Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
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Home sweet home
This turned out to be Dezumozorlya's body, petrified after having eaten all the world gave.

Jannu, Rije

Jannu is Mahoro, Asuka's lover. Dezumozorlya captured Mahoro and brainwashed her with a certainly invented image of Asuka giving her up for dead and finding comfort in the arms of another woman. When she gave up, Dezumozorlya put his power into her body. Some time later, something they aren't being specific on, she gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl. That baby girl is Rije, and from very shortly after her birth, host for Dezumozorlya. And Mahoro, in the wake of the birth, threw away the remains of her past as Mahoro, and was completely distorted and recreated by Dezumozorlya as Jannu.

Dezumozorlya, I presume
The Petrified body of Dezumozorlya.

Dezumozorlya デズモゾーリャ is the god of the Evorian and this green plant-like lump is his heart of the building. However, we have these other ... er... people.

Voffa, Mikela, Gairuton (Gileton, or possibly guillotine)

The Barmia

The villains are エヴォリアン Evorian. Or I've seen it written Evolian.

Voffa (ヴォッファ) which is a musical creature (it's carrying a harp), who creates the giant Giganoids from musical compositions and like any composer hates to produce any score before it's ready. The purple is Mikera and he particularly despises human. He hates their art, their everything. He is an artist himself, a painter. He creates the Torinoid usually as creatures assembled from three different images. He, also, hates to produce any picture when the muse doesn't strike. And Gileton, who Jannu killed for his failure, proved to be a Dragon-man, too. He was once Mizuho, Mahoro's older brother. We haven't seen exactly what Dezumozorlya did to get control of him, but after Rije's birth he returned wearing the ancient armor of the Dragon People. Somehow he got it off of the mad Asuka. Jannu took the armor after she killed him. For a while she could not wear it for long, but eventually she got control of it. As for the faceless minions, they are apparently amoeba-critters. Called Barmia, Zoruru and Geruru types. They may be what were once Dragon People, for all I know.

The movie brought us the Evorian Garubuidei, who looked bizarre and wielded a blade made of that same green material as the ancient green blade. It also brought us the Torinoid Hanabinikibiinasu (Fireworks, Bikini, Venus).

Gileton aboard the Evorian fortress. With a handful of Barmia.

The Evorian Fortress ship, below, behind and above.

Rije's Pod

Life bulbs for Giganoid and Torinoid
Mikela's Palettean idea he rejected, wallet/darkgirl/pineappleOne of Voffa's compositions
Interior Shots

Jannu and her "Bakuryu" detector, which is the suit of armor in handheld form.

Giganoids and Torinoids

episode 3, Tori-noid Number 4, BakuDandeLion.
Episode 3, Tori-noid Number 4, BakuDandeLion
episode 4, Torinoid number 5 Hakkarasunaipaa
Episode 4, Torinoid number 5 Hakkarasunaipaa
episode 5, Giganoid number 1 Unmei (fate)
Episode 5, Giganoid number 1 Unmei (fate)
episode 6, Torinoid 6, ZakuroVacuum
Episode 6, Torinoid 6, ZakuroVacuum
Episode 9, Torinoid 8 Kinmokuseikamikakushi.
episode 10, Torinoid 9. Bancumasshurruum (Bankumushroom)
pisode 10, Torinoid 9. Bancumasshurruum (Bankumushroom)
episode 11, Torinoid 3. Tensaikikku's human face
Episode 11, Torinoid 3. Tensaikikku's human face
Episode 12, Giganoid 3, Tokei.
Episode 14, Giganoid Four, Fukkatsu (resurrection)
Episode 15, Torinoid Number 10. Sharkurumargaretto

Episode 18, Torinoid Number 12. Yatsudenwani
Episode 19, Giganoid Number 5. Shu (The Hunter)