Listen to: Highlander Rewatched: The Samurai

Duncan: When you found me on the beach, I was not breathing. You thought I was dead.

Hideo: I made a mistake.

Duncan: No, you did not. I had been in the water for days. *silence* I am immortal. You have... know the difference between a dead man and a live one. *moment* On my honor, I am not lying to you!

Hideo: *after long silence* You are truly...

Duncan: Aye.

Hideo: Are many gaijin immortal?

Duncan: No. But some of your people are.

Hideo: Amazing.

Duncan: So what’s your answer?

Hideo: I say no!

Duncan: Why?! You love life, you love your children!

Hideo: *gravely* You cannot save honor... with a lie.

1:25 Keith: It’s a Scottish body! *Kyle laughs louder than Eamon* Welcome to Highlander Rewatched, the podcast where each and every week we talk about another facet of the Highlander universe! I’m one of your Rewatchers. I’m Keith!

This is Kyle.

This is Eamon.

Keith: And welcome to our inaugural episode of the THIRD season of Highlander: The Series!

Eamon: That’s right.

Kyle: For the record, you do NOT have a Scottish body.

Keith: That is... that is true.

Eamon: You do have a Scottish buddy!

Keith: Who’s that?

Eamon: Uh, Duncan MacLeod!

Keith: Duncan Macleod, he’s all our.,,

Eamon: He’s all of our Scottish buddy!

Kyle: For a second I thought you meant YOU!

Keith: Yeah, I was like, are YOU Scottish?

Eamon: I am part Scottish, I found out.

2:00 Keith: Uh, so, welcome to the third season of Highlander Rewatched! We just finished up a four-part series talking about Highlander 2: The Quickening...

Kyle: I was damned proud of how concise we made that. Only four episodes about that thing.

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah.

Keith: Yeah! It could have gone on forever!

Kyle: It could have gone on for seven! Like our first movie--

Eamon: Some people were disappointed. *Kyle laughs* And some people--well, some people were disappointed because we didn’t go for seven episodes, and some people were disappointed because we did four! *Keith laughs* Mainly Vince. *They laugh*

Keith: Thanks, Vince!

Kyle: Thanks Vince!

Keith: But we’re f--yeah! For Vince, we’re here, at The Samurai! You’ve been clamoring for this for like, three months! *Eamon: Yeah!* Because it’s actually been a while since we’ve talked about the series, cuz we wrapped up--

Kyle: It’s been SO long!

Keith: --our Series Two podcasts at the end of November, and then we did uh, a bunch of podcasts from the ill-fated Lashcon Convention. Those were fun.

Kyle: Ill-fated is a very polite way to put it.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Uh, but there’s a lot of fun stuff we got to do there--*Eamon: Sure!*--and talked to the Sword Masters, and amazing fans, all that sort of good stuff.

Kyle: There was some good podcasting adjacent to a dumpster fire. 3:00 *****

Keith: And then we did Highlander Two, which took, obviously, a month to do. So now we’re back into the thick of things with Highlander Season Three, one of my... it might be my personal favorite season.

Kyle: Yeah. I mean also, just HOLY shit this season gets good.

Keith: Oh Yeah. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Kyle: This is like a major benchmark in this series.

Keith: Yeah. Uh but, before we get into this, there’s a couple other things that we want to talk about. Uh, there’s a new Highlander Convention coming up this year, in October! And of course Highlander Rewatched will be uh, one of the places you can find out more information about it. Uh, so we’re gonna be releasing information as it becomes available to us. Uh, but just stay tuned to our Facebook page and the Highlander WorldWide Facebook page, for all the convention details, which is gonna be in L.A. this year. And I think there’s gonna be a lot of really great guests, and events, and it’s gonna be a three-day long convention, full of stuff to do! So it’s gonna be really cool!

Eamon: Nice!

Keith: We’re excited about it.

Eamon: La La Land!

Keith: That’s right! The winner of th-up, sorry!

Eamon: Uh-oh!

3:58 Kyle: ***** Y-hi!

Keith: And also, Eamon, do you wanna talk about another brand new Highlander thing that came out recently?

Eamon: Yeah! So um, I put this on the Facebook page, but a new Highlander comic book is out. It’s gonna be a four issue limited series, I believe. It’s called Highlander: The American Dream.

Kyle: What is that name about?

Eamon: I don’t know.

Kyle: Also, I just wanna note that the cover has a mountain of skulls on it--*Eamon: Yep!*--so is this like a real indictment of capitalism? *Eamon: haha...* Is that what this book’s about?

Eamon: Well let me talk about this cover for one second. This is by--

4:26 Keith: One of *****illion covers for this book!

Eamon: Yeah. This cover’s by Francesco Francavilla, who’s actually a really good comic book artist; I like him a lot. But this is a... a re-used cover. And this was for a mondo-like Steelbook special edition DVD of the movie. So I guess IDW just like, bought this image... or was given this image? A little disappointing, though, that they didn’t really get a new *clears throat, no implications, just clearing through* piece of artwork done for the cover. I think they have one new cover. Umm..

Keith: Yeah, there’s--I’m not sure which artwork is for... which cover... *Eamon: Yeah.* They released a couple covers, I feel like--*Eamon: Yeah.* I’ve seen on the Internet, there’s like a bunch of these floating out there. I’m not sure which one’s for which--

Eamon: Yeah, I don’t know which is the real one. Um, but this is an IDW comic. It’s written by Brian Ruckley, with art by Andrea Mutti, and colors by Vladimir Popov. Um, so this is out, you can buy it now, on comic stands um... Go out and pick it up and give it a read and... You know, we’re gonna be talking about it, in the future.

Keith: Yeah. We don’t wanna talk about it this episode. We’re gonna dedicate a full episode to all four issues. So rather than talk about them all separately, uh, once the series of four is complete, tune into us and we’re gonna have a special bonus episode about our thoughts on the four issues!

Eamon: Yeah! And I just wanna say real quick about that, um... Like, for these types of comics, if you have a local comic book store and they’re not carrying it, you can actually ask them to order it for you. Most comic shops will do this. That’s kind of how comics are sold. Most of them are sold because you go up to the, you know, the cashier and request them to special order something for you. So don’t be scared, go up there and order it and uh--

Kyle: *cackling* Don’t be scared by that nerd behind the counter wearing a Black Lantern shirt!

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, exactly! Like it’s uh, it’s relatively common, if you don’t see this on the stands, um, and there’s a pretty good website you can find. I think it’s called, If you don’t know where your local comic book store is. And this is also available digitally.

Keith: Yeah, I was just gonna ask, yeah is it digital?

Eamon: Yeah, uh... if you go to, you can get it pretty easily. So uh, yeah. Good stuff.

6:25 Keith: Cool! So we’ve got one item in the mailbag... actually, we have a bunch of items in the mailbag!

Kyle: We have a LOT in the in the mailbag! It’s like Christmas!

Keith: Um, but we’re gonna be tackling that in a special bonus episode, which is coming out later in the week where we uh, answer a bunch of reader-mail about Highlander 2. So we’re saving that since we have so much! But we have a little Christmas present here from one of our fans! Anyway, if you guys wanna open up this little package we got here? And this is from Misty C, from Yakima, Washington!

