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第1話 アバレ恐竜大進撃
Abare Kyouryuu Daishingeki
Abare Dinosaur Great Attack

Dust blows across the Sentai Series symbol, scratching it away to reveal a barren landscape. The ground is caked and cracked, the air yellow with dust. A red blur slams onto the cracked ground leaving a deep imprint darkened by shadow then brightened by glowing fire. Hot lava bubbles up. It becomes the Abaranger symbol, floating in a sea of lava.

Thundering clawed feet raise yellow dust in their wake. A beast with rider races past bony ruins, strange shapes like giant ribs reaching across the clouded sky. "Hah! shouts the black Ride Raptor's black armored rider. It squarls back at him. Suddenly there are voices in the air, high-pitched and muttering anxiously. He reins his beast in and stares up the sky which suddenly telescopes and a whirling vortex appears. He stares in dismay. "We'll have to fly. Go, Raptor!" It willingly starts to run to jump. However, no luck there for they come under attack, laser lights knocking them off balance. There are white and black creatures that spin out of the sandy ground. Strange heads, a red tip like a thorn atop, seem to be one-eyed, in common a thread of color on the chests and carrying long, rippling staves. He gasps as they start hopping towards him and hauls out his weapon to fight. They surround him and his raptor, he keeps knocking them back but they are many. The raptor spins, knocking them down with its tail. He shouts at them to get out of his way, the raptor steps on one and takes a bite out of another's shoulder. Two of them manage to knock the rider off and he hits a bizarre rock formation hard, then falls. He moves into battle mode, the face of his helmet ripples and snarls, the golden marks on his suit become sharp, armored plating. He rages into battle and tears through his attackers. Returning to normal mode, he lands on his raptor's back and continues his run for the vortex but behind him there is an enormous ship, and it is bearing down. He twists in his saddle and cries, "The Evorian Fortress!" And it is blasting red laser beams at him. The ground is torn up around and he is again thrown from his raptor's back. The raptor itself lands hard, and the pack on its back opens. A heavy, canvas bag falls out. This puts the rider in a panic, he reaches out a frantic hand for it. Catching it up, he touches the main curve of his belt and the injured raptor is beamed inside to safety. But the Evorian Fortress is still attacking, and he is hit by one of the bolts. He cries out in agony and the bag he holds goes flying high, high... he falls, armor vanished and he is bleeding, but the black-haired young man twists to look up, and sees the bag flying into the vortex. Six balls of light slip out and go in with the bag. "Oh no," he gasps, stumbling back to his feet. "Bakuryu Change!" he cries, but when he pulls out his changer, there is little left but the broken core of it. He cannot change. And the Evorian ship is heading into the vortex. "Another Earth (that's title, mind) is in danger!" he cries, and races towards the vortex. It is closing so he runs as fast as he can, and leaps high into the air.

Speaking of Another Earth.... Tokyo. The dinosaur museum in the deep night, mighty skeletons on display. A guard walking though to make certain everything's as it should be hears a distant roar. "Hmm?" He stops and looks around. Somewhat nervous, he plays the beam of his flashlight along the sharp teeth of the enormous tyrannosaurus skeleton, then laughs at himself for being so silly. Then there is a crashing sound, and the pipes along the overhead ceiling crack, water spills down. He stares in surprise and worry, but then the walls buckle, and when he looks he finds he is staring at a metallic tyrannosaurus, pale yellow and orange with enormous, glowing eyes. It swings its head towards him and roars. The poor man's eyes roll up in his head and he faints dead away. It glares at him, then continues on its way.

The Tokyo Dome Hotel stretches tall into the night sky, a fairyland of light. High up is a popular restaurant full of customers, many couples enjoying a relaxing, romantic evening. A young lady looks down into her glass of wine and sees a startling, bird-like yellow reflection. "Hunh?" she gasps. She turns to look out the window. Her date, smiling at her from across the table, follows her glance in surprise. There is an enormous, yellow Pteranadon out the window, flapping its wings and staring in. Like wise people should, everyone runs. The giant smashes through the windows, overturns some tables by snapping at them, before flying off into the sky.

The train station, and people going to and from. People waiting for their train to come look at their watches in puzzlement, then they hear a horn. They can see the lights down the tunnel but there's something odd. The lights are bobbing slightly. The lights prove to be the glowing eyes of a very upset Triceratops, also pale yellow with orange horns. This is its stop, and it bashes some of the overhead lights getting out. The people run.

Horns honk, for the triceratops has made its way out onto the busy streets. It bashes cars out of its way in a fury. At about that same time, a glow in the sky becomes a human form. The rider of the raptor has made it through to this world and falls onto a rooftop, thankfully. He lands hard, still bleeding, and pulls himself painfully to his feet. Wiping the blood from his chin, he shakily looks around. "So this is Another Earth," he says softly. He turns and grips a rail and looks down on the streets below. A distant roar and he looks around, wide-eyed. The tyrannosaurus has stepped out into a major intersection. "Tyranno!" the young man gasps in relief. It is short lived, though. He races down onto the streets, through a crowd of terrified people going the other way, ignoring the horns. He skids to a halt and calls, "Stop, Tyranno! Open your eyes!" It only roars and sweeps its head down, bashing him aside into a car, which is the only thing that prevents him getting smashed under a falling street-lamp. He huddles in pain.

In the meantime, in Fukuoka Prefecture, there is a lady screaming at a guy on a motorcycle. I guess he stole her purse of something. He rides away while people avoid getting involved. But above them there is a young woman, and she notes the proceedings with sharp eyes. She slaps on a bicycle helmet and unfolds her BD-1 bicycle, leaping on it to pursue him at high speed. She races down stairs scaring people. She manages to get around in front of the motorcyclist who is also alarming pedestrians, and turns her bike on a collision course with him. The tough little cycle stops him in his course and she swings around to knock him down with the back wheel. He is quite surprised. He still clings to the lady's purse he'd stolen, while the girl above him issues an icy scolding. But then something happens. She can hear a frightened voice echoing in her ears, it isn't making much sense, it sounds like a child, or a young girl. She tries to listen.

The pteranadon swoops down on the city, rolls just above the cars and startled people point as it flies past. It cries. The goings ons have attracted the attention of newscasters, and a young girl blow-drying her hair is watching this on her computer screen. She has stuck pretty shiny pictures all over the frame. When the scene of the pteranadon is shown she gasps in delight, "Oh, you're kidding! WOW! It's really a dinosaur!" She has long, long hair and the lenses of her glasses are oval, she also holds a glass of milk and she grins with joy. But then she hears that same, frightened voice. Its anxious tones blur together, but one single phrase stands out: "Where is Asuka?!" She hears and puzzles, "What... where is Asuka? EH?!" She leaps up.

In 函館(possibly Hakogane), the night is just as deep and dark. There is a home that looks kind of like a castle, and from inside we hear a lady's squeal of pain. She is gripping the edge of a trolly hard, "Oh, it hurts!" she whimpers as the young man in professional whites works on twisting her body. He rocks her a moment, then with concentration pushes hard and she whimpers. Then she rolls off the trolly to land on the floor, looking mighty hurt and bewildered. He ignores her and pulls a huge wad of cash out of a bag. "Is this the 5,000,000 en you promised me?" he says coldly. He counts the bills as she starts to get indignant at him, when she suddenly realizes that the pains are gone, and she feels pretty darned good. She is practically dancing with delight and he turns with exasperation when his ear suddenly picks up a voice, crying. "Stop, stop please! Stop please!" it repeats over and over even as it fades from his hearing. He freezes and cups his hand to his ear. "Who?" The distant sounds of sirens hasn't really touched him.

The triceratops slams the ground beneath it. People out in the night streets look up at a major newcast explaining about the strange goings ons. There is an older man in the crowd. He gets excited seeing the footage of the triceratops, yanking on the scarf of the man in front of him, without even noticing he is doing it. But suddenly he hears a shrill, anxious voice in his ears. "Who? Eh? The world?" he repeats what little he can pick out."

A man stirs, wakes from deep sleep. The sirens are what woke him. Grumbling good naturedly he climbs out of his bed on the floor, does not disturb the little girl sleeping on the bed nearby, and steps outside to look only to find everyone else in the building is running, children call for their mothers and he lurches forward and stares.... There is an enormous tyrannosaurus heading towards their building. With a gasp, he heads back into the apartment. "Wake up, wake up Mai! Mai!" He carries the sleepy little girl in her red sleeping robe on his back down the stairs. She sees what's coming and calls in delight, "Wow, great! A dinosaur!" He pauses in mid-step to appreciate it with her. He shares a warm smile with her before continuing their dash down the stairs along with the other residents. "The doggy!" Mai calls in alarm as they hit one landing. She says its name, but I didn't make that out. Sure enough, there is a small dog, fur long, brown and white, who's been forgotten by its owner. It is tied in the door and just behind them comes another family they know. The boy hands Mai off to his friend and decides to stay and rescue the dog. The bicycle inside the apartment looks suspiciously like the girl's from earlier. He is trying to untangle the lead to get the dog out, when the tyrannosaurus' head looms in the night. He decides he can get the dog loose and keeps working at it. Far below, Mai in safety calls "Ryo-chan!" He's got the dog loose, and the tyrannosaurus is looking his way. It roars at him and he cringes back against the wall, cradling the dog. But it rumbles at him and he realizes it's not going to attack. He takes a cautious step away from the wall when he starts to hear a strong, male voice in his head. "Stop it, please! Stop it, please!" it repeats. "Huh?" he wonders. "Stop it?" The dinosaur seems to look at him and nod. "You said that?" But then the dinosaur starts to weave, as though dizzy. Its head swings side-to-side and then slams against the landing where he stands. He cries out as debris rain down. He is under the rubble, his body protecting the small dog, which licks his face. The confused dinosaur suddenly starts digging and vanishes while the sirens of approaching ambulances sing.

Morning comes. The dinosaurs are gone, but not the marks of their arrival. Many building have gaps, smoke still rises here and there. Sirens still sing. A strange young man stands high atop a telephone box, speaking in a silent voice. "Where? Where are you?" he says telepathically. Passing people glance up at him and decide better than to get involved. "Please come out! You are the dinosaur's chosen warriors!" Somewhere, a girl goes across the way with a kickboard. The young man runs along the streets, people trying to ignore his strange clothing. He is exhausted and pants. "Can't you hear me?" he worries. A motorcycle, the rider going as fast as he can. Leather-clad hands on strong handle-bars. The strange man is now walking across the tops of cars, whose drivers are getting rather upset. He pauses atop a taxi. "Please, come out, warriors!" he silently calls. The taxi driver gets out and shouts up at him, "You're supposed to ride IN the car!" Embarrassed, he bows and hops off. He apologizes and races away. The girl on the kickboard hits a rock and goes flying right into the path of the elderly man on the motorcycle with sidecar. The strange young man hits the same point. The girl is clambering to her feet, brushing herself off, when she stops and stares at the man. The older man gets off his motorcycle and lifts his goggles to also stare, coming to them. He stares at them with pleading eyes as they come together in front of him, eyes similarly hopeful. Together the two say, "You are Asuka, aren't you?" His relief is potent and he nearly jumps for joy. "I found you! I found the warriors of this world!" he is practically in tears. They laugh in delight.

A young man lies motionless in a hospital bed, breathing through a mask. His heart beats 140. He is frail and battered, breathing somewhat labored.

Asuka is explaining the situation to the two. He has explained about their enemy, about the danger to this world. He has come, brought power for this world. And they are enthusiastic to accept his offer of the power to bond with the dinosaurs. The girl shakes his hand, so does the old man. He thanks them from the depths of his heart, a shine of tears in his eyes for their warm welcome. The girl introduces herself, "I'm Emiri Imanaka, but call me Emi-pon, please." He smiles at her. The man says, "And I'm Ryunosuke Sugishita." "Oh, we'll call you Suke-san!" Emi enthuses. "Suke-san?!" he repeats with offended dignity.

Hidden in the clouds is the mighty Evorian fortress, dark and menacing. Power is gathered, summoned into a shell by a heavily-armored being in black. He calls to the lost dinosaurs. "Explosive Dinos, for the sake of the Evorian future, you must take Another Earth!" They writhe under the beam of his power. This is their road, he tells them.

Night has fallen again. Emi has been given the yellow bracelet, and she waxes poetic about the delights of becoming a super-hero. Ryunosuke has the blue one and is anxious to find the dinosaurs. But Asuka is worried, for there is still the red one to find. But their conversation is cut short when the ground shakes and they stagger. For the dinosaurs have returned. The three race to meet them through crowds of panic-stricken people. Emi has a short semi-panic attack as she sees the tyrannosaurus racing towards them. Ryunosuke puts a reassuring arm on her shoulders. Asuka feels for the giants, knowing how frightened they must be. It is Emi who pulls it together first and tells her older companion that they should change. He is a bit slower than she is, but will comply gladly. They move into motion with joy, and their slim forms are bathed in blue and yellow light, the armor forming on them. The helmets assemble around their heads but then just as suddenly disassemble. The belts crackle and they are hit by a backlash and fall painfully. Asuka races to their sides. Emi slaps her changer and whines "Why?" "I'm sorry," Asuka tells them empathically, "But it looks like your bodies' energy is at odds with the suits' energies." Ryunosuke stares at him with a hint of resentment, "Then what do you suggest we do?" he asks firmly. He is angry at Asuka for leading them into this if they cannot help, but Asuka says he wasn't wrong to choose them. He explains that only special people could have heard the dinosaurs. Who choose that time to roar and make the three trying to help jump. The dinosaurs turn and come at them, and they are afraid.

But a very angry woman on a tough little bicycle is riding their way, complaining every moment about taking the Super Express Train all the way from Yokohama. There is also a silver, shining VERY expensive sports car headed their way with a driver complaining about the darned prices for catching a flight from Sendai. They are approaching the scene where three terrified people are about to get chomped by three very angry dinosaurs. Asuka shoves Ryunosuke and Emi behind him, staring up in terror at the descending jaws. The sports car stops. Its driver, with his shiny brown shoes, gets out and sighs in annoyance. The bicycle also comes to a halt, rider leaping from it without a moment's hesitation, heading for the potential slaughter.

A passing blur snatches the blue changer from Ryunosuke's wrist. Another snatches the yellow from Emi's. They barely have time to yelp. The two instinctively are side by side, donning the bracelets and they gasp as the dinosaurs bear down on them, ducking back. Huge feet come stomping down and they fall with cries. Asuka also screams, reaching out a hand for these two people have surely been flattened under the dinosaurs' heavy feet. "Oh, no!" cries Emi. "What happened?" gasps Ryunosuke, sinking to his knees. And the Tyrannosaurus looms above, rumbling angrily. The Triceratops answers him, when below their feet is a glow. Two glows, for both the man and woman have changed into armor, and have the power to lift the heavy dinos off of them. "Wake up!" the woman calls. The man complains angrily, "What have you got in mind, talking in my head?!" And the gem in his belt glows. The triceratops responds to him uncertainly. "Please!" calls the woman, and her belt buckle also glows. The pteranadon responds to her. The triceratops lifts his feet and backs off of her. He shakes himself and stands up a bit, and from tail to horn-tip he becomes shining blue. His eyes shine red, and suddenly a little boy's voice sounds from the young man's changer. "You helped me, Kera." The man says, "Kera?!" still holding the Tyrannosaurus off of him. On top of a building, the pteranadon spreads her wings wide. The glow feeds up her body, turning the washed-out yellow bright and strong. "Oh, that's what you REALLY look like!" gasps the woman in delight. Pteranadon's eyes glow red, and her voice sounds through the changer, scolding her companion. But the Tyrannosaurus is still without companion, angry and trying to squash the man in blue. At his complaint, Kera responds to help, lunging forward the other two force the biggest one off, and Kera tells his companion what to do. But before they can do anything, a deep, distorted voice sounds. The air whirls with glowing red light. The power of darkness has control of the tyrannosaur now. They will take over this world. Asuka bites his lips and flinches at the voice. The voice sends the tyrannosaur at the other two dinosaurs. Their worried companions bring out their guns to fire and help them, but the whirling red light fires bolts at them. Asuka leaps to make sure they're all right. Ryunosuke rushes worriedly to the girl's side, the other two to the boy. Asuka gets grimly to his feet as a shape whirls out of the red fire and takes form. The black, armored warrior. Asuka stares at him, wide-eyed. "Oh, oh no! That's the legendary armor of the Dragon People!!" The armored being laughs mockingly and says that now they are the Evorian's. And suddenly a look of horrified realization crosses Asuka's face. "You... you were one of us!!" he cries. The suited being's response is of deep offense at the accusation and he lunges into battle against Asuka, shoving him back hard. He throws him against a gate which falls apart with the impact, letting Asuka tumble down a flight of stairs. When he hits the bottom, something falls from him, the broken device he'd tried to use earlier. He sees it with fright, and also sees his attacker gloating at the top of the stairs. The being draws out a long, long green blade. As he starts down towards Asuka a voice cries, "Hold it!" He turns. The two armored combatants have turned their guns to sword mode, and they lunge at him. Their giant companions are getting the worst of it agains the raging tyrannosaur, who stomps on them.

Lying in the hospital bed, his skin beading with sweat, the young man can still hear the voice only it's getting fiercer with alarm. "Stop it! Ptera, Kera! Someone stop it!!" it demands. His eyes flick beneath his eyelids, but he still lies motionless. And suddenly his astral form rises away from his body. A breeze ruffles his hair and he floats above the city. "What is that?" he wonders, and his image hurtles down. He lies in glowing light, whispering echoes as a strange voice continues to call him frantically. "It's warm here. Too warm...." And he curls up and turns, makes a choice, returning to his body. Suddenly he opens his eyes.

The tyrannosaur roars to the sky, and inside it cries, "STOP ME!" The two armored heroes fight the black armored being but are hit back. And a man arrives at the top of a building, still sweating, still in bad shape, still in his hospital clothes but with a heavy jacket on, he races towards the fighting dinosaur. Gasping to a halt he asks, "Is it you who're calling me?!" The dinosaur swings its head towards him and roars angrily. Startling back he cries, "Okay, okay I got it, it's all right now. It's over, you can stop now!" The great dinosaur snorts at him fiercely, sending him tumbling. Asuka has been gathered up by the other two and he looks up, "Oh, he must be - " But the blue one cries, "Hey, you idiot!" The young man up above them turns and looks down at them. Asuka cries, "You need this, this! HURRY!" He races forward to get the changer to the newcomer, but is blasted back. He falls painfully to the blast of their armored enemy. "Leave it to me," says the blue one. "Please!" begs Asuka, handing the changer off. Blue chooses the option of throwing the thing to the young man who reaches frantically for it and it lands on his wrist by itself. Furious, their enemy pins blue and blasts electric light at the helpless young man, sending him tumbling off of the building. He falls with a scream, straight into the tyrannosaurus' open mouth. The others react with horror, though the armored enemy snorts with amusement. "Too bad," he tells them, and issues a command to the dinosaur. But to his surprise, it attacks HIM instead of them. "What the?!" he snarls angrily. But Asuka is on his feet and breathes, "Tyranno!" with relief. Then its color comes in brilliant red. Inside its mouth, between the teeth, there is a shining light. He is in there, and when it opens its mouth, they see him strong and beautiful. They race to greet him, though Asuka simply stands, knees weak with relief. "Oh, god. I got all three." The tyrannosaurus through the bracelet has a lot to say about how long it took his man to get there and is utterly furious with him for nearly getting himself eaten. "Hey, I told you it'd be all right, you should have trusted me!" the man responds warmly. His companion snorts in reply. And he leaps down to join the other three. They are sweet. I'll get used to them. And the armored knight is pissed. But to their surprise, before they can fight their belt buckles start to glow. "What is it?" red wonders. "I read about this! It's your Dino-weapons!" crows Asuka, standing with Ryunosuke and Emi. Sure enough, out from the belts pop very lively weapons. A red-and-white snake staff for red, a blue shield for Blue, and a pair of yellow daggers for Yellow. The weapons are in their hands and they welcome them, though blue peevishly says "If I must." Their enemy growls and opens his hand angrily. In his palm are a troupe of miniature, glowing black and white things (yes, the minions). He tosses them to the cement as little blue shining lights which then flare up and become human-sized. The white ones are in front, and they move like waves. Our heroes leap into battle against them. They cut through with speed and fire. Yellow has the best style, and Emi crows with delight. Red's staff eats one of the white ones to its dismay, and Ryunosuke is quite pleased. When Blue uses the shield to slam one into a wall, cracking it, his beast complains of the destruction. "I know, I know," he answers it. But then the knight captures him in an energy whip and lashes him around. The others assemble to help, but all three get blasted. Anxiously, Emi clings to Asuka's arms. "Are they going to die?" "No!" he replies firmly. "The dino-warriors cannot be defeated!" For the red is gathering himself. But their enemy says that they are not really his enemy. This, however, is not agreed with by Tyranno, who urges his companion back to the fight. The three get back up and roar, powering up. The men have vicious white spikes. The girl has wings like her beast and she attacks first, getting the knight's head between her ankles she drags him across the road, smashing through a telephone booth. Blue comes in next racing like his triceratops and catches the knight, driving him back into some barriers and against a car. Red grabs his feet and spins him furiously, hitting a column and dropping him. His armor has been torn and he is not happy. Then they power back down, their enemy lies, shaking on the ground in shock. Ryunosuke says admiringly, "They've really run amock! (abareru)" Asuka, grinning from ear to ear, nods proudly. And Emi hits upon the word abareru and names the team. "HEY," she shouts to them. "You're the Abaranger!" Startled, yellow wheels to argue that but red accepts it with delight and applauds her. Blue just shakes his head. However, their enemy is recovering, and still steaming (literally). He is hoarse demanding explanation and red cries, "We're the Abaranger!" Blue whaps him on the chest, "That's not decided yet!" The ground, however, starts to shake fiercely. Asuka quickly moves to cover Emi and Ryunosuke, a long blade materializing in his hands.

