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第21話 アバレ恋!キロキロ
Abare Koi! Kirokiro
Abare in Love! Kirokiro

Previously: In the cockpit of Abarenor, our trio calls for their drill-strike. With Stegos appropriated, Killeror formed, Killer sets his stinger in the air and launches it at them. Instead of bisecting him, it is they who are devastated by his strike, and the three dinosaurs are fallen, unable to form. And now, our hroes sit at the red counter in the Dinosaur Restaurant, each in various poses of misery. Ryouga no longer needs his bandaids, but his head hangs and he's twined his fingers together on the countertop. Ranru beside him leans her cheek on her curled fist, mouth turned unhappily down. Sanjo beside her has one hand held in the other, elbows on the counter as he gazes listlessly down. Emi sets small ceramic mugs of steaming liquid in front of them and then says firmly, "Guys, you drink coffee and it'll perk you right up!" Ryunosuke more cheerfully tells them that the Bakuryu will be better soon, too. Emi says sharply, "And then you can fight, and you can beat Killeror!!" "That's right!" Ryunosuke says encouragingly. But then Emi adds uncertainly, "At least I think so..." thus ruining the whole speech. Sanjo shifts and folds his arms across his chest as he is wont to do when distancing himself. Asuka suddenly dashes out from the back room. "Guy, we've got the other Bakuryu!" He holds out his wrist between Ranru and Ryouga, who perk up with interst. "Look!" Asuka says. A small roar and a new face displaces Bracchio's, a little yellow head. They all lean close, delighted and amazed. "Help me, Kiro Kiro!" says the bracelet in a child's voice. "It's a new Bakuryu!" grins Ranru. "He's Aklyobirasu," Asuka confirms, grinning. "It's the last of the Bakuryu I took with me!" His eyes are shining with relief and delight. Ryouga is really perking up. "With this new Bakuryu, we can surely stop Abarekiller and Killeror!" "But where is he?" Sanjo asks anxiously. And Kiro himself answers, "It looks like the ocean...." "I'll go look!" gasps Ryouga, and he bolts for the door. Out at the rocky shore he trots along a walkway calling, "Where are you, Anklyobairasu!" But Kiro says to the others, "It looks like a field...." With a sigh, Sanjo stands up. "I'll go." He heads on out. Out to where there is farming going on and he jogs along a road between field. "Anklyobairasu!" he calls. But that one is not done yet. "It looks like a city," he says thoughtfully. "Let me handle it, too," Ranru tells the others. And off she goes while a wondering Emi looks on. Crossing a road she calls the Bakuryu. Most people try to ignore her.

"It looks like the ocean... like fields... like the city..." Asuka says thoughtfully. He finally turns to the others. "Is there any place that might fit that description?" While they are puzzling how to politely say they don't think so, Asuka's changer squawks, Anklyobairisu erupting into giggles. "No there isn't!" he replies between giggles. Asuka goes white with annoyance. "Anklyobairasu!!" he snarls into the changer.

In a secluded place, a small inlet to the ocean. Up a cliff, a two-story white concrete house. In this secluded home is Nakadai. He has his laptop open. He is monitoring TopGaler and Stegosridon, who appear to be dozing. He closes the laptop, which also sleeps. Then he picks up a black dart from the table and aims it carefully. A flick of his wrist and the dart sails smoothly into its board. The board is on a cork-board, and around it are photos of the other seven Bakuryu. From bottom left to bottom right, Parasarokkiru, above him Bracchio, above him Kera, next to Kera is Tyranno, next to him is Ptera. Under her is Dimenocodon, and below him is Pachykeronagurusu. Nakadai picks up another dart and closes his left eye, aiming carefully. But then a gruff voice sings, "The sea is wide, but I hate the sea." It is the Torinoid from before. A blend of Telephone, Crocodile and some plant, it has madly glowing pinkish-orange eyes. And it wears an apron and carries a duster. It appears to be headed for the windows as it continues its random complaints. Slightly irritated, Nakadai shifts his aim from the darkboard to the bare blackness visible under the Torinoid's leaves. The dart sinks into that one's poor behind. With a yelp of surprise it clutches at its backside. It turns around, snatching the dart out and throwing it down, to complain loudly and bitterly. But Nakadai sits, legs stretched out, looking to all the world like he's fast asleep. Startled, the Torinoid falls silent and stares at him.

He had arrived on Another Earth through the usual portal. Terrified people had run when he came down. And then a blur of black and white had come upon him, slashing and tearing. Waniyatsudenwa had been cut and wounded before he even knew what was happening. And then the blur had come to a halt, only a new blur of speedy, slashing energy which wrapped around Yatsudenwani, and pulled him into Abarekiller's belt buckle. Mournful, he stares up into the sky over the ocean. "I want to go back to the Evorian!" he wails. Then he gets an idea. "Of course! I can telephone the Evorian!" And he snatches his handle from its cradle.

Voffa is gleefully composing a new composition. Jannu is practicing with her long, green blade. Rije, watching with interest, gets up and comes close, ducking down as the blade swings perilously close to her. Jannu stops, surprised, but Rije's eyes shine with delight and she applauds. But Jannu cannot feel happy for this praise, for as she explains to Rije, there are still Dezumozorlya's orders to be followed. The girl nods solemnly. "Yes, Dezumozorlya's been really busy lately," she confirms. But then a telephone rings. With a delighted smile, the girl dashes over to where their enormous, purple phone sits and picks up the receiver. "You've reached the Evorian," she annouces cheerfully. "Mikela-san, if you please," the cheerful, gruff voice on the other end says. Not the least flustered, Rije turns and calls Mikela. He'd been looking through his book, but now he closes it and accepts the receiver graciously. "Yes, this is Mikela." A beat and then an astounded gasp, "Yatsudenwani?!!" Voffa, startled, yelps "You mean he's still alive? I thought the guy in the Zero-Go suit killed him." But Mikela whispers into the phone, "Where ARE you?" Near Nakadai, Yatsudenwani answers him, "I'm at Abarekiller's place!" He peeks at Nakadai, who is still acting asleep. "I'm his house-maid," he laughs. Mikela about blows a fuse. "WANI?!! My Torinoid has become the servant of the enemy, Another-Earth person's HOUSEMAID?!" Frightened, Yatsudenwani yelps. "Damnit you're a Torinoid!! Don't call here again!" He slams the receiver back into its cradle. Yatsudenwani lowers his phone and mutters, "Well, he's sure pissed off." He hangs up his phone. With new determination he stands straight and turns to the napping man. "Right, for the Evorian I will defeat our enemy, Abarekiller!" He opens his mouth wide and starts towards the man. But about a foot away he stops and closes him mouth, backing up uncertainly. "Well, it's a thought but he's just too strong...." Thinking hard the Torinoid decides, "But if I defeat the Abaranger, I can return home in triumph!" He has a good imagination, for he dreams...

Returning to Dino Earth in triumph, dragging the four Abaranger in chains behind him. "I'm me, Yatsudenwani! I've come back to the Evorian!" he yells, the four trussed up people staggering uncertainly behind him. "And I've brought back some souveniers!" And Rije, Jannu, Voffa and Mikela would applaud and tell him how wonderful he is, they would all four cheer for him, "Banzai, Banzai!" Streamers would fly....

