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第41話 がんばれ! アバレファーザー
Gambare! Abare Faazaa.
Keep going! Abare Father!

Godzilla breathes a bolt at Mothra, who evades and a tower is fried instead. Mecha Gojira appears... oh, sorry. Commercial.

The sweet sound of Asuka's harmonica. He plays in the morning by the lake, and is interrupted by Ryouga, who has come to reassure him that Mahoro loves him so much, to have returned to the Evorian to save him. Asuka confirms that he will keep fighting.

And Mahoro, still pretending to have become Jannu again, comes ot Rije's pod. She wonders about Rijewel, and Rije, and what is her true form. She bends down to touch their pearls together, but Rijewel wakes and angrily slaps at her. Mahoro pays it no mind as the girl stalks away. She worries only about what will happen, how this war will end.

Christmas, and a stunned Asuka comes home to an attack of Christmas crackers by his enthusiastic friends. Ranru and Emi are dressed in light Santa suits. He marvels at the decorations and after a moment asks uncertainly, "What is Christmas?" They are shocked he doesn't know, but the three dinosaurs do and happily explain about it. They also explain about Santa Claus. Asuka believes it completely, but a serious element is incidently put in when Ranru says they'll return Jannu to him as a Christmas present.

And a man wanders around randomly handing out presents to people. The presents prove to be full of snakelike things, and the people are transformed into Barmia. Children react in shock, others flee their classroom when their classmates are transformed. And the numbers are coming out on the Dinosaur restaurant computer screen. The Abaranger race out to help, worried about Mai. Santa has come to her, but she tells him she isn't supposed to take presents from strangers. He counters that all her friends did. And since she didn't, he opens the present even as her friends are transformed. The snake winds around her and disappears, she wavers on her feet, eyes closing. But when Ryouga races over and grabs her, the Santa proves to be a Giganoid. They are about to fight, when our ghost appears and warns them that these Barmia are really innocent human beings, Mai's friends. In the end, they cannot fight. They can only take Mai back to the restaurant to try to help her. She lies unconscious while they take readings and Asuka tells them this virus is turning people into Barmia. Ryouga cries out in dismay as Mai's hand changes. They must stop this. Out race them all, but Asuka is left to guard the fort.

These new going ons interest Nakadai, who has Rijewel take him to Earth. And a laughing Mikela says that it's almost the end for Abarekiller. That Dezumozorlya is more than one, that when his asteroid hit Earth and split them, it split him as well, the massive cruel wars of the years were the result of his influence. And now the world is bathed in Barmia. Mahoro listens and steps forward to confirm what she's hearing. It seems that Dezumozorlya in Rijewel will bind with his self in... somewhere in Tokyo.

And the Abaranger are riding down their enemy, the Santa Torinoid. They prepare to fire on him, but he calls in the transformed Barmia. The Abaranger try to reach the human beings inside, but it is impossible. Mai wakes and turns her head to see the fighting. She is drenched in sweat as her body fights the cruel virus. But her uncle and the others are being beaten badly, and she whispers courage to them. And then her body glows golden. Her hand returns to normal, and she sits up, rather astonished that she's suddenly feeling fine. Asuka does a quick check. The virus is gone! And if that is possible... he races out the door while they stare after him in confusion.

The Abaranger cannot fight the Barmia, knowing these are really innocent people. Asuka arrives on the scene and tears towards the battle, while Ryouga frantically warms him those are people. But he starts grabbing and charging random Barmia with Dinoguts, yelling to the others that Mai-chan has recovered. But their efforts seem to fail. And at that point, Abarekiller arrives with Rijewel, to mock and she remarks that the world will become dark. Asuka is lassoed and shocked. But our heroes refuse to give up. They cannot expose Mahoro, and if we're lucky, Asuka won't accidently. For suddenly a crowd of enraged people arrive. They've come for their family and friends, calling their names with love and determination. The Barmia stop, startled, and then start writhing in confusion and pain. Furious, Nakadai blasts at the crowd. Asuka dives in front of them, blocking the blast. When they stop yelling, the Barmia freeze. Asuka calls on the people to reach theirs again, and as the Evorian watch in astonishment, the Barmia glow golden, and become human again. Everyone races into each others' arms. Nakadai, still more than a bit stunned, grumbles about what a disappointment this is. Rijewel takes him away, with a cold aside to the Torinoid to get it done. And he starts fighting, blasting our heroes, which enrages the crowd and they alll start yelling for the Abaranger. They glow, and their golden power reaches out to (annoyingly enough) only Ryouga. He becomes AbareMax, charged by them, and traps the Torinoid in his Max Field. The chosen venue this time is Christmas decorations, and they fight on ice, in falling snow, in the Aurora. It's very beautiful, something the Torinoid cannot appreciate as it's completely destroyed. Ryouga stares dazedly at the cheering crowd. But the Torinoid goes giant. Wihtout being caled, Styracosaurus comes. The three board it and form Max Oja. Fight, blast, etc etc well, you know the drill. He attacks with a bag of presents er... cords, binds Max and drags it into the bag, making it into a present. Asuka tears over and calls Bracchio, after yelling that the Torinoid shouldn't forget about him. He leaps aboard Bracchio's head, and sends out a whipcord of power that slices up the Christmas bag and releases the others. They call in the secondary dinosaurs, and form Max Ryu Oh. The Torinoid is destroyed again.

The battle is over, they stand together and talk about everyone having Dinoguts. Asuka confirms, himself and Mahoro. And now, Ryouga points out, it's time to go home and have a Christmas party. Sanjo darts off, Ryouga yells to wait up and they all race hom.

There is a present lying there for Abarekiller, who has returned with Rijewel. Mikela and Voffa watch anxiously from hiding, excited at the prospect of him opening it. He lifts it and looks rather bewildered. Rijewel grabs it, snarls "It must be from Jannu!" and tosses it away. It opens, the cord comes out and winds around him, disappearing inside him. He's a bit puzzled. But it seems to have no effect! Mahoro remembers when Nakadai had touched her the first time they met and caused a spark of pain. And she realizes that this man is the one. The place in which Dezumorlya's other half resides. And he does not know it.


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第42話 アバレキッドに潜みしもの
Abarekiddo ni Hisomishimono
That Thing Hidden in the Abare Kid

A rural town in the mountains. Steep hillsides down to roads with strong guardrails. Men in black jogging across the finely paved roads. They are high up, clouds float in between the mountains beyond them. One man in black is of African ancestry. He snaps a quick photo of the goings ons. They all wear dark glasses. The other two are Caucasian, one takes notes in a dark green book. The other asks an elderly woman if she knows Mikoto Nakadai. Her answer seems to be affirmative. The men sort of loop around a paved trail down the hillside. They are asking other people. The African-something ranges ahead, snapping photo after photo when he suddenly sees something and calls the others. "I found a beach, guys!" he flicks a summoning wave. They head for him. They dash through the woods.

Dino Earth, and some effort has been gone to in an effort to provide a good meal. There is a bowl of blue soup, with something vaguely lizardish inside. There is another bowl of dry Oden, which is of course not the way it's meant to be served. Mikela seems to be responsible, and he asks the doubtful pair what they think. Nakadai takes the plate of sandwiches and gives it a dubious sniff. "It smells terrible," he comments coolly. Mikela is about to try something else when Nakadai reaches for his wand, causing him to snarl in affront. But Rijewel is getting tired of all this. She starts to berate Mikela for not showing proper respect for her Mikoto, when suddenly the man in question gasps in pain, doubling over. His face is a strange color. Through the pain, he asks her to send him back, even saying please. She kisses his fingers and the moment he vanishes snarls at Mikela, "This is all your fault!" Mikela splutters, but Rijewel retreats to her capsule, too frustrated. Mikela and Voffa discuss in whispers the fact that not only do they have Another Earth, but there is Another Dezumozorlya. Voffa is shocked, and Mikela reminds him of what happened when their surprise present jumped up and coiled around Abarekiller's shoulders, only to fall to the ground as a Barmia staff. He brings up the asteroid which had split the Earth and brought the seeds of Dezumozorlya there. Mikela suggests that Another Dezumozorlya may be inside "that man". Voffa seems to find it all a bit far-fetched. "So you mean that guy is really Another Dezumozorlya?" Jannu, eh-heh, is walking by and she stops to listen. Mikela answers, "No, no. But I bet the seeds of him are inside the man." Voffa can accept this, and the two get very excited. So Jannu comes up to ask for more explanation. Mikela gladly clarifies, which makes her think of Rije.

Nakadai's home by the mountain-lake beach, and a large dartboard. Held by Yatsudenwani who is trying to encourage his boss. "Here, Mikoto, the dartboard is here! Hit the dartboard, NOT the crocodile, please!" Makoto bares his teeth and tosses a dart viciously. It hits Yatsudenwani square in the nose. But he's got at least two others sticking out of him. "Owie!" he whines. "Just hold still, you!" growls Nakadai. He's a little ragged, and he grits his teeth, eyes blazing with determination, and aims another dart. This one gets Yatsudenwani in the lower lip. He can no longer hold still and weaves back and forth trying to avoid the darts Nakadai lets fly. When the last one is gone, Nakadai leans heavily on the glass table. Yatsudenwani dramatically falls and plays wounded on the floor. Nakadai's breath whistles in his throat, a fine sheen of sweat on his face. And then a strong, stern voice comes through his changer. "Human," says Top Galer, "It's not going to go well when you use the Bracelet again." Nakadai clamps his fingers over the traitorous voice.

Hidden deep in their cave, Top Galer and Stegos talk worriedly about their chosen human companion. Top Galer says it'll only take two or three changes, and then Nakadai will blow. So what should they do? worries Stegos. But Top Galer seems to think they can't stop him. Stegos, though, is feeling an urge to.

A single egg frying in the pan. We see that the cook is Mai, standing on a small stool. She is being watched by everyone. Ryunosuke has a particularly proud expression on his face. Asuka peers over the others' shoulders and asks them what Mai is doing. It seems she's adding something to the Dinosaur Menu. She tells them not to worry, and that Ryo should be the first to try her cooking. He's very pleased, but then smoke rises and Sanjo warns, "Hey, the frying pan!" For Mai's brief turn had cost her. The egg is yellow yolk and blackened edges. Ryunosuke gently reproves her for not paying attention. She is chagringed, lower lip trembling. "I'm sorry," she whispers. Emi is quick to reassure her. "You keep practicing and soon you'll be great!" Extremely miserable, Mai counters "But I'm a failure." Ryo, hearing this, looks stricken. Mai takes the child's shoulders and tells her firmly, "You just need practice. No one can do it right the very first time." Ryunosuke cheerfully adds his voice, "Yup, you children have a long future ahead of you to get things right!" The others are heartened, but Mai? We don't know, for a thin dinosaur call cuts the air. It is from Sanjo's wrist and he starts, "What is it, Kera - STEGOSRAIDON!" For of course that is who is calling, whose icon-face is one his bracelet. Who says mournfully, pleadingly, "Yukito, I have to talk to you about something really important." Ranru gasps, "He's run away from Abarekiller!" He counters, "No, it's not that." Straining to speak what he wants he tells them that he wants um... them to not be fighting Killer again? Or something like that. A bit peeved, Sanjo says furiously, "What are you trying to pull?" Ranru turns to the others. "Right now he's the Evorian Boss. We can't let him go." "But..!" Stegos protests, "But if he uses that bracelet to change again...!" Asuka swallows a breath. They all know the cost. And after all their effort, the whole city could be taken out in the explosion.

The rocky beach. The four Abaranger run along it and Sanjo calls "Stego!" He has come out to meet them, towering over the rocks, beautiful. He tells them Nakadai's ill, that they mustn't fight him. "I know how you're feeling," Sanjo answers, but this isn't good enough. And then Top Galer's call reverberates through the air. He is swooping down towards them and they anticipate attack. They think Stegos laid a trap for them, and he protests. But Nakadai is riding Top Galer's head. He'd been warned by his companion. He leaps down, wanting to change to fight them. Ryouga responds by pleading with him not to use the Dino Minder, because all too soon it will kill him. "It's making you sick!" calls Sanjo. But he doesn't care. And this will be the greatest game of all. He calls for change. But when he changes, he is hit by agony. The others call his name, still caring even after all that has happened. As he is driven to his knees by the agony, Ryouga pleads with him to stop. But it's over, and he's in control and able to slash among them. He takes them all down, but for Stegos' sake, they're going to keep fighting, and try to take the Dino Minder from him. They stagger to their feet, change into their armor and he tells them happily he wants to fight. He joins with Top Galer and they swoop down and grab up the protesting Stego. He cannot stop them from forming with him. Our heroes pour their power into Ryouga, who then calls Styraco and the three board, charging their posts. Max Oja. And Asuka calls Bracchio, who brings out the other spare dinosaurs to bond with the mighty form. They are determined to get Stegos back, the Anklyo protests that he's sleepy, and the others all shout at him. MaxRyuo punches down Killeror, and when Nakadai snarls into his bracelet, Top Galer tells him they don't have the power. He realizes Stegos is not working with them and shouts to that one. When Stegos protests that he's worried about Nakadai's physical deterioration, Nakadai practically throws a hissy-fit and yells at him. Back on their feet, he calls of the Death Combination Fire. But the blast doesn't hit fully and doesn't even phase them. He calls for the Killer Strike, which does slightly stagger the others back. They counter with a dreadful blast. When he snarls at his two companions in fury, Top Galer tells him that as he's getting weak, so are they. And they are blasted apart impressively, both mighty dinosaurs fallen in the hills.

They find Abarekiller fallen on the beach. He is fighting his own weakness. Ryouga demands the bracelet, but Nakadai snarls that they haven't beaten him, only the dinosaurs. He staggers to his pair, telling them to go with him. But then they cry mournfully and he utters Stegos' name in disbelief. Top Galer flies away. And he knows the other won't stay with him. In frustration, he staggers on, then vanishes in a rise of golden light.

Bracchio is glad to welcome Stegos back. "So you've woken up at last," he tells him warmly. Stegos begins to weep, for this welcome is everything he needs.

A voice behind them suddenly calls "Sanjo-san!" The three men in black tear across the beach to our somewhat surprised heroes. They've found it, they tell him. He salutes them, though Ranru is shocked to see them again. They carry a briefcase.

Nakadai has returned to Dino Earth, and Rijewel welcomes him gladly. When she runs to cuddle against him, he pushes her away. Mikela and Voffa tell him it was the fault of those weakling Bakuryu. He puts his hands on his hips and tells them he's not beaten yet. "I just have to get more powerful." And little smirks appear on what seems to be the two Evorian's faces. Voffa says happily, "Well you know I can make a really powerful new Giganoid." Mikela is swift to propose his talents, while Rijewel eyes them with bewildered confusion. Their enthusiasm amuses Nakadai, who brightens up at the thought. "Nice service." "Yes, come look at the Giganoid Stage!" Voffa says. And Rijewel takes Nakadai's arm, recognizing his storm of temper has passed. "Let's go see!" Voffa and Mikela are both smug, thinking they've fooled Abarekiller about their true purpose. Then he calls them and they trail after him. Jannu/Mahoro watches them go.

And in Nakadai's house, Yatsudenwani is vacuuming, singing an ode to Ranru. He dances gracefully, laughing at his own abilities. Then suddenly his phone rings and he answers it, only to find Jannu on the line. She has an assignment for him involving Abarekiller and Dezumozorlya. He takes the job gladly, drooling.