Not only he, though, for the now-named Abaranger reach out to pull the three behind them. Emi is guarded by blue, Asuka by red, Ryunosuke by Yellow. For what is tromping up the road is enormous. It is... the bracchiosaur! They all gasp at just how huge it is, and are unsure exactly what they should do.

第2話 アバレンオー
Hmm. I kind of like it with this no beginning and ending credits. Oh well, we'll have them next week. In next week's episode: The trio do battle. Asuka brushes tears from his eyes in relief. Emi, yellow and red are eating late at a place with blue triceratopses painted on the walls, Asuka pacing behind them. And it looks like blue is having a dispute with his beast. He refuses to keep fighting and leaves his changer behind, walking out on them all. "But without you there, we cannot combine!" Kera tells him. He refuses to stay with them except on his own terms, walking away from the others after a battle. Asuka is going to take quite a lot of punishment from the knight. The team will come together, as if there's any question.

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第2話  誕生!アバレンオー
Tanjou! Abareno
Birth of Abareno!

Enormous head on a long pillar of neck, voice a screeching snarl as it rumbles over the hill towards them. Asuka raises his blade and roars a challenge, dashing past the protesting other three in a fury. Panting, he faces the enormous giant. Then he straightens up, shock on his face. "Bracchio - " he breathes, and then shouts with joy, "You made it safely!" The Bracchiosaur roars back at him, while the five behind him all stumble slightly in surprise.

Dawn, the sun breaks under the clouds, shining light through trees and over houses. The Bracchiosaurus remains. The three new heroes have transformed back into their regular clothing. The young man from the hospital and the bicycle-riding girl stare up at the dinosaur in awe. The other man, however, has a quite resentful expression on his face. Emi-bon and Ryunosuke utter small gasps of amazement as they all watch. Asuka is nearly in tears, he's so happy. His voice shakes as he asks Bracchio a question about everyone and the trip to this world. The great dinosaur's voice is deep and kind, reassuring. He will keep them safe in his own capsules. Emi suddenly bounces forward to be gleeful about this. The boy from the hospital agrees with her happily. The other three dinosaurs are inside the shelter of the Bracchiosaur's packs. He turns away to take them to a safe place. Asuka brushes tears from his eyes and nose as he watches his friend go.

OPENING CREDITS: Dust blows across the Sentai Series symbol, scratching it away to reaveal a barren landscape. The ground is caked and cracked, the air yellow with the dust. A red blur slams onto the cracked ground leaving a deep imprint darkened by shadow then brightened by glowing fire. Hot lava bubbles up. It becomes the Abaranger symbol, floating in a sea of lava. The modern city of Tokyo, and three people with brightly glowing bodies float above it, our heroes. They fly! The kids ride Ryunosuke's motorcycle and side car, blue as passenger, red and yellow double on the bike. Show Abared, innocent face then into armor. Show Abare Blue (he's got this pony-tail, and a shock of hair back of his neck under his ears dyed white), stubborn face then into armor. Show Abare Yellow, with a kind smile then determined into armor. Tyranno, changing from dull yellow to brilliant, mechanized red. Abared with his spikes out to fight. Kera, going from dull yellow to brilliant blue. Abare Blue, spikes out and ready to rumble. Ptera, rolling in brilliant yellow. Abare Yellow, flying into battle with wings spread wide, spikes out. Abare Black, Asuka, clothed in armor, then the armor vanishes to show his worried, human face. The red-clad villainess who, like Asuka, has silver marks on her cheekbones, appears behind him. He sees her and turns, reaching for her. She senses him, turns and seems to recognize him, but is gone in flames. The flames reveal a young girl, a partial purple star outlined on her perfect foehead. She, also, has the four silver marks on her cheeks. She smiles and her eyes flare like stars. Next a strange monster, the one with the harp, seeming to be some kind of invertebrate. The one with tentacles on its translucent head. The Tyrannosaur in fighting mode, its tail spinning to attack. Bracchio opening his packs for the other three to leap out. They race into battle, form Abarenor. Our heroes leap onto their three Ride Raptors' backs and race into battle. Giant robots, heroes. And Ryunosuke, with Emi on the back of his cycle, Asuka in the side-car, leads the very fast-riding bicycle-girl and the moody guy in his silver car carrying the hospital guy as passenger until he stops in front of a restaurant and gets off.

For this is Ryunosuke's restaurant, and completely reflects his obsession with dinosaurs. The banner at the door has a red tyrannosaurus on it. Emi stepping in stops and shifts her glasses, "Wow!" But she is startled by the very enthusiastic reaction of the bicycle-girl. "Oh, no! I can't believe it!" she delights, bounding in. For there is this enormous model of a tyrannosaurus' skull, in which one can sit and watch television and the girl identifies it as the 1952 England series. Sure enough she finds the plaque which says "Early River.Ltd Dinosaur Furniture Series England 1953 027/100" wow, now THAT'S a collector's edition! She is overcome with delight and praises it to Ryunosuke, who has gone behind the kitchen counter where there are seven curry plates. The place is incredibly clean. He tells them as he ties on his cooking jacket that he loves dinosaurs. There are more outlines of tyrannosaurs on the ceiling braces, it would seem that particular dinosaur is his favorite of favorites. There is even a huge stained glass window. Wow! There are lovely paintings of pteranadon and triceratops, too.

But above them in the sky floats the Evorian fortress. The knight has returned to where the great spiral shell waits for him. His armor is repairing itself. In a fury, he removes his helmet to reveal a very, very human face. Thin blue lines decorate his forehead. Just like Asuka, he has the white marks on his cheekbones. Not a bad face, but there is an inherent fury in his expression. He takes his helmet under his arms. "That fool..!" he growls. "He's made a foolish mistake!!" The air is filled with liquid bubbles that float all around him. Suddenly there is a noise and he utters a startled sound. A shimmer forms in front of him, As the form becomes clearer he breathes, "Jannu!" It is hard to see her clearly, she is shining and calling him. It sounds like she's angry, telling him he's failed as he's lost the dinosaurs. He counters her sharply. He reaches, something of pleading for her, something about his power with her. She looks away and finishes her reproof before cutting contact. She is gone, and he is alone in the liquid dark. He growls deep in his throat, uneasy.

Ryunosuke has a pot of curry and he dishes out a sample to taste while he listens as Asuka explains to the others about how he came to this place, Another Earth, with the dinosaurs. 65000000 years ago, when the meteor hit and the world split into two. And one world was yellow as opposed to green and blue. And it formed the strange, bonelike structures and the land dried out. How normal dinosaurs had become the shining beings they knew now. We see in his memory fields full of different kinds of dinosaurs, the ones we're expecting soon. But you see, in the meteor that struck Earth was something else. An alien life-form. Once here its cells split and it became something enormous and powerful. Something called the Evorian. The young man from the hospital repeats the word uncertainly. And now the Evorian's next target is this world, Another Earth. His tale both frightens and excites Emi. He's practically pacing, in this extraordinary place full of dinosaur images. He tells them about his bringing these three, staring as he does thoughtfully at the tooth-filled jaws of the dinosaur furniture. But he hadn't expected them to get to this world so soon. Ryunosuke, starting to serve the curry, comments on what he thinks of the dinosaurs. But Asuka is not comforted much. How can he be? Is his world alive at all anymore? For he had fled.... To search for someone to help with the dinosaurs. People with Dinoguts. "Dinoguts?" the bicycle girl replies. Asuka nods with an encouraging small smile. People who, from long ago, could use the power. There was so much more power for the dinosaurs when they had partners. And those people, once bound with the dinosaurs, were given the Attack-Bandit Resistance Suits. Emi repeats this phrase and gets all excited about the importance of the Abaranger. The hospital boy and bicycle girl are also excited, though Asuka behind them looks very troubled but then Ryunosuke tells them the food is ready. The boy says, "Shall we eat curry?" and the other two respond enthusiastically. Their cheer helps ease Asuka's strained expression. The plates Ryunosuke gives them are designed to look like dinosaurs, and loaded with yummy curry, rice, some red stuff and a couple of hard-boiled egss (I'm getting hungry, here). The salad has a piece of cheese cut to look like a dinosaur's print. The girls and boy happily praise the presentation and get ready to dig in when an impatient voice says, "Hold it." In the midst of taking huge bites, they stop and look protestingly at the guy with the silver car. I'm not sure, but I think he's asking about their salary. He tells them how much he makes a year, and they sort of bug at it. He glowers demandingly at Asuka and asks if he's going to get paid. The bicycle girl is on her feet to say sharply that he shouldn't want money for protecting the world. The hospital boy puts a hand on her shoulder to forestall a fight. He warmly tells the other boy that this isn't exactly normal, grinning. "This is the kind of thing you shouldn't do for money!" he points out cheerfully, laying a hand on the other's shoulder, which that person quickly brushes off. He wanders past Asuka and demands to get reimbursed, but the distressed off-worlder can only whirl to him searching for words, and then with deep sadness says that he only just got to this world and can't - but the shorter man cuts him off sternly. He is not risking his life for nothing. And now he raises his hand and pulls off the protesting Dino-changer. "Don't leave me alone - " Kera protests, but of course the moment the changer is off the man's wrist, Kera's voice is silenced. The man makes his way past them, looking determined and more than a bit conflicted. He sets the changer on a clear, glass table in passing and tells them goodbye. But then the boy from the hospital says, "So then why did you come in the first place?" The shorter man is brought to a halt, and he stands for a moment, still. The boy continues, somewhat softly, "You came all the way from Sendai by car. You'll come again." He coolly says he'd only come because of the summons in his head. Now he knows what it was, and he's seen enough. And angrily, he leaves the restaurant. Asuka almost starts after him, but then stops. He is completely uncertain what he should say. The others utter soft, thoughtful sighs except Emi says softly, "Oh, poor Kera-chan!"

He drives in his silver car. The streets are still filled with rubble from yesterday. There are still cars overturned, still ambulances driving down the roads. Smoke still rising from torn buildings. He tears his eyes from the wreckage, but then has to look. There is someone amidst the smoking rubble of an apartment building, someone digging. He can't help it, for this is a child and he takes an alarmed breath and stops his car to investigate. He goes over to the child. "Hey, what are you doing here?" he asks rather abruptly. Then he sees. The boy is trying to get to a toy buried under a fallen girder. Sneering slightly he says, "A toy car?" The boy gives him a look that says bugger off very well, and gets back to reaching. "What's so important about that?" the man tries. The boy ignores him. But then a sound in the sky catches the man's attention and he looks up, then gasps at what he sees. The Evorian Fortress, coming out of the clouds to hover above the city. Forgetting all else, the man grabs the boy to drag him out of danger. "Cut it out! Lemme go!" the boy protests. "This is a dangerous place!" the man says sharply and when he can't drag the child, smacks him one. Startled, the boy falls and looks back up but before he can say anything, the man grabs him by the arm and drags him to the car. He drives out of there just in time, for lightning hits the area they had been standing just before.

People flee, screaming. Asuka, the bicycle girl and the hospital boy race down steps to the source of the trouble. They look up.... The Evorian fortress looms above the city, strafing it with red lightning bolts and leaving fires behind. Asuka explains all that's going on the the nervous pair, when they are starting to panic, Ptera calls. She is barrel-rolling through the city, and heads up above the clouds to get a view from above of the immense fortress. She is looking for a weak point. She sees it, and they hear her cry out. "What happened," calls the girl and Ptera tells her companion with a cry of terror that she can't possibly stop this by herself. "There is a way to get more power-" starts Asuka. "Well what do we do?" the boy asks quickly. "You'll have to do the explosive dino combination!" "Eh?" asks the boy. But the girl says, "You mean these sweeties can combine into another form?" But as she's asking, Asuka suddenly looks very dismayed. "But - " he starts. She grabs his arm, "Quick, tell us what to do! Hurry, we have to do it right away!" Hoarsely he says, "Now we can't!" When they look at him with wide, upset eyes he explains miserably, "You can only do it when all three of you work together." And explosions rock the city across the river. "You mean without the blue guy, we're stuck?"

Speaking of whom. He's driving out of the battle zone with a very angry boy in his car. The boy lunges for the steering wheel, trying to force a u-turn. The man finally pushes him off with an angry, "Stop it, you idiot!" Furious, the boy pulls his cap off. He's been crying, the tears are wet on his cheeks. "You don't know what it's like not to have money!" He goes on to explain about the toy car and what it means to him. It seems it was made with/by a friend of his, and he'd promised to take good care of it and now look what's happened! They reach an evacuation center, where worried policemen are directing people. The man sternly tells the boy to stay there, while the boy gives him a measuring look that seems to say clearly he doesn't think this guy is worth the polish on his shoes. Not liking that look, the man tells him to do it, and gets back in the car. The boy watches him go resentfully.

The Evorian Fortress, having carved the city into chunks, now starts pulling bits and pieces up to it. Big bits and pieces. Asuka is getting frantic, but then heavy boots are heard coming towards them. Asuka spins. "You!" and he and Gileton (Ga i ru to n) is there. The two go at each other furiously, but Asuka is disadvantaged by having no armor. Raw courage isn't enough. Gileton catches him in a purple energy whip, throws him high against a strong, metal surface and then lets him fall flat, pinning him under his boot and preparing to deal the final blow. He brings out the green blade. The other two arrive and leap to help, but they are knocked back by his blasts. Just then the screech of a car's tires distracts him before he can kill Asuka. The little silver car is barelling towards him. He goes to meet it with amusement, simply coming apart and letting it speed through him. He laughs mockingly, but he was never quite the target. The driver gets out, their third. "Give it back to me!" he demands. With a grin of relieved delight, Asuka tosses the blue bracelet to him. As soon as it's on Kera speaks, "I knew it, I knew you'd come back!" "Quiet down," the man tells his companion sternly. Gileton, annoyed at being ignored, blasts the car and the poor man is sent flying by the explosion with a cry of pain. He lands well, rolling to his feet and favoring his wrenched arm, to snarl at Gileton. But the other two are at his side. The girl is ready to scold him, but the boy welcomes him back, as the three of them together can do it. Very annoyed, the short man has to shove the boy's hand off of his shoulder again. It is he who leads the change into armor. Their helmets roar, and each present themselves, and calls "We are the Abaranger!" Asuka is delighted. Gileton is annoyed. He calls out the little guys, and our heroes respond with fighting mode, cutting through the amoeba's violently, slammin gthem around. Abered leads the power down, and they call out their Dino Weapons. He is able to bash them back, but they start firing on his with the Abare Lasers. He blasts them back again. Asuka tells them they can pool their weapons together, and they make the Dino Bomber. The power they hit him with is unexpected, and he utters a wailing cry when hit. He gets back to his feet, but he's been badly wounded and flees the battle. The others are about to crow victory, but their blue tells them it's too early. And he is right. Back on the cruiser, Gileton is recovering. But in the city, Asuka calls to Bracchio to come. The dinosaur surfaces from a mighty lake and makes his way through a forest to the city. Heck, he IS too big for the streets. Red is enthused about combining. Blue's been out of the loop, and has to have things explained, but he accepts it as their three dinosaurs come in. Our heroes board, melding in through their companions' aforeheads. They appear in front of round control pads, and their dinosaurs tell them urgently what to do. They touch the control panels and at Yellow's call, utter the combo command. And soon they find themselves all together in the cockpit of Abareno.

And the Evorian Fortress, now that night has fallen, starts blasting under Gileton's command. Asuka signals them and suggests things to do, but they are feeling overwhelmed. Tentacles from the forest grab them, and blasts send painful feedback. But Red won't let the others give up. He starts them running towards the the fortress, and in a completely unexpected move, they grab a tentacle and use it to swing high into the air until they are actually above the fortress looking down on it. Gileton is rather stunned by this turn of events. They see what looks to them like a weak spot in its surface, and call for the spinning screw attack. They punch down and burrow into the fortress, tearing through it. Gileton is totally stunned and as everything around him starts exploding, he begins to panic. He flees the control room before it explodes. Abareno has made it all the way through and tumbles down to land on its feet. The Evorian Fortress, however, isn't doing as well. It explodes in golden fireworks over the city.

Their three other companions, Emi, Rynosuke and Asuka, are amazed. Just as Red is cheering, Abareno starts moving under confident hands. "What's happening?" the others protest in confusion, not noticing Blue's hands firmly on the controls. He says, "It's doing what I need it to." They give startled noises. They've reached the part of town he's looking for, and then he gives a startled noise. The boy is back, trying his best to get debris out of the way of his precious toy. When he hears the giant approaching, he looks up and gapes. Abareno reaches the Triceratops head/hand down and lifts the girder out of the way. The boy gazes at it in shock. "Take it," says a familiar voice, echoing through loudspeakers. "Huh?" the boy answers. But then between the feet of the giant comes a man in blue. He runs towards the boy, then slows down and walks with dignity. And suddenly he releases his armor in a shimmer white light. The boy's mouth nearly drops to his toes but the man says crossly, "Take it. Hurry up. He's tired, too." He glances back towards Abareno. The boy is oddly comforted by that attitude, and quickly gets his toy. Abareno lets the debris fall when he is clear, and he eyes the heavy wreckage in astonishment. "Right, you have it, now get out of here," the man says. The boy blinks, stares at him, then gives him a grateful grin. "Thank you." The man returns him a stern look, then turns and walks off, "Go home," he casts back over his shoulder. Grinning, the boy obeys.

And as the young man walks, the girl and the adult boy come to him. "So that was your purpose," the boy begins tentatively. The girl says anxiously, "Does that mean this is goodbye again?" But he does not answer them or even look back and walks on. A very frustrated Kera tells us "Oh no it's not! We'll see after the ending!"

Ending credits: Our four known heroes cross an intersection together, punch towards the screen with enthusiastic energy, while the Amoeba critters dance to the theme song for us. Ryouga paddles a canoe on a cold lake. The driver drives, the girl rides her bicycle. Asuka waits for them on a sandy beach . They all are moving stuff in and helping clean up at the restaurant. They enjoy curry together, including Mai, Ryouga's niece.