A nice dream, but the only way to carry it out? To attack the city again. And so innocent pedestrians jump when they hear laughter echoing strangely in the air. And his image appears all down the side of a building. Upon the sight all the people cling together and run for it. Out he sends a blast which downs several people who haven't gotten far enough away. He arrives completely. "Where are the Abaranger?" he shouts and blasts about. People run in terror. "Come out, come out, Abaranger!" It is Ranru, searching the city, who arrives on the scene first. "A Torinoid!" she gasps. She heads for him. He is still there, turning around. "Abaranger! Come and face me, my power!" he calls. "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Ranru shouts. "You're just a little Torinoid!" But Yatsudenwani no longer hears her, he is too busy gaping at her blazing eyes, her determined expression. "Oh, those eyes are looking at me!" he exclaims. "Oh, they are so full of scorn and contempt! Oh me, oh my!" he is gasping, clutching at his nose and wiggling about. Ranru stares in puzzlement. But then he reaches a conclusion and his eyes glow brightly. "So lovely! I love you!" And there is a pulse of pink hearts that float out (this may not be literally but it's hard to be sure) and surround Ranru, then go into her. She reacts about with what you'd expect, total revulsion. As he sings about kisses, she writhes and tries to shake off the slimy feeling she now has. He dashes forward and grabs the stunned young woman's hand, "Oh please, won't you marry me, dear?" he begs her. "No way, no no no!" She wrenches her arm free of him and stares with horror. He takes a few steps back and then wails, stomping like a child, "Well, why not?" But whatever Ranru's reply is, she backs it with a running kick. He falls backwards and rubs his poor nose with a soft, "That hurt!" Ranru does not follow up the kick, instead she glowers at him, then tosses her head and looks away indignantly. Angry from getting kicked, Yatsudenwani calls in a troop of Barmia. They appear at once. Ranru is between them and the Torinoid, and she whirls with a gasp. A black one leaps into the air shouting, "Hold me!" and lands in her startled arms, bowling her over. The Barmia pile on her. "I did it!" crows Yatsudenwani. Then seeing the struggling pile he begins to worry, "But with all them on top of her, is she all right?" he bends down and tries to see her at the bottom of the pile. "Hey!" he starts to shout at them when he can't. But then from the pile we hear "Bakuryu-change!" In armor, Ranru is able to toss the Barmia off of her. They scream as they hurtle through the air. And Yatsudenwani is quite stunned to find her before him as Abareyellow. "Oh my gosh, the woman I love is... she's Abaranger's Abare Yellow!" he wails, turning away from her. Rather confused by his behaviour, she cocks her head and tries to see what he's doing. But he concludes that this is for the best, all the better that his love is a heroine. And when he turns to face her again, he is drooling. The sight (or perhaps the hearts that went in her earlier) makes her flesh crawl and she writhes with disgust. "Stop it, I don't want to hear anymore!" she wails and clutches her gloved hands over her helmet where her ears are hidden. "Ranru-chan!" comes a call from behind. Thank heavens, Ryouga and Sanjo have arrived on the scene, already in their armor. Startled by the lack of actual fighting Sanjo asks, "What's up?" "Nothing, anything, whatever!" Ranru stutters and shoves them towards Yatsudenwani. "Go beat up that disgusting Torinoid!" The Barmia he'd called in earlier have finally regrouped and come bearing down on the trio. Into battle race both men. Ranru hauls out her laser and shoots the Barmia around her down. But you-know-who's got her number. "Ranru-chan!" calls Yatsudenwani and dashes towards her, arms spread wide. She fires at him, but he is only staggered. He protests "Ouch-chchch - " when suddenly he utters an amazed, "That didn't hurt! Oh, of course you love me! It's the power of love!" and he starts at her again. Thoroughly flustered and disgusted, she turns tail and runs for her dignity. The boys get between her and her admirer, unaware of what's going on. They bash him back and he shouts at them, "You're fools! You bash me all you want, but you don't feel good!" Ranru pops forward between them and yells at the Torinoid to go away. His knees shake with passion, "Oh, Oh Abare Yellow! Oh, I love you so much!" and he gets down on one knee to her. Ryouga and Sanjo stand there, stunned, while Ranru goes again into her little "please help my flesh is crawling" wiggle. "NO!" she protests. But he is shuffling towards her rapidly on his knees, "Oh, this is how I feel!" he calls and makes a kissing motion. This time an enormous heart heads out towards her. She dives for the ground. Ryouga and Sanjo hit it so it goes back to Yatsudenwani and burst apart upon impact with his head. It explodes and staggers him slightly. Ranru gets back to her feet, gasping. "Yay!" He falls over backwards with a groan of pain. But he is gasping, not continuing to explode, and the Abaranger stare at him in puzzlement. "He didn't blow up," wonders Sanjo. But Yatsudenwani sits up quickly and complains that they are trying to get in the way of true love. "This is too much," whimpers a disgusted Ranru. But her erstwhile suitor gets to his feet and tells her that he will show her how much he loves her, ending a long speech with a farewell, whereupon he dances off the field of battle while the rather confused Abaranger look on. Sanjo turns to a puzzled Ryouga, "What is with that guy?" he wonders. But then the noise Ranru makes causes them to turn to her. "Oh god, oh god this feels so horrid, I'm itching all over!" She writhes, trying to reach the small of her back. Finally she turns her back to them and calls, "Scratch me, scratch me!" Rather bewildered but obliging, the two men come over and start a light scratching. Sanjo, if you could see his face, is probably rolling his eyes at the sky. After a bare moment, Ranru whirls on them furiously, startling Ryouga. "SCRATCH HARD!" she commands. Under the whiplash of her voice they straighten up unconsciously and then start to scratch her poor back fiercely.

The tale told once they returned to the Bakuryu Restaurant, has Emi and Ryunosuke laughing their heads off. Ryouga is grinning, while Sanjo watches Ranru with a light twinkle of laughter in his eyes, though he will not indulge in the guffaws of Ryouga. Ranru, sitting at the dinosaur table, whirls and glares at them furiously, "It's NO laughing matter!" Ryouga reigns himself in, seeming frightened by her fierce expression. She snorts at them all and turns her back angrily. All of a sudden the telephone rings. Emi picks it up. "This is the Dinosaur Restaurant," she says. Then, "Eh? Ranru-san, it's Yatsude-san." She holds out the phone. Puzzled, for she does not know anyone by this name, Ranru comes to answer it. "Yes?" she says into the receiver. "Oh, Ranru-chan? It's me! Yatsudenwani!" He is on a playground, talking to her on his own phone. Ranru's gasp of horror catches all of their attention. "How - how'd you get this number?!" she yelps into the phone, holding it away from her. He responds giddily, "Oh I can call anywhere on my phone!" So he can, standing on the sand of a playground, with kids, their mothers and workmen sitting to take a break from the day's heat. He gets excited, wiggling and rubbing a bouncy-toy with his hand. Ranru is having that little flesh-crawling thing again. "Ranru-chan, I shall sing for you!" he tells her giddily. Her eyes go wide with horror. And he starts, the background music like a carnival. "Though I'm still only a lowly servant, blahblah" he sings on, spinning around. The people in the park are starting to take notice, because his singing, or the Evorian power in it, is terrible and painful. The people around him start to cringe, covering their ears and curling up in agony. Even filtered through the phone it is too much, and Ranru hangs up the receiver. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop it for his voice is still coming through the speaker. "Oh how I love you - " flesh crawling, Ranru writhes. Ryouga and Sanjo defensively plug their ears trying to shut out the horrid sound. Ryunosuke is next to Emi, who is closest to the phone. In desperation she yanks out the cord and thankfully, this cuts off the sound. Everyone is very grateful for Emi's quick thinking, but before they've quite recovered, the door opens with a jingle of bells. Yokoto-san staggers in, face red and hands clutching his head. "Yoko-chan, what happened?" gasps Emi. He stutters out, "There's this freaky think singing a bizarre song in 2-chome Park!" Yup, there sure is. Unaware that his target audience has cut him off, he still sings into the receiver. A passing soba deliveryman is caught in the sound and his autobike swerves out of control. He tumbles onto the park grounds, the case carrying the soba pops open and some dishes break. Even the soba plateware struggles to escape, bouncing and wiggling. Yokota, at the restaurant, mentions something about a telephone and collapses on his back at Ranru's feet. "You okay, Yokota-san?" gasps Ryouga, shaking him. Ranru determines to go out there, and Ryouga will go with her. But Asuka hollars, "Wait a minute!" He is stomping out of the back room, glowering at the changer on his wrist. "Anklyobeirusu! This is not nice! You've always been like this and that's why you hardly have any friends!" he scolds. Unimpressed, the dinosaur backtalks him. Furious, he snaps back, "Oh yeah, fun. How long are you gonna keep playing hide-and-seek?" The others watch him, rather bemused. Then Ranru steps forward and grabs his arm. "Asuka, we can't worry about only this right now. Ryouga and Sanjo will go look for Aklyobeirasu." When they look rather shocked she tells them that it's better, and she will go confront Yatsudenwani by herself. Stubborn, she heads for the door. "This is a private problem!" she tells them as she leaves. They stare after her.

