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Pokemon: The First Movie

The true story of

"Mew Two Strikes Back"

The Lost Beginning

Translated mostly by Ben Sylvan, typed by Jill Sylvan

Narrowing in on the world, on Pokemon in the sea, the splash of water, the land Pokemon, the forest Pokemon. The ones who live in the city. Narrow in on a Pokemon battle grid, and the struggle of Ewok and Genga as they battle, the crowd cheering. Narrow in on Satoshi, watching the battle on television, when he turned ten. Getting Pikachu for the first time. Fleeing the attacking Onisuzume and rescuing Pikachu from their attack, stealing Kasumi's bicycle and hurrying into town until the crash knocks Pikachu down, the lightning in the sky. He faces the flock to protect Pikachu, who jumps to his shoulder to protect him, summoning the lightning and scattering the flock. Definitely destroying Kasumi's bicycle. They wake after the storm to agree they are friends, and see the legendary Fouwou, who as yet is unidentified, fly into the rainbow. Satoshi and Pikachu travel, first just with Kasumi, then also with Takeshi. But while all this was going on:

Four scientists travel through the forest, all unaware as Mew playfully flits through the woods and watches them walk. They seek the legendary Mew, the most deadly of Pokemon. There was a civilization here, long ago. It was destroyed, or so legend says, by Mew's power. Almost no one has ever seen it on this world. Another says, "Devil or angel, we don't know which," as Butterfree flit past ancient stones sticking out of the swamp, "or if it's like any Pokemon. They say it's immortal." "Well, they also say it's extinct. But someone said they saw it, so perhaps it is alive." "But we don't know if it's true, do we?" "Right." "Nobody's even taken a picture of it?" "Nope."

At the ruins, they search, take readings, and find a block of stone with a picture of Mew on it. And between their shadows flits the shadow of something. We know it's Mew, but they don't. They turn and see nothing.

They find a fossil. Just a tiny thing, Mew's eyebrow. It glows where it lies in the sample-box. "Let's bring it back to the lab. If this is really Mew, we can make a clone." And Mew peers in through the opening, curious. He flies away up into the mountains.

And the fossil provides the genetic codes needed. In great machines, the sequence is jump-started. In a vat, something begins to form.

Floating in the darkness, asleep, dreaming. A child of purple and blue. He thinks, "Where is this? Who am I? Why am I here?"

Sensors all over the body growing in the vat. The two scientist watch. One complains, "It's the same as all the other copies. It never opens its eyes. Why don't they open their eyes?" The other agrees, "They should wake up immediately."

He opened his eyes in the darkness. "Who is talking? What are they saying?"

"Those are words. Human words," says a sweet voice. The darkness is relieved and a shimmer of golden-red light forms next to him.

"What are you?" he asks.

"Human. But you and I are the same." She becomes a child, a little girl in a skirt. Puzzled, he floats close to her.

"Human? Am I human, too?"

She smiles at him, her hands behind her back, warm and delighted. "You can talk, so you must be human. Or you might be my Pokemon."

"Human? Pokemon? What does that mean? Which am I?" he asks in innocent puzzlement, his tail curling.

"Either one!" She giggles and whirls in the floating darkness. "You and I are alike! Here we're all the same!" And three Pokemon appear. Fushigidane, Hitokage, and Zenigame.

Energy readings are spiking. One man scientist asks in surprise, "What's going on?" The woman scientist replies, "Mew Two and Ai Two are communicating." In four vats float the clones, eyes closed. But one vat holds not an identifiable clone, but a glowing light. That is Ai Two, next to Mew Two. "They're all communicating with each other." "Telepathy?" asks the startled man. "I'm not certain. They are making a world of their own."

The oldest scientist watches the glowing mass where the girl's body should be. "Ai," he says softly.

She is explaining as they hover together. "We're copies. Not one, but Two."

"I'm Two?" asks Mew Two.

"And I'm Ai Two. But really I'm Ai!" Fushigidane, Zenigame and Hitokage all say their names.

The old scientist whispers, "What are you saying, Ai? My precious daughter." He remembers the day when his wife saw him working to clone their dead daughter. "Look," he had demanded. And she had finally left him, unable to bear his obsession. He was alone in the lab, with the tiny glow he intended to nurture until it became Ai. Until he found a sponsor for his project. He chose the most powerful Pokemon to be his daughter's companions. She'll really live.

They hover over the image of the city that she had been born in, raised in, and the world becomes color and light. A round ball in the sky and Mew Two asks, "What is it?"

