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Wednesday 11/14/90 20:48:02 PM From Luther Arkwright
BARKEEP! A rum mocha, if you please. A gumby cat struts by, and I scratch her behind the ears. I then lean back on a corner chair and think about what to do with a crow, a monkey and a few other sentient creatures. A plot starts to shape itself...

Wednesday 11/14/90 21:22:10 PM From TaleTeller
TT walks in after a hard day job hunting and going Joe-Metro. Waves to Luther, pats the cat. Sits wearily at a table and orders a nice pink lemonade (mmmmm) to drink, and maybe some fish'n'chips too. Yeah, they have 'em here. Thanks. Tosses her head and says to the world at large, "I've been thinking about Bears today. Bears and perceptions." Sits all quiet, waiting for someone to ask (she hopes) what the HECK she's talking about NOW.

Thursday 11/15/90 01:40:10 AM From BigBrother
BB walks into the room goes up to the cat to try and pet it. The cat is in no mood for this reaches out and scratches BB. BB sheepishly sits down and orders a glass of dihydrogen oxide (sic) (Trying to impress the rabble in the room). He leans over and cautiously says "Those wouldn't perhaps be myth-perceptions about them bears."

Thursday 11/15/90 03:03:07 AM From ford prefect
ford trips into the room, sedentarily falls back into a chair. he sneers at Luther and grins at taleteller. he wishes the muzak here would play Paul Simon, such is mood swings.

Thursday 11/15/90 05:08:53 AM From Red Dorakeen
Red meanders in, boogying down to some talking heads tune on a mid-sized boom box. he stops, waves at the clientele, and heads on in to the game room to thoroughly ruin some pinball machine's day...
"Heard of a van..." BING! "that's loaded with weapons" THUNK! Fweep!
"packed up and ready to go..." "TILT! Why, you..." BingBingBing!
Thunk! Rattle! Beep! "this ain't no Mudd Club, or C.B.G.B."

Thursday 11/15/90 08:15:08 AM From Belgarath
Belgarath wanders in as a wolf, sits on his haunches hoping someone will scratch him behind the ears. Hmm. No action. He saunters over to the bar (you ever try sauntering on four legs? It's not as nonchalant as on two.) as Belgarath trips up to the bar whacking his muzzle on the counter (hope nobody saw that) he coolly straddles the bar stool (now THAT is uncomfortable!) and orders a sarsaparilla (hmm. Can't get the darned straw to work) this wolf idea maybe wasn't so hot.

Thursday 11/15/90 10:14:48 AM From Cat
I growl happily and hop up on the table and beg fish and chips off of the ever generous taleteller.

Thursday 11/15/90 14:28:57 PM From TaleTeller
TT, ever generous (especially to cats and sultry beautiful women even though she's not bi or gay), gives a big piece of fish to the cat while contentedly eating her delicious french fries. "Psst!" she calls to ford. "This is a French restaurant, don't order hamburger without mentioning that you want it cooked!" ford gives her a friendly-though-perplexed look and gets back to work practicing for his new school.

Thursday 11/15/90 18:38:54 PM From Kytyn
Kytyn saunters in, sees the wolfling Belgarath, and prowls on over, tail twitching. She touches noses, sniffs, then looking at the rest of the 'people' accepting this creature here, leaps up to a convenient ledge-like space and curls. "Purrrr. Anyone seen my Tigerclutch? Silly Kitten seems to have wandered away looking for adventure again, I knew I shouldn't have let Aggressiva keep me from tethering him further, adoption just doesn't hold them tight enough. By the way, positions are open for harem pets; no mauling or severe roughing up, just friendly fun." Kytyn begins to begin another toilette on her already immaculate-seeming white and blue-grey fur, then pauses. "Garcon! Four Steak Tatars por favor!," then resumes her toilette until the heaping platter is brought forth and she daintily begins to eat.

Friday 11/16/90 00:45:19 AM From The Maven
(Maven runs in, bouncing. Skids to a halt in front of the table) "OOOOH! Me! Me! Please! I'm a good harem slave! I even have references! Really! I've been in a harem BEFORE! They LIKED me there! I was a GOOD slave!"

Friday 11/16/90 03:34:26 AM From ford prefect
impressed by the blatant show of verisimilitude by the Maven, ford buys him a water. he reaches into his satchel and pulls out a bottle of 'London steak sauce' and hands it to Kytyn, who doesn't stop eating but puts it next to her plate. ford glances at the taleteller again, and decides to go for broccoli spears in a white wine sauce, with shallots, and makes a point of asking for them sautéed or at least steamed.

Friday 11/16/90 08:24:33 AM From Megan
Megan wanders in and picks a quiet corner table and spreads out with several books on mass extinction and a plate of bread sticks.

Friday 11/16/90 10:07:47 AM From Red Dorakeen
(Air... can hurt you too, aiiiir...) BingBingBingBing! Beeeeep! Thunk Thunk Ka-ChinG! "oh my oh my. seems we have a replay here..."

Friday 11/16/90 22:11:26 PM From Belgarath
"My dear Kytyn, a 'wolfling' I am not!", (check the surname) "however, I did appreciate the nose rub. Long time since I had one of those.", Belgarath snorts. The wolf decides that a raw hamburger actually sounds like a good idea "viva la France" he thinks as he snarfs one down. "Now this is more like it!"

Friday 11/16/90 22:35:22 PM From Luther Arkwright
Luther the ex-Kzin chuckles at Belgarath and Kytyn and continues to write.

Saturday 11/17/90 06:40:17 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
TT bops over to Megan's table to say hi and get a good look at the books. "Miss you lots," she mentions as she sits down. "Not disturbing you, am I? I'll run off and finish my chips at my own table if so."
Megan shakes her head and continues to read her books while the two sit
in companionable silence.