In the park, people still writhe helplessly as he sings. "Yatsudenwani!" comes a shout. She has come. He stops singing, which gives the people around a chance to get up and get the heck out of there. He greets her happily, but she shouts at him to stop this. Utterly enchanted, he gazes at her and she flinches. He goes overboard again to her horror, and drools at her. She is starting to get twitchy when he abruptly holds up a green bouquet. "For you!" he says. "Wh - what's that?" she asks uncertainly. "I'm proposing!" he tells her happily. Revolted, she twitches back and shouts, "I don't need it, get it away!" but he overrides her protests. Out he sends a twining vine with a pink heart heading the attack and because she winces and closes her eyes, she isn't prepared when the vine twines down her body and sets her aglow. And when the glow dies down, she stands in a rather lovely white wedding dress. He has added a large, red bowtie to his ensemble and prepares to join his blushing bride. She has other ideas, however, and tears the magically produced dress off to reveal her regular clothes. But he is not dismayed, only continues babbling on while she protests. "I'm gonna give you a great big kiss!" and he starts towards her, jaws wide and drooling. It's too much for her and she takes flight, her erstwhile love on her heals. She runs into a construction area to avoid him, dives when he gets too close and his jaws close on an orange piller. There is an explosion which sends him flying back. Rather startled, he lands on his side. And from the burning oily fires rises a sharp, orange, yellow and silver pillar... out of the flames comes Ankirobeirusu. Huh. "He was here!" gasps Ranru. And on Asuka's wrist, the dinosaur pouts "I been found." Asuka sinks onto a stool with a sigh of utter relief. He tells the grinning Ryunosuke and Emi, "At last we've got them all."

Sadly, he's not the only one to know. The eyes on Nakadai's changer flash and TopGaler says, "Human." Nakadai opens his eyes to listen. "A new Bakuryu is out. I want it." Nakadai smiles smugly down at his changer. "The game starts." Ankirobeirusu growls at Yatsudenwani, who sensibly makes for cover. Ranru stares up and then Sanjo arrives with Ryouga, who calls greeting to their new companion. "Hey, you get to fight the Evorian with us!" Ryouga calls. To their surprise, Ankirobeirusu possesses a certain lack of enthusiasm for this and closes his shield over his back, hunkering down. "I don' wanna. That's no fun." "What?!" gasps Ranru. "What do you mean?" Ryouga protests. "Isn't that why you're here?" Sanjo only snorts in annoyance and comments, "He only wants to play." But from behind them comes a nasty chuckle. Yes, Nakadai has arrived. "Well, from today we'll have a fun game," he tells them. "Abarekiller!" gasps Ryouga. Nakadai turns his head and shoots a deadly glare in the direction of Yatsudenwani, who cringes back from it. This makes Nakadai smirk. "Ankirobeirusu goes to me," he tells them contemptuously. And he changes into his armor. "No, I don't think so," counters Ryouga calmly. And they change into their armor to fight. Killer pins Ranru back. Yatsudenwani cheers her on from his hiding place. She moves to higher power and slashes Killer back, to the Torinoid's delight. He calls thanks when she manages to back Killer a good one. But he's getting annoyed, and as she swoops down on him again, he draws arrows in the air and sends them at her, cutting her from the sky. The Torinoid covers his eyes. Ryouga and Sanjo leap to Ranru's side and fire, but Killer sends their bolts back at them. He snorts again and says "I'm not interested in playing with you right now." He calls TopGaler, who surges out of their underground cavern with a happy Stegosridon running behind him. Killer boards and calls for Killeror formation. Stegos is enthusiastic. So they stand, ready to fight. Asuka arrives in armor and calls in Bracchio. Their trio are healed and ready to fight, so they board and form Abarenor quickly. The two giants face off, with Ankirobeirusu bouncing in excitement between them. Asuka calls them frantically not to let this last companion be taken by Abarekiller. But he is willing. "Killeror, take hold of Ankirobeirusu," he orders. His formation makes a lunge for it. "Oh no you aren't getting Ankirobeirusu!" snarls Ryouga. They, too, make a lunge. The startled dinosaur gasps as Killeror's hands close on his tail, and Abarenor's hands close on his head. "OUCH!" he protests while the two giants pull. He kicks as they haul him back and forth between them. Finally he's had enough and bites Kera's nose to get loose, spins his tail causing some damage getting free of Killeror as well. Both robots drop him and fall over. Getting Killeror back up quickly, Killer makes a lunge for it again. But Ryouga won't let him win, and they fight. Far below, Yatsudenwani cheers them on before mourning his inability to fight. But Asuka runs to Ankirobeirusu, and calls him frantically to go help Abarenor and their human companions. "I don't want to. They hurt my head and tail!" Ankirobeirusu complains, pouting. With a snarl of pure fury Asuka cries, "Ankirobeirusu, they're fighting for your sake!!" and getting bashed pretty badly, but no shortage of courage. But Asuka has had enough. His hands curl into fists and he finally shouts at the Bakuryu, "You... you damned... I HATE YOU!" Startled, Ankirobeirusu turns its head to look at him. Asuka slumps onto the pavement and starts pounding the ground with his fists. Dismayed, the Bakuryu whimpers, "Asuka!" But he is ignored by the furious man. "Okay, okay I get it, I'll go fight for your friends!" Ankirobeirusu says anxiously. He uncurls and hurries towards the battle. Asuka lifts his head to sigh the fellow's name.

Ankirobeirusu fires a missile from the end of his tail which hits Killeror pretty nicely. Startled, Killer cries out. Asuka calls the others to combine with Ankirobeirusu, who becomes their right arm. But when Killeror fires again, they are able to deflect his blast, and try out the Double Tornado attack. For a change, it is Killeror who gets beaten down. And the Abaranger crow in delight as does Yatsudenwani for them. Killeror is back on its feet, and Killer snorts. "This is enough for today's game," he tells them. "Yatsudenwani, you're coming back." Before the Torinoid can run, he reaches down Killeror's hand and scoops him up. And he teleports away. Only the new formation remains for Asuka to applaud Ankirobeirusu, who is pleased to be praised.

