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Asuka. One of the best soldiers in the Resistance. A dreamer, an idealist, a lover moved ever by emotion. He has had a rough life, though. Yet still his people pinned their hopes on him.

Mizuho and Mahoro, big brother and little sister. Best friends to Asuka, they grew up together, never quite aware that there was any other way to live than hiding in caverns from the Evorian. An ill-fated mission to attack the thing that drives the Evorian meant their capture, and the twisting of their minds until they were willing servants.

Mahoro was remade into Jannu. Mizuho became Gileton. And Mahoro's daughter, not even big enough to know she was pregnant when captured, became a repository for Dezumozorlya's consciousness. Rije. She is Asuka's daughter.

From the movie, Princess Freesia. Sort of. This is actually the evil villain, an Evorian, disguised as her.