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Juuken Sentai Gekiranger
Juuken Sentai Gekiranger

宇崎ラン - Ran Uzaki 漢堂ジャン - Jan Kandou 深見レツ - Retsu Fukami

Gekiyellow, Ran Uzaki, is played by Mina Fukui - 福井未菜 who was born in 1984 on November 3 and is blood type A. Amongst other things she's done some radio spots and modeling.
Gekired, Jan Kandou, is played by Hiroki Suzuki - 鈴木裕樹 who was born in 1983 on October 3 and is blood type O. Amongst other things, he was in both the Prince of Tennis movie and musical.
Gekiblue, Retsu Fukami, is played by Manpei Takagi - 高木万平 who was born in 1985 on October 22 and they didn't mention his blood type. It looks like he's not been on screen much.

Did they choose these kids for their birthdays?

Which brings us to the constant debate... which Japanese word is Gekiranger using? Abaranger was from abare, Boukenger from boukensha... so we're thinking... There is 激励 gekirei... the dictionary says it means "(words of) encouragement. Encourage, urge, cheer up. Since Red's catchphrase is "体にみなぎる無限の力!!Unbreakable body!" or "Karada ni minagiru mugen no chikara!! In the body overflowing infinite power!!" Yellow's is "日々是精進、心を磨く!Honest Heart!" or "Hibikoreshoujin, kokoro wo migaku! Daily Just Devotion, shining heart!" and Blue's is "技が彩る大輪の華!!Fantastic Technique," or "Wazaga irodoru tairinno hana!! Hmm. Inventing technique of Great Flower?" Someone has an insane sense of humor. I'm inclined towards Gekirei as the base-word.

Bandai has a page up for the adult-sized jackets for Gekiranger. Men's come in L and XL, women's in M and L. The Red jacket starts selling on March 1st, Yellow on April 2nd and Blue on May 2nd.

Leo transformedMere transformed
Leo (katakana is Rio) is played by Hirofumi Araki - 荒き宏文 who was born in 1983 on June 14 and, of course, he was also in the two Prince of Tennis with Suzuki and other things. Leo is designated 黒獅子理央 Kurojishi Rio. His line seems to be: 猛き事、獅子のごとく、強き事、また獅子のごとく!! Takeki koto, shishino gotoku, tsuyoki koto, mata shishino gotoku!! My book says he was one of Master Schafu's students and went rogue. Or perhaps he was rogue from the very beginning.
Mere (mele) is played by Yuka Hirata - 平田裕香 who was born in 1983 on September 15 and is blood type A. She's been in quite a few things including, it seems, the Devilman movie. Mele's signature line is 理央様の愛のために生き、理央様の愛のために戦うラブウォリアー!!Or: "I live for Lord Leo's love, I am the Love Warrior who fights for Lord Leo's love!"

Bae, who lives inside Mele's stomach, is a warrior of the way of the fly. He enjoys popping out to comment on Gekito-ja's battles.