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Abaranger VS Hurricanger

The day is decent, weather grey, light clouds dusting the sky. Located in Tokyo, a probably invented shop with a banner reading "TOEI tourism division". Innocent business people head along the sidewalk, the sounds of traffic always in the city. Pan out over the wide, wide street. Could this be Shibuya? All of a sudden there are flares of light and two, distant buildings burst into flame, billowing black smoke rising into the sky. The people on the streets do what anyone always does. Scream, point, and run. A yellow head with blue eyes, a white muzzle and black nose... ringed by cannons rises. We recognize the Gatling Leo. The cannon muzzles are extended and fire bolts of cruel energy. Another building buckles under the assault. People race as fast as they can away. A car sits open on the road. Black cannons lined with gold start firing. There goes another building.

The scene appears on the hanging computer screen at the Dinosaur Restaurant. Mostly obscured by flames are two enormous figures in the city. We recognize the Goraijin and the Sempujin, but the Abaranger and their companions do not know the machines. They think these are two Giganoids, as Emi states in horror. Ryouga sounds the clarion "Let's go!" and the four Abaranger dash out to battle. In come the three mighty dinosaurs, Tyranno, Ptera and Kera. In comes Styracco, grinding up the Earth beneath his heavy chariot. The Abaranger call "Bakuryu Change!" and switch into their armor. They leap and enter their companions' brains to call for formation of Abarenor, while Asuka pilots Maxryuo. "This is as far as you go, Giganoids!" Ryouga shouts. They face the two formations, which suddenly turn around. A little puzzled, Ryouga comment that these don't look like the run-of-the-mill Giganoids. In fact, he wonders if they might be something else. Asuka isn't particularly fazed. The battle is joined, the formations charge each other. Abarenor goes at Sempujin, Maxryuo at Goraijin. They seem equal at first. A kick from Abarenor knocks Sempujin back. Then, to the Abaranger's surprise, a compartment opens in Sempujin's chest releasing in flare of light a strange, yellow ball. "What is going on?!" yelps Ranru. Yes, we the viewers recognize the Goat Crusher. "What is that?!" wonders Sanjo. Goraijin, not to be outdone, opens its chest compartment. Out comes a blackish ball, and from it is released the Plant Axe, Goraijin's very own. Asuka is bewildered, and this allows Goraijin to strike at Maxryuo. The hit is powerful, staggering him painfully. Maxryuo falls to the streets. "Asuka-san!" cries Ryouga in dismay. But he should be looking out for their own danger. Sempujin has pulled out the Tortoise Hammer and is using it with the Goat Crusher, and the spiked ball it makes hurtles at Abarenor. It hits square on Tyranno's nose, and they fall down too, with cries of pain at the backlash. Asuka gets Maxryuo back up quickly and uses the RyuoBuster attack. Goraijin is engulfed in golden fire, explodes and falls, crackling with blue energy. Sempujin moves in on Maxryuo in response, suddenly trippling itself. This is another shock for Asuka, and again he is not ready when the attack comes. Three vicious strikes in quick succession do such damage that Maxryuo falls apart into its component Bakuryu, and Asuka falls screaming to the street below. Ryouga cries his name in alarm, gets Abarenor back to its feet and attacks with the Dengeki Drill Spin. They drill through Sempujin's feeble guard and now that formation falls, too, in fire and blue lightning. Asuka is pulling himself together. The other three gather around him to make sure he's all right. Then a bright glow pulses out of Sempujin's head, a woman's voice whining softly from inside. A red glow leaves Goraijin's steaming head with simliar whines. The two glows land, the blue one forming into a woman whose long legs are clad in purple. Another who wears enormous boots forms from the red light. The Abaranger get into defensive position and Ryouga snarls, "Who ARE you?" The two are not facing them, thus we see how the fine, silken cloths hanging from the head of the shorter one look for all the world like the clear wings of a bee or a fly. When they turn we see what we already knew the moment they spoke. Wendinu and Furabijo, who stare at the Abaranger like they're looking at annoying insects. Then Wendinu speaks, identifying herself with a smile and sexy wriggle of her hips. "I'm the temptress, Wendinu." Furabijo smiles innocently and says, "I'm the fail-marker, Furabijo." Then she flicks her hand with a calm, "Whammo." The four Abaranger are hit by small explosions. They fall painfully and Wendinu chuckles low in her throat.

