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第31話 そのアバレ、究極につき
Sono Abare, Kyuukyoku ni Tsuki
That Abare, The Ultimate Luck!

Our heroes have been using their computers in a standing search to find Dimenocodon and Knuckles. And at last it's proved fruitful. But, as ever, it is only a trick to get them into a position where Nakadai can further ruin their lives. They come to the island, where Killerghost manages to capture the three primary Bakuryu, while Asuka is trying to free a new weapon from the stone. He whirls in horror to see his friends fall off a cliff into the water. They had not quite expected the power of KillerGhost. Watching, Rije is delighted and bounces up. "You did it! You beat the Abaranger! That's so great, Miko-sama!" Jannu and Mikela are quite startled. While Mikela starts to stutter excitedly, Jannu snarls "Where is Voffa?!" and starts to pace. But Mikoto Nakadai says authoratatively, "I don't believe it's over yet." Startled, Rije leans in and asks, "Really?" Rubbing his chin thoughtfully he answers her something about the Bakuryu. Probably that he would know if the bond to their humans had been destroyed. "I think there's still more to come." And he wanders disconsolately away from his throne. "Miko-sama?" Rije wonders. He is puzzling to her.

Ryunosuke and Emi ride through the night to the edge of the water. A great, black tower rises and a blur of color hangs from it. It is Bracchio, who leans his head down to set his burdens tenderly on the shore. Emi and Ryunosuke run to them. The three lie so still and they call their names. Bracchio says calmly, "It's all right. They are alive. I'm leaving them to you." But the three won't wake.

Morning comes. The night was a long one, bandaging the kids, settling them comfortably in the raised dining area. Ryouga's head and stomach are swathed in white gauze. Mai lies on him, his jacket spread over her. Emi has fallen asleep sitting up, leaning against the wall, the first aid kit still held in her lap. Ryunosuke sleeps in the doorway. A startled voice from outside says, "Eh? They're closed today? That's wierd," in dismay. That wakes him and he blinks, soon pulling himself together. He has a pan of water and some rags he's been using to clean their wounds. He gets up and heads past the secret room, open for now. Asuka is still hacking away at the stone. Pieces of it are all over the floor.

Asuka's wrapped a black cloth around the blade where he has to hold it with his hand. He pries away with it, and the stone still there has taken on the shape of the shield he saw in his visions. He brushes dust away, determined to get this out with his bare hands if need be, which brings back the terrible memories of when he'd taken the ancient armor, when it became a fossilized shell in his hands, and then he'd transformed into it and attacked his own people. The old man yelling in shock, "Asuka, you've become evil?!" And the great Evorian Fortress looming over Tokyo. The other man wearing the armor who had come down. The mystery of how it ended up in Evorian hands from his. Starting to get somewhat hysterical, he stabs fiercely but "Ryo-chan!" Mai's shrill cry of relief turns his attention outwards. Emi and Ryunosuke follow, him calling, "You're awake! What a relief!" Asuka gets back to working on the shield.

Ryouga sits up gingerly. Staring about he asks, "How...?" Ryunosuke answers him. "Bracchio saved you. He brought you to us from the sea." "But KillerGhost?" wonders Ryouga. Ryunosuke has to admit reluctantly, "We don't know. There's been nothing for fifteen hours." He sits disconsolately. "But... Tyranno and the others?" Ryouga asks, dreading the answer, which is a negative sighing grunt and a shake of the head. And numb with shock, Ryouga can imagine the Bakuryu trapped in disintegrating shields, hanging in flames. Killerghost holding them in the crystal on its chest, and Nakadai cackling smugly. "He beat us," Ryouga whispers.

But Nakadai himself doesn't feel so sure. KillerGhost returns to the Dino Earth, blue lightning raining along its body. It staggers towards them and little sounds of pain seem to eminate from it. Startled, the others take a step back. Rije asks worriedly, "What's wrong?" Her answer comes from inside the creature. Tyranno announces his defiance where he floats inside. The others add their voices, they will last long enough for the others to help them. This causes Nakadai to grin lunatically. "That's good, waiting!" he gets off the throne and suddenly his eyes light on... "Jannu." He heads towards her. "There is a thing you have that turns Bakuryu to serve the dark." She clenches her fossil shell tight in her hands and glares at him, then whirls to look towards Rije, who smirks and pulls a lower lid down, sticking out her tongue. But the human isn't finished yet. "Give it to me, I'm going to use it." "Who do you think you are?" she growls, turns and starts stalking away. But Rije bounces past her, snatching the tool and dashing it to Nakadai. Furious, Jannu starts to pull her blade only to find Nakadai has his at her throat. He's transferred into armor. He mocks her lightly for her failure up to now. It's his turn. Scowling, she snarls, "Then give it back after," and stalks away. Mikela decides to clear out, too. And Rije hands the shell to Nakadai. He is very pleased. And now he has orders for KillerGhost.

Back at the restaurant, Ryunosuke and Emi have prepared comfort food. For their young trio is certainly in need of comfort. Ranru faces the wall, and a single tear traces a path down her cheek. Ryouga faces the main dining area. Sanjo is at the low table, silent. "Hey," Emi tells him gently, proferring a bowl. "You really need to eat something." He dully glances towards her, then turns his gaze away. Ryouga sighs silently. But suddenly the computer signals, and on its wide screen there is an image of the five stolen Bakuryu held in energy bubbles hovering over the city. "Tyranno!" gasps Mai. But Ryouga has already surged to his feet, a broad grin on his face. The others hurtle out to see. Ryunosuke notes, "And the other Bakuryu!" Emi bounces with delight. "They're alive!" Asuke dashes towards the screen, his eyes narrow and he says, "But there's something strange!" Indeed there is. They are bathed in an unearthly light. Their eyes gleam and dim, again and again. They are making protesting snarls. And then our humans hear Nakadai's voice, mocking as ever. "Come on out, Abaranger!" He speaks through his tool, KillerGhost, which stands atop a building. "You have to keep fighting. 'Cause if you don't, these will all become Dark Bakuryu." Sanjo's hands curl into fists. Eyes hard, Ryouga says, "What?" And Nakadai says, "Do you want the city to suffer damage like before?" And we recall before, when the Bakuryu were loose and yellow, poisoned by the Evorian power. Trampling through the city. Asuka looks horrified. Ryouga only says, "Let's go." Sanjo agrees readily. When Emi hesitantly protests, he gives her a look that silences her. For they are ready, as they only can be. "Ryo-chan," Mai asks, tilting her head back to look up at his face. He tenderly brushes her hair with his fingertips. "Wait, please!" Asuka says from behind the now-blank computer screen. He holds his blade firmly, black cloth to protect his bare hand. "I'm almost done. I've almost got the weapon I saw in my dream, your new soldier." He starts chipping away at the stone again. They trail him into the small room, Ranru saying his name uncertainly. Sanjo raises an issue he would. "What if this is only something you imagined in your dream?" Asuka glances back at him irritably. "It's real. That was no ordinary dream. I'll get this out." "I believe you," Ryouga says determinedly. Then adds sadly, "But we still have to go." When Asuka turns to look worriedly at him he adds, "But I'll leave this all to you." And off the three start, to find Ryunosuke in front of them with their jackets to don like suits of armor. Ryouga nods firm courage to him.

Rije is absolutely delighted and praises this from the throne. "The Abaranger will fail at the last moment again!" she delights. She bounces up and puts her arms about Nakadai's waist. "That's just like you, Miko-sama!" He utters an amused snort and moves to settle on the throne. "Just wait until you're an adult. Then you'll really understand human pain." "Yep!" she sings agreeably, then trots away towards Mikela. "Oh, I want to grow up quickly!" Mikela doesn't appreciate this. For one thing, this has ruined all of his and Voffa's preparations for Rije's birthday. But suddenly Rije gives a small cry of pain. She starts to double over and green fog puffs out around her body. "Again?" she whimpers, sinking to her knees. Startled, Nakadai sits up and leans over to get a view of what's going on. As the green fog seems to disappate, a white glow forms in front of her. Rije's human doppelganger appears. "TWO Rije's?" yelps a startled Mikela. Rije stares in surprise. "You again? From before? Is this YOUR doing?" The glowing girl shakes her head slowly, then disappears. "She's gone," gasps Mikela. Rije gets back to her feet, both frightened and outraged. Nakadai is intrigued but only a little. He snorts and pulls out the stone to study.

Jannu wanders the length of the great building until she hears the strains of music. Voffa is composing, and far above him floats a new Evorian Fortress. But what he's composing is being formed underneath it. A great, insectile tank-like creation. Voffa chuckles smugly. Jannu stalks up behind him. "You've made another Giganoid." Startled, he turns to her while the music notes float above them. "This is not a Giganoid!" he tells her. This is something for conquering Another Earth, something about blood. "Give it to me," she demands, stalking past him. "And why would I do that? It's for me to drive." She stares up at it and responds something to the effect that she's better for this. She's the one that'll have to go out in it. He accepts that, and tells her to wait. He chuckles as he gets back to composing. "Hurry," she tells him. "I have to get back there and destroy Asuka. He'll be MINE!"

KillerGhost, a creature with no mind of its own, speaks with Nakadai's voice. "What's taking so long, Abaranger?" Well of course the three arrive. "Give us back our Bakuryu!" snarls Sanjo. Killerghost blasts at them, to which they respond by changing into armor and challenging. But KillerGhost cuts through them. They come back for more, all three getting tumbled and bashed, and blasted by red lightning. He laughs at them. "Finished already?" But Ryouga leads another charge.

Back at the restaurant, the others are watching this battle on the computer screen. Mai whimpers and Emi kneels beside her, holding her shoulders to convey strength. Ryunosuke passes the screen to stare into the room where Asuka continues his mad chipping. "Don't give up, Asuka," he thinks. The cloth has split, and Asuka's skin is slices. Red blood makes the operation a bit slippery but he keeps going. He wedges the blade in and puts his full weight on it. And it snaps, the end is in his hand. He stares in surprise. The others continue fighting, but they are getting their second wind. Ryouga attacks with the Tyranno Rod, only to have a rather startling loss. Killerghost bashes the end off of it to smash on the cement, and tosses him aside. Sanjo leaps in next with the Tricera Bunker. KillerGhost smashes through it, destroying the weapon. He turns towards Ranru next, she fires futilely with her Abarelaser, he kicks her away and the other two assemble to protect her. His next blast takes them down and they are struggling wearily when Tyranno calls from above. "Guys!! We will not be turned to the dark!" he shouts. He assures them, speaking for all five of the imprisoned Bakuryu. And his determination gives them knew strength. They charge back into battle.

Asuka, in a fury, raises his broken blade and brings it down hard on the stone he's carved out. When it hits, a blue, red and yellow glow pours out around it. The glow flares over the shield-shaped stone. Asuka gazes wildly at it. "This... AH! That's IT!" he gasps.