Saturday 11/17/90 09:46:23 AM From Megan
A small fuzzy dog with only 1 eyebrow jumps up on the table and Megan orders a steak for him. She turns to TT, "Our waiter here looks just like Gonzo. I think it is Gonzo. Do you suppose The Cookie Monster is the bus boy, No, looks like one of the Rats."

tasselhoff wanders in and sits next to taleteller and asked for a fry then wanders over to belgarath and gives him a good scratch behind his ears then goes over to the pinball machines and starts playing.
The door swings open and Jabberwock walks in, sketchbook in hand. She's looking a bit green and a bit scaly, but not near as ferocious as rumored. In fact, she looks downright friendly, and not dangerous at all. She flips her hood down from her head, and smiles. She skips over to the bar, tweaks ford on the nose (which ruins his serious image instantly), yells hello to Red at the pinball machine, and gives Kytyn and Belgarath scratches under the chin. Blinking momentarily and grinning widely, Jabberwock then orders some Mango soup...
ford concentrates on being serious some more REAL HARD.
"Belgarath, 'wolfling' does not necessarily refer to just age... I could just as easily be called 'catling'. It simply means one who is as a wolf (or cat)," Kytyn begins to speak, then pauses, and switches into a lithesome Ilyndian, then into a black and silver wolf with a silver moon on throat and brow.
"Others, of course would simply call me chaos-tainted, or Ilyndian, or shapechanger, but these and this." briefly forming a small dragonlike form, "are my favorites."
Tasselhoff loses the pinball game quick and walks over to a table after say a few things to the pinball machine and sits down and yells waiter the waiter comes very quickly and asked what he wants tasselhoff says a coke please and asked taleteller if he can buy her a drink
Bobbie saunters into the bar....thinking what a nice place it is she decides it's time to go over and reintroduce herself to TT....I don't think she remembers me....
Luther puts down pen and pad of paper and saunters up to the bar. He packs his pipe with some good fropp, orders a Ballard Bitter, (on tap, of course) and decides to loan some punctuation marks to Tasselhoff.
...sliding into the back corner of a booth, The Silent Observer pulls a menu from the little circular clip, flips the pages back and forth for a few moments, and then re-clips it just as the waiter (is that REALLY Gonzo?) walks up.
"I'd like the 9 oz. Sirloin, Medium Rare, with a baker and all the trimmings, and salad with Roquefort. And bring me a Pyramid Wheaten right away, please?" the waiter (no, can't be Gonzo...there's no chickens around) heads back toward the kitchen, the Observer drains the ice water, pulls a book from his pocket, opens it to the marked page, and begins to read.
BZZZZT! "Match! Yes!
oh, hi Jabberwock." Ka-Chunk! Beeep Bing thump thump wheeeeooooooo!
"cause it's a dry, dry... county... such a dry, dry, county...."
TT pokes her head up and eyes the waiter. "Yeah, it IS Gonzo! Wow, wonder if there are any others here?" We glance around. In one corner sits a big black dog looking miserably around for help. A two+ year old boy is busy petting him. TT accepts the offered drink from whuzzizname, a grape Kool-Aid for the time being, and intersperses herself between all approaching males and her friend in an action that looks automatic. Passes greetings along to Bobbie, yes she remembers this girl. Isn't she going out with Red? Or is that a vicious rumor having no basis in fact. Anyway, what a world. Keeping her eyes peeled, TT heads to the grill and orders a tender steak to bring back to the table with some delicious carrot cake. Offers some to Megan as TT sits.
TT accepts the offered drink from whuzzizname, a grape Kool-Aid for the time being, and intersperses herself between all approaching males and her friend in an action that looks automatic. Passes greetings along to Bobbie, yes she remembers this girl. Isn't she going out with Red? Or is that a vicious rumor having no basis in fact. Anyway, what a world. Keeping her eyes peeled, TT heads to the grill and orders a tender steak to bring back to the table with some delicious carrot cake. Offers some to Megan as TT sits.
Bobbie looks up as the bartender comes by...Uhmmm, could I please have a Mocha and Baileys....It's awful cold out today...
As Kytyn finishes her Steak Tatar, she gestures to the waiter, "Garcon, one Tullemore Dew and a vahkeil on the rocks please." Daintily finishing off her drinks, Kytyn then finishes her toilette and goes over to the corner where Belgarath is being pestered by a small child. "Belga-rr-ath, (rolled 'r') would you like some assistance in escaping this child?"
BZZZZT. fweeeeee---ooop! "rats, that's the game then. at least I got on the high score list."
"Space junk... cosmic fog... ozone holes, better put up my umbrell- CLICK!-"
"Oh, hello, all. haven't see a few in awhile... TT, have you met my wife yet? No? Oh. Bobbie, this is Taleteller, sometimes ID-scanned as a Willun. TT, this is Bobbie, my wife. She's a sweetheart, you'll like her a whole lot. Waiter! Ah, Garcon! Bon. Je desire un de coq au vin, une salade vinaigrette, et un tasse de Courvoisier. et VITE, j'ai beaucoup de faim!"
There's an enthusiastic shaking of hands all around. TT comments to Bobbie, "Y'know, we have good lighting in here but I just can't make out what you look like. Perhaps the two of you can come over to my place of residence sometime and I can inflict British comedy and Japanese animation on you."
From various corners of the room come both groans and whoops of delight, and a number of "Can I come too?" voices.
"Sure, sure, the more the merrier. Sometime when there's not a CB, maybe."
ford looks up and sees the waiter on the other side of the restaurant. he gets up on the table and shreds his shirt, exposing well-developed pecs and abs. he starts shakin' and boppin' and eventually the waiter comes by. ford gets down and orders. 'unboned real dead crunchy frog, please.'
he turns to hear Jabberwock say 'make it two.'
"Make mine Manila," says San San.
a dark robed male entered the door slowly and quickly moves to a dark shadowy area of a table. He calls the waiter and asks for a mug of hot water and then calls tass. raist then asks tass did you acquire any qua from the pinball machine and any punctuation marks?
Luther considers giving someone a punctuation mark...
Tasselhoff gets up out of his chair and takes a seat next to Luther Arkwright and asks him if he was referring to his good friend rass and if he was would he like to step outside and settle this in a manly way instead of making rude remarks about him and his friends?
After tasselhoff teaches Luther a lesson he goes and sits next to rass. calls the waiter over and asked for a glass of water looks at rass. and says make that two giving Luther a dirty look.
Pan Man enters and waits for applause. None are forthcoming, so I sit down and order a glass of milk. (I'm under 21).
Belgarath looks up at Kytyn from where his ears are being pulled by a certain 2+ year old. "Do you know me?" he intones. The boy moves around back to pull on his tail. Yep, it's attached - for now. Being attacked by diminutive persons is very characteristic of Belgarath. "Perhaps, a little help would be appreciated, thank you. Pardon me snapping at being called a 'wolfling' I guess I'm a little sensitive about my age."
Belgarath is distracted by a dreadful snapping, crunching sound and turns to find that ford prefect and jabberwok have received what they ordered. He shudders. Even as a wolf, it causes his stomach to rove a bit. The waiter finally comes in with Belgarath's order. Ah. The hamburger du jour. Nice and raw. As the waiter returns to the back room, there is a bang as the door hits one of the chefs and the breeze from the closing door blows several chicken feathers into the room. The waiter is definitely a little odd. What is he anyway? Some kind of purple anteater or something? His nose is sure big enough.
TT chokes on her kool-aide. This is a hilariously funny place to sit, she has found. Even though the stupid kender has a wonderful imagination. Luther and TT roll eyes at each other as the little kender tells Raistlin a wonderful (completely made up) story of beating on Luther.
Mmmm... (crunch crunch)... excellent meal I must admit. Finished with her frog... Jabberwock jumps up and walks over to Luther. She then proceeds to pull down his hat over his eyes and steal some of his punctuation marks, for when the times get rough. He then runs back over and sits down next to ford again, who has lapsed into reading the paper again. She finds this annoying, and therefore begins to sing "Istanbul" by They Might Be Giants in his ear.
