Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
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From Episode 2, our first walk-in and we never got a name for him. This grade-school boy was digging around under the rubble trying to get a remote control toy car a friend had made for him, ignoring all danger. He ended up with Sanjo, who tried to force him to safety. The boy stubbornly returned to continue trying to get his toy.

The three American technicians. Associates of Sanjo they appear in episodes four, five and finally in forty-two and three. They were the ones who set up the computer systems in the hidden room behind the kitchen, and they helped arrange the trap for the Fate Giganoid. They were also the ones who, on Sanjo's behalf, research Mikoto Nakadai and found his hometown, and the history of his rather young life.

This charming soul, Takaaki Utsumi, appears in episode 4, the little boy who was so afraid of doing things that he was called Dame-Dame. Because of his interaction with Ranru he learned courage and the will to use his intelligence without shame. He became a Nobel prize-winning physicist.

This man is actually a relative constant. Yokota-san, a dear friend of Ryunosuke. He seems to be about the only person they're hiding their Abaranger identies from. They're constantly shoving him out the door while they open up their base. He likes the kids, and has been known to help out in the restaurant periodically.

The lovely woman's name is Sayaka, and the guy beside her is her nameless servant, butler, something. Sayaka is a professional racer, but she was injured on the track when another car spun out of control and blew up. Sanjo got her legs back in working order, but she had a psychological setback, and was unable to let herself walk though she didn't realize it was really all in her mind. Fortunately Sanjo was able to force her to realize she could walk. These days she's teaching Ranru to be a driver.

The beautiful Lirian, appeared episode 6, a pop idol and an old friend of Ranru's. They were being groomed to become idols together and she resented Ranru's quitting. But she was attacked by a Torinoid which took her youth from her, turning her into an old woman. At first she nearly went mad. Then she realized, with her friend's help, that being old did not make her garbage. When the Torinoid was defeated she was restored to her youth.

Episodes 7 and 8 give us a brief glimpse of a number of foreigners, when the Abaranger are scattered around the world by a Torinoid. Ranru meets a foreign tourist on Australia's Gold Coast. Yukito encounters a drunken man in a back alley in Moscow. Ryouga lands in Osaka, though he at first thinks he's in America because the first person he sees is a man of African decent riding a bicycle. Ryouga hitches a ride home with a good trucker.

Mr. Suzuki, a salary-man, appeared in Episode 9. His life was lonely and he was miserable. He finally decided to end it all, went up top a tall building, took of his shoes, and got ready to throw himself off the edge. As luck would have it, Ryouga happened upon him. Ryouga pretended not to notice that the man was trying to commit suicide. In any case, Suzuki still had some will to live. Trying to drown himself he panicked and was rescued by our hero. When confronted with a group of dispirited, frightened people, he took a leadership position in leading everyone to help push their way back to the real world. He grew, and found the strength to know he wanted to live.

Barnes, perhaps. Appeared episode 10. A wonderful baseball player, always hitting home runs. He came to Japan looking for Yukito Sanjo, to get his back fixed. And once his back was fixed, he bestowed a kiss right on Sanjo's lips (which did not sit well). Anyway, he tried to talk Sanjo into coming to Hollywood with him, but fortunately Sanjo didn't. He was also caught under a Torinoid's spell, making him obsessed with money. According to J. Ryoga, who is probably right, Barnes is named for Barry Bonds, in 2003 with the San Francisco Giants. Fortunately he recovered with the destruction of the Torinoid. He appeared in the final episode as a side, talking to Emi on the phone. It seems he's playing in Japan at that time.

Wakana, Emi's schoolmate, who had entered an after-hours school. Unfortunately it was run by a Torinoid who controlled the students with his psychic powers. She believed in what he'd taught them, and willingly ate the psychic radish. But eventually she recovered her confidence and was very willing to live with learning the normal way, wherein things are actually retained and useful. And one is not the host of an Evorian.

In episodes 12 and 13, the three Abaranger are thrown back almost 200 years in time by the Clock Giganoid. Before that there are many incidental characters, such as the taxi driver and passenger who get quite a fright. In Kyoto, the Abaranger play at tourists in the park, meeting a man dressed as a samurai and women dressed as geisha. Flung back in time they wake to a shocked crowd, meet Emi's ancestress, a court-lady, and Ryunosuke's ancestor, a rather ancient Samurai guard, and run afoul of three assassins sent to murder the lady. They have a brush with the town law, and meet the Cub of Lone Wolf and Cub.