The ever-loving trio of our heroes gets knocked down again. Ryouga leads them into Abaremode, the spikes radiate from their armor and as one they charge Killerghost to help their friends. Of course, Nakadai is merely amused and blasts them down again through his tool. He mocks them, as always. Ryouga defies him, but he says he's just having a lovely time. He doesn't need anyone. He catches Ryouga, who has some pointed remarks about believing, and temporarily forces Killerghost back, but ends up blasts and out of Abaremode. The others gather, as Killerghost approaches to finish them off. But before he closes on them, a wind forces him back. Asuka has arrived in armor, with the stone shield out. When Killerghost blasts them, he meets it with the shield. The backlash of power makes his teeth rattle, but the shield holds, though he is forced back a few steps. He returns the power-blast to Killerghost, who falls. The Abaranger are delighted, but Asuka is also slumping to his knees, and they leap to gather him up. He pushes the shield into Ryouga's hands and tells him they'll have to pool their Dinoguts into it. So the three stand up, Ryouga holding the shield. "Guys, your Dinoguts!" On either side of him, they nod but Sanjo frets, "We don't know what will happen." Ranru, though, has an idea. "Our power will become one." With this knowledge, they cup their hands, pour power into a ball of energy and then relay it into the shield Ryouga holds. Bathed in rainbow light, it loses its stone appearance and becomes a deep red, gold and black spiked thing. And Ryouga's armor, enhanced the his companions' power, also changes. Streams of golden sweet design, the diamonds that become spikes are now blue with yellow piping. The three-pronged symbol on his chest becomes a five-pronged reflection of the shield. He shines, radiating the power poured into him. Ranru and Sanjo's armor vanishes. They are bruised, battered and exhausted, but they have poured all their hope into him with their strength. And as he marches to meet Killerghost, he is confident. He stops and holds out the shield. Flaring orange lighting engulfs Killerghost, and the two disappear together. "They're gone!" gasps Ryunosuke. But Emi, having some sort of instinct (probably based on watching the anime "X") declares they've gone to a fighting field. Her eyes are bright and she rubs her hands gleefully.

Indeed. The rather surprised Killerghost falls through darkness into streaming light. It lands and squeals, staring about. It finds itself hopping the frozen rocks of some distant planet's rings. But a moment later, in a rainbow, Ryouga arrives and his shield develops a blade. They fight in mid air, near a black-hole grid. Distant worlds are half seen, galaxies roll beneath them. Ryouga smashes him bast computer grids, onto crystalline surfaces. Killerghost is unable to defend, is tossed into a glittering web before Ryouga finally bisects him, and then returns to the real world, where Killer falls and explodes into nothingness.

"Yay!" cries Mai. Ryunosuke trembles with pride. "That's one powerful warrior!" Emi is also delighted. "That's like max power!" And then it occurs to her, and a devilish gleam enters her eyes. "Yeah! We'll call this one AbareMax!!"

Ryouga stands, marvelling at the power running through him. And it finally dies down. "Wow. That's like... like a dream of power!"

On Dino Earth Rije utters a dismayed "Oh!" Nakadai leaps up. "What happened now?" She turns and blinks at him, "Red, he - " Nakada clenches his fist around the stone and then with a hiss starts to throw it viciously away. "Hold it right there!" snaps Jannu. He stops and glances back at her. "Give it back, now." Peeved at the defeat of his creature rendering the stone useless, Nakadai throws it to her and stalks off. She goes the other way.

Ryouga runs to join the others, everyone in their civvies now. Grinning like a loon he says, "Asuka, we did it." They exchange proud smiles and thumbs up. Above them there are the roars of the Bakuryu. Free at last, Tyranno is literally dancing. Ptera soars through the sky and says, "Oh, it's so good to breath the scent of Another Earth again!" Kera says, "Yukito-san, thank you very much!" Both proud and ornery, Sanjo says "You have to thank Ranru, Asuka and Ryouga too!" Ranru anxiously grabs at Ryouga's shoulder. "What about Pachy and Dimenocodon?" But she is answered. The two of them are also free. She calls to them, "We're so sorry, we didn't make it in time." But the two Bakuryu are trying to counter-apologize for letting themselves be used. Sanjo tells them they aren't the bad ones at all, and Ryouga agrees with him. Ranru points out they're together and Pachy agrees, having all four of the Abaranger surely means they'll be able to defeat both the Evorian and Abarekiller! Asuka winces. Back at the base Emi shouts an indignant reminded about her, Ryunosuke and possibly Mai. Tyranno laughingly agrees, all of them about having those friends. But Asuka, struck by this talk of allies, plunges into the memory of how he had ruthlessly attacked his own people after donning the ancient armor. He shudders and draws a breath.

Rije is angry. She takes out her anger by kicking Mikela in the... um... bottom? "What's that for?" he complains painfully. Practically stamping Rije ignores him and complains, "Oh, why do they have to get stronger? It's such a pain!" she bounces over to Nakadai, who sits the throne still looking a bit peeved. "It's really annoying, isn't it, Miko-sama?" But he counters, "It's good, actually. Of course if they've become stronger, that means the game is more fun." He raises his eyebrows playfully at her. This, at least, she understands. "Oh, yes!" and nods agreement. The effort to avoid being bored is what made her meet him in the first place. A bit annoyed that she listens to Nakadai so easily, Mikela starts to grumble. But there is a sudden booming sound, and the place they're in shakes slightly. Voffa trundles into that section to announce proudly the completion of Barugiginia. "Harmugigenia?" wonders Mikela. "Barugiginia!!!" Voffa corrects him firmly. And he wants Rije to send it out to Another Earth. "I don't wanna!" she snaps and trots around behind Nakadai, who watches this with interest and clear suspicion. "Why are you bothering me about it?" Voffa starts to stutter, when Nakadai cocks his head towards her. "Oh no, go ahead and do it. I'd like to see his toy." His eyes gleam and he watches Voffa with clear mockery. "It shall be as Miko-sama says!" Rije announces happily, and she kisses the air, sending out the power towards Voffa's creation. The great new Evorian Fortress pulls the insectile thing inside of it. And off they go.

"Armonogaisu!" gasps Asuka when they see it appear. Yes, number two. What will happen now, Tyranno asks us. The great fortress hurtles through the skies. And Jannu stands in the control room, face white. "This is your last day, Asuka! This is my revenge for your betrayal!" And she holds her hands over the large, curving shell of the control device. It glows with channelled power. Golden red lightning strikes buildings from the cruel ship. Entire skyscrapers are blasted apart, and the Abaranger dodge falling debris. Sanjo's eyes blaze and he starts to go into battle, but Ranru calls, "Wait, there's something strange!" Yes, indeed. Something like a caterpiller comes out of the ship, heading for the surface at high speeds. An enormous, metal caterpillar with cruel claws. "What is THAT?!" gasps Ryouga. In the control room, the strip of color on Jannu's forhead glows red, her eyes echo the glow. She controls the thing rolling now on the city's roads.

第32話 アバレ爆竜フルソロットル
In our next episode... we have the shield, now we must have the Bakuryu! The mighty one who pulls an armored chariot! They pool their power yet again into Ryouga. And Asuka goes into battle alone, thinking his goodbyes to the others. For their sake.... he boards the new ship. Fight, fight, fight.

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第32話 アバレ爆竜フルソロットル
Abare Bakuryu Full Throttle

In our last episode, Abarekiller had five Bakuryu trapped, intended to put them under the control of evil, preferably by breaking their hearts over the failure of their human companions to help them. But he hadn't counted on everyone throwing a new wrench into the works. Killerghost was first blocked, then destroyed by the new shield Asuka brought which transformed Ryouga into Abaremax. But it wasn't over, for a new Evorian Fortress appeared, and dropped an enormous mecha, 暴走連結生命体バルギゲニア Bousou renketsu seimei tai Barugigenia, on the city streets. Er... coupling train living body... something like that.

Asuka's gaze is deadly, and our heroes call to their friends, who confirm. They change into armor, and form up Abarenor to face this huge enemy. It trundles into them, and they struggle to hold it, lift and toss the thing out of the city. It lands and heads underground. They stare around, looking for it. "Whaaa..? How wierd!" wonders Ryouga. Sanjo signals home and Emi is trying to track it. Ranru puzzles "It looks like it's run away." They are blissfully unaware of the great fortress looming over them. Jannu changes into her armor slowly, her focus all on Asuka. Barugigenia springs from the ground and goes on the attack. It knocks them down, and Jannu calls. "Come out, Asuka! Or I'll destroy this whole world!" But to her shock, the glowing girl in white appears to ask her if this is really the right thing to do. Her appearance sends Jannu into a fit of agony. "What are you doing to me?" "I'm not doing anything," the girl responds, telling her something is trying to waken within her. Jannu screams that there is nothing in her to wake. "But you can hear it, crying." "Shut up!" Jannu screams, and she slices at the girl. The blade seems to disrupt her, and she cringes, vanishing as it touches. But Jannu's been shocked from her amor, and she gasps.

Barugigenia goes underground again. "Why did it run away?" wonders Ranru. Asuka arrives at Abarenor's foot and turns around, sees the great fortress flying away. And then the girl appears and tells him anxiously, "Jannu's in there! Please, Jannu is..." and she disappears. Asuka knows only that she is there.

Jannu is indeed there, and talking to herself, reminding herself that she hates Asuka and has every reason to. "Ever since that day!!!"

Years ago, Dino Earth. Mahoro in black fighting armor with her brother Mizuho had breached the Evorian base. There were Barmia, a seemingly ceaseless number, she battled them. Her brother was across the misty room from her, struggling with them too. She shot several down. Mizuho took out some others, seemed to be getting cornered. But he was able to destroy them. He started to call out to her with green, thorny tentacles wrapped around his torse and blue-white lightning skittered along his body. He cried out in agony as he was lifted away, up into the blackness above. "Big brother!" she shouted and dashed forward. He was gone. She stopped, eyes wide, near the pulsing, green sack. And those same green tentacles lash out again, wrapping around her wrists, pinning her cruelly back against one of the pillars. A cold, deep voice speaks to her. "I am Dezumozorlya," it tells her. He is, in fact, the glowing green sack. "Resistance soldier," he tells her something about the impossibility and how she's been given up for lost. "Don't play with me!" she snarls back at him/it. She counters that her friends and the people who love her would never give up on her. She remembers swearing her promise to Asuka, with his pledge on her wrist. The locket with her picture she'd given to him. They would never, ever, give up on each other.

Reading her mind, Dezumozorlya says, "That man will not come." Trembling with fury, she snarls "He will. Asuka will always come!" "He has betrayed you," he counters. "He would NEVER betray me!" she snarls back. "Is that so? Let me show you." Beside her, in the air, there forms a viewing image.

Asuka's voice brings her to look as perhaps she never should have. He lies on a pallet, looking miserable. "There's been no contact from her and Mizuho," he sniffles. "Asuka!" she says his name softly. But he of course cannot hear her. "They're already - " he cannot say it, and starts to sob quietly. "Why? Why, Asuka?" Mahoro whispers. "I'm here...! I'm here! Why are you giving up?!" She calls his name again. Watches as he lifts the locket he wears around his neck. "Mahoro is dead," he sobs. He curls on his pallet, bandages all over his body. And another girl is across the room. She comes over to him, slim and lovely, to offer comfort. He uncurls to let her tend his wounds and she tries to assure him, hands tender on his bare skin. "It's going to be all right," she says. "Naita," he whimpers back. "Thank you, Naita." And he puts an arm around her and curls into the comfort of her body. Majoro just stares, too stunned. Seeing his lips, even in misery, parted against the other woman's skin. She screams a broken-hearted protest to this scene. Jannu, now. She surges to her feet, roaring with fury and madness. She staggers back.

Voffa, monitoring the goings ons but too far away to undertand them wonders what she is doing. Nakadai stands up and says coolly, "Because she's hallucinating. She's seeing something we can't. Halluncinations. And she's losing to whoever she sees in them." He stalks by, wandering into the shadows. "What is that about?" wonders Rije.

