Of Ryunosuke and Emiri
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Ryunosuke Sugishita is the proud owner of Dinosaur Curry Restaurant. The big old motorcycle with sidecar belongs to him, but he kindly lets the Abaranger have the use of it. He was almost Abareblue, but his body is too fragile to support the change. I would have liked to see that, though.

Emiri Imanaka gets involved with this, she's practically the godmother of the Abaranger. She, in fact, gave them their team name. She's a high school student, likes things like high heels. She wants to BE an Abaranger, she was almost Abareyellow, and puts all of her goals into that. All we really know about her home life is that she has a grand television she's put cute stickers all over the frame of. Pink is her favorite color. She would like to be Abare Pink. *smile* She's a loving person, and willing to help out at the restaurant and make it her second home. I wonder what Ryunosuke is paying these kids? I have no idea.

The centerpiece of the Dinosaur Restaurant is the huge table designed to look like a tyrannosaurus' skull, with a clear glass top. This is a gorgeous piece. It was, as the label says, released in 1952, the 27th of 100 such tables. I have no idea if these things actually exist. It seems quite possible. The typical dish of the restaurant is curry, next to rice with red ginger and two small, hard boiled eggs. With it is a salad and a cup of tea. Good stuff, I'm sure. It's making me hungry.

Down there we have a Nabe. It's not such a specific dish. Tons of yummy food in it, boiling and then the people sitting around the table scoop whatever they wish to eat into their bowls. There we see Mai and Ryunosuke sitting in front of the lovely tyrannosaurus stained glass wall-window. There we have the picture of hatching eggs that hangs above the counter. That other picture is a cobble together of the three paintings of dinosaurs spread along the walls.