"Heeey!" comes a hollar. In front of our blue their others, Asuka, Ryunosuke and Emi have come running to greet the heroes. "I'm so glad you came back!" gasps Asuka, panting. His legs hurt from running so hard. But the man is stiff. Asuka is trying, and trying to express things and getting tongue tied. "You came across 1,000,000 years?" grumbles the man. Asuka controls his impulse to babble and possibly has to fight not to show resentment at the other man's slight. But he isn't being insulting, this time. He says mildly, "I can see it in your eyes." This sets the others to giggling. He then studies his dino-bracelet and comments that he'll just have to stick with this stupid household. Red, however, is not insulted and in fact delighted. He bounces after the departing man, passes the others and says happily, "I'm Hakua! Ryouga Hakua!" The girl gets next to him and calls, grinning, "And I'm Ranru Itsuki!" Refusing to look back at them, he pulls a card out and tosses it flying in their direction. Ryouga catches it and they gather 'round to see it. "Yukito Sanjo, Chiropractor," he reads. Ranru is excited by that. They are all impressed. But he finally stops and looks up at Abareno. "Thank you," he says to the giant before moving on.

Back, back in Evorian space... Gileton is on his knees, for he has some royal kissing up to do. He takes off his helmet and the woman he faces, Jannu in red. steps forward and takes his blade from its sheeth. He is very young, now we see, is Gileton. And he cringes back from her cold expression. She slices him and he falls onto his back, energy crackling. He looks dead. "Older brothers," she says sharply. And perhaps she's referring to the strange creatures that seem to form from drops of liquid. They chuckle as they come to her. Mikera. Voffa. And lastly, a chamber opens. Inside the pod is a beautiful girl, human-seeming. She gets up, the beautiful Rije. The voice of god. For when she speaks there is her body's voice, and there is another speaking within it. She speaks of Gileton, and other the fact that now the real battle will begin. And she opens her eyes at last, they are black, until they shine with green flames. And then she laughs an alarmingly innocent sound. The others laugh, too. Here, in this black place. Here with the strange formations. Here, inside a tall fortress that looks like it may easily be a being frozen in stone.... on the dead world Asuka once lived on.

第3話 子連れヒーローアバレ系 Koture Hiiroo Abare kei Children's Hero Abare System
In our next episode: Battles are joined yet again. Ryouga has his niece, Mai, he has to take care of. He protests that Mai is very strong and his dinosaur yells at him that making a promise to a child is very important. They use the Dino Bomber again. And the three adult... er, whatever they are, bow to someone. I think the girl, who gives a kiss to a monster.

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第3話 子連れヒーローアバレ系
Koture Hiiroo Abare kei
Children's Hero Abare System

Yellow world. Yellow dust thick in the air. Strange formations of stone or bone rise from the barren ground. The fortress standing looks almost like a statue of a living being. It holds a spear in hands that look like bone. There is an element of flame, of nightmares.... Inside the fortress a polished pod sits closed. Dark green bands over white glass. A green plantlike sack with many branches sits beside it, at the end of each branch are several glowing globules. They glow a kind of orange. The green sack pulses. Beyond that is the creature Voffa, the musician. He plays music and the notes have a visible reality, swirling around him like waltzing humans. The music he plays sounds to our ears discordant, and the bejeweled, tentacled head glows red as he plays. He isn't pleased with it, though. Beyond him is the beautiful, deadly red-clad Jannu. She is busy honing her skills with the blade against hovering orbs that surge in to attack her, but she bisects them with ease. She considers her blade throughtfully. Beyond her is Mikera, wings on his head. He is looking through a book of art and laughing his head off. The book hovers untouched in front of him as the pages flip. It hovers over a special basin-thing with three basins, one of red liquid, one of blue, one of yellow. "This, this, this and this," he sneers with amusement, "none of it's pretty." And he sets the book aflame and lets it fall. "These things of Another Earth, hmph!" he comments, turning away. He goes to the plant and pulls one of the glowing globules off of it. He wants to teach them, I suppose. But when he walks away with the globule, a sudden bright glow behind him catches his attention. His, and that of the others. Jannu comments boredly, "You're late, fool." She sheathes her blade and joins the others. The capsule was what was glowing as it opened wide. The sleeping princess, Rije who wears the color of death. She opens blank eyes filled with green fire and sits up. The others gather to her and bow low, welcoming her. She moves out onto the golden steps. And a voice speaks to them sternly through her about Another Earth. Her eyes flare green.

OPENING CREDITS: Dust blows across the Sentai Series symbol, scratching it away to reaveal a barren landscape. The ground is caked and cracked, the air yellow with the dust. A red blur slams onto the cracked ground leaving a deep imprint darkened by shadow then brightened by glowing fire. Hot lava bubbles up. It becomes the Abaranger symbol, floating in a sea of lava. The modern city of Tokyo, and three people with brightly glowing bodies float above it, our heroes. They fly! The kids ride Ryunosuke's motorcycle and side car, blue as passenger, red and yellow double on the bike. Show Abared, innocent face then into armor. Show Abare Blue (he's got this pony-tail, and a shock of hair back of his neck under his ears dyed white), stubborn face then into armor. Show Abare Yellow, with a kind smile then determined into armor. Tyranno, changing from dull yellow to brilliant, mechanized red. Abared with his spikes out to fight. Kera, going from dull yellow to brilliant blue. Abare Blue, spikes out and ready to rumble. Ptera, rolling in brilliant yellow. Abare Yellow, flying into battle with wings spread wide, spikes out. Abare Black, Asuka, clothed in armor, then the armor vanishes to show his worried, human face. The red-clad villainess who, like Asuka, has silver marks on her cheekbones, appears behind him. He sees her and turns, reaching for her. She senses him, turns and seems to recognize him, but is gone in flames. The flames reveal a young girl, a partial purple star outlined on her perfect foehead. She, also, has the four silver marks on her cheeks. She smiles and her eyes flare like stars. Next a strange monster, the one with the harp, seeming to be some kind of invertebrate. The one with tentacles on its translucent head. The Tyrannosaur in fighting mode, its tail spinning to attack. Bracchio opening his packs for the other three to leap out. They race into battle, form Abarenor. Our heroes leap onto their three Ride Raptors' backs and race into battle. Giant robots, heroes. And Asuka, boxes balanced precariously in his arms, is helping Ranru unload boxes from a moving truck. They are bringing the boxes into Ryunosuke's restaurant, and he is there to greet the two of them. He and the all-too pleased Ranru exchange greetings while Asuka heads into the restaurant, then she bounds in after him.

Asuka greets her eagerly and tells her they have to take these things up. Indeed, the pile of boxes is taking up quite a chunk of the floor. Yukito Sanjo is sitting at his now-favorite spot, the clear table of the tyrannosaur-furniture's jaws. He is studying something, and comments coolly that they don't have to worry about him, he's not going to be living here. The react with some surprise to that statement. He turns slightly to look back over his shoulder and says, "It's too small for me," (aka too many people) and gets back to looking at the thing he is holding. "Oh, that's no good!" complains Ranru, looking to Ryunosuke and then asking a rather confused Asuka to support her statement. He obligingly sets the box he's holding down and shyly explains about it being better if they're together. He's trying to plead with young Mr. Sanjo when Ryouga comes bounding in. "It's great we're all gonna be together!" he says happily. They all nearly jump out of their skins. He is happy with the building, the neighborhood, and everything about it. Mr. Sanjo points out that this doesn't relate to cooking, but the statement doesn't faze Ryouga at all. "Ryunosuke's cooking is great!" he says and the older man laughs with appreciation. Sanjo's expression clearly says his opinion on the subject, but while he's quiet, Ryouga takes advantage of the moment to pick the box from Ranru's hands and put it in Sanjo's. "Oh, and Ranru's room is on the third floor," he says. Sanjo is too stunned to quite know how to react to this sudden usurption of his self. "Now, I'm on my way!" he tells them, and heads for the door and it is now, for the first time, they notice he has a little girl in tow. Ranru is starting to protest his leaving when the question of the child blows all else from both hers and Sanjo's minds. When he and the girl turn, Ryunosuke and Asuka exchange proud grins while the other two are dumbfounded. "That child - " gulps Ranru. The girl grins brightly up at her and says, "I'm Mai Hakua!" Ryouga squats down, left arm affectionately over her shoulder while he holds up his right hand, fingers spread wide. "Five years old!" he proclaims proudly. A floored Sanjo repeats, "Hakua?!" The pair grin up at him, faces very, very similar. Ranru manages to squawk, "H - How are you related?" "How are we related?" Ryouga asks Mai happily, then he straightens up and says, "Well it's Parent's Day!" and he gets back up and the two wave goodbye, heading out the door.

Inside the enormous Evorian Fortress, Rije, or that which speaks through her, Dezumozorlya, continues to address her three servants. She has questions for them, and they answer her, Voffa first remarking on the impact, Jannu agreeing and Mikela amused. Mikela it is who wants to begin. "Let me show you," and he dips the thick end of his brush into the yellow liquid from his platters. He sweeps it in the air and a yellow image of dandelion blossoms forms. Next the blue liquid, with which he paints a bomb. And then the red liquid, he paints a lion in the air. "And I give it life!" he says cheerfully, tossing the glowing pod into the midst of the images. The pod flares bright, The images are drawn together to reshape themselves in a shimmering, shifting form, and finally become a tall, bizarre being. Its lion face has three sets of eyes, instead of a mouth he has the budding of a flower. Instead of a mane he has petals of a dandelion. Instead of a back of the head, well his head is a bomb and another bomb hangs from his arm, as well as seeming to be in his gut. "Bomb, dandelion and lion," Mikela says happily. And there is something on the bomb of his gut, like a seal. Mikela names his creation, "トリノイド第4号バクダンデライオン. Tori-noid (?) Class 4 type, BakuDandeLion." Jannu and Voffa both seem to have rather huffy opinions of the creature, but Dezumozorlya reacts with approval. "Tori-noid BakuDandeLion," she repeats. And then her eyes fill with the green completely, and then she closes her eys. When she opens them the green is gone, leaving only deep brown, crystal clear innocence. And when she sees BakuDandeLion, she gasps with delight. She skips over to him and asks, "Are you going?" It snarls happy assent to her question. Mikela greets her with gentle affection, "Rije is back, I see. Yes, please." She is quite willing. She grins up at him the steps to the monster, who kneels for her. "Off you go," she tells him, and kisses one of his noses. Violet white light flares through the mighty beast, and when it dies out, he is gone. Rije waves goodbye, giggling softly. There are green willothewisps floating in the darkness around them.

Another Earth. Our Earth. Ryouga and Mai have arrived at her daycare, all smiles and delight. He pulls her up on his shoulders and bounces away with her, whooping it up. The daycare is extra-crowded today what with all the parents there. Ranru, who'd driven the pair over, finally has her questions answered by one of the teachers. This is a gentle, motherly-type woman in an apron. Mai has no parents any more. Ryouga is her father's younger brother, and so he'd taken on the responsibility of raising her. The teacher is distracted greeting another happy little girl who has arrived, father in tow. Ranru stares thoughtfully at Ryouga and Mai. They are playing on a climbinng toy, other little children below them. And then Ryouga's bracelet starts squawking alarm at him. Shocked, he answers. It is Asuka's worried voice he hears, for the arrival of the BakuDandeLion has been detected, and he must summon them to fight. His bracelet has pinpointed the monster's position. Ranru and Ryouga at the daycare exchange worried, determined gazes. And Ryouga must turn to Mai. He is not happy about it, but he does not really have a choice. "I'm so sorry, Mai!" he tells her. "But you remember last night I told you I'm an Abaranger, and I have to go right now. You understand?" and he sets his hands warmly on her shoulders. She looks at him, lowers her gaze, smile gone, all sunshine darkened. Ranru blinks worriedly, but then Mai musters her smile back for them, "No way to stop it, so I'll have to forgive you," she teases him. He knows he's being teased and laughs, but promises to come back as soon as he can. He heads out to the truck with Ranru, who is our designated driver. Climbing in, she tells him, "She's so cute, and such a nice little girl!" "Yeah," he agrees happily as she puts her belt on. But someone else has a comment. "Hey Rouga!" calls a familiar voice from his bracelet. "Huh?" And the voice continues reprovingly, "Is this really all right, tyran?" Realizing who's calling, Ryouga asks, "Tryanno? What's up?" "I'm talking about Mai-chan," his companion beast replies. "You were LISTENING to all that?!" yelps Ryouga. "It's all right, she's MY niece." His answer echoes in Tyranno's chamber of Bracchio's packs, where they hide deep in a lake. "I don't know about that," grumbles the dinosaur. But Ryouga and Ranru look to where Mai is, bouncing up and down and waving goodbye to them. "Ryou-chan, go to it!" she calls. He waves at her. "I said it's all right!" he tells Tyranno as he buckles his seatbelt. "I explained everything, and she's with me in this." He does look slightly worried though, as they drive off. "Let's go!" says Ranru, and they drive off. Mai watches them go unhappily, as the teachers herd the other children and their parents inside.

Cars weave out of control. A taxi goes up in violent flames. A man is sent flying by a blast from the petal-cannons of BakuDandeLion. People are fallen, other dodge raining rubble from blasted buildings. A police car is pinned under heavy cement near a flaming circular building. Ranru and Ryouga arrive in the moving van. They get out and gasp at the wreckage. "This is bad," mutters Ranru. About the same time, Sanjo arrives driving Ryunosuke's motorcycle with Asuka in the sidecar, and they all share dismayed glances at the destruction around them. "What did this?" gasps a shaken Sanjo. Thus he is the first to see the clawed monster walking past a bleeding man lying half-conscious under a block. "What the hell is that?" he asks, finding Asuka and Ryouga have pressed their shoulders against his in shared fright. But Asuka answers, "It's a Torinoid. The Evorian make them, give them life." The trio pulls themselves together and races to battle it. Asuka can only stand back and watch.

Ryouga leads the change into armor. BakuDandeLion is rather surprised, but waits through their self-introductions. He is annoyed that they're getting in his way, and opens his palm to reveal a troupe of tiny Barmia. He tosses them towards the heroes and they grow to human size. There are twelve, six of the white and six of the black. Yellow pulls out her AbaLaser, Blue the Tricera Bunker, Red his Tyranno Rod, to fight. They leap into battle. Red's rod eats one, Yellow fires on others and Blue kicks them away, but somehow there are always more. Asuka leaps into the fray. "You go after the Torinoid!" he calls. "Leave these to me!" They are glad to comply. Red battles his way out of the crowd and gets kicked around before the others catch up with him, but the BakuDandeLion blasts them down to land painfully near Asuka, who anxiously fingers his broken... key, is it? and wonders anxiously. Frantic, he sends out a call to the other missing dinosaurs, but there is still no response.

Jannu is in the city, too. She stands above everything on the top of a bridge across the sound, an Evorian curling shell in her hand. Suddenly it glows with purple light, and her eyes sharpen alertly.

Far below, the heroes still battle. Angry, BakuDandeLion blasts them with his petals, when a furious Tyranno signals Ryouga yelling at him to change his strategy. Actually, it appears the focus of his frustration is the fact that Ryouga has not returned to the daycare. For there are small children dancing with their fathers. And poor Mai is all alone. She has the teacher to dance with her, but Tyranno is most displeased. "You have to hurry and go!" he tells Ryouga angrily. "How do you expect me to do that?!" snaps Ryouga. But then all three of them get into it, talking through their human friends' bracelets. They want Ryouga to go back, and they will help. BakuDandeLion is stalking the group, ready to attack, when the ground shakes. They are all startled, and Asuka is stunned to see Tyrannjo running up the road. Red blasts the monster with his gun and it vanishes, but then the group is badly shaken when Tyranno reaches his great head down and picks up Red by the scruff of his neck, then tosses him flying. Blue shakes his head and looks up at the dinosaur, "You're sure single-minded."

Poor Ryouga is flying through the air at high speeds, waving his arms wildly and screaming. He is headed towards the doors of a gym. Inside there are high school girls who've been hard at work on a design in yellow, oranger and black dominoes. They're just about finished, and one tired girl opens the doors to get a breath of fresh air when she finds a red-clad man flying at her, screaming. She dives out of the way. The wind from his passing knocks the dominoes over. Their um... sculpture of a dinosaur is revealed, and the stunned girls watch the man fly past as he screams back, "I'm sorry!!" And at the daycare, parents and children are coming out to play again. Mai steps unhappily out and then she hears something. As she glances up, Red flies overhead, screaming. He hits the daycare climbing sculpture and comes to rest at last on his but, in pain, but in his normal clothes. "OUCH!" he protests. But from below comes "Ryo-chan!" and he peers down. It is Mai, of course, jumping for joy and waving at him. "Welcome back!" He clambers painfully to his feet to greet her.

At the restaurant, Ranru splays out photographs of the monster they just fought to discuss the situation with Asuka and Sanjo. Chosen place of display is the clear glass of the table in the tyrannosaur furniture's mouth. She'd taken the photos with a very small camera she carries, and wants them to see something. She flips one picture over. These pictures are of BakuDandeLion's missiles. She thinks she can make something to counter them. Asuka is impressed. Maybe they didn't have camera-type things where he came from. He takes up the photos gingerly, uncertain of them. While he marvels at them, Sanjo makes a snide comment which enfuriates Ranru. But Ryunosuke has come with some tea to soothe them. They thank him, but Asuka is worrying now about the animals used for the Torinoid? Worried about other possible dangers because of this?

New game at the daycare! The teachers have rolled out these enormous balls, light things. The kids and parents are suppose, I think to engage in a race with them. There is a red and a white pennant. Ryouga is ready to go with Mai, but his butt still hurts like the bejeebers and she teases him, then whaps him on it. But just as they are talking, the bracelet goes off again, summoning him. He swallows, stands up and answers. It is Asuka again, they need him. Ryouga's protest is heartfelt, but not as much as the distressed look on Mai face as she listens. He turns unhappily and kneels in front of her. "Mai-chan. You're a good girl, you understand, right? This is the last time, I promise and I'm really sorry!" But he has to go, and starts off. He doesn't know Mai is blinking back tears. "Not a good girl," she whimpers. "I hate you, Ryo-chan!" she cries but not too loudly. Thus he doesn't know what she said, and turns to her as he dashes off, "What, what'd you say?" and then slams into the great red ball the teacher was pushing for the game. Unfortunately, for comic relief his body adheres to the ball and they go rolling off at high speeds together. A poor man driving a van swerves as the ball bears down on him. It is now being ridden by Ryouga, who's transferred into his armor and runs atop it. He doesn't understand what's happening as he disrupts traffic all along the road, going the wrong way.

