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The Powers

Fan-fic: a Power Ranger travels to the Dairanger Universe

The Ki to Your Inner Power

The Daosu Civilization

What on Earth happened 6,000 years ago?!

In 6000 BC (as in 8000 years ago) in the southern part of China, the Daosu Civilization had developed to the height of its power. At that time the population was 200,000 people. It was a most excellent society, advanced. Then, 6,000 years ago it was destroyed!

The Daosu Civilization controlled the empire, but it was composed of three tribes. Those with psychic power of monstrous apparitions were the Gohma tribe. Those with the spirit power of great beasts were of the Dai Tribe. And those who didn't have these powers were of the Shura Tribe. The Gohma were the military wing of the empire. The Dai were more like civil servants and suchlike. The Shura ended up most of the time as servants and slaves to the other two tribes. The city prospered, and people lived mostly in peace. However, the Gohma rebelled. They conspired to take over as rulers of the empire. They worshipped the Devil Gohma, and used its monstrous power. They did all kinds of terrible, cruel things. The people of the Dai Tribe yielded at first, then they began to resist. And so the people began to slaughter each other. It seemed like it would go on and on forever.

The Gohma power destroyed nature. The evil monster power seeped everywhere in the world until, in order to purify it, Nature chose to birth five Kidenjuu to support the Dai Tribe. But the Dai Tribe's moral superiority was long gone in the war. The Kidenjuu were manipulated like puppets in an act of betrayal by one of their five Dai companions, Chouryou, who went over to the enemy side. The rest of the warriors were led straight into a trap and slaughtered. The Gohma beheaded them. At the same time, the Kidenjuu also went missing, their whereabouts unknown.

The fighting went on for five hundred years. The country melted away. Four thousand years of Daosu Civilization, gone like so much smoke. And when all the fighting was done, pretty much all that remained was the Shura Tribe (who were probably very glad to be rid of both the Gohma and the Dai). And they scattered the world over. They were behind the growth of the Western Civilizations. That is to say, the Shura Tribe are the ancestors of today's humans.

But there was one powerful man who knew, predicted, that the Gohma would return. Resurrected just as he feared, their power great and far rivalling his, so he searched for descendants of the Dai Tribe, particularly those with strong ki-power. And so he gathered together a group, and they became the Dairanger!

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