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Dekaranger Coloring Page
The Commanding Officers, The Dekaranger

Dekaranger's counter ended at 66502 on February 13, 2005.

Their changer is the SP License. It has three modes: Change, Phone and Judge. Red and Yellow patrol together in the Machine Doberman car. Green and Pink ride in Machine Bull. Blue, naturally, rides the white motorcycle dubbed Machine Husky. Red carries the Hybrid Magnum. Blue has the De-Sniper. Green has the De-Pluster, Yellow and Pink, being girls, have D-Shots. Same weapon, different coloring. Actually, except for the Magnum it looks like the handles are interchangable.

The five machines that make up the big robot are Red's Pat Striker (head-chest), Yellow's Pat Armor (right arm), Pink's Pat Signer (left arm), Green's Pat Railer (right leg) and Blue's Pat Gyrer (left leg). The robot stands 45 meters tall, weighs in at 4600 tons and horsepower or 15,000,000. It carries the Judgement Sword, the Gyro Wappaa (giant handcuffs) and the Signal Cannon.

The enemy is Agent Aburera, the book asks if this is really the alien's true face. He's fond of red, white and gold. His minions are the mecha-men called Anaroids, who are commanded by Battsuroids. More powerful versions are the beautifully designed Iigaroids..