"HOLD IT!" comes a shout from a vaguely familiar source. Wendinu and Furabijo turn to find a red blur bearing down on them. He hits with a shout, moving quickly makes several strikes and they cry out in outrage. A punch to each woman's face puts them down and they glare at him with indignation. The bird symbol on his helmet, the familiar changer. The long hilt of his blade with strange buttons. "Sky-man, Hurricane Red!" he identifies himself with a flourish. The Abaranger are getting back to their feet, staring at this newcomer in surprise. "Hurricane Red?" wonders Ryouga. Asuka gasps in delight, "Another Earth has warriors like us, too!" But Furabijo and Wendinu certainly do not share his enthusiasm. Glaring at Hurricane Red, they get to their feet. He turns and tells the Abaranger, "Leave them to me!" Back to his enemies he calls, "Wendinu, Furabijo, how is it you're alive?!" At that question, they both smile. Wendinu answers him, "Too bad. Remember that time?" Their last battle, when the two teams had fired on them with the Victory Gadget as they fought at Sandaru's side. Sandaru had taken the brunt of the strike, but it was powerful enough. They'd gone up in flames, thinking they were dead. Instead, they'd fallen into a whirling vortex of unnatural colors and found themselves inside an enormous structure, standing in rolling mist, strange growths coming out of the floor in colors of pink, yellow, orange... with big green spots. "Your attack sent us to Dino Earth," Wendinu finishes. Furabijo grins and says, "There we got this from the Evorian." She holds up an orb. It is golden-orange, wreathed in grey metal. Horrified, Asuka tells the others this thing from Dino Earth is yet another relic of evil power. The two women are quite pleased with his reaction. "Maybe so," says Wendinu, taking the orb from Furabijo. "Inside is darkness and evil magic. And now is the time for you to come out..!" The heroes gasp in fright as she lifts it and cries "That you will have shape and form!" "STOP!" Asuka shouts. He bolts towards them, but it is too late. Wendinu raises the orb high and throws it agains the cement beneath her with all her might. It hits and smashes with a flare of dark, golden light. Asuka is flung back by the shockwave and rolls towards the others. Hurricane Red hops over him, while his team gathers around him, crying his name. The newcomer takes a protective position between them and their enemies as the sky goes dark. Lightning crackles in the suddenly black clouds, then comes down to Earth. It hits around a spiked figure coiled in blue and black. He wears a huge, broad shuriken on his back. A startled Hurricane Red strains to get a better look. Glowing blue eyes open, unnerving the Abaranger. He gets to his feet and takes a few strides forward. His voice is deep and menacing. "I have been resurrected." His name is Jani Iiga. The Jani is Ninja, backwards, in Kanji. "Jani - " repeats Asuka, and Ryouga finishes, "Iiga?" Jani Iiga is waxing about the long years imprisoned inside that orb. The light comes back and we get a good view. His eyes are gold and silver four-tipped shuriken. He wears a purple cape. His skin is deep blue laced with silver. He reeks of power. He draws his heavy blade and Hurricane Red responds quickly, bringing out his own Hayate Maru. The Abaranger also draw their blades. He charges forward then suddenly vanishes. They gasp, Ryouga says "He's gone!" But not forgotten. A heavy purple cape sweeps at them. It hits hard, each of the Abaranger and the Hurricanger until they fall together, then it sweeps away to vanish and reform as the complete Jani Iiga. He mocks the ease with which they fell. Outraged, Ranru is first up with her blade ready. Sanjo is up with her, shaken and angry. Ryouga calls more power and they quickly assemble the Super Dino Bomber. Unfortunately, Hurricane Red goes charging wildly at Jani Iiga. They go at it, blade to blade. The Abaranger are ready to fire but unfortunately they cannot. He is between them and Jani. "We can't fire!" worries Asuka. "He's in the way!" snarls Sanjo. Ryouga calls, "Move, please!" Jani Iiga knocks Hurricane Red towards them. He rolls, but is still in the line of fire. And Jani Iiga uses a strange attack, Choninpo Bakuryu pu (okay, not right) and sends liquid purple light at them. Like vicious sparks they hit, doing serious, painful damage. He chuckles smugly. Wendinu and Furabijo rush to his side, the latter holding up a score pad showing him as having 100%. He takes a step forwards and tells the heroes contemptuously that they are no match for him. And he is going to deliver the coup de grace. He starts forward when he is hit by a couple of blasts. They are all hit and the girls cry out. Jani Iiga snarls and looks up to the source. On a grid above them stand two figures, one a man in yellow and one in a kind of wine red. Hurricane Yellow had used his rifle, Kabutoraiger his Horn Breaker. They leap down to take protective positions between the other five and the enemies. "Kouta! Ikkou!" Hurricane Red greets them with relief, touching their arms. "Well done, Yousuke," Ikkou tells him, clapping his shoulder. Kouta is happy to sing their own praises. Wendinu, however, thinks it's just as good with all of them there. She glares. But Jani Iiga has different ideas. For these are not his targets, and he could care less. He turns and walks away. Quite confused, the girls trail after and vanish with him. The heroes, now numbering seven, cry out and leap forward but their enemies are gone.

They gather at the Dinosaur Restaurant. Asuka hovers near the door, Ryouga sits disheartened in a chair. Ikkou and Yousuke are in the center of the room, while Ranru and Sanjo stand next to the counter, and Kouta is near Ranru. Sanjo is subtly putting his point across, hahah. "We could have beaten him if you bunch weren't in the way," he says coldly. "WHAT?!" snarls a frizzy-haired Yousuke. Ikkou sets a firm hand on his shoulder to keep him from lunging at Sanjo. "Stop it." But his gaze flicks sternly to Sanjo. "That wasn't what it looked like to him," he says. Sanjo gives him a steady, challenging stare and snorts. "I have no idea what it looked like to him," and he looks away grimly, "But you Hurricanger failed, too." Kouta looks pale and lowers his gaze in shame, and Ranru feels considerable empathy for her fellow yellow. "Yukito, you're overdoing it, " she scolds but evidently feels he is also right. Yousuke nearly grinds his teeth and then says passionately, "The Jakanja are OUR enemy, and you shouldn't get in OUR way!" The tight pain in his voice and things Asuka knows that he doesn't freeze Asuka, he stands wavering, not certain if he should speak or not. But Ryouga gets on his feet in a glide and stares down the trembling, shorter young man. "In your way?" he asks grimly. "That isn't what they said. They said they aren't Jakanja, they're Evorian now." Yousuke meets his gaze in a white-faced, wide-eyed stare. Ryouga lets it sink in and adds, "So it's best if you don't get in our way." They stand, trying to stare each other down, lips set in stubborn lines. Kouta comes over and pushes at their shoulders, breaking the lock. "Cut it out!" he tells them angrily. "We shouldn't be fighting each other!" Ryouga has to relent and returns to his seat with a sigh, while Yousuke doesn't quite know what to do with himself and shifts restlessly, looking around. Kouta wants to address a real issue. He paces towards the door and turns, frowning. "What were they doing controlling our Karakuri systems?" Ikkou joins him near the door and points out, "I don't think we'll find that out until we get ahold of Oboro."

At that moment, the door to the restaurant is opened by someone wearing a blue top under a blue and black cardigan over red slacks and shoes. And as the door swings wide we find we are looking at Oboro. She carries a magazine in her hand and is delighted she's got to the right address. "I found it, here it is!" she says happily and walks right between Kouta and Ikkou without noticing them at all. "I found the Dinosaur Curry Shop!" She's passed Yousuke too, before she looks up and therefor still doesn't see them. Eyes shining, she trots over to the counter, nodding at Sanjo who gets out of her way while her own people start hurrying after her. Ryunosuke is already there, welcoming his customer with joy. "What can I get for you?" he asks as she sets her bag on the counter and wriggles onto a stool. She considers and points at a picture in the magazine she carries. "One Dinosaur Curry." Grinning fit to bear, he obliges. "Right away." "Thank you!" she waves happily at his back. Kouta stands behind her on her left, Yousuke behind on her right, and Ikkou further behind at her back. They are staring, but Ikkou coughs discretely. The sound catches her attention and she turns sharply. The three boys say her name all at once, with tones of confused frustration and she in her turn is truly surprised to see them. "OOOOOOH! Hey, why, did you all come to try the Dinosaur Curry?" she asks with joyful welcome. The four Abaranger exchange puzzled glances. Yousuke snaps, "No, we didn't!" He grapples with breath and then stutters out, "Why, WHY were Wendinu and Furabijo riding in Sempujin and Goraijin?!" This is all news to Oboro, who stares at him blankly until his words sink in and she gasps, "EH?!" The three men exchange startled glances before turning back to her and Ikkou speaks for them, asking softly "You didn't know?" The Abaranger, completely innocent of knowledge about the Hurricanger and who Oboro is, blink at the strange conversation.