Back at the Dinosaur restaurant, Emi is bandaging Ranru's injured ankle. Ryouga and Sanjo are eating curry. Mai asks if Ryouga is all right, and he reassures her that he is. But they are unaware of what Asuka is doing. For he is returning to the leather armor he'd arrived on Another Earth in. Sanjo wonders why that monster keeps running off. Ranru thanks Emi for her doctoring and comes to point out that Abarenor had been in danger. Or was too dangerous? Ryunosuke has praises which brighten her up. Ryouga agrees they shan't give up. And then a noise behind brings his attention around. Asuka steps out of the secret control room, armored and looking quite formidable. His whole stride reeks of purpose. They move to head him off. He says he knows that Jannu is flying that ship, and controlling that monster. And he knows the power. He will assure their future. They want to go with him, but he tells them no, they must fight in Abarenor. Mai is worried, but he kneels and tells her to be a good girl, and tells them to use their Dinoguts together. Takes each of their hands in his and tells them thank you. Then he leaves. Looking quite alarmed, they stare after him. Sanjo says, "Let's go." As one, they head out the door after him.

Asuka runs to the middle of a bridge. Pauses, looks at his controller and says to Bracchio that he wants him to watch out for and protect the others in his place. Bracchio says his name uncertainly. But Asuka changes into armor, calls out his Ride Raptor, and heads off for Jannu. He never notices the other three trailing behind him.

Jannu is still staggering about, still trapped in her memories. For Dezumozorlya had let the cruel scenes he was showing Mahoro fade from the air. She still stared blankly at where they had been. Then he says smugly to her, "You and Mizuho both shall serve me." She hears the words vaguely. "You shall receive my greenness in your body." She has no will to fight him. She watches vaguely as power pools until it pours into her, and she screams in sheer agony.

A baby cries. Wrapped in soft, white silk, it has been placed in a green pod. Voffa says soft, affectionate words to it. Mikela is nearby. And Dezumozorlya is a powerful, green force nearby. Mikela turns and says, "Oh how cute! Come and see your and Dezumozorlya's child!"

Mahoro stands fara way, her back turned. Her face is bruised and swollen, her hair ragged. Bruises mar the skin of her chest, the tattered remains of her clothing half fallen from her shoulders. "Mahoro!" Mikela calls. "Mahoro..." she repeats brokenly. Slowly she turns and stares at them with dead eyes. Her brother comes up beside her, he wears the ancient armor. "I've already thrown that name away," she says. Her brother says confidently, "We are part of the darkness, now." She looks at him, nods slightly. "Big brother." He growls softly, "For his betrayal, we will destroy Asuka." "Yes," she agrees. And with some amusement Dezumozorlya says, "The from now on you are one of us. And you will be called Jannu." His power slices out, into her to reform and restructure what is left of her mind. As she cries out in agony, the pod closes over the the innocent baby who now bears a shimmering star-mark on her forehead. The power fades, absorbed into her, leaving the woman in red. Jannu.

She climbs out of the memories and back into her armor, her resolve firm. Asuka arrives and stares up at the coasting ship. The others gather at his side. "Asuka-san," says Ryouga softly, but he seems to ignore them and calls Bracchio, who comes. In the ship, in her armor, Jannu snarls "Come out, Barugigenia! We'll take Asuka back to Dino Earth!!" And out it leaps. Bracchio calls the others, but before he can let them out, Barugigenia hits him, then suddenly parts into flying components which fire down on the heroes. Asuka sees the ship flying off, and he leaps high into the air. Bracchio, under attack, can't let the others out. He finally falls over on his side. Ryouga suggests they try Abare Max, and after a moment's hesitation, seeing Bracchio's predicament, the others agree. They pour their power into him, and lose their armor. It is hard for them to stay afoot, but they watch him go with all their hopes. He leaps at the great formation, which knocks him down but he is unhurt and fires at it. His suit holds against the flames it blasts him with, but the shield begins to glow. And a distand sound, somehow blending a deep bass of a foghorn with the roar of a beast, rings in their ears. For in a place that isn't here, Ryouga can see atop a spiked hill with a long track coming down. There is a mighty Bakuryu, with chariot behind it. "That's..." breathes Ryouga. And a voice which may be the Bakuryu's or perhaps it is Bracchio who says joyfully, "Densetsu no Bakuryu, Styracosaurus!" That one shakes his head, and Ryouga finds himself floating up, up into the cockpit of the enormous chariot. On either side of the control board are two long chest-like things which look much like enormous versions of Asuka's key/harmonica. "I'm in Sytracosaurus..." And he places the shield in the place meant for it. And they go into battle. They appear in the real world to the delight of his two companions. When Barugigenia breaks down into his component parts to fight, Jannu is ready to watch this new one be rendered useless. But her watching is interrupted by the arrival of Asuka.

He tells her this is the end. And they struggle, two armored, powerful beings, blasting each other. Her blast takes him out of his armor. His takes her out of hers. And we see something on her left wrist. The small garland Asuka had given Mahoro, so long ago, as pledge of their love. He sees it too, and stares in shock as she cradles her bleeding wrist. It had been there all along, hidden underneath her wrist-brace. He gasps, "Why do you have that?" She staggers to her feet, staring at it without comprehension. She asks the same question. "Why? Why this?" And she is getting hysterical. Asuka says, his voice shaking with hope and realization, "You're... Mahoro?" his voice is tiny and then with more strength, starting to get up he cries, "You're Mahoro?!" Eyes pools of black pain, she stares at him and then her face begins to twist. "I... I..!" she pulls her blade and points it at him. "I threw Mahoro away! Do not speak that name!!" He stares stubbornly back at her. "I could never forget you, Mahoro." And though she cries in paralyzed fury for him to stop, he continues. "Mahoro, you're the only woman I ever loved!" Wrecked, she shakes her head, tears starting to force their way over her eyelids. But Asuka digs under his armor to pull out the locket she'd given him all those years ago. "This, this is forever!" he tells her, and opens it to reveal her picture. And she breaks, a scream torn from her throat as she wrenches back in agony. She starts to fall, her hand dropping the blade only to be taken by Asuka's, who leaps to catch her in his arms. The ship is sparking around them.

Barugigenia tries to go underground again, but Ryouga directs Styracosaurus after it, the new Bakuryu closes its beak on Barugigenia's tail. It's kept above ground, and Ryouba uses "Fireball Crash" attack, which is a fall-back to an old chariot-racing trick. Namely that of using the spikes of your wheels to destroy the wheels of the next guy over. Barugigenia is torn and crippled by the attack. Ranru and the others are all very pleased. That battle over, Ryouga runs to them and they praise Styracosaurus. Sanjo comments that Asuka will be proud. But where is he? They suddenly realize and all look up. The fortress hovers above them.

She opens her eyes. There is no mark on her forehead. The death and murder has drained away, leaving a kind of bewildered blankness until she sees who holds her. "Asuka?" she wonders. Holding her hand tight he whimpers her name. "Mahoro..!" Still groping with the blackness in her mind she wonders dreamily, "What did I do?" He recognizes the slow coagulation of fear and pulls her tight into his arms. She weakly tries to touch him back as he cries her name again and again. The warmth and strength of him, she's been so long without him.... But then the orange mark appears on her forehead, sending a bolt of sheer agony through her. He pulls loose at her cry of pain to check and she tries to throttle him. "I AM JANNU!!!!" she snarls in madness. She throws him across the room, yells that she hates him and changes into armor. They fight, and he tries to reach her again, tries desperately to tell her he loves her, that everything he's ever done is because of her. But there is so much he does not know. "I am Jannu, not Mahoro!" she snarls back. And in trying to bisect him, she destroys the ship's control panel. It begins to blow, and they see the fires from below. And Asuka, seeing her stagger towards him, lets a tear fall. "Mahoro... goodbye." And he brings out his blade and attacks the armored woman. She falls. And he seems to stay. And the ship bursts apart in flames.

"Asuka!" cries Ranru, falling to her feet. Ryouga and Sanjo remain standing, but only just.

第33話 アバレ戦士を忘れない
Is Asuka really dead, asks Kera. Another monster based loosely on the same build as Killerghost comes down. Another Torinoid, and Sanjo walks out on the others. A powerful man, black belt in karate, and Abarekiller has Asuka's harmonica/key and taunts the Abaranger with it. Evil man. Our heroes sit and watch a karate competition where that big guy is trashing all the other ones challenging him. Of course, their belts are white. And the formation with Styracosaurus is coming up. With Abarenor they will face Killeror as well as the Torinoid gone giant.

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第33話 アバレ戦士を忘れない
Abare Senshi wo Wasurenai
Never Forget the Abare Soldier

In our last episode... Asuka weeps a tear for love and pain. Shaking, he whispers Mahoro's name, then raises his long blade. "Goodbye," he says. His power swirls around him, transferring him into his Abare Suit. She staggers towards him, hand outstretched to try to throttle, bash or smash. "Forever!" he cries and brings his blade down. It slices the armor she wears. And she falls at last. The ship self-destructs around them. Fireball in the sky. Far below the other three watch, too stunned to utter a sound, Ryouga's mouth moves. Sanjo gapes along with Ranru, who finally collapses calling "Asuka-san!" Ryouga screams the name after her.

And Voffa watches in astonishment as the power he had channeled pops out of existence. He sort of staggers. Mikela is concerned. Rije stands beside Nakadai and the throne, fingers touching her forehead. Curious, Nakadai asks "Are they dead?" She moves her hand away and looks and him. "Jannu and the Dragonman seem to be gone." Mikela stutters something about fate for the two of them, he seems quite amazed. "That's a waste," comments Nakadai sternly. Something about them being wiped from the game, perhaps. "So make the next monster." Mikela sneers back at him "Can't do it without Dezumozorlya's power." Nakadai's face twists in a nasty smirk. "Guess we'll just have get that life from something else." Startled, Mikela wheels and sputters. Somewhere else is Voffa, who whimpers as Rije channels his power. And what they've made with it pleases Nakadai no end. His second Torinoid. And then he turns his head to Rije. "Send me back there, all right?" "Eh?" she gasps, getting to her feet. To her dismayed, "You want to go?" he answers he wants to get something. His grin is all mischief and mayhem. He holds out his hand to her, and she takes it unhappily and bestows a kiss on his fingers. He vanishes and she pouts. "Awe. I want to hurry up and have a nice body."

The wreckage of the new Evorian fortress lies covering an expanse of the woods. Smoke still rises, ethereal and black. Nakadai walks among the debris, pausing with a hand on his hip to cock his head thoughtfully at it all. Then something catches his attention and he looks down. A broken strip of leather attached to a rectangular object. Asuka's key/harmonica. Nakadai reaches down and picks it up. It is blackened on one end, the top end. He looks at it and sneers a laugh.

Returning to the Dinosaur Restaurant, where their two adult friends wait mournfully for them. "What about Asuka?" Ryunosuke asks right away. The three trudge in, heads hanging. Ryouga finally shakes his head. "Oh no," whispers Emi. Then more strongly she raises her gaze to his. "It's not true." She cannot help it, she steps forward, grabs his arms and shakes him as she protests that this cannot be real. It's too much to believe. But they've already been through all this ealier, and only gaze britally at her. And then there is a soft roar. Ryouga changer shines and is overridden by Bracchio, who wants to talk to them. He wants to talk to them about Asuka. About the sins he had remembered after a long, blissful amnesia. The sins of bearing the armor that had made him evil, that had sent him attacking his own people. "And that's why..?" "He couldn't forgive himself," Bracchio explains. "The fool!" whispers Ryouga. Emi falls to the floor, weeping hysterically.

Dimenocodon and Anklyo discuss this within Bracchio. Tyranno angrily shuts them up when they seem to be heading in Asuka's direction. He tells them they have to remember how they should feel and Ptera scolds him, saying that the two of them loved Asuka. They discuss if he is really dead. Inside the ship, they could not have helped him. And Bracchio pulls himself up from the water so he can feel his tears for their lost friend.

