Welcome to the Hotel NeverMind

Tuesday 08/07/90 01:56:47 AM From Edward Jr.
I wanna check in!!!!!

Tuesday 08/07/90 08:03:47 AM From [>>>] TaleTeller [<<<]
My, we've not had anyone here in a long time! A nice young woman tiptoes over to Edward Jr. and grabs him by his hair (assuming he has some) and starts dragging him up the stairs screaming, "I GOT ONE!"

Tuesday 08/07/90 12:30:13 PM From Stargazer
Yes I believe that I have reservations for the 'penthouse suite?'

Tuesday 08/07/90 20:47:17 PM From [Another missive from] That Infernal Blue

'Gads, not another one. We haven't cleaned out the last one yet.'

Wednesday 08/08/90 00:44:57 AM From [>>>] TaleTeller [<<<]
Gruff old man, body twisted and wracked by disease pops up at Stargazer's shoulder. voice creaks like rusted iron gates, "Yeeeees, I believe you doooooo......" old man flips through guest book, blowing cobwebs and black widows out of the pages. "AAAaaaah, yeeees, here you are."

Noting an Infernal Blue being standing nearby, the old man conscripts him as slave labor. He shoves Stargazer's bags at TIB and orders him to take SG up to the penthouse. The unfortunate TIB finds himself compelled to do so, staggering under Stargazer's heavy baggage.

Wednesday 08/08/90 19:30:23 PM From [Another missive from] That Infernal Blue

[staggering noises. like this: ]





Agh Glurble!

Thursday 08/09/90 07:31:07 AM From Agressiva

hey! copyright infringment! i'm gonna sue!

Thursday 08/09/90 14:51:29 PM From Storm
I walk through the door into a musty room and I am disgusted by the smell of the place, Suddenly I am grabbed from behind and dimly hear a female voice saying "I got one"

Friday 08/10/90 08:28:32 AM From [>>>] TaleTeller [<<<]
The female in question drags Storm away into a musty alcove with a sign saying, "This way to Red Dwarf's Bitch&Moan&Whine room" She reappears in the doorway a few minutes later and says to all present, "Anyone here seen this boy's friend The Hobbit?"

Friday 08/10/90 10:30:27 AM From [SysPantheon] Red Dorakeen [and AI modules]
At least it didn't say "This way to Red Dwarf's Fresh Musty Alcove room" (Red manages somehow to sense the oncoming grab before it connects... maybe having something with his copy of Flowers of Evil emitting loud "look out behind you!" noises... and dive- rolls into the next room...)

Friday 08/10/90 23:51:43 PM From [>>>] TaleTeller [<<<]
Where he is immediately attacked by mad smother-bunnies. Beautiful fuzzy rabbit-types here to avenge thousands of years of murder of their Earthly cousins by human beings. Red rolls for the door and almost makes it when suddenly...

Saturday 08/11/90 09:12:24 AM From Storm
I come to in a strange looking place called B&M&W (identified by garishly painted sign on the door) and again I am attacked but this time by bunnies, they are fended off by the female in question and (whew) Iblack out

Saturday 08/11/90 23:24:06 PM From [ ] Bard of the BBS [drifts in]
And Green Gooseberry Demons flood into the tower intent upon having you for supper. Think fast, campers.

Sunday 08/12/90 11:13:11 AM From kris
Kris, (with a capitol K) who had previously been peacefully taking a nice nap upstairs on the roof is awakened by numerous sounds of...well, something. Some sounded like insane screaming, some sounded like urghs and oofs, but mostly, Kris smelled dinner.

Sunday 08/12/90 13:45:17 PM From [It's] Red Dorakeen [! (Not again....)]
"Flowers! GET (ack!) THE (oof!) TRUCK (ow! Watch it!) IN (-swat!- bounce bounce whimper) HERE (hey!) NOW...." THree seconds later a battered blue 1953 Dodge pickup somehow manages to drive thru the double doors and stops next to Red and the strange book of French poetry... he leaves very quickly... unfortunately several of the homocidal bunny rabbits get squashed... (soory, breaks of warfare, ya stupid rodents!)

[ for more information on the battered blue pickup, be sure to pick up a copy of Zelazny's "roadmarks" at a bookstore or library near you -- ED.]

