Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
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His name was Mikoto Nakadai. They revealed very little about him at first. He was a genius, a highly regarded surgeon. He was a lunatic. Asuka knew the suit he wore and trembled with terror. Of course, a lot of things made Asuka tremble. There was a vital reason, though. The Zero-Go suit would self-destruct. Eventually. With enough power to take out the entire city.

Apparently, the night the Bakuryu first arrived and Mikoto Nakadai saw them attacking the city, he bounded out of the hospital and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their rampage, until they stopped. Then he went back to work, pouting. He heard the voices of the dinosaurs. He was going to come and excited to bind with the tyrannosaur, but then to his deep disappointment Ryouga did it. Miserable, he witnessed the end of the battle and finally started back, when he was struck by agonizing pain. And then, a hung capsule fell out of the sky. It vanished at his touch, leaving a large, white egg and a Changer, which he donned. It bonded with him, causing him such agony. And then began speaking to him. Right after he was transformed he had to recover from the experience. He spent a lot of time hovering near the battles, watching the Abaranger fight and learning what he could do, and going into dark places to cackle insanely. He took prisoner one Torinoid, Yatsudenwani, and turned it into his household servant. Poor thing didn't even have a chance to start battling.

The boy reminded me of Kamen Rider Ryuuki's Kitaoka in a few ways. One: he looked like him. Two: he talked like him. Three: he seemed suspiciously like he had a heart condition or some other kind of life-threatening illness. However, worse than that he wasn't concerned about his own life. When he found out he was liable to explode and take out the city, it didn't phase him one bit. He loved the battle, viewed it as a game. The boy needed some serious help. He was deadly, and sadistic, and able to suck power from the others. Then he met Rije, who took a fancy to him. They seemed to have a strange sort of meeting of minds.

Yukito Sanjo sent out his three foreign friends on a mission to discover what made Mikoto Nakadai tick, and the tale they brought back was rather bizarre. Nakadai was a child-genius. His hometown was a small town surrounded by nature. All anyone could remember was that he had a terrifying genius. Everything he put his hand to he accomplished perfectly the very first time. The photos they had of him he always stood apart, aloof and bored. By the time he was ten years old he was sent away to medical school. The only thing the three men brought back that triggered any kind of suspicion was a photo they'd taken of a strange plant in the woods near Nakadai's home. So, he'd always been that way. Bored stiff and trying to find something, anything, to keep his interest. A dead life without accomplishment because no matter how impressed other people were with what he did, nothing challenged him.

However, the strange plant proved to be a vital clue. We finally discovered something no one else had known. When the world was multiplied in two, Dezumozorlya was also doubled. Though several years ago he became active on Dino Earth, the Dezumozorlya on ours remained dormant. His simple existence caused all manner of wars and chaos, who knows what evil lies in the hearts of man? Dezumozorlya does. And when Mikoto Nakadai was born, somehow the kernel of Dezumozorlya was inside him. There are several things we can only guess at. The power, though dormant, simply being there had an effect. It was why he was so brilliant. It was why he could do everything perfectly the first time. And it was why he felt nothing. It buffered him from everything... and everyone around him. Dezumozorlya draws his power from darkness. From selfishness, greed and hatred. Nakadai, influenced by his presence, was probably drawn to the nastiest people around him. It is likely he never made friends with any kind person, because he simply wouldn't have really met them. Passed them, noticed them, but in his thoughts he would always have pegged them as liars. It is Dezumorlya's nature to hunger for what is worst in people. The smallest kernels of selfishness which we all have, would be all he would see. So, too, was it for Nakadai. He could not see anyone as truly kind or selfless because he would not be drawn to those people.

Mikoto Nakadai had an enormous amount of Dino Guts. The problem with his physical condition was that the Dino Guts, awakened by the arrival of the Bakuryu, was at odds with the dormant Dezumozorlya in his body. Rije, whose body Dezumozorlya frequently used as a medium of communication, was probably instinctively drawn for him. Rije offered to take him to Dino Earth, to let him lead the Evorian, if he would only spend the day with her. So he did. He drove her around, showed her the sights, allowed her to play and involve him in her games. It must have been a bit strange for him. She enjoyed it very much, and took him home. When Dezumozorlya matured her to make her a better vessel, she was rather surprised to find her relationship with him didn't really change. He saw her as a route to more power and was incapable of seeing her as anything else.

Nakadai had the shock of his life when he found out that he was being possessed, that Dezumozorlya was inside him and that the awakening of that force would turn him into a shell. Thus his focus changed. He did not know any longer who he was. He set out to discover that, where he himself began. How much of him was his decision? He did not know. He never, ever, I think, was quite certain. He wandered Tokyo, sought out and fought Torinoids and landed on the side of the Abaranger, not entirely by accident. It was more that he did not know what else to do with himself but fight. When he collapsed after one battle, Ryouga picked him up and brought him home, intending to move him into the Dinosaur Restaurant with them, give him comfort, succor, and a sense of belonging. He didn't know quite what to do with it. He screamed a protest that he was different from them, he had Dezumozorlya inside of him. Ryouga decked him and countered that his blood was red, meaning he was still human. He was slowly finding out what that meant, how to actually care for someone and to recognize when someone cared about him.

I did not think it was possible after so long for them to make him into someone I thought could be redeemed, which just goes to show that they're the better writers for this story. But watching him struggle to find himself, to learn how to care, and then to finally die. It was Ryouga and the others, their faith in him, that did it finally. He wanted to be someone worthy of that faith. Yet he believed that the terrible things he'd done were because of himself. I think he believed that he could have made other choices. And yes, that is true. The only problem was he just had not known how, or felt any reason to do so.

He called on his Dino Guts, when Dino Earth's Dezumozorlya was draining Another Earth's Dezumozorlya via a tentacle stabbed deep into Nakadai's body, and that power destroyed the force within him. It also left him with a horrid wound and his insides torn up. Those injuries were killing him, and his Dino Minder was going to explode. Top Galer took him into space and stayed with him when he died, and let himself be destroyed. Nakadai pointed out how ironic it was that now he finally wanted to live....