Speaking of lost friends, or whatever one wants to call him... Yatsudenwani has dealt with his abandonement it seems by playing both parts, servant and master. He plays the servant and pours a drink, then bops to sit on the couch and play the master receiving it. He's laughing at himself and doesn't hear the door click and open. Nakadai strolls in and stares at him. Yatsudenwani goes on about how without Abarekiller around, this place is his. Nakada folds his arms and leans back on a heel. He waits a moment and then says coolly, "Yes, that must be nice, isn't it?" "Yes it's SO niiIIIIIIiiiyah!" Yatsudenwani is on his feet, in a panic turning to face his returned master. He bows and scrapes, weeping. And then Nakadai's bracelet calls. "Human. You've come back." "Yes," Nakadai agrees. Stegos takes TopGaler's place on the wrist to ask what exactly he is doing working with the Evorian. Stegos is very worried. Nakadai tells him not to worry about it, to hold on a little longer. He ignores Yatsudenwani gibbering in the background and sits down on the couch. He tells Stegos there is a greater game coming, and cuts off the communication. The hysterical Yatsudenwani asks him if he'd like to eat, or perhaps to have a bath? "I want the phone," Nakadai replies. Yatsudenwani kneels to obey.

And in the cavern where the two mighty Bakuryu wait, something has changed. Top Galer looks disconsolate, head hanging slightly rather than raised proud. Stegos is having second thoughts. He doesn't like this place they are in, and he's worried that Mikoto-san, as he calls him, is going to do something unforgivable. And Top Galer, whose voice is so like Mikoto's, answers him. "But that human believes in nothing. Not in me. Nor in you."

That human... is on Yatsudenwani's telephone. He nods and lets a satisfied smile slip across his face.

The Dinosaur Restaurant, and Mai's bright voice greeting everyone in the morning. A pall hangs over the room and she bounces over to Emi to ask if they're going together. Striving to smile for the child, Emi nods. Then Mai notices something missing. "Where's Asuka?" she asks, blinking innocently. Her hair has not been done up for school, and feathers about her nightgowned shoulders. "Why isn't he back yet?" Ryouga takes a breath and starts to tell her, but Ranru can't bear it, and forces herself to brightly tell her some fib. Emi says that Asuka had telephoned to tell them he would be late. But Sanjo grabs her elbow and pulls her up. He only says a protesting "Hey," and Ryouga looks griim. However, Ryunosuke tells them it's time to get ready for the day. Ranru almost stutters, "You mean we're open today?" For Mai, he has smiles and warmth. Above all things the child's life must not be disrupted. He sends her off to wash up for the day. He gently lectures them that they have to keep on going as if everything is normal. They won't forget, and asks them for their help. Sanjo, leaves to go to work, though they almost protest.

He goes to a soccer field, where people are playing. The coach walks with him, a man shorter than Sanjo. Thanks him for previous work and tells him to watch number 7. The young man heads for a ball to kick it into the goal, and instead ends up collapsing on the green. They race to see him and ask what's up. He doesn't know, he just feels so weak. Sanjo frowns, watching all of this. It seems a bit far-fetched to him. But then a small, blue glow leaves his body. The men gathered close don't see it, but Sanjo does and it goes into the hand of some creature who clasps it tight. Sanjo pursues the vanished monster to find nothing. He thinks, "It looked like a Torinoid." But then a mocking voice behind say, "Ah, it ran away." He wheels to find Nakadai stepping out from behind a tree. "Too bad." When Sanjo identifies him, he describes this Torinoid as one which steals the strength of those who do sports. He mocks the quiet man and says he's bored, however. Only one to fight him, he's not interested. Too easy a kill. He heads off, and Sanjo does not pursue, shaking.

Back at the restaurant, they've clalled up the files on several famous sports figures in the worlds of Karate, Tennis, baseball, golf, boxing, soccer... these are people whose strength is liable to be stolen? Hmmph. Sanjo and Emi are at work on this. He types in something and calls up a file on Akimasa Satake, a Karate champion. "I've heard of him!" gasps Ryouga. Sanjo believes him the likely target, as he's known to be the most physically powerful in the world.

The man in question sits in a dojo. He packs some mass, and a huge presence. He sits in front of the three, grim Abaranger. "I understand what you said," he tells them. He gravely speaks of his capacity and intends to show them what he can do. He gets to his feet and his students come at his call. He moves, and they come at him from all sides, mostly one at a time. He takes them down swiftly, combining both boxing and Karate, and elements of baseball when he tosses one boy flying. The kicks of a boxer. And the man who lands proves to be a Barmia. In fact, suddenly all of the students are Barmia. Ryouga quickly moves to protect the surprised man, but Sanjo is quick on the uptake calling a warning to him. Too late, for the man pins Ryouga. And he mocks them, for there had been a telephone call warning him. He is really the Torinoid. "I am Hirurindou!" Torinoid number 2. Ryouga struggles in his grip, while his friends dive and duck attacks by the Barmia. Poor Ryouga gets spun and tossed through the wall.

The battle moves outside, under a road. Our heroes change into their armor to fight, and he laughs and hits them with an energy whip, which becomes green vines that pin their arms. But Ryouga is able to twist enough to pull out his gun and fire, disrupting his control and freeing them from the vines. He attacks with the Tyranno Rod. But Hirurindou catches it, and twists it from his hands, then uses it to hit Ryouga. The others gather to protect him. Hirurindou takes out a purple shining ball, sets it on a golf tea, and uses the Rod as a golf club to attack. "Hole in one!" The balls hits, blasting them and then, then Hirurindou tosses three small spike-things at them. Each adheres to their helmets, then engorges like a leech and drains their power. They collapse, their armor gone, and the three spikes return to Hirurindou to become blue gemstones in his hand. He brags that he's taken their power, and he eats the gems. His spikes grow in a sort of Abare form. They are too stunned when he comes running at them and grabs Ryouga first, throwing him painfully against a barrier. Then he comes at Sanjo, running like Sanjo would have run in Abare mode, grabs him and drives him forward. And third he glides in at Ranru and tosses her down. Then he blasts them, and laughs when they fall. Shaken and in pain, Ryouga declares that he can't defeat them.

From above them, Nakadai calls them children. When Ryouga says his name, he steps away from the wall and says, "Well now it's my turn." He changes into his armor and comes racing at them at speed, repeated strikes until they fall. He kicks Ryouga in the face, drags Sanjo up by the collar and claims he'll get all the Bakuryu, then start a new game. He punches Sanjo down, grabs up Ranru to mock her, but only shoves her away. And then he holds up his prize. The thing dangling from his fingers is all too familiar. Ryouga is the first to recornize it. "Why do you have it?" wonders Sanjo. But Nakadai says this isn't part of them game. Ryouga snarls, "Give that back!!" And his voice full of mocking amusement, false innocence, he turns to them. "Oh, is it important?" Only to them. Only to the memory of Asuka playing music from it sweetly. Using it to change into armor. Sleeping when he'd overused himself. Bringing them a kind of peace. And they are dragging themselves to their feets now, talking about Asuka and how much he'd done for them. And now, they hit their bracelets and call for change. And they go straight into Abare Mode. The stunned Torinoid asks how this is possible when he's taken their Dinoguts, but Ryouga snarls that the Dinoguts are the power of their emotions. And Ranru points out that he failed to steal their feelings. "Well you're hot," muses Nakadai. "This'll be fun." He and Hirurindou charge into battle, only to find themselves getting their butts kicked. Ryouga uses his rod for a Circle Moon attack. Nakadai is not dealing with this surprise well. They call in the Dino-bomber and blast the pair. Nakadai gets out of the way, but Hirurindou is destroyed. Of course he goes giant and they call Bracchio, who proudly brings their friends to the field. They form Abarenor. Hirurindou kicks them back, they're having a tough time, decide to combine, but then find themselves under another attack. Nakadai has come in Killeror. He carries Asuka's key/harmonica, is impressed in spite of himself by the battle it's engendered. "I still have it," he poionts out. And he and Hirurindou blast them. They fall. Ryouga calls desperately, "Asuka-san, what should we do?!" And he is answered by the distant foghorn voice of Styracosaurus. The shield appears in his hand. They know they are to pour their power into him. He frantically worries because that will make the two of them too weak to fight. But they say they're not going to worry about it, and they channel their power. He becomes Abaremax, but this time, though slightly drained, they are not debilitated. They have reached a new level of power. And Ryouga asks them to stay in Abarenor. He goes out to join Styracosaurus, who reconfigures with his chariot as the legs and becomes MaxOja! The others are quite pleased. And now, two mighty formations face two mighty... whatever we'll call them. They make short work of the Giganoid, and go after Killer for Asuka's Harp. It gets jarred loose and flies through the air. Ranru leaps out to catch it and holds it close in prayer to their lost man. Steaming, Nakadai gets Killeror back to its feet, and decides philosophically that this will only make the game better. He takes his mecha away with him. They vanish.

Ryouga lifts the scorched harmonica in his hands. He tries to play it, but only can blow mostly air, though there is a faint hint of music under it. Mournfully, he looks up at Bracchio, who sits in the water near the bridge listening sadly. "I'm sorry, I'm not good at playing this yet." Bracchio forgives it, and Sanjo says they'll defeat the Evorian. Ranru agrees, and Ryouga says, "Watch us please, Asuka." He closes his hand around the harmonica.

Distant woods. A clear, shallow river. Fallen leaves drift on the current. Fish dart in the water past a pair of bright red boots. Helmet gone, Jannu lies half in the water, her heand and hands on the damp shore. The marks on her forehead glow bright orange, and then..

Feet clad in white dangle, kicking lightly. Rije is hanging from some sort of gym bar. She wonders aloud, "Will this really give me a nice body?" She lets go and drops gracefully to the foggy floor. She utters a depressed sigh, and then startles, a gleam of light passing through her. "Ah, Jannu?" she wonders, turning around. The word is enough to wake Voffa and Mikela, who hover sleeping above her and their blankets fall off. "She's alive?" wonders Mikela.

The marks on Jannu's forehead glow so bright, and then fade away. They take with them the red armor. They leave the woman clad in black, and she stirs painfully. She blinks awake. The vine around her wrist, Asuka's pledge to her. To Mahoro. She slowly pulls her arms and legs under her, staring in confusion around.

第34話 ゲームをやろう!突撃アバレ Geemu wo Yarou! Totsugeki Abareboshi Game start! Charge Abare Star
You can't keep a good man down, they say. But darned if Nakadai isn't trying his best. He's calling out the Abaranger. "Giganoid Jupiter" is this one, and a rather astonished group of scientists gets involved. "The future is in my hands," says Nakadai. He challenges Ryouga. And we know they will fight, and finally Ryouga is getting in good shots against the twit. Even in his Abareform, hahah. Ranru and Sanjo in their Abare Suits enter a building, probably after those scientists or something. And it loks like Nakada is going to be caught in Abaremax's battle-field.