Blue is getting based and tossed by the furious BakuDandeLion, who tells him what kind of an idiot he must be for coming alone. But Red arrives with the Abalaser, knocks him away and apologizes to Blue for being late. They get caught by BakuDandeLion's stems and he blasts them. While struggling, Ryouga thinks of Mai and promises her in his head he'll spend all the time he can with her, begs her to wait. Well, she can't hear his thoughts. Back at the daycare she watches miserably while other happy children roll the balls with their fathers in a race around the pennants. Head hanging, she finally takes advantage of the distraction, and runs off. But the battle of BakuDandeLion and the two boys continues. However, Yellow arrives with a remote device, and when he fires on them she uses it to send his own bombs back at him. He is quite stunned and she smugly explains what she's done. Smugly, they assemble the Dino Bomber and blast him with Dino-Dynamite. Back on the other world, Rije sees/senses his pieces rain down. "Oh!" she exclaims in mild surprise. "He's dead!" The heroes are congratulating themselves, but they don't know it's a bit early. The pieces of BakuDandeLion are blackened by flame. Suddenly the glowing globule that formed him rolls out from under one piece, and pulses out a blue and red wave. It hurtles up into the sky while Asuka is happily taking Yellow's hands between his to praise her. Red apologizes and tells them he has to go, is dashing of when Yellow calls warning. For she sees something up in the sky. Like a missile it is heading up, and explodes sending billowing clouds of inky blackness across the clear sky. Abruptly, water begins to fall and the heroes are quickly drenched. "What's with this rain?" worries Red. And oh, he SHOULD be worried. For the rain is being absorbed into the pieces of BakuDandeLion, which bulge out, then become thick liquid and merge together as they grow. Asuka alerts the others to what's happening, and they crane their necks following the growth of the enemy they thought destroyed. The black cloud is absorbed into the giant BakuDandeLion, and the sky is once again clear and brilliant blue. Though our heroes are still dripping, especially armorless Asuka. All four stumble backwards, Red even falling down. "What the HECK?!" he yelps, pointing. "This can't be happening!" gasps Yellow. But Asuka manages to stand his ground, lips curled in fury and wild determination. At the Evorian Fortress, Rije jumps up with delight. "Oh, he's alive again!" and skips over to Mikela to confirm that the rain was what had made BakuDandeLion into a giant. Mikela agrees, and laughs about what this is going to do to the humans of Another Earth. Asuka calls Bracchio, who comes out of the depths. "Hurry!" cries Red. "Yeah, we know!" Tyranno counters, "We're coming as fast as we can!" and they are released from their packs and race down the roads. At command, the three form together and their companions board Abarenor. Red directs the battle, blasting back through the dandelion stems their enemy uses against them. While Asuka is feeling smug at their success, a sudden sharp screaming turns his attention. Emr-pon has arrived and she is frantic. She is also exhausted and stumbles to fall. Asuka runs to her to make sure she's all right. "Gimme that!" she gulps, grabbing his communicator arm and yanking him down so she can shout into the thing. Poor Asuka has to windmill to keep from falling, but she doesn't notice. "Ryouga, can you hear me?" and goes on about after school and something awful has happened. Above them, Abarenor punches and slashes at BakuDandeLion, then turns to look down at them. Ryouga says in response, "Well can't it wait? This is pretty awful, here!" But Emi screams back that it's awful, because you see, Mai-chan was not at the daycare. She's GONE! "WHAT?!" cries Ryouga. This distraction costs them badly, they are hit hard by BakuDandeLion's explosives. But then Ryouga gets in a fury, for this battle with the enemy has cost him time spent playing with Mai, and hurt her. He takes them into attack, a strike powerful that completely destroys BakuDandeLion. Emi nearly knocks over Asuka in her joy.

All five of them race on the late afternoon streets, calling Mai. Finally they split up. Ryouga races to the top of a hill where he can see everything, and starts calling again. He is tired, he's hurt his foot and limps as he walks. Suddenly there is a low roar behind him, and he turns his head in surprise. The enormous head of his dinosaur cuts off the setting sun, and atop it is bouncing Mai, cheering to the big one. "Mai-chan!" Ryouga gasps in relief. Startled, she turns and looks down at him. "Ryo-chan!" He falls to his knees and apologizes, bowing low and babbles how sorry he is that he didn't keep his promise. Tyranno lowers his head so Mai can step off and go to Ryouga. It takes him a moment to gather his courage and raise his gaze to hers. They stare at each other for a long moment, her expression very grave, his miserable with guilt. Finally she smiles and tells him she had a good time playing with Tyranno and she forgives him. He grins in relief and delight, gathers her tight in his arms until she has to protest, so he lifts her up and spins her. Tyranno raises his head again to issue a little reassuring scolding.

Evening, and in the traditional meal room they've gathered around a small table. Well, most of them. Sanjo prefers to eat at the dinosaur table. Ranru, Asuka. Emi, Ryunosuke and Mai are ready to eat a delicious meal. It is Nabe, full of all kinds of veggies, shrimp, crab, mushrooms and such delicious goods. They've explained the mechanics of this particular meal to a very impressed Asuka, who keeps peering into the pot to marvel at its contents. Emi brings some to Sanjo. As she heads back to the table, she asks him if he isn't going back to his hotel. He tells her grudgingly that he's decided he'll stay here after all. They react with shock and delight to that. Asuka is very excited, but Sanjo glowers back at them and says that it's simply best all around. (doesn't Emi, at the very least, have a home of her own?) They all get ready to eat, when it is only Sanjo who wonders (probably being the only one who wasn't told) just where the heck is Ryouga? And Tyranno comes on before the comercials to tell us we'll find out after the show.

Ending credits: Our four known heroes cross an intersection together, punch towards the screen with enthusiastic energy, while the Amoeba critters dance to the theme song for us. Ryouga paddles a canoe on a cold lake. The driver drives, the girl rides her bicycle. Asuka waits fo rthem on a sandy beach. Ryouga returns to the restaurant with an enormous pile of groceries, while Emi and Asuka are helping Ryunosuke clean up. Sanjo is dry-mopping the floor, little Mai is cleaning the dinosaur table. She hands off her towel to Ranru, who heads outside with a big, blue bucket. Emi follows her out.

Ryouga is trying to repair the domino sculpture he'd blown over when he flew through the gym. Two high school girls come in and are quite startled to see the young man there. He tells them he's really sorry, and he'll fix it if he can. They kneel and stare at him. One asks the other, "Who is this guy?" Her friend shrugs and they eye him doubtfully. Ryouga reaches for another domino, then accidently knocks one next to it and yelps in dismay as the line starts to tumble down.

第4話 完成!秘密アバレ基地 Kansei! Himitsu Abare Kichi Completed! The Secret Abare Base
In our next episode: The new Torinoid is a bird-type. And there is a little boy who gets knocked down. Ranru gets involved with him, trying to protect him. He wears yellow like she does. She tries to protect him aboard a truck, hiding from the monster. The boy races, probably to help. And in the restaurant, the heroes stand. For here is something new. A sort of command center with radar tracking system and all sorts of thing, either on display or hidden in a case for Ryouga to see! And it's quite something, too. A lovely control room. Ranru thumbs up someone, probably the boy. And Jannu stands far above the city, for she too is searching for something. And Rije's eyes open, brown... she kisses another monster. The Abaranger fight the Barmia.

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第4話 完成!秘密アバレ基地
Kansei! Himitsu Abare Kichi
Completed! The Secret Abare Base

A shelf full of books, encyclopedias and such. It echoes of age and care. The choice for filming is a sort of fuzzy whiteness. The year is 2023. The place is 量子物理学研究所 (Quantum Physics Studies Research Institute). You're going to ask how that's pronounced, aren't you? I'll try. Ryoushi Butsuri Gaku Kenkyuu Tokoro. Most of that is likely correct. There is a man, perhaps in his mid thirties, sitting at a desk inches deep in papers. While his large study is mostly clean, there are books piled on the shiny floor. A sharp ringing calls him, his secretary tells him there is a call for him. He acknowledges, reaches out to touch a button on a raised, seven-sided stand. Instantly, a hologram appears above it. The caller greets him in English, and a male computer voice translates what he is saying. "Hello, Doctor T--- (I'll figure it out later). This is Max Weber of the Nobel Prize Select--- we're happy to inform you that you have won the Nobel Prize for ---- for this year. Congratulations!" The doctor listens and watches quietly, then simply thanks the caller. "We'll contact you again soon with more details," Mr Weber says. The doctor is distracted, lowering his hands, he opens a drawer of his desk and takes out a photograph. The call is over. As far as I can tell, he's thinking that this day would never have come except for you, whose name he never could find out. The photo is a shot from behind of a woman on a bicycle pedelling away down the road. A woman in a black and yellow jacket.

2023 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 ....... 2003

Ranru is riding along the empty streets this morning. "Everyone's waiting," she frets. Something about seventeen things. Then she hears children shouting and stops her bike to look down over the barrier of a bridge. There are children down on a dock. One boy is shouting angrily, "Give that back! Give it back!" while the others laugh and hold whatever it is up so that he can't get it. They are perilously close to the edge of the dock. The boy falls on his back, and rubs where it hurts in frustration. The others are three boys, and they are flipping through his notebook and laughing. But then someone calls from way up on the bridge, scolding them and telling them to give the kid his notebook back. Secure in the great distance between them, the leader of the boys tells her to mind her own business and calls her old lady. This gets about the reaction you'd expect. "You just wait there!" she yells. The boys beat a hasty, but not actually frightened, retreat. Then thankfully do not dump the other kid's notebook in the water, only drop it on a board with some mocking comments back to him. He gets up and picks up his bag, then holding it nervously gets to the board across to the other dock where his notebook is. He's clearly afraid to cross it. Ranru arrives about then. "Hey, you all right?" she asks him gently, then looks across for the others. "Brats!" she grumbles when she sees no one. But the boy starts to walk away. "Hey, hey wait a minute, little guy," she calls him. She points across at his notebook. When he simply stares at her, she hops the few steps it takes and gets the book for him. She opens it with interest and finds the first page has a couple of excellent photos of old trains, and compliments them happily. Then she closes the book and bounces back to the boy, telling him these are great. He is pleased with the praise but doesn't get prideful, and accepts the book back gratefully, explaining briefly about what had happened. He tells her they call him Damedame-kun, because he always says "dame" to things. (No-no Boy) Her encouragement to face the bullies is not received all that well. He turns from her unhappily. Just as she pulls him around to try to tell him a better lecture, she is signaled. "Asuka? Is there a monster?" He is hiding behind the counter and tells her there's not, but there are customers and Emi is cheerfully helping serve in the restaurant. She replies with a grin that she'll get there, just after she helps out someone. "Someone?" he asks in confusion, standing up straight. "Yeah," she says. But when she turns around, the boy is nowhere to be seen. "Hey! Ah, he ran away!!" she stomps her foot.

The other world, dead and yellow. Dezumozorlya speaks through Rije, eyes flaring green. "Jannu is still on Another Earth?" Mikela is nearby, pulling another shining fruit off of the um... thing. "So it seems. What is she looking for, anyway?" he wonders as he heads for his palette. Voffa slams his hands on his synthesizer, sending a stream of red, discordant notes into the air and complaining about their lack of impact so far. Mikela agrees that this is bothersome. He goes to the image he's painted, it floats in the air of a bird in red, a plant in yellow, and something else in blue. It's beautiful. But he is going to make it live. He tosses the fruit into the painting and it ripples, shifts and reforms. "What are you going to do?" he asks someone, or it. The seal on this one looks like a five. It is green, with sharp, golden rings. It has something like a pistol on its head, barrels of guns for fingers, and breaths out a white mist while Mikela chuckles. "Hakkara Sniper," Dezumozorlya identifies it. "You will go to Another Earth." And her eyes flar and close. Rije is clear and back. "It's you today!" she tells the monster, skipping to it. "You can do it," she tells it warmly. It reaches out to her and she kisses its hand. It makes a terrible noise as it starts to glow and then vanishes away.

OPENING CREDITS: Dust blows across the Sentai Series symbol, scratching it away to reaveal a barren landscape. The ground is caked and cracked, the air yellow with the dust. A red blur slams onto the cracked ground leaving a deep imprint darkened by shadow then brightened by glowing fire. Hot lava bubbles up. It becomes the Abaranger symbol, floating in a sea of lava. The modern city of Tokyo, and three people with brightly glowing bodies float above it, our heroes. They fly! The kids ride Ryunosuke's motorcycle and side car, blue as passenger, red and yellow double on the bike. Show Abared, innocent face then into armor. Show Abare Blue (he's got this pony-tail, and a shock of hair back of his neck under his ears dyed white), stubborn face then into armor. Show Abare Yellow, with a kind smile then determined into armor. Tyranno, changing from dull yellow to brilliant, mechanized red. Abared with his spikes out to fight. Kera, going from dull yellow to brilliant blue. Abare Blue, spikes out and ready to rumble. Ptera, rolling in brilliant yellow. Abare Yellow, flying into battle with wings spread wide, spikes out. Abare Black, Asuka, clothed in armor, then the armor vanishes to show his worried, human face. The red-clad villainess who, like Asuka, has silver marks on her cheekbones, appears behind him. He sees her and turns, reaching for her. She senses him, turns and seems to recognize him, but is gone in flames. The flames reveal a young girl, a partial purple star outlined on her perfect foehead. She, also, has the four silver marks on her cheeks. She smiles and her eyes flare like stars. Next a strange monster, the one with the harp, seeming to be some kind of invertebrate. The one with tentacles on its translucent head. The Tyrannosaur in fighting mode, its tail spinning to attack. Bracchio opening his packs for the other three to leap out. They race into battle, form Abarenor. Our heroes leap onto their three Ride Raptors' backs and race into battle. Giant robots, heroes. And Jannu stands far above the city, the lighter parts of her clothing whipped by the wind. She looks around at the city below, blinks. I think she's atop a satellite transmission tower. She holds up the enormous shell and turns it, until the eyelet holes glow violet.

Ryunosuke's restaurant is VERY busy today. Customers pay and as they leave are thanked by the owner himself. Emi and Asuka are in the kitchen helping each other dish out food. Ryouga is being a waiter, bringing an order to a happy customer at the dinosaur table. Ryouga's wearing what will become his signature red shirt with the tyrannosaur on it. Ryunosuke bows his customers off. The guy at the table is a regular, and compliments Ryunosuke on his new staff. He is told that they're here to protect the world. (And by the way, this is the fellow who popped up in Gaoranger playing the human face of the Barbecue Org, the one who became good.) When he does a double take and starts to question Ryunosuke on this protecting the world, thing, our kind man urges him to eat his meal instead. Sanjo is putting on his new shirt and he is not particularly pleased with it. He doesn't like how it fits, this isn't the kind of work he likes to do. I think he'll have to reluctantly conceed the color, as he eyes his reflection in the glass of the table. But then he is signaled by his dinosaur companion, who wants to know that everything's all right with him. The customer catches the communication and repeats confusedly, "Kera?" Kera is saying how excited he is to be able to see Yukito (that's Sanjo's er... first name). The customer's curiousity is getting the better of him, and he's headed for Sanjo to get a look at what he's doing. Ryouga heads him off saying, "Yeah, delicious-kera isn't it?" Sanjo is bristling, though, and heads away, taking off the jacket. Unfortunately he walks straight into Mai, who looks up at him with huge, wounded eyes and says, "You don't like it? But Grandfather made those great clothes himself." Taken aback, Sanjo clears his throat and puts the jacket back on. Guilted, he returns to the main area of the restaurant, while Mai's tiny voice encourages him. He starts wiping the glass table, while Ryouga hopes it's safe to leave him alone near that rather too inquisitive customer. A group of foreign workers, a white guy in a business suit, a black man and white man wearing hard hats, pause in leaving to thank Ryouga. Emi calls them thank you. They are gone, and the other customer is quite shocked. "Who were those guys?" Ryouga is actually similarly confused. They seem to have popped up out of thin air. Ranru arrives just then and they welcome her back. Of course, Sanjo complains that she's late. Ryunosuke has something for her. The lovely jacket he'd designed and she accepts it with glee and great thanks. While she's getting out of her other coat and into it, he wants them to line up. They do, grinning (well, except for Sanjo of course, he just looks put upon). He's presenting his new... er... staff to his confused friend. He's also showing off the shirts he designed. Ryouga ends up confused, though, for when that's finished Ranru heads off, Ryunosuke takes his friend out the door, and Sanjo sits down at the counter. His poor friend stands outside, blinking at the now closed door and can distantly hear Ryunosuke talking.

Scope pinpointing a bunch of bicycles waiting for their owners to come back. Locks on a man about to leave with his son. A shot. A hole appears in the man's jacket. With a small sound of pain, he clasps the area and then buckles. "Papa!" cries the boy. The people passing by come to confused halts and bend to help. Then there is another shot. The man closest to them is hit in the back and crumples. The other people start to panic, but for the child nothing exists but his father. "Poppa? What's wrong?!"

Back at the restaurant, Ranru comes out and says everything is fine. She is grinning fit to crack, and Ryunosuke reaches down, takes one of the dinosaur's teeth and pushes it. It glows brightly. There is a sound, and Ryouga asks what's happening. It looks like he's the only one out of the loop this time as the kitchen counters slide back and the whole walls pulls away to reveal a new room, with a dinosaur-bone theme, a radar screen, and a really cool glass thing that comes down from the ceiling. It7s quite incredible! It's a whole command central. Asuka tells Ryouga that they'd used his bracelet to test the systems in here. Sanjo it is who shows off the clear computer screen (I'm not sure, but I believe he's the one who funded this little improvement). Ryouga goes into paroxysms of ecstacy as the screen fills with pictures from all over the city. A.B.A.R.E. shows briefly on the screen. Finally one image settles on Tyranno in his capsule on Bracchio, who has his opinion to put in. For the three screens on the wall are tied in to the three primary dinosaurs, all who call greeting to their companions. Ryouga is about to call them all to try this out, but Ranru has to go and they're a bit startled, Asuka showing it most of all. Looking slightly hurt Ranru tells him that she doesn't know, but it's about a person. "A person?" he repeats in confusion. But as she's leaving, all the alarms start going off.

Emergency, in all caps, is showing on the enormous computer screen and Sanjo is calling up data. They've pinpointed the location of their enemy, and Ranru is frustrated that she can't go do her own thing yet. For the enemy is out there, still blasting away. One after another, men fall. Now at last we see the writing for his name. Torinoid Class 5 type Hakkarasunaipaa. The Hakka part must be about the plant. Karasu is Crow. Sniper is self-evident. He is laughing and having fun. But the four heroes arrive now to stop him. "And just what are you?" he asks them. "Oh, you don't know yet?" Ryouga says. And he leads his fellow two in their transformation. It surprises the Sniper, but he mocks them and calls in the Barmia. Red tackles the first bunch, Asuka punches through them, as does Sanjo. But the Sniper leaps at Ranru. She ducks and comes after him with her gun, transferring to more powerful mode she flies after him, but loses him in a train yard. "Where did he go?" she growls. He has her in his sights and readies to fire, but she senses him and ducks the shot. Her return fire is more successful, getting him hard. "I'll remember this!" he growls, and flees as she races after him. She is furious, but then is called by Asuka to come join the others. She is about to go when she hears a strange noise. She turns, telling Asuka about the enemy taking off. And we see what she's looking at. The boy from earlier is sitting down far away, a book open in his lap. He is so intent on his drawing that he'd never noticed the battle going on. Well, it WAS on the other side of the train. Ranru heads towards him, slipping between trains to release her armor. Ptera calls to her through the communicator, curious as to what she's doing. She explains that she's not really sure herself and heads to meet the boy. He's rather surprised. And so both are unaware of the Sniper having her back in his scope. She gone to lecture the boy, who seems rather confused to have a stranger talk to him this way. He moves away from her. They cut out the sound so that we are appropriately stunned when, because she's taking a step, the bullet grazes her shoulder with enough impact to spin her around to the ground. The startled boy leaps to her side. She sees the monster atop a tower nearby and reaches for her changer quickly, "Guys, it's the Torinoid!" but there is only static on her communicator. "Why can't I get through?!" "It's coming!" the boy warns her anxiously, trying to tug her away. The bird is coming indeed, swooping down from where it was. "It's all right," Ranru tells the boy. "I'll take care of you." She gets up and runs with him. But the bird is fast and coming down on them. They dash into a road. There is a big truck coming, and the worried driver honks his horn.

All right, the coarse of events is unclear, but the driver rounds the corner with Ranru and the boy clinging to the side of his truck. They're up on the curve of whatever kind of container it is. Ranru keeps the boy under her, sheltering him. They look back at the Torinoid pursuing them in worry. It fires and they duck. It swoops low over the cars and blasts them. The driver at last notices something going on and turns his head. Ranru and the boy have already made tracks. When the Sniper lands on the truck and shouts, "Where are you?" the driver panics and makes a run for it.

The people who've been shot are all being rushed to the hospital. The boy hovers at his father's bedside, nearly in tears. There is a green, glowing fungus/liquid spreading up his body. This they can see back at the base, an image titled CPT HOSPITAL>CAM(024'). Ryunosuke is explaining what is going on to Emi, Ryouga and Asuka (I presume Sanjo is there somewhere). As they mutter in dread, yes there he is. For he's found it to be a virus and he is using the computer to try to find a way to neutralize it. He opens up a picture of the virus, and the others all shiver in horror. And Asuka, voice shaking, tells him this virus had also attacked his people. That this virus will do what it did to his. When Ryouga starts to argue, Ryunosuke cuts him off with a stern point. He wants to know how long it'll take. Suddenly I'm worried about Ranru!!

