Lashcon Day 2 Recap
Article: Adrian Paul at Sifu Och Wing Chun Studio

Dumpster Fire Episode 2

Day 2 Recap

Keith: Hey Rewatchers, Keith here!

As you may have noticed, we didn't yet release our Day 2 Recap of last week's Highlander Convention in Lakeland, Florida.

As many of you have heard, the convention was not what we had all hoped for, and was plagued by management issues. As a result, the convention was under-attended, and to say it was a disappointment would be an understatement.

With all of that said, all of the guests were joys to hang out with, and were consummate professionals throughout the whole ordeal.

We also got to meet a lot of listeners of the Highlander Rewatched Podcast! It was truly great to meet everyone and share our love of Highlander together.

On Sunday, there was an incident at the convention regarding the payment of guests. This incident cast an even darker shadow on the weekend's events, and we thought it would be untimely to release our recap episode without some sort of explanation. If you're interested in a full recount of our experiences at the Highlander convention, please check out the notes section of our Facebook page. "LashCON or Poisoned by Incompetence or the Unexpected Virtues of Ignorance"

So, what follows is the brief recap of the second day's events. I'm sure you can hear the uncomfortable tone in all our voices, but we did our best to let you know what was going on. Stay tuned after the recap, and we'll let you know what's in store for Highlander Rewatched in the future! With that said, on with the show.

1:39 Kyle: *softly singing* bum, ba da bum, ba dum bum, ba dum bum. Fart fart fart fart farrrrt.

Keith: Hiyo, Rewatchers, yay, it's Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon.

Keith: And welcome to this episode, this bonus episode, of Highlander Rewatched. We are recording live from the... Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering in Lakeland, Florida. What's it--what's up, guys?

Eamon: What's up?

Kyle: It's almost over, we're drinking whiskey!

Keith: Yes!

Eamon: That's right.

Keith: Drinking the whiskey.

Kyle: It's helping. *low laughter*

2:09 Keith: Uh, so we're here at Day 2--

Eamon: That's right.

Keith: Uh, Day 2 has featured... Uh, let's see, what's been going on. Of course The Sword Experience--

Eamon: Mmhm!

Keith: The fully-attended Sword Experience!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: Everyone coming out of that was like, super-pumped! A lot of people took it two times!

Eamon: Yeah! Yeah. Some repeat takers! So that should speak--

Kyle: Repeat offenders!

Eamon: --for the quality, yeah, he had some repeat offenders. But yes, everybody seemed pretty psyched about it; even the people that took it twice!

2:35 Keith: Totally! Uh, and then, um, Anthony's been doing his whip class all afternoon, and F Braun is about to start his knife class!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah! Which sounds terrifying!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Where he teaches you how to kill people...

Eamon: Like, for real.

Keith: For real! *laughs*

Kyle: For realsies! Yeah! At our... at our panel yesterday he was stressing that it's all genuine, real combat moves, the way he would teach to, like, police officers and soldiers and such.

Keith: Yeah, right. But one of the highlights of today was the, uh... there was a second panel, uh with the... cast of Highlander. Anthony couldn't be there because he was--hello! Hello. Wow. I'm very sorry. Hello! *taptap* Oh, it's maybe cuz the--*microphone goes on* Hello?

Kyle: There it is!

Keith: Wow! So, there it is, guys! Those dulcet tones.

Eamon: Nice!

Keith: Anthony couldn't be there because he was in the middle of his sold-out Whip Class! Which--

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: --is great! Congratulations!

Kyle: Yeah. Which, if you saw that video the other day, he is quite the Whipmaster!

Eamon: He is.

Kyle: Whip it!

Eamon: Whip it good! Uh, but F Braun McAsh, Elizabeth Gracen, and Adrian Paul were there, and the panel was moderated by the great John Mosby--

Kyle: Now, I was not there. You guys were there. What was the uh... what were the highlights?

3:46 Eamon: Well it was just a little bit more casual than the one Kyle and I went to. Um, there were some flight constraints, but they just basically went right to answering questions. Um, and it was a little... like, there were less sword questions. At the one Kyle and I went to, it seemed pretty heavily focused on Adrian Paul, like, sword fight stories.

