Bonus Episode 3 - 2 Worldwide Gathering Convention
Welcome to Highlander Rewatched! The podcast where each and every week we discuss another facet of the Highlander universe! Usually we're talking about the series; the movies; could be comic books, more recently; all sorts of good stuff. I'm one of your Rewatchers, I'm Keith!

This is Kyle.

This is Eamon!

Keith: And, we are wrapping up a pretty long day of podcasting. We've been podcasting since like, 10 AM this morning, drinking many a...

Kyle: Was that still today? That feels like a--

Keith: That was still today!

Kyle: That feels like a previous day.

Keith: Yes. Absolutely!

Kyle: I'm a different human now than I was when we started.

Keith: After some of the arguments we got in today about Highlander, it does...*Eamon: Mmhm!* it does feel very long and arduous. We were arguing for... what seemed like hours about how many entrances there are to Joe's Bar. It got crazy!

Eamon: Yeah. *Kyle laughs*

Keith: It was the weirdest conversation we've ever had!

Kyle: I'm uncomfortable in my own skin now. *laughs*

Keith: That's right.

Eamon: Well I think we started recording 500 years ago on the Planet Zeist. I think... I think that's where we started.

Kyle: And now here we are!

Keith: We're going to retcon all that later. *affirming laughter* So today's a very special episode because... well, we're not going to be talking about the... well we're going to be talking about the series, kind of tangentially, I guess.

Kyle: Indirectly!

Keith: Indirectly.

Kyle: Obliquely.

1:39 Keith: So a lot of you listeners out there, uh... have known that this past--what was it?--December, we went to... we traveled to Lakeland, Florida! To take part in the Lashcon Highlander Gathering. It was...

Eamon: The Thirtieth Anniversary Gathering of--

1:54 Kyle: ***** (dialogue buried under Keith's)

Keith: Oh! You were going to define it that way! I was going to define it with an expletive! But you said--*Eamon chuckles*

Kyle: Yeah. The orgy of incompetence that was--

Keith: Yeah, the orgy of incompetence.

Kyle: --that was the Lashcon events. But uh...

Keith: But it was great because we got to meet a lot of great people; even though the event was kind of a mess. And--

Kyle: And tha--I don't know about you, but that really whet my appetite for a... dare I say: a higher caliber...

Keith: Absolutely! It's like--

Kyle: ... of, of Highlander event!

Keith: Clearly! There must be something better out there for Highlander fans, and guess what? There IS.

Kyle: Whaaat?

2:21 Keith: Yes! Uh, so we've got two guests on our show today, to talk to you about that very thing! A brilliantly put together, professional in every way, Highlander Convention! Uh, please welcome to the show, uh well, FRIEND of the show now, uh, former podcast guest, and author of Fearful Symmetry: The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander, author John Mosby! Welcome to the show! Hey, John!

John: Thank you very much for having me! Hi! Welcome you guys!

Keith: Uh, and, uh... organizer and head of Highlander WorldWide, the Official Convention uh... I guess, Provider of Highlander: Carmel MacPherson! Thank you very much for joining us, Carmel!

Carmel: Thank you for having me! All the way across the continents!

Kyle: Yeah, this is like a, a timezone spanning event right now! *Keith: Yeah!* It's like, we're travelling through time just having this conversation! It's--*Keith: That's true!*--It's very special!

John: This podcast is bigger on the inside! *happy laughter*

Kyle: As a little uh... icebreaker, little way of uh, easing our way into the show, we thought it might be fun to... to play a little game!


3:25 Kyle: So--

Carmel: Ah.

John: Aye?

Kyle: Uh, uh-oh! Oh, don't be nervous!

Keith: Don't be nervous!

Kyle: This is a, this is a, this is a... an easy game. This is a little game we call 3 And 5. I will say a category of thing, and you have five seconds to name three examples that fall within that category. And for the purposes of scoring, we're gonna--we're gonna give you some teams that I hope you develop a... a, a severe clan rivalry related to later. *Carmel laughs* So, for the purpose of this game, for scoring it'll be uh, Carmel and Keith versus Eamon and John!

Eamon: Alright.

Keith: Alright, it's on now!

John: Okay! Win or lose, play the game!

Kyle: So... well if you lose it'll be Keith's fault.

4:00 *****Oh, it... okay.

Kyle: I'm calling that--

Keith: Oh I--I'll call that. It's inevitably my fault.

Kyle: Yeah. So the way the scoring works is, like I said, you've got five seconds to name three things that fall within that category. You get one point for each one that you get correct, and if you get all three, you get four points! It's like a little extra bonus point. It's very special. So Keith and Eamon, you'll go first and then... we'll cycle through it, so that by the time we get to John and Carmel, they'll... they'll have gotten the gist.

Keith: Alright.

Kyle: Sound good?

Eamon: Okay. Yeah.

John: Okay.

Carmel: Yeah.

4:28 Keith: Alright.

Kyle: I don't know if people sound excited enough. I'm not sure if I'm like--

Eamon: YEAH!

Kyle: Thank you, Eamon.

Keith: I'm gonna smash this beer can on my forehead. *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: There we go! Now we're talking. So--*metal crunching sound*

Keith: There it was.

Kyle: There it was! Savage!

Eamon: Sound effects.

4:40 Keith: Sound, yeah. Magic of Foley.

Kyle: Alright. Ready to play?

Keith: I'm ready. I'm nervous because I--when I'm on the spot, I do not perform well. *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: And now you've got an audience, like--

Keith: I know!

Kyle: If you screw up now--

Eamon: And now you have a teammate depending on you!

Kyle: Yeah. If you screw up now, John Mosby's gonna know you're a poser. So like--

Keith: That's true!

Kyle: Ready?

Keith: I'm--I... I'm gonna do my best.

Kyle: Keith. In this show, Mac has a lot of run-ins with old friends. Name me three friends that Duncan MacLeod kills in this show.

Keith: Oh! Uh... so we got Cullen. Uh, we have... OH no! OH NO!

Kyle: Oh! And your five seconds is up! You get one point!

Keith: Oh, I blew it!

Kyle: That's it. You're dead.

Keith: I got one!

Carmel: That five seconds goes very quickly!

Keith: It does!

Eamon: It's a fast five seconds.

Kyle: That was a Gentleman's five seconds. *laughing*

Keith: He kills so many of his friends, too, and I...

Kyle: Yeah, it's shocking how many of his friends he kills. Like, being Mac's buddy is a death sentence!

Eamon: It is!

Keith: Alright.

Carmel: If you can't remember the name, can you just sort of say, you know, um, the episode name or... you have to have a name?

Kyle: Um... so... I would say go for it. I'm a... arbitrary and capricious judge. So, I might give it to you sometimes.

5:41 Carmel: Thank you. *laughing* *all laugh*

John: That, that guy with the long coat and the long hair.

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah, there we go!

Eamon: That works!

Keith: That counts!

Kyle: Oh that's all three! You just nailed all of them!

Eamon: Yeah! Is that Dominic Piton? *laughter*

Keith: That's right! There's one of 'em!

Kyle: Boom!

Keith: Alright Kyle. What else we got?

Kyle: Eamon! It is your turn. Ready to rock?

Eamon: I'm ready.

Kyle: Eamon. Taking a--a liberal definition of the term, name me three artists... that exist in the Highlander universe. *Keith wheezelaughs*

Eamon: Oooh. Uh, Tessa Noel. Um... oh... a d-j-uh-uh-Joe Dawson! Uh, uh, uh--*Kyle: Oh, nice!*--Ooooh--

Kyle: Oh, and you're out of time!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: But that's two! That's two, right there!

