Update! January 18, 2001

I'm no longer putting up the different Pokemon. You can figure them out just about anywhere, I believe. But I am going to sometimes put up new news and keep up the unique pages.

See the humorous parody page.

Also, see the teasers from The Third Movie.

Pokemon: The First Movie The real story of "Mew Two Strikes Back!"
First read

The Lost Beginning

then Mewtopia's

"Mew Two Strikes Back"

Recently there was a special on TV. "Mew Two Lives." It was a fantastic one-hour special, and included at the end some bits about the next movie, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter"

"More powerful than Mew2. Faster than Lugia. Gentler than Entei"

And for you, gorgeous pics, some from postcards! Click the little image to get a big one.