Getting tired of waiting for service Bobbie walks up to the bar....I'd like a seafood platter and a blue Hawaiian to eat it with.... She goes and finds herself a table in the corner to sit at and watch all the silly mortals at play
...the Observer puts his book down as the salad arrives, and proceeds to annihilate the greens, occasionally sipping from the Pyramid. About halfway through licking the dressing off the plate, he stops to squeeze the lemon slice into the glass, take another sip, and close his eyes with a beatific smile. He opens them to see the waiter put down his steak, pluck a chicken feather from his sleeve (it IS Gonzo!), and take the salad plate away. Reaching into a deep pocket, the Observer takes out a bottle of A-1, pours a quantity onto the plate next to the steak, and begins to tuck in.
In a surprisingly short time, the steak is missing, as is the vast majority of the spud, and the contents of the schooner. The Observer catches the waiter's eye as he passes, raises his empty glass and one eyebrow, and gets a nod, then goes back to his book. A moment later, the second beer arrives, and the Observer contentedly leans back to continue his reading. The title of the book becomes visible for the first time: The Shattered Land, by Michael Reaves.
after his dinner (finally!) arrives, being brought by a different waiter (Gonzo looks a tad ill), Red tucks into his coq au vin and salad... and then savors the Corvoisier as he watches a few newcomers contemplate mayhem with the established dinner crowd.......
TT, seeing a book of interest, pads over to TSO to inquire (and perhaps make off with) about his book. She sits down beside him and stares at the cover until he looks up.
"Excuse me, I'll have some hot tea and a jumbo size box of Kleenex. *sniffle*" interjects Megan.
Tasselhoff gets up after drinking his big glass of water and takes a seat next to TT made up huh is that what you think of me well then would you like to step outside too or would Luther like to step outside with you. Tasselhoff takes out his hopack giving it a nice whirl it makes a horrible screeching sound everybody covers there ears and yells STOP!!!!
...the Observer looks up to see the TaleTeller gazing raptly at him -- only to realize that it's the BOOK she's so taken with (oh, well, maybe next time...). He explains the premise of the book (fairly accurately described, for a change, by the cover blurb, as a fantasy set in a world shattered a thousand years ago, and the pieces magically endowed with their own appropriate gravity, and the space they occupy filled with a breathable atmosphere)...and then gently explains that he does not lend books, to ANYONE, since having too many of them fail to find their way home...However, the sequel, The Burning Realm, is still in print, and the original may be available on special order, or through used bookstores...published by Baen Fantasy in 1984, the sequel landed in 1988.
...he takes another long drink of his Pyramid, and offers to buy one for the Taleteller as well...
Tasselhoff goes back over to the table were Rass. is siting and calls the waiter over and orders a mushroom and bacon burger cooked please and a nice big glass of water. Tasselhoff takes out his dagger and starts to clean it with a damp towel and tries to start a conversation with Rass. but no luck.
The waiter bustles out to Bobbie's table bearing a platter heaped with seafood.
"What about my Blue Hawaiian?", asks Bobbie.
"Coming right out." replies the waiter.
With that, the waiter bustles into the kitchen, and back out again with a tall, blonde, well-muscled gentleman with a skimpy bathing suit and a surfboard.
He is blue. He grins at Bobbie. Very cute grin, I might add.
Meanwhile, Luther is suffering a sound drubbing at the fists of Tasselhoff.
"Excuse me, little man, but you seem to want my attention", says Luther, turning away from Taleller and looking at the kender beating at him with tiny fists. "Careful -- you might spill my drink."
Then a fist lands home in that spot that is the weakness of all males. Luther growls, then picks up Tass and gives him a toss across the room, into a convenient chair in a corner.
"Excuse me a moment..." says Luther.
TT is briefly distracted from TSO's book by this new battle starting between Luther and the Kender. "Luther, Kender are actually pretty tough customers and they rarely fight with their fists. Good luck, you'll need it!" LA gives TT his "Oh seriously," look and heads off.
ford angrily steps between tasselhoff and Luther. ford growls angrily, sneers, and glares with hatred in his eyes at that fool who would fight poor small Luther. ford relies on his size (6'6") and weight (220) and muscle structure to intimidate the young neophyte, and crosses his arms. his muscles look like three or four Volkswagens trying to park.
Luther states quite clearly his intention to complete the fisticuffs on his own accord, but ford doesn't plan on listening.
Meanwhile, Jabberwock, annoyed at being ignored thus far, decides to bother people. She therefore begins to wander around the room, picking up full glasses of ice-water, and throwing them a people randomly. Unfortunately, nobody seems to notice that they are now soaking wet.
Luther, having convinced Tasselhoff of the wisdom of not annoying him, starts throwing ice at Jabberwock. One goes right down the front of her collar and gets stuck a few inches below.
Ford renders aid.
Kytyn pulls As soon as the child has crossed the halfway margin of the room, the musical prismatic sphere appears to split into seven images, six of which continues to cross and interweaves to the opposite side while the seventh quietly returns to Kytyn's hand. As she manipulates the crystal in an obscure floating pattern, Kytyn speaks to Belgarath in a purring undertone Purrhaps we should interrupt this most inopportune brawling and continue on, possibly to go do some adventuring."
red decides that a dining room full of flying icewater and incensed kender is NOT a good place to enjoy chicken cooked in wine, and so pulls out a small device from his belt. pressing the button, he (and the table carrying his dinner and aperativ) are encased in a strange crystalline field that condenses itself to a shining point and flies out through the kitchen at roughly mach 5....
...looking down at his (somewhat damp) habiliment, the Observer shakes his head, checks to be sure the book is dry, and takes another pull at his beer. With one foot, he nudges the ratty-looking briefcase under the table, just to make sure it's still there, then goes back to his reading (allowing TT to read "over his shoulder" if she can keep up)...
Bobbie still sitting in the corner with her tall blond blue Hawaiian thinks this is terribly funny......she can't stop laughing long enough to eat her seafood
TT has been distracted by flying ice cubes. She slips under the table and sneaks up behind Luther. With a quick move she drops an ice cube into his underwear, then vanishes under a table, crossing the room to sit innocently next to Megan as if nothing happened. Megan stares at the current carnage, then goes back to the book as long as nothing is flying in HER direction.
Pan Man walks calmly over to the Hawaiian and says, "Hey, she's with me," (not the truth, but Pannie wants to fight). With an impressive Aikido move, he smashes the Hawaiian to the ground, and flips to the waiter to drag him away. Feeling like a god, he sits down at the table with Bobbie and simply smiles.
Megan orders another box of Kleenex and whimpers something about not having any handsome gentlemen there to try to distract her from sneezing and feeling miserable.
In walks Myddrin. His gaze slowly drifts across this mad scene. Suddenly, his gaze freezes on a woman by herself sniffing and sneezing. Instantly he strides over to her. Halfway there she looks up and they lock eyes. No sooner than she looked at him her sneezing abated tremendously. As he approaches she stands to meet him. "Evenin' Miss.".......
Alone!!! I'm mortally offended. TT glowers from her place at Megan's side. "Locks eyes indeed," she mutters. "Some people and their pick-up lines."
"But does that mean he's handsome?" Megan asks TT. "As handsome as Qwee, I mean."