Dino Earth, Evorian Fortress which we know know is the petrified body of Dezumozorlya. Inside, an icy Jannu has her arms folded and is speaking of the recent events on Another Earth. "You took those robots, damaged the Bakuryu, and woke Jani Iiga." Nakadai, sitting in the throne Rije handed over to him, smirks and says airily, "That was actually amusing." "It was really interesting!" delights Rije. Wendinu and Furabijo are quite pleased with the praise, grinning from where they stand next to Jani Iiga. Wendinu asks, "So, you're going to make us Evorian, now." Nakadai's expression goes cold. "Not so fast. You've forgotten the promise." He gets up. Startled, both young women lean forward, cupping their hands to their ears. He comes to them and points with his fingers, all confidence and arrogance. "Iiga is in. You two, we don't need." He walks away from them. They are gaping, when Jani Iiga shows his gratitude by turning, grabbing their shoulders and shoving them to the mist-wreathed floor. When they look up in shock, Mikela and Voffa start laughing haughtily. They join their group over by the throne and Rije steps forward, face wreathed in smiles. "Miko-sama doesn't want you around, you pathetic twits." Hearing her, Mikoto Nakadai, Iiga and Jannu in turn utter mocking snorts. Furabijo and Wendinu are recovering from their shock and turning to utter outrage for strength. "Pathetic twits?!" Wendinu complains as they get back up. Furabijo points out they wouldn't have Iiga if not for the two of them. Jani Iiga, however, thinks he would have been just fine without their interference. Wendinu says "Hah!" at him when he says that and accuses him of stupidity. She and Furabijo turn their backs, reminding all that they are the woman of the malevolent darkness. And so they turn back around. "Let's go, eh?" says Wendinu. "Yes, we'll go someplace better," Furabijo agrees cheerfully. They smirk at the Evorian group.

Oboro has completely finished her Dinosaur Curry. She sets her spoon in her bowl, contemplating the story the others have told her. But she has no answers for them, really. Ryouga points out that there's probably nothing to be done about it. He hops off the stool and says grimly, "I hope you can forgive me, but we can't leave this to you." Sanjo puts his two yen in as well. "Obviously your enemies took over your machines easily." Yousuke shifts resentfully. Asuka twines his fingers together and adds softly, "And because of that, the Bakuryu've been damaged." Ikkou steps across the room and says equally softly, "And yet those enemies are ours to defeat." He turns and tells them with some firmness, "You have to keep out of it." "No!" Ryouga says firmly. Kouta, between Asuka and Oboro, says Ikkou's name with a commanding, pleading edge in his voice. Ikkou and Ryouga are glowering at each other, Ranru moving in case she has to intercept, when there is a shriek from behind the kitchen. All of them startle and whirl to find out what is going on. It is Emi, continuing to shriek. She pops out into the main kitchen, on her tiptoes. "Amouseamouseamouse!!" she shrieks, pointing down with one hand. In the other she holds a white slipper with nefarious purposes in mind. "Suke-san, it's running over there!" The mouse in question is actually a light brown and white hamster (and not the same one we saw so often in Hurricanger, but pretend to ignore that). Ryunosuke says firmly, "Leave it to me." He has a pink and white slipper in hand and gets down, intending to flatten the poor hamster. As he draws his arm back, a man's voice protests "Wait!" When Ryunosuke brings the slipper down hard, the hamster vanishes before it can touch. Terrified and panting he appears atop the counter (the real hamster is sniffing around, puzzled by why they keep picking him up and putting him in different spots). He says something and glows bright white, reforming into a human shape, sitting on his heels atop the counter, waving a fan to cool off and looking more than a little shaken by his experience. Emi and Ryunosuke both cringe back against the kitchen counter. Menacing dinosaurs don't phase them, but a hamster that turns into a man? Hahah. He wears black and green kimono, with and off-white and green overlay. Though the reaction by the folks in the restaurant is the same, the Hurricanger's is one of startled recognition. Only Sanjo, when the others practically trip on him getting a closer look, shoots them angry glances and then bridles and gives the newcomer the cold shoulder. "Who is THIS, now?" he snaps. Oboro, however, Yousuke and Kouta on either side of her, asks the important question. "Father! What're you doing here?" He sweeps his fan out, making the three duck back to avoid being hit. He apparently has come to explain to the Abaranger the history of Jani Iiga. Ryouga takes this in stride and comes over quickly. "Please teach us! What the heck is he?" Coughing self-consciously and clearing his throat, Mugensai hops down onto the floor into the midst of all the youngsters. "Long, long ago, it so happened that a space ninja went to Dino Earth. There, he fought their warriors." Asuka startles, knowing this tale perhaps. Another Earth, a battle in darkness between Jani Iiga and Dragon people. Jani Iiga blasted their weapons, injured them. The people fled from him (I'm not sure if this takes place before or after the Evorian situation). A few warriors covered the civilian retreat and lunged at him with swords (one sounded suspiciously like Asuka), but were beaten down. Then three rough-faced soldiers had faced him. They wore beaded knecklaces. One man carried the metal-laced globe. They had pooled their power (likely their Dino Guts) and put out three combined beams of golden light. The light engulfed the fighting Jani Iiga, wrapped him up and drew him into the globe. And ever since there he'd been, until now. The emergency claxons start sounding, startling Mugensai. The computer screen decends from the kitchen ceiling and the counter slides back along with the wall. The Hurricanger are quite startled by the change, and by the really cool screen showing the attack. Emi announces what's happening and where, and Yousuke is already charging for the door. "Hey, wait up!" cries Ryouga, and races after him. But before the others can follow, Ryunosuke says there is another enemy over here, and another over there! Ranru yelps that they're in three places. Kouta quickly takes charge and leads the rest of them off. Ranru and Sanjo do not hesitate at all. As the door swings shut behind them, Oboro goes to Mugensai to exchange frets. He says he thinks he can call the other two back from Spain.