Kyle: Right. Which was... which were interesting, but--

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: --you know, that's only one facet of Highlander, obviously.

Eamon: Right. Um, but uh, Adrian Paul told some stories about pranks that were on-set. Like, he and Stan Kirsch got into a food fight?

Keith: Yeah, he said with pies?

Eamon: Like, in wardrobe with pies. And I was like, is this true?

Keith: It sounds so... it sounds cartoonish. Like there were just pies everywhere.

Eamon: Yeah. Where did all these pies come from?

Keith: And they threw pies every--and it was like, oh. Okay.

Eamon: Yeah.

4:36 Kyle: Weird. Maybe it was a little bit--*****

Keith: I think the truth lies somewhere--

Eamon: In between?

Keith: Not even in between! LiKeith: There was a pie.

Eamon: Yeah. This didn't happen? Yeah.

Keith: This didn't happen!

Kyle: Or maybe they were throwing handfuls of pie at each other?

Keith: Yeah...!

Eamon: Oh, that's true.

Keith: Maybe.

Eamon: Hmmm.

Kyle: That sounds believable.

Eamon: Yep.

Kyle: Or maybe it was just Hostess pies.

Eamon: Oh!

4:51 Keith: Oh! Like a little--just some little tasty cakes? *****Yeah! Little tasty cakes.

Kyle: Let them eat tasty cake! Philadelphia. Bastille Day. *moment of confused silence* In Philadelphia, on Bastille Day, they have a celebration on the walls of the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is this old castle-looking building, oldest prison in America, and they hurl tasty cakes; little Hostess-like treats off the wall as they recreate the storming of the Bastille. *moment* Let them eat tasty cake. That was a long explanation for a dumb reference.

5:18 Eamon: Hahahah.

Keith: Ah, very good. Um, uh, F Braun talked about--uh, they all talked about some new projects coming up--

Eamon: Yeah! Yeah.

Keith: --which was cool, so um... I think most of those are pretty current; if you heard our Elizabeth Gracen episode--interview. Go back, if you haven't, on Soundcloud and check it out; or iTunes or Stitcher. Um, but yeah! She's doing a documentary about dance, a documentary about Lee Meriwether, I believe--

Kyle: YES!

Keith: --um, and I think that's debuting... I think she said that's the one debuting this week, or next week--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: --uh, at a L.A. Documentary Short-Filmfest, which is cool!

Kyle: She's following that one with a documentary about Floyd Meriwether, right?

Keith: *amused* Yeah. That's it.

Kyle: *laughing* That's it. That's not true, I'm sorry. *chuckles*

Eamon: I approve.

5:58 Keith: But yeah, uh, stay tuned on our page, and definitely follow Flapperpress on Twitter and Facebook, for more details on her projects. Um, F Braun is writing what seems like a pretty crazy book! Uh--

Eamon: It's like if vampires were real?

Keith: Well it was a... I think he said the title... the working title is D-d-d-d--duh For Dummies?

Kyle: *amused* What?

Keith: And it is a like, uh, how to be a dummy for like... what are--you know those books that are like...

Eamon: It's like how to be... like Blank For Dummies.

Keith: Yeah. The Blank For Dummies.

Eamon: But like, with vampires.

6:30 Keith: A satire of that. But it also seems like it's definitely taking a lot of like, inspir--like, references Twilight, and... it's told in the format of, like, kind of like Interview With The Vampire, the Anne Rice book. Like, it's about--a vampire is telling the story to the author, uh but he... sounded some cool like stuff about, like, uh, could a vampire exist based upon evolutionary biology? And like, what creatures out there actually do things that vampires can do, and live forever. Anyway it sounded like a pretty fun project he's working on, so, that's cool!

Eamon: Yeah! And he sounds SMART.

Keith: Yes!

Kyle: He is a very engaging speaker!