"It's the sun. It brings warmth to the world." He is amazed, and then they are all delighted when a breeze springs up. "This is wind!" she tells them. And they fly together as the sun sets, and the moon comes out, and she explains happily everything they see. "None of us are alone," she tells them.

But then Hitokage Two lets out a surprised squeak. Its form shimmers and begins to break up. They watch, as it fades away.

"Hitokage Two is dead," the woman scientist says. They watch as its thought-field goes flat. "So it's starting," said the scientist sadly. For this has happened every time.

And then Zenigame begins to fade, and Fushigidane right behind it. Mew Two and Ai Two watch, with surprise.

"Zenigame Two and Fushigidane Two are gone," the woman scientist announces. The others protest. "We made a mistake this time, too," says the man scientist heavily.

Mew Two hovers about, looking for them. "Where is everyone going?" he asks, confused.

But Ai Two is starting to disintegrate, and she looks at him with clear eyes and a smile.

Three vats are empty, but Ai Two's still has the glow. Her father watches in helpless dismay as the glow fades. "Ai Two is gone," comes the announcement. Her father whispers her name.

As she slowly fades away, Mew comes to her and asks, "What's wrong, Ai? What's happening?"

She says sweetly, "It looks like our time together is finished." Mew Two calls her, and the blue sky becomes black, night falling over the virtual town. Ai is fading away so slowly. Mew Two is weeping, and confused by the water in his eyes, for he does not know what they are. "They are tears," Ai explains. "When living things hurt, tears come out." And the city begins to disintegrate, too. "Only humans cry," she tells Mew Two. Then she says, "Thank you." To his confusion she says, "Thank you for crying for me. But even though you're sad, you're still alive." She is gone and he is alone in the dark. He calls her, begging. "The tears don't stop! What will I do? Answer me, please!?"

And in the vat, his body begins to glow, the pulse of power barely contained. The father shouts, "He's going crazy!" and the lady scientist counts as the pulse grows. The power dies down, and they murmur in relief. "He's settled down. He's sleeping."

Alone in the dark. He matures slowly, half aware in the darkness, "What, what? Ai! Everything disappeared in front of my eyes. And then...." Bubbles. Water all around, the sun streaming through far above. Shadows of trees. "Where am I? Who am I? This is the same as before, I'm dreaming in a data world. Wait!" For something flits through the water and Mew Two's attention pursues it into the skies, towards a high mountain. And the sun sets, painting the snow red. "I will not forget this world," he whispers.

Bubbles rising, become strangely shaped. He opens his eyes and sees human shapes beyond glass. "Where is this? Who am I? Who brought me here?" Weary, he loses consciousness again. But later he starts to wake again. "Who am I? What is the meaning of my place here? I'm only here. The world I dreamed of, can't be real." Still he remember the flash of movement in water, the shape of Mew. Angry, he pushes out. "Who am I?" The glass shatters with his power.

The scientists gloat in surprise at his life. The father of Ai delights in announcing, "We created you out of Mew. You are Mew Two."

"Mew Two?" in a dark voice.

"That's Mew," the scientist points at the image they took from the ruins.

"Is that my mother or my father?" Mew Two asks in dark puzzlement.

"Something like that. You are a Mew, only deadlier. Stronger."

His eyes narrowed, he asks, "If it's not a father or a mother, then is it a god?"

The scientist answered, "In this world, the only things that can make different living things are humans and gods."

Revolted, Mew asks, "Humans made me?"

The scientists are turning to congratulate each other and delight in making more Mew. But he isn't listening to them. He looks at his hands, their three fingers, puzzled and angry with the blur of their voices. Rage fills him and he remembers Mew flying into the mountains. "Who am I? Where is this place? Why am I alive?" And his power bursts out to destroy the lab. The computers try to restrain him, but he smashes them, and the walls. Ai's father watches from against the wall in shock. "We made the deadliest Pokemon in the world. But we made a mistake!" And he watches the wall of power come at him, destroying the facilities, the whole island.

And in the sky a helicopter approaches, a man with a Persian companion surveys the damage and smiles.

Standing amongst the flames and wreckage, Mew Two realizes, "That is my power. So I am the deadliest Pokemon in the world? Am I more powerful than Mew?" And the hum of the helicopter as it settles down catches his attention.

An arrogant human approaches. "You might be the deadliest Pokemon in the world, but there's something here more deadly than you. Humans."

"Humans?" Mew Two said coldly.

"If we humans and you work together, the world will be ours."

"The world will be ours?"

"But if you keep working with your powers this way, you'll destroy the world. The world will be toasted, just like this island." They stare at each other in the flames.

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