Spain indeed. Near what seems to be the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A big sign says in golden lit letters PIAGET 248something9 BAUbright light MERCER maybe. There is a rich building, and people speaking what is probably spanish. There are men in black suits wandering the grounds. And there is a woman, one man encounters her on the stairs he is going up and she down. Now, as I said they're speaking surely Spanish, and that is being subtitled fractionally into Japanese. So... He asks the woman if there's anything out of the ordinary, she says there isn't that she's seen. He continues along. She starts to take a step, when another man rushes up the stairs to her, panting slightly. "Nanami!" Well, we knew that. Of course this is Isshu. He speaks Japanese to her. She is surprised, but he takes her shoulders and asks for a moment, pulling her along with him. He rushes her into what looks like a lovely chapel, while she asks quietly "What's going on? We're in the middle of an operation!" They stop near the alter and she seems to be scolding him for this unprofessional behavior. With a playful smile he taps her nose one and pulls out something he wants to tell her about. LOL He's picked up two tickets to the bullfights and wants her to go with him. She blinks and then says with a grin, "You know, sorry but I think I'll pass on that." She makes a quick break for it at a fast walk. "But Nanami, they're cows! Hey, Nanami!" He trots after her and they make it out onto the promenade. But suddenly both stop and listen to their earphones. She speaks Spanish again, accepting what she's being told. Finished, she turns a brilliant smile full of mischief to Isshu. "Guess we get to visit and shushu!" Suddenly looking content and wise, he gazes at her tenderly and utters a soft snort. "Let's go. They're all waiting." The two of them break into a run.

Back in Japan Cosmos flowers are blooming in the fields. Yousuke is heading into the woods and is most displeased that Ryouga's on his heels, complaining again that these are the Hurricanger's enemies and telling him to keep out of it. "That's not why I came!" counters Ryouga, hurrying around in front of him to make him stop. "The Evorian are OUR enemies," he says firmly. "Yeah, well they took our Sempujin and used it to attack the city!" he says hoarsely. "That's why we HAVE to go!" He shoves past Ryouga, whose face twists in sympathetic understanding. He calls, "That really wasn't your fault!" Yousuke stumbles slightly at that, which helps Ryouga catch up so he can add, "Would you stop thiking about your wounded pride!" Yousuke turns and glares. "Ninja have no pride!" he snaps. "And that's all!" He starts off again, but they are suddenly under attack from red lightning. They duck, and when they look up, there is Jani Iiga atop a rise. Something is different, though. His eye-shuriken are red rather than golden. "So, you have friends now?" he mocks, rubbing his chin. "Shut up!" shouts Yousuke. Ryouga is already moving to change into armor, and Yousuke follows suit. "Bakryu Change!" "Nimpu Shinobi Change!" But they are not fast enough. Jani Iiga already has a counter-measure. He says a word and sends out a flash of red light at them. It hits their changers and stops the transformation before it begins. "I can't change!" gasps Ryouga. Yousuke finds a strange, silver and black lock has closed his changer. And Jani Iiga mocks them from above, for now they cannot change. "And you will die here," he tells them. Now he leaps into the air, red cape billowing behind him.

Water flows in a river. Three people arrive along the rocky beach and Ranru is asking Yukito why in heaven's name he's being actually more ornery than usual. Kouta glances nervously over at him as he sticks his hands in his back pockets and answers her. "What, you think I'm twice as bad?" But he answers that he's just very disturbed, not liking things that there are enemies he doesn't understand. Kouta tells him softly that he's just as bad as Yousuke in that. Then he puts a firm hand on Yukito's shoulder and says, "Then it's best if we work together!" Yukito seems not certain how he wants to react to that, but he doesn't pull away or force Kouta to remove his hand. Instead, he turns to meet his eyes and starts to say something, but he doesn't get the chance. From nearby comes Jani Iiga's voice, and he appears against the hillside. His eye-shuriken are blue, his cape blue. The three whirl to confront him. He summons a blast with his hands and Yukito lunges forward in an attempt to pull Kouta from the direct path. Ranru cries out. Yukito and Kouta fall together, the fomer's hand out protectively over the latter's back and side. They twist up, Yukito calling out for Ranru. But she is gone! "Ah, already one less," comments Jani Iiga. "That little miss is beaten." But then he is shocked, for the clearing smoke reveals nothing. "Eh, she's gone!" This isn't quite reassuring. Sanjo says her name worriedly as he and Kouta look around. Then there is a distant sound, and they gasp as a blue and yellow blue appears and settles on a nearby footbridge across the river. The woman in black and blue gets up more quickly, most of her face hidden by a mask. That doesn't matter, for Kouta knows her intimately. "Nanami!" he crows in delight and dashes towards her. The more confused Yukito trails after him, lips forming questions. Nanami takes off her helmet to reveal her lovely face and greets her friend with joy. "Kouta, how are you?" she calls, waving happily. Ranru grins in equal joy and says, "Thank you!" then asks seriously, "Um, are you also a Hurricanger?" The other woman grins back at her and says, "I'm Nanami Nono. It's nice to meet you." But a rather peeved Jani Iiga is not going to let this meeting stay happy. He sends out a flash of blue light at them.

Under tall young trees walk two worried men, each constantly turning their head to search. It is a bit dark here, because the leaves above block the sunlight. Ikkou asks in a voice that's always quiet and calming, "How are your Bakuryu doing?" A bit shy about being asked, Asuka still replies as confidently as he can, "After they've rested a bit, I'm sure they'll be just fine." "Really?" They go further, Ikkou in the lead. He adds softly, "I'm sorry." Asuka stops in his tracks with a soft gasp and stares at him in astonishment. Ikkou turns around and asks, "What's the matter?" Blushing and grinning shyly, Asuka explains something about not expecting a stranger to apologize. His embarrassment makes Ikkou chuckle, but move on. Asuka cheerfully bounds after him. But all their watching was not enough, for the silver and black locks fly out of the darkness towards them, and when they reflexively throw up their hands to protect their faces, fix to their changers. This Jani Iiga has white shuriken eyes and cape, and is quite smug about successfully neutralizing them. "Iiga!" snarls Ikkou as he and Asuka shift into fighting positions. "You're dead now," Jani Iiga tells them, and blasts white light at them. They cry out and fall, unable to transform. He pulls out his blade while the two men struggle to get on their feet, backs exposed. He comes charging at them while they can do little more than watch. But before he can reach them, a dozen or so small spikes hit the ground in front of his feet, halting him. As he staggers, he suddenly finds a black and blue-clad form dropping on him from above. He is struck back, falls to one knee and Isshu is there, holding a protective position between the enemy and the other two men. He has a heavy, metal claw on his left hand. "Isshu!" exclaims Ikkou in delight. "You're here!" Isshu glances back, then turns with a hint of a smile. "Well I can hardly leave everything to my big brother, can I?" His smile becomes warm and he whops Ikkou on the chest. "Long time no see." Ikkou grings broadly. A very excited Asuka pops up so he can look at them both and turns wide-eyed with joy to Isshu. "Are you one of them, too?" "One of them?" repeasts Isshu with a bemused gaze. He looks at Ikkou. "Ever since I was born." But there is a sudden flash of light, Unfortunately they are slow learners, and no one warned Isshu so when he wards it with his left arm, his changer is sealed off, too. He only has a moment to be surprised. The extremely annoyed Jani Iiga snarls that he's going to take care of the three of them. "Be careful!" Ikkou warns. "Right!" agrees Isshu. And not just him, for all three editions of Jani Iiga... red, white and blue, are attacking their targets simultaneously.

