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Abaranger's counter ended at 73093, the day Dekaranger began, February 15, 2004.
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Abaranger is a grand story. The scope is enormous, and the themes are often far from childish. I wonder sometimes if what goes on in the stories is in response by the scenario writers to world events, for Abaranger has dealt sometimes brutally with human weakness. They have admitted that there are people who will choose to do wrong knowingly, even at the last moment. Their theme is the lure of power, power corrupting. The desire even someone everyone respects can have to make the world his or her toy. They have shown this.

They've shown the heroes heartbroken, and their special courage. I'm thinking that lately, though, the people writing the stories have taken to juggling huge numbers of characters. It's as though someone dared them to run an interesting story with as many people as possible. They need to keep both mothers and children coming back. For the children, that isn't too hard. The characters are funny, courageous, and bounce back from everything thrown at them. Now, the mothers are a more delicate balance. Thus they choose annoyingly pretty boys and a boyish girl to play in this one. I swear, when you see these five actors as a group, you might think the boy who plays Sanjo and the girl who plays Ranru are brothers. They're equally androgynous. Oh, they ARE lovely to look at, nice eye-candy without a doubt. They are also fine actresses and actors. Supported by the voice actors for the Bakuryu, who are lively and talented themselves. I really enjoyed this series.

The movie can be placed chronologically around the midst of Episodes 31 and 32, but it is not in the same universe, as such. That is to say, since Styracco appears in the movie, and Jannu is still there amongst the Evorian, the movie doesn't occur directly within the series. But it is attached, very close.