Eamon: Oooh!

Kyle: Oh my!

Keith: What d’we got there, Kyle?

Eamon: OOOH!

Kyle: We have a VERY old school-looking well-worn Highlander Catalogue! Super exciting!

Keith: Awesome, we cannot wait--

Eamon: This is sweet!

Keith: Yeah, we can't wait to talk about this, awe, it's got some really good stuff in it. So, we've been reading from, what, the 1999 and 2000 catalog as well as the pamphlet that we-er, like a brochure-thing--*Eamon: Yeah!*-- it's like a poster! So anyway, this is a catalog we did not have in our collection, and Misty was nice enough to contact us, and she was like "Do you guys want this?" and it's like of course! So thank you so much and thanks for listening to the podcast, and if anyone out there has any cool, like, Highlander memorabilia or catalogs or kind of just weird thing like this, let us know and either send it to us, or take pictures and, y'know, contribute 'cuz we're looking forward to making this part of our show! So thank you very much, Misty!

Eamon: Yeah! Thank you!

Kyle: Yeah! This is super-cool! Woohoo!

Keith: It's in the mail bag!

Eamon: *sings* Maaaail baaag!

Keith: Alright. Are we ready to talk about Episode One, Season Three...?

Eamon: Yeah!

7:50 Keith: So! This is The Samurai! It aired September 6th, 1994! It's on a Tuesday! As usual, I love to look up what days these episodes aired. *Eamon: Wow!* It's on a Tuesday this time.

Eamon: Has it been consistent, like, what days these things are coming out?

Keith: Uh... listen to our NEXT episode to find out! *Eamon and Kyle laugh*

Eamon: "No", I'm guessing is the answer to that.

Keith: You'll have to fff--you'll have to wait and see!

Eamon: I'll have to wait and see. That's right.

Keith: It could be the same!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: It would be amazing if it WAS the same. *Eamon laughs* Building that suspense--

Eamon: Surprise! *Keith laughs* Stay tuned, Listener! The answers gonna get us some repeat listens!

Kyle: The answer is yes. "Listener!"

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: ONE listener will stay tuned FOR that reason.

8:23 So, the director for this episode was Dennis Berry! Uh, of course we've seen him recently, do Counterfeit Part II? *Eamon: Yeah!* Um, Prodigal Son, Pharaoh's Daughter--

Eamon: The Vampire.

Keith: Oh! The Vampire! The VamPYR!

Eamon: Vampyr...

Kyle: Mostly good episodes!

Keith: Mostly good episodes. Yeah!

Kyle: Pharaoh's Daughter rrrrhhnn. But. *Eamon laughs*

Keith: H-he-he he tends to deliver. On these episodes.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: They're always... well directed.

Kyle: There's some high-quality selections in there.

Keith: The writer of this was Naomi Jensen! Uh, she is... the woman that wrote, uh, Gentle Ben 2, The Gentling... *Eamon and Kyle chuckle* Remember her?

Eamon: Gentler Ben.

Keith and Kyle: "Gentler Ben!"

8:54 Keith: Uh, but she also wrote Studies in Light, and...

Eamon: Run For Your Life.

Keith: Run For Your Life!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Which were two very good episodes!

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: Yeah. And this is, I believe--

Kyle: *a voice* Eh, she's a woman, you know what I mean, Richie? *Laughter*

Keith: Uh, I think--

Eamon: Hot dogs!

Keith: I think this is the last episode she wrote. I think.

Eamon: Awe!

Kyle: Awe, shit.

Keith: Which is a bummer. Before she did Gentler Ben.

Eamon: Goin' out on a high note!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Yeah.

9:16 Keith: Absolutely. This episode guest starts Tamlin Tomita! As Midori Koto. Uh, and she's in the new Teen Wolf. Uh, she's been in Law & Order, and tons of other stuff. But I think she might be most well known for, and it was her very first thing, was she is the female lead in Karate Kid II.

Eamon: Oh, really?

Kyle: Oh!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Wow!

Kyle: That's the one with the drum, right? The secret move in that one is punching someone--

Keith: Just punching them over and over

Kyle: -- over again in the face.

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: Kind of like a drum. *laughter*

Eamon: Wow!

Kyle: I love special moves in anything; that is the laziest special move I've ever seen. 9:48 *****d'you like that--

Keith: I li--I like--I like Karate Kid 2 a lot, actually.

Kyle: I still like that movie. It's just like--

Eamon: Is that the one like, where they're IN Japan? *Kyle and Keith: Yes!* And there's like a storm or something?

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: I watched that on... in a bar, with no sound. *wheezelaugh*

Kyle: What?!

Eamon: That's how I saw that movie.

Keith: Wow!

Kyle: You see a lot of movies in bars!

Eamon: I drink a lot! *laughing*

Keith: Was that also the first time you saw like, Highlander *with Kyle* Endgame?! *without Kyle* Or something like that?

Eamon: Yes!

Keith: That was a bit--

Eamon: I saw Highlander Endgame for the first time in the *****Kyber Pass Club in Philadelphia, with no sound on.

Keith: I remember you were texting me--

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: --while you were watching it.

Eamon: I looked up and I saw Christopher Lambert AND Adrian Paul on the screen at the same time, and I was like, "Oh my GOD!" *laughter* As I was drinking expensive beers.

Kyle: Yeah. *****Kyber's good, man.

Eamon: It's great! I love it! The Kyber Pass Club, in Philadelphia!

Kyle: Why are we giving these ads away? *low chuckles*

Eamon: I don't know!

10:35 Keith: Uh, this episode also stars Steven McAddy as Michael Kent! Uh, he's in tons and tons and tons of stuff.

Eamon: He's in so much shit!

Keith: He was in Watchmen, 300, uh... He was the voice of Shade in--The Shade--in uh... *with Eamon*--Justice League.

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: But he's been in tons of TV. Beauty and the Beast, the old 1989 one?

Eamon: *sings* Beauty and the beast...

Keith: That's right.

Eamon: He was uh... Elaine's psychiatrist boyfriend--

Keith: Oh that's right!

Eamon: --on Seinfeld. And I was like, where do I know this guy from?! And that's where I chiefly remember him from.

Keith: He's good!

Eamon: Yeah, he's really good.

Keith: Yeah, he's good. Um--

Eamon: Very ominous.

Keith: And then of course Robert Ito stars in this episode. And he's back! 'Cuz we've already seen him as Johnny Leong *Kyle: Yeah.*--in Revenge of the Sword. Uh, so this is another one of those classic incidences where they decide to cast one of the stars of an episode as the st--a completely different character--*Eamon: Yeah.*--in another episode! *Eamon: Yeah.* Although this is a... a much better role.

Eamon: Oh, definintely.

Kyle: Oh, yeah.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: He... he's really well-suited for this role. *Keith: Yeah.* And... I didn't quite buy him as Johnny Leung in... The Revenge of the Sword episode.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Because he was a shitty character. *laughter*

Keith: Yeah. In like a kind of forgettable episode.