Eamon: Yeah. I encourage anybody, if you can find any interview with him, to listen to it. Cuz he's pretty entertaining. Or our interview, which we'll post!

Kyle: *laughing* Yes!

7:12 Keith: That's right! Um, and then Adrian Paul is working on, I guess, his uh...

Eamon: Directorial debut!

Keith: Of a feature film, he uh, I guess is directing, and he rewrote the script! I guess he received this project and has, I guess, tweaked it. Um, he didn't really give us too many details on it. Um, it's called Christmas Story 2, right?

Adrian Films Christmas Eve

Eamon: Yeah. And I was wondering is it like the number 2, or like T.O.O.? *moment of silence*

Keith: I don't know...

Kyle: What, like, in addition there's already like a Hanukkah story, and now there's a Christmas Story, too?

Keith and Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: But he said it was like a Lovecraftian sort of like--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: It's not what we were thinking it's gonna be.

Eamon: It sounded weird. I was like, what?

Kyle: It this like Cthulhu Save Christmas? *Keith and Eamon chuckle* You're a cultist, and-n-n-n all the normies are gonna...*heheh* like, are NOT ushering in an era of madness! Only Cthulhu can help!

Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

Keith: Very good! Um...

Kyle: He did say Lovecraftian, right? I didn't make that up?

Keith: Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Kyle: He's a white supremacist!

Eamon: Yes, he has some troubling... uh, ideas... that H.P.

Kyle: So I assume that's not what this Christmas movie's about.

Eamon: I don't think so.

Keith: Um, but we had some details--so one of other questions was about what was your least favorite episode to film...

Eamon: Oh, yeah.

Keith: And of course, we all know the answer to this. You know the answer to this, cuz it's everyone's least favorite episode. The Zone!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: Um--

Eamon: He said The Zone.

Kyle: He said The Zone. Alhough he--

8:32 *****Eamon: *Playfully does snide fan tone* Although he said it was in Season One!

Keith: *continue snide tone* And it was in Season Two!

Together: Eaaaah!

Kyle laughs

Keith: Uh, no, uh but um, one of the kind of interesting anecdotes that came out of that was, uh, he was speaking of Clay Borris, who directed that. Who was Six-Day--

Kyle: Six-Day-Clay!

Keith: Right, cuz he got stuff done! But I guess... so he was a young guy at the time. I guess I never really thought about how old Clay Borris was as a director, but he was, you know, an early up-and-coming director. Uh, and apparently, like his student films, he would just cast them with his friends, 'n stuff? Which is what you do, when you have a student film. Uh, but there was a scene where he, like, it required these people to beat up someone else, and so not really know-howing... how to do like, effects to make it look real or whatever, they just beat the shit out of some guy! *laughing*

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: Not some guy! Some friend, some actor-friend, uh, and that was how they shot the movie! Um, and I guess Adrian Paul was hinting that that would happen like a LOT on set. Like--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: --stuntwork, and like... it's like "Just DO it." And it's like, "No you can't just DO that. That's dangerous."

Kyle: You can't just beat a person.

Keith: Right!

Eamon: Right.

Keith: Um. So that was kind of funny, I thought!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: A little insight into... the world of Clay Borris.

Eamon: He also did, like, a miming of... it was like a little... performance of him trying to jump on a horse--

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: That was weird. Like, apparently one time a horse wouldn't let him get on it. *amused snort* And he actually like, put a chair on the stage and like, hopped on it! It was pretty funny.

Keith: Yeah. It was cool to see Adrian Paul, you know, hopping around on stage. He's an entertaining guy.

Kyle: Plying his trade.

Keith: Yeah. Um... they talked about, yeah, we-w--some pranks on set? And this is one I... I guess has been circulated before. I don't know if I knew about it, I think, but it as like... they told Alexandra Vandernoot, the first season that like, cats were outlawed, like, in Vancouver, like, and on set like, you won't see them, like, they don't believe in them, like... anyway and then--

Kyle: Cats?

Keith: Cats! Yeah. Because there were no cats around, like somehow she noticed that. Like, she was like "Oh it's weird, there's no cats." Cuz that's stuff you say. Like, yeah. *laughing* It's like, "Oh, isn't that weird. There's no cats."

