounding Of The Heart)
5. Hissatsu no Kiba (The Deadly Kiba)
6. Seijuu no Kiki (Peril Of The Star-Beasts)
7. Fukkatsu no Toki (Time Of Revival)
8. Aijou no Ryouri (The Cooking of Love)
9. Himitsu no Koneko (The Secret Kitten)
10. Kaze no Fue (Flute Of The Wind)
11. Senshi no Junjou (A Warrior's Pure Heart)
12. Akumu no Saikai (Reunion Of Nightmare)
13. Gyakuten no Juugekibou (The Counterattacking Juugekibou)
14. Futari no Saya (The Two Sayas)
15. Kyoufu no Shakkuri (The Hiccup Of Terror)
16. Kokoro no Furusato (Homeland Of The Heart)
17. Hontou no Yuuki (True Courage)
18. Nazo no Kuro Kishi (The Mysterious Black Knight)
19. Fukushuu no Kishi (The Knight Of Revenge)
20. Hitori no Tatakai (The One-Man Battle)
21. Tomato no Shiren (The Ordeal Of Tomatoes)
22. Hikari no Shutsugen (The Appearance Of Light)
23. Soudatsu no Hate (Struggle's End)
24. Budoo no Shuunen (Budoo's Spite)
25. Kuro Kishi no Ketsui (Decision Of The Black Knight)
26. Honoo no Kyoudai (The Brothers Of Flame)
27. Miira no Yuuwaku (The Mummy's Allure)
28. Papa no Hyouhen (Papa's Sudden Change)
29. Yami no Shounin (The Merchant of Darkness)
30. Hagane no Seijuu (The Steel Star-Beasts)
31. Noroi no Ishi (The Stone Curse)
32. Yuujou no Kidouba (The Manuevering Grounds Of Friendship)
33. Akogare no Saya (Saya Is Adored)
34. Fujimi no Iriesu (The Invulnerable Iliess)
35. Gouki no Sentaku (Gouki's Choice)
36. Muteki no Haruhiko (The Invincible Haruhiko)
37. Pukuratesu no Yabou (Pucrate's Treachery)
38. Hyuuga no Ketsudan (Hyuuga's Decision)
39. Kokoro no Massaji (Massaging Of The Heart)
40. Kanashimi no Majin (The Demon's Grief)
41. Majuu no Fukatsu (Revival Of The Demon-Beast)
42. Senritsu no Majuu (The Horrible Demon-Beast)
43. Densetsu no Sokuseki (The Footprints Of Legends)
44. Chikyuu no Majuu (The Demon-Beast Of The Earth)
45. Yousei no Namida (The Fairy's Tears)
46. Ikari no Kaze (Winds Of Hatred)
47. Akuma no Sakuryaku (The Device Of The Devil)
48. Mooku no Saigo (Mooku's Final Moments)
49. Kiseki no Yama (Miracle Of The Mountain)
50. Ashita no rejiendo (The Legends Of Tomorrow)