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Dubiousbystander's PG Highlander Fiction
Original Fiction

The first thing I ever wrote in HL fandom came to be called Adam Pierson, Esq. I tell one of my versions of how the Horsemen met, and one of my versions of how Methos knew about The Holy Hot-tub!
The second tale in this universe I titled A Hunt In Hiroshima, which for some reason only features Xavier St. Cloud. Don't look at me like that, when I wrote the tale, it insisted on being this way. Reports are that it's eerie, unsettling, beautiful. Why? Let's just say it's what I imagined could happen to an Immortal who was too close to ground zero when the atomic bomb dropped.
This is a Methos-flashback: Through The Looking Glass. In 1975 Methos drops in on the sleepy little town of Collinsport, USA. He meets a girl and discovers the truth behind a couple of two-decade old unsolved murders!
And THIS is a Cassandra-flashback: As Inevitable as Death. Cassandra lived in Grisons Canton, Switzerland. She befriended the lonely son of a rich father and heard all about the amazing new discoveries scientists were making, and then along came Kantos....
and this is another flashback, for characters that have nothing to do with Highlander the Series, except that they're part of a the story I've been writing about Methos and his lover Grey. Just started, really, The Bluebird of Happiness. Mariah and Dige go to Okinawa, Japan, and meet a ghost to whom they attempt to give the gift of happiness.

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