Monday 08/13/90 00:15:58 AM From [>>>] TaleTeller [<<<]
TT sits on the front steps, watching the sun set in the North. (Yes, I mean that) My, the clouds are beautiful. Like flaming silver red and orange, tasting the mountaintops. TT sighs, and leans contentedly back, hearing the occasional scream from behind her inside the Hotel.

Wednesday 08/22/90 19:33:41 PM From Tigerclutch NH
clutch suddenly changes form and snarls at the human fly in the room. Clutch leaps, and attacks, and is in a position to kill.

Wednesday 08/22/90 23:18:19 PM From John Tom [viewable problem user]
A creature with a paranoid persona, the fly reacted with a deft slide around the left side of the gathering while pulling a swagger stick from under its coat. He raised it like a baton as though to orchestrate his way out of the situation.

Thursday 08/23/90 06:02:38 AM From [From Heaven it's] Emmett [come to Earth]
When he disappears. Everyone looks about in confusion to where that Emmett fellow is still sitting in a chair. He shrugs and mutters, "I can't smoke a good cigarette in peace anywhere."

Thursday 08/23/90 21:15:21 PM From Luther Arkwright
Luther concurs while lighting his pipe. A sweet smell wafts from it. "Ah! Good Black Cavendish with a touch of Opium is a wonderful smell." Luther then waits for the manager to attack. He has read he sign that says: "Warning! Attack Willun on premeses!"

Friday 08/24/90 10:20:38 AM From [@|')] Willun [visiting]
"Anybody foolish enough to attack me will get it folks," snarls Willun. Then she throws a water balloon at the smokers.

Friday 08/24/90 19:53:03 PM From John Tom [viewable problem user]
The balloon rotates as it arcs up, then descends to burst over their heads a smothering cloud of Balkan Sobranie tobacco, Tibetan hash, and a two weeks worth of vacuum bag from the lobby.

Saturday 08/25/90 10:43:26 AM From Agressiva
an aardvark ghost pops in from nowhere for just an instant, and idly ponders attacking the willun.

Saturday 08/25/90 14:04:47 PM From [yes, it's] Tigerclutch NH [. ain't that exciting...]
Clutch (still in tiger form) decides to curl up in a corner by the fireplace for awhile and wait for the fly to return...

Sunday 08/26/90 02:34:31 AM From [Sez] Red Dorakeen [Wow, what a concept!]
"my truck died in the driveway... anybody got jumper cables... oop ack, sorry, looks kinda tense in here... I'll just call triple-a... bueno, bye..."

Sunday 08/26/90 00:10:58 AM From John Tom [viewable problem user]
spite of better judgement the fly desires the days paper from the news kiosk. It contains a vital message in the love lorn section. dressed in a bellhops suit and entering from the employes only door he steals in,the plush velvet bagging around him, cap pulled down. But his antenna poke out either side. With his plans about burst like wonderful rotten fruit he wants no problems with lazy cats and assorted preposterous boors. But just in case he fingers a small glass ball in his pocket.

Monday 08/27/90 20:06:53 PM From Luther Arkwright
Luther continues to enjoy his fropp...

Monday 08/27/90 21:52:33 PM From [soft smile] TaleTeller [on a warm night]
TaleTeller re- appears after a short absence. Taking Emmett's hand and waving to TigerClutch, she heads for the upstairs balcony. "I have some thing to show you."

Tuesday 08/28/90 00:47:32 AM From John Tom [viewable problem user]
unaffected by interruptions, free to peruse the paper the fly giggles in the corner of the kiosk. His answer has arrived. It reads "M will M in lobby N, tomarrow".

Tuesday 08/28/90 19:00:42 PM From Donal
Greesings Nighthawk, swo' how tha hell are ya? Donal says as the beer-a- mid on the table (26 cans) goes crashing to the floor, and is shortly followed by Donal.

Wednesday 08/29/90 06:02:40 AM From [soft smile] TaleTeller [on a warm night]
TT thumbs her nose at Goliath from the top balcony. Emmett and TigerClutch and her all stare out at the nifty sight before them. Somewhere in time, the scenery has shifted, and we are now looking out on the Plains of Ra, where a very special type of horse and human live.