Carmel: Uh oh, John! They're getting harder!

Eamon: Yeah!

John: I know! I didn't know there was gonna be a test!

Kyle: I know! This is like--

6:24 Carmel: I have to go and rewatch all the episodes! *laughter*

Keith: That's what we do, here!

Eamon: That's right! *Carmel laughs*

John: If only I had a really good reference book to hand. *more Carmel laughter!*

Eamon: Oh!

Kyle: Yeah, I know! Like, if only one of the people participating in this game had written an essential guide to this thing! *Eamon laughs too*

Carmel: Yes!

Eamon: We can't see you, John! So if you wanna pull that off the shelf, you can use it.

Kyle: Yeah, if you guys are, like, I can call out Keith and Eamon, but if you guys are aggressively cheating, I will be none the wiser.

Keith: *laughing* Right.

Eamon: Hey Carmel, you're online! Pull up a Google search or something! *chuckling*

Carmel: I was going to say, by the time I get to Google my five seconds'd be up. *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: That's the hardest thing about this game, like...

Carmel: Yeah!

Kyle: People tend to get two right away, and then that third one...

Eamon: Ohh.

Kyle: But, Carmel, it's your turn!

Carmel: Uh-oh.

Kyle: Are you ready to rock?

Carmel: Yeaap.

Kyle: Which, speaking of that, transition... your question is: Please name three songs from Queen featured in Highlander.

Carmel: Princes of the Universe. Uh... It's... uh... It's a Kind of Magic. Aaand, ah, Live Forever.

Kyle: Yeah! I'll give you that. Yeah, alright!

Eamon: You got it!

Kyle: Boom!

Keith: You're crushing us! *Kyle: I--* And we do this professionally every week! *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: Professionally is a strong word.

Keith: That's right! *laughs*

Eamon: Alright John, get that book out.

John: Oh no!

Kyle: I know. It just got real! She just got four points for that! So, the pressure is ON. John!

John: Yeah?

Kyle: You ready?

John: No. Go on! *Eamon, Keith, maybe Kyle too, laugh*

Kyle: Can you please name me three Highlander villains whose name begin with a "K" sound.

John: *laughs* Kronos! Cullen! And... oh, God. Um... the Kurgan!

Together: Yeah!

Eamon: There you go!

Kyle: Alright!

Keith: In the nick of time!

Kyle: I gotta say, guys. So far, the guests are crushing you.

Keith: Yes!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: They have both gotten four points for their trouble.

Eamon: I got two. Good job, you guys.

Keith: I got one.

Kyle: So right now, Team Eamon and John has six points to Keith and Carmel's five points, so...

Keith: Alright. It's still tight, though!

Kyle: It's alright! You've got one more round to... to pull this thing out. *Eamon: Tie-breaker.* I'm not optimistic for you, Keith.

Keith: No, I'm not, either!

Kyle: For you, personally. I'm sure Carmel's gonna carry you, but... *Eamon chuckles, Carmel laughs* Uh... Keith. Name me three episodes withOUT an Immortal adversary.

Eamon: Oooh!

Keith: Oh, man! Uh, so, uh... Family Tree. Um... oh... uh, uh, See No Evil! Uh... AUGH! I got two. Alright.

Kyle: Alright. That's two! That's two. Okay. *Eamon: Wow.* You got two.

Eamon: Good job.

Carmel: Oh well done! God, I would've got none! *laughter* By the time I thought of them... yeah.

Eamon: I'm awful at recalling the episode names!

Keith: Yes. We often forget the episode we talk about week to week. *Eamon: Yeah!* We're like, "What's this episode called?" *Eamon: Yes!*

Kyle: I don't know! Whatever! *laughter*

Keith: Very good!

9:00 Kyle: How could you poll***** that Family Tree, the, where the Im--the non-Immortal adversary is not having a dad. So, you know...

9:06 Kyle: Eamon.

Eamon: Yes.

Kyle: This one's gonna be an in-gag.

Eamon: Ooooh.

Kyle: So, this is for you exclusively.

Eamon: Mmhm?

Kyle: Name me three nicknames we've given Immortals in Highlander.

Eamon: Oh! So there's Carrot. *Kyle chuckles* Um, there is, uh, Dominic the Zone Piton. Uh, and there is... uh, Richie Rawdog Ryan. *Kyle and Keith burst out laughing* Yeah.

Kyle: There is! Alright, you got it. That was a, that was a generous five seconds, but I'm inclined to give it to you.

Eamon: I appreciate that.

Kyle: Carmel, you ready to rock?

Carmel: Yeees...

Kyle: Ohh! That sounded so--

Eamon: Hah-hah! You're crushing it! *Keith: Yes!* You're gonna get this! I know it.

Kyle: Yeah! I--I believe in you! Can you name me three of Duncan MacLeod's girlfriends. *gasp* Here we go!

Carmel: Um, Lisa, Tessa, Anne. *Moment* Except I think I said Lisa who IS Anne. *laughs*

Eamon: Ohhh!

Keith: Oh that's right!

Kyle: Oh! Mmm. You know what--

John: I'm sure in all his time, there's been a Lisa. *everyone speaks at the same time*

10:00 *****Oh yeah, we'll get to that.

Keith: Exactly!

Eamon: Yup! *laughing with Carmel*

*****Kyle: Boom!

Keith: Mac gets around. Yeah.

Kyle: Alright. John.

John: Hello. Right.

Kyle: Final--final shot here.

Eamon: We got this, John.

Kyle: I believe in you! Which I--I'm the judge, so I should not show partiality like that, but I still believe in you. *laughter*

Eamon: Just in general.

Kyle: Yeah. John.

John: Yeah.

Kyle: Can you name me: Three weapons that Duncan MacLeod uses in Highlander.

John: Uh... a katana, a sabre, and his bare hands.

Keith and Eamon: There you go!

Kyle: Yeah. You know what? He's a lethal weapon! I'll give it to you.

Eamon and Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: I will take it.

Keith: The unstoppable beefcake that is Duncan MacLeod!

Kyle: Duncan MacLeod and his bare hands? *Keith: Yeah!* Duncan MacLeod's meat-hooks are a deadly weapon! Oh! So that means... Keith, you blew it, man!

Keith: I did, I--

Kyle: That very first question you only got one point, and that is... Actually you know what? It wasn't even close. I'm just kidding. *Keith laughs* Uh... so it, it is... uh, fourteen to eleven. *Keith: WOW!* The winners are Eamon and John.

Eamon: Woohoo!

Keith: Very good! *applauds*

Eamon: Good job, John!

Carmel: Well done!

Kyle: The thing I was kidding about it wasn't just about the first round, it was that you blew both of your questions. *laughter* Keith. So...

Keith: Yes.

Eamon: Keith, Carmel's a first-time guest!

Keith: I know! I let her down.

Kyle: I know. Carmel aced hers! She got eight points total. Keith: Yikes!

Kyle: For her two things. But--

Keith: Well I gotta brush up on this! I gotta keep rewatching!

11:21 Carmel: ***** to be on the second one. *laughter*

Kyle: Oh... So! That's how you play 3 And 5! I hope... you had as much fun as WE did.


11:33 Keith: Very good! *Carmel and others laugh* Well thanks so much for coming on the show--*laughs* I was just like, this sounds like a wrapup! Thanks for coming on the show! It's over! *much laughter*

Kyle: See ya, yeah!

John: Yeah, that was fun! See you guys!