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第34話 ゲームをやろう!突撃アバレ
Geemu wo Yarou! Totsugeki Abareboshi
Game start! Charge Abare Star

She runs, panting, between large building on hard cement. A woman dressed in black leathers. As she runs, she cast frantic glances back over her shoulder. She finds a passage into one large building, skids to a halt. With a terrified sound, she starts backing up. The reason? A stranger dressed in white, whose voice is a sneer. We all know who that is, though she doesn't. "Why are you running away?" he asks her. She shakes her head. "You said you lived through that explosion. You shouldn't be afraid of something like me." His smile is wicked, devil's fires gleam in his eyes. Maybe he is unaware of how NOT reassuring he is. When she utters a small cry, he snorts. "Bakuryu change." And he charges towards her in a blur of gold, catches her by the throat in his armor. He brings out his white and golden blade to lay near her cheek, and she eyes it with terror. He wants her to change, and is curious as to why she hasn't. But then he is unexpectadly hit by a blast. He glances over his shoulder with an enquiring noise. Well, well, the three Abaranger are on the scene. "This is your new game?" Ryouga asks accusingly. Nakadai lets the woman fall. "Oh, it's you guys again. You're such a pain." He speeds at them, and they attack him together, but he is able to hold them off. Unfortunately, his other quarry is using this opportunity to run away. He sees her going and breaks free from the struggle to cut her off. She tries running the opposite direction, but he catches her in his energy whip. He's drawn her to him, has her by the throat again. "Don't hate me so much," he tells her conversationally. She pants back, "Enough, stop it!" But he is staring at her in a sort of breathless shock. "You... those eyes...." Bruised underneath, deep and dark with confusion and pain. "Huh. A woman who looks at me with utter terror is no fun at all." And he lets her fall again, turns and walks away. Panting, she starts to collect herself. Thankful that he's gone. The Abaranger get in the area at that point and Ryouga hollars "You all right?" Seeing the trio rushing at her, she is terrified anew. Seeing this, they bring themselves to a halt and Ryouga says uncertainly, "You..." and Ranru completes the realization, "That's Jannu!" The pair move into fighting poses, and she scuttles back from them. Sanjo hisses, "What are you doing here? What happened to Asuka?!" Startled and confused she stutters, "Asuka? Jannu?!" Sanjo launches himself past the others, wanting to shake answers out of her, but is stopped by Ranru's urgent call. "Stop!" She takes an uncertain step forward. "Something's going on." Ryouga is quick to agree with her. "Yeah, she isn't acting like Jannu." The woman stares at them, eyes huge and confused, and perhaps a little mad with terror.

Dino Earth, the great building/body whatever. "Welcome home, Miko-sama!" Rije greets him, bouding eagerly forward. "You found Jannu?" "Whatever," he grumbles, tossing off her welcoming hands and stalking to the throne. Startled by his coldness, she says his name softly. But his sits and folds his arms, grumbling, "That's not Jannu any more." There is a moment of silence and then he adds with a pout, "The darkness has gone from her." "Eh?" yelps Rije. Mikela and Voffa come closer to hear, and they exchange rather startled glances. Then Nakadai's restless gaze falls on "Hey, Voffa. I'm bored. Make a fun Giganoid." Voffa sputters indignantly at the command and starts to refuse, but Rije glares stubbornly at him. "What's with you? You have to make it." And then suddenly there is a flash of power, and she clenches her teeth as she doubles over in agony. Nakadai watches, making a grunt of puzzlement. "Rije?!" calls Mikela anxiously, echoed by Voffa's worries. "What is it, why, maybe..!" her terrified voice is cut off as her eyes fill with green fire, and green shrouds her slight form. Her face goes blank and she starts forward. Dezumozorlya speaks, and not through her mouth. "The darkness is still alive." The two males gasp and greet their lord, bowing. And their lord turns to the watching Nakadai, telling him that when he (this he being Dezumozorlya) returns, it will be the end of Nakadai. Who predictably sneers. "You're a fool. You don't even have your own body. What can you do?" This only increases Dezumozorlya's annoyance. "There is no way you can defeat me." Through Rije's body he sends a blast at Nakadai, who transfers into armor and sweeps his blade out, deflecting the blast back at her, and dispersing the green mist around her. She falls bonelessly to the floor. Nakadai drops his armor, raises an eyebrow at the other two and asks them mockingly, "You know who your boss is, right? So make me that Giganoid." Mikela shudders, he and Voffa are equally confused and distressed.

The dinosar restaurant. "Here you are," says Ryunosuke, setting a cup of probably tea in front of the young woman sitting at the Skull table. She's taken off her armor, leaving a gray woven shirt with a brown vest over it, and the green vine bracelet on her wrist that they know nothing about. She's still very clearly in shock, staring wide-eyed at him as he asks about Asuka. Behind them hover the Abaranger, glowering at him, and Emi, who looks like she can't really decide what she should think. "You really don't remember a thing?" Ryunosuke asks her. Huddled, chilled, she reluctantly nods her head and says "Yes." "Huh," he wonders. Then Emi takes a step forward and says, "Excuse me... this..." she holds out the schorched harmonica. The woman we know who she really is... sort of... gets to her feet and takes the harmonica in her hands, staring at it uncertainly. Memory is triggered. We see what she sees, Asuka limmed in yellow light, playing the harmonica while sitting on a rock beside a tumbling riverlet. We see his lips whisper her name. "Mahoro..." she reads them. She looks around at Emi, Ryouga and Ranru. "I thought someone called me that." She continues to stare at the harmonica, as Emi turns wide-eyed to the others. "Mahoro!! That was the woman Asuka married!" "Married?" the woman repeats uncertainly. "Me?" Emi grabs her arm and lifts her wrist so that the ring of leaves in at her eye level. "Yeah, this is the pledge of your marriage!" A quick glance at the others, "Isn't that right?" Ryouga nods thoughtfully. "This?" wonders the young woman. But Ryouga has come full circle, as he always does. "Yup, this has got to be Mahoro," and he pats her shoulder in pleased confirmation. Sanjo utters a restless sigh. Ranru's hands curl into fists. "But why," she asks, and goes into a long spiel that probably amounts to a fretful complaint about fate and how just when they've found Mahoro, they've lost Asuka and he doesn't even know she's alive. Ryouga looks down, even Emi. But when Mahoro utters a confused whimper, Ryunosuke springs into action. He injects calm into the proceedings, telling him that the girl is surely tired, and asking them all to take it easy. Unfortunately in the Abaranger world life doesn't like to give them such a moment. The alarms start going off. Ryouga hits the secret tooth and Mahoro about jumps out of her skin as the kitchen slides apart. Down comes the computer and Emi calls up the data. The monster has arrived at the Central Space Control Center!

Sunshine, bright in the day. People are screaming at the space center and running up the road. For ample reason, there's a bloody big Giganoid tromping their way. Giganoid Number 8. Jupiter. It's quite something, actually. The teeth of its chest clutch around the planet. Evolian is written on its side. Voffa is very pleased with his creation. Rije is applauding, and actually Nakadai is delighted, a broad grin on his face. Rockets for arms. Head, legs. The Abaranger arrive, but the Giganoid vanishes without noticing their presence, melding into the buildings and surroundings. Ptera encourages them, and they head inside. There's a major emergency going on in the Control Room. The keyboards crackes, Jupiter's eye opens in the wall. People stagger out of the building and the Abaranger send them to safety after bried explanations are given. There is a crowd of Barmia to tangle with, and of course Nakadai has come to join in the fun. He mocks them from atop the building, and comes down to tell them it'll be soon. The Giganoid has the center, and the new game will begin. Yes, as the satellite dish starts sending out s signal to the actual planet. Maybe more than a signal.

For people at an observatory have come to report something funky going on with Jupiter's spot. Yes, they're setting Jupiter aflame. And Earth, caught between two suns, will become as dry and bare as Mars. Killer plays bash the Abaranger, but Ryouga pleads with him, "Doctor Nakada, stop these stupid games!" "Nah," he replies happily, and starts slicing and dicing. Ryouga gets bashed up pretty bad, and Nakadai mocks him. But Ryouga painfully says "If we let you beat us, the world will be destroyed, Doctor Nakadai!" "Fool! Don't you get it yet? I just don't care." He goes on about how the lives of six billion people are in his eyes, and reminds Ryouga that he doesn't even care about his own life. And Ryouga has, at last, had enough. "You're not human!" he accuses. With a roar, he moves into Abare mode and charges.

In the meantime, the folks at the observatory have noted that Jupiter is being pulled out of orbit. It's on a collision course with Earth. And here we thought all we'd ever have to worry about is meteors. Their boss is sure they're wrong, sure the data's been corrupted. Well, no. And this is happening very, very quickly.

Speaking of quickly, Ryouga is tearing through Nakadai's feeble guard and trying to bash him to pieces, hysterically listing all the incredibly stupid things he thinks the other man's done, and takes him down. Don't be a fool, boy. Nakadai is enjoying this, I think. He's a strange sort. Ryouga gets going again. Basically challenging him, until the others stop him. He asks the others to charge him, leave him to take care of Abare Killer. They will go after the Giganoid.

Abare Killer is rather surprised when he ends up in the Max Field. He goes into Abare Mode for this battle and charges.

The data has been confirmed. They weren't wrong. The end of the world is coming. The woman recommends they call and alert everyone, but their boss doesn't agree. He stands registering a quiet rage. The world is full of innocent people, who needn't know how little time they have left, and might as well enjoy it while they can. His people have to accept his decision.

And the battle in Max Field goes on. In Abare Mode, Nakadai seems to be almost a match for Ryouga's Max form, but it proves illusury. And while they fight, the other two race through the building. They enter the main control room and shoot Jupiter's eye, getting hit by backlash. And Ryouga takes down Killer, whose suit explodes. But in the Max field, it cannot do any damage.

He returns to the real world, only to get stomped on by Jupiter. But he's too powerful, and is able to stand up and throw the Giganoid off of him. And then Styraco comes to join the fight. Ryouga boards and calls for formation. He's too powerful for Jupiter to damage, but not the reverse. A few bashesn slashes, they push him back and he uses his Thunder Strike, or whatever, to pull the Giganoid up into the air where it is destroyed. And without its power, Jupiter returns to normal, and to where it should be.

But Top Galer, glides through the air. He says the battle is not over yet, and speeds away. Bracchio asks us, "What is the meaning of what Top Galer said? We'll know soon."

*sigh* Darn. Well, it means Nakadai isn't gone. "Wake up, human," says Top Galer through the bracelet. In the short, semi-dry fall grass near the building lies Mikoto Nakadai. Painfully, he struggles to his feet. Top Galer's head, the nose bigger than Nakadai is tall, is above him. Nakadai grits out, "You protected me." "No, I didn't," counters Top Galer. "I didn't do anything." And he picks up his human on his nose. The Abaranger watch this in a kind of shock, halfway between relief and annoyance, or that annoyance could just be me. Top Galer flies away. Ryouga releases his armor, reluctantly. They stare up at the satellite dish, and Sanjo lays a hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

They return to the Dinosaur restaurant. To their shock, they are enthusiastically welcomed by both Mahoro and Mai. Mahoro has been given more normal clothing for Another Earth society, and is even wearing an apron. She was likely involved in making the dinner they've loaded they table with. Ryouga greets her with amazement. Mai tells Ryouga they made it together, and the two clap hands in alliance. It seems they've bonded. This seems to worry only Sanjo, but then he stands around with a stubborn expression on his face often, so that's a tricky thing to be sure of. Emi and Ryunosuke have guided all this, and Mahoro, still awfully pale, tells them she'll do the best she can, humbly. Bows to finish it and hit her head on the table, causing a brief moment of panic from the others, but she straightens up and tells them "Daijoubi" cutely "I'm okay." They giggle and Mai corrects her, adding the child's fanning from nose gesture. "Daijoubu." So the others start to gather 'round for dinner, when Ryunosuke lays a firm hand on a very stiff Sanjo's shoulders. He tells him gently to let it go, or not to say anything to her about Asuka for now. Sanjo agrees, and they all sit down to eat. When Mahoro cracks a raw egg on the meal the others start to protest, but Sanjo looks over their shoulders and says, "It looks delicious," cutting them off of complaint in favor of startled looks at him.