Wednesday 08/29/90 01:08:53 AM From [).^^.(] kris [has been returned]
^..there. see it? in that little nitch between the "." and the "(" is a crack... a little hole for those of the small variety to creep through. A truly magnificant (why is that pronounced magnifiSant Kris wonders during a pause for breath) piece of imagination.. But then, what can we expect? Since the beginning of time Mice have been extremely adept at out witting the infamous, satanic, Evil of all Evils, Cat... in fact, it's even been record in the cartoons. Only really important things are recorded THERE...

Through that little hole within a crack, appears a mouse. of the brilliant and loyal variety... and female. musta been female. ...creeps down the wall to a little crack in the floor. There is no hole in this crack in the floor. Obviously. Whyever would the mistress mouse set down a "Kris" in a crack with a hole in it? Why she would fall through. Couldn't have That.....

The mouse scampers off and dissapears into the crack (and hole) in the corner...^^^ over yonder. The "kris" looks upwards with her thumb in her mouth and waves goodbye. Then she promptly starts to throw pennies at all the unsuspecting passerby's....

Wednesday 08/29/90 02:34:57 AM From John Tom [viewable problem user]
Neglecting caution the fly discardes his hat and flings himself across the room, attempting to capture each copper. Lust and greed (the friend of good against evil) has got hold of of his actions before the mind kicks in. Suddenly aware of his stupid state he screeches in fury. His multi-eyes seek out the conveyer of his calamity and seeing a small hole in the wall secures the glass globe in his pocket and dashes it with a quick throw toward the hole. It bursts with a green glow. Satisfied, he spins about, then bolts for the stairs, the door still closing while half-way to the second floor.

Friday Aug 31 1990 11:53:27 AM From Tigerclutch NH
Clutch finds a small corner to sit and growl in since he knows that TT would get mad over another attack on the fly.

Friday Aug 31 1990 16:59:24 PM From NightHawk
Oh, Hello there Donnal, Say....Is that an interesting place you've found on the floor? Hmmm, Looks safe at least, what with all these fly's leaping around, critters crawling, and tiggers attackin'......

Oh Waitress!!!! Change that coffee to a 151 & Coke please.... hehhehehehe, and do raise the hemline on yer dress an inch or so, will ya? The scenery in this place is dreary and needs a little improving.......

Saturday Sep 1 1990 19:52:54 PM From [?] Storm [?]
suddenly storm appears and starts improving the place as if on command to the eternal delight of everyone

Tuesday Sep 11 1990 17:29:12 PM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Suddenly, the front door bursts open as leaves and other debris is blown thru the opening. Everyone's head turns. Through the door strides a tall man dressed in a dark overcoat with an expensive looking Stetson perched precariously on his head. He slams the door shut, blocking out the turbulent winds and tips his hat back and glances around. He slowly canters to the front desk and says, "Name's Taliesin. Myddrin ap Taliesin. Got a room?"

Tuesday Sep 11 1990 20:21:29 PM From Agressiva
suddenly, in a blinding flash of tense confusion, the side doors burst open and an aardvark walked through. he says softly, 'could we all learn consistency?' before turning and striding into the kitchen, from which wafted the odour of baked ants.

Tuesday Sep 11 1990 23:47:45 PM From The Silent Observer
...a squall of Pirelli on pavement, a gentle waft of rubber smoke, and the whine of a downshift to 7000 rpm are followed by a gentle purring, whistling idle, which last the space of a full minute. It's cessation precedes the solid-sounding opening and closing of a massive, bright red door, and the satisfying clack of the lock. A figure in black jumpsuit, driving gloves, and Greek fisherman's cap pushes open the door, brushes a cluster of four leaves from his left shoulder, and combs through his beard with the fingers of his right hand...

..."Can someone send the valet to park my Lamborghini?"

Wednesday Sep 12 1990 01:13:48 AM From Goliath
Goliath, never one to miss an oportunity swiftly mugs the valet. Struggling into the tiny valet's clothes Goliath runs out the door laughing madly. He jumps into the driver seat and slams the roadracer in gear, leaving a gasping, sputtering TSO to watch as his car dissappears over the horizon.