Eamon: I just want to say about this guy: Every cartoon I watched as a kid, this guy did a voice on. This was... like, he was on Animaniacs, Batman the Animated Series, Darkwing Duck, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Tailspin, uh, Ed Grimly *****, Chuck Norris Karate Commandos, The Real Ghostbusters, Gargoyles, SWAT Cats--*Kyle: Shit!*--Superman, Avatar: The Last Airbender... which was more recent. But like, every cartoon I watched--*Keith: Yeah!*--HE did a voice in! *Keith: Wow!* Which is kind of nuts! And I'm also a big nerd who watches a lot of cartoons. But...

Keith: *laughing* Uh, very good. And then finally Hiro Kanagawa as Akira. The uh, the lover, in this. Uh, he was on Heroes, Caprica, and... I remember him as the principal of Smallville!

Eamon: Woa!

Kyle: Oh!

Keith: Like in the high school, he was the principal.

Kyle: How 'bout that!

Keith: So he was in like a bunch of episodes of that.

Eamon: And you guys were ON an episode of Smallville.

Kyle: We were in the Special Features of...

Keith: *laughing* On a bonus disc!

Eamon: Oh. Okay.

Kyle: And anything where they talked to us was cut out.

Eamon: Ah.

Kyle: It's just like a still of us in a diner. And Keith looks very intimidated by a hamburger! *Keith and Eamon laugh* He's like looking at it like it's gonna bite him! *laughs*

Eamon: Is that why they cut it?

Keith: Yeah, that's it. *more chuckling* I think our stories were too raw, man!

Kyle: Yeah!

12:43 Keith: Anyway, it's time for one of our favorite segments!

Eamon: Oooh!

Keith: The IMDb episode description!

Kyle: Yes yes yes!

Keith: Alright guys, this episode is about... "A cheating wife flees her husband when he kills her lover! She turns to Duncan for help. She shows him an old spyscope. Duncan recalls when he last saw the spyscope--"

Kyle: *laughing* "Spyscope!"

Keith: "--and how he got his katana. Duncan soon discovers... her husband is immortal." *laughter*

Eamon: What? That's--

Keith: Ew!

Kyle: I love the use of the phrase--repeated use of the phrase--*Keith: Spyglass* "spyscope". *Keith: Spyscope!* Though spyglass would make sense. SpySCOPE?

Keith: *delicate pitch to voice* "Duncan recalls the last time he saw the spyscope..." What?! *chuckles*

Eamon: That's a weird... like, also, I like that they describe her as a "cheating wife". *someone laughs* I mean, that IS what she does--*Kyle: Accurate!*--but it just sounds like...

Keith: Yeah, it sounds really bleh--

Eamon: Negative?

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: I mean it's not good...

Eamon: No. Cheating wife!

Keith: Yeah! *laughing*

13:35 Keith: Alright guys, let's hop in to this episode! We should start with the opening credits! Philip Aiken is BACK!

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: No more m--no more Maurice!

Kyle: I was so--I got so pumped when the theme came on--

Keith: I know!

Kyle: I w--like, it had been a minute and I was like, YESSSS! Here we are!

Eamon: Born to be kings?

Kyle: I'm not sure about that. *laughter* Uh...

Keith: So this episode opens, uh, with like a sh--like I guess we're in like Tokyo or something, in some Japanese--

Kyle: In modern Japan, somewhere.

Keith: Yeah. Modern Japan.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And it zooms in on like a hotel room. And two people are--

Kyle: I assumed this was their UGLY home. It's like really... their apartment is like--

Keith: Oh, I guess it's an apartment!

Kyle: --nice in like, a really shitty 90s way, with like pink carpet--*Eamon: Yeah.* I was like, if this place cost a lot of money, and is very *****.

Keith: Lots of like, vertical blinds 'n stuff like?

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: And they have like, a black leather bed awkwardly in the middle of the room, it's weird!

Eamon: It's tacky! Is what it is.

Keith: Yes. Yeah.

Eamon: Tacky. All--

Kyle: It's so you know the villain lives there.

Eamon: Yeah. Also there's like, vaguely offensive music in the background, like... like...

Keith: Like all the Koto Drums?

Eamon: Yeah it's like, not... it was like weird like, kind of... "This music is to let you know you're in Tokyo" type music!

Keith: Right! *Eamon laughs* These two people I guess have just got done...

Kyle: They were just making coffee.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah. They were just making coffee together in bed.

Eamon: *sings* Making coffee!

Keith: Uh, and so it's our... heroine, Midori, and her lover Akira.

Eamon: Mmhm. Yep.

Keith: I dunno. He's fawning all over her; she I guess, seems to be feeling guilty. She does not want his... compliments.

Eamon: Yeah. "You never let me compliment you!" *Keith: Yeah!* "Maybe I don't deserve compliments."

Kyle: She's got a raspy voice!

Eamon: Yeah! That's what she said--that was a clip we played.

Kyle: It's from drinking all that Midori.

Keith: So...

Kyle: Isn't that like a melon liquor?

Keith: Yes!

Eamon: Mmhm.

Keith: It's like green.

Kyle: Gross.

Keith: Uh, Kent--Michael Kent calls on the phone. It's her husband. And he's like "Oh, I was headed to the airport, I left my briefcla--briefclase?--briefcase in the closet, so I'm coming back for it." So... I guess she tells Akira like, get your shit together, you gotta get out of here.

Kyle: Cheeseit!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So he goes to leave, and I guess then she checks the closet and realizes the briefcase isn't there.

Eamon: That's right!

Keith: And then she gets suspicious, because she's liKeith: Uh-oh! He's like, up to... some... no-good!

*****15:43 Kyle: *Akbar voice* "It's a trap!"

Keith: Right. It's a trap.

Kyle: It is a trap.

Keith: So two goons grab Akira in the hallway.

Kyle: Yeah, these two white guys grab him, and like drag him down to the parking garage. And we get another look at this guy, Kent. He's like kind of a... he's got an intimidating face!

Eamon: Oh yeah!

Keith: Yeah, yeah!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: He's got a real kind of like craggy face. My notes refer to him repeatedly as Casanova Frankenstein, cuz I couldn't remember his real name. *laughing with Eamon*

Eamon: I just refer to him in my notes as "hubby".

Kyle: Hubby! Yeah!

Keith: Hubby! *Eamon laughs* Uh, so he pulls out a sword--*Eamon: Yeah.*--and it turns out he has a Muramasa blade, as well. *Eamon: Mmhm.* As we'll find out cuz Duncan, it turns out, has the same sort of sword. Which I think is important-- *Eamon: Yeah!*--but doesn't really get explored.

Eamon: From the 16th Century...!

Keith: Right! And so he talks about how this--they would test the blades--

Kyle: It's kind of badass! He gives like a ba--very scary description of this thing.

Eamon: It's awesome! Yeah.

Kyle: Do you wanna play it?

Keith: Yeah, let's play this clip, cuz it's pretty rad.

16:33 Michael Kent: This... is an authentic Samurai katana. (Eamon: Japanese sword!) Made by the great master Muramasa in the 16th Century. Thirty-thousand repetitions of pounding and folding to make this blade. You know, they used to test the blade by lining up condemned men, to see how many it would cut through in one... stroke. This one did five. It's recorded, under here. Truly... a labor of love.