Well, she's still with the boy and is bandaging her knee, which is scratched up. When he asks if she's really okay, she assures him she is. And then he talks worriedly to her while she peers out from their dubious shelter, an eye open for the Sniper. He is telling her what he saw, about the Sniper and how it flew so close over the cars. He'd observed a weakness. He doesn't believe in himself, but she believes in him, and draws a sketch of what's going on. She tells him he's found the answer! And when they hear the Sniper approaching, she hands him the paper and tells him to get it to the dinosaur restaurant. He starts to panic, but she tells him he must do this. He is afraid, but the Sniper has found them. Ranru changes into her armor to fight, to the boy's shock, and clalls him to hurry. Seeing her fight and get knocked down, he thinks of her courageous words and finally pulls himself together, racing off with the paper. There are all sorts of things in his way but he hurries as fast as he can to where he first met her. There is the board across and he is afraid. But now he races, and leaps. Unfortunately he lands wrong and falls in the water, but he gets to the edge of the cock, climbs out and heads on determinedly. At the restaurant, her people are starting to panic a bit because Asuka can't get through to her. Then the bells ring on the door. They all look up and an exhausted, panting, sopping wet boy staggers inside. He falls and they rush to him. He's got the paper in a death grip as they turn him over, Asuka being very gentle with him. He holds out the paper and Ryouga taks it, while Emi gets in to help. Ryouga and Sanjo peer at the paper as the child loses consciousness muttering, "I did it, Miss! I did it!" Ryouga, seeing the paper, gets all excited. "It can't fly if it's does't start from up high!" he yelps. "Of course," agrees Sanjo. "It needs enough speed." Asuka leaps to his feet and they all agree. So it is that they arrive at the scene just in time to keep the Sniper from killing Ranru. "Damedame-kun did it!" she gasps. They'd got her paper, and they reassure her she doesn't need to go after the Sniper, for they've the Ride Raptors now! Asuka has sent them there. It is great, and they pursue the Sniper, riding through a crowd of Barmia. The Sniper glides low, and they almost catch up with him when he drops to the bottom of a very tall building. Ranru is uncertain, but Asuka tells her to believe in her raptor, so she does. It hops down the side of the building, and they gather together. All leap aboard Ryouga's raptor to put their weapons together and destroy the Sniper. Its pieces fall.

At the restaurant, Emi tells the unconscious boy (whom they've put blankets on and a towel on his forehead) that they've succeeded. And in the computer screen we see the hospital. "The virus has been destroyed," Asuka gasps in relief. For the green fades from its victims, and a boy greets his recovering father with joy. But the glowing orb does its job, and when the rain falls down Ryuoga complains, "Not again!" He calls Asuka, who sends out their three companions. The giants race enthusiastically into battle and form together as Abarenor. The Sniper fires on them, the backlash is pretty hard. So Ranru calls her Ptera and throws out the Ptera Cutter (wings) which slashes up the Sniper, and then they use Ryouga's Drill and destroy it completely. They come out on their robots shoulders to be smug, but then there is a furious cry from the monster, and he fires only at her. She is hit in the shoulder and, before they can catch her, her eyes close and she falls. "RANRU!" Even Ptera cries, and tells us we'll find out when the commercials are over.

Ryouga weeps heartbroken sobs, holding Ranru in his arms. Sanjo kneels beside him, looking for once not stubborn, but lost. He stands stiff as Ryouga cries Ranru's name. Ryouga's tears hit her face, and she blinks awake, surprised but happy to find him huddled over her. "I'm cold," she protests, sitting up. Frightened, Ryouga backpedals and Sanjo nearly jumps out of his skin. She pulls open her yellow jacket to reveal that she's wearing a kevlar vest she'd ordered from America. "Damnit you weren't moving!" He looks to Sanjo for support, but the other man is still recovering from the shock himself. Ranru, giggling, gets to her feet.

And the boy, Damedame? He is at the dock, at that spot he'd been afraid to cross before. And now he takes the jump and lands just perfectly on the other side. And he is very, very pleased. Then he hears applause and looks around. Quite a ways from him, the other side of a fence, is the woman who'd taught him about courage. "Hey, what's your name?" she asks him. "Huh?" he responds in surprise. "Well, you're hardly Damedame-kun now, are you?" "Takaaki!" he calls back. "Takaaki Utsumi!" She says his name and waves to him, telling him goodbye and to never give up. He races after he hollaring, "Hey, what's YOUR name, Miss?!" but she is too far away to hear, and all he can do is snap a quick picture of her departing back.

The year 2023 Takaaki looks at the framed picture, the only thing he has to show that the woman who changed his life ever existed. "Thank you," he says gravely.

第5話 アバレ治療!ジャジャジャジャーン Abare Chiryou! Jajajajaan Abare Cure! Bubububuum!
In our next episode: Yukito Sanjo is plying his trade on Ryunosuke, but there is a girl, who perhaps can't walk anyway he's carrying her over much protesting out of a room. He has her in what appears to be a race car, making sure she's buckled in. And the three foreigners show up again, grinning and in white hard hats this time, even the man in the suit, saluting and thumbs-upping the Abaranger. I'm guessing they have something to do with some new equipment. And the girl sits in a room in her wheelchair, reading a note. And a box goes flying through the air. And the next monster is red and white. With tentacles. And the race car hits thing. And in armor Ryouga and Ranru appear to be fighting Gileton! Or perhaps it's Jannu wearing the armor now. Bracchio will be back. So, this is a Yukito Sanjo episode, as should be clear already.

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第5話 アバレ治療!ジャジャジャジャーン
Abare Chiryou! Jajajajaan
Abare Cure! Bubububuum!

White, lace curtains flutter in the breezes coming through the open patio doors. A girl sits in a wheelchari, she holds a magazine in her hands. She has it open to an article about Yukito Sanjo, which appears to be speculating on just where the charismatic chiropractor has gone off to. Staring at his photograph, she bites back a sob and slams the magazine shut. She lets it fall heavily in her lap.

And in Tokyo, a blue-clad arm reaches to pull a wooden something hanging from the wall. Standing in front of Kyouryuya, Yukito Sanjo looks up into the bright sun. The light is almost blinding.

Asuka is inside with Ranru, they are getting ready for customers. He sees a spot on the clear glass table and moves to wipe it clean. Ryouga bounds in to announce that today they will also be great. Ranru enthusiastically joins him in the morning crow of joy. But their celebration in interrupted by a whimpering. "Huh?" they wonder. It is Ryunosuke, coming in to the main area, shuffling along and holding the back of his neck in agony. He arrives to the traditional dining part of the restaurant, where Emi is doing pushups before sheheads off to school. Just as he is sitting down, Sanjo comes inside. Emi is, it seems, understanding of his pain. Sanjo freezes for a moment, then stands stiffly to watch while Ranru and Ryouga close in sympathetically. When they ask Emi what she's doing all these exercises for, she explains that she wants to get stronger, so she can someday be Abarepink. Yukito suddenly moves around behind Ryunosuke and places his hands professionally on the elder man's shoulders. Feeling the set of the tendons and all, he inquires about what the restaurant master has been doing. When Ryunosuke sheepishly answers nothing in particular, Sanjo gets on with his business, reaching his left arm down under Ryunosuke's chin to get a good grip, he says "Don't move." The elder man closes his eyes as Sanjo wraps his hands around his head. A sudden tensing and movement, a harsh crack. Ryunosuke utters a cry of pain while Asuka, Ryouga and Ranru cringe in terror. Then Sanjo releases him, pulls out a delicate, silver case he opens and inside are fine needles. He takes one, draws it back and then stabs it into the back of the man's neck, provoking another squawk of pain and Emi to panic. Then Sanjo pulls out the needle. It's all over so fast, the others really haven't had a chance to react. "Hey!" gasps Ryunosuke in surprise. He brings his hand up to the back of his neck. The pain is utterly gone. "He fixed it!" he announces in surprise. The other three, who've been cringing close together, relax in relief and Ranru grins at Sanjo. Ryouga comes over as Sanjo replaces the needle in its case and says with awe, "You can do Acupunture!" Sanjo explains boredly that it's part of his job, and they all ooh and aah, while Ryunosuke gets to his feet. He says, "Thank you so very much, Yukito-kun. Now I can get about my business." "Hm?" they inquire. "Take care of the shop, kids!" he tells them and heads into his private quarters. Asuka asks what they're all wondering. "Where are you going?" But he is not answered, even when the man emerges shortly with a tweed overcoat of sorts and ready for the day. He has a large, heavy suitcase in his hands and tells them he won't be back for two or three weeks. They stare stunned after him, except for Sanjo who is practicing looking bored. Emi suddenly leaps to her feet. "Oh man, I'm late, too!" and grabs her school stuff, hopping into her shoes she heads out the door, too. "Thanks for breakfast!" she calls to them. Ryouga pulls himself together to say "Come back later!" Sanjo utters an exasperated sigh and moves away from the wall.

He's driven her to the train station, and she leaps out of the motorcycle sidecar thanking him profusely. He watches her dash off and flicks his fingers in farewell. A silent, exasperated sigh to himself, he doesn't notice the nearby screech of tires and slamming of a car door until the driver speaks to him. "I've been looking for you." He does not react, only stares at the man sharply. The fellow has a driver and everything. "You are the Charisma Chiropractor, Doctor Sanjo... yes?" A muscle jumps in Sanjo's cheek.

Slight change in the end of the opening credits, maybe they've settled this time. We see the scene of Abareblack on his Ride Raptor, making a dash for the portal across the yellow sands, with the Evorian Fortress bearing down on him. He looks back in terror, then the horrible lightning rains down, knocking him from the saddle to land without armor on the sand. Looking up in terror as the fortress goes through the whirling portal, and he races to reach it, too.

Speaking of the Evorian... back on the Dinosaur Earth, in a world filled with dust and colored yellow... inside their mighty home. Voffa of the crystal head and tentacles is playing his synthesizer. I think he's playing a distorted version of Beethovan's Fifth. I don't know Classical that well, sorry. Voffa is commenting about the lack of success so far with the Torinoids sent to Another Earth, and especially about the people of Another Earth who seem to have the power to fight them. Mikela sniffs arrogantly in response. Voffa, it seems, is going to start. But the glowing pod opens, and Dezumozorlya opens Rije's eyes with green fire inside. She steps out and says that next it is Voffa's Giganoid that must go. Voffa plays his music intently. "I've done it!" he suddenly crows and completes his composition. "Another Earth's Giganoid Score, The First!!" The notes float in the air, and begin to reconfigure on the stream of music he's created. He pulls one of the glowing fruits from the bizarre plant and releases it to hurtle into the midst of his creation. And the music takes solid form as Mikela criticizes it. The green fire leaves Rije's eyes and she greets this new monster with delighted pleasure. She throws a kiss at it. For the Giganoid is enormous. And Voffa is pleased with it as it vanishes from their world.

A huge house. The motorcycle and sidecar are out front, parked next to the dark cars that led them here. And Yukito Sanjo speaks angrily, "Lay off me!" He stands in the clean room in front of the girl in her wheelchair and the man who works for her at her side. He tells them angrily that his work was perfect, and looks at the girl with outrage in his blazing eyes. "She can walk!" But she sits in the wheelchair, an expression of stubborn anguish on her face. For a year ago she was a race car driver, and in an F-4 there had been a crash. Not her, she drove perfectly. But the car ahead of her had spun out of control, exploded, and a wheel had hit her car and she had screamed. The memory of it now overwhelms her, and she hunches over, biting back tears. The snow falling in winter, and he'd been there to work on her legs. She had refused to utter a sound, even when it hurt a lot, and he had concentrated on restoring strength to those legs. He'd been paid and left when she'd recovered without a single look back. She'd been standing, and watched him go miserably.

Angrily she says that he'd failed, that soon she couldn't walk again. But he is not impressed with her anger for he knows his work was perfect. As it should be. So she reaches down, uses her hands to move her legs off the wheelchair braces and onto the floor. She supports her weight on her hands, forcing herself up and he watches critically. Her face is white with terror, and when she lets go of the handles she falls to the floor. Her man leaps to her, but Sanjo does not. He'd kept his eyes sharply o her face the whole time. "You understand now?" she pants at him as her man puts her back in the chair. The man gives Sanjo a resentful glare and moves back into position. Sanjo ignores it, a hand braced stubbornly on his hip. She shows him the article she'd been reading about him. Then suddenly his bracelet starts going off. Asuka's voice comes urgently through it, telling him where the trouble is. "It's already giant!" he says in a panic. The girl is wheeling around, staring at the bracelet in shocked surprise. Sanjo tells her coldly, "I fixed your legs. You want me to be here again, you have to pay for it." He turns and strides out without a backward glance while she calls after him. "You - " she starts, when there is a sound of impact and the whole house shudders hard. Sanjo is thrown against the door. He whirls and races to the window, brushing aside the curtains to look out. He gasps at what he sees. An enormous creature walking through the city, it kind of looks like a porcupine mixed with a starfish. "What... what is that?!" gasps the girl, looking frantically over her shoulder. Sanjo wheels around. "Get out of here! Hurry!" Between words he changes into blue armor and then leaps out the window (not over-concerned with secret identities, is he?). She gapes after him in shock, but her man has the wheelchair's handles and is already racing her out the door.

The attacking monster is the Giganoid Dai Ichiban Unmei 第1番運命 Hmm. Destiny. We see that it has dice on its body, a face of sorts between them. The mad eyes in that face glow white-green, sending flares of light at nearby skyscrapers. People are screaming and running from the monster. The buildings are hit, but seem to suffer no damage. But now Unmei holds a block with a question mark on one side, an explanation mark on another in its hands. It tosses the block rolling down upon a group of terrified people. By some miracle, they are able to avoid it but when it stops, the top side is bare, and then a kanji forms on it. 海 Umi. The Sea. Abareblue comes racing to the scene over damp ground only to watch in surprise as the buildings hit by the Giganoid's beam suddenly swirl and become liquid, then vanish completely. And the Giganoid remains, enjoying itself. The block is back it its arms. Sanjo's bracelet cries alarm, with the frantic warning from Asuka about... the buildings being swallowed by the ocean! Buildings full of terrified office workers, who see the waters rising outside the windows and cling together in terror. Sanjo gasps. Just then the others arrive in their armor, too. Ryouga puts a firm, reassuring hand on Sanjo's shoulder before they all stare up at the monster. Frantic, Sanjo calls Tricera. The three dinosaurs urge Bracchio to hurry and he does, coming to the wide streets where he can only stride. He is almost as large as the Giganoid, which turns to confront him furiously. The Abaranger call welcome, but are ahead of themselves. For the Torinoid throws his dice at Bracchio and it explodes upon impact with the great dinosaur's neck. "Bracchio!" the young humans call in sympathy. In their base, Asuka sees the dinosaurs in their shaking compartments and calls out to them. Braccio speaks through the communicators to tell them he cannot open his hatches. "WHAT?" cries Ranru. "That means we can't use Abareno to fight!" As they are worrying, suddenly there is a flare of light. Ranru says "We're caught as the target!" And the Giganoid is snarling, preparing to roll his dice. So Ryouga calls, "Hey, wait, wait! You understand what I'm saying? Just wait a minute!" The monster, even if it hears him, is not interested in talking. It raises the dice to throw when suddenly a bonging musice fills the air. Like the heavy ringing of a bell the melody plays, startling the Giganoid. The source of the sound is an enormous clock, special mechanical dolls shaped like children hit the bell with hammers. The Giganoid stands motionless while the melody plays, and the Abaranger grasp the moment to figure out what is happening. Finally, the Giganoid flips one arm over its face, and then pulls it off to send out a beam of red lightning to destroy the offending clock. It is thoroughly enraged and confused. Rather than continuing the attack, it burrows into the ground. The Abaranger watch this in confusion as it disappears. Ryouga sighs with relief, "Well, we're safe for the time being." And in their secret base, Asuka clutches the key he keeps hanging around his neck nervously. "Not just the Torinoids, now the Giganoids," he murmurs to himself, shaking. He looks at the key worriedly and flicks it out. The broken top mocks him. Suddenly he gasps and lifts his eyes.

Why? I don't know. Perhaps it's related to the paler woman, she who stands atop an outcrop, hand on her blade. Her bright red clothing is brilliant against the dried, winter grasses around her. She raises her hand. In it is a smaller version of the giant shell, or perhaps that shell has shrunk. She waits. It flares purple suddenly, and her eyes brighten in response.

Bracchio is shown on their computer screen. In x-ray, his skeleton is elegant and the problem they can see, one of the vertebrae has been knocked out of alignment. They consider the data, then Ryouga grins and tells Sanjo this is right up his alley. Ranru is somewhat stubborn about that, there is a size issue here, after all. Ptera calls her from their compartments. Bracchio has retreated far beneath the waters again. Tyranno tells them if they can't call then... well this is a problem. And he tells them of the dangers and what had happened to Asuka in the old world. Asuka, who is hurrying through the woods following the lead of his blade. How they'd fallen through the vortex leading to Another Earth. Asuka, who is weary and sweating. He is at a loss, and stops. Bringing the pommel of his blade to his forehead, he concentrates. White gold light flashes from where they touch. And the three listeners are sympathetic for the tale the dinosaurs tell, for the search Asuka is conducting for those who are missing. But Sanjo is busy figuring out how to help Bracchio. He has something to do, and starts off. Ranru shouts after him furiously, "He's our friend," but Ryouga grabs her shoulders to keep her from pursuing their third. "Where are you going?" he asks. "For materials," is all Sanjo says before he walks out the door. Ranru is throwing a fit, but Ryouga tells her not to worry so, he's one of them. "Hmm!!" she answers and looks angrily away from him, lips pouting.

The place in the mountains is cold, and stones both broken and dangerous just. Jannu walks along their edges, searching. She stops and looks thoughtful. "They're around here," she says. But there is nothing to see in the dry ground. She considers the area carefully. Then she sees motion. It is Asuka, and she stiffens at the sight of him. He is panting, dripping with sweat. She lifts her chin in interested.

Sanjo opens white doors and hurries inside. He has returned to the girl's house. "You still have that race car?" he demands of the shocked girl, who wheels herself around to confront the urgent man. He ignores her questions and snatches for the shining keys on the mantle. While she sputters, he says "I'm borrowing it," and then to her astonishment comes over and lifts her out of her wheelchair. "What are you doing?! Lemme GO!" she cries in outrage. "And I thought you wanted to be with me one more time," he mocks, and ignores her flailing fists as he carries her out of the house.

Asuka makes his way among the rocks, strained and worried. He eventually gets atop the very boulder Jannu had been standing on and looks all around intently. "I can't be wrong, this is it." He brings the pommel to his forehead again and concentrates. The white gold glow shines brilliant. But before anything can happen, he hears the sound of something approaching him and whirls. A yelp of surprise, for he gets a shoulder full of black boot. Fortunately he does not land on a sharp boulder, but the impact still hurts. And his opponent lands nearby. "You!" Asuka gasps, struggling to his feet. The black armor-clad form is the one they fought before. There is a major difference that isn't blatantly obvious at first. Stance had changed but the voice threatening Asuka is the same, deep and menacing. "Why me?" Asuka protests. But Gileton has out the green blade, and runs his hand along it. He leaps to attack. (We know who this really is, but let's pretend we don't since the heroes don't)

Fast and strong though he is, without armor Asuka is no match for Gileton, who forces him back with cruel strike after strike. Slamming him in the gut, doubling him over, then a harsh blow across the shoulders, these send Asuka tumbling. He is back on his feet, a hand clenched at his stomach, reeling. But he holds up his blade with determination. Gileton catches him in an energy whip and he cries out in agony as he is lifted off his feet. Swung right, swung left, swung hard into a boulder and released to fall on his face. But playtime is over now, and Gileton approaches to finish Asuka off. No luck there, as he is blasted and staggered. In armor, two have arrived and the exhausted Asuka pants, "Ryouga, Ranru." Ranru helps him to his feet while Ryouga assumes a protective position. She is scolding Asuka, but there is no time as Gileton continues to attack. "Out of my way," he growls. But the pair race to attack them and Asuka watches in horror as they are cut and knocked back. The speed Gileton moves with is blinding, but also... Asuka notices something and his eyes widen. "It's different. He's not moving like he was before.... why?" he wonders. But Gileton has Ranru down under his foot. Ryouga fights to keep him from stabbing her when their bracelet start signalling. It is Emi calling from base in a panic, for the terrible monster is in the city again, attacking.