Wednesday Sep 12 1990 03:00:55 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
TT and Emmett watch this happen with some amusement. They exchange "You knew they were crazy down here" looks. Suddenly TT notices that there is green glowing nuclear waste on the wall. "Oh frack," she comments, "there goes that fly again! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HUMANS WHO ARE IDIOTS!!" she hollars down. Hitting the emergency Nuclear Waste disposal button, she jumps down into the plains of Ra. Emmett has vanished and is nowhere to be seen. A loud siren begins its incessant whine and between sound cycles a voice blares through the speakers. "ALL CIVILIAN PERSONNEL PLEASE EVACUATE PREMISIS IN AN ORDERLY FASHION. ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL REPORT TO THE DIRECTOR'S OFFICE AND AWAIT INSTRUCTIONS AS TO HOW TO ASSIST."

The crowd looks at each other.

Then they stampede for the door.

Wednesday Sep 12 1990 13:42:40 PM From [Go to the shelf,] Red Dorakeen [get the CAN.]
having recieved a Civil Defense "Mobilize you frigging couch potatoes!" alert on his CB, Red hits two buttons on the dashboard of his truck. One causes the (hidden) police lights and other paraphernalia to rotate out into position and begin strobing madly. The other powers up the hydraulic lifters and shoves a clutchplate into position, which effectively renders the old battered 1953 pickup into a dual-engine V12 performance 4x4... which proceeds to burn massive amounts of rubber taking off after the stolen Lamborghini... a tad slower, but that's not a problem. Lamborghinis tend to... break down... in any given hour of operation, so Red knows he'll run across the intrepid thief with his thumb out, or attempting to BS a Triple-A operator into getting him a tow for free on the cellular phone. Red thought about actually USING his truck to help out in evacuation matters, but chasing an Italian sports car is so much more fun....

Wednesday Sep 12 1990 17:06:19 PM From [just the] Bard [Of the Nevermind.]
A horrible looking creature is seen rising from the waste. hello, it is Bill the Cat. Was a terrible looking fellow.

Thursday Sep 13 1990 05:47:21 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
The dark figure at the front desk takes his hat off and brushes the dust and debris from it and replaces it atop his head. Slowly looks around taking in the pandemonium of these surroundings. Wearily, he raps on the front desk bell. "Hey! All I want to know is, Do you got a room?"

Thursday Sep 13 1990 09:07:52 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
A sickly looking old man pops up behind the counter and leers at MaT. "Thee wishes a room, sir?" he inquires with oily breath blasting MaT in the face. After hacking his lungs out for a full three minutes, MaT replies that he does indeed wish a room.

"Sign here, sir." The sickly old man hands him a registrar and a pen to sign with, covered in slug slime. MaT shudders and takes out his own pen. The old man summons over his slave he had conscripted earlier, but he forgot who it was, and so it is Goliath who suddenly finds himself goose- stepping obediently to the desk. "Do you have any baggage, sir?" the old man asks MaT.

Thursday Sep 13 1990 19:39:59 PM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
"Do you see any baggage? I travel light! Can't be havin' a load of American Tourister tying me down. All I need now is a drink! Which way to the lounge?" He looks down and sees a small chunk of black lung mucus oozing down his jacket button. Disgusted, he reaches over the counter, grabs the decrepid, old man by the collar of his shirt and proceeds to wipe the dark gelatainous substance from his coat. "You should give up smoking. It COULD be hazardous to your health!", he growls through clenched teeth.

Friday Sep 14 1990 00:20:06 AM From The Silent Observer
...shaking his head, The Silent Observer watches his personalized plates vanish into the distance, followed by the soft, blue cloud of smoke rising being Dorakeen's pickup...as the noise level dies, the Observer reaches deep into the right thigh-pocket of his jump-suit, and pulls out a small box with three buttons on it... ...he pushes the blue one first, but the soft "CLACK" of the doors locking, un-openable without the proper thumbprint, is completely lost in the distance and engine noise... ...second, he presses the green button...and waits... ...after a few seconds, a dot just above the horizon rapidly grows into the form of a Countach, approaching at around 450 knots, and decelerating into a full hover above the parking lot, before dropping slowly to the pavement, Goliath struggling vainly with controls and door latch... ...once the car has come to a complete rest, and the dust kicked up by the lift jets has completely settled (along with Goliath's hash), the Observer pushes the third button, bright red. ...and picks up the largish briefcase that results after the Lambo finishes it's compressing/folding/ implosion act... ...flicking idly at the ear protruding near the right-hand latch, he walks back into the lobby of the Hotel, saying softly "Obviously, Goliath, you never hung around the Parking Lot of Hawkey's Bar with me, Ursus R. Bar, and Akira Takasaki...or you'da KNOWN better..." (flick)(flick) (flick)(flick)

Friday Sep 14 1990 00:57:48 AM From Goliath
"Hey" he replies... "What the hell did you do that for? I thought you wanted the bloody thing parked. I mean if you were going to get Psycho about it, you should have asked where the parking lot was. We don't do valet parking on the hotel grounds, so I was just running it up the state to a place I know that does.... Say, you owe me a tip."