第35話 アバレナデシコたい! Abare Nadeshiko Shichi Henge tai! Like Abare Nadesco, Seven Changes!
Ranru rides speed and light. She crashes into a truckload of boxes, but this all is Asuka-related, it seems. There is another Torinoid. There is a memory of Asuka, and an engraved bracelet. Mahoro looking troubled. Ranru swinging on a rope and leaping through the air, flames everywhere. This ought to be fun. Nadeshiko is a name. Oh dear, it's the ever-changing girls' outfits episode. Ranru in a police uniform, showing quite a bit of thigh. The Torinoid is a bird-type, by the way. He seems to have met his match in Ranru, whom we also see as possibly a secretary. Oh, and gorgeous in a yellow short dress as she dances with a long ribbon-thing... and guess who's back! Our love-struck Yatsudenwani! He is tending an unconscious and heavily bandaged Nakadai. Well, until he opens his jaws to take a big bite, but no worries *damn* Rije will whap him with a heavy sauce-pan. Either that or a giant hammer.

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第35話 アバレナデシコたい!
Abare Nadeshiko Shichi Henge tai!
Like Abare Nadesco, Seven Changes!

A lovely day and an extremely busy one for the Dinosaur Restaurant. Mahoro wears a pink apron and refreshes water. Ranru brings out bowls of curry. A passing tall young customer says to the new woman, "Mahoro-chan, gochisousama..." (thanks for the delicious food) and she whirls to bid him goodbye. Ryouga is also passing out food to people. Yokota-san calls cheerfully, "Mahoro-chan, water please!" They are all very happy, bringing more orders in and making their customers feel appreciated. Ryouga starts to tease an uncertain Mahoro, and Ranru clarifies to brighten her up. Yokota praises the new girl working here.

The lunch rush finally over, the restaurant has emptied out. The bells on the door ring, announcing the return of Mai and Emi, whom they all welcome delightfully. Mai trots over to Ranru with a postcard that she was handed by the postman. Ranru thanks her and takes the card, turning it over to read with surprise that it's for Asuka. They quickly gather around to find out what it's about. Emi reads what says something to the effect of "Your art titled 'love---" has been put on display." And it will be on display at a certain place until October 26th. Oriental place. Ranru is delighted. Sanjo mutters softly, "That starts today." Puzzled, Ryouga wonders when this happened, and actually it is Ryunosuke who tells them about it.

One dark night he'd noticed a small light on in the restaurant. Asuka was in there at the skull table, working with some tools. He'd shyly greeted Ryunosuke. Explained about old dreams and making something strong. He's wanted to show this where a lot of people would see it. Ranru's eyes go bright and sharp. "Let's go there!" she tells a startled Mahoro urgently. "Huh?" answers the other woman. Well, Ranru is determined, to show Mahoro something that might awaken her memories. For despite the amnesia, she still wears the twined vine of berries. The others see Ranru's urgency, and seem to wistfully agree.

The sea against the shore. Nakadai's seaside house. Yatsudenwani shuffles swiftly through the hall complaining about Top Galer. He stops in the door of the bedroom and stares at Nakadai. The madman lies unconscious in bed, bandaged on his wrists, his chest. Insensate. I think Yatsudenwani is surprised. He promptly snaps his jaws and heads into the room with murder on his mind. "I will defeat him and become mighty!" he crows. He opens his jaws wide and leans down to chomp off Nakadai's head. A heavy object slams into his. Squawking in shock he staggers back and stumbles. "Who DID that?!" he complains. Rije stands there, holding a mallet in her hand that's about her height. She's annoyed. "I did." "Rije-sama!" Yatsudenwani is quick, I'll give him that. He's on his knees to her. She tells him calmly, "I am Miko-san's nurse. And you're destroyed." She holds out her arm and engulfs him in green lightning. As he starts to fade out he wails "Oh, woe is me! I'm being wiped out! Poor me!" But then Rije is hit by pain, and she cannot complete the job. She falls to her knees, hanging onto the mallet's handle for support. "Again? What is happening to me?" she whimpers. Then her gaze falls sharp and hard on the Torinoid. "Yatsudenwani!" He snaps to attention. "Yes'm?" She tells him firmly to look after Nakadai, her Miko-sama. And then she and the mallet vanish in a glow of white. He grumbles "She's so cute. It's too bad she likes him!" he settles grouchingly on the side of the bed.

Rije appears back home, Dino Earth. Mikela and Voffa don't get much chance to greet her. As though in a trance, she heads straight for her pod which opens itself for her. With little whimpers of pain, she lies flat. And then she glows green, her eyes open and Dezumozorlya speaks. He uses not her voice, though through her mouth come his words. He wants them to find a new source of power. A stone of power. The green flame dies down. Voffa stutters, "A powerful stone?" And Dezumozorlya explains about a stone that had arrived on Another Earth 4,504 or so years ago from the stars. It is on display in a museum. And with this stone he will have power on Another Earth. It sits in a display case, blackish-gray with shiny mica.

Mai, Emi, Ranru and Mahoro have arrived at the museum and are admiring a display. It looks like a bracelet. Done in metal, with what look like people or trees carved into indents in the curl of the thing. It sits, lovely. The title is AisuruHitoHe. To the One I Love. "It's like an engagement ring!" Ranru says. Mahoro repeats the phrase curiously. Emi asks, "So, on Dino Earth it's the same thing as a wedding ring?" Ranru grins and confirms. Then she looks down towards Mahoro's wrist explaining, "He'd meant it to be the real one, to replace the plant one Mahoro's wearing." Emi asks for more, "But he didn't have Mahoro any more, right?" "Yeah, but still... he always wanted to." Mahoro stares at the bracelet, distant. There are symbols carved into the inside curve. Ranru glances somewhat hesitantly at her and says, "It'll be good when you remember." Mahoro nods, a quiet in her. Suddenly Ranru's bracelet squawks an alert. Ryunosuke tells her there's trouble there at the museum. Sure enough, the screams start.

A green energy whip flings back hapless security guards. They stumble as customers dive for co ver behind pillars and displays. The Torinoid is a bird-mix. Wide wings spread from its head. He7s an interesting blend. They all are. He is Torinoid 19. Hagetakaraichi. Puts me in mind of a mummy case. He says he can smell the thing he's after. While others run for cover, Ranru moves to shield Emi, Mai and Mahoro. "Torinoid!" she identifies it, and it turns towards her. Emi leaps to entirely the wrong conclusion. "It's after Asuka's bracelet!" "Well he can't have it!" snaps Ranru, re-angling to put her body between the bracelet and the somewhat non-plussed Torinoid. The others all nod firm agreement with her. "Huh," the Torinoid snorts. "Silly fool, I'm not after that useless thing." "What then?" Ranru asks sharply. "Oh, but I can smell it, and it's getting bigger!" he says, and starts their way. Ranru tells the others to run, and they obey. She changes into her armor to fight. She tries to kick him away, which doesn't really impress him as he has things to do and he tosses her aside, then trots off with her in pursuit calling him to stop. Mahoro, Emi and Mai head for the elevators (in case of emergency, use stairs). Fortunately one is already open, as they are on the tenth floor, and they pile into it.

Somehow, a security guard stands having not been notified of all the commotion. Until a vine twines around his neck and he struggles for survival. Off he's tossed against a wall where he shudders and then falls limp, eyes staring blindly. But Hagetakaraichi isn't interested in him. He lifts the case covering the strange stone off. Into his hands and he is pleased he'll be able to get this back to Dezumozorlya. But Ranru's caught up with him and has no intention of letting him do that. She fires, he loses the stone and she snatches it up. Peeved, he starts spitting out round bombs that strike her hard. One, in fact, somehow morphs through her faceplate and she ends up swallowing it. Startled and horrified, she claws at her helmet. She is tossed back against the wall by the elevator, causing an energy feedback that cuts power in the building. Quite logically, this results in Emi, Mahoro and Mai being trapped in the elevator between floors, somewhere around floor 7. "I'm scared!" whimpers Mai, and she grips Mahoro's clothes and presses tight for comfort. Emi hollars "Please won't someone open the door!" but wiser people cleared out of the building earlier.

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第37話  快感アバレクイーン
Kaikan Abarekuiin
Wonderful Abare Queen

Dartboard with a photo of the three Abaranger, Ryouga in Max mode. Nakadai irritably tossing darts at it. Rije's body glows brightly, and the ghost is expelled. Then she grows and wakes, adult, eyes bright. She runs her hands over her new armor, then bursts into giggles, realizing she's become an adult. Nakadai comments that she has a nice body now. She greets him delighted, "Miko-sama," then corrects herself. As an adult she will call him "Mikoto." And she decides she will be called "Rijewel." Her little ghost decides now is a good time to go back to Earth.

The morning, and it's time to start clearing the breakfast table. Mahoro sits beside Ryunosuke, inquires if Emi is off from school today. And Emi mourns Asuka's absence. Ryouga is making a lunch for Mai, who is upset with him. She's adopted Mahoro as her mother-figure. She sticks her tongue out at Ryouga, and glowers angrily when a signal comes and everyone heads off to battle a new Giganoid. She sits down to pout, when a gleam of magic sweeps through her and she gasps.

The Abaranger collect near what looks like a church, and see some wierd man walking around. But then there is a signal from the restaurant. Something's happened to Mai. Emi and Mahoro lay her down, she is unconscious. Ryouga is in a panic, but Sanjo tells him to go off. They remain unaware of the significance of the man in the mask, pushing a cart, carrying a strange sort of dusk with him. He pauses in front of a house, listening to an upset mother scolding her son, who reacts by showing his weariness with it all. She heads out to do the laundry, and a strange magical music starts playing. A boy comes looking for his mother. She is gone.

Rijewel sits next to Mikoto, playing with his hair. She has intentions, and is also somewhat peeved. Ryouga arrives home. She has a fever, but then he hears a voice in his head apologizing. The voice of the little girl. Sanjo and Ranru wander, then a frightened boy runs past them after his mother, who shoves him away and tells him angrily that she's tired of him never listening to her and always playing the game. She hands him a badge. When he grabs her in fright, she shoves him down. The Abaranger know this is out of the ordinary. They reassure the boy and trail after his mother into the woods. Pretty soon they lose her, and strange men in masks start to come out all around them, each one playing a different musical instrument. When they try to fight, the men disappear, then grab them. Pretty soon, he becomes one man, and then shows his true form. A Torinoid. He vanishes when they fire on him. And now that he's gone they're back to the search for the mother. They find the church they'd seen earlier is now out there in the woods. And a news report, the events are being noticed. A strange man in a mask takes mothers away. Children are weeping. Mahoro is using the computer to track what's going on, and Ryouga finds the others in front of a church that shouldn't be there. They come under attack from Rijewel, whom they do not, of course, recognize as Rije. She lets them know that's who she was, and tell them she is now Rijewel. She's come out just to introduce herself, and blows exploding cards at them.

Emi races off, Mahoro dashes after her. Rije's ghost appears and apologizes, giving Mai a kiss, which wakes her up. "Who are you?" the little girl sleepily asks.

The Abaranger are getting hurt, and accidently offend Rijewel by calling her a child.She gets them from their uniforms and drags them in her wake, a situation with Nakada seems to find amusing. The Abaranger are bound hand, foot and mouth inside the church. The parents Rijewel has collected are dazed and they mutter after her whatever she wants them to say. I think she's offering to give them their childhood back, if they will worship her Giganoid. And their children weep throughout the city. And in the badge she gave him, he sees his mother's face, and hears what she's saying. It makes him weep. It makes them all weep, and the badges glow as their tears and pain fields power to Rijewel. But Ryouga is snarling and trying to bite through the gag. Curious, Rijewel slices the gag off him, and Ryouga tells her the truth about the real feelings between parent and child, how they can't be broken. Punishing, she cuts him loose, but he climbs up and speaks to the ensorcelled parents, calling on them to get home to their precious children, to remember the smiles. The parents begin to stir, minds filled with memories. And as they remember, the badge in Rijewel's hand turns to glass and shatters. She is quite startled as the church shakes and the parents heed Ryouga's call, fleeing. Angry, she wakes the Torinoid. AbareKiller comes and picks Rijewel up, bringing her with him aboard his formation. And so our heroes call for help, pitting Max Oja and Abarenor against Killeror and the giant Giganoid. Together, and with Rijewel's enhancement, they are powerful, and drain the power from the others. Our heroes are sitting ducks. But the dinosaurs who were not in the initial fight come racing into battle, their emblems appearing on the spines of Max's shield. They form together with Max Oja, becoming Max Ryu-o. They are golden when attached to him, and Rijewel uncertainly stays close to Nakada as they fight. In an attack of power, the Giganoid is destroyed but Killeror is teleported out of danger. They are very pleased with themselves. "Well, that was dangerous," comments an amused Nakadai, staying with Rije.