10:38 **** Eamon: I never, weird...

Kyle: There's no... people here.

Keith: Yeah. *Eamon laughs* I was wondering that, actually, Lakeland's been an interesting--I didn't notice any, like, giraffes... around here?

Kyle: Yeah! That's a good point!

Keith: Isn't that weird?

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: We've been all... we've been silent on this--this topic--

Kyle: Up 'til now!

Keith: Up 'til now.

10:53 Kyle: But this is *****exclusive. Not many giraffes in... *chuckles*

Keith: Sorry Lakeland! *****

Eamon: I didn't see any cats, either!

Keith: Yeah, that's true! Speaking of, that's... huh, man! No one talks about this stuff. Media blackout!

11:01 Kyle: *****These truth-bombs! Media blackout. Nothing makes my blood boil like the phrase "media blackout."

Keith: *chuckling* So anyway, I guess they then took, like, handfuls of like, fur, and like, threw them about her dressing room, and they were saying like, that those cats were like, taken away? It was--it seemed really crazy. And she was freaked out.

Eamon: Yeah. Yup. I... I did--I didn't--

Keith: It was hard to track the story, too.

Kyle: Where'd they get the fur?

Keith: I don't know!

Eamon: That's what--I was like, I didn't understand this prank--

Kyle: That's where all the stray cats went!

Eamon: And I was like, where'd the fur come from? *snickering*

11:31 *****Keith: *Lightly quotes* Where-ever did the lighter fluid come from?

Eamon laughs.

11:36 I think this is interesting and something we should look for in the future, um... Adrian told a story that's like, tacitly *****involved pranks, like just being goofy on set. Uh, if you've listened to the show before, if you haven't, go back and listen to all the episodes, come on guys--

Eamon: Please.

Keith: But at... some episode I go on a boring tirade about the... extended European cuts, and it all has to do--

11:58 *****There's debate about this, because some people are like, "Oh it's because... it's like, you know, nudity or whatever..." and sometimes that's, like, partially true, but like--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Like, it's true that the reason they film the nude scenes as bonus features is because of the video format. I'm obviously getting into the boring frames-per-second thing, again. *Eamon is laughing* But it's because the, uh, it's PAL versus NTSC formats of film. Um, so, they need the episodes to actually be longer in Europe. Um, the... actors knew that, so they knew which scenes were never gonna be seen in America, and of course this was also before DVDs, Hulu, all this stuff where--you know, it's like... it's like when actors do Japanese commercials in the past. It's like, "Oh, no one will ever see this."

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Uh, so, we should definitely keep an eye out cuz, we know from the scripts which parts of the episodes are... extended scenes that weren't put in the--in the... the U.S. cut. They're all like, super loose, uh... because sometimes they're like partially improvised. Sometimes like, he said like, him and Stan Kirsch would just, like, instead of referring to each other as like, "Oh Richie!" it'd be like, "Hey dude!" Like, they would use those sort of phrases because then it would get uh...

Eamon: Dubbed. Yeah.

Keith: ...Either dubbed or subtitled. And they would follow the script, for the subtitles, not what they actually did, so they would say like weird lines, uh, that like are kind of out of character, and like, kind of loosey-goosey, uh, because in the end the subtitles would actually be like, "Oh, Monsieur!"

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Like, and it'd be very proper. Uh, like you should say, or what the script would say.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So I thought that was actually kind of cool, so we should keep out for--a lookout for that--*conspiratorial growl*--in future episodes!

Eamon: Keep your eyes peeled.

Kyle: Like a banana peel.

13:31 Eamon: Kyle got to do some Kung fu.

Kyle: Oh, yeah! There is a, uh, Sifu Och... is his name, and... (Lakeland Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts)

Keith: I'm on a see-food diet!

Kyle: You--!

Eamon: Wa, wa, wa, wah.

Keith: When I see fish I... pummel it! *Eamon and Kyle laugh*

Kyle: Alright, you kind of, you kind of brought that around, I think I liked it.