Three editions. But there is the original. Jani Iiga is in the city, and now throws out his power. People walking on the streets are bathed in purple light. And from them stream ribbons of golden energy. That energy pours into Jani Iiga. He is stealing their Dino Guts! All over the city unsuspecting people's strength is sucked away and they fall unconscious whereever they are. Jani Iiga is getting super charged and passing that charge to his lesser editions, whose blasts become fierce with fire. Ryouga and Yousuke are hit with brilliant flame and fall in agony. The red-eyed one (red for reds) laughs at them. The two young men are slow to recover, their clothes covered in dust and bodies bruised. They twist up painfully and Yousuke shouts at Iiga to stop playing with them. He gets to his feet first, barely able to keep up and shouts, "I'm of the legendary ranks!" Ryouga gradually makes it to his feet, too. "And my Dino Guts aren't something you can take!" "Oh hoh?" laughs Iiga, rubbing at his chin. Ryouga glares back stubbornly. "We may not be able to change - " he starts, and Yousuke continues, "But we can still beat you!" And both men move into fighting positions, with enraged cries, they charge a bemused enemy. Yousuke calls a spell, "Chounimpo, Kage no mae!" (in front of shadow) The makes him a featureless, black blur to the enemy, I guess. The pair hits hard and soon knocks Iiga down. Yousuke catches him with a kick in the chest and carries him through the air, slashing every moment. The enemy down, he calls Ryouga to him. Ryouga slides in onto one knee and gets a firm hold on Yousuke's left wrist. As though aiming an invisible cannon they hold, Ryouga braced for the recoil. Yousuke tells him to fire. This may seem odd, until Ryouga swipes his hand along Yousuke's sleeve, releasing a barrage of Gyro Shuriken which embed themselves in Iiga's chest. Then the two say something which seems to cause those weapons to explode. Their enemy goes up in a ball of fire. He is destroyed and the two young men crow with delight. The locks disintegrate off of their changers.

Blue to blues and yellows, and Yukito Sanjo calls the others to fight. Iiga prepares for their charge. Suddenly, Yukito looks up with a gasp of amazement. He and the other three all gasp again and point towards the sky. Jani Iiga, confused, turns around and looks up. "What th - " and they move quickly, Kouta and Nanami have out their ropes and quickly bind his arms, blue rope to the left wrist and yellow to the right. While he is thus held, they call out their Gyro Shuriken. The weapons hit and explode right away, staggering him. While he's stunned, the two Hurricanger leap and strike with their blades. They attack simultaneously, slashing all over him. They force him into the river. Before he can recover, Yukito Sanjo joins the battle with a flying leap, landing square on him and knocking him down on his back. Hand clenched into a claw, he says "Sanjo-crush." Then, two fingers as deadly as a blade, he strikes down. In x-ray we see Jani Iiga's vertebra, and Sanjo's fingers come in, grabbing one and knocking it out of place. Jani Iiga gets back on his feet and his back starts to explode. A similarly enraged Ranru gets into it. She may not be able to transform, but she fires her Dino Laser from her bracelet. The beams cut into Jani Iiga. The other four assemble around her, eyes blazing. Their enemy falls and blows up in the water.

Isshu has his jacket off, bounces off a tree and drops the garment over Jani Iiga's head. He calls on his brother, holding both hands cupped at his waist and Ikkou obliges, using them as a bounce-off he rolls through the air and slices into the enemy. Iiga is badly staggered, still unable to get Isshu's hardy jacket off of his face. Asuka comes running in a grabs him, lifting him off of his feet and hurtling with him towards the trees. Finally Asuka throws him ahead and skids to a stop. Jani Iiga goes flying towards a thick branch. The impact impales him on it. He starts to spark and groans with pain. Isshu and Ikkou take position on opposite sides of the fiery Asuka, he calls them to attack now. They charge forward and bring in the lightning that is their trait, enhancing their slashes at the pinioned enemy with blue fire. Ikkou calls to Asuka, he and Isshu tossing their blades to him. Asuka catches the blades by their hilts, accepts and leaps high to bounce off the two men's shoulders. "Dragon-people, Abare something!" He sweeps the two blades across Jani Iiga's body. That's done it. With a cry of agony, their enemy blasts into white, electric flame. Eyes on fire, Asuka spins away with the two blades in his hand.

But it's not over, for Petra and Kera note with frantic worry that the people fallen all over town remain fallen, struggling feebly against the loss of their strength. Tyranno is very worried. The support teams of Mugensai, Emi and Ryunosuke are frantic to help. Ryunosuke knows that the three Jani Iiga our heroes had fought were not the real answer. Mugensai points out that one more must still be hiding. Oboro bounds in now with her small laptop computer, and it really looks out of place in this room as she opens it up and starts programming.

Ryouga and Yousuke enjoy the lull,sitting on the gravel near the dry winter grass. Ryouga is warmly praising/teasing Yousuke about him being a legendary warrior. Yousuke sheepishly gets to his feet, countering with a remark about the Dino Guts. Ryouga grins and gets up, stretching out his arms to embrace the world as he explains, "Dino Guts are in everyone, the whole human race. And of course in Shiina-san, too." He pats Yousuke's chest in fond emphasis. Blushing somewhat, the boy says, "S'all right to call me Yousuke." Ryouga grins, makes a delighted mischievous noise, and they grip hands in firm alliance. But their bonding moment is interrupted by a frantic signal from the restaurant. Emi tells them all that there's big trouble.