(Kyle: Something bad's about to happen to Akira.)

Akira: I was going to talk to you!

(Keith: And his wife Midori has come downstairs to see this.)

Michael: Talk to me. You should have talked to me before you started screwing my wife.

(Eamon: Oooh.)

(Kyle: My wife!)

(Eamon: He's gearing up for the swing, and he's outta here!)

Akira screams.

17:26 Eamon: Pretty cool!

Keith: Yeah. *laughs*

Eamon: He's a good bad guy.

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah. That was super-intimidating--*Keith: Yeah.*--and like, his voice is great, he's got an intimidating presence; he's very tall.

Keith: Yeah. Big guy. Uh, so Midori's in shock, and I guess she runs back up to the apartment and... Michael ends up back up there as well, to confront her about this whole thing. Uh, so she's like "I knew there wasn't a briefcase," and like, so he calls her out, like "I killed your lover." And then he gets like, fucking gross! And he's like, "Make love to me NOW!"

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: He's like, "You can never leave me! Never! Make love to me." *weak laugh*

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: I just have like a bunch of sad faces after that. It's like, oh this guy's very rapey.

Keith: Midori ts... decides to stab Kent in the back, while--

Eamon: Yeah. She has like a sword hidden, or a knife hidden, uh...

Keith: Yeah. Uh, I think the music in this scene is like, really great like, it's really like... all these, like, kind of cranking sounds, and... uh... I dunno. I think the music in this whole episode actually is... pretty top-notch.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: It's really cool the... the Koto drums that are playing and, it's got a lot of energy to it. It's good stuff!

Eamon: Yeah I like... the drums a lot remind me of the um, Akira soundtrack, the anime movie--*Keith: Fitting.*--because that has a lot of those drums in--in that as well.

Keith: Yeah. All right. So now we cut, and we're back into the gym.

Eamon: The gym!

Keith: Which, I'm super-pumped to see Charlie.

Eamon: The Dojo.

Kyle: It does feel like Charlie just burst into somebody's apartment and everyone was like, "Oh, Charlie!" *laughter* But my notes are just like, "Awe! It's so good to see Charlie again!"

Keith: I know.

Kyle: Like, I don't know what it is, I love this guy. Like--

Keith: Him and Mac, crush it! Every time they're on screen together.

Kyle: Yep! Their chemistry is so much better than th--like the average chemistry between... Richie and Mac, that like--*Eamon: Yeah.*--I don't know. They just like... they work... ff--Clay Aikin just like... Clay Aikin.

Keith: Clay Aikin?! Philip Aken!

Kyle: Philip Aken!

Eamon: Clay Aiken. *amused*

Kyle: J-HAHAH! I find... just, like... his presence onscreen is just like, kind of really warm. I dunno. He's great.

Keith: Yeah! And a lot of the times on this show we talked about the like, the bromance between Charlie, and Mac, and so... I think we gotta play this clip, because... I don't know if anyone noticed this line...

Eamon: Oh God. Yeah.

19:31 Charlie: MacLeod? You son of a bitch! [DM laughs.] Take five, Jenny. [goes to DM] Welcome back. Good to see you.

DM - Good to be back, Charlie.

Charlie - Yeah, well, you're looking pretty good. (Eamon: Oooh!)

DM - Yeah, you, too. I thought the doctor said to take it easy.

Charlie - Well, he also said, uh, all the parts work.

19:54 Eamon, Kyle laugh. Kyle: He gets so...!

Keith: That is so screwed up!

Eamon: *amused* That's really flirty. Like--

Keith: And they are like, looking each other up and down! And they're like s--

Eamon: They are gonna go upstairs and fuck, right now! *all chuckling* *****20:06 And just also's like "You son of a bitch!" *laughter*

Kyle: Oh.

Eamon: Predator!

Keith: So, Mac has been gone in Paris, for like six months, this is the first time they've seen each other in a long time, and so Charlie is like, "You've got a visitor, like, waiting for you in your office." And so I was like, "Hold on... one second! Like, how did this all work out?" And it's Midori who's come to visit him. *Eamon: Yeah.* So, at this point in the scene, the logic of it is one: this woman shows up, and obviously has talked to Charlie. And she said she's there to see Mac. So two: Charlie must have said something like, "Oh, well he's in Paris, and he's not around." And then she was like, "You know what? I think I'm just gonna wait in his office and wait for him." *Eamon laughs* Like, why is she... WHY is she still there?!

Kyle: Well maybe Mac... maybe Charlie knew he was coming back...

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Ohhhh!

Kyle: It's like, this is the first time they've SEEN each other, but he knew he'd be back today. Or like, would be dropping by.

Eamon: That makes sense.

Keith: MAYbe...?

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: No, that makes sense. Cuz otherwise it makes zero goddamn sense. *laughter*

Keith: Right!

Eamon: I'll just wait in his office!

Keith: That's the way I was reading it!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: She's just gonna chill out.

Kyle: Path of least resistance!

Eamon: Yeah. Well, she has nothing else to do.

Kyle: Humans sometimes communicate their plans to each other before they appear randomly.

Eamon: No they don't.

Kyle: Sometimes. Every once in a while. Actually, this entire recording session, was like spontaneously put together. *Eamon: Yeah!* We all just happened to show up at this place at this time, and there just so happened to be recording equipment set up, so like fuck it! We also just so happened to see these episodes of Highlander, so let's go!

Eamon: That's right!

Keith: There we go! Alright!

Eamon: By chance!

Keith: Hah! So, Mac and Midori go upstairs, and they're talking in his loft. Mac's making some tea instead of some coffee, which is good. So he's... making tea to impress, obviously, cuz if he made coffee, she'd bounce.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah! It's like, you're not good at this! Or he's very good at it. *chuckles*

Eamon: Oh I just wanted to say, the first time he sees Midori, he has like a weird flashback to a woman in a kimono--

Keith: Oh that's right!

Eamon: --for like, just a second.

Keith: Yeah. Mac is wondering why she is there, and she hands him a telescope.

Eamon: Mmhm! Or a spy-glens, or whatever.

Keith: Or a spy--

Kyle: A spyscope!

Eamon: Spyglass.

Keith: A spyscope!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Spyglass is what i--is a real thing! That is a word for this. Spyscope is...

Eamon: Spyscope is an item you can get in Syphon Filter!

Kyle: *laughs* Really?

Eamon: Nah I don't know. *they laugh*

Kyle: I used to play those games. I love those!

Eamon: They're good!

22:15 Keith: So, Mac says this spyscope *amused* represents a promise made to the Koto family over two-hundred years ago, that the Kotos could always come to the MacLeods when they needed help. So we get a flashback...

Eamon: Japan, 1778?

Keith: Yeah! We get a title card! Which is nice.

Eamon: Yeah! Which seems to be a trend in this season?

Keith: Yeah! Which is very good.

Eamon: Yeah. But uh, Mac is washed up on the beach, along with some boat bits.

22:37 Kyle: **** gotta get those boat bits boat bits!