The three foreigners are seated in the raised dining area, eating and breath out "Delicious," which pleases Ryunosuke no end. Then he turns to the others and asks "You mean these guys have been doing nothing but researching about Mikoto Nakadai?" They sit at the skull-table, papers, photos and everything spread out around them. Yes, Sanjo's had them on this this whole time. They've pinpointed Nakadai's hometown, even have pictures of him as a child. Grade School, and his class is gathered around their teacher, grinning for the camera, but he stands aloof of them, hands behind his back. Even as a child the fast runner, the smartest kid. There seemed to be nothing he couldn't do.

Mai is trying her hand at cooking again, Rije's ghost watching with her, and she comments that she wishes she could be a little like that. "It would be nice if I could do everything right the first time." The ghost nods and then points out, "But you'd be so bored." Nakadai had gone from third year grade school (when he was ten) straight into college. But what had happened to him? But Ryunosuke surely hits the nail on the head. "He must have been so lonely. No one understood him. Not adults, and not the kids his age." A faint understanding of how it might be to be able to do everything as a child. Mai is cooking, she's got three eggs and it looks like she'll make it this time. He is in their thoughts, but then the alarm goes off. A Giganoid!

They race out to an abandoned area to find that Nakadai has come out with a new Giganoid. And to stop it, they'll have to kill him. He snaps his fingers, and out walks an enormous green Giganoid. his is Killer Giganoid, created form all the data they gathed on the Bakuryu. And he fires an arrow which destroys a towering office building. So our heroes call their primary companions, and Sanjo calls out Stegos to help them, and he comes willingly. Far below them, Yatsudenwani watches the fight with amusement on his mission for Jannu. Asuka summons the ocean and our heroes surf in, but their attack is countered by the Giganoid's in a move that surprises and confuses Nakadai. And then at the bidding of Voffa, Killer Giganoid swings its gaze down and catches Nakadai in a fall of red light. He cries out in shock. While he shouts protests, he is drawn inside the Giganoid. And then it vanishes. The Abaranger stare in shock.

Yatsudenwani is jumping for joy. "He did it, he did it! Goodbye, Abare Killer!" but his gloating is cut off when his phone rings. He hastens to answer it. A startled Ranru hears his voice, and they all turn around to see his tail sticking out from the cover he's taken. Ranru leads the others and they find him. She pries his hands off of his eyes. "Oh, um, it's you!" he tries to sound casual. "What are you doing here?" Sanjo demands. He is quick. "Oh, oh Ranru, why did you find me so quick?" he diverts, "It's because you love me!" Ranru nearly groans.

He hadn't answered her call, and Jannu hangs up the phone. "Asuka and the others will find out," she tells herself, very pleased. For that was what this was about, getting Yatsudenwani to them, where he would spill the beans in his nervousness. Behind her, Voffa and Mikela are elated and shouting for joy. She turns. Rijewel, however, kicks at them. "What've you done to Mikoto?" she pouts.

"Oh, that tickles!" chuckles Yatsudenwani. For some reason, Ranru is designated to either clean him, or tickle the truth out of him. Mai sits in Ryouga's lap and they all watch this in mute fascination. "He's so CUTE!" delights Mai. Ranru's finished, and boy are her legs tired. She keeps working at it when it becomes apparent that he isn't going to talk. Finally, Sanjo gets up and tells her to back off *uh-oh!* "I always wanted to find out how a Torinoid's body works," he comments, squatting down. The implied threat of his hands wrapping around Yatsudenwani's muzzle does the job. "Okay, okay. They're going to revive Lord Dezumozorlya." "What?!" "They're going to use Mikoto Nakadai's body." At that, they all gasp and straighten up in flesh-crawling horror.

Out in the woods stands a strange, bright green plant. Above it stands Killer Giganoid. And inside the Giganoid lies an unconscious Nakadai, vines twining around his wrists and ankles. "And when they do that, it'll be the end of Another Earth. Nyah!" Yatsudenwani finishes.

第43話 アバレキラーは不滅!? Abarekiller wa Fumetsu!? Abarekiller is Immortal?!
Nakadai is up and moving. Or rather... for his forehead is marred by the mark of Dezumozorlya's possession. Before that, however, he laughs in the prison they hold him in. And Rije's ghost is involved. Rijewel arrives, looking rather distressed. Our trio gets inside of the Giganoid. Nakadai finds that his movements are the Giganoid's movements. Sanjo and Ranru try to reason with him from below. Our heroes fight the Barmia, and in Abarenor with assorted attachments, the Giganoid which has gotten all interesting-spiked. Top Galer joins the battle on our heroes' side.

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第43話 アバレキラーは不滅!?
Abarekiller wa Fumetsu!?
Abarekiller is Immortal?!

In our last episode: StegosRideon finally returned to the fold of the good guys. A new, powerful green Giganoid came with Nakadai to Another Earth, and took him inside itself after knocking our heroes for a loop. Yatsudenwani, under threat of torture, revealed that the Evorian are trying to revive Dezumozorlya, and are going to use Mikoto Nakadai's body for the purpose. That would be the end of Another Earth.

This episode "That'll be the end..." echoes Ranru, troubled. Ryouga peers back over his shoulder. "Asuka, what is Dezumozorlya?" Looking miserable, Asuka says "I really don't know." But the ghost-girl answers softly, "God of the Evorian." Yatsudenwani is impressed that she knows. And she knows more, that Dezumozorlya is the ultimate. When she had first woken, she learned his purpose. And Sanjo remembers how the Santa-Torinoid had turned all of those people into Barmia. The girl clarifies that he would turn every human being in the world into Barmia. His arms and legs. France. The Great Wall of China. Barmia everywhere and the Killer Giganoid standing , towering over the Statue of Liberty. Near frantic with confusion, Asuka asks why would they use Nakadai. Innocent of his own use, Yatsudenwani replies that Jannu had told him. That there is another Dezumozorlya here. Then he yelps, "Oh, I said it again," and claps his own jaws shut. Struck with shock Ryouga says, "Dezumozorlya is inside Doctor Nakadai?!"

In the woods grows a very strange plant, oddly... unearthly... Branches point down towards the ground, ends like white fingers. Killer Giganoid stands staring down. And inside it lies the unconscious Nakadai. He's thoroughly twined into the Giganoid's heart. And we hear Mikela and Voffa discussing what will happen. They are, in fact, explaining what's happening to Rijewel. She gets up from the throne and asks them accusingly, "Did Mikoto know about this?" "Of course not!" she is told. "Then stop it. Cancel!" She waves her arms in a firm, negative gesture. Jannu watches this quietly. Voffa tries to reason with Rijewel, explaining that this is the day when Dezumozorlya will be restored. "And that guy'll become a splendid Evorian, just like you!" he reassures her. Oooh. "Then I and Mikoto will finally be united!" she says softly, her eyes worried. She looks down and says miserably, "But...." Jannu watches her, gentle pity that can never be shown this child in an adult body. Mikela is trying to reassure her. Telling her the Dino Guts in Nakadai which are interfering will be finally wiped out. Dezumozorly will be restored! He and Voffa join hands and weep for joy. But this doesn't seem to make her feel better.

Another Earth, Dinosaur Restaurant. Yatsudenwani is asleep, snoring cutely. Mai is stirring a pot of sauce sitting on a small burner. Ryunosuke watches over her, grinning. The others are at the computer screen, trying to locate Nakadai. They can't find anything on the Giganoid. The little ghost, corporeal these days, goes to pick up the notes they'd left on the table. But the papers slip and she bends down to collect the ones that have fallen. "I'm sorry!" she says to the others. "It's all right," Ryouga answers her and comes to help with the photos. But as they're picking those up, the girl takes one and stares at in in amazement. The mysterious plant in the woods. A thick, green vine winds up a tree behind it. "This is..." she starts and Ryouga says, "These pictures are of the place Nakadai grew up." But she does not respond, and he reaches for the photo she's gazing at, looks at the strange plant. "Funky tree, eh?" he says gently. "I... have seen something just like that." Senses on alert, they all look to her and she raises her gaze as she explains. "When I was where Rije and the others are." When Rije's body began growing and she was ejected from it. Behind them had been a plant-like thing limmed in green light, with branches ending in clowing golden globules. Asuka hurries over. "You've seen the Evorian home!" He shakes her by the shoulders. "Why, what were you doing there?!" Sanjo lays a hand on his shoulder to stop him. The important thing, Ryouga points out, is that they go check out this plant. "But what about the revivification?" Emi asks anxiously. But they've fixed on this, as a likely thing. Out Ranru and Sanjo race. Ryouga pauses long enough to tell Mai "Hey Mai-chan, today we'll be tasting your new menu, yay!" He grins broadly. She gives him her laughter, trust and joy. "I can make it great, you get going!"

In the woods, they find the strange plant and run over to it. But it does nothing and they are nonplussed. Then they hear a noise. Somehow they hadn't noticed until now the Giganoid towering over them. And they know Nakadai is in there. The Barmia come now, there to fight our heroes. Punch, change into armor, fight, fight, blah. You know the drill.

Inside the Giganoid, something glows brightly. The glow disturbs Nakadai and he winces his way awake. Inside the glow is a laughing Mikela. Nakadai finds himself staring at a square communications window. "Mikela, where am I?" he demands. "Oh, in the midst of immortality. You're giving immortality!" "What?" wonders Nakadai. He finally notices how he's twined down. He flexes his hand and the Giganoid follows suit. When he raises his arms, it raises its arms. "Oh... now this is GOOD!" he smirks.

They fight the Barmia. Fortunately they have the attention span to notice when the Giganoid sweeps its long blade down at them, and avoid the strike. Hiding behind a tree with the others Ryouga cups his hand and shouts, "Doctor Nakadai, can you hear me?!" The response is smug with victory. "I'm in here. And I'm the most powerful of all." This sets Sanjo fuming. "You have to get out of there!" Ranru adds, "They're gonna make you into Dezumozorlya!" At that, Nakadai snorts a laugh. He doesn't believe them, and there is no choice as always. They call for Bracchio and bring out Abarenor. Nakadai fires a blast at them, which gets them pretty good, and then laughs. And he tells them the game starts now. But then there is a strange, deep sound. He turns to look, startled. Far below him the plant begins to transform into a purple light which reaches up and engulfs Killer Giganoid. And the Giganoid becomes the green plant we've seen inside the fortress of Dino Earth. From below, Asuka gasps that the tree's become gigantic, why? he wonders. Suddenly two of the orange glowing globules break off and fly towards Abarenor. They reshape on other side of the mecha. Two new Giganoids standthere, one red and the other grey like dead tree trunks. Back on Dino Earth, Voffa nearly screams with joy. And the Dezumozorlya there is pulsing bright green light. But here, Ryunosuke and Emi are taking in the new data, fretting about the making of Giganoid and Torinoid alike. Emi is afraid they won't be able to fix this.

Near the snoring Yatsudenwani, Rije's ghost speaks to Mai. "You aren't afraid?" she seems to be asking. Mai confirms she isn't. She believes in Ryouga, and she'll keep making tonight's meal. But the new Dezumozorlya is reaching out, the ground and streets crack. The two Giganoid keep Abarenor between them to blast. Our heroes are staggered. Asuka is about to join the fight when he hears a familiar voice in the skies. Top Galer is flying in. He attacks the Giganoid. "You've come to help?" asks Stegos. Top Galer replies grimly, "I can't leave that human to you." The other four still inside Bracchio discuss this in amazement. "He still believes in Killer?" "And he's a really strong Bakuryu. Too strong." But it seems they don't know what he's up to. He attacks the one Giganoid again, allowing Abarenor to fight the other. And Asuka calls Stegos for help. He boards Stegos and calls Top Galer, who sounds pleased as he comes in announcing this is kind of fun. They form Killeror. Bracchio happily cheers them on, and everyone welcomes him to the fight. They get off a blast at the new Dezumozorlya, damaging its hide, and Asuka sends the others inside through the hole thus created. He fights to hold off the two Giganoid alone. He calls Aklyo and Para to join him, and they do quite well for a time with those two as arms. They destroy the black Giganoid and the red one is pissed.

But Emi and Ryunosuke are watching Dezu's energy crackle out through all of Japan. The ground quakes beneath them. In a white apartment, a family is disturbed at their meal. The floor suddenly tears open and lively roots reach out for them. The mother grabs her daughter as they all dive for cover calling "HELP!" Libraries, schools, whatever, the road. Voffa and Mikela are utterly overjoyed. The two women stand near them, both silent and contemplative. Jannu finally turns and says ever so gently, "Rijewel, are you sure this is good?" Rije, steaming, at last has an outlet for her confused anger. "You're not my mother! Stop playing, you middle-aged lady!"

Inside the strange body, the three Abaranger wander. Ryouga calls, "Where are you? Doctor Nakadai!!" He leads them through a maze of purple walls covered in green veins. And they find the heart, where a perfectly calm Nakadai sits with his arms and legs still bound by green vines. "What are you guys doing?" he wonders. Ryouga tries to warn him, grabbing his shoulders and explaining half incoherently about Jannu. And suddenly Nakadai's pupils glow hellish green. The glow fades, and a powerful black and blue symbol appears on his forehead. Ryouga has a chance to gasp, but then Nakadai tells him he is immortal, and shoves Ryouga away. And as he stands and speaks to them of not forgiving, his voice changes and becomes warped. He reaches out and blasts them with green lightning, then bashes them hither and yon.

Getting bashed, Asuka calls for some of the others and they form yet a stronger version. Dezumozorlya laughs at the fallen three. They decide to Max Ryouga, worrying about what'll happen to Nakadai but Ryouga fights, is shocked out of his armor and still manages to pin the other (Dezu is not as good at this hand-to-hand). Ryouga screams "Doctor Nakadai, you're a fool!" Almost weeping he adds, "But I have to save the world even if I can't help you! You are a total idiot!!!" Being called that breaks through, for this is a very new experience for Nakadai. Uncertainly, his voice it's normal self he says, "Me? Why?" Ryouga chokes out, "Doctor Nakadai..." But the relief is short lived, for Dezu siezes control again and shoves him away. Snarling, he gets up to fight, and then suddenly falls down. Nakadai again... looking glazed and as innocent as a child. "What's happening to me, inside me?" he wonders, touching his chest tentatively. Ryouga answers him quickly, "It's Dezumozorlya there." Eyes wide and half-empty Nakadai asks why. Getting to his feet, the others beside him, Ryouga tries to explain. "All this time you thought you wanted power for yourself, but it wasn't you at all. It was Dezumozorlya, all along!" Favoring his shoulder, half-sobbing, Ryouga adds, "This isn't your game." Nakadai stares in shock and starts to shake his head. "That's stupid... it's...." But the truth is written in Ryouga's compassionate gaze. And then a very unexpected voice says, "Mikoto..." It is Rijewel, stepping out of the shadows to look at him with the same strange empathy. "What he says is all true." And the mark on his forehead glows green, then snuffs out.

On Dino Earth, Jannu watches this with a proud smile. A stunned Voffa wheedles at her, "Why did Rijewel do that!" But Jannu just walks away from him without responding. "But there's no more time!" protests Mikela. "Rijewel, what are you doing?"

