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Gogofive Movie and Gogofive VS Gingaman Movie


Every series in Japan seems to have a point, an underlying message, that ties the whole thing together and gives one a sense of completion. I've thought about it, and now I can say that this message has been in Gogofive since day one, jumping up and down, waving and screaming at us.

Gogofive is about family, namely the unity and sanctity thereof. Whatever different directions the five Tatsumi siblings went off in, they were still very much a family. However lost and lonely they felt, believing themselves orphaned, they always encouraged each other and gave each other what they could. This was their strength. And even, as they pointed out a few times, when any of their siblings were down and not physically present, the memory stays and makes the others strong. Our heroes were intensely loved by their parents, and they knew it, even without them present in their lives. By contrast, the Saima had a very different experience.

It was Michael Robinson who sent me information on the names of these folks, and some details about what their purpose is. Let me introduce them.

Dark King Jirufiiza, Firstborn son of the Saima Clan, Demon of Aerial Calamity. Supreme commander of Earth's invasion. Beast Baron Koboruta, secondborn son of the Saima Clan, Demon of Ground Calamity. Evil Spirit Princess Diinasu who, according to Ron Elliott, is the Demon of Water Calamity! The dude with the ears is Spell Master Pierre, who creates the Saimajuu (Monsters of Calamity) from Demon Cards. He also enlarges them. He is the caretaker of Infant Demon Drop, forthborn child, thirdborn son of the Saima Clan, Demon of Fire Calamity. Then there are the faceless minions: Familiar Demons Imps (Tsukaima Inpusu).

They thought they were seperated from their mother, Grand Dame, when they were just babies. Jirufiiza and Koboruta were left together, and survived basically by helping each other. Not so long afterwards, Diinasu wound up with them. The three of them grew up together. Most recently Drop was born, and sent to live with his brothers and sister. Since they were busy setting up for the invasion of Earth, Drop was mostly left under the care of Pierre, who came to love him dearly. As time dragged on and there was no sign of progress, Grand Dame at one point seemed to order Jirufiiza to kill Drop and so increase his power, but he had no chance to. And then he died in the next major confrontation with the Gogofive, much to his siblings' horror.

With Jirufiiza dead, Grand Dame turned her hopes on the powerful Drop, and urged him into an interim state, during which his soul wandered free. He appeared on Earth, seeming to be a small boy. Matsuri met him, but it seemed neither one of them knew who or what he was. But he completed his interim period and matured into adult form. And Grand Dame arrived, but the spell bringing her through was broken, and she was left trapped, only halfway in this dimension.

Salaman died, sacrified by Grand Dame in a desperate attempt to slaughter the Gogofive. In fury, Grand Dame went off by herself, to complete her transfer into this reality, leaving Koboruta and Diinasu in despair. They'd been making many attempts since Jirufiiza's death to get him back. Diinasu got really sneaky, and infected Matoi with a creature that they used to channel his life-force to Jirufiiza, whom they pulled back through the gates of Hell. Our heroes eventually managed to thwart the spell, and Diinasu made the ultimate sacrifice for her beloved brother. She used the spider herself, and gave up all her life force to him. He was not happy about this, but she was dead, and he was alive. And once again it was just him and Koboruta.

Grand Dame made the transference all the way into this reality, and began to look more like her normal self. Koboruta, Jirufiiza, Pierre and the Imps were ecstatic. Now they would at last be able to show those Gogofive what for! The queen sent Koboruta to face the heroes, persumably to destroy them. In truth, she was only using him as a lure, to get the Gogofive within her reach so she could destroy them. She knew he, as the weakest of her children, would probably get killed. Jirufiiza heard her explaining this to Pierre, and headed out to try and save the brother he had grown up with. Grand Dame transferred all of them to the Saima Road, and Koboruta attempted to continue the fight alone. When Jirufiiza would not fire on the Gogofive because to do so would kill his brother, Grand Dame took control of his body and made him do it. Koboruta, dying, told Jirufiiza he had always dreamed of being first in their mother's eyes, not the weak younger brother. They'd always known if they died, they would return to their mother. And he died. Enraged, Jirufiiza turned on Grand Dame and demanded to know why she had forced Koboruta's death. And she told him, "Children of Saima betray and murder their parents. I never wanted to take care of you. I cast you out. You only survived because you stayed together. {Koboruta} was weak, so I let him be destroyed." And that did it for Jirufiiza. He'd had enough. But he no longer had a choice. Grand Dame sent out a blast that took his body, and made it the source of flames that held and were slowly destroying the Gogofive. All except Matoi, who found he was encouraged by Jirufiiza to go and destroy Grand Dame, as it was the only way to stop the fire. And Jirufiiza died. Now there was only her, and Pierre. And the Imps, of course.

But it can't be that simple. Pierre talked her into recreating Salaman, and she gave to them a tool they could use. It was Jirufiiza, or what remained of him after he had died and been absorbed back into her. But the Gogofive were able to wake Jirufiiza, halfway at least, and Salaman killed him, but our heroes managed to get Salaman, so Grand Dame took out the last remnants of their hearts, and used their bodies to fight at the last.

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