Eamon: Yeah! Bye-bye!

Keith: Alright, so, the real reason... that you guys are on the show, is because--

Kyle: As a vessel to embarrass Keith. And we've done that, so--

Keith: Yes. Every week I'm embarrassed by my answers. Uh, so! Uh, you guys are putting on the 10th Highlander WorldWide Convention, this coming October!

Carmel: Well it's actually... it is actually the 11th!

Keith: That's right!

Kyle: The 11th? Oh, there's an extra one.

Keith: It's like a bonus one.

Carmel: The 11th. Well actually--we mucked things up. When we did um... uh, I think it was in 2005, or 6, we did a... We called it the Workshop, because it didn't take the format, in some ways, of a conventional con. It was very much a behind-the-scenes looking at the creative, um, the art of production. So we took four episodes, and we followed those four episodes through from script-to-screen. So, we didn't actually give that one a number, stupidly, so we're sort of now buggered ourselves up, because uh, we have to call this Highlander 10, otherwise everyone will be totally confused--

Keith: Right! *Kyle laughs*

Carmel: But it's--it is actually our 11th convention.

Keith: Awesome. What--

Kyle: That's--

Keith: What made you guys wanna put on this 10th convention?

Kyle: Eleventh. *amused*

Keith: Eleventh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! *bursts out laughing*

Kyle: We just established this is the 11th! We JUST established that these go to eleven!

Keith: See?! This, this is why I get the questions wrong week-to-week! *Eamon: Yeah!* Is because...

Carmel: That's alright now. You're allowed to call it Highlander WorldWide 10, otherwise everyone will think "I've registered for the wrong convention!"

Keith: Right! *Eamon laughs*

John: We're like Doctor Who! We-we have a War Convention somewhere.

Keith: Right! *laughter* So what was the impetus for putting this on?

Carmel: Um... to be honest, the last sort of few years have been somewhat busy for me, um, for various reasons, and um... Including quite a number of moves and, you know, an aged parent and so on. And many--and young grandchildren that needed looking after, and um, so on, but um... So, but I could... I could just see a whole new energy in the fandom. And um... you know, including yourselves, you know? And um, I thought, "You know what? It's..." So I started to just sort of put feelers out to John and the others saying, "You know... you know, maybe it's time that we should, um, put another one on." And then... Lashcon announced.

Keith: Heyo!

Carmel: And then we thought--and then I thought, "Oh, well God I... you know, I can't go in and um, announce Highlander WorldWide because, you know, that would just... um... you know, look a bit... mean." Um, so... So we held back, even though I... I have to say, my... my instincts are very good and-and right from the outset I was thinking, "Oh, this is not going to end well." Um... so...

Kyle: Yeah. I mean, your instincts were better than ours!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: I gotta say; so you've got THAT feather in your cap.

Carmel: And um... And then particularly when I heard he was using my name, you know, with guests, saying that, you know I was right behind him: I'd never spoken to the bloke. Deliberately!

Eamon: Whoa!

Carmel: I mean, I really didn't want Highlander WorldWide's name anywhere near it, because I mean we've spent twenty years building up, you know, our reputation. So um, so we thought: Well look, we'll just wait until that's over in December and then we'll announce um, what we're doing. So, so that's what we did. Um... but... but yeah. It was a... it was a direct reaction to... You know what? It's... it's not... Highlander isn't actually, uh, losing people, it's actually gaining it. There's actually, I think, a-a-uh, you know... Over the last sort of two--two, three years, I've sort of just, you've just seen this pulsating energy, um. So I thought: Well, let's test that out. *chuckles* And also, I felt a real obligation after the shmozzle in Florida. Yeah, the fa--

Kyle: Did you say "Shmozzle?"

Carmel: Yeah. Shmozzle. The fans--

Kyle: That is not a word I know and I am loving it so far!

Carmel: Oh, alright. The fans deserve better than that. Highlander deserves better than that. You know, and I thought, "You know what, we've done this ten times already. Let's um, let's dust ourselves off and have another go!"

John: I mean it was something, as Carmel said, it was something of a godsend, in some ways... a sort of backhanded thing that... BECAUSE Lashcon didn't work, and BECAUSE we have basically... well, before we knew it wasn't gonna work, it gave us that breathing space. So there was, "Should we do something in 2016? Well, that would be a lot of pressure. These things take a lot of time." Soon as Lashcon announced, there was that kind of, "Right! We don't have to do anything this year! We can take our time 'n..." and then when that fell apart, it was like, "Right. It's even more important that we do it properly, but we still have a bit of time, you know, and do it later on in 2017 rather than rush it."

Eamon: Yeah. I mean, I think uh... that was the... the announcement of the-the-the Highlander WorldWide 11 really, kind of... it-at least in my mind the excitement kind of amped up, because, as I was at Lashcon, I was kind of like, "OH! You know. It would be good to do this again, and-and do it right!"

John: That was the thing. There was a lot of people, right at the end, I mean, there was *laughs* there was people like myself 'n stuff, who were you know, ANGRY at what had happened. You know, we'd been cheated out of money, and lied to... Um, and I said to Carmel, at the time, I said, "You know, there's a... there's a feeling; there's a real negative feeling here. There's a lot of fans pulling together, which is always a great thing, but... there was that kind of... this... that it shouldn't go out like this!" And, you know, that was the point when Carmel said, "Well, I'll have a few words with people and say, you know, maybe this isn't, you know, gonna be the end. Maybe there will be a convention," 'n, that's when we started sort of saying "Right. How do we lay the blueprint out?" and you know, normally we probably wouldn't have announced anything until about NOW, but we felt it was important to announce to people that there was an intention to do something properly.

Kyle: Yeah. And... I mean, I know I personally found that kind of meaningful just 'cause... we're kind of on the younger side of Highlander fans. *moment*

Keith: Oh yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. Like--

Keith: Like, we grew up watching it as... teenagers.

Kyle: Yeah, like on like the... in syndication on like, Spike TV or whatever--

Keith: Right. *agreeing noises from Carmel and John*

Kyle: --like, network was showing it. So I kind of feel like I missed the boat on Highlander conventions and things like that. Like that was a whole thing that I would've been too young for, during the first... a lot of the first rodeos, for things like that.

Keith: Yeah. When the show was going off the air, I was b-thirteen years old, I think? *agreeing noises from Eamon and Kyle* So, like I was too young to--yeah. I was too young to go to the conventions... so...

*****17:34 dialogue buried under Keith's words* Carmel: --why, because Kareem, who runs the Davis Panzer, you know um, Highlander's--

Kyle: He's a pro.

Carmel: --he was telling me that his first convention was Anaheim. Um, which was '98 and I think he said he was twelve...

Eamon: Wow! *laughter*

Kyle: There you go.

John: Oh God, I feel old.

Carmel: Oh, no!

Kyle: If it makes you feel better, John: I was ten. *laughter*

Carmel: Well that's why, I think, that the energy that I'm talking about and um, and the fact that you're all... so technically savvy and across the social media, I think THAT, you know, that's really what's um, you know, given it the enormous sort of um, reboot, really...

Kyle: And plus it's now available online on like--*Carmel: Yes.*--YouTube, and Hulu--*Carmel: YouTube, yeah.*--and you don't have to um, like spend a bunch of money on a boxset or something like that, anywhere along the line now, to watch these things, which is great! So, what can people expect, uh, in October like, what's the... what are the-the main draws? Who are the... the Highlander heavy hitters that they can expect to see in Los Angeles?