People are being twined in the brown tendrils from Dezu. Beside them, new plants grow, sucked from their lives. Young and green. Asuka's formation is blasted hard enough to knock the dinosaurs apart from each other, Top Galer takes to the air. And Rijewel continues to explain everything, about how Mikela and Voffa were trying to destroy him, to turn him into Dezu. But as he is starting to stiffen she grabs his arms and tells him that she doesn't want that to happen. She doesn't want him to be someone else walking in his body, she likes the real him. And he starts a low, mad laughter. "Oh, I've been such a fool. They USED me!" And in a fury he gets ready to change. Ryouga calls to him in panic, but he snarls the command and the armor forms around him in a haze of green light. He is Killer, and being horribly shocked. Rijewel calls his name, but he channels his power golden and bright, calling on the Dino Guts that are his heritage, he blasts them all out of the new Dezu. Asuka greets them with relief. The others call joy from the restaurant. Yatsudenwani wakes briefly, but Mai and Rije's ghost laugh with joy. Mai calls encouragement. And our heroes destroy the red Giganoid. The tall new Dezu turns brown and rots to dust, the little Dezus give up their power.... I'm disappointed. Everyone is able to free themselves from the tentacles. And Mikela faints, he is so upset. But Voffa is out for blood. He sets Killer Giganoid against the others, firing at Top Galer, who swoops in, but pinned by Abarenor. Ryouga calls out to Nakadai aboard Top Galer, asking him to help, to protect the world for people and not just as a way to become more powerful. He isn't particularly refusing, but he cocks his head and when they call Styraco and ask Asuka to join them, the whole group comes together to fight, all aboard together. Emi throws a small hissy-fit about not being in there with them. Asuka is even aboard and Ranru comments that this feels a bit odd. Nakadai probably agrees with her. But Ryouga is ecstatic and they will show off their Dino Guts. Riding in to attack down Bracchio's neck, they throw cutter after cutter and finally destroy the Giganoid. Nakadai snorts while the others are delighting. They've stopped Dezumozorlya, Rije's ghost tells them. And Mai has Yatsudenwani try the food she's made. He proclaims it delicious. She's very pleased, but he protests when she walks away with the rest of it. She declares that her new dish for the menu is AbareCurry. With what might be cheese in the center three pronged, five fried eggs in heart-shapes on a bed of yellow rice, um... cauliflower, asparagus and carrot slices sitting in the thick curry sauce... gosh I'm getting hungry just looking at it!

A bridge in the mountains, and a man in white walks along it. A more colorful group trails behind him. "Doctor Nakadai!" calls Ryouga. "Where are you going?" And Sanjo adds coolly, "Dezumozorlya is still inside you. It's not over." Nakadai stops then. After a moment he says simply, "I'm going to find something of my own to fight for." Then he turns and looks back over his shoulder at them. "I'm not going to fight for Dezumozorlya's reasons." He turns all the way around and starts a small list for them. Distressed, Ranru asks "Are you still playing a game?" He smirks briefly at the question. "Oh, the next game... is not about you guys." He turns and starts walking stubbornly away but touches his chest and says grimly, "It's about what's in here." They watch him walk away, uncertain.

On Dino Earth, Rijewel stands looking taut and white. Voffa and Mikela come over to her, Voffa furious. Mikela asks hopefully, "So Abare Killer won't be coming around again?" "SHUT UP!" she screams at them. "It's fine. It's all right!!" And then she's hit by a brief pain. And then overwhelmed, her eyes glow green and then her body. Dezumozorly turns her to the pair to tell them there's still another. It's not over yet. Jannu gasps, "Dezumozorlya!" And he tells them two will become one. On the distant golden Dino Earth, where nothing remains alive but them, as far as we know.

第44話 サラリーマンはアバレ仕掛けの夢を見るか?Sarariiman ha AbareJikake no Yume wo Miruka? Is the Abare all a Salaryman's dream?
Ranru, Ryunosuke, Asuka... In an office with a poster on the wall that looks like a deformed dinosaur footprint. All different.... Ptera's face appears on her wrist saying her name uncertainly. Asuka looks like a nerd, beggin gher. As if they're all in a dream? They seem to see themselves, and they try as a group to change. Ryouga sleeps at his desk. Yatsudenwani stands with the four Abaranger. Ryunosuke is the fierce, angry office boss having a fit at one young employee, Asuka. Emi is a chiropractor working on an agonized Sanjo's back. Asuka gets a shock. Mahoro/Jannu appears as an innocent woman. Someone pats Ryouga awake. A smiling man with a sign or delivery? And the four are in armor, with the Dino Bomber out to fire.

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第44話 サラリーマンはアバレ仕掛けの夢を見るか?
Sarariiman ha AbareJikake no Yume wo Miruka

Roaring through the skies is their combination with Top Galer. All five of them in the cockpit, riding down Bracchio's back to destroy the Killer Giganoid. Yay!

A young man dozes facedown on reports. It is Ryouga, and he mutters in his sleep, face relaxed in a contented smile. An angry voice snarls, "Wake up, Hakua!!" Ryouga stirs awake and we see the man snarling has Ryunosuke's face, yet he is in a black and white suit, sharply clean and professional. And Ryouga realizes he's woken from a dream, while his furious boss berates him. His name is actually Ryousuke. Ryousuke tries to defuse the anger and gets yawning back to work, while he introduces himself in a voice over. Ranru arrives on the scene, an office lady in pale green skirt bringing him affectionate coffee. She settles at her computer while he describes her, her name is really Ranko. And beside her is Sanjo, picking up the phones she's too busy to answer. And who arrives now but an overeager young salaryman, looking to be Asuka. He's brought something for Yukio (Yukito Sanjo) to check, and Ryouga is distracted again, drawing on the paper he probably should be working on instead.

He has dreams that he is a hero in another world, and has another name. He is Ryouga carrying Mai on his back down the stairs that first night the dinosaurs arrived and menaced Tokyo. He is not alone, fights by the side of his office buddies, whose names are also slightly altered. It is a glorious dream he loves having very much. And then there is the perplexion of the evil hero (contradictory, yes?) Nakadai. The one who mocked them. And Ryosuke never really understood why he was their enemy in the dream. Why he'd hurt them so much. Until he had to face him as Abare Max, and nearly killed him. He has these dreams every week. He sits back, having completed a sketch of Tyranno's head. But a furious voice scolds and he is frightened, until he realizes it is only Atsuya glowering down at him, then he is only annoyed. Atsuya hands off the picture to Yukio, who laughs and teases Ryosuke about being a kindergartner at heart. Ryosuke takes it well, though. He tells them it's from his dream and they listen indulgently until all dash off in different directions. And then he hears a strange sound, the distant voice of the dinosaur roaring. He listens, puzzled.

Yukito is heading off, uttering a snort and sneering lightly at Hakua's strange fancies. Something catches his eye before he can leave the building. Perhaps a new business in the building. It offers massages on a green and white sign. He wonders when this opened. Intrigued, he signs up. The face is Emi-pon, and the young woman announces that he's her first customer. Settled out on the massage table, he reacts nervously to that news. She gets to work, and tells him he's really stiff. She climbs on his back and the sudden agony from her working makes him pass out.

He dreams of driving a racing car, he's dreamed this before. Watching himself change into blue armor, and he is Yukito in this dream, fighting something called Evorian. Giant ships blasting the world and he is not alone in this battle. There are dinosaurs and companions. And a lovely young child in white, Rije, who sends the Torinoid and Giganoid to Earth, and who became Rijewel.

He is woken by the masseuse, who tells him kindly the massage is finished. He thanks her half-uncertainly, and the distant voice of a dinosaur sounds in his ears.

Ranko stands by the river, waiting. She remembers her dreams, same every week. Bloody and battered she switches into armor, she is Ranru, Abare Yellow. Super-tech, calm and cool. Her companion, Ptera and their friends, the other Bakuryu who come to help at need. The sense of victory. She chuckles at the dream. Then a hand taps her shoulder and she turns. The lovely lady who stands behind her wears the face of Mahoro/Jannu, and asks her gently what's up. They tease each other affectionately and then hear Atsuya calling, he comes jogging up, but at the sight of the young woman standing with Ranko, seems to go into a sort of shock. Then he stutters and asks for an introduction. Ranko introduces the woman as Mihoro, her senior. The pair chuckle shyly at each other, then Mihoro runs off. Atsuya stares after her, expression bewildered and struggling. Ranko asks him what's up, if he's feeling ill. Then he falls to his knees in front of her and begs her to forgive him, he's fallen for another woman. "WHAT?!" she gasps and he cringes back. "It was in my dream," he whimpers. "Your dream?" she repeats and he confirms. The same dream he always has of him being a hero called Abare Black, named Asuka. Companion to Bracchio, he fights with fire, quake, and loves Mahoro who looks just like Mihoro, engaged to her and knowing nothing else. How they'd fought the Evorian on Dino Earth and he found Mahoro, changed into Jannu and nothing of her love for him left. But she'd proven to be Mahoro for real and he'd fought to the end to save her from the madness. Destroying an entire ship. He apologizes to Ranko for his dream, but she asks "You also had that dream?" And then they start hearing the voices of the dinosaurs again and stutter uncertainly together.

The four lie under light pink blankets in the dinosaur restaurant. Ryunosuke, Emi and Mai lean over them with concern. Bracchio explains through the bracelets that they are trapped in a dream-world and can't escape. The others are equally worried. Mai begs Ryoga to wake. They all call to the group.

So many dream memories, pushed on the voice of Tyranno calling Ryouga's name. Forming without Ranru to fight the remade dinosaur skeleton. The time-machine Giganoid. Triumph after triumph of powerful Bakuryu and their companions. But the despair of fighting Abarekiller and Killeror. But they could not give up, even when he took two of their companions and broke their hearts. The arrival of the Styracosaurus and forming as MaxRyuoh the first time, a successful defeat of both Killeror and a Giganoid.

Ryousuke is deeply asleep again, and someone whaps him cheerfully on the shoulder. Ah, the lunch delivery, by a face I don't know, who identifies his company as Evolian. Ryousuke sleepily gets to his feet to pay for the lunch. The delivery guy teases him, pretending to give him too much change, and then galumphs off to his next delivery. Ryousuke's friends return to the office. "Hey, what's up with you guys? What are you doing back?" he asks them. Atsuya bends down and grabs his lunch from him. "Hey!" he protest. But Atsuya says firmly, "Ryousuke, we have to have a little talk." Yukito gets down to the point, asking him about his dreams. Ranko clarifies, wanting to know what kind of dreams he has. "You want to know about my dreams?" he says wonderingly. And he tells them, simultaneously finishing his lunch. Ranko is deeply disturbed by what she has heard. They've all had the same dreams, every day. That can't be normal. Sanjo addresses that just because that's true, does that perchance mean the dreams are true? Ryousuke blinks at him and reflects the question, "You mean the dreams are reality?" He goes thinking how this could be. But Ranko is sure. They all are sure. "So, this world is a dream?" wonders Ryousuke. Atsuya continues the line of thoughts. But Ryousuke suddenly snaps, "Then that means the four of us... we are..!" he leaps up and grabs his sketch of Tyranno. It shimmers, becomes a colored picture and roars at him. They all see it and gasp. "That's a Bakuryu!" gasps Atsuya. And the picture shouts, "Wake up, Ryouga!!" "Tyranno!" gasps Ryouga. And then Ranko hears a female voice shouting "Ranru!" "Ptera?" she realizes. And Tricera calls Yukito, and of course Bracchio calls Asuka. "We're the Abaranger! This is a dream!" yelps Ryouga. And as they recognize who they are, Asuka's glasses disappear and his bone spurs reappear on his cheekbones. And they are both excited and enraged. But then Ryunosuke's voice cuts in. "No, no, no." He stands there, along with Mihoro,Emi and the delivery guy all smiling at them. "Now what are you saying?" asks their boss. Emi-not invites Sanjo to come again tomorrow. Mihoro calls to Ranko and Atsuya, the delivery guy teases Ryouga/Ryousuke. But Ryouga says brightly, "No, you are the dream!" As the four illusions protest, the air fills with a shimmer of green and they ripple away, reaching. With those four gone, the Dino Changers appear on our heroes' wrists. Contact has finally been accomplished, and they transform, which wakes them up. And the arms of their three caring people are there to greet them. And Ryunosuke asks the important question. What had happened to them?

And Ranru remembers. Yatsudenwani was asleep, struggling, calling to Ranru-chan. He begs her to come back, and she get furious when she realizes he's dreaming of her. They tell her to wake him up. She picks up the telephone receiver, and a flash of green light comes out and strikes all of them. Then he'd woken and apologized to her, then left the building. So now they will go out to find him.

He has returned to Abarekiller's house and is talking about having trapped the Abaranger in a dream. Someone with a yellow-clad arm taps him and he tells them to stop interrupting. Then a blue arm. He's a bit slow on the uptake, telling the person on the other end of the phone that now the Abaranger can't get in the Evorian's way. Two arms, one in black and one in red, tap him and finally he gets annoyed and gets to his feet snapping, "Who's bugging me, I'm on an important call!" And finally he turns and realizes who stands behind him, and in terror he tris to run and keeps hitting the walls. A mini glowing him comes out and collects his footprints. He flees out onto the beach and falls, panting, near the ocean. "Oh, this is a bad place," he mutters. And then protests when he finds they are they, furious and about to fire on him with the Super Dino Dynamite. Tyranno tells us surely this is the last we'll see of Yatsudenwani.

And the fire roars at him, he is destroyed, screaming. His clock face is melting. He cries out to be made giant... and wakes from the nightmare. He was sleeping in the restaurant, and with relief goes back to sleep.

第45話 あけましてアバレルンバ Akemashite Abarerunba Happy New Year Abarerunba
In our next episode: NEW YEARS! Chinese Dragons with puffy white stuff for hair. Asuka staring in bewilderment while the other seven people who live at Ryunosuke's house (including Rije's ghost) are all grinning and happy. Strange paddles with Emi's face on them. Abaranger helmets as part of New Year's decorations. Yatsudenwani is, it seems, wreaking some havoc. Abare Blue fights alone and their is some distorted, deformed Torinoid gone giant. Will Abare Killer be involved? And even the dinosaurs get huge bowls full of New Year foods. Mai and Rije's ghost dance together near a post box. Tyranno wears a dragon costume to face the New Year monster. And our heroes play pipes. They wear ancient costumes.

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第47話 五人のアバレンジャー
Gonin no Abaranger
Five Abaranger

In our last episode: Ryouga wanders over to Nakadai, they are on a damp beach, the ocean ripples near them. "Doctor Nakadai!" Ryouga calls. Then he says with affectionate strength, "You're not alone anymore." Nakadai, who stands apart as always, arms folded to hold onto himself, turns with an expression of faint annoyance. But his gaze shifts to fall on the other three who are walking towards them. Their expressions are more uncertain, they watch him suspiciously. But Ryouga holds out his hand with an ear-splitting grin. Nakadai utters a soft snort and turns, stepping towards Ryouga but with body-language so neutral his true purpose is unguessable. But then in a sudden instant his head jerks back and he utters a small, choked sound of pain before slumping forward like he's suddenly died. Ryouga is too stunned to move.

