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アバレブラック…阿部薫 (Kaoru Abe) Abareblack is Asuka, The Mysterious Warrior who has the Bracchiosaurus as his boon companion.

Asuka is a Dragon-man from the other Earth.

Once upon a time there was a thriving civilization on Dino Earth. Then Dezumozorlya awoke and his forces overran the planet, scouring the surface of every living thing. There was little left, even when Asuka was born among the hidden survivors. Asuka's best friends in his age-group were a brother and sister, Mizuho and Mahoro. On Mahoro, Asuka harbored a crush until they became adults and won each others' hearts. They pledged to each other as husband and wife the night before Mahoro and Mizuho left on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the seat of Evorian power. From that mission, neither returned. Asuka led a disasterous rescue mission, but his team was able to return alive. Everyone else had lost hope, but he went mad, refusing to believe his wife was dead. He determined to take a powerful weapon of their people, an ancient suit of black armor, and rescue her on his own.

What he did not know was that the suit could not be controlled. In fact, it controlled him. Whatever his intentions were, because he wore the suit he blindly attacked the nearest fighters. His own people. Somehow his battle took him out of their hidden caves. Somehow, out there he was waylaid by the Evorian, who were able to take the suit of armor. Asuka was left with no memory of the event.

Some time after that he was given the Attack Bandit Resistance Black suit and bonded with the mighty Bracchiosaurus. Eventually the rest of the Bakuryu and the Dino Braces were entrusted to him, though I'm not clear on whether or not that was because there was no one else left. His homeworld utterly lifeless, he went on a mission to save Another Earth from the same fate. Even as the Evorian forces were sent, he tried to get ahead of them. In the battle to get to the portal his Dino Harp, the key to unlocking the power of his Dino Commander, was broken. This left him unable to change into his armor to help fight, but he did his best and had his sweet behind trounced several times.

Asuka seemed to have an unfair advantage in the number of abilities he had. As a Dragon-man, he had psychic gifts. The bone spurs on his cheeks are a sensory pathway for his people. When they touch them together, they can see all the way into the depths of their souls. He could sense the Bakuryu, and use his magical blade to home in on their positions. I was never clear on what happened to this blade when he transformed, perhaps it became the Dino Thruster. This weapon seemed to be more of a very small javelin than a blade. A turn of the hilt could define the nature of the powerful attack used. He had four. Fire Inferno, Splash Inferno, Grand Inferno, and Storm Inferno (that's fire, water, earth and wind, if you can't guess which is which, I'll be surprised). Using those attacks, however, tended to drain Asuka so much he'd go into hibernation for about a week. The first time that happened the others weren't quite sure if he'd ever wake up.

When Asuka first encountered Jannu, he recognized her voice and then when he saw her face beside Mahoro's image, knew something more than a little funky was going on here. However, when Jannu forced contact with him and showed him her soul, there was nothing in there for him but an undying hatred. Forced to believe that Mahoro herself no longer existed, that her body was just a vessel for evil, Asuka did his best to fight her. Unfortunately, they'd both been misled. Jannu was Mahoro, soul twisted out of recognition by Dezumozorlya's possession and brain-washing. It took a mysterious spirit, a manifestation of Rije's true soul, to waken the memories of his possession by the Dark Armor and make him hope for Mahoro. Eventually he learned the truth, that Jannu was Mahoro. He believed if he could get the Dark Armor from her, she would be restored. So that is what he did. They battled nearly to the death aboard the Barugigenia. But in events beyond Asuka's control, Jannu's mind was starting to restore itself painfully. With him present, she was in a horrible inner battle to recover control of herself not as Mahoro, but as Jannu. His very presence, however, contradicted the brainwashing that Dezumorlya had done to her. He broke the armor from her and it took him. And so he spent nearly two months, possessed and controlled by the armor. He'd keep popping up, for the battles between the Evorian and the Abaranger drew him to them to fight. He was unable to affect and only barely conscious of what was happening. It was Doctor Mikoto Nakadai who broke Asuka free of the armor, with the unexpected result of his being unable to wear it. Asuka was free and battled Jannu again, only to have her touch his soul and show him hers. Mahoro was herself, sane and strong. She was again on her original mission: to infiltrate and report Evorian weaknesses. And he put his complete faith in his wife's ability to do that. Even the stunning revelation that Rije was their daughter never changed his way. Asuka and Mahoro had chosen each other, and in the end they were the survivors. They were able to return to Dino Earth to rebuild, accompanied by the entire Bakuryu group, and their restored baby daughter whom they named Mikoto, after Doctor Mikoto Nakadai.