The three groups race to meet after she's explained that the three Jani Iiga's they'd fought were never the real thing. The real one has drained the people of the city of their Dino Guts! "They were decoys!" shouts Yousuke as he runs. "He outwitted us," gasps Ryouga. But now another Jani Iiga appears in front of the two red boys. I know, but Yousuke shouts, "Are you real?" The others arrive as Jani Iiga answers him, mocking that while they'd fought his constructs, he'd taken the Dino Guts from people of Another Earth. "So you ARE our real enemy!" accuses Ryouga. And now, with the power afforded him by all these Dino Guts, his darkness and hate will be unstoppable! He will be the most powerful warrior of all! Ranru counters that they're not going to let that happen, and an enraged Asuka adds a demand that he return the Dino Guts to their proper residences. Sanjo adds they aren't going to let Jani Iiga do what he wants. Ryouga yells that they'll show him. But he has a plan. A warp opens in the sky. Out comes flaring light and behind Jani Iiga appear the others in a v formation. Voffa, Mikela and Nakadai on his left, Jannu, Furabijo and Wendinu on his right. Furabijo waves, Voffa cackles. The Hurricanger and Abaranger move into fighting positions. As Mikoto strolls up closer to him, Jani says mildly, "I'm quite enough to take care of this." Nakadai smirks and counters, "It's more fun if there are a lot of players." He holds up his wrist and murmurs, "Bakuryu Change." Green fire wreaths his body and puts him into his armor. Ryouga, eyes blazing with rage, steps forward and calls, "Everyone, CHANGE!" They all join him, and together all three teams transform. Bakuryu Change! Nimpu Shinobi Change! Jinrai Shinobi Change! "HAAA!" The Jakanja face an assembled group of nine angry heroes. They go up top a ridge to identify themselves one by one then each group. Abaranger. Hurricanger. Goraijer. As if anyone's forgotten who they all are. But the enemies are unimpressed. The two groups announce that they're going to kick butt.

Voffa and Mikela find Asuka, Kouta and Sanjo bearing down on them with roars of rage. They quickly blast them back, but when the smoke and flames clear, there are only straw dummies on the ground, one wearing Kouta's armor. This is a surprise. The Evorian are new to the Hurricanger's disappearing act. "Straw dolls?" wonders Voffa. But then a roar comes from behind them. Sanjo is charging in on all fours, spikes out, with Kouta riding his back. Kouta puts his Hayate Maru in gun-mode and starts firing. The two Evorian are badly staggered. Kouta then cuts them as he rides through so they can join Asuka. They put their three blades together and Asuka yells "Triple Inferno!" Together, the crossed blades touch the ground and raise a blaze of fire which hurtles toward Voffa and Mikela, engulfing them cruelly. The Goraiger are up against something they aren't ready for. AbareKiller slices and dices them, a black and white blur they cannot catch. But when he leaps to take a final slice at Isshu, he is surprised to have the blue-clad warrior catch his blade, and then catch him with the Stag Breaker around his waist. The feedback causes Killer rather a shock, then Isshu lifts him up and really gets him with blue lightning while the furious man struggles. Then Isshu tosses him aside to sumble on the gravel. Killer is up quickly, but Ikkou is already there and hitting so fast that it takes Nakadai (Killer) a moment to get up to speed. They strike viciously at each other, Killer manages to block the Ikamaru against his arm, keeping Ikkou's guard open long enough to catch him full in the chest with a blast from the Wing Pentact. Ikkou is blasted pretty badly. He falls with a cry of agony, but only his armor hits the ground. Not expecting this, Nakadai gives a startled noise. Then the ground shakes and he looks around in confusion. Suddenly behind him his enemy rises helmet-first in a shower of rocks, as big as the robots in formation. "Phantom Kabuto!" he says as he rises. Nakadai stares up at him. "Huh. This isn't real," he comments mildly. And Ikkou's hand comes down and flattens him, proving this is not an illusion, as such.

Nanami fights Wendinu. Blade to blade, and at first Wendinu seems to be getting the better of her. Ranru, on the other hand, is facing the double-weaponed Furabijo, who flies in a figure eight pattern of fire, trapping Ranru at its heart. She gets in several cruel strikes. Ranru tumbles backwards and Nanami moves protectively in front of her. The two being so close together affords Jannu a chance to catch them in a red energy whip. She lifts them together and explodes the whip high in the air. The girls cry out and scorched rags float down. Wendinu and Furabijo comes to Jannu's side and crow with joy. But what they thought was scorched rags proves to be only Nanami's empty uniform, blown sideways on the wind. When it lands near them, Jannu stares in surprise. "It's empty!" exclaims Wendinu. "Impossible!" gasps a stunned Jannu. "Oh I hate that," whines Furabijo. And then a cheerful cry from behind them turns them all around. Ranru is flying in on her wide wings, Nanami holding onto her feet and getting towed behind. They swoop over the rippling pond towards their stunned enemies. Furabijo, angry, blasts them with stinging fire but the sparks miss and hit only the water behind and in front of them. Our two heroines pull out guns and fire as they swoop in, getting all three enemies. Jannu drops her blade and coughs, face blackened by soot. Wendinu puffs out smoke from her mouth, blood trickling from her right nostril, before she topples over with a giddy smile. Fuabjiou's wide grin reveals three blackened teeth before she falls, too. In Abare mode, Ryouga charges Jani Iiga. He snorts. Behind him, Yousuke is also racing in. They hit from both side, but he vanishes and they only end up striking each other. They both stagger back and turn, looking for him. His cape appears and flies at them, they both fire but it vanishes, unhit. Then it appears, clamping over their helmeted heads. They struggle and it explodes, felling them both. But they get back up again, and though he mocks them, Yousuke calls on Ryouga to pool their power. He has no trouble with that. He throws himself down on the ground, gets his blade at ready. Yousuke hops aboard his back. Jani Iiga watches, intrigued, to see what they do. It's kind of a bizarre sight, Hurricane Red standing on Abared's back. "Go!" hollars Ryouga. Yousuke is ready. Suddenly they are sliding forward at speed as though Ryouga's a surfboard and the land is water. Jani fires at them, but Yousuke wriggles out of the path of the blasts. "We'll show you now!" yells Yousuke. He leaps suddenly into the air, and they hit Jani Iiga from below and above. He is badly staggered. Now the groups accumulate again. "So you think those little hands can defeat me?" Jani Iiga mocks them, striding forward. Ryouga snarls, "Guy, your Dino Guts!" He's brought out the Abaranger's new toy, the Steraizer. Sanjo and Ranru obey instantly, pouring their power into him. With a bright glow, he shines and powers up to Abare Max mode. He calls for the Max Field before his transformation is even completed. Inside the blackness he fights Jani Iiga using the Shield in Offense mode, a long blade coming from it. Slash, smash, crash, and Jani Iiga is punched out of the Max Field to land hard on the gravel. The others assemble around Ryouga. "I'm not dead yet," pants the agonized Jani Iiga. Yousuke gasps. But Ryouga says, "Then we'll all have to pool our power together." Everyone hauls out their individual weapons. The Abaranger put together the Super Dino Bomber, the Hurricanger assemble the Victory Gadget. They attach the Victory Gadget to the front of the Super Dino Bomber and dub it "Super Dino Victory!" "Target lock!" crows Ryouga. Jani Iiga is in the perfect spot. He staggers towards them, groaning. Together the heroes says "Victory Dino Dynamite!" and Ryouga squeezes the trigger. "FIRE!" The power of both teams roars out of the combined weapons. As the fire engulfs Jani Iiga, they pull their weapons back to them. He falls in a crackle of purple lightning. The explosion is tremendous, and they're all feeling quite pleased. Yousuke and Ryouga clasp hands in victory. But it isn't over. Jani Iiga snarls from the blaze, "I'm still here!" Well, there's not much of him. He has extreme power, he can power-up and he manages to do this, suddenly expanding to giant size. The teams gasp in horror and stare up at him. In the distance, atop a rise, Abare Killer watches and utters a snorting laugh. "The game isn't over yet," he comments amusedly.

