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Once upon a time, in the days before the Internet was getting big (and actually worth calling), people had these things we all called "Bulletin Boards", which were a little bit like web-sites. They were variously organized, often getting crashed by each other just to be obnoxious, and the writers of the software loved to compete for who could do the nicest job.
The truth is, they are all still out there.

Now, I used to operate one of these for about 4 years. Mine was oriented to writing, and so the people who logged on frequently wrote stories, poetry, and other odd things. I've decided to put some up. I've only just started, and all of these things have to be changed to HTML format. We have some poetry up. And we have some of the original stories people wrote, and we also have fan-fiction PLUS transcripts from a couple of dead British TV shows.

Citadel NeverMind, The NeverMind Bar and Grill, and The Hotel NeverMind!
Those above tended to be written by whomever was posting, and so they create a really interesting on-going story.

Written by the mighty Ford Prefect! Software Fair!, a piece of utter hilarity, and some embarrassment for certain parties.

Written by cybele. (who had a starring role in Softwair Fair), Alexandria a never-completed tale that shows quite well this man's sick and twisted mind (he was really cool!). I'm in there, by the way....

Victims of Willun,
I'm the responsible party here. I told my readers if they sent me messages I would include their names in the little short stories I was writing. Of course, some became regular posters, and those little short stories began to be a collection of loosely (and sometimes clearly) connected tales.....

I also wrote this, but a LOOONG time ago. The Door.

Here are links to present day sites of some former NeverMinders! Megan's Site, Alan's Website and Red Dwarf WebCit, and Dormouse's Page.

Poetry on The NeverMind

DNA's Poetry Corner, Ford Prefect's Poems, The Maven's Poetry

AND for FILK (fan-folk songs) here is a super contact:
P.O. Box 29888
Oakland, CA 94604
(800) TON-WAIL (US & Canada) or
(510) 763-6415 (local & overseas)

Now I can't really call these special, though I loved the shows dearly. First of all here are novelized transcripts of the TV broadcast Sapphire & Steel tales. We have transcripts of the first 10 Blake's 7 episodes, with a link for seeing the rest, though not as good as these 10.