He wakes suddenly, finding himself lying on a futon on the floor of a strange room, a pillow under his head and another futon and blanket over his body. He sits up quickly. The blankets are blue, and there is a huge, round stained glass picture of a tyrannosaur on the wall to his right. "I did it!" a shrill voice pipes up from his left. He turns his head to see. There is another room past this one, and there Ryouga is sitting with a little girl, and Yukito Sanjo sits nearby. "Ah, Doctor Nakadai!" Ryouga greets him with high spirits. "You're awake! You've been sleeping heavily." He happily heads Nakadai's way, slipping off his shoes and stepping up into the room. Nakadai's coat we see hanging up against the wall behind its owner. "Where is this?" Nakadai demands belligerently. "The Dinosaur Restaurant," Ryouga cheerfully replies, and bends down, tugging at the rather startled man's arm before swinging around and pulling over the round table that was pushed to the corner of the room. "Hey, hey hey now that you're awake, you can eat Suke-san's Curry and get strong and healthy!" Nakadai, a little put out but that's not unusual, automatically rearranges his position so he is sitting more comfortably behind the table. He stares at Ryouga's energetic enthusiasm as though he's looking at something more alien than the Evorian.

Ryunosuke is in the kitchen fixing up a plate for their new guest. Emi is at the counter, watching and listening with an extremely uncertain expression. But when Ryunosuke hands her the breakfast he's made, she takes it and silently carries it over to the table. This allows us a view of what Mai is doing. She is folding paper cranes. Near her, Sanjo is thumbing through a book. Emi retreats from the are, while Ryouga enthusiastically encourages Nakadai to eat. However, Nakadai isn't willing to just start. "The only person welcoming me here is you," he half-sneers. Countering him, Sanjo says icily, "And it would be nice if you'd shut up." He isn't clear on which of them he's talking to, but Nakadai glares at him. A grinning Ryouga ignores it all and offers a spoon. Beginning to look drained, Nakadai takes it, pulls it from its napkin and uses it to scoop up a very small amount of the curry. He doesn't swallow right away, but gives the food proper consideration and says mildly, "It's very good." Ryouga nearly bounces out of his socks with pleasure, while Emi can't help but smile in relief and Ryunosuke casts a warm smile to her, too. "Yeah, isn't it, we eat this kind of stuff every day!" He stands and wanders towards the main room, glancing back to see with relief that Nakadai is continuing to eat. Then he puts away his happy manner, not facing the other man he says gently and encouragingly, "Doctor Nakadai, from today on this is your house, too." The surprise in the midst of swallowing sets poor Nakadai hacking and coughing, while the other people in the room wheel around and gawk at Ryouga. "Hey!" gasps Sanjo. "WHAT?!" stutters Nakadai when he stops coughing. And another, gruffer voice pops up. "Waitaminutewaitaminute!" Yatsudenwani shuffles out of the back staircase on his knees, protesting that this is not what he has in mind. "You!" startles Nakadai. "What are you doing here?" Yatsudenwani much prefers that his presence go unnoticed by his master, and says "I'm not here!" and shuffles back into hiding. Ryouga folds his arms and chuckles fondly. But Sanjo comes over. "Ryouga..." "Hmm?" "C'mere a minute." Ryouga obligingly steps down into his shoes and follows him.

Nakadai, in the confusion, has lost what little appetite he has and gets up, heading for his coat. He hears them speaking. Sanjo saying irritably, "You really want him to live here?" "Yeah, Suke-san, there's one more room, right?" Ryunosuke affirms, "Yes, right next to Yukito's." But our dear Yukito Sanjo is very worried and tugs at Ryouga's shoulder. "Hey, why are you putting so much trust in him?" Emi is in full agreement. Ryouga counters blissfully, "Because he's an Abaranger, just like us."

Nakadai is intent on making for the door, only to find a very small child underfoot. She holds a white paper crane up to him. "I'm giving this to you." He stares down and the interaction attracts the attention of the others, who watch alertly. He takes it reluctantly, eyes her and asks what it is. She says happily, "It's a folded crane. You don't know?" She steps up into the room and offers to teach him how to make one. She sits down at the table with a pile of origami papers, then calls the bemused man to sit with her, passing him one. He simply stares, while she calmly gets on with the folding to show him. Ryouga, with equal cheer, joins them to fold one, too. Sanjo, seeing which way the wind is blowing, sighs to himself and heads into the back room. "Ryo-chan, you're so good!" comments Mai. He is well on his way with a red paper,while she works with a more orange one. Mai looks up and says invitingly, "Hurry up and sit down." Nakadai finally obliges her. He holds the crane she gave him and watches as she cheerfully makes another fold in the paper she's working on. Then he looks at the crane, fingers shifting the paper to see how it's put together.

She steps on the hard ground outside. Yellow sand, yellow dust blown on the winds. Behind her is the huge tower that is the Evorian home. The strange possible body of Dino Earth's Dezumozorlya. Mahoro, playing Jannu, seeking a moment to herself. "Why haven't we been able to defeat Dezumozorlya?" she frets in her thoughts, and turns to stare at the structure. In her mind is lightning, and a frightful image of the Styraccosaurus' glowing green eye. She catches her breath. The skies are yellow and pale with dust, death. She returns to the structure and works at one of the control panels. It glows in response to her touch. She thinks, "I'm asking you, Asuka." Then she turns away from the panel and is brought up short by a poisonous voice. Dezumozorlya speaking through Rijewel. "What are you doing?" When she freezes, he/they step towards her. "Answer me, Jannu. What are you doing?" She glowers back. "Whatever." Annoyed, the body raises its hand and a ball of powerful white/green light shines there. Lightning swarms out and engulfs Mahoro, the agony sening her to her knees. With a gasping snarl, she pulls out her long blade and holds it as if warding her enemy off. But that is not what she's doing. She turns the blade sideways in one hand and says firmly, "If you don't trust me, then kill me now." Rijewel/Dezu steps forward and takes the blade from her hands. Stalks behind her, turns and makes as if to strike. But holds the blade over Jannu's shoulder. Mahoro/Jannu waits. Finally Dezu says, "I understand. You can go." He tosses the blade to the side. Jannu gets up and retrieves it calmly. As she picks it up, there is a crackle of energy and then a whimper of pain. She turns quickly. Green lightning is running all along Rijewel's body, and the girl whimpers, "Jannu," reaching towards the other woman for comfort. Mahoro stands frozen, for Jannu would never care but oh, she wants to. "Rijewel!" she answers, throat tight. Then Rijewel tears herself away and cries out for Mikela and Voffa. When they come and ask her what's wrong she cries to them "I'm being taken over by Dezumozorlya! Do something!" But she never quite got the situation, did she? For they flee her, Voffa throwing back that they cannot betray Dezumozorlya. And she watches them go, then cries in despair, "Mikoto! Mikoto, where are you?" Angered by her defiance, Dezumozorlya bathes her in green fire and she writhes, crying. Mahoro watches from beside a formation, and winces in empathy, fighting the urge to go to the girl. She thinks, "I have to report what's happening to her." But suddenly Dezumorlya turns to look at her, eyes blazing with green fire.

Mikoto Nakadai has been watching Mai painstakingly folding her crane, turning over the one she gave him in his fingers. She's finished, she announces, and turns to look at him, "Why haven't you started folding? It's really fun." Shereaches for another paper, while beside her Ryouga is finishing off one. With a silent sigh of exasperation, Nakadai reaches for the paper in front of him and starts to fold it. Ryouga glances up at the movement and smiles. Emi and Ryunosuke, feeling a breakthrough, grin from where they sit at the counter. He's well on his way in the folding when he suddenly comes to himself. He snorts and says in soft exasperation, "What am I doing?" Slipping quickly to his feet, he goes for his shoes though Mai protests, and Emi and Ryunosuke move quickly to try to encourage him back. Ryouga offers, "This is your home now." "Well I don't plan on living here," Nakadai replies coolly. He takes a couple of steps towards the door and is brought up short when Ranru charges in with a box in her arms. "I'm back!" she says happily. She greets him with enthusiastic surprise and he stares nonplussed at her. On her tail is an equally cheerful Asuka carrying another box. "I'm so glad you're awake!" says Ranru. Asuka adds that he's brought a bunch of stuff. In sudden shock, Nakadai recognizes some of the contents of the over-filled box in Asuka's hands. "Those are MY things!" They are setting the boxes down, Ranru explaining and gaining some of his normal belligerence Nakadai demands to know how they got them. Ranru turns, grinning, and points towards the back room. "Yatsudenwani gave us the key." Popping out of the stair-room the Torinoid protests that Ranru had asked him for it, covering his nose with his arms and almost wailing. Nakadai closes his eyes and sighs. Opening them he asks, "You guys are really serious?" Ryouga tries to settle his doubts. "Yes! Doctor Nakadai, you're one of us." He comes to the other man speaking very clearly and warmly. "That's why you should live here with us." "Hey," says Sanjo. He has suddenly returned and now he tosses something shiny that jingles. Nakadai catches it. "Key to the room," Sanjo says, but he clearly still has reservations. Then he adds snarkily, "But you clean it up yourself." He wanders away while the others smile. Nakadai sighs silently again and then says stubbornly, "Understand this. I am NOT like you." And his eyes widen with frightened fury and more than an edge of hysteria he snarls at them, "Dezumozorlya is INSIDE OF MY BODY!!" He whirls to head out the door when Ryouga grabs his shoulder, resorting to a tried and true method in Sentai of bringing an obstinate fool to his senses. He throws a right hook that leaves Nakadai's mouth bloody after a rather startling collision with the wall behind him. The others all gasp, for such has never been Ryouga's way and they're totally flummoxed. Emi darts forward gasping, "Ryouga, wh - what are you doing?!" Nakadai, huddles in shock against the wall, begins to coil to his feet, eyes blazing. "I'm sorry, Doctor Nakadai!" Ryouga yelps, but then his voice raises in a shouting wail, "But just like us you bleed red because you're HUMAN!" Nakadai's eyes narrow, but before he can respond the alarms start going off and he raises his gaze as the kitchen rolls back to reveal their secret room. The really fancy computer screen goes down and he watches, while Ranru and Sanjo converge at the keyboard, the girl typing in commands to learn of the disturbance. "It's a message from Mahoro!" she says. Asuka nearly leaps out of his shoes to find out what it is. "Styracco told her how to defeat Dezumozorlya!" "Styracco?" stutters Sanjo. "But how?" "I'm checking." Rije's ghost watches. And Ranru reads softly, "When the five powers come together as one, a miraculous light will appear." Listening, they all frown slightly. Vague and weird, a prophecy indeed.

"But when will that miracle occur?" Mahoro wonders in her head. Her musings are interrupted by Dezumozorlya's imperious voice. "Jannu!" She comes obediantly and bows her head to her erstwhile master. "Come with me to my ship. Today we will finally defeat the Abaranger." Off s/he stalks, and Mahoro worries because it seems as though this will be the final chance.

"The five powers?" wonders Asuka. A little slow on the uptake, but he's caught on and whirls. "That's US!" When they gasp and look at him he does a head-count. "Me. Ranru. Yukito. Ryouga and..." they all turn to look at Nakadai, who's folded his arms defensively. "Doctor Nakadai," Ryouga finishes softly. Nakadai looks almost fragile with the bloom of red in the corner of his mouth, a lock of hair out of place and almost hugging himself. He snorts defiantly, though, and heads for the door. "Hey," Ryouga demands. "Where are you going?" Nakadai pauses and says back over his shoulder, "I'm going to wipe out Dezumozorlya by myself." And he heads stubbornly out the door. Yatsudenwani wails, "Wait, Killer-sama!" Ranru worries but Ryouga is staring with determination and says, "It's all right. I know Doctor Nakadai will come back." The others don't really share his faith, but they're willing to try. And the alarms go off again for something else has come.

On a hillside under a pine tree, Dezumozorlya walks forward. Snow flickers in the cold, winter air. Mahoro watches from a few meters away. "I only hope they got my message," she thinks. And then the four come, black blue red and yellow. "Of course, Mikoto Nakadai isn't here," she thinks in hidden dismay. Dezumozorlya smiles at their approach and laughs. Ryouga calls, "Rijewel, we're here!" But the voice that responds is a new one for them. Firm with hate it says, "All of you who need to stop me, I cannot leave you free any more." Dismayed and confused they hear him say that this day is when they will be stopped. Mahoro behind looks dismayed and very, very worried. She coils her fingers on the hilt of her blade, a sob stopped in her throat. "Mahoro," whispers Asuka as he sees this action. "But before that," says Dezumozorlya... raising a hand full of green fire which suddenly he throws at Mahoro. And she is engulfed, gasping with pain. She staggers back and behind her a deformed green tree, a Dezumozorlya tree, pulls from the ground. Tentacles twine out, holding her helpless. For he had always known and she was a fool to believe he didn't. Asuka screams her name and the four dash forward, only to be caught themselves in his fires. His voice sneers at them. "Fools," he says. And he turns his head to her. "Did you think I did not notice your betrayal?" She gasps and struggles against the tight bonds. But he turns. "Watch closely, watch Asuka... and the Abaranger die slowly." And the green fires crackle all around Rijewel's body. With a sound like the ringing of a phone she becomes encased in gray and golden armor, green light shining here and there. The Abaranger gasp. "Rijewel!" cries Mahoro. But he says menacingly, "I'll show you what happens to anyone who gets in my way." For this form is called Rijewel Kyoukatai. Dezumorijewel. And from his faceplate he sends a powerful bolt the four's way. They roll and pull out their Abalasers but the blasts they fire have no effect. They keep firing, then Sanjo leaps with the Banker, only to get flung aside. Ryouga is next with his Tyranno Rod. That is equally useless and he gets punched into the fine snow. Ranru is next, head-butted and tossed flying. Auska tries his powerful fire blast, only to have it returned to him, knocking all four down. They realize they are fighting Dezumozorlya. Down beneath the ocean the dinosaurs whimper for their friends. Bracchio, with Stegos beside him, tells them they need Mikoto's power. Stegos anxiously says he doesn't want Mikoto to fight, he's afraid the man will die.

Mikoto Nakadai has isolated himself inside a building under construction. He huddles against a wall near the windows. Top Galer suddenly speaks. "The battle has begun," he announces. "What are you going to do, human?" "Shut up," Nakadai tells him. "Just shut up a while." He stalks out the open door and looks down on the city below. He reaches deliberately into his pocket. Out he pulls the white paper crane Mai gave him. Her smile, the smiles which Ranru and Asuka had greeted him with. Through these images Ryouga's furious shout, "Doctor Nakadai, just like us you bleed red because you're HUMAN!" which leads back to the rather shocking memory of the punch that threw him back against a wall. He unconsciously flinches, his fingers coiled but not crushing the crane. Lips twisting he complains, "All of them are just so much..." In desperate fury he throws the paper crane, and it flaps its wings, sailing on the air it begins to glow and flies away.

The snow piled up during their battle, and the Abaranger are repeatedly beaten back by Dezurijewel. Mahoro calls to Asuka, who wants to get to her so very badly. He finally snarls and charges Dezurijewel, who at first laughs but is rather surprised when Asuka gets through and slashes. He cuts Mahoro free of the tree. Furious, Dezurijewel blasts the pair and they fall in the snow, Asuka's armor disrupted. He clutches at piercing pain in his shoulder. The others leap up and Sanjo suggest Ryouga go Max. He hauls out the shield to comply, but before he can Dezurijewel blasts them fiercely. They are all forced from their armor to land hard in the cold snow. And none of them can get to their feet as Dezurijewel bears down on them, chuckling. "This is the end," he tells them. But then looks up in surprise. Walking to the scene through the snow is Mikoto Nakadai. Ryouga and Asuka grin in relief, the others are slightly less grinning. "Doctor Nakadai!" Ryouga calls. Dezurijewel warns him to stay out of the way, for he is Dezurijewel's alter ego. But Nakadai brings his will to bear and says mockingly, "Your alter ego? Don't worry about that. I am human." At this Dezurijewel seems to startle. But the man is not finished and continues calmly, "I am who I am. And though half of you is inside of me, it's not that easy." He is starting to growl, and has his Changer ready "I'm going to live. I WILL KEEP LIVING!" he snarls suddenly. "Until it's over, that's what I've decided," and he smiles now, something not so much a smirk as he usually had in the past. The other three race over to him, grinning. Asuka wants to go but looks anxiously to his sweetheart. "Mahoro..!" "Go," she tells him. He staggers to his feet and then dashes over, and the four of them assemble around Nakadai.