"Gee, I don't know, I've never met this one in person. But he's been reading all my adaptations of B7 episodes, and he says he likes them!" Impressed with herself, TT sits back and feels smug, glad that there's no way she can catch strep throat in this place.
Let's just say that he definitely is not homely. He has turned a few heads in his day.
Still with Bobbie, Pan Man starts up a conversation about the weather, all the while looking for seafood. Upon getting some, he changes the subject to that of Love.
Someone walks into the Bar and Grill wearing a long, dark overcoat, black slacks and a turtleneck, wanders over to said table in corner, gently hugs the sniffling and sneezing goddess-like creature, pats a Willun on the shoulder and says "Now, now, be nice. You had YOUR fun, let her have hers...", then goes over to the opposite corner of the Grill and orders a teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple and Swiss burger and a whopping big coke and sits munching them while whimpering gently to himself about his poor little red truck which must be feeling unloved and rather cold all alone spread out in little crumpled pieces all over the floor of alley chevy's body shop....
(God, is that a sentence or is that a SENTANCE)
neither. it's a S-E-N-T-E-N-C-E. bongo.
TT laughs at The Maven's mutterings. "Well it was your own fault," she points out unnecessarily. "Just how old are you, MaT?" Turned a few heads in his day, implies to her he's OOOOOLD!
Suddenly remembering, she turns to Megan, "I'll call you later today, before I go to my job interviews."
"Thank-you, Maven. and anyone else for the attention. perhaps I will crawl out of my book and be social. And sysop that I am, perhaps I will decide that this Bar and Grill stole the cook from New Peking, just for The Maven.
a small light zips in the window and perches in the chandelier... if one could read the (facial? more like aura) expressions of little animate lights one would realize it was trying not to laugh, and about to cry, and smiling from one side to the other, and...
TT comes racing in, and sits panting at the table with Megan. She lifts her head and grins. "Anyone for pizza?"
When there is general confusion about, she grins around and says crazily, "I seem to have a job as a-" rolls eyes expressively, "Customer Service Representative, at United Savings on Capitol Hill."
Then she sits and stares mopily at the wall.
MaT rolls his head in the direction or TaleTeller, fixes his icy gaze upon her, the breaks into what looks like a grin but could be described as a sneer, "By your years, I'm 23, but believe me when I say that I've been around for a while. I've charmed Cleopatra in her royal courts. I had an affair with Ann Boleyn before her unfortunate demise. I flirted with Florence Nightengale after she treated my injuries in the Crimean war. I have been around for time immortal, but yet, to your eyes I'm not a day over 23." Noticing that he has everyone's eyes upon him, he quickly asks, "Isn't there any music in this establishment?", and proceeds to wander around looking for a victrola or whatever it is that they use for today's music.
Raistlin pulls out his staff of magis. then says to Luther be carefuull? or I shall gather my will! and then sits back down at his table.
Luther and ford admire the man's ability to talk almost incomprehensibly and yet allow the general feeling of disenchantment to come through.
ford wonders how much the man had drunk. giggling.
TT rolls her eyes expressively. "All I can say is that if he's as cute as he thinks he is, I might like to take a look at him. Long as he doesn't touch me." Having said her usual piece, and made no comments about HER not touching HIM, TT settles back to see Raistlin (who seems a bit inebriated) do his thing.
She and ford exchange bemused grins, and she and Jabberwock roll eyes at the antics of men who show off for women.
Myd thoughtfully strokes his beard. His beard, brown everywhere except for his chin which is hued blonde. Again, he let's his icy blue eyes scan his surroundings. "Hmmm.. Seems kinda dead around here.", he thinks to himself, "Sure isn't anything like Rome when she was in her prime. Now that was a happenin' place." In the course of his gaze appears a man who is either afflicted with Cerebral Palsy or has been makin' love to a bottle of Red Eye. The staggering man mumbles something about magic, at last, there may be something interesting here other than the women after all. MaT raises his eyebrow and continues to watch the drunken man, hoping for some excitement.
the light in the chandelier sparkles just a tad more.... a few probing laser-like shafts illuminate the face and body of a seemingly WASTED man who has just staggered in... translated: "hrmmmm.... FASCINATING...."
a young man saunters in and gives Belgarath a huge hunk of steak from somewhere in his trench coat then walks over to Kytyn and produces a bowl of milk out of thin air. Then summons an air elemental (hence the nym) which carries him to his seat
I'm impressed. While waiting for Bobbie to wake up out of her apparent seafood trance, I wander up to the bar and sit down next to the cutest girl. I offer to buy her a drink.
The Silent Observer ...looking up from his book for a moment, noting the deadness of the background (sonically speaking), and realizing that the of the last five snatches of conversation filtered through the vigilant portion of his brain, three have concerned the lack of music, the observer reaches into a coat pocket. He pulls out a tiny machine, about three inches square and almost half an inch thick. From another pocket he removes two similar square, each of which unfolds four times to form a twelve-inch square, its interior covered with a silvery membrane. He touches a button on each, notes a tiny green status light for first one, then the other, and sets one on each end of the table. As he sets them down, they seem to grip the surface of the table, and lock themselves into vertical positions. He then reaches into the third pocket, removes a golden disk, and, opening the lid of the tiny box, places the center hole of the disk on a pivot in the corner of the box. Closing the box, he reads the display from the grayish surface, touches various places once, twice, thrice, and places it on the table. The disk begins to spin, three quarters of its area exposed to the room, and from the silvery squares pours the sound of "Midnight at the Oasis."
...I always did like Maria Muldaur...
and out from the speakers on all the muzak boxes in all the hotels, restaurants, elevators and radios across the land we here 'let's push off to a sand dune.. real soon.. and kick up a little dust'
'I know your daddy's a sultan, a nomad known to all. with fifty girls to attend him they all send him.. ' :)
The lone dark figure moves to an obscure part of the room and leans against the wall. Tugging his snap-brimmed hat down a little further, he patiently surveys the environment he has come upon. Out of the corner of his eye, Myddrin sees a man fiddling with some sort of device. On closer inspection, Myd discovers that the 'device' is a portable, H.A.P.(a Holographic Audio Player). Puzzled, Myd ponders the significance of this discovery.
"What is a H.A.P. doing here in 1990?", he wonders, "Those didn't come out until....hmmmm....must've been at least 2022." Myddrin continues to observe the mysterious figure, wandering where he is from.
Belgarath shakes the temporary catatonia from his head caused by a minor affliction known as 'no logginus innigus' (a mere passing affliction, I hope) and notes the new arrivals to the room. Wow! This place is really jumping! He seems to recall someone mentioning that they were glad there was something interesting in the place besides the women. He frowns and looks around. The women here are quite interesting enough in themselves, he thinks, casting an eye toward the ever radiant TaleTeller in particular - oddly, the rest of the women in the place, although having very interesting forms indeed which seem to suggest a radiance of their own, appear peculiarly shadowed; the magic of the Nevermind dulling his vision, somewhat. A pity. Wait. The form of Jabberwok is also quite clear. He gazes around, interested to see who else may come into focus. Belgarath thanks storm for the steak and proceeds to wolf it down. Good ole storm. He makes a showy entrance, but he doesn't forget his pals.
Megan: Yup, yup. That's me lurking in TT's shadow again. But I am sitting at the table reading James P. Blaylock books and munching on M and Ms.
thank you belgarath storm says softly and proceeds to order to order a steak himself