Carmel: Um, J--well, John's got his--his um, uh, virtual bat out, or his gag out. *John laughs* *Eamon laughs*

John: Carmel has the capacity, quite often, to re--reel out everybody. It's like, "We can't reach them yet!" *more laughter*

Carmel: *gets laughter under control* You can expect to see the heavy hitters. Um. Absolutely. And um, uh--

Kyle: So Sean Connery's gonna be there. Right? *much giggling*

Keith: So that's what you're saying! Sean Connery's coming!

Carmel: *amused* Yes, yes. I mean, I think we've already announced haven't we, Adrian, and um... you'd better say who we've announced, John, just in case I--

John: I'm doing the-the... FORMALLY we've announced Adrian, Elizabeth, uh, F Braun McAsh, David Abramowitz, uh, and Jim Byrnes. And I think uh... from what I was t... I was having a conversation with Carmel earlier on today, I think we can... tell you right now that Anthony De Longis will be there as well.

Keith: Very nice!

Kyle: Very excellent! Will he be doing it--one of his uh, whip classes or other... kind of events as well?

Carmel: He is. Yes.

John: He and Mary... are d--he and Mary are great people, and they're just great people to hang out with but yeah. We haven't formalized the schedule exactly for Friday. Friday's our Classes... uh, sort of, "day" of the convention. Um, we've gotta liaise with everybody and obviously make sure everybody um... because we have one--an area FOR the classes, so, we just gotta make sure everything fits together, so we haven't got the schedule for that. But Friday will be our big... um... training day, as it were.

Keith: It's... it's kind of... one of the unique things about Highlander. Can you tell us more about what classes are gonna be offered? I mean, a lot of shows... You know when you go to like a Star Trek convention, you know, Captain Picard's not teaching you a class--

Kyle: About phaser-shooting?

Keith: About phasers or something like that, like... The people that are IN Highlander, literally are experts on how to do a lot of these things that are exhibited in the show. So that's a really unique thing about Highlander conventions.

Carmel: That's right. That's right. That's why--and it really that's how... we call ourselves a boutique convention. We don't set out to have a thousand people or two thousand people. We want... the people who are there to have a... you know, quite an intimate experience, really, and, um... and the--we, we put the guests to work. They know that. *chuckles* Um, you know, so... oh, um... so, for example as you said, you know, what can people expect? Well, obviously, the Cabaret. All the guests are expected to perform, for fans. You know, um--

Eamon: Ooh!

John: Ouch.

Kyle: What kind of performances have you gotten in the past out of these people?

Carmel: Oh, they've had fabulous ones! We've had Adrian do a kata for us, at our last convention, which was amazing! In fact that's on DVD. Um, Lizzie... Lizzie actually wrote a-a scene for Duncan and Amanda. Ken Gord was a hoot, was he--I mean, I meant every one of them--Jim of course, will... yeah, there'll be a concert with Jim. Uh, trying to think what everybody else did. I mean, we had dances; we had singing; we had Peter playing a guitar for us. We had Richard Ridings and his daughter Freya singing... Yeah. You know, I mean they come up with all sorts of things. I have a DVD called The Immortal Cabaret, actually, from Highlander WorldWide 9.

Keith: Awesome!

Kyle: I'm just picturing now the cast of the movie Cabaret, just starring all the Highlander fans! *laughter*

Keith: That's something interesting also on your site, cuz you offer a lot of products, from the con--past conventions. Like, there's DVDs of... a lot of the stuff that's already happened, which is neat.

Carmel: Oh God, you would not believe what we've still got that hasn't ever been put together. Yeah, and um--

Keith: Really?

John: W--we've just been doing the new website, so... it's not possible at the moment to see everything, but we are--once, now we've got the tickets 'n stuff out of the way, and the bookings started for the convention, we're gonna be turning our sole attention towards that, so that will be built up on the website again, you'll be able to see the full list.

Carmel: And you'll start to see lots of video clips and things on the website too, now that we're sort of... you know, really in many ways back up and running. Um, so getting back to your question on the, um... Friday, there'll be whip... workcl--workshops, there'll be knife workshops, Adrian is doing um, two--will probably end up doing two Sword Experiences. So uh, and Lizzie has a fabulous fan class, fan kata class, that she does. Um, there could well also be um, an acting class. Yeah! So--

Keith: Who do you think would put on the acting class?

Carmel: Well I don't know who that could be. But um, I have an idea--

Kyle: Keith, you should attend that acting class.

Keith: Thank you, Kyle. *laughter*

Carmel: Um, so... but there's also then, there'll be people, um... we're hoping to also attract the younger demographic like yourselves, so, yeah I think there'll be people also, who may be interested in talking, um, to you people and to others who do the podcasts and social media about, you know, how all that works and so on, and getting across it. So, so we're not just restricting those classes to the obvious sort of thing. Um, there will be people who... there's only fifty will come to the Meet 'n' Greet, so... that will leave um, well, hopefully about a hundred and fifty others. So, we'll have these... that can be happening as well from, sort of 5 o'clock onwards, on the Friday night and on the Saturday as well, so... There's other times throughout the weekend when there might be just smaller, more niche workshops. Um, I want to have, um, certainly we'll probably have a panel, I think, on things... I want one on fanfiction. I think fanfiction has been integral in keeping the franchise alive. We're not interested in filler, you know. Time's really precious--*Keith: Right.*--and it'll go quickly over the weekend, so... I've been to the comic-cons with Adrian and I... I organized one for the Highlander people in Paris, at Paris Comic-con, and we were there with him, and um... It's just... you know those big cons, they're SO impersonal, you know? And um, and just... just sort of a standard, um, yeah I think pretty lazy sort of panels and so on and so forth. *Keith: Right!* So, so every panel... it will be really thought through as to: What's the value-add of this panel? What do we really, you know, want to get out of it? You know, um. So the guests really enjoy it as well, and we're a bit challenged, because people like Ken Gord, Don Paonessa, you know, I mean they're just fabulous. And their knowledge on Highlander, and their opportunity to talk about it with people who actually care, is really precious.

John: I mean, I think that's it. Over the years we haven't--we haven't... we've never tried to b--I think there's lots of room for lots of different conventions that... you know, some that are autograph-led, some things that are like the San Diego Comic-Con which are massive. We've nev--I think that was perhaps one of the problems with Lashcon, was that they sort of decided they were gonna be massive, and then had to sort of keep... diluting stuff and, you know, coming and reducing. We do the opposite way. We've learnt over, you know, a decade or more that what you do is you start with a really good center, and then you spread out as you can from that, and we've always known what the center is, which is... It's not just, you know, people come in and saying, "Oh look! There's an actor that was in a series!" It's that discussion about Highlander. It's the making the fans as important, in some ways, as the guests that are there as well.

Kyle:Yeah. I mean, Lashcon definitely decided they were gonna in--be massive, and then forgot to invite people. *Keith and others laugh* That was a--that was an odd strategic choice! I'm not sure I understand it!

25:41 John: And pay people!

Carmel: I call that wishful thinking management.

Kyle: Yeah! There you go!

Eamon: It was a wish. I mean, and the other thing about Lashcon is, it's billed as, like, a Highlander con, but... you know. I mean, the other guests, I--I felt kind of bad for them. Like they were sold a bill of goods or something. Because like, nobody was paying attention to them! Everybody was paying attention to the Highlander folks, because that's who they were there to see!

Keith: Yeah.

John: It--it--there's a long list of things that he--you know, the-the-the-the organizer of that did wrong. Uh, I mean, I don't want to spend hours, you know, knocking him. I COULD.