Spirits up again, the four sit together while Emi serves up plates of curry. They say thanks, but before they can get really into eating, Ryunosuke asks Ranru how her back is now Yatsudenwani is gone. In an instinctive reaction, she winces. But then the telephone rings. They look towards it, then everyone looks at Ranru, Ryouga openly smirking and Asuka trying not to smile. Ryouga says happily, "Ah, this is a PRIVATE problem, so we all had better not answer the phooOOoone!" They get back to eating. Face gray, Ranru swallows heavily. "Oh this is just ghastly!" she whispers. Shooting them resentful glares, she goes reluctantly to answer the phone. When she lifts the receiver a man's voice asks, "Is this the ramen-gyoza shop?" Floored, she repeats "Ramen and gyoza?" "Hey, can you hear me?" the man asks. Jumping, Ranru says loudly, "Wrong number!" and hangs up the phone. She utters a long sigh of relief while the others giggle and snicker, except for Sanjo who is above such things though he laughs inside. She defiantly takes a huge bite of her curry.

At Nakadai's seaside home, he sits in his seat and asks the alarmed Yatsudenwani, "You were cheering for Abare Yellow?" Terrified, Yatsudenwani tries to beg off, but Nakadai picks up two of the five darts lined on the table next to his wine. He aims them towards the Torinoid, who cringes and scuttles back. They fly past him to hit the photos of Dimenocodon and Pachykeronagurusu. He utters a sigh of relief and turns around only to find that Nakadai now has one enormous dart in his hands, and this one definitely meant for the Torinoid. He screams and runs, but the dart hits anyway and he bounces down the lawn, tumbling again and again, protesting the abuse of his body and screaming "I hate the sea!" before diving out into the waves. Nakadai ignores this and lifts his wine, looking with delight at the two pictures he's spiked. "The next game will be very interesting," he says.

第22話 娘たちのアバレ歌 Musumetachi no Abare Uta Little Girls' Abare Song

Yatsudenwani remains stuck with Killer, still used as free slave labor. Dimenocodon and Pachykeronagurusu have been caught in large, explosive barrels. The Abaranger fight a deadly Torinoid, looking frustrated and strained. Mai says something really bratty, causing the whole group to react with shock. And there is a singing trio who are connected to all of this, young women in red shirts and tight black shorts singing at a studio. About the Bakuryu in the barrels, Nakadai says the time limit is one day. More fighting, Killer cuts down Ryouga in armor. Again.

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第22話 娘たちのアバレ歌
Musumetachi no Abare Uta
Little Girls' Abare Song

Abarekiller was bored, hence the tromping through the city scaring the life out of innocent people in Killeror. He starts firing, causing random destruction. Striding through the city he's as bad as any Giganoid. The three Abaranger arrive on their Ride-Raptors, and Bracchio is not far behind. As he lets the very excited Bakuryu out, Killer says, "This is fun, the new game begins." Well, so Abarenor faces Killeror. When Killer mocks them, Sanjo comments that this isn't like before. And Ranru counters that they've got lots of friends. Para is their arm, and they grapple with Killeror. Para calls, "Senor, you can't beat us!" "So you say," Killer counters. He manages to push them back, and sends out his chains to entrap Abarenor. They can't get loose, but here come Dimenocodon and Pachykeronagurusu to lend an assist. Seeing them come in, Killer says, "I was waiting for this." Waiting, and prepared. He draws something new in the air, two shining lights he sends out and suddenly, poor Pachykeronagurusu finds himself wrapped in an energy field that soon solidifies into a barrel. The same for Dimenocodon. They are both trapped, immobized and Ryouga snarls furiously at Killer to release them. But he tells them this is the new game if they want their toys back. Ranru shouts at him, "Pachykeronagurusu and Dimenocodon are not things!! They have feelings just like us!" "So you think they're your friends? Then you have to help them." "What are you babbling about?" snarls Sanjo. But Killer only answers mockinly, "I'll contact you with the rules." Pachykeronagurusu calls out to them, and Dimenocodon calls a promise. And then Killeror vanishes, taking the other two with him.

This chain of events has not gone entirely unnoticed by the Evorian. In fact, Mikela is rather impressed. So is Voffa. Dezumozorlya is, in fact, finding all of this to be quite interesting. When Jannu starts to question it, suddenly the telephone rings. Dezumozorlya blinks out of Rije, who moves up innocently to answer the thing. "Hello?" she asks cheerfully. The startled man on the other end says, "Who are YOU?" Slightly put out she responds, "Who am I? Who are YOU?" It is, of course, Nakadai. He has approprated Yatsudenwani to call them. "I'm Abarekiller," he says coolly. Then with a huff he adds, "I don't want to talk to a child, transfer me to an adult." "Yeah, change," mutters the Torinoid. Annoyed, Rije responds that she's the big noise here. So he apparently explains why he's called, while she listens and then gasps in surprise. "You want us to send another Torinoid?" She wheels and stares at an equally startled Mikela. Rather steaming, that one replies that he doesn't have one ready and can't just make them to order and babbles on for a while at this offense to his artistic dignity. He ends with a growl about not wanting to do things for Another Earth person. But Rije is largely ignoring him, for Dezumozorlya chooses that moment to speak through her. "That's fine," it says firmly. Mikela jumps, but Dezumozorlya asks, "What kind of Torinoid do you want?" "Now wait a minute! Lord Dezumozorlya!" splutters Mikela. Having not exactly thought that far, Nakadai gives it a moment's consideration, then a wicked smile crosses his face. "I want one like this...."

Where does the world begin and end? In the night, a shallow place, with red and white lights under a thin cover of water which ripples out from fountains...? Where a girl with long, long black hair walks, and when she touches the stream of water it becomes shimmering stars? And another place, in the day where she wanders against the flow of time, cars and motorcyclists roll backwards, but not exactly, for she is moving into the past. Night and she settles on the top of the Tokyo dome, rides down the balloonlike arch. She bounces off a ledge and flies, leaving a trail of lights. She lands below. It is raining, but the drops do not touch her. She has realigned with time here, and pauses to watch a girl walking with her parents, the father carries a black umbrella and the mother a white. The child looks very happy. She vanishes away.

Asuka frets in their hidden command center. "It's been two weeks already," he says softly. He stares at his changer as he worries about their two missing Bakuryu. Sanjo leans against the wall and Ryunosuke watches sympathetically. Ryouga sits unhappily atop a stool. "Maybe if we - " starts Asuka, but Sanjo cuts him off with a comment about the shielding. They haven't seen a sign. Ranru agrees, and they all worry. "It's a game," Ryouga suddenly says aloud. When they look at him he adds, "That guy thinks eveything's a game." All of a sudden, their computer screen comes down of its own accord, making them jump. And on the screen appears Nakada, who never seems to change his clothes but then neither do they, so.... He's called to tell them it's time to start the game. Ryouga gets up, "Doctor Nakadai." But he's on a roll. He tells them of the Torinoid in the game, that it's all part of his game. He looks a little less than sane these days. Ryouga snarls, "Hurry up and tell us the rules of your game!!" "Look here," Nakadai says mockingly. There, in two huge barrels, are the kidnapped Bakuryu. And there are things stars on the sides of those barrels. Ryunosuke says the names of the two. And the manipulative son of a --- nevermind --- tells them that those stars are bombs. They are on a timer, and in three days they'll blow. Horrified, Ranru surges forward but the image changes to show TopGaler flying down and sending out a pulse with a wave of his mighty wings. "What are you doing?" gasps Ryunosuke. The energy bathes the two helpless Bakuryu. But it is held back by a powerful barrier. And the barrier, you see, will hold unless they can shut it off. But a Torinoid has the switch. And if they can't get it from the Torinoid, they won't be able to get the bombs off. Smugly, Nakadai tells them to see if they can do it. He's all for their trying. He moves to take a sip from his wine and shuts down communication. Ryouga is first to snarl, "This is unforgivable! We'll never, ever forget this!!" Ranru says frantically, "But we don't even know where the Torinoid is!" Sanjo notes that they've got three days, and he'd said the Torinoid was not far away but where..? Just then Emi arrives with Mai, who bounds in the door. "Welcome home, Mai!" Ryunosuke says. Ryouga goes to reach out to her, affection and warmth. "How'd your day go?" he asks her, squatting down to look up at her face. "Oh, the usual," she answers him. "Really? So exercise, lunch and everything you took?" But she protests and he scolds her softly, then she tells him with a pout that he's a nag, and every day he always nags. Totally thrown, all of them gape at her and then Ryouga grips her shoulders. "Mai, you're never supposed to say things like that!" But she looks at him with innocent surprise and counters that everyone says things like that, a stunned Ranru gasps, "EVERYONE?" Mai looks up at her, "Well, that's what the Purin Princess Sisters say." "Eh?" asks Ryouga. Everyone exchanges who-the-heck glances. But Emi is closest to childhood and asks for clarification. These are singers who all the kids are big fans of. And we see their music video.