But Dezurijewel is royally furious now. As Nakadai takes a step forward Ryouga says firmly, "Doctor Nakadai, I never lost faith in you." He can't help but look back and utter a wry snort. Then he calls them to change with him. The five touch their braclets and are already in Abare form. They present themselves, which Dezurijewel seems content to allow and boy don't they look ridiculous. But of course their friends are watching on the computer and jumping for joy. However, Rije's ghost looks grim. The five charge Dezurijewel as one, attacking from all sides. Killer catches Dezurijewel in cords of light and throws him/her/it against a tree. Snarling, they suddenly find themselve glowing, tremendous power surging through their bodies. And Nakadai welcomes it. They are golden, and the snow melts around them. Together, Mahoro watching with relief, they send that power at Dezurijewel who identifies it as Dino Guts. Mai covers her eyes and looks away from the brilliance, then realizes something is up. "What's happening?" she asks innocently. Ryunosuke and Emi turn around. For Rije's ghost is glowing white. Then she becomes solid again, telling them she has to go now. Mai cries out in protest and runs to hug her big sister and tell her she can't stand to lose her. "Me too," the girl replies, touching her affectionately. "But I have to go. I have to." Mai only wails, burying her face in the girl's arms. "Don't go, no no no!" she whimpers pitifully. Emi steps forward and gently touches her. "Mai-chan," she says softly, and the little girl reluctantly comes up for air. She allows herself to be pulled away. The ghost smiles gently and says, "Mai-chan, goodbye. I had a wonderful time." She looks to the others. "Thank you for taking care of me." She bows, and Ryunosuke tips his head fondly to her. Emi whispers "Bye-bye," and Mai adds a teary, "Sayonara."

Dezurijewel is bathed in the golden light, green tendrils of lightning raging a losing battle. The power crackles, the armor disappears to leave the slender form of Rijewel in agony. Mahoro calls her name, for the voice growling and snarling is still Dezumozorlya's. Ryouga is about to lead a final charge forward when the ghost appears between, staring gravely at our heroes. "You?" gasps Sanjo. "Is that Rijewel?" Nakadai asks softly. "Oh, no it's not," protests Ranru. But a new realization is coming to all of them. For the girl smiles and nods at them, then turns to the figure burning in golden fire who takes a step back. "This is not your place," she says firmly. And she walks forward. She goes into the body, and Dezumozorlya protests this usurption of what he thinks is his. "Then that child is..." gasps Ryouga. The green mass of Dezumozorlya's power is being forcibly ejected. Rijewel slumps and it flees, screaming in the air. Amorphous, amoeboid. They realize this is Dezumozorlya, and he's been forced from Rijewel's body. Mahoro remembers the prophecy Styracco had sent into her head about the five powers joining forces as one. But then Rijewel's whimpers reach her ears. The girl is reaching out to her. And Mahoro races to her, turning her over and begging her to be all right. She apologizes, and finally the girl says the one thing that should surprise no one, though she seems rather bewildered and amazed herself. "Mother..." and suddenly glows white. She is restored to her child age. I think, anyway. She smiles up at Mahoro and thanks her. And then the glow appears again and when it fades, Mahoro finds herself holding her baby, who cries thinly. Her baby. And the stunned Abaranger are beginning to catch on.

They don't get much time to think on it, though, for Dezumozorlya drops to Earth, enraged. They join their weapons together to fire on him with all of their power. He is caught and blasted apart, but then simply reforms and heads for Mahoro. Asuka calls her name and in the instant she has, she calls upon him to protect the child, and throws her baby to him. Asuka catches her, and then the green fire engulfs Mahoro and she calls out, "Please, that's MY baby!" Stunned, he drops his armor to gawp.

And Mahoro's eyes are brilliant with green fire. "Damn you, damn you and damn you all!" snarls Dezumozorlya from her mouth. And he vanishes with her at high speeds into the skies, leaving them all in shock. Asuka in the greatest shock of all. He stands, staring, and whispers softly. "This is my child."

The baby is falling asleep. Ranru is the first to utter a protesting, "No way!" But it is not to him. They are all out of their armor now, and she has grabbed Nakadai and is shaking him, begging him to tell her that Rijewel is not or something but it all comes down to her too stunned to believe what's happened to Mahoro. But he thinks it is, and they all breathe out. Sanjo says, "That's Mahoro's child." Ryouga agrees, "Mahoro was trying to help Rijewel all along." Asuka holds the baby and looks tenderly down at her. For now, he says, this child is free of Dezumozorlya. This is his daughter, his and Mahoro's. They all stare, but Ryouga grins and they regain enthusiasm. "Let's go home," Asuka says cheerily. Ryouga agrees. "Right! Back to all of our house!" He turns and pats you-know-who on the back. "Yours too, Doctor Nakadai." Nakadai turns and takes a step and they are dismayed until he pauses and says, "Guess Wani is going to have to help me move." They chuckle and trail after him.

This turn of events is quite a shock to Mikela and Voffa, who find Jannu back with a new personality. They are enthusiastic as their god gives them orders until they hear what it is. For he's leaving Mahoro's body and taking up residence in theirs. He blends them together and Mahoro regains consciousness to find a truly deformed monster created before her eyes. DezumoVoorla. And he has true and cruel intentions in mind for the Abaranger.

第48話 ファイナルアバレゲーム Final Abare Game
Mikoto Nakadai fights the new combined DezumoVoorla, Top Galer asking him about what makes him live. Mai's laughter. A rather confusing event as he's being dragged kicking and screaming into their family. And Dezumozorlya deep within him. Trying to come out and destroy him. The five of them together fighting. And him, so badly injured, blood everywhere on his white coat and facing off against the other Abaranger. Mahoro trying to defeat DezumoVoorla. Yatsudenwani at least fighting the Abaranger, poor thing.

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第48話 ファイナルアバレゲーム
Final Abare Game

The adorable baby lies wrapped in soft white blankets, burble smiles and wriggles of pleasure. On her cheekbones are the bone spurs of the Dragon People. Ryunosuke and Ranru are sitting with her right now, as Sanjo, Ryouga and Asuka are looking through some magazines, Asuka pouring himself a cup of coffee. Ryunosuke comments on how amazing it is that this baby was really that little girl. Yatsudenwani comes tearing over to tell them happily, hands behind his back and most cheerful, that this child was Rije and boy doesn't she look good enough to eat. He starts slobbering and a grossed-out Ranru kicks the poor thing away. Yelping protests he runs into the tech room past a quiet Nakadai. "But she looks good enough to eat means she's really CUTE!" he yowls. He stumbles, bumping Nakadai who doesn't react at all, then races out of the room. Top Galer, who's become most communicative, speaks from the cave he lives in mostly with Stegos for company about, and we realize that Nakadai is concentrating on this and has blocked out everything else around him. And he is mocking as he says, "You intend to fight Dezumozorlya to wipe out your sins." Not willing to be talked down to, Nakadai answers back, "It's to take vengeance for myself. If you don't like it then..." and he turns his hollow gaze away, "I'll leave you on your own." Top Galer's response is a gentle, confused "Human...."

But the return from school of Emi and Mai interrupts this serious discussion. They arrive full of cheer and joy. Mai bounces in ahead and claps hands with a delighted Ryouga, then heads for the baby. "Hey big sister, I'm back!" she tells the small form. Everyone chuckles fondly. Emi adds "Mai is going to do a presentation at her kindergarten graduation ceremony tomorrow!" They are all delighted, Ryouga especially exclaiming that he will go see. Mai is very proud. Ranru comments warmly, "You're going to be a first-grader soon!" Ryunosuke adds that he, too, will go see. Mai happily says "Oh yes, everyone come! Yukito-san, Uncle Asuka," she says, twirling around to take a head-count of everyone in the room, "Ranru-chan too," and then she dashes across the room to you-know-who. "And Mr. Mikoto!" He utters a strangled "Huh?!" and looks down at the tiny sprite. "The friendship dance!" she clarifies. Ryouga takes matters under um... well, he grabs Nakadai's hand to bring it together with Mai's so the two can pinky-swear. As Ryouga sings the promissory chant, Nakadai looks like he's rather paralysed, while the others chuckle in delight. Asuka goes and kneels beside his daughter. "And after that, we go to get Mahoro," he says softly, bringing out a bottle of milk.

Mahoro is in dire straights. Still dressed as Jannu, she lies in the midst of Dezumozorlya's body, watching the form he's created from Voffa and Mikela as he says he will never forgive the Abaranger. Dezumovoorla, he calls this form. With tentacles, and Mikela's face in his shoulder. Spiny arms. For there is so much he can do in his most powerful form, with the hate. Mahoro lunges to her feet and draws her blade at him. "What do you think you're doing?" he asks her coolly. With a gasping snarl, she charges. She stabs the blade deep into the tender part of his body. Red fire runs down it. And then... it melts away in her hands. She gasps and steps back, but he slams out with his tentacled arm, calling her stupid and sending her flying against his vegetable form. Green tentacles whip out and imprison her there. The power that made her resemble her Jannu form is sucked away, leaving only the truth of herself, Mahoro in black armor. "Foolish Dragon-human. Watch me ressurect myself right here." She snarls furiously, "The body that brought you back is gone! It wasn't strong enough!" Mikela, apparently aware and communitive, responds in confusion "But our bodies are in the perfect places!" And Voffa adds "There's something big enough that the Bakuryu can't defeat it!" "What?" gasps Mahoro. Well, this will be the end of Another Earth. Hmm. He's in for a disappointment.

In the Dinosaur Restaurant, Emi is at the computer announcing a disturbance in Tokyo. Mikoto Nakadai, his arms folded coolly, stares from a position next to Ryouga who has his hands on Mai's shoulders. Tokyo-Bay Area: TN 35 says the scream, and Level 86.10. And Yatsudenwai, who's slowly developed the personality of a talkative dog, starts yelling to them in dismay. When Ranru snarls he dives for the floor and inches quickly under the computer screen over to the startled woman. "Dezumozorlya has come!" he tells her. "He's going to control me and turn me back into an Evorian!!" he weeps and falls to his knees. Sanjo frowns darlkly. "Aren't you happy he's come?" "No I'm NOT happy about it! I've been happy!" he sobs. Mai pops out from behind him and asks, "You're happy here?" He whirls to assure he it's so. Living with all of them, sharing meals. Watching Mai laugh... "No one can understand but I've been happy here!" he wails, going to his knees again. He turns to beg Nakadai, who has pulled out a dart and says coldy "Not with me," and tosses the dark into Wani's nose. "Ouch!" he protests, then tumbles on his side and whispers, "This is happiness, too."

The sea rolls in the bay. Dezumozorlya walks to look at it. He turns slowly, studying his surroundings. Then finally he utters a roar and raises his spiked arm. Red power ignites and goes out from it into the sky, turning the clouds vicious orange, then red. The city is bathed in the bloody light. And he calls a furious challenge to the Abaranger. Rain of sorts is falling, staining the seas red. Deep in the water eyes flash. What he calls answers.

Innocent people having lunch gasp in surprise when the light changes and look up at the sky. They hold out their hands and catch the red snow. And then they seems to go mad, screaming and attacking each other, raging and smashing everything in their paths. Children with spraypaint cans start defacing signs. A startled man in a car, protected until he opens his window to yell at them, suddenly starts cackling madly. He puts the pedal to the metal and slams into the back of another car. A lady with a pipe goes after some guys. A man randomly goes after people with fire extinguishers. And it is to this chaos that the Abaranger arrive, unaffected by the red snow and so utterly bewildered. They watch three men pull money out of a safe and toss it giggling into the air. Nakadai sees this less as a disaster and more as what people really are like. Ryouga leaps and pins the arms of one man, trying to get through to him. And it is Asuka who makes the connection between this madness and the red snow. He says they are protected by their Dino Guts. "Well you have to have it too!" Ryouga hollars. But the man he pinned fights his way loose and snarls, "I'm doing what I want, do you have any problems with that!?" Ryouga falls back into his friend's arms. Ranru asks if he's all right and he says yes. But Nakadai is watching the chaos with a faint smile. "He's just like me." "That's not true!" Ryouga says quickly. "You're just like us!" But Nakadai looks coolly back at him. "I... am different from you." "But - " Ryouga starts to protest. However there's a shout from behind. "Look what I got!" The man Ryouga had tried to stop is hauling out wads of money from the safe. And then as he cackles with joy, his body begins to smoke. Not smoke, actually. The evil in them is rising, being magnified and brought out to feed something else. The red hanging over the city is being sucked in taking that evil with it. The Abaranger race in pursuit. The red fire is pouring into the bay. "What is happening here?" worries an angry Ryouga. "Something in the lake, I guess," Ranru points out. And Sanjo says, "Something going in to making Dezumozorlya a new body!" Mikela's voice answers with amused mockery. "Is that our plan?" And Voffa adds, "The greatest hate/evil has been found!" "What?" stutters one of the Abaranger males. Dezumovoorla steps into sight above them. "What's that?" gasps Sanjo. "It's Dezumozorlya," Nakadai replies with a slight tremor in his voice. "I can feel him with what's inside of me." He touches his chest. Ranru notes in horror that he's made himself a body of Mikela and Voffa. This puts Asuka in a bit of a panic. "And Mahoro's body?" He takes a step forward and screams, "What's happened to Mahoro?!" Dezumovoorla answers him. "That woman has always been nothing. And this body is also still not the real me. I'm bringing something back that's perfect for me. Something made from the evil hearts of all Another Earth people." He gestures at the sea, where the column of red has finally all gone down. While light flashes. For the hate they've collected from the people of Earth will be their destruction.