Eamon: Sure! *burst of laughter*

Keith: We could spend DAYS!

John: I'm not going to--I mean, they did a lot of things wrong which, I think were just common sense things that you do right. But I don't think--to be fair, I don't think it started out as a... as a con trick. I just think it was somebody who got massively out of their debt--de-ah, depth, uh, and decided in the end to, you know, to sort of run away and hide and con people. Um, which is a shame. We--we're always very much up front and always have been, which is: "This is what we do, we're a s--you know, we're not trying to be the big-big convention. Our--you know, we... usually between about two or three hundred people." That's a really good number to go for, I think. It's, you know, it's intimate, without you know... but with... but having lots of stuff going on as well.

Keith: Totally! And i--the fact that this is an intimate convention is... I think the biggest draw to it. And so you mentioned the Meet 'n' Greet! So can you tell us more about, like, what the Meet 'n' Greet entails, what it costs, and what people can expect? Because that's a really unique opportunity that most people don't get to GET when they go to like, a big San Dieo--San Diego Comic-Con. I've been to the New York Comic-Con a bunch, I think Eamon has as well, like--

Eamon: Yeah. Definitely.

Keith: --and it's like you don't get to interact with people. So, tell us what that experience is like.

Carmel: We're actually restricting it to fifty people, um, if we're overwhelmed we might have--we might look at where we might put a second one on. Um, and it is actually half... more than half-filled already. Um, but ah--

Keith: Wow!

Carmel: --so fifty people, and um, yeah all the major guests are all there and, um, I--I tend to be the sheepdog. Um, and we'll have a few others who... yeah make sure that there's a, um, no one person just hogs Adrian Paul or, you know? *laughter*

Keith: Right!

Carmel: And so on--

Kyle: That would be Eamon!

Eamon: Yeah. *laughs*

Kyle: He's very handsome.

Carmel: Yeah.

Kyle: Adrian Paul. Not Eamon.

Carmel: You know, so... I mean obviously the guests don't want to um, you know, ever be rude to anybody so, so, you know. We're just there to make sure that there's movement at the station. You know, that things are moving around, people are getting a chance to meet, um, particular people. Quite often people will come to me and say, "Oh, you know, I'm um... I particularly, I really would like to meet X." You know, so um... yeah and that might not be one of the big stars that you're thinking of, but so... so, it's just you know it really--I really try to accommodate, um, everybody, and make sure everybody has the sort of experience they're after, which is often just to... you know, um, often they just want to thank them, to be honest. You know, just say thank you, to their face, you know, for the many many years of enjoyment that have been brought into their lives, and um... So, it's just enabling conversations. You know, in the--and there'll be, like, um, yes, cocktail, food and drinks and so on too. So just a very pleasant social interaction.

Keith: To relate a very personal story about being at a comic convention and--

Kyle: Eugh.

Keith: I know. Kyle's like, "Bleah, what is this?" Oh! To--that, that urge to thank somebody for what they've given... because a lot of these things--Highlander in particular--has meant a lot to a lot of us, fans.

Carmel: Yes. Yes.

Keith: And it is interesting how much that urge to thank someone kind of comes over you, because I--I remember a couple of years ago, I was at the New York Comic-Con, and I got to meet Caroll Spinney, who is Big Bird--

Kyle: Big Bird! Heh heh!

Keith: Big Bird!

Kyle: You know, comic--comic hero Big Bird!

Keith: Yeah, exactly! Uh, anyway, I was like, awestruck! I was like, I--I remember shaking his hand I was like, "Thank you SO much, Mr. Spinney! Like, you do--like, you have touched me in ways that so many other things obviously haven't! *Carmel: Yes.* Like, and it's like, you're a great person and..." I don't know. I was overwhelmed by this sense when I met him. That I was like, I really wanna thank this person for what he did to me, and what he continues to do for a lot of people out there. And so, I think that's really important.

29:49 Carmel: Well our aim is that, anyone who leaves the room, guests and, um, attendees, you know, feels positive about the experience. That's what--we really set out to give people, yeah a genuinely pleasant experience. Very positive experiences. Y'know I was scarred by some of the earlier cons that I went to, where I just... honestly, I just didn't feel fans were treated that well. *Keith: Mm.* And I saw some individual instances where fans were really... embarrassed, and... one was pulled off an autograph queue, and I just thought, Oh my God! *Keith: Yikes!* You know, what's going--this is outrageous! So, you know, I was raised to say, you treat people the way you like to be treated. You know, so that's--that's what our cons are about. We... Everyone has to be treated in the way that we ourselves would like to be treated at a similar event, so... It's as simple as that. I think everyone over-complicates like, to be quite honest. If everyone was just kind to other people, I don't think we'd have--have too many problems.

Keith: Absolutely!

John: I--

Kyle: Another lesson we learned from Caroll Spinney in Big Bird.

Keith: That's right!

John: I remember going to the uh, the Anaheim Celebration, many... yeah many wa-- '98. '98 was that? Yes! Oh good God, that long ago. And I also--often tell this story. I met my wife at that convention. And I remember sitting at a table: there was her; there was a couple of friends; there was uh, somebody who worked for NASA; there was somebody who was a... I think a Major in the Army; there was a teacher... Ah, and I remember saying, at that evening, when I was sitting around the table, that Highlander was like a great leveler. Because all these people, from different parts of the world--Jill c--you know, Jill came from Iowa, I--I'm from England. We wouldn't necessarily have ended up at the same table unless there was that common denominator. And I've always thought that Highlander, and conventions, are that great leveler. That it doesn't matter where you are geographically, it doesn't matter how old you are, it doesn't matter what sex you are, it doesn't matter--really--what politics you are to a large extent, either. It's that leveler. You find that common ground. And if you find that common ground... life-long friendships have-have blossomed f--and I think Highlander is largely responsible for that.

Carmel: Yes. Yeah. And, and, yeah John, you're so right. And in fact I think Star Trek is... was the same, you know... for me. Where uh, I remember having this conversation, actually, with um, Peter--Peter Wingfield--in Paris. We did a tour. We've done about six tours as well and uh, and I was saying to him: "You know, it really um, it used to annoy me that people would put down fans and fandom, if it was associated with an electronic media. Not if you're a BOOK fan; that was quite okay. But if it was to do with television or movies, it was like, you know, we're all a bit wacky or something, um... And you know what I say," I said: "But look at every... every sports fan! I mean, they could all turn up in their, you know, thousands with painted faces, and with their... uniforms, and costumes, 'n so on; and no one thinks twice about that! Or--or th--you know, what they'll pay to go to their events and so on," I said. "But, you transfer it to a television show, and all of a sudden we're geeks!" So, I think that's... um, you know, sort of been a big change where, you know, probably thanks to The Big Bang Theory and, and other things, that um... you know, geek's actually something to be proud of. And actually all it is, is somebody who takes a particular interest in a particular... um... imaginary world, if you like. *laughs* Um, w--uh, and if it was Jane Austen, we'd be getting gold stars, you know. *Eamon leads the delighted laughter*

Kyle: I'm mostly impressed by your experience in loving BOOKS! Because I--I have never felt like that's been MY experience, in being like a nebbish book-nerd, of people going like, "Oh, this is really cool!"

Keith: Yeah!

John: But... I think it is now! I think it is now. I think--you know, that reading is--so many books are being made into movies--which can be a good and bad thing, but... quite often if it--it ignites your interest in the original material, then um...

Eamon: Sure!

John: --you know, I think that's a good thing!