The tallest is a long haired girl, and the first words of the song are "You nag!" The second girl has short hair and the third is much smaller than the other two. They are filming the video and singing quite well, very cute, these flat-chested near-children. They are listing the demands parents put on them every day like "You have to study," "Do this," "Be a good child!" and part of the song is about all the stress this puts on kids. "Nagging!" they protest. A little bit about being a bomb waiting to go. Puri Princess Sisters. A little boy watches the video. He takes a drink, skin slightly flushed. His mother arrives home with the groceries. "Ta-kun," she protests softly, seeing him there in front of the television. "You shouldn't be watching TV right now, you have to do your homework." He turns from the scowling face of his drink and the plate of treats in front of him, shoots her a venemous glare. His eyes flash brightly and he complains, "You're always nagging!" but his voice is distorted by a secondary echo that clues his frightened mother in that something is way wrong.

Children are out spraypainting walls, four boys and when the neighborhood cop arrives to tell them to stop, they turn and shout, "Stop nagging!" Like the other child, their eyes flare with bright light and their voices carry an echo of another power. But this time something like a wind blows up, and the poor policeman finds himself diving for cover as debris comes flying at him. And near a grade school, a woman screams. She is on top of a piano, and that piano is rolling across the lots at high speeds. "Help! Someone help me!" she screams. The piano spins, and Ryouga is passing on the motorcycle. He stops, changes into armor, and fights to stop the piano which seems intent upon smashing itself and luckless passenger into a wall. Just in time he gets it to halt. The lady is all right, and he asks her what had happened. She tells him they were listening to this cd, and then the kids just sort of went crazy. It is a CD of those girls. "Puri Puri Rock?" wonders Ryouga, taking it from her. Then he turns his head to where there are five students standing in a doorway, just staring. Their expressionless faces are frightening as they turn and walk away. He considers the CD.

Ranru, Ryouga, Asuka, Emi and Sanjo all meet in front of a fountain. They each carry one of those CDs, Emi comments that she'd picked up hers at a CD shop. It's a recent megahit. They sigh in exasperation, but Ryouga points out that the unusual powers the children have exhibited point to something truly suspicious. Suddenly there is a signal from base. Ryunosuke tells them anxiously there is a big problem. And as far as I can tell, this is what's going on.

The local city government has traced the chaos to the producers of the PuriPrincess CDs. A near-bald man, wearing glasses and with a pinched look seems to be on the defensive. There are four people in plush seats speaking for the Defense. One gets up to point out that there is no evidence to support these accusations. The man on the prosecuting side snarls, "We don't need any proof! The connection is clear!" Others at the table agree completely. But then that man complains of their noise and loudness, and he pulls out a bottle of the blue drink we'd seen a child drinking earlier. He takes a long swig, ignoring the others.

At the restaurant, they are watching the video and see that one of the girls is drinking from one of those same drinks. The girls grin and kid out. The drink is Uzeeyo. Ryouga holds it in his hands and considers the drink carefully. They, too, are looking for the connection. The drink, and the CD, it has to have a connection with the Torinoid. Emi points out that the groups do seem to be all girls. So who will speak to them, asks Sanjo.

Filming another video, dressed in various costumes. A Chinese style outfit with badly applied lipstick (especially on the smallest), but they are pretty girls. Into sailor-school uniform outfits. They wear nerdy glasses to complete the ensemble. Then white satin dresses, they stand with bright red roses in their hands. Their photographer praises them when the session is done and they bow gratefully to him. They trot off the stage to their manager, who greets them warmly telling them they were so wonderful. And then they are surprised by the arrival of two young men. Ryouga and Asuka, who stares wonderingly around. Ryouga greets them happily saying, "We're Abaranger. I'm Red, and this is Black." They hold up their wrists with the changers as proof (poor Yokota-san, like the only person left out of the loop). Asuka takes the manager off for a talk, while Ryouga steers the three girls the other direction.

The girls exchange looks, and finally the short-haired one gives the smallest girl a nod. Leading the way, she hops to her feet and turns pleadingly to Ryouga. "Please, you've got to help us!" "Yes, please!" begs the second girl. The third says "We're all, the manager...." He reassures them with a warm grin and asks them to tell him everything. The smallest girl tells him they are all afraid, they want to quit but they've been threatened. The other two girls sniffle behind their hands (hello, can you say crocodile tears? I knew you could). "Your manager..." Ryouga says thoughtfully.

The woman in question is weeping, and Asuka has his hands on her shoulders to calm her. I'm not sure what she says, but she seems to be pointing him higher up. She says the girls are not bad, really. She's pointed him at the record company.

And the guy who is that liason weeps when confronted by Sanjo. He puts the blame on the drink, on the guy sponsoring it? He's protesting that he didn't think it would be such a mega-hit, I think. So they keep going, and Ranru has headed for the sponsor to explain to him about the Torinoid. He only looks very, very confused. He's only the production manager. He has a table full of the drinks, which he considers carefully. So where is there to go next? Back to the restaurant to compare notes. The drink, the CD, the song... and they don't know where the Torinoid is. They can imagine the two Bakuryu waiting through the night, the clock ticking. Suddenly, Emi tears inside. She is still in her pajamas (must live really close by). The Puri Princess Sisters are going to be on TV, they've signed a television contract. And the man with whom they've contracted.... well, our heroes don't know but he's close with the Torinoid. Torinoid number 13. Mukadenpanjii.

