Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
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アバレイエロー…いとうあいこ (Aiko Itou) Abareyellow is Ranru Itsuki, The Speed Warrior who has the Pteranadon. Ranru Itsuki is twenty years old, and is really into mecha. She's strong willed and has an innate sense of justice greater than most people's. She's versed in bomb disposal, all kinds of mechanical stuff, she has a German-make compact (or extendable) bicycle, its nickname is Bardie because it's a BD-1.

When she was younger, hah, lo those many years ago, she was one of probably a group of girls being groomed for stardom. She is beautiful, but she soon decided that wasn't the life for her. She was one of those people whose fingers just itch to take apart machines and put them back together. Though she must have studied, it's also clear she has a natural affinity for such things. We've seen her use her skills, too. The earliest example I can think of right off is when she photographed the bombs the Bakudandelion fired and cobbled together a remote to turn those very bombs against him. A second example is that she was the one who checked and made sure their command center was working. Only when she okayed it did they display everything to us. She has a bullet proof vest she once used to save her life, grand! The woman has SENSE!

She doesn't hold herself back, though. Her emotions are writ large, she's a lot like Ryouga in that she doesn't hesitate to say what's on her mind. Periodically what's on her mind is how much she'd like to wring Yukito Sanjo's neck. His coldness rakes her the wrong way, as one might expect. She loves the Dinosaur Restaurant, identifying at once the centerpiece. She similarly identifies antique cameras. She's very funny, drooling against a window at such old mechanics, but that's her thing.

We know she can do Chinese ribbon-gymnastics. We know, back when she was being groomed for idolhood, her teacher was a muscular man prone to dressing like a woman, and his name was Takeuchi Furitsukeshi. Her best friend at that time was a girl who stayed in the business, the lovely and talented Lillian (Ririan). We know she e-mails her father regularly, which must be some comfort for him since she so suddenly up and moved to Tokyo from Fukuoka Prefecture.

And then there's men. Well, there aren't men. Ranru, for the series, seems basically unaware of this mysterious thing called sex. She exhibits no attraction to any of her teammates, and never gets involved with anyone outside the team. Ryunosuke is like a father to her, Ryouga and Yukito like the good brother and the annoying one. Asuka gets a different heading: the one she feels deeply for, since he's clearly heart-broken and utterly devoted to the memory of his dead wife. Well, until they find out she's alive. Ranru sets out to do everything she can to reunite them for (on other people's behalf) romanticism runs deep in her. There was also Denjiro, age-mate to Ryunosuke and once childhood rival until, while fighting, they stumbled upon the fossil of a dinosaur. Denjiro loved that dinosaur, and dedicated himself to being the only one who would get those remains out of the ground and present it to the world. Ranru was touched by his life-long devotion to that dream.

The only thing vaguely like a man in her life was Yatsudenwani. Being a bit of a masochist, he took a fancy to her and worshipped the ground she walked upon. At one point he put a wedding dress on her. Most of the time, he made her flesh crawl in a practically literal sense.

After the Evorian are defeated, Ranru goes into racing, being taught by the wonderful Sayaka, a woman who once was temporarily crippled in a racing accident, and whom Yukito had been instrumental in getting her able to walk again.