Parents have been reunited with their children, who are on their best behaviour. The Abaranger are home and unaware of the ghost watching them while Mai poutingly allows Ryouga to feed her a mushroom, because she knows the ghost is there. To her surprise, it tastes very good. And the little ghost suddenly looks alarmed. Or perhaps as though she has an idea.

Something slashing in the dark. She knows it. So do we. It's here, she thinks. It is Asuka, in the armor. Presumably Asuka. He is battling a river. Under the moon he screams.

Emi is dressed funny, because she's moving to another country!! Her parents are dragging her away, she's been hiding from them at the restaurant. And she will be dressed as AbarePink, at the side of the others. Don't get too excited.

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第38話  快感アバレクイーン
Kaikan Abarekuiin
Wonderful Abare Queen

Mai is coloring in a picture she's made of Abare Max, using thick crayons. She sits at the skull-table near Yokota-san, who asks Mahoro for more water while he happily eats his curry. Smiling kindly, he leans over and asks Mai, "What's that?" "It's Ryo-chan!" she answer with delight. "Ryo-chan?" he echoes fondly, then starts to think about it, glancing around the room. Mahoro pours his cup.

Rijewel spuns half-substantial through the air, her power causing painful shocks to the three Abaranger. Ryouga lies on his back on the tatami mats in the raised dining area, wondering about Rijewel. He is chatting with Ranru about this, and she frets about what the Evolian do with children. Ryouga perks up, reminding her they have a new Bakuryu friend, and about the joys of having Abare Max. He's got a white duster in his hands. Sanjo settles beside him, holding a broom and considering it critically. He utters a passing complaint about only Ryouga being able to do that. Yokota-san calls for more water. Just then the door opens. Ryunosuke calls welcome to the young woman dressed in adult black and white, with no glasses, and then everyone does a startled double-take when they realize it is Emi. She smiles shyly as they stutter in surprise and Ranru gasps, "Is it really Emi-pon?!" "I'm shocked," gasps Sanjo, staring at her. Mai bounds in front of her, stares up and declares happily, "Emi-pon, you're lovely!" She turns to look at her uncle. "Isn't she, Ryo-chan?" "Eh, oh yes, but um... what's this about?" he stutters uncertainly, waving the duster to take in her whole appearance. She pulls herself together and stutters, "I - I've run away from home." Flabbergasted, they gawk at her. "From home?!" echo Yokota and Mahoro. Mai stares into Emi's eyes with a disapproving frown. Ryouga and Ranru bounce to her side, Ranru asking the why questions and taking Emi's arm. For she has indeed, she's got a bag and a suitcase, and starts dragging it into the main room of the restaurant. She heads to Ryunosuke all the while muttering something about being through with her parents and quitting school and could she please live here and will he hire her to work here(I thought she already was). Mahoro watches somewhat dumbfounded as Emi puts her jacket on the counter. Sanjo calmly remarks that she still hasn't told them why, and Ryouga nods beside him. Finally she whirls to them and says, with tears in her eyes, "Because we're moving away!" "MOVING?" they repeat in great shock, except for Mai who doesn't quite grasp what it means.

Dino Earth, and Nakadai is sipping a rich, dark wine. Rijewel settles at his side and tells him gently, "Mikoto-san, Mikela has made an interesting Torinoid." She invites him to discuss it with her, and he utters an amused snort. He's agreeable. Voffa is trying to encourage a frustrated, stuttering Mikela, who complains about Rije, though Rijewel calls him sharply to task for it and demands he show his creation. Voffa gets out of the way and presents her, a mix of flower, lipstick and what else? A bird-thingy. She is Torinoid 20, Ruujurafureshia (Refresher, what they call those enormous flowers with the rotten-meat smell).

Emi sits surrounded by her friend, hands in her lap, explaining her sad story. Ryouga says, "You're moving to Hawaii?" and she nods glumly. (I think he said Hawaii) "Is that far away?" asks Mahoro. "It's in a whole other country," Sanjo answers. "It's because of Poppa's work," Emi explains. Mahoro's trying to grasp this foreign country concept. Yokota's listening from the dining area. "But I don't want to go," she mourns. Something about it might as well be the moon. Mahoro asks Mai, "Is the moon far away?" "Well, couldn't you talk to your father?" asks Ranru. "It's not like she can explain," comments Sanjo. "Make them move somewhere close!" Mai suggests hopefully. They are continuing on with suggestions, and Emi is starting to feel uncertain. Yokota would very much like to pay his bill and leave, but when he calls they all look at him, he decides better of saying anything. "I'll come back again," he mutters, holding his wallet and heading for the door. It opens before he gets to it, and a man with shaven head, wearing a light purple scarf and an appalling shirt bounds in, with a woman in similar bright garb on his heels. They sort of jump Yokota, thanking him for always looking out for their little girl. The woman grabs his head, places kisses on it, while her husband gazes around and admires the restaurant. Emi stutters in shock, "Poppa, Momma!" As a group her friends gape. But her father is overjoyed to see her. "Ah, here you are, we found you!" he grins and winks, pointing. "What are you doing here?!" gasps Emi as the others start to get to their feet. Mahoro bows in greeting, but Emi's father steps up and grabs his daughter's hand, to drag her away. They are headed out the door, blissfully ignoring her struggles and the people calling for her, pushing Yokota ahead of them. Even as they get out the door, the alarms start going off. Mai points at the computer screen.

A garden, a lovely shining day. A greenhouse. A couple walking, the woman tugs at her man's shirt. "What's that?" she asks him, pointing at a very strange blossom amidst the plants. Red and white, huge and a bit fuzzy. "That's an ugly flower," he says sourly. "Oh. Let's go." They start off, then a voice protests furiously. The flower is, in fact, the top of a very indignant Torinoid. Ruujurafureshia slaps down the man and bears on the frightened woman. The man flees the scene (creep!) and Ruujurafureshia says, "I'm going to make you beautiful!" She sweeps a huge lipstick across the woman's face, leaving streaks of red like blood. The woman only has an instant to bink, and then goes up in a cloud of pink smoke, colored confetti floating around. She has been turned into one of the enormous flowers. Next we see her get a stray woman photographing flowers. A mother and daughter. She sings and pirouttes away across a park littered with flowers of varying sizes. Women she hasn't gotten yet and men flee. But then she is challenged by the trio of Abaranger. Sanjo and Ryouga hit her first and she knocks them away, commenting coldly that she isn't interested in men. But Ranru leaps past the fallen pair to challenge her. She catches Ranru in a green tentacle and prepares to turn her, but Ranru stomps on her foot and punches her down, commenting that she can defend herself. And the trio changes into armor. Ruujurafureshia fires her machine gun attachment at them, and they fight back.

In the meantime, Emi is still being pulled along by her parents, who are ignoring her constant protests. They carry her luggage. Her mother points out that she's too young to live by herself, she's still a child. "I am NOT a child!" Emi protests, pulling loose. "I can too live alone!" Her father asks what's so important that she is so adamant about not going. "You always said you wanted to live somewhere sunny!" Somewhat sheepish she says, "Well, yes but... it's just...." Together her parents ask her softly for explanation. She takes a deep breath and explains that she has to help protect world peace, and everyone. She has to put her strength with that of the others. Her parents turn their heads to stare at each other, gauging reactions. They are near a park with big dinosaur models. Her father, when she finishes, takes a step forward and stares gravely into her eyes. "Emi, you..." he starts, then stops. At their serious expressions she starts to feel hope. Then her father reaches out a palm to hold flat against her forehead, then against his own. "Maybe you have a fever?" he wonders. Her mother chuckles and tells her she needs to eat something. Dismayed, Emi tries to turn away, and they start dragging her on again, talking together about having curry for lunch. "Oh drat it all!" mourns Emi.

Ryunosuke has a bowl of curry in his hands, and sneezes slightly. But Mai and Mahoro are glued to the computer screen and don't even notice. "Ryo-chan, gambare!" Mai calls. They watch the trio battling Ruujurafureshia. They get her down, but then are attacked by green lightning which takes them down now. Rijewel sparkles into presence in defense of the Torinoid, with whom she is rather annoyed and kicks contemptuously. "Come on back," she sneers. She heads off, Ruujurafureshia in tow, while the Abaranger protest. But they are gone, and the park is full of giant flowers that should be human women.

Back on Dino Earth, Rijewel and Mikoto Nakadai click their wine glasses in toast. Rejewel drinks and comments that they don't need women of Another Earth. That Mikoto doesn't need any other women. He's agreeable, he couldn't care less if all the women were gone forever. Rijewel remarks that she's the only one who matters. Mikoto Nakadai agrees. "If you and I are together, then the impossible becomes possible." Ruujurafureshia is having a hissy-fit near them. And off to the side, Mikela and Voffa are supping the Evolian version of Opium. Voffa comments, "You know, if there are no more women on Another Earth, there'll be no more children, either. And pretty soon, no more Another Earth people." Mikela grumbles, "Dezumozorlya doesn't seem to be coming back, and Jannu isn't coming, and what are these two going to do..." Nakadai interrupts to call them over, which they take about as well as thinking they're going to get killed. They hurry over. Rijewel says they have to see. Tomorrow more and more women will be taken. And won't that be nice....

Night on Another Earth, and Mai is chatting with her new friend, mourning the loss of Emi. "I don't understand, either," says our white girl. Ryo, who is in the bathroom towelling his hair dry, calls out to her that it's time she was asleep. He comes out. The girl is gone, and Mai, nearly in tears, says "Ryo-chan, I don't want Emi to go away!" She turns to the other girl for agreement, and is surprised by her absence. Ryouga, ignorant of that, tells Mai a good girl will go to sleep. And he reassures her that Emi will still love her.

Emi, in the meanwhile, is up late herself. Sitting on an orange beanbag in her crowded bedroom she cuts a shape out of yellow velvet. There are pink shoes on the floor, and pink cloth, and a large sewing kit, and a sewing machine. She's a busy girl. She thinks that this should serve to show her parents how important this is to her.

Morning, trains going. And Ruujurafureshia has changed several women in the space of a second before the people around panic and run screaming. Through the crowds comes Emi, this time it is she who is dragging her very confused parents along. She pulls them behind shelter and points at the Torinoid, which is bearing down on a fallen girl. Her father gapes and gasps, "A horrible monster!" Emi pulls them down quickly. Ruujurafureshia heard him, and has turned from her victim in a fury. "Who dared call me a horrible monster?! Come out!" she is about to blast the bushes. But she is challenged. The Abaranger have arrived. She's suitably unimpressed. Emi's parents pop up to stare in surprise. "Aren't those the kids from the restaurant?" her mother asks. Emi eyes them hopefully. "Look out kids!" her father calls. Emi stutters in protest, "Those are heroes protecting the Earth!" "Huh?" Close together, her parents watch in surprise as the trio change into their armor. Her father reaches out for her, and then is more shocked to find she has disappeared. The worries about their daughter distracts them from the coming battle. And well it should, for the Abaranger's challenge to Ruujurafureshia is interrupted by Emi's arrival. And her friends are rather stunned. She has made, of felt and parts, herself a uniform. Pink, yellow, with a piggish handmade changer. She's got on some kid of light motorcycle helmet that calls to mind ye old Goranger outfits, except it's smaller. The dinosaur footprint on her chest is a bit wavery. I'd be hard pressed to say who is more stunned, her parents or her friends. The trio dashes over to her, asking about the outfit. She explains happily that she's Abare Pink (pronounciation has improved).