And what is Sanjo doing? Well, he's got the girl all belted in as his passenger and he's driving down the road lecturing her. She tries to get a word in edgewise, wanting to know where they're going. He gives her a dry, annoyed glance and then points out that he remembers she likes lemon yellow. Confused by the non-sequiter, she doesn't get any less confused when he mentions Aba Lemon. "Heh?!" He clarifies that the Abaranger are four soldiers. I think he's making a pun. The information puzzles her and she smiles in relief, then confusion again. But he's putting the pedal to the metal. She screams as they round a corner on the deserted streets. For far ahead of them is the roaring Giganoid, with its dice out. "You're kidding! Stop! You're going right at it!" the girl yelps. But Sanjo pulls out a tape and puts it in the player. At full volume it booms in the car, the very melody played by that destroyed clock. The girl screams and covers her ears. The melody attracts the very enraged Giganoid, and it follows them.

The battle is still in play in the mountais, and Ryouga calls to Asuka to hurry up, go and do whatever he's here to do. They will hold off Gileton. Unfortunately a very angry Ranru points out that they can't do it well with only the two of them. But Ryouga counters that he believes in their missing partner. Ranru, though, is still spitting fire about him. She is not going to forgive all this easily. Gileton blasts them and they are forced far back in pain. Asuka gets to the top of a rise and concentrates again, forehead to the pommel of his sword. The glow shines brilliantly and this time he gets a bead. With a cry, he sends out a blast that tears boulders away. And out of the broken boulder and fire behind flies a strange, egglike capsule. It comes straight into Asuka's hands. "Got it," he breathes with relief. I don't think Gileton knows what's happened yet. He is about to kill the two Abaranger helpless at his feet, when sudden feedback curls through his armor and he cries out in pain as things start exploding. "The next time will be absolute!" he growls at them, hands shaking. And he vanishes in a puff of smoky air. Ranru favors her arm and as they get up she hisses, "Why?" "I don't know," Ryouga answers her shakily, hand bracing his injured ribs.

The car speeds down empty roads, a giant beast in pursuit. The girl looks back over the car seat, gasping in terror. Sanjo glance into the rear view mirror, totally unimpressed. He continues, rounds a corner, finds a truck parked in his path and swerves, losing control of the car he ploughs into some boxes. With a cry of pain he clutches at his right leg. "My leg's hurt!" he gasps. The girl looks at him in complete terror. "What?! But the monster's right there!" Indeed it is, turning the corner and looking down at the annoying gnat of the car. Sanjo grips his leg tighter and then say breathlessly, "It's no good. You'll have to drive." He undoes his seatbelt and starts moving over to her side while she gapes at him as though he's lost his mind. "But I can't - " "Yes, you can," he answers her as he gets her seatbelt off and scoops her up, pulling her to the driver's seat. "No, no!" she protests. "If you don't, we're both dead," he replies shakily. The monster is fast bearing down on them. He is buckling himself in while she stares at him, whimpering. He tells her in no uncertain terms that there is nothing wrong with her legs and she can do it. She is shaken by the approach of the monster, stares terrified back at it as it brings an enormous, three-toed foot up to stomp down on them. Beyond panic, she whirls to start the car. Putting it in drive she takes off the parking brake and, her eyes wide, brings her foot down hard on the accelerator. The car charges away. The monster snarls as its prey escapes.

"I... I can move my legs!" she gasps as she drives. Old reflexes take over. And Sanjo tells her firmly that he needs her to turn at a certain place. Too overjoyed to find anything odd about that, she nods assent, grinning. "Stop here!" he tells her and she hits the brake, panting with adrenaline. She is still stunned by the fact that she can use her legs, and looks cautiously over at Sanjo. He's rolled down his window and twists to look behind them. "This is good," he says enigmatically. For behind them the monster is approaching, framed by what appears to be an enormous lasso made from steel shipping cable and suspended between the tall buildings. The music is still playing, and the outraged monster continues its approach. The dice of its face goes right into the loop. The ends of the cables holding it up slide off as it moves. And the cable stretches, pulls tight... the far end is in the deep water, looped around Bracchio's long neck. The monster itself is pulling Bracchio out of the water as it tries to get to the car playing the music. The armored Ryouga and Ranru arrive to stop and stare in astonishment. Sanjo shouts, "Bracchio, stop!" The rather confused dinosaur braces itself. The monster is halted for a moment, but hears the cruel music playing below. With an enraged roar, it pulls against the strange thing restraining it. A step, another, and another. Bracchio's neck is straining, being pulled at and... the pressue forces the vertebrae back into place. Asuka breathes a shocked sound when Bracchio speaks through his bracelet, "Well! The bone is fixed!" Sanjo knows this himself. "Got it," he mutters. He sits back into place, secures his seatbelt and tells the girl, "Drive around back towards Bracchio!" "Yes, sensei!" she responds obediantly. Putting the car in gear again, she is off, backing, whirling the car to the shock of his teammates. As soon as she stops, Sanjo is out and calls for change into armor. Clad and protected, he leaps into battle with his Tricera Banker. As he goes the girl gets out of her car. "No way! He was faking that leg injury?!" He is on Bracchio's back, and uses his Tricera Banker as a needle to put the final touch allowing energy to flow as it should in the great dinosaur. Bracchio reports the repaired status to his companion, and so Asuka, Ranru and Ryouga jump for joy. Asuka still has the mysterious egg wrapped in his arms protectively. They run forward so Asuka can thank Sanjo, the girl has also come to his side, snuggling up to him with relief. "But how did you manage this?" asks Ryouga in confusion. Well, he says he'd used the three guys from America's National Defense. And he lifts his gaze so they all see... Up atop a building are the three men who'd done the work on the secret base, and these men respond with grins and thumbs up in salute. Ranru, furious with him for letting her think he was indifferent to their needs, tackles him. A little confiused, he finds she is in mechanical heaven, awed by the car he arrived in. It takes Ryouga to get her back to the matter at hand. Namely, the Giganoid which is attacking the city again in a fury. Sanjo tells Asuka to take care of the girl. He and the other two race off, while Asuka takes the girl with him. With a crow of delight, Ryouga calls for their companion dinosaurs who come out. They board and call for combination, Abarenor ready to fight. They are targeted by the monster, which then tosses its dice. The kanji that appears is 南極 I think Nankyoku. South Pole? Ayup. Abarenor is suddenly teleported away. It reappears atop a frozen wasteland, ice and snow blowing around it. "WHAT, THE SOUTH POLE?!" yelps Ryouga. But the monster has followed them here, appearing in a swirl of light. It raises the wind and they are freezing inside their giant, which is quickly covering with ice. They determin the only way to handle this is to spin swiftly, working up friction to keep themselves warm and give them a chance to blast back. Ranru calls out the Ptera Cutter, and they throw the boomerang-like wings at their enemy. It flinches under the explosion, and the world shimmers. They reappear in the city again, as though they'd never left. Enraged, they go on the attack and start tearing into the Giganoid. But Sanjo has identified their best target, between the dice, the face of the monster. This time, when it throws its big dice at them they act quickly, writing on the bare side. "In the Drill" they've written. Unprepared to have his own magic coopted, the monster is whirled away. They get their drill going quickly, and when he reappears in front of them, stab deep. He is destroyed.

The restaurant is active at this time of day. The girl opens the door and calls cheerfully, "Good afternoon!" Asuka is bringing someone's order to them, Emi and Ranru both greet her. Ryouga is washing dishes and Sanjo is tending the curry pot. "Sayaka-san!" a very eager Ranru identifies her. They are of an age, after all. Ryouga grins and flashes her the victory/peace sign. She has come here because it smells so delicious, and they are eager to serve her. But it proves that she's come because she's interested in the Abaranger. The rest of the group all sort of blanches when she says this, which she blissfully ignores. In fact, she's here to see Sanjo. He looks warily at her over his shoulder and she grins charmingly. Then with a smile she is on her feet and trots around into the kitchen. They yelp nervously to stop her, but she ignores their protests. She tosses the curtains aside and wraps her arms around Sanjo. The others all squawk and take a scandalized step back. She releases Sanjo to smile at him then closes her eyes, purses her lips and leans in to kiss him. Kera interrupts us to ask what is going to happen, is she going to kiss Yukito on the lips?? We'll see after the ending, he says.

The instant before her lips can touch his, Sanjo raises his right hand and puts his index finger against her forehead, effectively stopping her. "Now you get back to loving cars," he tells her firmly. She glowers at him, pursed lips becoming a pout. Letting him go with offended dignity, she gives a little huff. He sighs at her attitude. Ranru and Ryouga behind him breath sighs of relief. A very similar gasp comes from Asuka and Emi nearly wilts. "But you know, we have good curry here," Sanjo suddenly tells the girl. She brightens instantly as he starts to dish up a plate. "I'll eat, I'll eat!" and cheerfully dashes around to the customer side of the counter. "Dinosaur Curry coming up!" Ryouga says happily as Sanjo hands a plate off to Ranru. Asuka gets on the ball and leaps to pull out a chair for Sayaka. The plate Ranru hands him is for another customer, but they are also eager to serve her. Ryouga makes her giggle at Sanjo.

第6話 アバレアイドル老け娘 Abare Aidoru Fuke Musume Abare Idol Aged Daughter
Aaaand in our next episode, Ranru meets a very old friend. The beautiful sining sensation an angel in white. However, she looks sort of like a stuck up person when Ranru brings fan Ryouga to meet her. They all get singatures. However, Ranru finds her friend has been turned into an old woman! The now old woman calls from beside a truck. The newest monster attacks, and Ranru has some outrage of her own, outside on a lovely day. Fighting with tennis rackets and balls, ah. Against the monster. And Asuka is sitting somewhere and may be playing a harmonica. It looks like something happened to hurt the monster (Asuka perhaps plays very badly, hahah), which was threatening young ladies playing tennis. Ranru and her turned-old friend sit together in the restaurant, at night when it is dark with only the light behind the stained glass image of a tyrannosaur. Ranru fights the Barmia furiously.

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第6話 アバレアイドル老け娘
Abare Aidoru Fuke Musume
Abare Idol Aged Daughter

A new painting has been added to the plethora of dinosaur art in the restaurant. This is of dinosaur eggs amongst ferns, a baby tyrannosaurus hungry in the darkness behind. There is a pop song playing, and Ranru brings a plate of curry to the familiar customer with warm welcome. "Suke-san isn't back yet?" he asks mournfully. He's been reading the newspaper while waiting. Ranru pouts slightly and says, "No. Where did he go..?" Neither of them has a clue. Sanjo walks into the room purposefully. Ryouga is sitting happily at the Skull-table singing along with the pop song and watching the video. Sanjo gives him a wide berth. He heads for the traditional eating area where Asuka is. Asuka sits, curled over the egg which he has wrapped protectively in his coat. Sanjo eyes him and asks, "Is that dinosaur egg really going to hatch?" Asuka grins up at him, "Oh yes." A devilish gleam in his eye, Sanjo says thoughtfully, "It seems to me like it'd make a tasty omelette." Asuka's face goes white and he gives Sanjo a look of utter terror. "O - omelette?!" he yelps, leaping to his feet. He races out the door to protect the precious egg. "Asuka-san!" Ranru cries. But he is gone and she whirls on Sanjo accusingly. "What'd you do?" He turns his gaze from her boredly, "I was joking." But they are distracted from the potential argument by curiosity about what the oblivious Ryouga is watching. They wander over to see. The girl in the video is an angelic vision in white, long black hair fallen in wisps on her shoulders. Sanjo asks doubtfully, "Are you a fan?" "Yeah, Lirian's songs are great. And she's really beautiful." He holds up the softcover book he has on her, loaded with pictures, a fan's dream-book. Ranru peeks over his shoulder and grins with delight. "You know, before she debuted, we hung out," she starts lightly, "I was gonna be an idol, too." Ryouga wheels to stare up at her in surprise. Sanjo eyes her. This actually pulls Ryouga away from his video as she trots across the room towards the kitchen. Their customer, about to sip his tea, asks with interest, "Really?" "Yeah!" and she turns to shout an encouraging "Yay!" to her old friend.

The Evorian base on the yellow world. Jannu has returned and she is FURIOUS! She keeps remembering what had happened, when Asuka got the egg she'd spent so much time searching for. With a scream of rage, she attacks an innocent stone formation with her sword and stalks off. Behind her, Mikela and Voffa float around. They are fast asleep, snoring in their own ways. Bubbles form under their noses. The pod in which Rije stays opens now. She opens her green-filled eyes and sits up, steps out of the pod. Authoritatively she says in that doubled voice, "Mikela! Voffa!" They come out of their naps in an instant, landing in front of her and greeting the resident evil, "Lord Dezumozorlya!" She is angry, though. "You have failed to conquer Another Earth," she condemns them. In a panic they whirl to their devices. "I'll make another Torinoid," says Mikela, thumbing through a book. "No, no, I'll compose a new symphony," yelps Voffa, his fingers frantic on his keyboard. Mikela sneers at him. They start to snap insults back and forth. But Dezumozorlya is finished speaking, and Rije's left on the field, her eyes shining with delight. She skips down the stairs to the arguing pair. "Why are you fighting?" she asks curiously. Mikela pulls himself together quickly. He's found a picture of a pomegranate, one of a burro and of a vacuum cleaner (strange book, this). He puts his "brush" in the blue paint and swiftly creates his picture in the air. Turning away from the blue image, he plucks a fruit from the plant and tosses it with a flourish into the painting. Rije bounces over with interest as the new Torinoid takes form. It has a burro's coarse hair, interspersed with pomegranate fruits and vacuum parts. It is Torinoid Type Six, and introduces itself as Zakurobakyuumu. (ZakuroVacuum). It has a burro's lashing tail with a tuft at the end, pomegranate seeds like jewls embedded in its flesh. Suddenly it attacks Voffa, tossing beams of violet-red energy at him and sucking him close to it. When it lets the protesting creature go to fall, Mikela cackles happily. He comes to his creation. "ZakuroVacuum, you get to go and suck up the Abare-suits from the people of Another Earth!" he says. His creation is enthusiastic, but Rije calls it. When it turns, she kisses it on the nose, sending it off.

Another Earth. Central City Television, reads the sign outside a rather decent building. Ranru arrives driving Ryunosuke's motorcycle, with Ryouga in the sidecar. She sets her helmet down and says cheerfully, "It'll be easy to get you her autograph." Ryouga also takes off his helmet, but he eyes her doubtfully. "I still don't believe you." "Why?" she asks him in surprise. But her companion dinosaur speaks through their bracelet. "Were you really going to be an idol?" "Now Lirian will tell you, okay?" she says affectionately. Then Tyranno calls in, "I want her autograph, too!" he says with excitement. "Oh, one for me, me too!" chimes in Kera. "Oh yes, and for Ptera?" asks Ranru's. Almost laughing, Ranru tells them okay. With a cheerful good morning and salute to the security guard, she leads the way in.

An elevator opens and out comes Lirian, trailed by a small entourage of a man in a business suit and two women with some equipment. She looks very remote as she strides down the hallway. Ranru is just signing in with the receptionist when she sees her coming. "Lirian!" she calls in delight. Ryouga, perking up, follows her. They stop, but the group just brushes past them without a second glance. Ranru doesn't seem bothered at all, though Ryouga is starting to pout. "She doesn't know you," he scolds. "That's just in character," she tells him laughingly. "Oh, I see," he replies. "That's how a star acts, eh?" He still doubts. Ranru grins and aims her voice at the other girl's back, "You haven't changed," she says affectionately. And now Lirian turns, giving her an all-too haughty glance. Then she steps towards them and says coolly, "Hey, Ranru." While Ryouga's mouth drops open, Ranru giggles in delight. She draws him forward. "This is my friend." Like a teenager, he stands looking shy and proud and says, "I'm Ryouga Hakua." With a flourish he holds out his hard piece of paper. "May I have your autograph?" She takes it calmly and starts to sign. The guy in the business suit tells her they will wait in the car and leads the two women off. Lirian seems to ignore him. Finishing the autograph, she looks coolly at Ranru and asks, "So where did you run off to?" The words are cutting, and Ranru's smile fades in dismay. "You know, when you suddenly quit being an idol." She hands the autographed paper to a delighted Ryouga and stares daggers at Ranru, whose ire is raised. "I didn't RUN away! I just decided I wanted to do something else!" With a bit of a sneer the other girl says, "That's what anyone says who doesn't have what it takes to be an idol." She turns her back on Ranru, while Ryouga is stuck looking back and forth between them. "So what DO you do?" she wants to know. Ranru is really getting indignant, and starts to talk about protecting people, and working with machines. This all does not impress Lirian. But before they can continue, Lirian is called by the guy in a suit, and swaggers away. The two watch her go, Ryouga dismayed and Ranru biting back tears. Of course, for reasons unknown it happens that a group of Barmian arrive in the parking garage and make the van Lirian is about to depart in the focus of their attack. Ah, there is a reason. As Ranru and Ryouga dash out to stand between Lirian, her whateverthatguyis and the approaching Torinoid, it says, "Ah, I've found you!" With a snarl of rage, the two Abaranger race into battle. They are swift and have really been developing their fighting skills. Lirian, somewhat hysterical, fights free of the guy and while security races the others to safety, comes closer to the struggle to demand to understand what's happening. Ranru shouts at her to hurry and run away. She and Ryouga switch into their armor. Lirian watches in shock. "Ranru, you - " but she is attacked by Barmia and Ranru must leap to pull them off the terrified girl. "Hurry, go!" she says and pushes Lirian away. The singer falls, and watches in mute shock as Ranru fights. "I'm going to vacuum up all your power!" crows ZakuroVacuum. He's after Ranru, pinned down fighting a Barmia. When ZakuroVacuum fires his blue-white beam at her, she dives and rolls. The beam hits the metal on the truck and reflects off it, hitting Lirian full force. She cries out as something is sucked away from her. "Lirian!" cries Ranru. "Ranru!" cries Lirian. And then... in an instant her face distorts. Her hair turns white and she becomes an old woman, dressed in a very young woman's clothes. "Lirian!" a dismayed Ranru calls in astonishment. Ryouga also sees what happened and utters a cry. But ZakuroVacuum is delighted. He hadn't really known what his power would do to a human. "I took away your youth!" he crows. Lirian stares down at her wrinkled hands. She gets to her feet and hobbles to the van's side-view mirror. And when she sees her wrinkled face, her white hair and rheumy eyes, she screams, clutching her face with her hands. She faints. "Lirian!" Ranru cries again and rushes to her side. "Well, that's sure neat!" howls ZakuroVacuum. "I'll just go and suck the youth out of all of Another Earth's young girls!" He takes off. Ryouga beats the last Barmia and cannot go after him because there is the unconscious Lirian to attend to. Ranru cradles her in her lap and calls her name, throat tight with tears. But the old woman does not react.

The flowing water of a river, and someone holds up a small, delicate device. Miserable Asuka sits and stares troubled at the broken key, dinosaur egg cradled under his coat. He closes the key, massages the egg worriedly, then draws in a breath and brings the device to his lips. It is a harmonica, and the music he plays echoes with sadness and confusion. The egg seems to respond to the music, pulsing with green light. Unfortunately, this brings unwanted attention. Jannu, with her one track mind, is nearby trudging through the forest. She hears the distant sound of the music, but would have ignored it. In her hand the tracking shell suddenly pulses purple.