Tuesday 12/04/90 15:26:47 PM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
"Shadow?" puzzles TT. "With all the boys bemoaning your taken-ship, I sometimes feel left out!" She chuckles. Then she shoots a pea at Storm.

Tuesday 12/04/90 18:46:28 PM From Luther Arkwright
Luther, as gracefully as possible given the ice in his underwear, excuses himself to the facilities. On his way back, he invites Myddrin to a pint of Red Hook and a good leer. He then orders another Blue Hawaiian for Bobbie, as her first was spilled. He sticks his tongue out at TT.

Tuesday 12/04/90 21:51:31 PM From The Silent Observer
...catching the quizzical look from Myddrin, the Observer picks up the box with the disc rotating (the music doesn't falter or alter), and points to a small label on the bottom: "Panasonic PocketDisc Player." He gently sets the box down (careful not to jolt it or touch the spinning disk), then beckons to Myddrin...

...and, on his arrival, points out the tiny infrared stereo transmitter plugged into the headphone jack, then points to the label on one of the speakers..."Custom Made for The Silent Observer by Speakerlab: Twelve-inch Piezoelectric drivers -- response, 10-25,000 Hz"

..."Nothing here I even had to go up the Road for...not even the Compact Disc..."

Wednesday 12/05/90 02:16:06 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
TT thumbs her nose at her friend Luther. Then she unceremoniously flops over on the table and begins to snore.

Wednesday 12/05/90 06:38:05 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Myddrin, too engrossed with the H.A.P., declines Luther's offer to drink for now. Noticing that the man with the player spotted his interest in it, carefully picks it up and points to a label on it. Moving closer so that he can see it, myddrin observes that he was wrong. It's not a H.A.P. after all. "Hmm...", he says to himself, " gotta brush up on my past/present/future technology. No longer interested in the player he strolls over to where Luther is and flips a gold coin onto the bar and mutters, "I'll have whatever he's having," to the bartender.

Wednesday 12/05/90 14:38:51 PM From Bobbie
Bobbie realizing that she has been rude to Panny decides to be bold and go interrupt his conversation with the beautiful girl... Excuse me....

Wednesday 12/05/90 15:48:18 PM From [Kan U say Konan?] Pan Man [Of kourse U kan!]
Yes? Oh hi bobbie. Nice of you to join. I'd like you o meet my friend, Paulina...Porizkova (sp). Join us? =) Naw. Paulina means nothing to me. Want to sit at a private booth somewhere?

Thursday 12/06/90 11:45:56 AM From [Anyone looking for a 'lost'] Kytyn [perchance? Here I am! (bounce]
Kytyn, looking disgustedly at the bowl of milk, quietly changes into her Ilyndian form. Grabbing the bowl of milk, she walks over to where Storm is sitting and sits down beside him. "It's a nice gesture Storm, but I really don't drink that much milk," and the milk changes to a small bottle of vahkiel. "Try some?" Kytyn proffers the bottle to Storm and orders the Chef's special dinner course from a nearby waiter.

Thursday 12/06/90 21:35:03 PM From Megan
Megan considers considering whether or not to find someone worth spending an evening with hereabouts. Besides TT, I mean.

Friday 12/07/90 00:17:58 AM From The Maven

The television flashes on over the grill...


more static.

even more static.

gradually, you notice just barely visible but still not quite readable letters formed by slightly-less-random bits of static.

Eventually, you look away.