So in the wee hours of the morning, our heroes tear over to the offices of TV YU-YAKE CO.,LTD. Up in the offices of the president, they surround and demand an explanation of him. When he turns his back on them Sanjo snarls, "You don't care about the children's future!" Asuka has to hold him back from going at the man's throat. But Ryouga swears to the man that they'll put all their power into stopping the Torinoid. They all plead for the man not to broadcast the show, and he reluctantly faces them. He sits down heavily and says he'll tell them everything. And what he tells them sends them in pursuit of the Torinoid. Rather far, dashing along long flights of stairs. These kids need a brain. They arrive at the top of the broadcast tower and stare worriedly around. The great dish sits, lights blinking. "Where are you, Torinoid!" But suddenly Ranru presses the button of her changer, and a bright beam leaps from it. She sweeps the area. A stunned Asuka asks what she's doing. She tells him she'd turned it into a Torinoid detector. They are all amazed, but then there is the Torinoid, inside the satellite dish. And so they change into their armor to fight. They blast it, forcing it out of the dish, and chase after it down into the abandoned area. As they are about to catch up with it, they find Nakadai there. He tries to tempt them and Sanjo almost leaps to attack, but Ryouga hold him back, tells them to leave it to him. Sanjo says he will and off the three go. Nakadai wonders, "Did you find this out from the president?" Ryouga counters, "Everyone has the will to choose good over evil! It's not the way YOU think!" Moving away, Nakadai mocks "A good little boy like you could never understand." He stops and turns back to face Ryouga. "If you try to believe everyone's good all the time, eventually, you'll be mistaken." And now he launches himself at Ryouga. In mid-kick he switches into armor. Ryouga pins his leg and snarls, "If you don't have the will to believe in people, what will happen to this world?" Nakadai counters, "Yeah, there'll be a lot more action and a lot more fun." "That's not true! I won't have it!" and their battle continues. In higher form, Sanjo and Ranru are trying to tear the Torinoid to pieces. Asuka slashes in. And the two powerful men are fighting, and Ryouga thinks "I will believe in my friends, in people, and the peace of Earth!" And Asuka uses his Inferno attack, destroying the Toriniod. Ryouga and Nakadai blast each other, suffering equal damage, bodies steaming. But Ryouga it is who falls first, just barely before Nakadai. They lay there, limp. Ryouga manages to pull himself up just before Nakadai does, only to get mocked by the man about today, and about them finding the Torinoid too soon. Ryouga staggers forward and snarls that the others have destroyed the Torinoid. But Nakadai blithely answers, "Oh, that was a fake anyway." "WHAT?!" Yes, indeed. For out of their armor the three stand, panting with relief. But then the Torinoid's shell falls to pieces. A white Barmia was inside, and it falls over before bursting apart into white powder. Stunned, they dash forward led by Sanjo. To the remains of the shell. He gathers up a handful of particles, takes a wild breath and holds his hand out towards Ranru. "Look at this." They bend down. The two scraps in his hand, red and black, unravel to become dozens of tiny copies of the Torinoid. "Parts of the Torinoid?!" gasps Ranru. And Asuka looks suitably horrified. "You mean this thing we fought was never the real one, just a Barmia!" And back at the other battle Nakadai tells Ryouga mockingly that the real Torinoid is still out there. And if they can't find it, they'll never get anything back to normal.

For there is a sudden smashing sound and Ryouga whirls. Two little boys are in a fit of temper, and throwing things at each other. Things like the bicycles surrounding them. They seem to be in a trance. They call each other noisy and nags, and the smaller grabs five bikes into the air, tossing them at the larger, who floats out of their way. One boy glows blue, the other red, as they hover in mid air and smash at each other. "And by the way, the time limit is one more day. You think you can save the two beasts?" Nakadai mocks Ryouga, who gapes back and forth. They've got to stop these two children fighting before anyone gets actually hurt. And Ryouga races off, while Nakadai walks away, laughing.

第23 アバレ電波ドキューン! Abare Denpa Dogyuun! Abare Broadcast Dogyuun!

A curious TopGaler asks, "Human, is there anyone you believe in?" "No," Nakadai answers. And another battle is joined. Our heroes are getting the worst of it while the Torinoid brings out the three girls to fight for him. The Bakuryu tell Nakadai they believe in Asuka, but he only has contempt to give to that. "Double finish," says Nakadai with satisfaction as the four Abaranger fall, and the two trapped Bakuryu cry out in terror. Our heroes stumble through the night to find their fallen friends. Killeror's taken them into his formation. In Abarenor's cockpit, Ryouga slams his fist on the console in horror and frustration.

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第23話 アバレ電波ドキューン!
Abare Denpa Dogyuun!
Abare Broadcast Dogyuun!

In our last episode: Abarekiller's taken Pachykeronagurusu and Dimenocodon, imprisoned them in enormous barrels and put bombs on the sides. He's given the Abaranger a time limit to get to the pair before they blow. An idol group of three young girls sings a song which, combined with a drink released, sets children mad and empowers them. The president of a TV company, when pressed, tells them where the Torinoid is hiding. They find it in the satellite dish, but when they destroy it in a fury, they find they've been tricked. It was never the Torinoid, but a white Barmia masquerading as him. While a pair of maddened boys duel with psychic powers, Abarekiller mocks Ryouga that they haven't destroyed the real one. There is only one day left, can they save the two beasts?

Asuka and Sanjo tackle the two boys and struggle to calm them. The cause of this madness looms above, a broadcast video of the girls singing on a huge screen. For they failed to stop the Torinoid and now the original broadcast is going ahead as planned. The boys collapse and lose consciousness. Sanjo holding one wonders painfully where the real Torinoid could be. Asuka holds the more delicate form of the other child and gazes up at the video. Ryouga licks his lips, still panting from his battle with Nakadai. Suddenly their changers signal and Emi's voice comes through. "Guys, it's terrible! Hurry back!" With frightened gasps, they hasten to obey.

Rije sits on the ege of her pod, singing a wordless song. Mikela is wandering about, grumping. "What is he waiting for, Abarekiller?" "What's up?" Voffa asks him. Mikela talks about his Torinoid and how it'll die very soon if they find it. Voffa mocks lightly, "Torinoid's aren't great, hah!" "What'd you say?!" yelps Mikela. And the two start to argue, it may even come to blows. Rije's kicking feet suddenly still in a familiar sign. She stands up. "Stop." For Dezumozorlya is annoyed with their bickering, and rains green fire upon them. They flee as soon as their leader lets them go, but Jannu marches into the area bravely. Dezumozorlya turns to her. "Jannu, are your preparations for the Bakuryu complete?" She bows her head respectfully. "Yes. I'm absolutely sure." Dezumozorlya walks past her, deep in thought. "While the Abaranger and Abarekiller are fighting each other, we have to take this chance."

Someone else is trying to get through to Abarekiller. Dimenocodon and Pachykeronagurusu, trapped in his barrels and visible on his computer screen, talk to him in their outrage. He asks them, "You really think so?" Dimenocodon answers him furiously, "Mikoto Nakadai!! somethingsomething" his head on Nakadai's changer opening and closing its mouth frantically. But Nakadai speaks into a telephone. For Yatsudenwani is out there where the two Bakuryu are, holding up his phone so they can talk. Pachykeronagurusu snaps back a response, the two of them furious and trying to move inside the tight barrels. Pachy yells through the bracelet that he believes in Ryouga and the others. Nakadai mocks him softly, "You really believe in them? Nobody's that tough." He closes off the communication.

Ryouga tears through the door, Sanjo and the others right on his heels. He stops and gapes for a moment. For the floor is littered with broken dishes, stools are fallen willy-nilly. Sanjo brushes past to help with the cleanup. Ranru moves after him and then the others. Ryouga leaps over to Emi and nearly shouts, "What happened here?" She hushes him quickly. "She's sleeping." And he turns, following Asuka's already alert gaze to the fragile form under a light blanket. Mai.

The mess all cleaned, later that evening explanations have been given. Mai had been in the midst of coloring a picture of her and Ryouga in the hills with a net pursuing assorted large beetles. She'd suddenly dropped it, stood up, stood ON the picture and her crayon and started protesting about noise. Her eyes had flared with white light, she pointed and Emi whirled. And then had to dive for cover as a row of forks came flying at her, embedding themselves in the wooden support behind where she'd been. Ryunosuke had rushed to her side, but then every single loose thing in the room was in the air, and largely being directed at them by little Mai. She'd been watching television.