Asuka calls quickly for Bracchio, who walks through the city and comments, "Shushu to sanjo bura!" as he opens his bays to release the Hurricanger mecha, all repaired and recharged. Oboro calls, "Shinobi Machine, ascend!" And the bird launches first, Bracchio lowers his head to let the Lion run down it, followed by the flopping dolphin. The Goraibeetle trundles out of the side-bay, followed by the Goraistag. Behind them, out leaps Tyranno, who is quite excited to be in on this battle. Ptera comes out the chest and Bracchio lowers his head again so Kera can get out. Oboro is very happy about this, and the pilots all join their mecha, well, except the Abaranger's are not mecha, as such. So the mighty combinations are formed. Goraijin, Sempujin, who then come together as Goraisempujin. Abarenor. However, in comes AbareKiller, bringing together Top Galer and Stegos to form Killero. Jani Iiga says, "Leave Abarenor to me." Nakadai is willing. He'll take on Goraisempujin. "Yousuke-san?" Ryouga calls. "Oh yeah," Yousuke replies. "We are not going to be beat!" And they charge with happy abandon. Killero fires from eyes and hands, but Goraisempujin rolls through the blasts at him. They attack with Rolling Thunder Hurricane! A multitude of blasts hit Killero. Their sheer power shakes Nakadai, and Killero goes down hard, taking a chunk of the local landscape with it. He is thrown against his control orb. In the big formation they are cheering and Yousuke crows, "You see? This is Goraisempujin's power!" But as always, they are ahead of themselves. Nakadai snorts and gets Killero on its feet. "Yeah, that's nice power, but it's not will-power. That's this." And Killeror attacks now at high speeds, an enormous blur cutting into and around Goraisempujin. He strikes again and again, finally stopping his attack and turning towards them. "Bakuryu Hissatu. Death Stinger!" he shouts. This attack sends the Gale Spear flying at them. It goes through their formation like a spear through water. Luckily, none of them are hit, but Goraisempujin falls slowly, with a blast of white energy. The Hurricanger and Goraiger are ejected. The blast takes out their armor, too, and they land on the ground hard and vulnerable. Asuka races to their sides to make sure they're all right, while this scene is witnessed back at the restaurant. Oboro worries frantically. Jani Iiga gets Abareno by the throat. Ranru from inside asks after the Hurricanger, and Ryouga says he's sure they're all right. They're good people. "They're legendary heroes!" he tells her confidently. Below, the five are recovering. Asuka hovers concernedly over the shaken five. And Killero is heading their way. "We're all right," Yousuke pants. Kouta looks up and wonders, "What do we do about him?" He hears them and replies arrogantly, "You go no further, Hurricanger, Goraiger." "No you don't!" yells Asuka. He pulls out his blade and charges forward. "I won't let you!" Far above, Nakadai snorts. "And what can you do?" he mocks. Well, Asuka can change the setting on his Dino Thruster to Ground Mode, holler "Ground Inferno!" and pierce what he's standing on with it. The ground ripples and pulls apart. Nakadai is hard-pressed to keep Killero on its feet and in fact has even more trouble, because the ground is opening up beneath him. The resulting explosion hits Killero hard, and he tumbles in blue-green electric flame. "Withdraw, human," Top Galer tells him. He agrees, and away they teleport becoming sparkles in the sky. Asuka has every reason to be quite pleased, all by himself he's managed to force the lunatic to run. "You did it!" crows Kouta. "That was great!" Nanami cheers. Yousuke glares grimly at the other battle and says, "Next is Jani Iiga." Still terribly deadly. A flash of light from his left eye and Abareno is hit by violent explosions. Sanjo snarls, "Tricera-punch!" Tricera hits him hard in the stomach, knocking him back. Ryouga leads the call for the Dengeki Drill Spin. Jani Iiga meets it with his blade. "Iiga Spin!" he calls his counter, and the two giants meet at high speeds. The resulting explosion throws Abareno down hard and leaves Iiga still standing. "Abaranger!" Yousuke calls from below. Chuckling low in his throat, Jani Iiga approaches with his enormous Shuriken in hand to finish them off. They struggle in the cockpit, but are too badly shaken to defend themselves. When he brings back the blade, they all gasp in horror. But as the blade swings down, he is shaken and knocked back by the impact of huge, bright orbs. One red and gold, one blue and gold, they hit hard. More are being fired or firing again from the nose of a tremendous mecha. The Revolver Mammoth has arrived. Jani Iiga tumbles to the ground and the Mammoth curls its nose. "Revolver Mammoth!" yelps Yousuke in relieved delight just about the same time as we begin to hear a strange, distant music. "Eh?" wonders Asuka. But Nanami whispers, "That sound..!" Isshu beside her listesn with stunned amazement. "That's the Ninja Misen!" "Could it be - " Kouta starts, but doesn't dare express the hope aloud. Ikkou doesn't say it, either, but then they realize the music is coming from behind them and they turn. Up atop the nearby ridge stands the musician. It is indeed Shurikenger. He happily announces in English, "I am ninja of ninja!" then to Japanese, "Green is mine, the Tenkuninja, Shurikenger!" His Shuriken Ball spins through its paces. A breathless with shock Ikkou ventures, "Shurikenger, you're..." and can't continue. Sounding somewhat emotional himself, Shurikenger replies with something about the world and how he'll always be here holding the line. And he salutes them before taking off. They call after him, then just watch. Nanami smiles tenderly and says "Thank you, Shurikenger."