(for those who wonder, the words said "Yes, yes! Definitely! Yes!", encoded
so as to be visible only subliminally)

Friday 12/07/90 02:02:01 AM From [Don't Leave] Red Dorakeen [Standin' Still....]
Red, being a soft bluish point of light in the chandelier, doesn't react to the subliminals much... he DOES decide that chandeliers are all right for being a spectator but he WOULD like to enjoy his dinner in something other than a temporal-warp bubble, and so zips down to the floor and re-rezzes up.

his table is A) close to both Bobbie's and Kytyn's, and B) far away from the source of the now-fading ice fight.

Friday 12/07/90 06:30:14 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Myd, with beer in hand, let's his eyes roam the room, looking for a place to sit, spies an open booth with a good view of the whole bar and heads for it. Wondering to himself, "Should I try and strike up a conversation with one of these women or shall I just sit by myself and observe......"

Friday 12/07/90 07:55:04 AM From Jimmy the Grek
jimmy wanders in and heads to the bar, finding an empty stool he sat down and waits for the bartender so he can order a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris.

Friday 12/07/90 08:25:37 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
"Hey! All you men! You can strike up a conversation with me," she says, holding the hot poker in front of her.

Friday 12/07/90 08:59:29 AM From Dark Angel
D. Angel enters the bar, dons his asbestos flak jacket and engages in verbal repartee with TT. Carefully maintaining a defensive stance outside of poker range.

Friday 12/07/90 20:46:18 PM From Tasselhoff
After Tasselhoff gets insulted by a vicious animal (Luther) he decides that he does not want to be part of this bar. He goes over to the bar and asked Gonzo if he knows were any Macdonald's are. Gonzo very much insulted turns up his nose and walks away and starts to feed and groom his chickens. Tasselhoff quickly runs out of the bar and starts asking the people around him if they know were and Macdonald's are walks back into the bar and tells Luther that he well be back.

Friday 12/07/90 21:28:29 PM From [Eternal] Belgarath [the old wolf]
Belgarath licks his chops as he looks longingly at the chickens, but no, he's had quite enough to eat. And very good faire I might add - certainly better than those stringy chickens. Belgarath, not being gifted with all the forms of some of the other members present, simply reverts to his natural form, and warming up his sharp tongue, walks over to attempt some friendly verbal repartee.

Friday 12/07/90 21:55:06 PM From Raistlin
raist wanders over to belgarath and says I bet u would like a nice tantalizing hamburger... ,and so raist conjures up a bowl and places the hamburger in the bowl..(cooked medium rare)and then goes and sits at the table he had just left.

Friday 12/07/90 22:08:16 PM From Tasselhoff
Tasselhoff quickly comes back into the bar and grill and goes up to the waiter and asks for a nice juicy hamburger (cooked of course) Gonzo after being insulted by Tasselhoff hesitated for a moment then went to prepare Tasselhoff's hamburger. The Hamburger comes quickly Tasselhoff takes his cooked beef and sits down next to Raistlin and Belgarath and starts a friendly conversation ignoring the vicious animal (Luther)

Friday 12/07/90 23:19:08 PM From Tasselhoff
In the middle of the conversation Tass. fells smoothing in his mouth and pulls it out It a feather AAH!!!!!! who knows how many feathers he has eaten by tomorrow he might be a chicken AAH!!!! (so tomorrow if nobody hears from me you no what happen and if any body wants to talk to me or see if I am ok look at Gonzo's house or in back of the bar) Tasselhoff looks down at his burger and sees that its covered with feathers Tasselhoff quickly excuses him self to the bathroom! Tasselhoff comes out of the gents room cackling like a chicken. BOK!!! BOK!!! BOK!!!

Saturday 12/08/90 00:05:30 AM From [Every little thing] Midnight [does is magic!]
Midnight wanders in, shrugs off her coat and looks around. Not seeing the person she is to meet, she finds a quiet booth in the back and sits down. In a moment, the waiter brings over a bottle of white zinfandel and two glasses. "But, I didn't order!" protests Midnight. "No, but I did..." says a familiar deep voice...

Saturday 12/08/90 16:24:13 PM From [Anyone looking for a 'lost'] Kytyn [perchance? Here I am! (bounce]
Storm accepts the bottle of vahkiel from Kytyn, sniffs, and takes a hearty swig. "Spluh#&'t! ach, ach", is heard as Random comes strolling in. After grabbing the bottle away from Storm, he takes a hearty little swig, and smashes the empty bottle on the table. "Got anudder one, my throat is still a wee bit dry..." (snicker-snort. ;]) Kytyn looks interestedly at this fascinating male who can swallow a practically full bottle of vahkiel without any effects, then produces another bottle.

Sunday 12/09/90 00:42:59 AM From [?] Storm [?]
after recovering Storm conjures up his familiar(a small very cute little black and white rat) and puts him in his breast pocket asking Kytyn or Belgarath not to chew on the little fellow but knowing they are both very refined and friendly people is not to worried. then pausing to check walks over to Tass and drops it on him to the cheers of Luther and the rest of the people in the Bar. he then conjures a force field around him to make sure Tass doesn't retaliate in any harmful way after that he ask Belgarath to tell him if he would like anything , walks back over to Kytyn and orders a water

Sunday 12/09/90 05:04:32 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Everybody knows that Kender aren't very prone to acting violently. Myd, continuing his sitting in solitude notices an attractive woman waving a hot poker in front of her yelling for the men here to come and talk to her. Wondering if she is crazy or just drunk, he snickers. "Well, not as crazy or drunk as any man who would take her up on his offer.", MaT humorously murmurs under his breath as he takes another gulp of the rather weak tasting mead-substitute. "I wonder if this place waters down their brew. Not much like the ales from Good 'Ole Romany or Britain of old."

Sunday 12/09/90 16:12:08 PM From [Anyone looking for a 'lost'] Kytyn [perchance? Here I am! (bounce]
Kytyn, smiling at Storm says "But I don't eat rats, Storm...First off they're too small, I'm usually the eiracath or a kzin and we don't eat rodents that a rabbit however...Perhaps you would prefer an ale?," and proffers a wineskin instead of the bottle of vahkiel that Random is now drinking avidly. "I'll even pour it if you prefer a glass instead of drinking from the skin."

Sunday 12/09/90 20:14:11 PM From Tasselhoff
Tasselhoff tries to hit Storm but after a long while he sees that it won't do any good so he decides to get back at the crowed for cheering at Storm when he put the rat on him, so he walks over to Belgarath and takes a few ring from his hand!! then walks over to few other people doing the same.