Ryouga reaches down, takes her small hand in both of his and lets his sad gaze swing to the picture Mai had drawn. And he is sure he knows what set her off. He tells them he's been a bad father. He hasn't been able to spend time with her, pulled away by the demands of being an Abaranger. The others quickly gather to his side. Ranru bends down to look up into his face. "You know it can't be helped. We have to fight," she says very gently. They are all trying to reassure him, and intellectually he might know it's true, but he can't meet their steady gazes. Mai in this condition, all the spirit is draining out of him. He looks down at her face. A tear slowly traces from the corner of her eye. He whispers her name and pulls out a hanky to wipe her face dry, but Sanjo suddenly holds out a hand. "Wait!" Ranru steps back as he leans down and carefully uses one finger to get the bulk of Mai's tear. He looks at the dampness he's collected, bites down a shout and then says, "Look." He holds out his finger to Ryouga. Upon the sight of it, Ryouga gasps. "That's..!" Tiny, on the tip of Sanjo's finger, barely visible in the whorls of his print, is a wriggling replica of the Torinoid.

The Puri Puri Sisters dance in their red shirts and black shorts. They sing the song with enthusiasm. And the song is the subject of discussion at the Dinosaur Restaurant. For in the watching of the video, the tiny Torinoid virus enters the children through their eyes. And the more people see the video, the more will be infected. Sanjo knows how a virus spreaks. "We only have twenty hours left!" says Ryouga hoarsely. To find the Toriniod, stop the virus, find their Bakuryu... and that time can pass unbelievably quickly. But Ranru has a thought....

Nakadai tosses another dart into the dart board, hanging out in a darkened room. His bracelet suddenly squawks. "Human," says his companion. "TopGaler," he replies coolly. Bullseye for a second dart. In their hidden cave, TopGaler flaps his wings lightly. "Do you have anyone you believe in?" he asks with mild curiosity. Nakadai's gaze darkens and he lifts his wineglass. "No." He downs the wine in one gulp and stands up. (ooh, we have hit a sore point) "Not a long time ago, and not now. And not later...." He wanders towards the window. TopGaler's eyes shine brilliant red. "Then it's fine that I only use you." "Yeah," Nakadai agrees calmly. "Betray me whenever you want." He rolls the dart between his fingers and adds, "That at least will be interesting, too." With interest TopGaler suddenly asks, "Human, what do you want in the game?" With a wry chuckle he answers, "Excitement." "And what is excitement to you?" TopGaler asks. Thinking of the ZeroGo suit, Nakadai snorts. Then he whirls, sends the dart flying. A bulls-eye, and he hadn't even been looking.

And the sun rises. Ranru has completed her new scanner. With the tiny virus from the Torinoid, she has made a tracker. They will be able to find the real one with it. And together they go, Ranru as passenger in Sanjo's car. Asuka thinks in his mind to their missing Bakuryu to wait for them, he is passenger to Ryouga's driving of the motorcycle. And Ryouga is dark with frustration. "We'll find and defeat that Torinoid, and everyone can get back to normal. The Puri Puri Sisters - " remembering the weeping girls "-- and everyone!" They round a corner and find Abarekiller ahead of them. They stop their vehicles and tear out to face him. "Doctor Nakadai," Ryouga says hoarsely. Sanjo hisses more furiously, "Get out of the way. We have no time for you!" Sounding bemused he responds, "Oh, right. And after I came all this way to warn you..." "Warn us?" asks an alarmed Asuka. Well, yes his warning comes in the form of a rain of energy arrows. They change into their armor just in time to keep from being seriously hurt, but those things still pack quite a punch. And while they are shaken, he races in to attack them, a blur of speed again. He tumbles them down and fights Ryouga, they pin each other for a moment and Nakadai says "You babble all this nonsense about believing in human beings, yeah?" "What are you on about?" "Oh, it's just I think it's better you don't go any farther." In a low voice he adds, "You'll only be disappointed." Ryouga hisses, "I'm going!" and they break free of each other, kicking. Abarekiller gets up to a high point and mocks, "You can't beat me, only because you believe in people." And he swooshes his dagger, teleporting away. A bit bewildered, they nevertheless race on.

They break into the warehouse and race in, armored still. Ryouga snarls, "Where are you, Torinoid?!" Only silence answers and he utters a puzzled, "Not here?" Ranru says frantically, "But this is where the signal came from!" Then they hear a sound and Ryouga has out his gun quickly. Lights go on. This is the stage of PuriPuri Princess. And several human bodies are silhouetted over there. As the lights go on in the studio, the people come down. Led by the three girls, behind them are the other people the Abaranger had confronted. "What are you doing here?" Ryouga wonders, having lowered his gun. The man who answers, the record producer, says angrily, "The song is a hit. Stay out of our way." Sanjo ignores his words and says to Ranru, "Which one is it in?" She checks quickly, sweeping a hand across her visor. With a shaken voice she answers, "None of them. It's not there!" And while they are gasping, the balding man who'd defended their rights to play this music says furiously, "Yes, exactly!" And now the shortest of the singers speaks to them. "Mister Nakadai made us the top idols." The short-haired one adds, "You can't tell us to stop now!" Ryouga stutters, "But... but you - " And the long-haired girl responds somewhat wildly, "We know! When we said we wanted to stop, and please help us, that was only to fool you!" Their manager nods solemnly. Stunned, Ryouga falls to his knees. "You were lying all along." And now energy beams whip out of the cameras and the four are engulfed in them, which become solid bindings. "The Torinoid is by the camera!" gasps Ranru. And the company president lifts a small controller from atop the camera and says, "That's right. It's in this." And he tucks the small device into his inside pocket and stares smugly at the captured four. "But if I keep it here, you can't hurt him." "Why are you doing this?" pants Ryouga. And the man strides towards them, voice smug with victory. "For the audience! The audience percentage, the ratings, the merchandising and all I've ever dreamed of is being on the top! It came true! There is no way I can go back to being the lowest rank now!" The man turns and walks away from them. Ryouga struggles against the constricting bonds, his voice hoarse with effort. "The ratings are that important?!" He starts getting to his feet. "Are you going to expose all the children to this evil programming?!" The old man whirls back to them. "The audience is vast, if we want to keep on top we have to provide greater stimulus!" The energy bonds holding the Abaranger finally break, sending them tumbling out of their armor. Ryouga fetches up against a TV, and the impact turns in on. The news shows a police officer pinning the arms of a struggling little girl whose face is twisted with fury. The old president sees her and gasps, "Ayumi!" Totally flummoxed, he approaches the screen. "Why you, too?" he cries, grabbing the set. The Abaranger are recovering, and glare up at him. "I told you not to watch the program!!" Ryouga's expression is a language of its own, cold rage. He gets to his feet and reaches for the older man who is still stuttering protests, "I told you again and again and yet you watched!!" Ryouga grabs him and spins him around, throwing him up against the television. Eyes wide the old man asks gruffly, "What are you doing?!" Ryouga's eyes burn. "Your ambition ends here!" He reaches into the man's jacket and snatches out the little box. He tosses the box to the floor, where the Torinoid takes on its true form, wriggling on its back. Breathing hard and with something dead in his eyes, Ryouga releases the old man and moves heavily to the center of the room. "You know, before it kills you... you might want to disappear... now." Then he screams, "DISAPPEAR!!" Terrified possibly more by him than the Torinoid, the girls scream and all of these civilians dash out the door. Ryouga's fist is clenched, and when the Torinoid gets on its feet and curses at them, he leads the change into armor.