Carmel: I--

Kyle: All these things they told me growing up; that reading was cool; it's like all becoming true now! *laughs*

Eamon: That's right! *chuckles* *Carmel laughs*

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

33:54 Kyle: Keith. I am a die-hard Highlander fan. I love Highlander so much, and I am a huge fan of this podcast, de facto, because I'm a member of it. How can I show my support and get some really cool shit in the process?

Keith: Oh! There is one really great way you can support THIS podcast AND support your love of Highlander by heading on over to our Facebook page, and picking up a set of our awesome new Highlander Magnets! Uh, which are available for the price of $25 plus shipping and handling!

Kyle: What do you GET for that AMAZING price?

Keith: It's an awesome collection of five magnets featuring all your favorite characters! We've got Duncan MacLeod, Amanda, Joe, Methos, and a really cool alternate 1600s Scottish Highlands MacLeod!

Kyle: Awesome! Eamon! Who made these things? Like, what awesome artist somewhere made these things?

Eamon: It was ME!

Kyle: Yay!

Keith: Oh!

Eamon: I made them! With the help of you guys, and Davis Panzer Productions!

Keith: Definitely. These are fully authorized Highlander merchandise from the Highlander Rewatched Podcast!

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: AND if you're an international listener, we can ship these internationally now. Uh, so don't buy them from our Facebook page, but head over to, and just search for Highlander Rewatched. And if you place your order through Etsy, we can ship anywhere in the world! Well, I--pretty much. Wherever Etsy can ship. Wherever FedEx, or whoever's gonna ship it can ship. We c--

Eamon: We can't ship to the Planet Zeist, though.

Keith: Nope. No shipping to Zeist!

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

35:17 Kyle: So, how did the two of you end up connecting? Obviously you've been involved in Highlander WorldWide for a while, this isn't your first rodeo... *John chuckles* How did the two of you come together?

John: I--I met Carmel at, uh... Carmel, I think the first time we ever met, was probably at the Chronicles Event. I think you came across for The Chronicles in England, am I right? I think that was...

Carmel: Yes, I did. I did. Yes that was the first ti--

John: That was the first time I think we ever spoke.

Carmel: Um--

Eamon: What was that event, if you don't mind?

John: The Chronicles was a--was a small event. There were two Chronicles events, run in Manchester and Birmingham in England in Ninety... eight and '99. Ah, run by a lovely lady called Carol Looby. Ah, who actually kind of this--d--who's kind of responsible for getting me into s--I wa--I--sto... long story short: Um, I knew them socially, and... uh, Carol Looby um... I think Peter Wingfield was due to be at one of the Chronicles events, and he had to drop out, and I'd just interviewed Valentine Pelka, cuz he came--he came from my hometown. And Carol just said, "I don't suppose there's any chance of getting Valentine?" And, and I just said, "I'll, I'll," you know, "I'll reach out." And... that's how I got involved with conventions. I met Carmel, there, *delighted tone* and I kept bumping into Carmel, at all the--these other conventions across the--across the planet! And then one day Carmel said to me, "Um, have you ever considered, you know, going to Australia?" To which my answer was: "When I win the lottery, you know, that is definitely on my bucket list of things to do!" And she said, "No, would you like to, you know, would you like to be a--a guest?" And I said, "Let me think about that for a YES." *Eamon leads the laughter* And yeah, I came down--I was a guest at, was it--I think it was Highlander Downunder 5? And then I--they've never been able to get rid of me. *Keith laughs*

Kyle: Just glommed on!

Carmel: *laughing* And as you, you know, can well see, John, um, is fabulous with all of the graphic design and so on, so uh.. yeah so he--

Kyle: Whose idea was the Gather RING? *someone laughs*

Carmel: Oh that's John.

Kyle: Cuz that is... that is VERY clever!

Carmel: Well we know it was going--we knew it was going to be the um, 25th Anniversary of The Gathering episode. The first showing of The Gathering. *she giggles*

John: I thought I was being--I was being really subtle, and then about--about--within about ten minutes of the graphic going up, people went "AH! Gather RING!"

Eamon: Yeah! *laughing*

37:27 John: It's--not subtle! *Carmel laughs*

Kyle: Yeh! It's... it's pretty good! So, what else do people need to know to participate in this Highlander event? What do the... the people listening to this right now need to do to get involved, to--to get their tickets, to... make moves?

Carmel: Th--they--well, they need to register, obviously, and get a ticket to come, because as I say it is a, it IS a boutique affair. Um, and um, well, you know, I--I think... um, doing things like, um, plugging into Highlander Rewatched, to be quite honest! You know, um--

Kyle: BOOM!

Carmel: --who--who watched the episodes, and obviously knew them inside out and back to front, but we could all do with a refresher, so um... you know, I think just re--re-plugging in. Um, you know, you've got an obvious platform for people to do that. Because one of the things I used to love very much was the conversations that happened around the episodes. And the different points of view, and David Abramowitz of course is always fabulous on the ethic side so--*Keith: Yeah.*--I, I think, you know, if people start doing that, then, you know, they'll... they'll arrive, really sort of fired-up... um, You know, they'll have good questions, good discussions with each other and with the guests...

Eamon: I mean I think that's one of the great things about Highlander that, I think might get overlooked beyond swordfights and trench coats, is like--*Keith: Yeah.*--there are a lot of like, great, like, things you could debate about, you know, what it means to be immortal, or what it means to be a good person or a bad person, or, like, what it means to live like a good life, that, you know...

Carmel: Yes. Yes.

Eamon: Highlander raises those questions like, REALLY well. *Keith: Mmhm!* *Carmel agreeing noise* And I think that gets overlooked and is, kind of something people could really latch onto!

Carmel: I'm actually still amazed, and I don't think it is just um--at how WELL the episodes still stand up when you, you know, when you rewatch them, compared to a lot of the crap that's... you know, currently on.

Eamon: Yeah, hahah!

Kyle: Yeah. With the exception of the fashion, it holds up... phenomenally! *laughter*

Carmel: Yeah.

Kyle: Real talk: Stan Kirsch. Is he gonna be there? *Eamon and Keith laugh* Just--just asking it! Cuz I... really... am feeling some Stan Kirsch right now. *Carmel makes amused sounds*

John: Stop that immediately!

Kyle: Are we gonna encounter--stop it? Yeah! *laughter* His lawyers will be calling me. Um--

Carmel: It--it's feeling--

John: It would be really nice if he--if he--if he could come, wouldn't it, Carmel? It would be nice if he could come.

Carmel: It would be fabulous. Yup.

John: Yeah. It would be very nice if he could come, yes.

Kyle: Is there--like, I can't see your face. Are you winking while you're saying this to each other? *everyone laughs*

John: I--I can say at this point that-th-th-that that the only people who are officially coming that we'll say--are the people we've said. There are certain people that we'd certainly like to, and we would hope to be able to announce but, we can't announce anybody other than we've said, so far.

Kyle: I respect that.

Keith: Yeah. Absolutely.

40:08 Carmel: --you know.

Keith: So what's--wh--

Kyle: I respect--I'm respecting it while winking! *Eamon and Keith laugh*

Keith: Yeah! So, let's talk the nitty-gritty! So, uh... how do we log on to get these tickets, and what're they gonna cost?

