Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
The Bakuryu | Other People | The Evorian

65,000,000 years ago, when the meteorite that killed off the dinosaurs struck Earth... the shock of the impact split the Earth into two different dimensions. There is Dino Earth, and our own they call Another Earth. While our history went on the way it has, Dino Earth developed its own way of being. The dinosaurs evolved, became intelligent and wise. A humanoid species evolved, called the Dragon People. The paths of history meant that Dino Earth, too, was probably a violent world. At least they developed all manner of powerful technologies. A legendary suit of armor, for one. Various psychic powers, for another. A close and firm alliance with the Bakuryu. The Ride Raptors, a Velocoraptor-type, not as intelligent as the Bakuryu but very much more like horses or dogs. The four Bakuryu we first met are Tyrannosurus, Pteranadon, Triceratops and Bracchiosaurus. The fifth to join them was the Pachykeronagurusu, who is a cheerful young fellow. I've gotta look up the real names. Second, we got Dimenocodon, which they had a considerable difficulty retrieving because Jannu got to him first. The Parasarokkiru arrived from landing somewhere on the other side of the world. Stegosuraidon was hidden in the city and called out very carefully to a passing child to have himself delivered to the team. Then he went and joined Abarekiller.... And they got the Ankyrobeirusu. He, by the way, seems to have the personality of a particularly obnoxious five-year old but I'm sure he'll improve. The designs are pretty impressive, actually. Now also there is Styracosaurus.

The movie introduced two more Bakuryu. The Kasumoshiirudon (Cosmo Shield-0n?) and Karunoryuutasu (Carnoryutas?) who together formed Bakurenor.

Unfortunately, despite all this power and incredible gifts, Dino Earth fell to the Evorian. Arriving from space, these amoeboid beings took the planet. Took control of the government. Took everything. Even the bodies....

When we first met the Bakuryu, they looked like the above pictures. All yellowed out and pale, because they were under the control of the Evorian and could not free themselves unless they were bound to someone else. The control the Evorian had did not prevent the Bakuryu from hating every moment of it, nor from wanting to get free. But they could not free themselves, they had to have companion warriors to block the influence of the evil Evorians.

Bracchio was the only one not under Evorian control. That was because he was bonded with Asuka. His capsule broke when he arrived on Another Earth, and as soon as he recovered, he went searching for Asuka. He's the Carrier. On his armored body there are capsules for the other dinosaurs to reside in. He is huge, wise, and prone to spouting rousing poetic speeches when called for help. He hangs out at the bottom of the bay. When the Abaranger join their Bakuryu to form Abarenor, they enter through the head. These round orbs are the control panels for the bionic systems. Then they join together in the massive conjoined brain of the three. So far, Tyranno remains the body of the system, the others are the head armor and arms. The arms are interchangable. Abarenor can form without Ptera, but then its power is not at full.

Now, the Bakuryu are highly independent. For that matter, they are also highly opinionated and will go off half-cocked whenever they darned well please. They talk. A LOT. They talk to their companions through the bracelets, they talk to each other in a more normal method, as far as I can tell. They adore children, music, nature, and everything. They are extremely well-matched to their companions, though one may question poor Kera being bound to Yukito Sanjo, for Kera is a bit childish and sweet. Ptera gets along famously with Ranru. Tyranno is very pleased with Ryouga and particularly because this bond also netted him Mai, a small child to talk to and kindly counsel. Not to mention to play with. The Pachykeronagurusu is quite happy to be with Asuka, and Bracchio is not disturbed by sharing at all.