Bash bash, fight fight, get the Torinoid in the nuts to which it protests, "Oh my god," in English. It falls on its back and it, or all of them, hears Nakadai's voice echoing with distance. "Torinoid, fight to survive." "That was him!" gasps Asuka. "Right!" the Torinoid answers Nakadai. He leaps to his feet and with a wave of his arm puts out the three girls in their red shirts and black shorts. But these are not the real girls. Ranru identifies them. They are a focus for deadly energy and they blast our heroes. And in the meantime, somewhere out in the woods, energy crackles across the barrels our two sweet Bakuryu are trapped in. They cry out, and Yatsudenwani enjoys their pain. Dimenocodon suddenly calls to Pachykeronagurusu, and it looks like they manage to get up enough rock to make the barrels fall on their sides, almost smashing a frightened Yatsudenwani. Still rocking from the impact, Dimenocodon assures his buddy that Asuka, Ryouga and the others will be here soon. Pachykeronagurusu replies that he believes in them, they won't be defeated. They are getting pretty well bashed, though, by these illusions they cannot touch, but can fire energy at them and drag them all over in energy whips. The four regroup. Their Torinoid enemy mocks them that they'll will be destroyed by the Puri Puri Sisters broadcast. He waves his antenna arm and it catches Asuka's eye. Of course! And Asuka calls out his power and attacks the antenna. When it is destroyed, the girls disappear and the Torinoid protests the loss of its precious antenna. But now he has no defense against the attacking heroes. Sanjo impales him, throws him aside. They assemble the Super Dino Bomber and despite his blasts, they destroy him. The barrier around the two Bakuryu disintegrates to their delight. And our heroes, muttering they have to get to the others, collapse into unconsciousness.

Rije has been watching, and now she gets up and goes to Mikela. "Why hasn't he gotten giant?" she asks in puzzled confusion. He laughingly replies "I have an idea about that." "Really?" wonders Voffa. Jannu tilts her head, also wondering.

Dusk, the air turned orange. Dimenocodon says, "Just hold on a little longer, Pachykero." That one is starting to be frightened. And Nakadai steps out from among the trees to confront them. He utters a contemptuous snort. "It's no use," he tells them. "No matter how much you believe in them, there's no way they can get here before the end of the day." He turns and stares at the setting sun. Pachykero says "I still believe!" and Dime adds, "I believe in all of them.

Orange light, a pale hand sticking out of a dark sleeve twitches, Sanjo. He slowly pulls himself over trying to get up. They have to go. Ranru is also getting up, "Dimenocodon and Pachykero are waiting," she manages between spasms of pain. Asuka is next, favoring his injured shoulder. "They believe in us," he gasps. And Ryouga starts to pull himself up, "That's why we can't stop." They can barely stand, their legs shaky under them. "Our friends believe in us!"

In the woods, Nakadai looks around with gleaming eyes at the Bakuryu. "It's not much longer to the end," he tells them. "There's just one minute left." Pachykero says back, "It's not over yet." They have to hold on, Dimenocodon says. They are terrified, and Nakadai is keeping them that way, stoking the fires of their fear. They can not know that the others are coming, hurtling through the dying light on their Ride Raptors. And Nakadai starts the ten second countdown god I loathe him. He hits zero and smirks. "Double Pinch," he comments, and switches into his armor. "No!" gasps Dimenocodon. "Why?" whimpers Pachykero. But Killer turns his back on them and waves his blade. They scream as the bombs go off. White light, and just barely away from them are their friends who leap off of the Ride Raptors and cry out to them. The night is filled with gray smoke. "No, it can't be!" gasps Ranru. They search the smoke desperately. Nothing. "We were too late," says Asuka, almost in tears. But there is a distant roar. Suddenly Dimenocodon and Pachykero walk unsteadily out of the smoke. Gasping, Sanjo and Ryouga say their names. "You're safe!" cries Ryouga. But then the ground shakes, and Nakadai's manic laughter rings in the air. Killeror has arrived. "Fools!" he calls. "You're wrong about that." "Killeror!" gasps Ryouga. But he ignores them and says, "Bakuryu-combine." Killeror's arms part from the body. Dimenocodon becomes his left arm, Pachykero his right. Nakadai names the formation, "Killeror Nagurusunocodon." Their eyes glow red, then the light dies. Ryouga calls their names and Asuka begs, "Why?" Of course it is Nakadai who answers them, mocking. Something about them being put away would be boring. When the Abaranger are hissing at him he adds, "It's the shock, really, from you not coming and saving them." In their despair he had taken control of them, with his blade just before the bombs went off. But while the Abaranger are despairing, Bracchio has come on his own to help. He has brought their three primaries, and they join forces as Abarenor to stop Killeror. "We'll get them back!" snarls Ryouga. "It's hopeless," Nakadai responds confidently. And he attacks using Dimenocodon first, the slashing is vicious and knocks them down. And he thanks them for providing him with such an entertaining game, and showing that you can't believe in anything, perhaps. This game was just a sample... and humans can't be believed in. But Ryouga protests and says he refuses to stop believing in human. And Nakadai mocks him while Abarenor turns over. "Goodbye, Abaranger." He lifts Dimenocodon to finish them off. Asuka gasps, but just then the Killeror formation rocks with an impact. For the Torinoid has gone giant and come to fight. It attacks powerfully and this time does serious damage.

On Dino Earth, Rije is broadcasting the scene for the others. Jannu delights that the two Bakuryu formations have at last taken damage. "We can capture one of them!" she exults. "How annoying," comments Nakadai in an echo of the girls' song. "TopGaler," he calls into his changer. "Oh, leave it to me, human," replies his companion. The spear, Death Stinger, comes down and they fire it at the Torinoid. Asuka quickly calls his trio to use their Spin attack, and they do with relieved enthusiasm. They pierce it deeply, and to the Evorian's dismay, their Torinoid is completely destroyed. When Abarenor turns to confront Killeror, Nakada only says that today's game is over, and thank you so much for the two Bakuryu. He teleports his formation away. And Ryouga in the cockpit slams his fist on the console.

Ryouga slumps onto a stool in the control room. He thinks back to what Nakadai had said. "You can't believe in anyone. That's what this game showed you." And to the company president, the manager, the balding man, the music producer and the girls themselves. Each one... evidence that people could not be trusted to do the right thing when their own interests were involved. Ryouga swallows and his hands curl into fists on his legs. Then tiny hands close over his left. Mai. Freed of the Evorian influence she is back to her sweet self. She looks up at his face worriedly. "Ryo-chan, are you all right?" His gaze flicks to her face and away. He pulls his hand from hers and walks towards the dining area, shoulders slumped. Only Ryunosuke seems to be not in the control room with them. "But to believe..." Ryouga says wearily, painfully, "I... I... I want to believe in humans." His voice is choked with tears, shaking. Emi kneels beside Mai and puts her arms around the little girl to reassure her. Ryunosuke is sitting at the dinosaur table, watching and listening to his young friend's heartbreak. But then a news report comes on. The short-haired girl of the Puri Puri Sisters sits between her manager and a man... the report talks about the dissolution of the group. The girl looks hunched and white. Ryunosuke leaps to his feet to tell them with joy that the group is finished. The others utter a relieved breath, except for Ryouga who hunches his head down further.

第24話 アバレ女子高生!ありえな〜い Abare Joshi Jousei! Ariena~i Abare Girl-Highschool Students! ... um.
Voffa and Mikela on a field trip to Another Earth. Voffa has discovered a music store and is in ecstacy over all the keyboards, while Mikela goes to a zoo and sees a real elephant. It looks like they're gathering things to take home. And they've caught Ranru and Asuka in tentacles, it looks like Ryouga is trying to protect them. But Ryouga and Ranru are trapped within a dark place, possibly inside a book. Only Sanjo seems to be free to help them. And Voffa is surrounded by a crowd of excited teenage girls, who all want to tke pictures of him and Mikela. Emi confronts the situation with... Sanjo in her wake dressed as a nurse! Things may cheer up. They'll be eating what might be ice cream all together in the dining area of the restaurant. And of course battling Mikela and Voffa. No sign of The Loathsome One at present.

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