John: Uh, I--I mean the basic thing is to go to, to our website,, um... and basically uh, all the details are there. There's a-a-a page for The Gathering. Uh, broke down to seek announcements, the hotel costs we have a special rate at the Crowne Plaza LAX. Um... So people can sort of go through there and see, uh, what--you know, what-what they want to do. The actual convention itself: The General Admission, uh, is $280. Uh, that includes getting a Con booklet/schedule, uh their ID badge, obviously. Admission to all the Saturday/Sunday panels, uh, and a free autograph from our six major guests that will be there. Um... There's preferred seating, which I have to say has been going phenomenally well today. We've--as we're talking to you now, we--we only launched a few hours ago, and... I can say that I think that's about three quarters gone already, the--the preferred seats--*Keith: Wow!*--Um... that's... So basically the first three rows uh of, of the... so people just get that bet--slightly better--everybody's gonna get a good view of the stage, but it's that... just being that little bit closer to the stage, and getting that better eyeline. That should be the first three--I think it's the first three rows we're doing there. Uh, the Meet 'n' Greet, which we--we discussed, that's um... Sorry! The preferred seats is $340. The Meet 'n' Greets are $125, as I say, because that's kind of a unique experience where it's much more... relaxed, uh, and up close and personal. Um, limited to fifty places as I say which, um, is--is--is doing really well at the moment as well. The Cabaret, that--that Carmel mentioned, uh, taking place on Saturday evening, uh, that's $80. Uh... I'm not sure--I--now you've caught me on the hop! I'm not sure... I think there's a limit of 200 for that, max. J--

Kyle: This is a GOTCHA show, so we're like really trying to trip you up! *Someone laughs*

John: I'm doing this mentally; I'm not cheating by looking at our website as I'm talking to you in any way shape or form.

Kyle: Highlander Rewatched is fake news, so...

John: Ah, hah!

42:15 Keith: Fake news! *laughter*

John: But it's... Yeah, so... those are the--the best way--we did it that way, and Carmel was, I think very clever in this, in--in saying... There are people who are coming, yeah, some vast distances, there are some people who are gonna be in Los Angeles, and... and if you did sort of one massive fee, then... at the end of the day you would have that thing of saying, "Well that would have to be pretty expensive," and people might not want to do everything that was involved. Some people are going to be, you know, interested in going to the Meet 'n' Greet, some people aren't! Some people are there to see old friends, and just see the stuff on panels 'n stuff, and aren't really, you know, bothered about that. Some people are going and saying "I HAVE to be there!" and it's great. So what we said was: There's the General Admission. There's the kind of upper tier, if you want to be in the first three rows, but apart from that, everything else is, you know, is kind of optional. You can add those on if you're interested, and if you're not interested you can save money, and if you are, we're trying to be good value.

Carmel: We also looked at the costs, um--as I've been to a few comic-cons and so on, um... myself, um, when Adrian or Peter or someone was signing and um, yeah and we looked at all of those costs, and I went through and did a lot of research, as well. Cuz I was thinking oh gee, you know, too early. But, honestly, when I look at... Okay, they might only charge $20 or so 40-$50 or, you know, to get in, but then every time you pull a tissue, you're spending another 25-$50!

Keith: Right!

Carmel: So, we... What I wanted was more of a one-stop shop, where, okay you spend 280, but you're not then having to spend 25, 30, or $50 on the autograph of each of our six people, either. So, uh, so that's, you know, that's taken care of. And then, we will have the guests, um, as well um, will have their own merchandise tables, um, and... will also be offering autographs if people DO want to get them. As John said, that's completely optional. If they want for example a picture, with Adrian or Elizabeth and so on, well, well that will be extra. Um, but that's up to the guests to decide pricing on that.

John: And if they st--If there are people who... who, you know, want stalls or tables and stuff like that, they can contact us as well. I know there's been a few as Carmel said, who've already sort of expressed interest and we're, we're trying to work out sort of the layout, at the moment, to make sure everything is--and that's one of the things on our list uh, to go through with them. Um, but yeah. So I mean that there's potential for vendors 'n stuff to be there, if they want to be. We'll have an area for them!

Kyle: Perfect! That sounds pretty exciting!

Carmel: And um, yeah! And with a lot of the younger demographic there... um, I'm bringing my niece along; who's very excited. Um, Anneka. And uh, you know she's already come up with some fabulous--

Kyle: Is she one of the guests? *Eamon laughs*

44:57 Carmel: No. No, no. She's my fact totem. *laughter* She'll be uh, basically running around, sort of uh, yeah, helping me out. But also um, she's very into social media, as most 30 year olds are and so on these days, so, um... But you know. I know also costumes are very, very popular. A lot of people love, you know, costuming. So, and Highlander's fabulous for that when you think of all of the different time periods, that in flashbacks that it covers. So, you know, we're gonna be looking at um, yeah maybe at the Cabaret, you know, to um... to do something really fun, um, along those lines there.

John: If people want to dress up--

Kyle: That'd be perfect! We'll wear our costumes as fully functioning adults! It'll be perfect!

John: If people want to dress up that's--

Keith: Yeah! We just won't bring our swords on the plane!

John: Yeah. If people want to dress up, that's great. Just remember you know, uh, two things. One: The swords have to be peace bonded. And two: This is Holy Ground. *Eamon laughs*

Keith: There you go! Right!

Carmel: *laughs* But you know, you think of--

Kyle: So where can people find you guys, if they wanna follow your presence on Facebook or whatever, social media... catch up on what you're doing. Follow your projects. Buy your BOOK, maybe! Just spitballing, here.

Carmel: Yeah. Well, I mean, they could always contact us on Highlander WorldWide, Facebook page. We have set up an events page as well, off that page, for Highlander WorldWide 10. We've got a Twitter account, But... they could always use e-mail,, or

John: A lot of stuff's there on the Facebook page. I mean, the thing about us is--

Carmel: And the Highlander webpage. The webpage.

John: Yeah. I mean everything on--on--I mean, there's a lot of stuff on Facebook, there's a lot of stuff our, uh, website, stuff as well. If you want to see the people involved, um, you can go to our website, and there's a page there that shows us all in technicolor glory. Um, the people sort of who are on the committee, and stuff. The thing is we're all pretty accessible! I think--I mean the one thing--you know, the actors and stars are fairly accessible. I think the people connected with Highlander WorldWide are pretty... sort of, we're out there; people can talk to us. You know I'm not the most shy and retiring person you'll ever meet--*someone chuckles*--I, you know, anybody goes to my Facebook page, you know I have opinions, which I'm happy to share on just about everything. So yeah! The thing is, you know, it's pretty easy. It's more difficult to miss us than it is to find us. Carmel's out, you know, on Facebook. I'm on Facebook. You can go to the and sort of read more about the people behind Highlander WorldWide. So, one way or another, if you have a question, you know, something like that, it's pretty easy to find us, and we're--because... the one advantage of having Carmel in Australia, me in Iowa, is... you know, there's people all around, is that usually that timeframe means there's somebody around who will be able to answer your question, or certainly will within a quick amount of time.

Kyle: Alright. Significant question right here. Close your eyes. Picture Joe's Bar. *Carmel says something* Like, picture the bar. Try to think: How do you enter that bar? *Keith laughs* Like, is there ONE entrance? Are there multiple entrance? I can't express to you how important, to the Rewatchers, this question is.

John: It, it's quite clear! I mean, surely! Surely any self-respecting Highlander fan knows the answer to this! I'm shocked!

Kyle: Yeah! That's--I am, too! *Keith laughs wildly*

John: There-there-there-there-there's CLEARLY, the main one. There's the, ah, side entrance behind the bar, where Joe disappears all of the time--

Keith: Right!

John: And there's an exit to the beer cellar!

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: To the BEER cellar!

Eamon: Oh!

Kyle: That is NOT a second-floor entrance! Thank you, John! You have--you have given me validation that I can't express the value of.