Friday Sep 14 1990 03:39:48 AM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
how the HELL did he do that??? I've been trying to get a repulsor-array rtetrofit for this beast for months, and mr playboy waltzes in with the George Jetson Special...

Saturday Sep 15 1990 13:03:12 PM From The Silent Observer
...just a little something that came with the briefcase mod... ...stepping into the lobby, the Observer opens the briefcase (careully pinching the ear in the process), then unfolds the result into an object about the size of a LONGISH car window... applying his thumb (after removing his glove) to the pad at one edge, the lowers the window (the ear snaps inside as soon as the window begins to move) and allows Goliath to squeeze out, then closes everything back up... "I thought you'd park it right outside...but I think I'll carry my own luggage, just the same..." As he sets the car/briefcase on the counter to sign the register, a small brass plate by the handle can be read: "Nevia Ltd."

Sunday Sep 16 1990 04:36:42 AM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
Red scrambles madly for the phonebook, whipping out a Visa Diamond Card and riffling the pages... "Netlog tech... Nell Carter Acting Academy... where the %*(%^^&% is Nevia Ltd????"

Sunday Sep 16 1990 12:09:55 PM From [Just the] Bard [Of the BBS]
The radiation has died down, the structure is still standing, Bill has retired to doze in a corner and things are back to normal at the Hotel Nevermind. Whoah! What are those little black puff balls floating around the ceiling...and what is that little tune playing faintly in the distance...like tinny pipes...

Monday Sep 17 1990 00:27:22 AM From The Silent Observer

...did I hear someone looking for the company that made my briefcase? ...just go up the Road about 17 centuries, then make a sharp left (don't slow down much, or you'll never make it)... keep going for a while, until you're completely lost, then ask directions... ...hey, don't look at me like that, that's how I found it... ...of course, you COULD look up their local agent, Balsamo Marketing... ...but you'll need a Paris phone book published between 1949 and 1968...

Monday Sep 17 1990 05:06:14 AM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
nevermind, I can track the parent company down, the old beast isn't THAT archaic. shut up, Flowers, keep the editorial comments to when we get going... sorry, she gets testy sometimes.

Monday Sep 17 1990 00:54:23 AM From The Silent Observer
...if you DO find them, tell 'em I was VERY pleased with the gravity polarization...I haven't seen hide nor hair since they cashed my check...

Monday Sep 17 1990 02:20:20 AM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
i will... oh, thanks for saying "check"... that reminds me to go start a bank account NOW and transfer my funds into it at 8%... should be able to pay my DiamondCard bill by the time (he hee) I get there...

Tuesday Sep 18 1990 23:04:02 PM From The Silent Observer
...just remember to read the fine print in the deposit agreement...or you may find that your 8% funds have turned into some GOVERNMENT'S 8% investment...without their even having to put up the bux... ...happened to me once...didn't have a Thaler left to my name afterward...

Wednesday Sep 19 1990 20:47:49 PM From Luther Arkwright
I find that the company that handles The Restauraunt at the End of the Universe's billing accounts seems to do a decent job with such billing arrangements... Luther has been lounging on the couch with his pipe all this time. He gets up and decides to join Mr. Talesin for a pint of bitter and a good leer.

Thursday Sep 20 1990 17:52:26 PM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
actually, I deposit funds in this tiny little bank in switzerland that finances certain third-world countries. seems to be doing QUITE a profit since it got Saudi Arabia's account.

Friday Sep 21 1990 22:02:26 PM From [?] Storm [?]
may I help you sir a kender runs up to red and starts emptying reds pockets contents into his own

Saturday Sep 22 1990 02:45:41 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
"Good lord, I thought we got ri-er, lost all of them kender centuries ago!" Amazement, shock, astonishment. All stare at the little person as Red chases him around trying to get his stuff back.