Keith: Some boat bits!

Kyle: I'd like boat bits on my salad.

Eamon: Yeah. Mmm!

22:43 Keith: Robert Ito... Koto...

Eamon: Yeah. Hideo Koto.

Keith: ...comes over, and he finds Mac, and it looks like he's dead. *Eamon: Yeah.* He, like, rolls him over. And then a bunch of like... samurais or... these goons show up--

Kyle: Yeah. They're like Samurai or just 22:54 *****warriors.

Eamon: Yeah they're like, samurai, or something.

Keith: They start fighting Robert Ito--

Eamon: For some reason.

Keith: *laughing* For some reason! *Eamon: Yeah!* I don't know what's going on! Uh, but then uh, I guess Mac is revived, presumably because he got turned over--*Eamon: Yeah.*--uh, by Robert Ito. So he's not drowned anymore.

Eamon: I guess, yeah!

Keith: And then uh, he kind of helps Robert Ito. Uh, the choreography--

Kyle: Though Robert Ito does most of the work! *Eamon: Yeah!* They almost like, play up, at this point, how kind of like clumsy Duncan is...*Keith: Yes!* Like, he's like tripping in the water... like, his like, footwork is all lousy--*Keith: Yeah.*--But like, you know, he still holds his own. But they, they're definitely teasing that he's got a lot to learn.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: This is like the big turning point for Mac in general in the whole series, I'd say--

Kyle: Like the arc of his character.

Keith: Cuz he's a pretty stoic character... in the present day. Uh, especially like in Season One we saw him as like--*Kyle: Outlandishly--* *Eamon: Yeah!*--un-un-uncomfortably stoic. Uh, but this is kind of him becoming, kind of, grown up, so--

Kyle: This was transition from Barbarian Duncan--*Keith: Right.*--which he's referred to as barbarian multiple times in this, which I find very satisfying. But uh--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Right! *laughing*

Kyle: Like the transition from Barbarian Duncan to Modern Duncan.

23:57 Keith: Yeah. Hideo chops Mac's sword in half, at some point.

Eamon: Mmhm!

Kyle: Which is awesome!

Kyle: Which is awesome, and it's I guess to show how great his sword is and how crummy Mac's sword is.

Eamon: Yeah. We should also mention Hidea's sword is Duncan's sword.

Keith: Yes. This is the dragon-head katana.

Eamon: Interesting!

Keith: Mmmmm!

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🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

25:38 Keith: So! Then we cut back to the present. Midori's like, "Oh, that promise was made by your ancestor like, two hundred years ago," and Mac is like, "Time doesn't, like, weaken a vow," or whatever. Unless you're a...

Eamon: A murderer?

Keith: *laughing* A murderer, in uh... what'sis... Drakov in Warmonger, cuz then fuck you!

Eamon: Oh, yeah.

Kyle: Then time does weaken it.

Eamon: That is a great point that I didn't think about.

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: Right!

Kyle: I was thinking about that a lot, especially because she's like... she comes right out and tells... him what she did, like... *Eamon: Yeah.* "Oh, like... I am a killer." *laughs*

Keith: Yup!

Eamon: Right. Interesting. Hmm...

Kyle: And Mac's like, "Okay. That's fine."

Eamon: "Yeah, it's okay. Whatever."

Kyle: That's right. It's okay.

26:15 Keith: Going downstairs, I guess Mac tells Charlie that he's gotta hop off to Japan to help Midori out with this whole situation... uh, there's a weird bit of ADR dialogue, cuz Mac is like, "Oh, I'm heading off to the Land of the Rising Su--" Did you notice this? Like, *Eamon makes a noise* for some reason they had to re-record this dialogue. And I was trying to think what could it have been, and... my only guess is it's "the land of rice and..." something else, and they thought that was not appropriate. *Eamon hoots in disbelief*

Kyle: WHAT?!

Keith: I can't figure out what the other thing would be. I can't figure out why it's ADRed. Unless there was just some weird problem with the audio.

Eamon: Yeah, maybe.

Kyle: It's probably that. *Keith: Yeah.* Cuz why would they say that?

Keith: It's so stra--! I had to watch it like, four times, and I was like, why is this ADRed? Like it seems out of place. But--

Eamon: That's weird.

Keith: *laughing* Yeah! I also just want to mention, there's a lot of like, touching with Mac and Charlie, during this, like when they're like, he's like, "Can you watch after the Dojo?" And they're like--they're constantly touching each other. I'm just like, they... if they were married, I'd be like, "Sure. That's wh--that's what this is." *Kyle laughs*

Eamon: Maybe they were! Maybe they were.

27:08 Keith: So! Eamon, what happens next?

Eamon: Uh, Midori's going to her hotel room, I guess, to get her shit. And then, who appears?! But dead husband! Michael-whatever-his-name-is!

Kyle: Kemp?

Keith: Kent!

Kyle: Kent. Not Kemp.

Eamon: Michael Kent. *Kyle laughs*

Kyle: Yeah! He is alive! And we find out now that he is immortal! Mac gets the Buzz, and it's like "Uh-oh!"

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Of course she's like, suitably freaked out. *Eamon: Yeah.* Cuz she's quite confident that she killed him.

Keith: I was a little confused at first. Did anyone think this was IN Japan?

Eamon: I did!

Keith: I did, too.

Kyle: It took me a second to--it wasn't until like, much later, he comes back and sees Charlie, and Charlie's "I thought you were going to Japan!"

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah.

Keith: Like I thought she was headed back up to that apartment that she normally stayed at, or whatever, yeah.

Eamon: Yeah, that's what I thought it was, too. *Kyle: Yeah.* I was--I was pretty confused. Um...

Keith: Apparently--I was looking at the script. There's like a bit of cut dialogue that was supposed to be here that would've clarified it. I guess when Mac is waiting in the lobby, he's on a payphone--*Eamon: Aah!*--and he's ordering the tickets to Japan. *Eamon: Mmm!* So that woulda let us know where we are. But yeah, I just assumed we were in Japan at this point.

Eamon: Yup! Kent sees them together and he does kind of like a... Batman-disappear-thing--*Keith: Right!*--which is kind of cool.

Kyle: Cuz he throws a smoke pellet!

28:13 Keith: Yup! *****

Eamon: After Commissioner Gordon asks him a question!

Kyle: Yeah! *Batman voice* "Harvey Dent! Can... he be trusted?" *Eamon chuckles*

28:23 Keith: So, uh... I guess, back at Mac's place, Midori ca--she's like, "I know I killed him!" and she--he makes up some sort of... excuse. Like, "Well you probably just missed a vital or--"

Eamon: Missed a vital organ. Yeah.

Keith: --organ or something, but Mac of course knows what's up.

Eamon: There's some... Japanese saying for that that I didn't write down.

Kyle: Did anyone look this up? Oni--

Keith: Oni-tata!

Eamon: Oni-tata!

Keith: Which means "Big demon"!

Eamon: Mmm!

Kyle: What?

Keith: That's what I--that's what my research found!

Eamon: "Big... demon."

Kyle: I wrote "Oni-datta."

Eamon: Oni-datta.