Keith: And you have scheduled our fistfight that will occur later this evening! *Kyle laughs*

John: See, this is the-why you guys have to BE at the convention! *laughter* Because Jim's going to be there, and I think Jim should probably get the final say!

Keith: I--

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: I'm prepared to make Jim Byrnes the neutral arbitrator on this discussion!

Eamon: So introduce yourself to Jim Byrnes, and immediately ask him how many entrances were there to Joe's Bar!

Keith: That's like a Comic-Con nightmare! *Kyle and Eamon say Yeah!* "In episode 3-4, you entered in THIS door!"

Kyle: You're just--you're parodying US!

Keith: I know! That is the literal conversation we had!

Eamon: That IS what's gonna happen when we meet him.

Carmel: I met up with, um... I was in L.A. uh, recently, getting stuff sorted with the hotel and whatever, and with different guests and, having lunch with Lizzie and um, you know she said, she said "It's difficult because people will say to you, 'Oh, you know! Where was that--D'you kn' where was that particular location' or 'What was that you said?' What they don't realize is, you're picked up in the dark at, you know, 4AM, and you're delivered onto set, you're just doing your bit on the set, and then you're delivered back in the dark." Or... and I remember with Peter, we were out at Chaalis--C-H-double A-L-I-S, I think, and which is that beautiful-- Rebecca's abbey? Remember that? A lot of stuff actually shot at Chaalis.

Eamon: Oh. Huh!

Carmel: And um, and we were in front of the gates of Chaalis, and Peter... *chuckling* Peter said, where he'd had a fight or something, a swordfight, and Peter said, "Gosh I never knew there was an abbey behind those gates!" *Carmel laughs with Eamon* And, yeah, and so... I mean, no one knows more about Highlander or the episodes actually than the fans, or pr--and probably Ken Gord and people you know, like that, but--f--and obviously A--I mean, Adrian, um, also to an extraordinarily large extent, but... but we sit there picking them apart, and you know, discussing it, and all of this, tracking locations and so on, and then, to expect guests twenty years, you know, after the show has ended to, you know... to know all the minutiae, in the way that we do, is um, pretty unrealistic, really.

John: I think--I think they've got great anecdotes, but they're frequently not specific to, um, you know, to sort of like the locations 'n stuff? You'll say oh, it's more like, guest stars? I remember talking to Lizzie about... um, the fact that Michelle Gomez, um, was a guest star in one of her Raven episodes, and Michelle Gomez now plays the Master, in Doctor Who.

Eamon: Oh, wow!

Kyle: There you go!

John: And she couldn't remember where they were filming, but she remembered that they stole a car. *moment. Kyle utters a squeak-laugh* Um...

Kyle: She remembers the grand theft!

John: These are the anecdotes you wanna hear!

Carmel: Oh, that's an interesting anecdote, John!

John: Yeah!

Carmel: You and I were actually on the Quai de la Tournelles, for the last episode of The Raven, weren't we? But we didn't know! I didn't know you were there-- John: This is true! Carmel and I were at--we, we must have been feet apart! I mean, I took some pho'ographs, and I scoured those photographs to see whether Carmel is actually on them, cuz neither of us knew that the other was there, cuz it was all in these last-minute things, it was the last day of filming.

Eamon: Oh wow!

51:28 Carmel: I probably thought you were crew or something, if I saw you. Cuz remember, Bill was there--remember Bill came? And um... *John: Yeah.* Yeah. Yeah. So, so um, yeah. So that was... so that was interesting.

Kyle: So what I'm hearing is you guys are famous!

John: No! *scoffing* *they laugh*

Carmel: And uh, but now, b-b-but, look what it's been... it's been a fabulous opportunity to just, um, bring people together. You know? It's... As John said, it's... And it's doing it in a... entirely different way where, the externals don't matter, it's just this, this singular passion for a particular universe, and the ethical questions that come out of it. And just the sheer FUN that came out of it! You know, the... um, and the admiration of the swordplay, and so on. Um, it's a... I used to say I lo--you know, we're just an excuse for a global, you know, travel club. A global, you know, community *someone laughs* who just um, gets a chance to meet up and, and, have fun! Yeah.

John: And Highlander is--Highlander just meant--meant... I said this to, to Carmel not so long ago. It, it, it's just interweaved absolutely ever-every element of my life, in some way shape or form! Journal-journalism. My first published article was an artic--uh, paid article was an article on Highlander--

Kyle: Was it, was it Highlander 2?

John: IT WAS!

Kyle: Was the headline just, "Eugh!" *laughter*

John: *laughs* It was, it was um... an old magazine called Fantasia, which doesn't even exist anymore. A British magazine. But that, you know, that was an important thing. I've been on the set of the various movies. I've, um... you know I met my wife through Highlander... I've got various other jobs through people I know in Highlander... I've traveled the world, largely thanks to the wonderful person Carmel MacPherson is. I genuinely want to say that on the record! That Carmel has just been an absolutely wonderful person to sort of collaborate with, and be friends with over the years. And yeah, it's just touch--it's just what--I think people find these things--and it's different things for different people: It can be Star Trek. It can be sports. It can be a Rock group. It could be a... Line-Dancing class. I don't know! It, it--there's something where people just meet, and there's a connection! And it forms, you know, and they look back ten years later and they go, "Wow! That has had such an amazing effect on me!"

Kyle: Well we look forward to the Highlander Line-Dancing Class--*John laughs*--that will be going on, in L.A. So, you know, you heard it here, folks, about this Highlander WorldWide Convention. There's going to be all kinds of great guests, all kinds of unique experiences to Meet 'n' Greet, and it sounds like you can really customize your experience! So, we're really looking forward to being there, and thank you so much to John and Carmel for coming on and telling us all about it!

Keith: Yeah! And all the listeners out there, just head on over to and, you've seen some of the posts that we've linked from John. He's ah, been nice enough to send us some posts from Highlander WorldWide. So stay tuned to our site! If you want, follow... on Facebook, Highlander WorldWide, for all the up-to-date news. But yeah! If you're interested in going to this, and buy your tickets today for this event! And from the sounds of it, they're going quick! So, if you're into this, get 'em quick!

Kyle: Not only that, but it sounds like the sooner you act, the more capacity they have to make this something special! So...

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: ... show your support now, and you'll reap the benefits later.

Keith: Thank you so much, Carmel, and John, for joining us. It's been a pleasure talking to you, and we hope to see YOU later this year in L.A.

John: Looking forward to it.

Carmel: Oh, yeah, we're excited! We're really looking forward to it. Thank you very much for having us on.

Kyle: Hey, it's our pleasure! We've been your Rewatchers.




Keith: Thanks for joining us! Join us next week where the episode will be... The Cross of St... Nope! Oh, it's gonna be another bonus episode! I forgot what episode is airing the week after this one!

Kyle: It's cuz we're so prolific!

Keith: Yes, exactly. And I fail every question I try to answer. *laughing* Thanks again for joining us! Uh... see you next week! Bye!

Eamon: Byeeee!

Kyle: See ya! So we're adding--we're fixing that in post?

Keith: Yeah, probably! *Kyle laughs* Cuz I ruined our outro!

55:32 Keith: And also, hey John, good to talk to you. *Eamon: Yes!* We haven't seen you for a while! Since, uh, the shit-show--*John laughs*--grandea, or whatever we wanna call it. *Carmel laughs*

John: *chuckling* Yeah, since the flayed-alive Lashcon! *All laugh*

Kyle: Yeah!