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There are those who believe I love every Sentai. I will point out a few things: I have seen Liveman and liked that very much. My first Sentai was Jetman and I loved that. Zyuranger which followed was a bit of a disappointment. Dairanger after that was great. Kakuranger was a disappointment but I enjoyed the Youkai (Japanese spirits). Ohranger I took an instant dislike to but it wasn't bad. Car Ranger... Well, I still can't stand that one. Megaranger I never saw much of, though I heard later that it was actually good. Gingaman I watched. It went up there with Kakuranger. Gogofive I watched, and it was rather better to me but I don't count it as one of the greats. Time Ranger is fantastic and satisfying and all those other great words. And here is Gaoranger.

And the point about Gaoranger? Well... it could have been so much better. They got so distracted in introducing all the pretty animals, that they didn't concentrate so much on the stories. EVERY SINGLE episode is good for itself. Every story arch is good for itself. But they aren't cohesive. The Gaoranger end the series as they began. They were complete from the start. My favorite episodes were the ones that showed them before they became complete. Yellow when he was uncertain and nervous. Black when he was a directionless young man about ready to give up on life. White when she pitted her will against her father's to go to the school she wanted to attend. Well, she was pretty complete then.

But for goodness sakes this group was SO easily distracted! The scent of delicious food, a chance to sing Karaoke, a passing butterfly, all would divert them from their course in the middle of a battle with the Aurg. Okay, I'm exaggerating about the butterfly.

For me Gaoranger was a continuous study in unexplored potential. There was always so much more they could do with the stories. Tsue Tsue and Yaba-iba lose their vitality to become comedic villains after a wonderful beginning. The bears wandering around the city as mute twin human children. Gao God's anger at humankind's destruction of the environment. The Loki story-line came in, was great, ended too easily and continued without Loki actually being in the picture, then was again abruptly over. The heroes were horribly beaten and injured several times (except Red, but he finally had his turn near the end) until you realize the only way to beat what they've already done is to actually kill them. (They didn't, they went for agony and hopelessness instead and did well, I have to admit.) I just always was left rather unsatisfied, you know disappointed. But the series has many, many good points. Lovely art, LOVELY actors and actresses (Silver, I mean, the boy is almost heart-stoppingly gorgeous) and a will by those actors and actresses to DO the acting. They did well in innocence, anger, distress and joy, playfullness. They were great. It's hard to say who I liked best. Sometimes it was Yellow, sometimes I find myself favoring Black. But they were all wonderful. The story could have been more, *sigh*.