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Ryouga and Mai Hakua

アバレッド…西興一朗 (Kouichiro Nishi) Abared is Ryouga Hakua, the Charging Warrior who has the Tyrannosaurus. Ryouga Hakua is twenty-two years old, and is a certified environment protection navigator in US. You're going to ask me what that means, aren't you? I don't know exactly, but I have a suspicion it might be "Graduate of some advanced Wilderness Survival training".

Mai, wake up, Mai!

He had a brother and sister-in-law, but they somehow died, leaving behind their daughter, Mai. At the start of the series she is five years old and Ryouga inherited the raising of her, something he took to with enthusiasm, verve, and a tremendous capacity to love. While we're not clear at all on what he did to make a living, now he and Mai have moved in to the housing part of the property where the Dinosaur restaurant stands. He works at the restaurant, but he also does whatever it was he did before. One of those things is apparently he teaches rock climbing and probably other wilderness survival skills at a club or school. He's always doing things that show his training. He knows how to spear-fish. He can start a fire by the old "rubbing two sticks of wook together". He knows what to eat and make in the wilds and enjoys it all fiercely. He was chosen by Tyranno because in the midst of the dinosaur's forced attack, Ryouga was the one person who raced back into the endangered building merely to rescue a little dog whose owner had forgotten him in the panic. Ryouga was able to guess the source of the voice in his head, but was very nearly killed when Tyranno bashed the side of the building. Indeed, he was taken to the hospital. He was dying, but the insistent voice of Tyranno calling for help kept sounding in his head, so he turned back from death and woke up.

He came straight to the battle, still unsteady on his feet and dripping with sweat. He was nearly eaten by Tyranno but had managed to get the transforming bracelet. And his response to a furious beration from his companion? "I told you it'd be all right." He's a very positive person. He tries to soothe the prickly edges of Yukito Sanjo, and the fury of Ranru, who has no patience with Sanjo's cold-hearted remarks. He adores Mai, but being an Abaranger makes it difficult for him to always be there for her when she needs him. On the day designated for fathers to visit the daycare and do all sorts of activities with their children, Ryouga was called away twice. Though five-year old Mai tried her best to be understanding, the second time was too much for her. She ran away and it was Tyranno who found her. He kept her company, allowing her to climb all over him and talking to her until Ryouga joined them. By that time Mai had decided she could understand and forgive him, and love him with all her heart. I think that's the only thing that could ever endanger Ryouga's spirits. Only if Mai hated him would he be brought down.