Saturday Sep 22 1990 05:59:52 AM From [Dour, short,] Red Dorakeen [looks like a deevil.]
finally giving up on the actual exertion bit, red pulls a tiny flat device out of his hat (the one place the kender couldn't reach.) he presses two buttons in sequence while aiming it at the kender, who promptly levitates off the floor, his legs and arms flailing. red starts to rotate a flat disk on the control, and the kender is reeled in like a caught fish, flailing all the way. Red recovers his stuff, and then makes a casting motion with the device; the kender goes sailing in an arc out the open front door to land with a muffled "HEY!" in the shrubbery.... "T-K reel... picked it up about five centuries up the road... useful to anybody whose psi conditioning doesn't take very well lest they need a bit of an edge in a contest. most models are highly illegal to transport out, but these little jobs aren't cabaple of lifing buses or anything and so the authorities don't much care as long as you declare them at the appropriate checkpoints, which I faithfully do. Wouldn't be a good thing, having my toys confiscated" gestures toward the kender.

Sunday Sep 23 1990 19:51:09 PM From Luther Arkwright
Luther quaffs his Guiness and saunters over to the kender. He pulls out his pouch. The kender takes it. He takes the kender's, and walks away. He then discovers a piece of string, a scratched holodisk, a several ounce diamond, and a pack of Black Jack gum. He keeps the gum.

Thursday Sep 27 1990 22:20:37 PM From Merlin
Handing Luther a package of peanuts, & three cans of beer, Merlin grabs tight hold on Luther's jacket, pulls his hitchikers thumb (with the green flashing light), and closing his eyes, gently presses the button...

Monday Oct 1 1990 17:20:30 PM From [?] Storm [?]
the kender is highly insulted and walks to red who promptly pushes him back into the shrubbery

Tuesday Oct 2 1990 21:56:28 PM From NightHawk
Nighthawk finishes most of his coffee, then, removing a handkerchief, dabs it in whats left of the coffee and procedes to clean one of his swords.

Wednesday Oct 3 1990 20:02:38 PM From [?] Storm [?]
swords, help the kender yells and runs into more shrubbery

Friday Oct 5 1990 20:57:37 PM From Belgarath
The kender then wonders what he's doing in the shrubbery. There's a resonant >whoop!< as the kender's hoopak sweeps the sword from NightHawk's hands. Moments later, we see the kender back in the shrubbery, his curious gaze covering every inch of the sword's pommel and blade. "It's a pity someone left such a fine sword laying around where just anyone could pick it up. Certainly, I will take far better care of it than its previous owner!"

Friday Oct 5 1990 22:15:16 PM From [Bald Faced] Luther Arkwright [Go Away Bird]
Kender have a concept of the word "owner"?

Saturday Oct 6 1990 17:45:16 PM From [?] Storm [?]
what does owner mean

Saturday Oct 6 1990 20:11:02 PM From Belgarath
Owner. Owner . . . I think that's always the person who last was holding the thing - isn't it?

Saturday Oct 6 1990 22:17:05 PM From [Demon-breed] xyzyx [, Dragonslayer!]
an "owner" is someone who belongs to themself...

Sunday Oct 7 1990 07:40:26 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
These great and dignified minds trying to reason with the chaos of a Kender put the rest of us in awe. "AAAAAWE!"

Sunday Oct 7 1990 11:08:39 AM From [Bald Faced] Luther Arkwright [Go Away Bird]
Luthor drops the several-ounce diamond he found in the Kender's pouch in TaleTeller's hand and strides outside to enjoy his pipe of fropp in peace.

Sunday Oct 7 1990 19:41:42 PM From Belgarath
The kender: 'my pouch?'

Sunday Oct 7 1990 23:19:51 PM From The Silent Observer
...carefully snapping the handcuff around my wrist, and the other end around the handle of my briefcase, I tiptoe softly toward the door... ...trying to think of a REALLY GOOD place to hide this here key...

Monday Oct 8 1990 05:17:24 AM From Red Dorakeen
red hits yet another green glowing stud on the flat black teke reel, and a pale blue bubble appears around him. his hair is still buffeted by the slight wind, but when the kender rushes him in a kleptomaniacal fit, he just... bounces off... "sorry, old bean, had to do SOMETHING about that propensity of yours to... approprate things...." the kender, disgusted, decides to find more willing targets, and nonchalantly lifts the keys to the basement out of the porter's left hand...

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