Keith: I wrote Oni Tata!

Kyle: I got nothin'.

Keith: One means big demon, the onther means big omelet! *Eamon laughs* That's not true at all.

Kyle: Your ancestors would have said "Huge omelet, bro!"

28:57 Keith: So, uh... then we cut to Kent's yacht! Uh, which I guess is in Seacouver? And we find out later that he, like, keeps a boat there.

Eamon: Yeah. Okay.

Keith: Like, that's... that's the thing.

Eamon: He wants to find everything out about MacLeod! *Keith: Right! This is wh--* How much he's worth! Dodedodedee!

Keith: What he had for breakfast! *Eamon: Yeah!* Who he had breakfast with! He should call up what's-her-name from the European Tribune--

Kyle: Oh, yeah! *Eamon laughs*

29:18 *****Kyle's words buried under Keith's may be some of same words.

Keith: Cuz she knows who everyone's had breakfast with, and what they're eating 'n all that stuff!

Eamon: Just reminded me of The Sea Witch, like!

Keith: Yeah it does!

Kyle: *Russian accent* It's called *with Eamon* the Sea Witch.

Keith: This is one of the first uh--or I mean, I guess there's been some others, but uh... one of the first Immortals that we've met that doesn't know who Mac is. At all.

Eamon: Yeah! That's a good question.

Keith: I mean, most of them are like, "Oh, the Highlander!" *Eamon: Yes.* But this guy's like, "I don't know what his deal is. Find out what the skinny is."

Eamon and Kyle: Yeah.

Kyle: This is like, just a chance encounter.

Keith: Yeah. Yeah they've got no beef, ahead of time.

Eamon: Kobe Beef.

29:45 Keith: Uh, so we get some clarification from Midori on her situation with Kent back in Mac's loft. Uh, she explains that I guess, her family was like, losing money or the business was... *Eamon: Mmhm.* Oh and I guess they were also gonna buil--they wanted to tear down the family shrine...

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Right. They were gonna lose the land and the shrine would be... taken down, but Kent ste--is obviously very wealthy. He stepped in to like, lend them a whole lot of money, that they weren't gonna be able to pay back, so she married into his family.

Keith: Right. Yeah. And so Mac is like, "Money has nothing to do with honor." Interesting. We'll talk more about this... down the road.

Kyle: And she's like, "Doesn't it?" Like, "They were gonna desss--" She's like, "Doesn't it? They were gonna like, destroy my family's legacy, if we didn't have the money."

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yeah.

30:25 Keith: So we get another flashback! This is an odd transition, by the way! *chuckles as speaks* Like, there's a cutout of her body that it like, zooms in on--

Kyle: Zooms in on? Yeah, it's odd.

Keith: They've never done a transition quite like this--*Eamon: Yeah.* So I don't like, hate it or anything, but--*Eamon: It's strange.*--it's now--it's interesting. It's not par for the course, I guess.

Eamon: But Mac is sparring with Hideo... in some... I guess it's ka-ra-te... I don't know.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: I don't know. But it's... like, it's so delightful seeing the table turned! Like, I just kept thinking about, like, the Richie montage--*Keith: Yeah!*--in Eye For An Eye, where he's getting like, the crap kicked out of him by Mac! "Get down! C'mon!" *Eamon: Yeah!* And just like, Mac getting just, like, housed! *Eamon: Yup!* And he's like, he thought he was gonna teach him something by showing him the noble art of boxing! *chuckling*

Keith: Right! Yeah! That's really funny! Also like a side note about like, the flashbacks in general. Like, all the flashbacks I think are really great. But, like... I feel like, most of the episodes we've seen in the past that are... the Seacouver episodes? They tend to flash back to like, Seacouver. Like, they're always like, American... flashbacks. Or wherever Seacouver is. Um, I think this gives like a great scope to this episode. That like the flashbacks--even though it's filmed at some--on some beach in Vancouver, like it--it does--I'm like, I buy that this is Japan. So it gives this big like global expanse to this episode, and even like, they just throw in some like, shitty stock-footage of Tokyo in the beginning, like... This episode does feel bigger, I think, than--

Kyle: Definitely.

Keith: --uh, which is really nice. I think. *Eamon: Yeah.* Success.

Kyle: This is like... this is quality.

Keith: Yeah. So, good training sequence, um--

Kyle: Yeah. Mac just gets like, housed, and is not holding his own.

Keith: And a woman is kind of--watching from afar, that catches Mac's eye. *Eamon: Mmhm.* And her name is...

Eamon: It's Maia.

Keith: Maia! That's right!

Eamon: Is that... really a Japanese name?

Keith: It's spelled M-A-I-A.

Eamon: Like, I know "Mai" is a Japanese name. *Keith: Hmm.* I don't know if "Maia" is. I meant to look that up and then I forgot to.

Keith: It might be!

Eamon: Yeah. I dunno.

32:07 Keith: *laughs* So, then we get some more training and, uh, Hideo is showing Mac how to like, swing his sword properly?

Kyle: Yeah, to properly use the katana. I love that he's like, *Mac's accent* "Is this swordplay or poetry?" *laughing*

Eamon and Keith: Yeah. Both.

Keith: Yeah! This is good stuff!

Eamon: It's also revealed that Mac can never leave Hideo's, um, home base here.

Keith: Right. Because I guess the, uh, the Emperor--or not emperor, the lord of the land--

Eamon: Shogun!

Keith: This is the Shogun. Has, like, forbidden all barbarians! *Kyle: Yes.* So if he leaves, he will be caught and killed.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Bad news!

Eamon: Yeah. Hahah.

Kyle: Well it was like historically closed--*Eamon: Mmhmm.*--until like, American ships came 'n were like, "Hey!"

Eamon: Is that Commodore Perry?

Kyle: Yeah. It's like, "Hey! We will blow up your country if you don't start trading with us!"

Eamon: Right! Yep! Hm.

Kyle: Okay. Like, whoops!

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: The set here is particularly beautiful. Like, they're on like, water and there's this weird bridge...*Keith: Yeah!* It's really good.

Keith: Yeah. It's a good location.

Eamon: As Hideo's talking to Mac, at the very end he just kind of like, adjusts his sword and his like, sword belt... there's an actual name for it that I don't know, but, I thought that was funny. He like, straightens it!

Kyle: That's funny!

Keith: So, I guess Hideo needs to, like, run some errands or shit. And, so he just leaves... he's like, hey, my daughter will take care of you. So! 33:23 We've not mentioned at this point yet that Maia is played by the same actress that plays Midori. How do we feel about that?

Eamon: *moment* Eh... I don't care, that much. It's a little weird, but--

Keith: I actually liked it.

Kyle: I liked it too! It actually explains the weird cut, like, flash he gets--*Eamon: Yeah.*--the first time he sees her. It's like, he's having a memory that's triggered by her... kind of uncanny resemblance to this ancestor that...*Keith: Right.*... she's seen. I think it kind of like helps... kind of like, tie the whole thing together, and explains some of Mac's, like, emotional connection to the whole thing.