A furious Ryouga says that will never happen. He calls for change. But when they are ready, Dezumovoorla vanishes. Before they know what's happening, his enormous paw appears and knocks them down. They fall, and then see his giant food coming down on them. They manage to avoid being squashed and fire up at him, but he vanishes. "Where'd he go?" gasps Ryouga. Then Mikela and Voffa appear, laughing. They've been freed... for Dezumozorlya has gone elsewhere. They blast the heroes only to find Killer and Abare Black racing at them out of the explosions. The two men slash at their startled enemies, who disappear and reform as Dezumovoorla. He blasts them cruelly, hard enough to send both into the bay. Their three friends call for them, but there is still Dezumovoorla to deal with. Sanjo suggests using Max. Ryouga pulls out the shield quickly. They pool their powers and he is Abare Max. He takes Dezumovoorla with him into the Max Field, and they fight in space above Earth. But Dezumovoorla is not that easy to beat, and he blasts AbareMax until they break out of the Max Field. Abare Black leads Blue and Yellow in a charge to help Ryouga/Red, but are blasted back. Dezumovoorla comes at Ryouga to finishe him off. In the last instant before that can happen, Killer drops down between them. The killing thrust goes through him, instead. "Doctor Nakadai!" wails Ryouga. The others gasp in horror, seeing him impaled on Dezumovoorla's arm. Power crackles around the weapon. Killer grips it hard in his hands. Dezumovoorla is rather startled, too. "Fool. Did you come to die?" Gasping, his voice tight with pain, Killer replies, "Die? I've never felt more that I wanted to live than now." He finds his flagging strength and snarls, "I want to live, that's why I'm fighting you!" And he drags Dezumovoorla's arm out of his own body. The suit seals itself behind. They all gasp, Ranru saying "The wound is gone!" Ryouga leaps to his feet beside Nakadai, who comments, "I thought you said my life wouldn't go the way I want it to." Mikela stutters an aswer, "But inside you there's still Another Dezumozorlya." Voffa adds, "It's keeping you alive, and keeping the Dino Minder from exploding." Almost amused, Killer says, "So I'm immortal now, I'm right aren't I?" And he takes out his white and golend blade, then tears at Dezumovoorla at high speeds, slicing and dicing the enemy. Dezumovoorla isspun around by the attack, thrown back and down. The others assemble with Killer and they bring their weapons together to fire. The tremendous power destroys the Dezumovoorla form. But there remains the thing in the ocean. Dezumovoorla stands back up and says, "It's time." Killer whirls, but then is caught in a yellow energy-tentacle. He struggles, is raised into the air and dragged over to Dezumovoorla. In a moment, his Abare Suit is shut down and he struggle, choking. His eyes glow with a hellish green fire. And then he goes still. And he speaks, for he is Dezumozorlya. "So you've come to get me, Other me." And the Dino Earth one replies, "When we are finally one... come in me." But Nakadai is not willing to let this happen. As green electricity crackles he struggles and chokes out, "Stop! Stop shouting inside me!" The others gasp in horror. Ryouga yells "You let Doctor Nakadai GO!" and they all race forward. But Dezumovoorla calls out "Rise!" He is not talking to Nakadai, but to the thing in the bay. A green and red head breaks the surface of the water. The startled Abaranger turn. Well, well, well. Guess what it is? Bakurenor, seen until now only in the movie. Blue, green, purple.

In the Dinosaur Restaurant, Emi gasps and pushes her glasses up on her nose, unable to believe her eyes. "That's Bakurenor?!" !!!! Ryunosuke reminds us all how these big bad Bakuryu had appeared in the summer and turned Japan into a giant iceberg. They'd fought. "He's brought back Bakurenor!" gasps Ranru. They're finding it hard to believe. So hard they've forgotten Nakadai, who Dezumovoorla is shaking like a ragdoll. Dezumovoorla then takes his hostage and boards Bakurenor through the head. Ryouga calls for him, and Bracchio comes at Asuka's call. "You are not alone! Everyone will work together," he says. And they form Max Oja, and the other old robot, and both formations take on Bakurenor. They don't do well, getting slammed down.

Inside Bakurenor, Nakadai wakes, dazed. He slowly looks down. Dezumovoorla's arm in embedded in his chest, and green power is transferring. Coming out of the daze, Nakadai struggles furiously. But he can do nothing to stop the transfer. "Don't move," Dezumovoorla tells him sternly. "Soon, I will be back inside me." "WHAT?!" gasps out Nakadai. And Dezumovoorla answers him about the ancient history of forever ago, how he'd been split and now with Bakurenor he will be whole again. Nakadai utters a cry of agony, his body glows a piercing white. And then he is gone, sucked into Dezumovoorla's arm. Dezumovoorla is very pleased, and charges the wires all around him. He becomes a giant bulb and his roots/tentacles engulf and destroy all life on Another Earth! Oh. This is just his explanation of what's going to happen. Nakadai is still fighting and snarling. Dezumovoorla comments with interest, "You don't want to return to being an ordinary human, that's why you're fighting me." "NO!" Nakadai snarls. And then as if he's only realized it for the first time he whispers what he's realized. "Ever since I was a child, thanks to you I had strange powers and NO friends!" The child-genius going back to his seat, indifferent to the gazes of his classmates and teachers, eyes glowing green. "I did things I can never be forgiven for," Nakadai whispers. Then he screams, "But I don't want to think that it was all you! It was ME! It was what I did!" Bakarenor shakes with his cry, arms falling to its side. "I'll tell you, Dezumozorlya." The others are back on their feet, and heard him cry. "He's still fighting!" Ryouga says with relief. Nakadai is still speaking, voice low and angry. "There may be demons both big and small inside everyone, but there are people who will still fight them. People who will never stop believing, no matter the odds." He is thinking of his erstwhile companions. Ryouga Hakua, Yukito Sanjo, Ranru Itsuki and Asuka... "And I will believe too! In them! I will keep fighting the Dezumozorlya inside of ME!" he spits furiously. They have heard him, every word inside their own Bakuryu formations. Throat constricting, Ryouga says "It's true! Our humanity will never be defeated!" And they all agree. Asuka calls them to pool their Dino Guts. He gathers his power, they do too, and they fling out a mighty bolt of golden fire at Bakurenor. It engulfs them, and pours into Mikoto Nakadai, who screams as he glows bright golden white. He knows what's happening, and accepts the power into him, pooling his Dino Guts to it. Dezumovoorla is quite surprised, this is not at all the way things are supposed to be going. And the power is overwhelming. Suddenly, Nakadai goes limp. Sickly green spots are appearing in his light. He utters a strangled sound of agony. Dezumovoorla stutters, "You have to stop!" But it is too much, and it can't be stopped. The power slowly fades out. Impaled, Nakadai ceases glowing and slumps forward. "My alter ego is gone!" wails Dezumovoorla. And suddenly Nakadai's head whips up. His eyes are bright, hair a froth of black around his face. He smirks, utters a snort and then starts to pull Dezumovoorla's arm from his chest with a scream of rage. He raises his wrist to change and Top Galer shouts, "Don't do it, human!! You mustn't change!" But Nakadai only snorts. "Bakuryu Change."

He leaps in his armor from Bakurenor. "Now!" he calls the others, and they happily obey him. Max Crusher, Bakuryu Spin. They destroy Bakurenor forever. Nakadai chuckles, but when the fires fade there is the giant Dezumovoorla. Nakadai calls Stego and Top Galer. Stego, blissfully unaware, races in with joy. But Top Galer says, "Human," wistfully. And they take their formation, Killeror, to fight. He uses Death Striker and the Kill Spear. Dezumovoorla is much displeased and distressed. "You aren't my enemy!" he protests. But that doesn't stop Nakadai. And his form is destroyed. All over the city, people come back to their senses. They have no idea what happened. Everyone is celebrating, including an ecstatic Yatsudenwani. Getting ahead of themselves, Ryunosuke says it's the end of Dezumozorlya. Emi whispers a joyful, "Great!" "I love you!" yells Mai. And then the baby starts crying, a wail of grief.

The orange light of the setting sun. Nakadai stands on the beach, watching the waves and the sky. The others find him, call his name. He finally turns his head towards them, an ever so slight twitch of a smile at the corners of his lips. But then a trickle of thick blood rolls down his chin. His eyes close and he collapses to his knees. The others stumble to a startled halt. They are behind him, so temporarily spared the sight of the blood pouring from his shoulder though the hole punched in his jacket, shirt and coat. Like a red waterfall it discolors his white slacks, and begins to pool in the sand beneath his slack hand. He falls forward on his face, and the panic-stricken other four tear over to him, crying his name. Only when they gently turn him over do they see. He is covered in blood, shocking against the white of his clothing. "Those wounds..!" gasps Asuka. "What's happening?" wails Ryouga. Mikoto knows, and he answers softly, managing to open his eyes. "The Dino Guts," he whispers. "It erased it all, that was inside me." Sanjo, standing over the dying man, realizes it, too. "The immortal power you had is gone." He sinks down. They all protest. Ryouga begs Nakadai to tell them what to do. And at peace, the good doctor shakes his head. He tells them weakly to hurry and get away from here. The Dino Minder is going to blow. He holds up his wrist and they see that his changer is crackling with power. Afraid for them, he finds the strength to clamber to his feet. When they reach for him, he shoves them away and staggers towards the surf. Ryouga wails his name, but Nakadai holds up a hand to forestall him. "You made a promise to your little girl you'd be there tomorrow." Far above in the sky, Top Galer calls and Nakadai looks up. The mighty Bakuryu swoops in, his wings bringing down winds that flatten the others. He picks up Nakadai and flies away with him, up into the golden sky. They all gasp and stare.

On his companion's head, Nakadai dazedly thanks him for coming. "Once we get into space, throw me off." "Human," Top Galer says reprovingly, "I thought I told you that I'm going to be with you." Nakadai shifts slightly, too weak. "You're very strange," he says glassily. Then his thoughts meander. "It's ironic, isn't it. Just when I started wanting to live... but strangely, I don't feel bad." And Top Galer swoops out into space. He answers Nakadai, "You're been a powerful influence. You don't have to try to be any more." I don't know if Nakadai heard, or even is capable of hearing. He's slumped, gone limp, his lips are turning dark. "Goodbye, Mikoto," Top Galer says ever so softly. And the bracelet finally goes, a blazing white light that destroys....

And on Earth, they see the distant bright light and know its meaning. Emi wraps Mai in her arms. And Ryouga says softly "You said before that you and I look alike, Doctor Nakadai. I'll never forget that." The distant light finally fades into the sunset. And Bracchio tells us he will always live on in our hearts.

But it's not over for someone else. A severely weakened Dezumozorlya returns to his body on Dino Earth. Green mass of light back into green mass, knocking Mahoro painfully free of her imprisonment. The heart that beats. "He's not dead!" she gasps.

第49話  突入!アバレ最終決戦
The fighting isn't over, for Dezumozorlya is coming again to Another Earth. Yatsudenwani stands in the restaurant (do they hide him from the customers?). Flames rise around the fighting giant. And inside his body is an armored form... the armor of the Ancient Dragon People, only severely modified. Is it Mahoro?! Asuka in armor gets inside, races. The two Bakuryu formations fight, Ranru is also insude, Ryouga vows not to be defeated, Asuka finds Mahoro bound to Dezumozorlya's heart and she calls to him, struggling. They will at last be reunited! Maybe?

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第49話  突入!アバレ最終決戦
Totsunyuu! Abare Saishuu Kessen
Breaking in! Abare Final Decisive Battle

In our last episode: The heroes in their assorted Bakuryu combines attacked Bakurenor. Abare Black used Max Crusher. Fire and flames struck the blue combine. It finally went down and blew spectacularly. Red, Blue and Yellow cheered in the cockpit/brain. But it wasn't over yet. Dezumovoorla materialized giant out of the fires, furious. They were all startled and dismayed. He caught the two formations in a rain of red lightning. It was their turn to start to go down in flames. But AbareKiller in Killeror rolled in like the calvary. "Kill Striker!" he snarled. Down came Killeror, Stegos' tail first. It tore into Dezumovoorla, and then "Kill Spear!" screamed Killer, and over Dezumovoorla's protests he cut and sliced into the mighty beast, who kept protesting that they weren't supposed to be enemies. Bursting with fires but not yet gone, and Abarekiller calls out the "Death Stinger," mightiest of his attacks it slices straight through Dezumovoorla's body. His formation is destroyed with a flash of green light. And afterwards, ecstatic that they've destroyed Mikela, Voffa and Dezumozorlya, the Abaranger race to the beach where Nakadai stands, watching the setting sun. But to their horror, he is bleeding. Bleeding oh so much. For their pooled power had erased Dezumozorlya from his body, and the wounds he'd taken did not heal. They ran screaming to his collapsed body, Ryouga pulling him over. "What can we do to help you?!" Ryouga had cried. But Nakadai, his face shockingly white, had opened his eyes and shaken his head in negation. "Hurry, get away from here," he'd choked out. For the Dino Minder was going to blow. It crackled with distorted blue energy on his wrist. And he'd found the strength to get to his feet, to try and get away from them. Ryouga leaped up and wailed his name, but Nakadai held up a hand to forestall the rush to his side. "You have to keep your promise to your little girl about tomorrow." And Top Galer had swept out of the skies, the wind of his wings knocking the Abaranger down. He had picked up his companion and taken him into space on his head. Stayed with him even in death, saying his name for the first time. And the Dino Minder blew in a burst of pure, white light, obliterating Mikoto Nakadai's body and Top Galer.

And now our heroes stand in the daylight, under shelter. staring rather dazedly out at the city across the bay. Somewhat woodenly Sanjo says "Well, the world's at peace again." Ryouga responds, drawing each word from a throat tight with tears. "Doctor Nakadai finally became one with his Dino Guts." Though Ranru's bracelet comes Ryunosuke's voice, also pained and understanding. He speaks of love and the ending of a man. Behind him, Yatsudenwani whispers, "Killer-sama...." He raises his voice to ask, "Why didn't you have more time?" and blubbers quietly. Emi says sadly, "And Rijewel's a baby again." They turn to look at the sleeping angel. Ryouga then forces himself to brighten up, "But anyway, we beat him. And Doctor Nakadai finally found pride in being human." He turns to them and adds, "That's something we must never forget." They are quite willing, swallowing pain and nodding agreement. Asuka, who's been standing away from the trio and listening, also swallows. Now he turns and calls to them, coming over. "I have to thank you for everything you've done. But now it's all over." Ranru reacts the strongest, searching for a clarification. There's still Mahoro, after all. But Sanjo points out that now there's no way to get back to the other dimension. They all stand, looking rather floored by that realization. Mahoro is gone.

But they're getting ahead of themselves. Mahoro is still bound against Dezumozorlya's heart, still beign tormented by green fires. She cannot get free, but suddenly the fires stop and she wonders why. She notes that Dezumozorlya's soul must still be around somewhere. And then the fires start again, worse than before. She screams.

But Asuka, having heard that point made, for an instant looks drained. He pulls himself together and forces a smile, telling them he has to believe it's possible to get to her. He speaks of the special abilities the Dragon People have. He says he has no regrets. They worry about him, all who hear. Under the waters Stegos protests softly, and Bracchio says Asuka's name with infinite empathy. The dinosaurs have their heads together inside and murmur their sadness. Asuka moves away, forcing cheer. He tells them that just like the others, he will hand on and live in this world. And he'll get what sounds like 398,125,000 yen. Sanjo seems a bit puzzled, but then Asuka whirls around and says "Oh but before that there's today!" Ryouga can't help but laugh at his silliness and agree, today there is Mai's graduation presentation. They begin to cheer up, for there is a future still to come. Ryouga calls them to charge off with him. But then behind them the sky opens up in green fire. They turn with shock. "What's happening?" gasps Ranru. Ryouga says it first, that just maybe... A distant roar, they know it's a voice. And out of the whirling black vortex comes an enormous figure, looks like a strange building uprooted with some of the ground it was embedded on. Asuka recognizes it and snarls, "It's the Evorian BASE!!!" A stunned Sanjo asks, "Why? Why is it coming now?" And suddenly, from behind the enormous gray figure out of the green fading vortex comes a flight of black objects. Soon the figure glows brightly, and the black objects take on their true size. A whole fleet of the immense ships. Horrified, the Abaranger shudder and tremble, for they well remember the other two times they've seen ships like these. And the ships glow green and vanish into the skies. "They're gone!" gasps Ranru. Shaking, Asuka says "It's the same. This happened to us, too. I heard the legend." "Legend?" Ryouga asks quickly. Asuka explains, eyes fixed on the distant Evorian base. "When they came, in only two hundred days the world was swallowed in darkness!"