His communicator calls, and Asuka listens to Ryouga's quick report of an Evorian attack. "Understood!" he answers and gets to his feet. He starts to run back to the city, but finds himself cut off by a tall figure in black armor. He freezes and calls in dismay, "You again?!" Gileton points sternly, "The dinosaur egg, give it to me." Asuka casts one terrified glance at the egg and flees to protect it. Gileton follows.

Ryouga is clearing the restaurant. Since at this time there's only the one customer, the man whose name I can't quite make out, that's easy. "I'm so sorry, sir," Ryouga says and puts up the closed sign. Standing outside the door, a curry dish in his hands, the man sighs and says "Again." He takes it in stride, though, and continues eating. Ryouga has reported to Sanjo, and they both turn to look. Ranru is tenderly tucking a blanket around the shoulders of the unconscious Lirian. Sanjo sighs and holds up Ryouga's book. "This woman is really the star, Lirian. No one would have a clue." Ranru's lips are soft and turned down in pain. "If I hadn't gone to meet her...." Ryouga takes a step closer, empathy in his eyes. "Ranru-chan," he says ever so softly. But then an alarm goes off and Sanjo whirls. EMERGENCY says the screen in the skull, layed over the Abaranger symbol. Sanjo pushes back the tooth which is really a lever, now, and the walls pull back to reveal the secret base. The screen that comes down for them to see is already full of images. ZakuroVacuum chasing fleeing girls down an outside staircase. He catches them in his beam, three. When he pulls their youth out, the dismayed girls stop and touch their faces, stare at their wrinkled hands. Their bodies are shrunken slightly in clothing that no longer fits them well. One sobs into her hands. It is to the sound of this crying that Lirian awakes, even as Tyranno is speaking over the communicator to his troubled friend. The camera focuses on one woman who weeps in shock, staring at her changed face in a small vanity mirror. Women who've not been hit are trying to comfort her. The other two are cared for by a young woman and man. Furious, Ranru says "It's not just Lirian, he's doing it to all women!!" Lirian remembers what she'd seen and gets up, heading for a nearby small mirror in dread. And what she sees only confirms for her what's happened. She whimpers as she stares at her reflection (annoyingly, they decided to dub the young woman's voice in. I would have liked it better if she'd sounded her age). Ranru has transferred from pain to fury, and her huge eyes shine with the rage she feels as she speaks of revenge on the Evorian. But now she hears Lirian's anguished whimpers and turns to find her friend has made her way to the door and rushes outside. "Lirian!" she cries, and races after her. "Ranru-san!" yelps Ryouga, but she is already gone. With a worried frown he turns to Sanjo, "It's just us to go after him." "So it is," replies Sanjo. The two charge out.

Lirian is no sluggard on those aged legs. She heads down a stairway and sees a garbage truck ahead of her. Her intent is to commit suicide by leaping in and letting herself be crushed and burned. Fortunately two garbage collectors are there and they grapple with her in confusion, not wanting to hurt the little old lady. "Grandma, don't!" "Let me go!" she cries. Ranru catches up at this point, utters a gasp as Lirian cries out in protest, "I'm garbage! I'm garbage!!" "Lirian!" Her friend, still struggling, turns a desolate gaze to her. "Why me? Why ME?" Ranru chokes on a reply and instead smacks her one. Startled by the slap, Lirian falls silent and stares at her, while the garbage collectors keep worried hold. "You are NOT garbage!" Ranru tells her furiously. "You're a star!!" Lirian stares back and, overcome, falls keening to her knees. The garbage guys, sensing a crisis passed, release her and exchange worried glances as the young woman who arrived takes over. Ranru gets down there, too, holding her weeping friend tight in her arms.

Asuka, in the meanwhile, is making pretty good time with his long legs. But not good enough. Gileton gets around in front of him, cuts him off. "I'll take that egg... and your life!" A beam of white-blue light causes explosions around Asuka. The egg is torn from his grasp and goes flying to land in a pile of brown leaves. Gileton utters a contemptuous snort and starts after it. Bruised, bleeding and in pain, Asuka nevertheless manages to get back up and races to the egg, snatching it into his hands and running for his life. "Where do you think you're going?" mocks Gileton, turning to follow the fleeing man.

Terrified customers at a roaming ice cream or something truck flee with screams. The girl inside says automatically, "Welcome," but has no time for anything else as ZakuroVacuum sucks her youth from her. She covers her eyes agains the bright light. He turns and leaps away, leaving the crying woman whose fellow worker (boyfriend, husband, none of the above) to turn in confusion and find the young girl he's been working beside is suddenly an old woman. The shock and confusion makes him leap back and fall against the wall of the truck.

Elsewhere, the chaos and fear makes itself known. For Rije, eyes closed, is listening. The incomplete outline of a star on her forehead glows golden as the information comes in, she has index and middle finger of her right hand pressed between her eyes, which are closed. She stops listening, eyes shining with delight and tells Voffa and Mikela, "He's sucking so much power by taking the youth from the women of Another Earth, that his power levels will probably go up!" Mikela is delighted and waxes on about the success of the attack, but Voffa grumbles sullenly about what he says.

A group of terrified high school girls are backed against the guard-fencing of a bridge, screaming. ZakuroVacuum sucks away their youth and laughs. The four old women fall to their knees, so very at odds with their high school uniforms now. They stare at each other, then with horror reach into their bags for vanity mirrors. When they see themselves, they scream. It is at this moment that Sanjo and Ryouga arrive. They challenge the Evorian, switch into armor to fight, but he only runs off to continue sucking youth from women. They pursue. Ranru and Lirian have returned to the restaurant. She holds the victimized woman who sobs, and her eyes are drawn to the screen showing the fighting. The boys have caught up with ZakuroVacuum, but he is pretty tough. "I'm not going to play with you now!" he tells them smugly and dashes off. Ranru murmers their names. The distress in her tone pulls Lirian's attention outwards to look at her, see her troubled face. The memory of Ranru trying to get her to leave the field of battle is strong. Coiled up with it is the strong memory of Ranru shouting at her, "You're not garbage! You're a star!!" And there is also the memory of Ranru's furious condemnation of the monster for what it's doing to people. Lirian pulls herself together now, and takes Ranru's comforting hands between her own now wrinkled ones. "Ranru..." and when her friend turns to her she explains that she gets it, that Ranru's purpose is to protect everyone. "I've only been thinking of myself. But I'm all right, really." She grins warmly at Ranru, having found her courage again. "I may be an old woman now, but I can be just like a dinosaur." She looks up at the painting of the newly-hatched tyrannosaurus. "They're ever so old, and yet they've always been stars." She has a final warm remark about how she could be an Academy Show person, and presses Ranru's hands together to wish for it. Ranru is a bit floored by this change in attitude, but Ptera chimes in, impressed with what she's said. "I won't give up," points out Lirian. "I'll keep going, from now on! Even all the way to Hollywood!" Older women star in movies sometimes, after all. And she has courage. "Lirian," and Ranru thinks of all the things that make her friend strong and special or something like that. But screams in the screen catch her attention. Women are fleeing on a tennis court. "Ranru, hurry and go!" Lirian tells her anxiously. And she obeys, determined as she tears off on her bike that she will return Lirian to normal.

ZakuroVacuum is having fun stalking four girls he's cornered when something happens. While they cry and huddle to protect each other, he is suddenly feeling weak, agony spiraling out from his stomach. The girls are able to flee as he clutches over the pain. He doesn't know what's happening. Rije, listening in the other world, jumps up and goes to Mikela anxiously. "He's taken in too much energy, and it looks like his stomach's broken," she explains worriedly. With a troubled groand, Mikela turns and calls to his monster, "ZakuroVacuum, eat your own seeds!" "Huh?" wonders Voffa. Mikela points out that it says in this book these fruits are good for an upset stomach, and points with his staff at the explanation. ZakuroVacuum obeys the command, swallowing fruit after fruit. Just then Sanjo and Ryouga arrive in armor to fight him, but he's already feeling much better and pleased as punch. What he says about this confuses the boys, but then he clarifies it. For his seeds are explosive and he starts firing them out his nose as rapid as any machine gun and the boys are hit and taken down. They realize to their horrow, and it is Sanjo who says it, that ZakuroVacuum's power level has increased. And the monster prepares to dash at them, cackling. Before he can, Ranru arrives. She uses her bike to knock him away, scolds the boys, and now the three stand. ZakuroVacuum is all set to take her youth from her, but she tells him off and throws her bike helmet in his face. She is Abare Yellow, Ranru Itsuki. And she changes into armor. The three present themselves, a pooling of their power. Using their weapons in Sword Mode they attack, he knocks them back. They use the laser, which shocks him but he rallies and fires back. Rolling over to a pile of tennis balls, Ranru snatches up a racket and some of the balls and challenges him. On the opposite side of the net, he mocks her. She bounces two balls and leaps up in a rolling jump. Though he fires on her, she ignores it and slams the two balls his direction. They go straight into his nose, plugging up his nostrils and making it impossible for him to fire on them. And the backlash causes his head to be filled with little explosions. With a roar of rage, Ranru heads into the more powerful battle mode. Struggling to get the balls out of his nose, ZakuroVacuum finds himself facing the winged and armored woman. She flies at him and starts flashing by, cutting him up with the Ptera Daggers each time. When she gets him down, she calls the others. They form the Dino-Bomber. "Dino- Dynamite!" cries Ryouga. And ZakuroVacuum is destroyed. Of course that's only to grown into a giant form, so Ranru calls in the dinosaurs. Bracchio sends them out and they race in to join up with their companions and form Abareno. The city their battleground, the two giants face each other. But ZakuroVacuum catches them in his beam and pulls them in to drain their energy! The Abaranger are not phased, and Ryouga calls a command to Tyranno. Enthusiastically he opens his mouth wide and chomps on ZakuroVacuum's nose. "OUCH!" is the squawked response. "For Lirian's sake, we won't be defeated!" growls Ranru. She calls Ptera, and they attack with the Ptera Cutter. Then the drill, and this attack the monster does not survive.

With his death, the youth is returned to his victims. When she is bathed in light and her hands become smooth again, the wrinkled-faced Lirian gasps, "My hand! My hand!" it is only the barest moment later that the process completes itself. Her age spots disappear, her skin goes smooth, her hair black. She races to the mirror and cries out in delight, "I'm back to normal!" Leaping around she looks at Abareno in the computer screen. "Ranru, thank you!"

Things are not so happy over in the Evorian base. Mikela is really smarting. "Oh, the latest attack on Another Earth was over so quickly!" he protests. It is Voffa's turn to sneer at him. "I'll just get back to composing the next Giganoid!" Rije is still listening and suddenly says with interest, "There's something flying here from Another Earth!" and she bounds past the two, eyes fixed on the blackness overhead. "Huh?" wonders Voffa. A puzzled Mikela wonders, "It must be something to do withZakuroVacuum... but what?" And as they look up, a flaring light approaches the base. They cry out when it comes inside, falling down with a whistle at them. And suddenly it hits, hard, raising dust all over. I think it's supposed to be ZakuroVacuum's poop. Mikela and Voffa pop up amongst the soft, squishy stuff while Rije, who'd wisely gotten out of its path, giggles.

And a video of Lirian singing is playing again on the skull's inset screen. In front of the screen on the clear glas table are three of her signed special autographs. She puts a heart at the end of each, it's so cute. One for each of the three dinosaurs, and Ryouga is happily crowing. "Yeah, well the one who's happiest about it is you," Sanjo says coolly and walks away from the table, head hight. But Ryouga grins and bounces after him. "Oh, Sanjo-san... you wanted one, too, didn't you?" he teases, pushing at the other's shoulder. Sanjo is not happy with the accusation, but Ryouga is sure he's right. Ranru laughs at them, then turns to laugh in joy at the video of Lirian, her dear friend who is back to normal. And the break for the last commercial. Ptera it is who tells us, "Everyone's fine, but where is Asuka?" (an eternal question they have in this show).

Asuka is fleeing down the stairs to a subway, the dinosaur egg clutched in a death-grip. He is exhausted, panting hard. He reaches the bottom of the stairs only to find Gileton in front of him. He stumbles back as they armor clad enemy approaches menacingly. "Give me the Bakuryu Egg, now." When Asuka cringes protectively, Gileton blasts him. He falls back against the wall and next thing he knows, Gileton has placed the long, thin green blade over his shoulder. "It's over. This is where your life ends." Asuka holds on tight, eyes wild and panting so hard his lungs might burst. He glares helplessly up into the armored face, and Gileton laughs.

第7話 アバレ赤ちゃん爆竜 Abare Akachan Bakuryuu Abare Baby Exploding Dinosaur!
But we know he's going to get out of this. For one thing, it's only episode seven. For another, the next scene we're greeted with is them holding the egg tenderly on some white cloth. Ryouga and Asuka are grinning like loons. And Jannu arrives with a Torinoid which might be an insect type in toy. She catches Asuka while they are fighting and pulls him to her, pressing their cheeks together but the gesture is not affectionate. And then we find the key has been fixed. Now useful for more than a harmonica (I want one!), for Asuka at last can change into his armor again! Ryouga thinks it's the coollest thing. However, Jannu can still cut him down to size and she isn't even wearing special armor. Emi gets to stroke and pet the newborn dinosaur, a blue one with armored head. This is Bakikeronagurusu. And the monster of the episode gathers a group of Barmia at the Tokyo Tower. The Abaranger fight, and Ryouga digs with a shovel?

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第9話 目覚めよ!アバレサバイバー
Mezame! Abare Sabaibaa
WAKE UP! Abare Survivor!

Dust blowing. A woman in form-fitting red leather steps on the hard-packed sand. She opens her eyes despite the powerful wind. Rich, brown eyes full of furious memory. Armored Asuka, the golden plating in batle mode, lunging at her. "Mahoro! I haven't forgotten you! It's for your sake I'm fighting!" he had cried desperately. She gazes numbly aside, then her gaze snaps forward and she strides purposely away. The Evorian bizarre home is beyond her.

Inside, Voffa frets about her. "What is Jannu up to, off by herself?" he growls. Rije sits on the stairs, kicking her feet restlessly. "I want to go out and play, too," she says wistfully. Mikela hurries forward with a cheering laugh. For he's created another Torinoid. Kinmokuseikamikakushi. Number 8. White, and green, golden, and all sorts of things like that, it is a strange creature indeed. "Geeso, geeso!" he repeats happily. Rije hops forward excitedly to greet him. "Oh, you smell good!" she tells him with delight, and he thanks her. He opens his "hand" which is in the form of a large, pale yellow tropical flower, and she kisses it to send him off.

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第10話 アバレリーガー金縛り!
Abare Riigaa Kaneshibari!
Abare Leaguer Bind!

Green apples, grapefruiits, pineapples, strawberries, Mandarin oranges, tomatoes, red apples, green peppers, red peppers, sliced onions, cabbage, meat, potatoes, bananas, carrots and more than a dozen spices laid out on the red counter top. The yellow sleeves reveal that it is Ranru who is ladelling rather thin, VERY red curry into one of the dinosaur bowls beside the rice. "Perfect!" she crows in delight, turning around. Emi is with her, and Ryouga is on the dining side of the counter watching all of this with interest. While Ranru displays her work to them with pride and Ryouga gets up a step on the stools to get a better view, Emi hesitantly seems unsure what she thinks of it. "Maybe I'll just have coffee," she says uncertainly. "But it looks really good!" Ryouga says. Sanjo walks by them with the newspaper and settles at the table. He ignores them while Ryouga goes, "Can I eat it, can I, can I?" to Ranru's delight. Sanjo is content to look at the baseball section. The main article is about a tall, African player with a deadly swing. He considers what he's reading and wonders what's up with Banzu (the player's name), who... er, missed the opening game, I think is what he said. Kera takes that time to signal him and asks, "Yukito, are you a Homerun Baki Banz fan?" "I suppose," Sanjo reluctantly allows. But a commotion behind him gets his attention. "Oh it's WAY too spicey!" Ryouga is yelping. And he's only taken one bite! Ranru'd put in like twenty and Emi says that was at least ten too many. "That's no good," Sanjo comments coolly. While poor Ryouga is standing with his mouth open trying to get it to cool down, Sanjo comes over and picks up the pineapple. "I'm going to make a gorgeous curry." He tosses the big fruit in his hand and smirks a small, nasty self-confident smile.

The Evorian home. Inside, Jannu is in a state of great irritation. She has become obsessed lately about Asuka. She can see him in her mind's eye, running towards her with determination. In a fury, she draws her blade and cuts the air with a snarl, imagining him in her reach. This startles Mikela and Voffa, who whirl from their equipment to stare at her. It brings a sympathetic Rije who tells her softly not to be so upset. It'll be fine, she'll be fine from here on. Jannu turns her head but doesn't look at the white-clad child. Mikela comments warmly, "Rije is so kind!" Voffa appreciates it, too. But then Rije turns stiffly to face them. Her eyes flare bright green as Dezumorlya speaks through her. They have offended him... her... whatever it is, and are attacked for it. She catches them in white-green lightning fire, punishing. Turning, she snaps, "Jannu," and the red woman stiffens. "You're handling of the dinosaurs has been ineffective." And Jannu, too, is bathed in the green lightning. She clenches her teeth and blinks back tears from the torture, little whimpers of pain escape her. She can hardly protest this, for she killed Gileton for his failure. Dezumorlya sets the three of them back to work, to make a more effective attack. Flipping the pages of his book, Mikela finds a picture of a wig in a style called "Mushroom Cut." Amused by the title, and the time period it seems to have come from, he is inspired. Dipping his brush in the yellow paint, he sets to work.

Another Earth. And my, has Sanjo indeed made a work of art. Half the pineapple, outside removed, inside stuffed with fruits. It sits at the center of a bed of other fruits such as Kiwi and melon, slices of orange, grapefruits and apples. Strawberries and something white adorn the dish and over them is drizzled a nice, brown curry sauce. "Curry-full Sponge," he identifies it. Emi, Ranru and Ryouga stare at it, and then up at him with liquid, distressed eyes. He ignores their uncertainty and tells them to try it. They exchange quick glances then step away, almost as though they're about to run. "Hey!" he says irritably and they stop, paralyzed. They turn their heads and grin back at him before leaning in to discuss it in whispers. Ranru says hoarsely, "It's gorgeous all right, but terrible (smell, perhaps)." And Emi counters possibly on something about the incredibly wealthy. Ryouga points at them both, "Which of you will eat it?" They quickly back off, expressions full of terror. Just then the door opens. It is their regular customer, come for his lunch. "Good afternoon!" he greets them. They take one look at him and all three plaster on big, welcoming smiles and rub their hands, chuckling. He takes one look at their faces and says, "I think I'll eat at home today." They lunge quickly and catch him before he can get back out the door. Ryouga pulls him back to the table telling him encouragingly to have a seat, they've got something special today. He tells Emi to get it and she bounds off with Sanjo's design. "Hey," he protests in surprise. Emi puts it in the poor man's hands. "Here is the Curry-full Sponge!" The trio applaud. The man wisely protests while they encourage him. Sanjo leans against the counter, looking understandably irritated. But then Emi straightens up, "Ah, Asuka-san!" He has finally wandered into the main room, but he looks terrible. His shoulders are slumped and his feet are dragging. "Hey, are you all right?" they all worry. "Oh, I'm about back to normal, but now I'm really, really hungry." He smiles sheepishly. Their customer sees a chance and offers up the plate they'd practically shoved into his hands. "Really?" Asuka asks. "Yeah, yeah, go ahead." "Thank you!" Asuka says happily and digs in while everyone gapes, even a startled Sanjo. He starts gobbling up the curry-drenched fruits. "It's good, isn't it?" Sanjo says stubbornly. Asuka, in the midst of eating a slice of melon, doesn't answer but then suddenly the food he's eaten makes a bid for escape. Clamping his hands over his mouth, Asuka makes a esperate run for the nearest toilet. Emi runs after him and calls to the door he's slammed, "Are you okay?" Sanjo is perturbed. But then they hear an alarm. The tv screen in the dinosaur table is flashing "Emergency," and so it is Ranru who apologizes profusely as she puts their customer out of the sidewalk and hangs up the "closed" sign. He stands there with the plate of Curry-full Sponge. Exasperated, he heads off glowering down at the plate. "I want NORMAL curry!" he grumbles. The three gather at the now open secret chamber in front of the great computer screen. It says on it A.B.A.R.E. Quick fingers on the keyboard and Sanjo identifies the location of the Evorian attack. "What about Asuka?" Ryouga asks, leaning the question towards... Emi, who pounds on the bathroom door. Asuka tries to come out, but his stomach won't let him leave. Ryouga decides they'll have to go without him, and as the three race off he hollars back, "Emi, take care of him please!" "Good luck, you guys!" she calls back. Then she pounds on the door, "Asuka, come ON!" "I'm sorry!" he yelps back, then ends up throwing up into the toilet.