13:50 *****Keith: Sorry.

Kyle: Not bad. Um, but no, I got to do some Wing Chun Kung fu. Like the... he said the Ip Man. I've never seen those movies, but I've seen clips from them, and they look awesome.

Eamon: That's uh, Donny Yen!

Keith: Yeah, Donny Yen!

Kyle: Oh yeah!

Eamon: He was in Highlanderrrrrr....

Keith: Endgame!

Kyle: Endgame! I always said the I.P. Man, which made me think like, the Intellectual Property Man?

14:09 *****Keith: Mmhm. I.P. Address Man? *chuckling men*

Kyle: But no! That was totally awesome, and he gave like a cool little rundown that was super-fluid, and I got to punch a... like, Mokujin-thing (Mook Yan Jong--wooden dummy), and it was awesome! Everything about it was cool!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: So it's been a lot of fun--

Eamon: It was fun, yeah.

Keith: Good time. And then also, tonight we're looking forward to a screening of, uh, two Highlander fanfilms, Highlander: Dark Places, and Highlander: The Watcher!

Eamon: The Watcher!

Keith: Uh, which are available on...

Eamon: Blu Ray.

Keith: Blu Ray! Uh, and you can go on their respective Facebook pages, uh, Facebook Highlander: The Watcher, or Facebook Highlander: Dark Places to find those!

Kyle: And we had the opportunity to interview the makers of those films so, uh, stay tuned to this space to see those interviews! It'll be super-cool!

Keith: Yeah, we'll be talking about the movies and getting some inside info from the creators!

Eamon: That's right.

Keith: Uh, so yeah! I think that about does it for Day... Dos!

Eamon: Day Dos!

Keith: Day Dos.

15:05 *****Eamon: *sings* Daaaay Dos!

Kyle: DaaAAAaaaAAY Dos! (with Keith)

Eamon: Day Dos come and me wan' go home.


Kyle: I... I... I too "wan' go home." *laughing*

Keith: Very good. Well, we've been your Rewatchers, thanks for joining us at The... Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention! I've been one of your Rewatchers, Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon.

Keith: Bye!

Kyle: Seeyu!

Eamon: Bye!

15:33 Keith: Hey, Rewatchers! Wasn't that a treat? Daylight come and me wanna go home, indeed. We want to thank all our listeners out there who have supported us on the podcast, on our Facebook page, and through our Gofundme page. You are all a huge, integral part of the Highlander Community, and we couldn't do this show without you.

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Finally, Highlander Rewatched is always looking forward. We can't wait for the New Year, and to tackle the oft-maligned Highlander 2, and delve into Season Three of the series; where we get to meet some new characters, and follow Highlander as it really hits its stride. We have some great stuff in store for you in the next few weeks, too! Including some very exclusive celebrity interviews with some Highlander stars we haven't heard from in a while! And we'll get you in the Yuletide spirit with a pretty great holiday special too!

Thanks again for all your support! I've been one of your Rewatchers, Keith! BYE!

Pros and Cons... John Mosby's Article


Adrian Paul star of “The Highlander” came to Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung Fu studio in Lakeland Florida after being part of our booth in Downtown Lakeland Florida’s First Friday event. Sifu Justin Och was invited to participate in the Sword Experience workshop, a 3 hour a day, 2 day seminar Adrian Paul personal taught called the sword experience. The live action drill training a choreographed routine held at the Lakeland Civic Center. The 30th Anniversary of The Highlander had in attendance Elizabeth Gracen the love interest of Duncan Macleod. Sifu Justin Och also trained with weapon’s expert F Braun McAsh afternoon Knife Combat Course, it was an honor to learn from such an amazing knife master. That night after having dinner with the Weapon Experts F Braun McAsh “Master swordsman and knife fighting expert” and Anthony De Longis “Film Director and Fight Choreographer for Hollywood, American actor, stuntman.” they invited Sifu Justin Och, his wife, Timothy Kittelstad and brother to train with them privately the next day in sword combat training and Arnis.