At the restaurant, Ryunosuk heartily approves. Mahoro nods and Mai calls, "Emi's cool!" Emi flashes the peace sign on a pink-gloved hand. But Sanjo utters the first protest. She isn't really, but she points out that her parents are over there, and she wants just once to fight by their side. Ruujurafureshia is rather annoyed with being ignored, and calls in the Barmia. Our heroes decide Emi shoudl fight with them, and we get a modified introduction which includes the bright pink pig. Her father thinks she says "Abare-Pig." The Barmia race to attack, and Sanjo gives Emi his gun. They fight with their weapons. They are good, and strong, and cut through the Barmia with ease, while Emi ends up hiding behind a statue in teror, then tiving to avoid the Barmia. Eventually she starts firing wildly, managing to hold them off, but then a black one tackles her. Her parents call out in alarm, attracting Ruujurafureshia's attention. Seeing a woman there, she decides to make her beautiful. They are quivering in terror but frozen to the spot and Emi's father yelps, "Stay away, horrible monster!" which only pisses her off. "YOU'RE the horrible monster!" she tells him. Emi, realizing her parents are in danger, bites the wrist of the Barmia holding her, and leaps between them and Ruujurafureshia. She fires, gets a direct hit, but the weapon is not strong enough to matter. Ruujurafureshia grabs Emi, tosses her aside so she loses her helmet, and decides to change her. A sweep of the lipstick, and Emi is an enormous flower. Her parents sink to the ground in shock, whimpering her name. At the restaurant, the others also call out. The Abaranger have finished off the Barmia. In a fury over what has been done to Emi, they go to Abare mode and drive Ruujurafureshia into a warehouse, where they intend to tear her apart, but for the green lightning that rains down on them. Rijewel and AbareKiller have arrived, easily identified by the Abaranger. Rijewel tells them that they are together. Nakadai likes how fun his life has become since he's hookedd up with her. And he attacks them, stunning the trio. Ruujurafureshia joins her masters. Rijewel is annoyed with them, kisses a dagger and tears them apart. Ruujurafureshia is going to fire on them when a blade of light pierces her head. She squeaks in shock. Not a blade of light, but a light green blade. They all stare in shock. "What the?" wonders Nakadai. And then Ruujurafureshia's assailant is in view. The familiar black and blue armor. Ryouga snarls, "YOU!!" And back in the restaurant, Mahoro's hands sink to her side, her lips part. She stares in quiet shock. Ruujurafureshia falls on her face in front of the armored being. A very indignant Rijewel complains about this annoying fellow attacking her Torinoid. He starts towards the Abaranger and cuts them down, then turns with a snarl to face the two. "You're amazing," Rijewel says. But her pleasure is short-lived, for he comes at them with a roar. Killer moves to protect her, or just himself it's hard to say since she's racing around behind him either way. He catches hold of the green blade and hits the base of the armored being's neck with his own. Taking advantage of the moment he's bought, he viciously slices but is also getting hit. He manages quite well, pulls out his gun and fires. It is a good shot, disrupting the armor and sending the helmet flying. Fortunately, it is empty. The armored man falls and they all stare, curious. Finally he raises his head, black eyes mad and empty. "ASUKA-SAN!" yelps Ryouga. *grumble* I suppose from their end it wasn't blatantly obvious. Mahoro, who's been staring elsewhere, turns now and sees the face in the computer screen. "Oh, it's Asuka!" comments Mai with relief. And Mahoro's eyes go wide.

Memory. Scattered and uneven. A childhood together. She and her brother listening to Asuka play his harmonica under yellowed ruins. Him as a frightened boy, waking her during a Barmia attack. And that time, when they'd pledged their love and he'd reached out, they pulled each other close. The last time she'd physically seen him, before she'd left with Mizuho on a raid of the Evorian giant home. When she'd given him a locket with her image for the bracelet of berry vine he'd given her. His smile. And when she was Jannu, in clothing a frightful red, seeing his stunned face when he recognized her. The tear running down his cheek. When he'd changed into armor among the fires on the ship and attacked her, while she wore the armor he wears now. She remembers. "Asuka," she says his name softly, stepping forward.

He glares at them without recognition. Without sanity. They cannot say the same. They cry his name with hope. Ryouga says desperately, "Asuka, don't you know us?" Nakadai of course finds this all hilarious. "Huh, he doesn't know you. And you thought he was your friend." He turns to look at this recovering man. But Asuka is getting up, snarling low in his throat, he gathers the green blade as though to attack. They take shocked steps back. The blade gathers blue-white energy to it as Asuka screams. He sweeps it around and then throws the power at all of them. It is so much, so deadly, that every Abaranger is blasted from their Abaresuits (including Nakadai). Five stunned people (and one Torinoid) lie among smoke and flames, gasping, staring at him. He staggers forward, driven to finish them off. Nakadai is closest and fights to get up. Rijewel looks like she feels betrayed. He staggers to a halt, face twisting in bewildered agony. He brings a hand to his forehead. The Abaranger watch in hope as he staggers away from all of them. "What is with this guy?" grumbles Nakadai. Then he turns his head. "Let's go back." Startled, Rijewel trails after him, saying his name. Ruujurafureshia hurries to be moved in their field. The Abaranger let them go, concentrating on the confusion of what's happened to their vanished friend.

第39話 がんばれ! アバレファーザー Gambare! Abare Faazaa. Keep going! Abare Father!
Yes, next we deal with Asuka. Mad, wandering. Fighting a gleeful Nakadai who wants control of him. And Mahoro in her old clothing chases after her man. Mahoro, or Jannu... who is which is where? Emi's father waters the plant his daughter has become, waiting out the future and the Dinosaur restaurant. Ruujurafureshia dances smugly. Abaremax has come out to play. Remarks on parents and children, and Mahoro gets to meet the lovely mysterious girl in white, Rije's other self. Ryouga cuddles a happy Mai while the others look on. Nakadai drives his white car. Rijewel is either standing or getting hung behind Ruujurafureshia, who is facing the Abaranger. They fight her in Abaremode. Rijewel seems amused. Or what? And Mahoro has caught up with Asuka in his armor, flinging herself at him trying to wake him up. She may get through, he is staring at her like a drowned man. Which may be an accurate description.

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第39話 がんばれ! アバレファーザー
Gambare! Abare Faazaa.
Keep going! Abare Father!

Memories of what happened previously, and what's happening now? Emi's father sits in the Dinosaur Restaurant, watering the plant his daughter was turned into. Shaking, he says, "Emi, does it taste good?" His wife, thinking he's on the verge of losing his mind, wants to go to him but Ryunosuke gently touches her to keep her in place. The three Abaranger are talking to Bracchio about what's happened to Asuka, but they still don't quite understand. And then Mahoros says that she will go to help him. Ryouga realizes in shock that she's regained her memories. She tells them about what happened on the ship. How Asuka had defeated her, how she was starting to recover Mahoro from within Jannu. And Asuka had summoned the armor to him, freeing her. The armor engulfed him in agony, and he'd reached out to her, whimpering her name. And then the ship had blown. Emi's father interrupts, demanding to know what they're going to do to save his daughter and calling them poor excuses for heroes. When Ryouga bows deeply to him in apology, he leaps and tries to throttle the boy. They pull him off, and half-hysterical still, he goes to weep near his daughter-plant. His wife seeks to comfort him.

In the meantime, Rijewel has super-charged the Torinoid, and now it rains power over the city, in sparks of gold that turn the women it touches into the great flowers. The Abaranger go to fight them, but Rijewel keeps them busy, while annoyed that Nakadai has taken off in pursuit of the black armor. Rijewel is apparently a Sailor Moon fan, for she is using her powers with phrases warped from that series.

Watching the Abaranger getting their butts kicked by the girl in white, Emi's father is both furious and losing what's left of his hope. Mai, wounded by his lack of faith, runs into a corner. Rije's um... ghost watches her sympathetically, and then goes to Mahoro who says "It's you!" But the little girl tells her "That man is crying." "You mean Asuka?" Mahoro asks pleadingly. She must go to him, the girl says. Asuka is busy attacking the landscape when Nakadai finds him. Changing into armor, which triggers Asuka's focus. The battle is underway. And the power of the Evorian bathes the entire of Japan. A news reporter broadcasting on the subject is changed. Only in the Dinosaur Restaurant do they seem to be safe, which I guess means the women staying inside are protected. Emi's father is grumbling again, but Mai tells him off, and the Dinosaurs speak in support of her, telling him that Ryouga is Mai's father-figure, and reminding him of the bonds between parents and children. Shaken, he goes back to his daughter.

Rijewel has managed to beat down the Abaranger, they lie unconscious smashed between a truck and a car. Mai frantically calls Ryoga. Bleeding, he answers her, and wakes up enough to, armorless, push the truck away from them, releasing the others as well, who all stare in shock. They stagger, a little smashed but recovering, and together limp away from the vehicles. Emi's father weeps in his wife's arms, realizing these people are indeed the best his daughter could be with. The dinosaurs weep, too.

Nakadai fights, and manages cleverly to shoot down Asuka. He is unaware of Mahoro approaching the field of battle. But the Abaranger have found the Evorian, who is quite startled to find they are still alive. They seem to have recovered from being squashed, at any rate, and change into armor to fight her with new purpose. Rijewel is nowhere around, for obvious reasons not expecting this to happen. And the three are in Abare mode. Though the Torinoid blasts them down, they get back up and Ryouga calls the others to make him Abare Max. Catching her in the Max Field, where he's chosen an ocean theme this time, and whales' tails or something like that are in the distant background. AbareMax slices her to pieces, and reappears on our Earth. The watchers bounce in joy. On Dino Earth, Rijewel pouts with the realization that her Torinoid was destroyed. Of course it goes giant, and in comes Styracosaurus and the other secondary dinosaurs to combine with him to form their gold and red combination. Max Ryu Oh. The Torinoid thinks she's successful at blasting them, but then finds they are perfectly fine, and start beating her back. In short order she is destroyed.

Emi's father is watering her at the very moment she turns back into a human being. And all over town, women are returned to their true form. And a very angry Rejewel blasts Voffa and Mikela, then pouting goes back in her capsule.

And Mahoro has found the battle. Calling Asuka shifts the tide. Nakadai had him down and was about to take the suit. But Asuka recovers, gets back up. Prepares to blast Nakadai, who defensively makes a pre-emptive blast, which only ends with both of them being burned. Nakada, furious, goes pouting off. Mahoro runs to the snarling Asuka. "Don't you know me, Asuka?" she asks, and holds up her wrist with their pledge. He freezes, staring at her in frightened confusion, but still there is no recognition. She falls to her knees and grabs his shoulders, willing him to recover himself. He stands, reaches out tenderly for her face, then whimpering in terror, flees. She follows him. It begins to rain, and she finds him, the armor restored. He stalks towards her, raising the blade to strike, but freezes when she cringes back. "Asuka, stop," she tells him softly. But he suddenly slashes down, butting her wrist and cutting the band off.

Emi's parents have made a wonderful decision. They will leave her here, with Ryunosuke. She tells them to promise to write her. They aren't gone yet, though, and drag her off to spend the day with them.

Nakadai has retrieved Mahoro as Jannu, and it looks like he's going to get the armor. The Abaranger will have Asuka unconscious in their arms.

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