Keith: Yeah. I'm into it. I think it works well to just kind of... it's a nice thread through the whole thing. They also pull something, if I remember correctly, like this in Highlander 3. I feel like the...*Eamon: Ohhh.*... love interest in that also plays his love interest...*Eamon: Yeah.*... in a prior life. Which I kind of--I also kind of like that, cuz it's like, it's not about her looking the same, but it's about you getting the same kind of emotional... response from his previous love and his current love. It helps you connect to both a little bit better? *Kyle then Eamon: Mmhm.* Anyway! That's what's going on here! So Mac is in a bath!

34:21 Eamon: And he's singing! And women barge in.

Kyle: This is--this is great!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Also like, they're teach--they have to teach him how to bathe..!

Keith: Right!

Kyle: And it's like just, comedy ensues!

*Eamon: Yeah!*

Keith: Yeah, it's--no, this is a great scene! I guess the, the uh, Japanese custom would be you would bathe outside of the bath. Like you would scrub yourself down, and then get in the bath to soak, so you're not soaking in like, dirty water. *laughs* *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: Makes sense to me! This is where your cl--your quote from the beginning of this episode comes from!

Keith: Oh, it is? *laughing*

Kyle: Hahah she's like, he's like, "Well this is--" She's like, "This is not how the Japanese bathe!" and he's like, "Well this is a Scottish body!" *Keith and Eamon laugh* Um, and there's also some great line about how he--he does so know how to bathe! He bathes once a month!

Eamon: Yeah! Hahah!

Kyle: It's great!

Eamon: I like how outraged he is. *laughter* It's really funny.

35:05 Keith: So, then, after this uh, Mac gets dressed in a robe, which he really is digging. He's like, "I could get used to this!" And she... I guess is feeding him like lunch or whatever, and it's a meal of sushi! Uh, which Mac has never had. So again, comedy ensues as the barbarian tries to use chopsticks, which is really funny... uh, he eats raw octopus--*Eamon: Mmhm!*--which is NOT raw octopus at all, it's cooked! Uh, raw octopus is rough, man, that is chewy! Uh...

Eamon: Chewbacca...

Kyle: *MacLeod accent* "It looks like raw octopus!" And he eats it! *whisper* "It IS raw octopus."

Keith: He makes a good face! No, this is like good stuff! When Adrian Pau--I... the fact that Adrian Paul was not funnier--and it's not because of him, it's because of the script, like... *Eamon: Yeah.* That Season One, he was so stoic, like, Adrian Paul is legitimately like, I think he's got pretty good comedic timing, most of the time. Like... he's good, physically, he's... like... he makes goofy faces..! *laughing*

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: The mark of any good actor! Makes goofy faces!

Eamon: Yeah. Goofy faces! Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah! Expert actor! Lots of goofs! *chuckles*

Keith: Yeah! But no, I think he's good in both of these scenes, like--

Eamon: Yeah, he's great!

Keith: He's great at playing like, this "fish out of water" character.

Eamon: Yeah. Hopefully we can see more of this--*Keith: Mmm.*--in his present-day persona.

36:07 Keith: So, Mac is gonna go kind of investigate what's going on. Uh, so he asks Charlie, he's like... he goes to Charlie and he's like, "Charlie, can I ask you like, a big favor? Can you, like, watch Midori?" And I was liKeith: A big favor? Like... Charlie has taken bullets for you. He's been watching the Dojo for six months. It's like--*Eamon makes affirming laugh noise*

Kyle: This is a small favor!

Keith: This is no big deal at all!

Kyle: This is--this is peanuts--*Keith: Right!*--compared to the-the price you've extracted from Charlie!

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah.

Keith: Charlie's been beaten, like, practically to death in The Zone, like for Mac, like, and all this crazy *with Kyle* stuff! Like, "Oh, I gotta ask you this huge favor..." *Eamon laughs.* "Can you just watch this woman?"

Kyle: Which of course, it results in another beating for Charlie! *laughing* As we'll find out! *Eamon: Yeah! Yeah.* So maybe Mac was right to be like, "Hey." *Eamon: Yup!* "I'm gonna ask you a par for the course favor, where you get the shit beaten out of you."

36:50 Keith: So back onnn Kent's boat, we get an amazing scene of ADR with one of Kent's goons...

Eamon: This is... this guy's voice... *laughter* *Kyle with Eamon* Oh, yeah.

Keith: Uh, and this voice..! Who is this voice? Obviously they're not credited, at ALL. *Eamon: Yeah.* Like, we've heard this guy's ADR before, and I can't figure out what other character this is...

Eamon: Is this the cop-guy? D-Darius?!

Keith: That's who I thought it might be, yeah.

Kyle: This is yeah, D-Darius!

Eamon: Darius!

Kyle: Let's get back in the car now. *laughter*

Eamon: Very strange ADR doubling.

Keith: Yeah. Uh, but this scene--also, just as a comment to the whole episode like... I dunno if it's just cuz it's the very first episode in the season, so they had maybe some extra time... I feel like the editing in this episode is like, spot on. *Eamon: Yeah.* Like, if the pacing is really nice, like, they--there's actually like, a fair..., I would say a fair amount more edits in this episode than there are most of the time. It just feels really good. And then we get this bizarre zoom in to like a... a water tank? Like an oil-thing?

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah! What is this?

Keith: With some sound effects? My only guess is... do you think there was another flashback planned...?

Kyle: And that was the dissolve into it?

Keith: And that was the dissolve, like to the ocean, or something. *Eamon: Yeah. Maybe!* Because it's very strange. It zooms in on this thing, and then just zooms out! And I was like, this is a David Lynch movie! 37:58 *laughter* Like we're just... we're just ***** a random objects!

Kyle: We're just zooming in on things!

Eamon: Wh--I like, liked this, and also... like, I thought this was like really thematic and kind of cool, but then I'm also like... but if we're like, actually taking apart what this is, it's like... somebody like... looking at a-a--like, prop that they bought from like, Office Depot. *Keith laughs* It's like, something that's going back and forth, and it just has like... blue... water in it...

Keith: Blue goo, yeah.

Kyle: Blue goo and it like, yeah, gotta get that blue goo!

Eamon: But I kind of liked it. It was like, kind of ominous, they play like--*Keith: Yeah!*--ocean noise. It could be just like, somebody watching that bird that like, dips down into like--*Keith laughs*

Kyle: Little mercury birds?

Eamon: --the water? Yeah.

Keith: No, I agree! The ocean sounds, it does feel very ominous. *Eamon: Yeah.* It gives some great mood to the scene, but it's utterly strange, yeah!

Eamon: And then when MacLeod walks into the room, like... it takes its time a little bit, and he like comes in from the shadows--*Keith: Yeah!*--and it's like... this episode in general is just a little bit more, like... I don't want to--thematic? Or something? *Keith: Yeah! It is!* In its editing? It works, but it's kind of silly at the same time.

Keith: It's funny you bring that up! In my notes, at this point, I just have--At this point I am realizing this is absolutely the best Highlander episode we've seen, right? I think!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yes.

Eamon: I think so.