Inside Bracchio, the other Bakuryu gasp when they hear that. "Darkness, in two hundred days?" repeats Ptera.

Ryouga is asking for clarification. And the dinosaurs remember what they also had heard, and explain. Ptera says the skies all over the world will fill with the ships, almost overlapping. Kera adds that the ships will come down and scour the world, wiping out cities, leaving only yellow rock and sand. Wiping out fields of green plants and yellow flowers. Killing everything that lives. Everything.

In the Dinosaur Restaurant, everyone gasps. "The world will die?" worries Emi. Yatsudenwani puts his two cents in. He likes this world. And then while they watch, the great Evorian fortress glows brilliantly again. In the restaurant, the baby begins to cry. Emi rushes to her. Sleeping beside her is Mai, who sits up, blinking awake in confusion and asking what's going on. Emi hastens to reassure her, though there are no words to help the baby's distress. As the light engulfs the base, Asuka is putting two and two together and realizes that Dezumozorlya is not dead as they thought. The light bursts and sucks in, revealing the same figure now in color. Dezumozorlya's true form. "Holy!!" gasps Ryouga.

The crowds know what to do when enormous monsters appear in the sky. Run screaming like heck. The Abaranger race against the tide towards where Dezumogevarusu lands. White, with skulls on his eyestalks, wiggly spiked fingers. Golden, blue and red. 侵略の園・究極体デズモケヴァルス Shinryaku no Sono (Invasion's Garden) Kyuukyokutai (Ultimate Form). A single, shining blue eye-like point. Our heroes dash forward and stop, glaring up. But he doesn't see them. Instead, he starts blasting a nearby mountain. This must be for effect, I suppose. The mountain loses a hefty chunk of itself, debris raining over the nearby city. They gasp and snarl furious protest and then.. "Asuka!" they hear Mahoro's distant, echoing voice. "You have to hurry and burn it!" "Mahoro?!" he whimpers her name. "I hear her, too!" cries Ranru. She is calling out to them to hurry and destroy Dezumozorlya while he is still capable of being stopped. Ranru hauls out a pair of red goggles and puts them on. Optical, says the screem as it zooms up on the giant's eye. And she sees inside, Mahoro bound against the green heart. "She's in there!" Ranru announces, putting aside the goggles. "WHAT?!" yelps Asuka. Dezumogevarusu starts blasting around him, the city is going up in flames. Mahoro urges them desperately. "If you can defeat this one, it'll all be over! But you MUST HURRY!" Asuka cries her name in return, then the realization hits him of what will happen, for she is inside. She tells him frantically it doesn't matter. When he whimpers her name she resorts to a last ditch effort. "Please, Asuka. If you love me..." His eyes go glassy with tears. He is shaking and lowers his head. Sanjo sees this and nods a summons to the others. They start off when Asuka snaps, "Wait, please!" They stop and look back at him. He stalks forward, hands balled into fists and says hoarsely, "I'm going alone." Adds that he can't let Another Earth something something. I think he's saying something to the effect that he's ready to die. Sanjo purses his lips in annoyance, grabs Asuka's shoulder and decks him with a right hook. It wasn't all that hard, but Asuka is staggered and stares at him in shock, one hand on a now-tender cheekbone. When Yukito at first only glares, Asuka says his name uncertainly. Sanjo gives a furious speech about not forgiving if he won't let anyone help. "We want to protect our world, and we want to protect the two of you, also!" And if Asuka makes them let him go off by himself, well that just stinks. A sob catches in his throat. Asuka swallows and blinks back tears. He meets the pained gaze of Yukito Sanjo, trying to determine his sincerity and it is there, in the sudden lines on the young man's face. He looks at the others, and they express in their faces and eyes their solidarity. And we see he is starting to accept this. Of course, their bonding is cut short by a blast from Dezumogevarusu that sends them flying willy-nilly.

They land painfully, and then get back up and change into their armor to fight Dezumogevarusu. Ryouga calls the Bakuryu, and Bracchio utters a short speech about fighting spirits inside and throwing away yesterday. Asuka says "I'll never forget you guys," and races off. They are about to dash after him when they hear someone calling. The boxing dinosaur is leading the charge, Dimenocodon races into battle, Scissors hurtles through the streets. Anklyo trundles in faster than he ever has before. Stego says he comes to fight for Mikoto and Top Galer. Dezumogevarusu turns to find himself facing the assembled troupes, including Bracchio who is bearing down on him over the city streets. Each of the Bakuryu sinks their teeth into any part sticking out of Dezumogevarusu that they can grab, intending to tear him apart if they can. He simply sends a charge of green fire out that dislodges them painfully. They fall all over the abandoned streets. Ryouga calls them to be okay, tells them Asuka's going to help Mahoro. They must not give up. And their own main three come charging into battle, announcing that they will pool all their power together and never give up. So our heroes board and form Abarenor. Dezumogevarusu is suitably unimpressed. They run in and pin him, allowing Asuka to leap high on the form. He's found what looks like a pipe and he swings down to slide in. Dezumogevarusu is not without defenses, and thorned tentacles wrap around Asuka, pushing him out. But he cuts them off and heads in again. "He'll be all right," Sanjo tells an anxious Ranru. He is inside, shouts Mahoro's name and charges off.

Mahoro, drained and exhausted, is temporarily not being tortured. This sadly leaves her in her memories. She drifts, thinking. "Maybe it was that time..." The time when her brother had returned to this place, wearing the ancient suit and suffering agony. Falling to his knees. "... that decided my fate." Mizuho had fallen on his face in the curling mist. She had walked over to him and he struggled to get to his feet. He removed his helmet, smoke rising around him. "Jannu," he'd gritted out, "My life is running out. Kill me before that happens!" She had been vaguely stunned by his request. "I want you to deliver the final blow." Something that sounds like "Before the darkness takes over completely." She had regarded him and coldly agreed. "Yes, big brother." And she'd pulled his blade from its sheath. He had lifted his head and stared in a mixture of horror and determination. And she had done as he asked. The blow she struck that cut the armor from him. That cut his life away. The helmet fell first, then him, dead eyes gazing up into the blackness. For a moment she'd been so shaken. "Big brother..." she'd said softly.

Here and now, twined thoroghly against Dezumozorya's heart... Perhaps it was then that she had started to find a path out of the hallucinations Dezumozorlya had fed her. She closes her eyes and remembers more horrors. When she fought Asuka with every intention of killing him as painfully as possible. When she'd used the shell-form of the ancient suit to track and take control of un-bonded Bakuryu. Dimenocodon, under her command, slicing through Kyoto. The memories now bring tears down her face.

She is unaware of Asuka charging through Dezumogevarusu's body in his Abare suit. A green tentacle halts his determined rush, then several more bind him arms, legs and neck, pulling him into the air. Out of the shadows rush a crowd of Barmia to attack him. He is hit several times, but he is determined and manages to cut his way free of the tentacles, through the Barmia, and continues his mad search.

While the others fight to contain Dezumogevarusu, Ranru suddenly apologizes to them and races from the cockpit, though a startled Ryouga calls her. She is heading for one of the pipes to go inside Dezumogevarusu, after Asuka and Mahoro. They watch he go, Sanjo dismayed. She races inside, while Dezumogevarusu catches Abarenor in green lightning. They will not lose their determination. The battle is slowly moving across the city, and police are directing evacuation efforts. Somehow they don't seem phazed by the site of Yatsudenwani helping Ryunosuke onto his motorcycle, carrying the baby in her bassinet. He is getting Mai, the baby and Emi out of danger as fast as he can. Emi goes to the trouble of locking the restaurant and hanging up the closed sign. *chuckle* Mai is very worried. "But what about Ryou-chan and the others?!" Mai bends to take her shoulders and reassure her firmly that she, Mai, Ryunosuke, Yatsudenwani and the baby will come back. But they have to go now, to make sure the others don't have to worry about them, at the least. Mai is being as brave as she can, telling the crying baby shrilly that they will come back.

Ryouga and Sanjo are getting painful feedback. When Dezumogevarusu rams his spear up Tyranno's throat, Ryouga calls out to his companion, who tries to reassure him. For the children. Kera adds for their parents (their own, not the children's) Ptera adds "For the people I love!" They will not be so easily defeated. Sanjo frantically calls to Asuka "Haven't you found her yet?!" For they are getting cut up out here. They are pushed back, and Styraco charges into the battle. Sanjo decides to take charge, grabbing the shield and forming Max Oja.

Climax approaching. Mahoro gasps in surprise as Asuka finally reaches where she is. He is fighting, and calls to her. "Why are you here?!" she protests and he tells her he has to be. He cuts her free and she reaches down, so glad to be pulled into his arms. They whimper each others names and hug, but suddenly a strange sound fills the air. And the mist rolls into a new form. It looks like the legendary suit, but modified. Evilly glowing yellow eyes, gray with violet highlights. It is Dezumogevarusu, perhaps. When Asuka wonders, shielding Mahoro with his body, she says it's the Darkness armor. But he thinks otherwise. He thinks perhaps this is really Dezumozorlya. He shifts to prepare to fight. The enemy raises its cruel blade and charges towards him. Down goes Abarenor, hard for lone Ryouga to control. When Dezumogevarusu is about to destroy the formation, he is stopped by Max Oja and forced back. "Ryouga, you okay?" They are glad, and Tyranno insists he is also all right. But Dezumogevarusu sends out a blast that does a number on Max Oja and its pilot. Asuka and the Dark Suit battle, mostly Asuka getting the worst of it. Mahoro leaps in and tries to keep the suit from bisecting Asuka. It shoves her past him towards Asuka. He gathers her up and then the Suit twirls its weapon like a double-bladed baton, the ends glow evil green. It aims a spear of light at Asuka. Mahoro leaps to take the shot herself. Unfortunately this results in them being impaled together. Glazed and in shock from the pain, she gazes sightlessly up. Asuka's Abare suit is disrupted and shuts down, leaving him convulsing in agony, blood trickling from his mouth.

Dezumogevarusu sends out another blast of green lightning at his Bakuryu opponents. They are hit badly, the two pilots struggling to hold their footing. Sanjo reiterates his determination to hold on for Asuka and the girls. Ryouga agrees happily. They will believe! Boy, am I glad they don't know that Asuka and Mahoro have a green energy spear going through their bodies. They are shoved together back against Dezumogevarusu's heart. The suit twists the weapon in them and they both scream in agony. Ranru arrives to this scene, still in her amor. She calls their names and the suit turns around uttering a low, wet, guttaral growl. Asuka manages to grit out her name. She charges into battle, but her opponent catches her by the throat and runs with her across the area, leaving the two Dragon people still impaled. It may not have its weapon, but it has a heavily armored knee with which to try to beat in Ranru's ribs. One hand holding on to the weapon impaling them, Mahoro lets her head fall back into the crook of her husband's neck, reaching the other hand to him. He drags his own hand up and they twine their fingers together. This wasn't really how she'd imagined them being together at last. He tells her he didn't know what would happen, or what will happen? But if this is the end. They are sweating, saying their goodbyes and Ranru screams "Don't you dare!" Keeping the Suit at bay as best she can, she shouts to them that this she won't forgive. Their baby is waiting for them, and they haven't even given her a name! Mahoro gasps Ranru's name. Ranru continues furiously that the baby needs Asuka and Mahoro, needs their voices. They dazedly listen to her scolding speech even as she struggles with the Suit. She urges them not to give up, even as she is pinned. She says she won't forgive them if they do. They twine their hands together and cry back at her that they won't, and now they channel their own Dino guts, bathing the two in golden light so bright their bodies are not visible. The light startles and blinds whatever is or wears the suit. It shies back and flees, leaving Ranru to gasp in relief at the Dino Guts. The power runs along the spear impaling them, turning it molten gold. Destroying it. Leaving only the two dragon people. Asuka's armor is restored, but Mahoro falls bonelessly to the floor. Panicked, the two Abaranger leap to her, but she opens her eyes and gives a smile to her husband. "I'm all right." The armor comes back, but Ranru fires on it and calls their friends to say they've got Mahoro. And now the two men can unleash the full potential of their Bakuryu formations!

In our next and last episode, it's do or die time. Our four heroes will fight, with the heartful support of Mai, Emi and Ryunosuke. Not to mention the whole world. Mai will dance in the darkness for her kindergarten graduation ceremony. And Dekaranger will begin on the 15th.

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第50話  アバレと数だけ
Abare to Kazu dake
Abare and Only the Number

From the form of the mighty Dezumozorlya comes a fleet of the deadly ships. They rise into the sky, glow green and vanish. They will cover the Earth and come down, beams of power destroying everything beneath them. Cities, countryside. They will leave only sterilized yellow dust and stone behind. Dezumozorlya lands in the city and the Abaranger summon the Bakuryu to fight. They face him with Abarenor and Max Oja, but both formations are caught in his evil, green lightning. Sanjo shouts his fury that they cannot really attack while Asuka and the others are inside. The city below is in a panic. Police drive the streets trying to organize the evacuation. Ryunosuke and Emi are getting Mai and the baby out of there with Yatsudenwani's enthusiastic help. Mai, her voice shrill with fear, tryies to reassure the crying baby that they will return to the restaurant. Asuka and Mahoro, impaled together on a beam of solid green light, channel their Dino Guts, The golden orange fire engulfs them. The light drives off the evil suit of armor, allowing Ranru the freedom to turn and watch. It destroys the spear which's energy impales the couple. Mahoro falls, limp. Asuka stands in his armor and panics, he and Ranru start to gather her up when the armor arrives to fight again. Ranru keeps it back with her laser, calls the others and tells her she's got Mahoro and Asuka. Now they can fight!
The strong music continues as the Abaranger symbol rolls across the screen. And the credits are skipped today, only the part about "This show is present by you-know-who," while the Bakuryu charge across the background.

Asuka directs Ranru to the way out with them, but before they can reach it, the armor stalks. And the skies of Earth turn black at a gesture from Dezu. For far above them, beyond sight, the skies have been blanketed with the huge, deadly ships. People are heading underground, along roads where cars are all pulled up the the edges. Some people drive in while worried mothers tell their families to hurry. There sit Emi, Mai, Ryunosuke and Yatsudenwani, whose red eyes glow in the darkness. The baby cries fretfully. They worry as cars drive past and the skies they know have gone black. Yatsudenwani wails despair at the darkness. Emi touches a hand to the baby in a weak effort at comfort. "Ryo-chan!" Mai worries. And the ground shakes beneath them, causing them to huddle and people cry out all around. Lovers huddle close, parents clutch their children tightly. "Oh, this can't be!" Yatsudenwani wails gruffly (yes, he can do that). He continues on about Dezumozorlya, while inside Asuka and Ranru fight against the armor that may be him.

They're getting pretty beaten. And the giant form sends out more bolts of evil light against the Bakuryu formations, who fall painfully. Mai suddenly gets up and steps purposefully away from the others. Ryunosuke asks her what's up worriedly, she announces calmly that she's going to practice. "Eh?" say all three of the others.