Monday 12/10/90 00:36:22 AM From The Silent Observer the last bar of "Three Dollar Bill" fades, the Observer touches the top of the little box, and the golden disc ceases its rotation. The then opens the box, pockets the disc, and closes and puts away the box as well. The two silvery squares, folded into boxes that match the player, go into neighboring pockets, and the Observer puts a bookmark into his book as he stands up. Reaching under the table, he picks up the briefcase, then strides to the door.
...moments later, a turbine-like howl is heard from without, and a flash of carmine is seen passing the front windows, along with a pressure wave that rattles the glass and Doppler-shifted rumble of exhaust dwindling in the distance.

Monday 12/10/90 11:14:38 AM From Dark Angel
"So, do you always strike up conversations with hot steel or is this a special occasion?" D. wonders what could have brought such an interesting person to this particular bar. Will he have to wail until the poker cools before continuing? He marvels at the others inhabitants. Do they really shape-shift or is it just a trick of the light? There is much here to learn.

Monday 12/10/90 12:12:34 PM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
"Just wary of other people's motives sometimes," TT explains mildly. "I know what my motives are." She sips a cool drink, unidentifiable black liquid. There is a stir at the door, and in comes a tall creature in dull black robes. Its long limbs poke out to reach for a drink at the bar, then it comes to join TT at her table with Megan. Megan looks up from her book and does a quick double-take.
"Ah, TT..?" she asks.
"Ah, this is a Kif captain Kkktnnnu," TT announces. "He doesn't speak English. Came in from the space station to check out local life. I've been hired as guide."
Several people exchange looks about the wisdom of hiring TT as a guide.

Monday 12/10/90 16:20:29 PM From Jimmy the Grek
jimmy just leans back against the bar, sips his pitcher of daiquiris through a looong crazy straw, and watches the goings on with interest and amusement.

Monday 12/10/90 16:50:58 PM From [Don't Leave] Red Dorakeen [Standin' Still....]
red decides that, since TSO has LEFT with the music, something has to be done. He fishes out yet another device, which looks suspiciously like a VERY souped-up Compaq laptop, and taps a few keys. A small ovoid device unfolds next to the monitor, and a strange beam leaps out and quickly sketches out the outlines, then the grid-contours, then the COLOURS of a strange keyboardish thing. Red plugs the keyboard into the laptop. He then "rezzes up" a small stage, complete with filtered amplifier and lapel mic... and rips into some Steely Dan tunes, not too loudly, but one could tell he's having fun.... the laptop seems to be "gifted" with some sort of improvisational talent, as the backup tracks almost seem to react to what Red is doing...

"What?? Oh. Picked this up about forty years up the Road... was hell getting it into a contemporary case... if anyone wishes to join in, feel free, just name your instrument...." with that red taps another key and his keyboard is re-rezzed into a Yamaha digital guitar...

Monday 12/10/90 19:31:07 PM From [?] Storm [?]
Storm thanks Kytyn for the wine and proceeds to take a long drink. After he is finished he ask Kytyn if she would like some

Monday 12/10/90 20:58:22 PM From Luther Arkwright [denizen of night]
Animal? Vicious? Luther chuckles, and decides he rather likes Tass, even with his violent tendencies. He buys Tass a drink of Soma. He then decides he'd rather like to listen to some Tom Waits.

Tuesday 12/11/90 17:45:59 PM From [Mreow?!] Kytyn ['s being a happy cat!]
Kytyn says 'No thank you, I've got some," and grabs the rest of the vahkiel from Random and drinks the rest of the bottle down. A darker silver flush briefly flashes across her silvery skin, then fades away. As she turns to observe the rest of the bar, her long purple and black hair visibly begins to rise as she notices TT's dark guest. She carefully finishes her observatory sweep of the bar and casually turns back around and quickly makes a few passes with her scintillating lavender crystal, muttering under her breath. Her hair slowly smoothes out like it did before, fairly smooth and well-behaved, and she turns and goes over to a better vantage point, over by Luther and Tass.

Tuesday 12/11/90 21:26:14 PM From [?] Storm [?]
storm walks over to Belgarath and sits down next the old gentleman and ask how old he is

Tuesday 12/11/90 21:37:50 PM From Luther Arkwright [, Esq.]
Luther follows Kytyn's look and likes what he sees.

Tuesday 12/11/90 23:02:44 PM From Stoeana Juhlin
Sto walks in and takes a stool at the bar, ordering a drink she swivels in the stool to face the crowd. She quietly watches for a bit.

Wednesday 12/12/90 00:30:43 AM From [Don't Leave] Red Dorakeen [Standin' Still....]
Tom Waits??? Oboy, dunno if I can remember any of that... looks like the computer's gonna have to perform it... so get on up here and (how do you say? ah.) "hum a few bars".... here.

[red passes the digital guitar to Luther, who looks at it, fingers a few chords (which the computer, recognizing a newish player, manages to "accompany" into a decent sounding jazz riff), and then starts to play... doesn't sound half bad, either...]

Oh, right. This key here brings up your instrument select window. the bright blue is yours, the white are the current active holograms, and the grayish are inactive. go ahead and fool around... once you get the band set, hit ESC and it'll save the settings and re-draw.

Wednesday 12/12/90 11:39:25 AM From [Back from hell,] The Man In Black [lives on.]
TMIB turns away from the bar, noticing sto quietly observing the darkly lit room, he decides to initiate a conversation. "Excuse me," TMIB starts "have you lost some weight?"

Wednesday 12/12/90 13:19:56 PM From Bobbie
Bobbie.... sitting in a booth with Pan Man is asking what he's been up to...

Wednesday 12/12/90 14:27:10 PM From [Kan U say Konan?] Pan Man [Of kourse U kan!]
Pannie answers, "Been waiting around for you...;) Naw. I've been sick for ever now. How about you?"

Wednesday 12/12/90 21:18:48 PM From Megan
"Hello, I've been sick pretty much since August. No, I gained a few pounds."

Thursday 12/13/90 10:49:34 AM From [Mreow?!] Kytyn ['s being a happy cat!]
Kytyn watches Red and Luther amused. "Can that thing become a harp like this one?" she asks, pulling a lap harp out from behind her. It 's base gleams a bright purplish black, with jeweled and metallic inlays of magical and real creatures and natural phenomena. The strings appear to be spun of four strands of silver metal and the ivory tuning keys are carved with runes and signs. Gently, Kytyn begins to play upon her harp.