This may be Ryunosuke

In episode 14 Ranru meets Denjiro, Ryunosuke's childhood rival and lifelong friend. During World War II, the two boys literally stumbled upon an enormous dinosaur fossil, and Denjiro dedicated his life to exhuming it and showing it to the world. Unknown to them, that dinosaur had Dino Guts. The dinosaurs of Another Earth had been on their way to evolving into Bakuryu before the asteroid hit. The residual power drew Jannu, who had Voffa turn the fossil into a Giganoid which breathed toxic gas. Ranru was loathe to break Denjiro's heart by destroying it, but Denjiro himself, to save the world, made her. It did break his heart, for the long years of work had imprinted the dinosaur's fossilized brain with Denjiro, and at a critical moment it responded to his order to stop, enabling the Abaranger to destroy it. He was able to smile again, though, when he recognized the three Abaranger Bakuryu as echoes of the very dinosaurs Ryunosuke had once drawn for him almost sixty-years earlier.

Episodes 15 and 16 introduced both a boy who could hear the Bakuryu and was badly injured trying to bring Stegos' capsule to the Abaranger, and Sanjo's father. Sanjo's father is a cold-hearted business mogul, and a great many of his lovelier character traits bled into his son. However, when he paid Yukito's girlfriend's parents to move very far away, that was the final straw on his son's back. Yukito left, until all the old feeling of rage and resentment were wakened by a Torinoid's power. Then he had to confront his father.

Episode 17 gives us the fact that Ryunosuke was not an only child. He has, or had, a brother and sister whom he raised during World War II, and to whom he was both protector and playful comforter.

No new walk-ins really show up until episodes twenty-two and three, where we get a slew to make up for it. The three-girl pop group who sings a song encouraging kids to be extremely rude. The mother whose son turns on her. The piano teacher under attack. The pop-group's manager who's raking in the bucks. The drink-company guy who's getting his from the excellent marketing of the Torinoid-contaminated liquids. The managers of both that company and the studio. All of these people knowingly chose to commit evil for the profit they would get, even when they knew what it was doing to the children of Japan, causing kids to wear themselves out attacking anyone and everything when they were angry with psychic power.

Apparently the movie takes place around this point. In the movie we really get only two walk-ons, the lovely Princess Freezia, who apparently has been hanging about for 15,000 years. Or is it that she's FROM that long ago? There will also be Akugaru, a man of Dino-Earth. It seems he helped raise Asuka and the others on ancient myths of Dino Earth. The naming made me wonder if he had a connection with Garubuidei, but it doesn't seem to be.

Episode 25 introduced Akio, a boy who was having a lot of trouble at school, and also was SO not looking forward to the next day's athletic meet. He was an excellent runner, and Ryouga helped him with that. However, in his nervousness, he wrote a wish that there would be no meet the next day. The Torinoid who took that wish chose to make it happen by trying to destroy his school, not what the kid had in mind at all. Ryouga helped get him admitted back after the Torinoid was destroyed.

Episode 26 had an interesting development, when a Torinoid's powers snag an animated child out of television. The father, Hama-chan, makes contact with the Abaranger to beg them to retrieve his son Koitaro. Eventually he pops into our world to help stop the Torinoid and rescue his son.

Episode 27 gives us a brief glimpse of Honami (unlikely to be more than a hand-out to TimeRanger fans and not actually her), who is a television reporter. She tries to help Mai and prevent the little girl from getting snagged by a Torinoid.

Episodes 38 and 39 give us Emi's parents. They are an extremely eccentric and colorful pair, which explains a lot about Emi-pon. However, Emi's father has been transferred to Hawaii, and she can't exactly explain to them why she doesn't want to go, when she always has before. When they do, they reluctantly, but with great warmth, allow their daughter to stay and join the group living in Ryunosuke's house.

This is the point at which new civilian characters stopped appearing in more than passing (you know, as anything other than people caught under the Evorian attacks), for there was just so much going on directly with the Abaranger, the Evorian and the Bakuryu, that there was no room for anyone else. I shan't put in pictures of every incidental character, very few other than those who directly interacted with the Abaranger will be featured.