The suit locks blades with a snarling Asuka and pushes him back. Unlocks and takes a number of vicious strikes to him. When it tries to bisect him, he catches the blade between his gloved palms and they struggle for control of it. He calls to Mahoro and Ranru, wanting them to leave. Ranru grabs Mahoro's hand briefly as both shake their heads and she hollars they can't do that. She lunges into battle, tries to slice up the suit but it catches HER blade, swings them around into each other and sends painful green lightning up the blades to batter them. Torn from their armor, Asuka and Ranru hit opposite growths hard and fall.

Mai starts, swinging her arms with precision and control as we hear the music she remembers. "H O E M Oooooo B" (maybe). The little girl is in motion, strong and determined.

Three globules on each of the giant's shoulders glow red with power. Out comes a stream of yet more cruel energy to tear into the Bakuryu formations. Ryouga's armor is gone, too, but he is still aboard Abarenor. A sheen of sweat on his face as he gets back to his feet and screams that Mai-chan is waiting for him. He is not going to die here. Sanjo is also clambering back up, battered and cries, "Asuka, Ranru, what's happening!?" Well, they still fight but are getting quite beat down. All three fall to the evil armor's strike. And Mai keeps dancing. The others watch. Slowly, calm and courage are bleeding back into them. The baby has stopped crying and seems to be watching with an almost wise expression on her little face. The others keep fighting, Sanjo wincing in pain as he calls, "Wait for us!" and gets Max Oja on its feet. He charges in and gets in a few strikes to the giant, pins it and pants to Ryouga to hurry because of Asuka and the others. Ryouga obediantly charges Abarenor forward.

Asuka and the others, well they're all tumbled together, now, and the armor charges. But Abarenor stabs the giant in the head with its left arm (Tyranno's tail) and ends up knocking the armor back. Seeing this, the trapped trio cries out in joy. "Abarenor!" exclaims Asuka. A gaping hole is left when the formation pulls its arm out. Ryouga screams at them to hurry, reaching in with that arm which has suddenly lost half its length to reveal a hand in which he gathers them up and pulls them out. He takes a step back from the battle to set them down in safety. They stand up quickly, Asuka holding onto Mahoro who calls thank you. But they're not safe yet, for the armor has come after them. Seeing it below, challenging them, Ryouga yelps, "The Dark Amor!" A dismayed Sanjo asks, "It's been restored?" But Asuka tells them no. Holding himself between the woman and the approaching armor he says something about Dezumozorlya and just maybe this is his real body. The distracted Abarenor is hit by a blast from the giant form. Ryouga hollars they'll do the giant, and Ranru replies affirmative.

Mai still dances. The others begin to focus their will, their prayers. "Ryoga-kun," says Ryunosuke gruffly. "Yukito-san," murmers Emi. "Ranru-chan!" whispers Yatsudenwani, folding his hands together in prayer above his eyes. "Ryo-chan, keep fighting!" Mai says between breaths, not stopping her dance.

They still fight, and Ryouga snarls courage, echoed by Sanjo who yells "We are the Dino Guts soldiers!!" Ranru gets blasted , she and Asuka fall, but get back up her saying she believes in their power. Asuka supports this, eyes blazing with determination. The primary dinosaurs add their voices for all living things, says Tyranno. And Ryouga finishes the speech about their power, and their determination reaches a slightly alarmed Dezumozorlya as all four transfer back into their armor, announce themselves furiously. And now the formations attack again. They are cutting the giant form to pieces, and the armor is being bashed until it falls and Mahoro grins, except their enemies just get back up again. They are dismayed, but until they hit the actual source of Dezumozorlya's power... Bracchio is back on his feet and tells them they will all pool their Dino Guts. All of them, and the beams of golden light seem to pull it off. At last the suit of armor is destroyed, and the Bakuryu's power takes out the giant. They think they've destroyed him, but again he just gets back up, and a sucking wind pulls everything towards him. Sanjo snarls that they won't be beat. The others below call as they watch the formations clutch at Dezumozorlya and tumble down with him. And in the air the ships all blow up, and daylight returns.

The people hiding underground see it and race out into the sunlight with glee. Last to go are Ryunosuke and the others, excited that this must mean it's over and their friends have won. But Mai asks worriedly about Ryo-chan, and they have to admit they don't know yet. And the baby starts crying. They start to panic, for so far she only cries when something awful has happened.

Out in the sunlight, and they just stare. Wreckage everywhere. Buildings with long, dark slashes burnt into them. Tops sliced off. Black smoke rising here and there. A shaking Emi whimpers that perhaps in that explosion.... they'd been killed? Asuka stands, breath trembling in the morning cold. "Why?" he finally stutters. Ranru, nearly in tears, says they've beaten the enemy. Mahoro shakes her head and says this can't be. Bracchio replies that they all fought. Ryunosuke says gruffly that the two were spectacular young men. Yatsudenwani agrees, sniffling. "Ryo-chan..!" Mai whispers, near crying. "You promised! You were gonna come and watch!" The remaining Bakuryu, all gathered together, lower their heads sadly. And Mai, with the logic of a child, calls angrily, "You lied to me!" They others look down at her but do not disturb her as she lets it out. "I hate you, Ryo-chan!!" The tears finally begin to come as she whimpers, "That's a lie... I love you!" she raises her head and cries "So come back, Ryo-chan!" And then she breaks into tears and sobs. Emi gathers her close. The others look miserably down at the cracked cement.

Half a year later

The Bakuryu restaurant. A happy Yatsudenwani thanks customers as they leave. He bounces over to another couple at the skull-table and asks, "How is it?" The man smiles and gives him a happy sign. "Delicious!" "Oh, thank you!" Yatsudenwani turns to welcome their regular, Yokota-san who comes in. "It's hot out," he says, for summer is in full swing and Ryunosuke is in the kitchen, smiles at his friend. "Yep, today sure is hot!" agrees Yatsudenwani happily. The two men make small chat, Ryunosuke asks if he wants his usual, to which he nods warmly. After a moment Yokota says, "Well, it's been half a year." "Mmmmmmh," agrees the smiling Ryunosuke. "Bet you miss them, eh?" Ryunosuke is agreeing but Yatsudenwani puts his arm on their visitor's shoulder and says, "But Yoko-chan, I'm here!" Yokoto gives a sniff and growls that Yatsu must remember not to touch him. Delighted by the fierce attention, Yatsudenwani winks at him. Yokota is dismayed. Ryunosuke, however, laughs. Then he says, "Ah, but Yoko-chan, today I won't miss them." "Eh?" asks Yokota. "Well, they're all coming back!"

Out on a lonely race track a red and white car hurtles along. A darker red car comes up behind it. There are more coming onto the track. The red and white rolls in to a halt in front of the garage. Four men go to work on it while a young woman with a clipboard welcomes the driver back. It is Ranru, pulling off the helmet so we can see her. It was really hard to tell under all that padded racing clothes. Her hair is longer now, and fluffs out around her face. I think the other girl is the racer we once met. But she glances at her watch and reminds Ranru she mustn't be late! Oh, yeah! Ranru changes clothes, and quite possibly has showered. She unfolds her bike to ride off with a sad remark about too bad about Yukito. Yes, it IS Sayaka the racer she is talking to! Ranru is the other girl's apprentice or something like that now. Sayaka is called away by another woman. She says bye to Ranru, who rides away.

An airport. The arrival lobby. A young woman looks around and it takes us a moment to recognize Emi. Her cellphone rings, she answers it and greets.... She's at Narita airport. Another voice in another place, and it is a baseball team's lockers. A group of foreign players and one is Barns. "How is Emi?" he asks into his phone. She laughingly responds to him. He tells her Mai-chan is in Seattle. Oh my lord, he's a MARINER!! No, I can't confirm that. "Really?" she asks him. Hmm, he's grown a fuzzy beard. But she has to let him go now, and heads with her luggage out the doors of the airport. "Sensei, Sensei!" she hollars. The person she is travelling with is far ahead of her.

An RV, stopped beside the road. The driver is working on the engine. A small voice from the child on the roof in English says, "Excuse me, but I'm still waaaaiting." A familiar male voice answers "Wait a little longer, please!" Mai, atop the vehicle, pouts and sighs, "Oh, come on!" The man under the hat (whom the intelligent have already realized is Ryouga) says happily, "You're English has REALLY improved, Mai-chan!" (it may also be noted that though they are speaking decently, their pronounciation reveals that they have done more practicing than actual understanding of what they are saying) Although Mai almost sounds natural when she says, "Of course it has! It's been six months!" He laughs, wiggles his hips and says "I guess so!" Mai continues in Japanese, probably relieved at being allowed to speak it again. About how six months ago it was so, so very sad. So terrible! Ryouga leans back and grins up at her, his hair also longer. "And I'm really, really sorry about that time!" he says affectionately. "But I was so surprised!" she pouts at him.

There she'd been, crying against Emi's coat. In the distance glass panes were still falling from high windows. Ranru's bracelet suddenly squawked. "Mai-chan!" came Ryoga's happy voice from it. "You can stop crying." They all gasped and gathered around, Mai pulled Ranru's bracelet to her, "Ryo-chan, is it really you?" she whimpered, lashes wet with tears. He tells her warmly that he couldn't die, he had to come back to her. They are all utterly ecstatic. But then there is another explosion, the ground shakes and cracks...! And up come the Bakuryu! Even Styracco calls. Tyranno opens his mouth, inside of which stand Sanjo and Ryouga. Yatsudenwani skips and says he knew they were alive. Hahah. "But how?" asks a delighted Ryunosuke. Ryoga blames it all on Sanjo. In the explosion the pair had been struggling, but Sanjo had said to give up (huh? Am I confused, yes) They'd hit, and gone down with Dezumozorlya. Down, down, down into the Earth. The big explosion had occurred way, way down beneath. Ryoga now holds a happy Mai, while Sanjo looks exasperated. So, Sanjo had suggested it! And Ranru grins because it was his strategy. And he tells them coolly that the year is over at last. "And you're still an idiot," he teases Ryoga, walking off. Giggling, they all join him.

A bright red sports car, and Emi joins the driver, her teacher. By now I've figured it out. Sure enough, it's Sanjo. He sighs at her enthusiasm. They wonder if Asuka and the others will be there.

For the whirling vortex in the sky, the Bakuryulined up to say goodbye. Asuka and Mahoro are taking their daughter and returning home. They say their goodbyes. With their power they will restore Dino Earth. For the future. Hopefully, Ranru asks what the baby's name is. The pair sheepishly laugh and glance shyly at each other. Finally Asuka says softly, "Mikoto." For a moment they share a pained grief, "It's a good name," says Ranru softly. All of the Bakuryu say goodbye to their friends, with remarks about family and caring. They all promise never to forget each other. Anklyo, somewhat curious, asks Yatsudenwani why he's staying on Another Earth. Sheepishly, Yatsudenwani tells them he loves it here. He never really knew Dino Earth, I guess. Bracchio tells them they have to hurry. Kera says his goodbyes to Sanjo, who is having trouble being stoic. And turns his back so they cannot see his tears. Asuka, Mahoro and baby Mikoto glow orange now, and Asuka says goodbye to them all, his voice shaking. They all turn to energy, heading into the glow. Ryouga hollars that they'll never forget their friends. Everyone blinks back tears. "Someday!" screams Yatsudenwani. And the vortex is gone. And Yatsudenwani tells us it's not over quite yet!

Yokota-san has been recruited to help with the snacks. They've put up a banner about the Abare reunion over the stained glass tyrannosaur. Ryunosuke is pleased. Yatsudenwani is getting ready to put a plate of food out when Ranru arrives happily. Ryunosuke welcomes her back warmly. Yatsudenwani yelps, "Master, would you hold this a moment?" and passes the tray off to him. The Torinoid falls to his knees to greet a very embarrassed Ranru. But then she looks around and realizes, "Hey, am I the first one here?" Ryunosuke confirms with a grin. And then Emi arrives with cool Sanjo on her heels. The girls greet each other happily, slap hands. Sanjo looks around, seeming a bit lost. "Where's Ryoga?" he asks. Ryunosuke points out that he's late. Ranru tells them he's taken Mai-chan to see the world. And right on cue the pair arrive in their cowboy hats and Ryoga with a tassled brown leather jacket. Ryoga plops his hat on Sanjo's head telling him it's a souvenier, while the girls giggle together. Sanjo takes it off to eye the inseams suspiciously. Then he puts in on Yatsudenwani's head. Sanjo looks discomfitted still, fussing with his clothes and Ryoga starts to tease him affectionately. "You did, didn't you!!" "You, too?" asks a startled Sanjo. Ranru laughs, "Me, too!" All mischief, fuzzy Ryouga grins at them. They leap back and he calls the pair playfully to join him. They pull off their jackets to reveal that underneath (translation: full wardrobe change) they are all wearing their jackets Ryunosuke had made for them so long ago. He is delighted, and Yokota claps. And then the door opens. A pair of customers walk in and hello, it's the young man who played Mikoto with the young woman who played Rijewel, who is tugging him towards a seat while Ryunosuke is trying to find a way to break it to the pair that they're not open right now. Just then another trio arrives. This consists of the actors who played Mahoro, Asuka and Rije. This is their first time in this restaurant. And the Abaranger trio do a double-take, gaping at these familiar faces.

Dreamily, the man who looks like Nakadai says, "This seems like a really nice shop." "It's just perfect," agrees his date. Emi, Mai and Ryunosuke all gape at the pair. Yatsudewani whimpers that this has got to stop. Asuka's double is ecstatic, his wife and daughter smile fondly at his rather over-the-top reaction as he breaks into sobs of delight. The wife exchanges an affectionate glance with her daughter, then decides she'll have the dinosaur curry. "Really? You're trying something new?" asks her child. A somewhat dismayed Ryunosuke tells them that this isn't a normal day, but then he can't help it and invites them all to join them for their Nabe-party. This is greeted with enthusiasm by all their unexpected guests. He shakes hands with Nakadai's double as they all head for the sige room, leaving their shoes behind. Together they all eat, delighting in the taste. Yatsudenwani gobbles up his bowl. I mean the bowl, too. The young couple feed each other. The daughter of the other couple watches them, or perhaps just him, with total concentration, she's in love. Her parents see the focus of her gaze and are rather surprised. When the young man feeds his lady something, the little girl's father decides this is inappropriate for his daughter to see and sternly waves his chopsticks in front of her face until she snaps out of it and starts eating her food. And then he happily offers a chopstick full of delicious food to his wife. Yatsudenwani managed to appropriate the spot next to Ranru, and he is very carefully trying to chat her up. She, meanwhile, notices how Emi is serving Sanjo, and we all realize what is going on there. Of course, no such idea can be drawn from Yokoto serving Ryunosuke or Mai and Ryoga. Ranru is mournful, for everyone is paired up with someone they love, and she's stuck with the enormous love-struck alligator. And then she decides to enjoy it and offers him a mouthful of food from her own bowl. He is ecstatic when she places the food on his tongue. Their guests at the other table, them at this one. The father has relaxed enough to hand off a spoon to the young man.

Thank you for watching us this year

Dekaranger episode one: Fireball Newcomer
Four different police vehicles, one helicoptor, one dog-headed base-robot. Five heroes, blahblahblah. One on a motorcyle. Monsters made of metal with vicious faces. A captain who is a blue-headed dog. The Dekaranger assembled. The young woman who will be yellow, someone saying "That's not human!" (maybe her) She has a gun and a grim expression on her face. So too is green, for they face a strange monster. Blue looks frightened. Pink looks determined. Last to run in is the boy who will be red. With a flaming car and two guns, too.

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