Thursday 12/13/90 21:32:14 PM From Luther Arkwright [, Esq.]
Luther, meanwhile, has managed to filter his voice through years of cigarettes and whiskey, and has the fake band accompanying him in a fair rendition of "Heartattack and Vine". Seeing Kytyn's instrument, he leaves off his blues and tries a minimalist chamber-folk accompaniment to Kytyn's sweet playing and voice. Sounds like an angel singing with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. He then hands DPR's instrument to TaleTeller.

Friday 12/14/90 03:50:43 AM From [one love] ford prefect [who would sing my songs]
ford gets up an leaves. he waves good-bye. he stands at the door for a second, and then he is gone.

Friday 12/14/90 06:28:52 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Myddrin, entranced with the beautiful woman's looks and harp skill, slips into a trance-like state. "Ah, how I miss my homeland..."

Friday 12/14/90 11:45:25 AM From [Mreow?!] Kytyn ['s being a happy cat!]
Kytyn, oblivious to her surroundings, plays on...

Friday 12/14/90 22:44:52 PM From [Kan U say Konan?] Pan Man [Of kourse U kan!]
Pan Man, still with Bobbie, moves a little closer and pushes the seafood

Saturday 12/15/90 09:00:28 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Myddrin, oblivious to his surroundings, listens on...

Saturday 12/15/90 16:16:52 PM From [Where's my catnip?] Kytyn [is getting restless.]
Kytyn, after playing for two hours, breaks out of her trance and massages her fingers. She reaches into on of her pouches and pulls out a small bottle and begins applying ointment to her fingers. The smells of spicy cinnamon and marigold fill the air around her.

Sunday 12/16/90 07:29:37 AM From Richard Goldfinder
Richard enters the grill. "Wow, so this is what this place looks like." He walks up to the counter and orders his usual: turkey on light rye bread. He visits the bar and orders a Grek-style strawberry daiquiri. Not totally comfortable with his surroundings, he settles on one of the empty barstools and watches the goings-on for a while.

Sunday 12/16/90 13:55:17 PM From [Where's my catnip?] Kytyn [is getting restless.]
Kytyn packs up her ointment and her harp and orders some honeyed mead.

Sunday 12/16/90 21:06:55 PM From [?] Storm [?]
Storm , disappointed at missing the chance to accompany Kytyn on the guitar produces one and begins to play a tune of Krynnish origin wondering if Belgarth is going to answer his question. still playing he throes another pea at Tass

Sunday 12/16/90 21:50:00 PM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Myd, entranced by Kytyn's playing, walks over and introduces himself. "Very beautiful playing. Where'd you learn?"

Monday 12/17/90 00:03:04 AM From [Oh, oh] Little Neo [found a new board to call]
As Little Neo opens the door to enter the room, her glasses fall off and she steps on them. She picks them up, but the lenses are shattered and unusable. "Damn," she mutters, "and I left my contacts at home!!" She peers around the room, but the faces and figures are only blurs, and she cannot tell if any of them are familiar. Then, from the back of the room, someone waves. She steps closer to see who it is.

Monday 12/17/90 08:15:15 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
TT bellows across the room, "Hey Little Neo! Come sit with Megan and I!" Mind, they've never met but this doesn't deter the TaleTeller. "What'cha want to drink? Be careful about ordering the Blue Hawaiian."

Monday 12/17/90 09:18:59 AM From The Maven
The Maven walks in, stares blearily at the bottles lined up behind the bar, sits on a stool and tells the bartender "Yes."

Monday 12/17/90 09:50:49 AM From [ ] narrator [ ]
Gonzo fills a little cart with every bottle in the place and starts putting them down in front of the Maven. "Lesseee, ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar...oh, did you man booze?"

Monday 12/17/90 10:19:21 AM From Dark Angel
Angel orders anything that won't interfere with cyberware.

Monday 12/17/90 14:31:16 PM From [Kytyn's lonely. Who wants] Kytyn [for Christmas?]
"I've known how for many years, how many you probably wouldn't believe; but I learned back on my homeworld, Phyre. Oh and thank you. Do you play?" Kytyn stops fiddling with her harpcase and looks at Myd intently.

Monday 12/17/90 16:11:08 PM From [on a crowded street] Red Dorakeen [or from a passing car]
Red sets "The World's Most Dangerous Holographic Robot Band" on automatic and goes over to the bar to order a drink. He looks at Maven, then at Gonzo... he decides that maybe this is a bad idea, and so goes over to talk to Taleteller for awhile....

The band pumps out a remarkably realistic rendition of "Mexican Radio" then segues into "politics of dancing" by an obscure band of late 20th century Earth origin, known as re-flex.

Monday 12/17/90 23:15:09 PM From [Back from hell,] The Man In Black [lives on.]
tmib looks amused. he does this for no apparent reason.

Tuesday 12/18/90 00:18:13 AM From [Oh, oh] Little Neo [found a new board to call]
Little Neo stumbles blindly toward Megan and TT, managing to find a seat through the myopic haze. Unfortunately, (being a rather contrary sort) the warning against the Blue Hawaiians just makes them all the more tempting. Yummm. Just the mention of that drink brings back fond memories of her "lost weekend" in Honolulu.

Tuesday 12/18/90 06:56:59 AM From Myddrin ap Taliesin
Instantly, Myddrin develops an interest in the attractive musician. "Well, I guess you could say that I've strummed a few strings in my time," he humbly admits, "People have nearly worshipped my music but I see now it was because they have never heard your nimble fingers glide across the strings." Cursing to himself, "Damn! I'm laying it on thick. She must think me desperate, but her's simply elegant." To her he asks, "May I sit with you and listen some more?"

Tuesday 12/18/90 09:04:35 AM From [====] TaleTeller [!!]
The bartender brings over an ice-cold drink and (much to our surprise) a blue Hawaiian much like the one Bobbie was given. Only this one really IS Hawaiian, black hair and all muscle. And dark blue. Man, he's a BIG one. TT eyes him and asks jokingly, "Care to share him, LN?"

Tuesday 12/18/90 16:12:33 PM From [Happy Hanukkah from] Pan Man [, the Jewish Vigilante]
Gonzo brings Bobbie and Pannie a drink to share. Pan tries to distract Bobbie from the large Hawaiian.

Tuesday 12/18/90 17:27:44 PM From The Maven

(Maven starts making hand gestures at the waiter)

(This Big)

(This tall)




Seeing that the bartender doesn't understand a word of what he's trying to get across, Maven leans over the bar, grabs the makings and mixes up a whopping big batch of Hot Spiced Cider.

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