The time he's afforded the Abaranger was enough for the Bakuryu to recoverer, and they start speaking anxiously to their companions. Tyranno's eyes glow bright and he shouts though the bracelet, "Stand up, Ryouga!!" The Abaranger shake off the effects of Iiga's blow, Ranru hissing that it's not over yet, and Sanjo growling that they haven't been beaten. Ryouga pulls himself together and thus pulls Abareno back to its feet. They are up, scorched nose and all, and enraged. Asuka calls to the with relief. Jani Iiga remains unimpressed. They have yet to demonstrate any power enough to destroy him. But Yousuke crows, "Right!! Then we'll give our Dino Guts to Abareno!!" The others haven't really been introduced to this concept yet. Nanami says hesitantly, "Our..." then Kouta says firmly, "Dino Guts." Ikkou considers his changer then snaps, "Isshu, let's do it!" "Right, big bro!" Isshu agrees. Asuka turns to face the excited group and see what they're doing. They move into their meditative poses which promise a gathering of their inner strength. For a moment they stand, eyes closed and one can imagine a coalescing of power in them. Yousuke yells, "Ha! j" and in his hands forms a glowing, fiery kanji. "Ri! " cries Nanami. "Ken! " shouts Kouta. "Gou! " Ikkou says sharply. "Rai! " finishes Isshu. All this catches Jani Iiga's attention and he says, "What are you up to?" and blasts the five. But they pay the blast no attention and wrap their hands around the tremendous power they've called up. They send five balls of Dino Guts energy each shaped and colored in their own suit symbols to become one and strike the startled Jani Iiga, then bounce over to Abareno wherein they sink and enhance. "Such a wonderful, warm light!" remarks Ptera. Each Bakuryu is impressed and delighted with the power pouring into them. The Abaranger gasp and stare as the golden light fills the cockpit. And now, Tyranno's mouth opens wide. The whole Abareno glows brilliantly, and now in front of them appears a spinning, golden orb. It splits apart to reveal a weapon coiled inside which we recognize as a shining, golden Sword Slasher. "What the?" wonders Asuka from below. But Abareno grasps the sword's hilt in its right (Kera) hand. The sight of them holding the mighty blade is clear back in the restaurant, and Emi is cheering wildly. Behind her, Oboro is nodding smugly and Mugensai radiates pride. Ryunosuke is a bit beildered, but nonetheless they are his people. "So that's what happens when you put the Abaranger and Hurricanger together! Their two powers become one!" Oboro, over by her computer, cheerfully takes the credit for all of this. When the camera closes in on her, she twinkles at us and whispers, "This is special, you know?"

Now with the mighty blade in hand, the Abaranger have the opportunity to show what else they've gained from the Hurricanger. Jani Iiga leaps high into the sky, intending to slice them apart. He attacks with the Iiga Spin again, which is silly because they know about that now. They hit him with the blade as he comes in, and he rebounds off it with a cry of pain. Explosions keep happening while he falls back and lands hard. He tumbles back to his feet, and Asuka cries "Now!" to his friends. Sanjo shouts, "We'll show you the Super Sentai's power!" Ranru adds confidently, "No enemy is going to defeat us!" And Ryouga adds, "Let's do it! Bakuryu Hissatsu!" The Hurricanger and Goraiger far below move into position, and I think they all yell "Bunshin, Mahoro Slasher!" This has the effect of tripling the powerfully armed Abareno. And their triple attack is something that is finally enough to utterly destroy Jani Iiga.

Back at the Dinosaur Restaurant, Emi is ecstatic to be able to report that the people whose Dino Guts was siphoned are returning to normal. Ryunosuke and Oboro cheer with joy. Mugensai more soberly smile and nods his pride and relief. It is over.

The time has come, as it does at the end, to say goodbye. They are out of their armor, and the nine stand facing each other. Kouta looks admiringly into Sanjo's eyes and says warmly, "We'll definitely leave the Evorian to you guys." Looking strangely shy, Sanjo says quietly, "Yes, leave it to us." Ryouga looks at him, then quizzically to his fellow Red. "So, what are you guys going to do now?" Yousuke grins at him and answers, "We'll return to the shadows." Then, somewhat sadly, he loks around at the others and says more softly, "to being the unknown people, with the unknown missions, and keep fighting secretly to protect everyone." He smiles through a lump in his throat at Ryouga, who grins back, chuckles and nods a bow. Ranru shyly speaks to her fellow woman about how good it was to have their power there, and Nanami replies confidently that she believes the Abaranger will be able to protect the world from the Evorian. Asuka turns his bright gaze to Ikkou. "Be well," he says for lack of better words. Ikkou smiles and nods, "Yes. And you, too." Isshu nods his agrement.

Kouta and Sanjo clasp hands in firm alliance, then bop fists. They've bonded in this short time and it hurts to part. Ryouga and Yousuke similarly hold on. Ranru and Nanami. Ikkou and Asuka reverse it, bopping fists before clasping hands. Isshu automatically reaches out his hand, but there is no one for him to touch and he is somewhat at a loss. He folds his arms and turns his back, pouting slightly. Asuka takes note and lets Ikkou's hand go. With an embarrassed cry, he leaps over and grabs for Isshu's hand, grinning up into his face. "Isshu too!" he calls, glancing around at the startled others. Behind them, Ikkou smiles broadly. All of them gather around, reaching out to him and making Isshu smile shyly. They all reach out, now, each with their right hand to form a wheel of alliance. Their changers are a force to be reckoned with, used by people of strong, pure heart. And for each one is a quiet calm and warm relief. Confidence. And now, they say goodbye, pulling their hands away with some reluctance. The Goraiger and Hurricanger walk away, the Yousuke leads the impulse to stop and look back. They wave salutes. "Say bye-bye!" they call. They turn away and leap into the air, becoming black blurs that bounce away beyond the horizon. The Abaranger dash over and stare after until there is nothing to see. "They're gone," says Ranru, happy and sad. "Yeah," Sanjo forces out. Asuka, glowing with joy, says to the others, "The Hurricanger won't be defeated." Ryouga nods and then throws his arms wide and shouts to their distant newfound friends, "And we'll keep on going, too!!" Above them, the Bakuryu roar agreement.

Mai is in the ending credits. I wish we'd seen her in the movie.

And what, Tyranno asks us, ever happened to the two Jakanja? They stand in the yellow atmosphere outside of the Evorian Fortress, looking quite miserable and at a loss. Furabijo whines, "Of course we were beaten again." Wendinu sighs and folds her arms, nodding sympathetic agreement. "I guess that's just the way it is," she says miserably. "What'll we do now?" There is a shrill sound on the air and the two of them look up in confusion. Suddenly an enormou worm punches its way out of the ground in front of them! It opens its mouth (has lips!) to show a white light deep inside, and bears down to swallow them up! They scream, but it goes into the ground in front of them instead and they turn, running as fast as their legs will take them. It can't quite catch them, heaving and leaping, smashing through the hard shell of the ground. Furabijo flies a bit. And then the worm turns, noticing the camera, and comes at us!

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