"Oh, Japan!" speaks a man in English. "That was a looooong trip." The Japanese subtitles simply say "Japan is far." He is a tall, African man, strolling along a scenic path beside a river. He wears sunglasses, red sweats, hooded red pullover, with a nice black and white leather jacket, and carries a long, thin case. Screaming ahead brings him to a startled halt and he stares at the panic-stricken people racing his way, not looking where they are going. The thing that has them on the run looks totally bizarre. Vaguely mouse-like, with one big ear and one small ear, it has thick, brown fur but some of it's body seems to be thick wiring. There is pink fuzzy trim here and there. It is Torinoid 9. Bancumasshurruum. Bank-Mushroom. Ah! Yes, the mechanical portion of his design is a Cash Machine! His ears are coins and he has large-denomination bills lacing his body! "I'll give you all a mushroom cut! And won't that be funny!" He brings out a mushroom into his palm and starts firing them like missiles. The first he throws at a pair of Sumo wrestlers, the younger of whom dives behind his teacher. The larger man is hit, and his head sprouts fine, pink hairs that quickly form into a sweet, pink wig. He is horrified (we've seen this wig on Lira). A brave police officer trains his gun on the Torinoid, who throws a mushroom at him. It hits, flinging the officer's hat away to reveal his bald head. A puff of yellow gold, then the fine hair sprouts and reforms into a fine, golden-brown head of hair. The officer, though startled, is delighted by this turn of events. The Torinoid doesn't notice his good deed and turns, firing another at an elderly woman clad in a dark gray kimono. The hair that sprouts over her natural one is brilliant blue. She's not really certain what to think. But Bank-Mushroom cackles. He starts towards the stragglers, not really differentiating the tall man who stands there in confusion while all about him is chaos. As the strange monster bounds towards him, "What's this?" the confused man asks. "I'm gonna get you, too!" crows Bank-Mushroom. But help has arrived. "Torinoid!" cries Ryouga. "Who're YOU?" asks Bank Mushroom. "Change!" calls Ryouga. And the three do. Into their bright armor, Aba Red, Abare Blue, Abare Yellow. "Abare Dinoguts!" they cry. The puzzled but game Torinoid applauds them, to their surprise, then calls in the Barmia. Their unintended audience turns as the small crowd of odd creatures passes around him, stuttering "Wh-wh-what?!" Red leaps over Bank-Mushroom's shoulder and the trio engage the Barmia (why? Why not the Torinoid?). The man watches them, body shifting to echo their movements, impressed as they battle. But also watching is Bank-Muchroom, who imagines how delightful the trio would look wearing his wigs. He can picture them in their presentation, Red wearing a brown wig and a horse neighing mockingly, Blue with a light brown wig and a meowing cat protesting, Yellow in a pink wig and a crow cawing. The dinosaurs in the wigs, their roars changed to the cries of those animals. Red brushing a lock of hair back. The image sends Bank-Mushroom into giggles. He tosses out his first mushroom and it rockets through the crowd, the fighters ducking to avoid it. Blue tracks its path towards their unwitting audience. But that man is no fool. He drops his bag, pulls from the long case just like a sword a sweet baseball bat. And Blue recognizes the stance. The man, at the center of a crowded stadium. He swings like the wind. The deadly mushroom is hit and goes straight back at Bank-Mushroom. Right between the eyes it strikes. He is suddenly graced with a head of shiny, pale blue hair. The Abaranger stare in surprise. That's all right, because the Barmia are practically falling down, laughing and pointing at Bank-Mushroom. "What's so FUNNY?!" he squawks in protest. Then he vanishes, trying to leave the hair behind but he can't. It bobs around as he moves until he completes his teleport and it is gone, too. The laughing Barmia follow him. The Abaranger aren't really sure what just happened, and stand rather bemused.

They turn to see the tall man with his baseball bat, relaxing now and radiating pride. They come towards him. Yellow asks shyly, "Who are you?" He pulls back his hood to reveal tidy, very short hair and pulls off his sweet sunglasses. Abare Blue utters a soft gasp and takes few steps forward. "Of course..." his armor disappears and he stands, somewhat stunned. He is staring at "Homerun Baki Banzu." Who, by the way, is a fine, handsome figure of a man. With similar gasps of delight, Ranru and Ryouga come to peer over Sanjo's shoulder at the famous baseball player. But the celebrity is gathering up his things. "You guys are good fighters," he tells them. "See you again," and he chuckles as he starts away. But his steps are stiff, he has a very slight limp and in Japanese Sanjo calls, "Wait." "What?" Banzu asks in English. "The way you walk... there's something wrong," Sanjo says firmly. The others gasp. But Banzu is stunned and delighted, "Anata wakarimasuka?!" he cries, further stunning them by speaking Japanese. "You noticed?" is basically it. I shall continue in English, myself. "I came to Japan to get my back fixed," he explains. Sanjo responds, "So that's why you missed the opening game." The others move shyly closer to, Ryouga asking eagerly, "You'll get it fixed at a hospital?" "Oh, no!" he dismisses the idea with a dramatic wave of his hand. "I came here because I heard about someone in Japan who's the greatest chiropractor in the world!" Sanjo stiffens and folds his arms, indignation in his bearing. "But where, oh where is... Sanjo Yukito?" Banzu mourns. Ryouga and Ranru both look stunned. For that matter, so does Sanjo. They gasp and point at his face. Banzu turns around and sees the trio standing like this. Being bright he puts two and two together. "Eh?!" It's one thing to be confronted with normal people, but when your idol does this... well, Sanjo is pale and manages a sheepish smile.

Ryouga holds up a mushroom. "That Torinoid gives everyone a Mushroom Cut," he comments idly before putting the whole thing in his mouth and eating it. Ranru is also eating from the same bag of mushrooms. He continues to muse, "You think if we eat all his mushrooms, it'll save the world?" "Could be," she answers him. They reach simultaneously into the bag for another. As they sit, we hear someone screaming. Ignoring it blithely, they continue their discussion. The screaming is Banzu, for Yukito Sanjo is hard at work on his back. He has him lying on these cement blocks down on a ring of stone beside the river. Ranru comments around a bite of mushroom, "You know, this Big Leaguer makes about $50,000,000 a year. (this sounds impossible, so I think she's in error) "He gets THAT much?!" "Yep!" Their eyes bug out and become dollar and 4 and kanji to reflect that amount, money piling up (yen bills) under them. Banzu is on his back, now, screaming while Sanjo works on his legs. Professionally, Sanjo ignores it all and continues. Similarly ignoring it, Ranru and Ryouga continue to discuss his money as they finish off the mushrooms. Then they trot off to do something else. Sanjo, having effectively twisted Banzu into a pretzel, applies just the right amount of pressure. We are treated to an amusing x-ray of his backbone, and see the misaligned vertebrae jump back into place. Sanjo, knowing his work is done, releases Banzu, who falls off the cement block limply onto his face. Stretching his fingers, he says "I'm done." Banzu, however, springs atop the blocks and towers over him furiously. "What'd you to do me, man?!" he shouts. Barizougon, say the subtitles, 罵詈雑言, meant to indicate he's yelling all kinds of verbal abuse but of course he isn't. "This is too painful! I can't stand this anymore!!" Flinching slightly away from the shouting, Sanjo gives him a frustrated look. "Your back is fine, now." Banzu looks shocked, and then realizes... he stands up straight, wiggles his hips. Goes into a cabana dance singing to himself in delight. Sanjo can't help but chuckle at his antics. At least until Banzu grabs him and plants a slobbery kiss right on his lips. Released, Sanjo starts spitting the taste out. Not noticing, Banzu continues joyfully, "Man, you're the best! I like you, Yukito!" (Bijireiku 美辞麗句 says the subtitle, meaning flowery praise) This time when he grabs Sanjo for a hug, possibly another kiss, our boy is on his toes and manages to stop him with a firm hand on the broad forehead. "That's enough of that," he says shakily. Not to be deterred, Banzu pins him and Sanjo closes his eyes to endure the worst. Fortunately his patient has calmed a bit, and speaks Japanese again. "Just you wait for my glorious victory!" (or something like that) Banzu says gleefully. Er, probably not. Basically, he goes on about how Yukito's work will be known even in Hollywood! "You'll be an International Charisma Chiropractor!" Sanjo looks away from him with a soft huff, but cannot help but imagine. How it might be to work in a tuxedo on the slender bodies of Hollywood starlets, girls from every country hanging over his shoulders and worshipping the ground he walks on. The world revolving arou - er, under him. The image brings a smile to his face and a soft snort of laughter. Fortunately he is still alert, and when it looks like he's about to get kissed again, he manages to stop Banzu with firm fingers against his forehead, again. "I'd have to be asked," he says grimly. "I'm asking," replies Banzu cheerfully. The stillness is only a moment, then Sanjo starts, "I - " He cannot quite say it. "I?" wonders Banzu. Sanjo transfers into his armor with a thought. "I am Abare Blue." A bit confused, but he already knew that, "So what?" wonders Banzu. Sanjo moves past and away from him. "I can't do it now." Watching him walk away, Banzu's shoulders sag. "What a disappointment," he says miserably. Without glancing back, Sanjo comments that Mr. Banzu can at least return to his baseball game. Yes, he can. Banzu gathers up his bag with a heavy heart. He goes to look out at the water and says to himself (still in Japanese) "Well, that's a total bust." And a fuzzy, coined, clawed hand pats him on the back. "Couldn't agree with you more."

Banzu turns and utters a stunned shout, similarly startling Bank-Mushroom. Banzu has out his bat and is ready to lay waste, but that's not why the Torinoid is here. Looking slightly put out, he instead asks, "So are you like, some Another Earth famous person?" he asks. Angrily Banzu agrees that he is. Well, Bank-Mushroom has come with a pad of paper and a big black pen to ask for his autograph. Startled and delighted Banzu takes the pad. "Oh! Okay." He signs with a graceful flourish. And while he's distracted, the Torinoid pulls out a mushroom. Before the startled man can move, it is smushed in his face. Cheerfully the Torinoid bounces away, while Banzu struggles on the ground.

Kera is talking to Sanjo through the bracelet about Banzu, who of course is what is on his mind. He is flipping through a magazine all about the player. Behind him, Ranru is playing a Japanese edition of Monopoly with Emi, Ryouga and they are discussing the same thing. Emi lands on Chance and the card makes Ryouga give her money. They are talking about Banzu's offer to Sanjo, and how it is a chance to earn really big money (are you kidding, the boy is already rich). The sound carries into the bathroom, where poor Asuka is still hanging out with the toilet. He asks if it's like the big money you make in soccer. Since money has been something of a confusing issue for him, he tries to picture himself as a soccer player, holding a ball made of cash. I think he hasn't quite got a grasp on this. He imagines himself kicking the ball into the goal. But when his leg connects, there is the hard sound of an impact on metal. The ball falls to the floor, and poor Asuka grasps his poor, pained leg. His imagination works overtime, and in the bathroom he clenches his leg for real. He sympathizes with Yukito wanting the big money but not wanting to get his legs hurt. And whoops, Asuka has to bend over the toilet again. Emi continues the discussion over the monopoly game, but then notices that Yukito is gone, having left behind the magazine.

He rides Ryunosuke's sidecar out to the pier. The weather has turned choppy and gray now. The water tosses below. "Banzu, it isn't about money," he thinks to himself. "He wouldn't understand what a dandy I am." (unlikely correct interpretation) He leans against a fence. "Yukitooo!" comes a hollar from behind. He turns in surprise. There is Banzu, dashing towards him. "Thank goodness you're here!" "Banzu?" he asks in surprise. Banzu is now carrying a few more bag, white bags. "You haven't gone back yet?" "Yeah, no, um I need to ask you for something else, because of the game." Digging his hands into his pockets, Sanjo frowns and walks away from him. "I'm done talking." "But I brought a LOT of money!" He has indeed, the two bags have big red dollar signs on them. Sanjo turns back with an expression of irritation. "How much do you want?" Now getting confused Sanjo says his name hesitantly. And the hood slips off to reveal a head of electric blue hair. It suddenly becomes clear what this is all about. "The Torinoid!" gasps Sanjo, taking a startled step back. Banzu starts showing bundles of cash into Sanjo's arms if he can only fix this problem. Looking rather pole-axed, Sanjo finds himself with a face full of cash.

A muddy field. Banzu with a hat on, a fringe of blue hair underneath. Dressed in his baseball uniform he pulls a bundle of cash and flicks it mockingly so the pitcher can see. The pale man nods and smirks back, then readies to pitch. The toss is light and easy, so Banzu hits, sening the ball into orbit.

Banzu is piling the money into the stunned Sanjo's hands, ignoring his refusals. Finally he puts the whole bag into his arms and Sanjo tosses it away. "Ooooooh, my money!" Banzu gasps in dismay and lunges to collect it. Confused and frightened by his behaviour, Sanjo backs up. But then he notices something else odd. The police officer wearing the wig is sending a passerby on his way, then stops him and demands payment. When the terrified man reacts with confusion, the officer fires his gun into the air, demanding cash. Yukito flinches, eyes wild with confusion. There is a little old lady with a wig, chasing a young girl, not sure if she's offering or asking. And the Sumo wrestler, the senior one has dropped his kimono and seems to be challenging his student, who is passing off a bag in fear. An animated seagull with a beak full of cash and a wig lands on Yukito's head, then flies off dropping one 10,000 bill. Sanjo realizes this unnatural obsession with cash is because of the wigs, and shouts at the people to wake up. He can't break the spell on his precious Banzu, who weeps as he tries to gather up the money spilled from the enormous bag. And then someone taps Yukito on the shoulder. Bank-Mushroom. He punches Sanjo and sends him tumbling, then starts firing from his slots. In a moment, Sanjo is buried in a pile of over-large coins so tight he can't move. The Torinoid mocks him, while all others ignore the going-ons. This is the power of the bank, he says cheerfully.

And then Ranru and Ryouga arrive in their armor, to find poor Sanjo immobilized. "You okay?" asks Ryouga, then does a double take. "Um... you went out to find big money?" he asks uncertainly. Sanjo glowers at him. Ranru is similarly flummoxed. Then she says, "Oh, you must have made a contract with Banzu!" Beyond them, Banzu has just about finished getting the cash back into its bag. "Oh my money," he keeps whimpering. Sanjo growls, "This is no time for jokes!" He is getting furious and snarls, "I will not be defeated so easily!" In mid-word he changes into his armor and tosses the piled coins to the four winds. He is on his feet and out with his blade, Ranru and Ryouga stumble slightly, a bit scared by his rage. The Torinoid is not impressed, and starts to attack with the coins again. They are powerful, and our heroes are knocked back. But when he is gloating about the power of money they answer him furiously. Ranru says the most important things cannot be bought with money. Ryouga adds "Money is best if it's saved!" The others take startled looks at him. Confused by his declaration about savings, and he is having trouble explaining himself when Asuka arrives on his Black Ride Raptor, towing something behind him. He had thought of that, too. LOL. For he's towing a bag full of banks, trunks, you know for money to be saved. When they confront Bank-Mushroom with these over-large piggy-banks, he growls "Bank Power cannot be defeated!" and starts his energy going, The coins start flying straight into the boxes. Unfortunately they clog up one, and Ranru's is over-full. The coins ricochet into the sky. Finally they are knocked back, but they aren't defeated yet. At that moment, Banzu comes racing back with his bags of money to offer to Sanjo, sure under the spell that this will convince him. Well, it does. For he remembers what had happened when the first mushroom went flying at Banzu. The homerun. "Banzu!" he shouts furiously. "You are a Big League HOMERUNNER!" Startled, Banzu skids to a halt. "What?!" "WAKE UP!" Sanjo shouts, and he lifts the large cat-bank he holds and hurtles it at the startled Banzu. Seeing the enormous missile hurtle towards him, a fire blazes in the man's eyes and he drops the bags of money. Quick as a flash he has out his bat and hits, the bank goes hurtling back the way it came, but Sanjo is out of its path. It smashes hard against Bank-Mushroom, to Sanjo's delight. His power is shocked, his own coins falling all about him. Dazed, the coins turn into snowflakes in his mind and he topples over to sleep inside a dome of snow. Ah, he's part bear. I should have noticed that earlier. "But it's still Spring," Ranru calls in surprise. In the Torinoid's imagination, flower buds appear on skeletal trees. A bird chirps and he wakes. "Good morning!" he says, and then starts to attack. He charges through them, knocking them painfully and slashing at them. They regroup protectively around Asuka, for some reason. But the team is furious, and now change to heavy-armored mode, their spikes out they launch an all-out group attack, tearing into Bank-Mushroom. Finally they pull out the Dino Bomber. "Hissatsu!" "Dyno Dynamite!" they shout. And he is destroyed, a pile of rubble.

His power broken, the wigs begin to vanish from those affected. Banzu is nearest and he touches his head in surprise. "Wow! What's going on?" The police officer comes to his senses, but is slightly dismayed to have lost his hair. The Sumo wrestler, too, is freed. The little old lady finds herself standing there holding out bundles of money and frantically stuffs them back inside her kimono.

But now the Torinoid goes giant, and they call for help. Out comes Bracchio, and he sends his trio of smaller dinosaurs out to battle. They form Abarenor and go into battle against the boxing Bank-Mushroom. Sanjo puts in a call to Asuka, who uses the extra bracelet and his key to summon the purple dinosaur out as well. It takes Kera's place on their body and completely destroys the Torinoid.

And life can return to what passes for normal. At the Dinosaur Restaurant, Banzu says his goodbyes, giving Sanjo encouragement and kindness, and a firm respectful handshake. The others gaze at him eagerly. The others are happily waving him off when suddenly Yukito pulls out his creation, the Curry-Colorful Sponge, and offers it to Banzu. Asuka sees it and clamps a hand over his mouth in terror. The others react with white horror. Kera asks us if Banzu will eat Sanjo's curry? Oh dear! We'll find out after the credits.

Yes, he will. He settles down at the table with fork and knife, and takes bite after bite, enjoying the fruity taste. The others gape in disbelief. Sanjo is almost giddy with relief and delight. That his favorite Big League Homerun hitter can handle this combination of flavors. But I think his bubble is about to be burst. "Hey, can I take this to America and sell the recipe? I'll pay you!" and he hauls out a huge bundle of cash to stuff into Sanjo's hands. "Isn't that enough, you want more?" But Ryouga leaps on him to wrestle him to the floow. "Don't do that!" he calls as Ranru and Asuka help hold him down. "Sanjo can't be bought off with mere money, right?" Sanjo is eying the load of cash in his hand. "I accept," he says calmly. They are all floored while he turns and contentedly tosses the cash in his hands. For this is a Curry dish, after all. Not his life.

第11話 アバレサイキック。ブヒっ。 Abare Saikikku. Buhi. Abare Psychic. Buhi.
Ryouga and Ranru are back to high school! Why? I gather to investigate suspicious cult-like activities that may have a connection to the Evorian. It looks like Emi is under the influence, or is she only acting, to allow her to get close enough to stop the enemy! Since she's lifting something with intent to smash. There are floating vegetables (blue carrots?) and Emi, acting as though she's about to transform into armor. A girl limmed in green light, power that blasts the Abaranger trio. People walking, arms outstretched like zombies.

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