Keith: It's been years since I've seen this episode, and it's always been a top. But it's like wow, like! *Eamon: Yeah.* Halfway through the episode it's clear that this is, like--

Kyle: Just th--just the overall quality and mood is so much higher. *Keith then Eamon: Yeah.* Like, it just feels like such a... almost an order of magnitude, a more polished piece--*Keith: Mmhm!*--compared to some of the episodes that have come before it, and... unfortunately also compared to some that will come after.

Eamon: Yeah, come... yeah. Yeah.

Kyle: Y'know. Just like, it really shows the... the level of refinement that this show can hit.

Keith: Right. So--

Eamon: It's funny you say that--Keith, I just wanna say, like... I watch this at home, and I have roommates who occasionally, they have to watch a Highlander episode with me, and they've seen some of the worst episodes of this show, *Keith laughs* and they're like, "Why do you spend time doing this?" like, *Keith laughs more* after like, watching The Zone. That was one of the ones they had to watch. My one roommate watched this episode with me, and he was like... "This is like, the BEST episode of this show I've ever seen." *Keith: Yeah?* Like, unsolicited comment. So, I, I think that just speaks--*Keith: Definitely.*--to how good this is.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. And I will also say: The shit Highlander episodes are like half the fun!

Eamon: Yeah! Definitely.

Keith: Oh yeah we have a blast talking about them!

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, like, they're... a part of what makes this thing special!

Eamon: Sure!

Keith: Well when people ask us, like, ask... at least me, personally, like, "Why do you like Highlander?" Like, THIS is an episode like, I'm never like... "Oh I like it cuz it's like, cheesy nineties stuff..." I mean like, I guess I can kind of say that now, like, "that holds a special place in my heart." *Eamon: Sure.* But, it's like, this is the real reason--*Kyle: Yeah.*--I think Highlander stands the test of time and should, and like, people should like this show; because of stuff like this! Its good stuff!

Kyle: Mmhm!

Eamon: Yea-yeah!

40:40 Keith: So, we actually get a pretty interesting conversation about honor, in this scene, because... Mac explains that he... made a promise to the Kotos, to protect them.

Eamon: Michael's saying like, "Well I'm her husband." Like--

Keith: Right. And MY honor has actually been... damaged...*Eamon: Yeah.* because of this scenario. *Kyle: Yes.* Like, she was cheating on me.

Kyle: She cheated on me, and then she tried to kill me. *Keith: Yeah.* And like, granted I killed him, but like, for HIM that's also about HIS honor.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Uhm!

Keith: So this is good stuff! It's getting a LITTLE complicated here.

Kyle: And it's... it's also just good cuz there's like... it is just... I think this is why they focused, just thinking about like, thematically, and symbolically, why they focus on that little ocean office max thing. Cuz it's like a... an oil and water--*Keith: Oh yeah!*--thing, it's like a... an imperfect mixing, and it's like... these charac--it's followed immediately by this interaction, where there's... there is no reconciling these two. *Keith: Right.* And that's--and the--the way the conversation ends is amazing. *Eamon: Yeah.* Mac's just like, look. If you're gonna go after her, I'm going to kill you. *Keith: Yeah.* And that is it, like... We're done here. *Keith: Yeah.* Your--your move. *Keith: Yeah!* And it's... it's awesome!

Eamon: Yeah. That's a good insight about the... the office max toy. I like that! *Keith laughs*

Kyle: It's like... I don't know. I was really trying to think of why--cuz I wrote that down too, it's like "What is this thing?"

Eamon: I think you're--I think you're right. I think that might be what it is.

Kyle: I think that's like the... the little symbol they tried working into it. I do also agree though, I think there was supposed to be a flashback there. *laughter* Uh, um... but anyway. This conversation's like, great. And I think this taps into something... that is a common criticism that we raise..? That this episode does better, but I think could be even better still? Which is just to say "This guy's not THAT evil." He's definitely evil--*Eamon: Right.*--they make him evil--*Keith: Yeah...* But he is... in the way he deals with Mac, he is less evil than a lot of the people we see--*Keith: Yeah.*--him interact with. And this conversation's like very rational. *Keith: Mmhm.* They have different interests. And I wish un--frankly, I wish this guy was LESS evil--*Keith: Yeah!*--than they presented him being. Like, make this be purely a dispute about, like, honor... and just like a difference of opinion, and like, difference of priority that leads them into conflict. But like they... they do extra things to make him sleazier and like scummier--*Keith: Yeah...*--so you feel about him getting... you know.

Keith: Well I think they--I think they're... they have to he... it's this weird balance they have to--cuz, you're right. That is a common criticism we bring up about this show, is that like, they don't let the bad guys be like, gray enough. Like they're always like, super-evil. Cuz he obviously is like, up to no good. Well, he's like a misogynist, he's like--he's gross. *Kyle: Yeah!* He also has goons, for some reason--*Eamon: Yeah.*--it's like that can't be--

Kyle: Good guys don't have goons!

Keith: --there's no goons!

Eamon: *amused* Right. "Good guys don't have goons."

Keith: They have CREWS!

Eamon: I like that.

Kyle: *laughing* Yeah! They crew up!

Keith: Yeah, they crew up! They don't goon-up!

Eamon: That'd be a good T-Shirt! *laughter* *together* "Good guys don't have goons!"

43:16 Keith: But I think, wrapped up in this, is they also have this problem with infidelity, in the episode. So if they make him an okay guy... Like, I feel like we--we give a little sympathy to Midori for... cheating on him, because... Akira seems like a nice guy, he's complimenting her, like whereas like... Kent does not compliment her at all.

Kyle: No, he possesses her.

Keith: Right. Yeah. He possesses her--*Eamon: Yeah.*--where Akira, he seems to lover her, and he's affectionate towards her... and so it's liKeith: Oh, we understand. Like, her husband is garbage, so she has found this man that does legitimately love her. So, for me it's like, I kind of sympathize more with her, and I don't cast her infidelity as villainous in any way? Uh... "The cheating wife!" Like that--that term in the I--

Kyle: It's like the shit they always do in rom-coms.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Right!

Kyle: Like, they always inevitably break up with the person they're NOT in quotes: not supposed to be with. So they have to make that person like an inconsolable asshole, so that like, you can celebrate the breakup, as opposed to, like, mourning the fact that... *Keith: Yeah...* you know somebody's gonna be really hurt by it.

Keith: So I think that's a little bit in play here, is that he's bad, so we're okay with her cheating on him.

Eamon: Well... Like, they kind of HAVE to make him a murderer, in this instance, I think because if Mac kills him... then Mac's just a monster. Like... killing her husband, just for being, like, a misogynist... *Keith: *laughing* Right!* isn't okay. But if like--

Kyle: Being a misogynist is bad, but like, it's not a murder-worthy offense. *laughing*

Eamon: Right. But like, this guy being a murderer, makes it kind of okay... for Mac to chop this guy's head off--*Keith: Yeah.*--but... they do kind of have to amp it up. If he was abusive, that's a different story. That might kind of put it back into maybe it's not-so-bad, that--*Keith: Yeah.*--well I don't know.

Keith: It's tricky.

Eamon: Yeah. Also when it's--

Kyle: We should come back to this at the end! Cuz I have more thoughts. *Keith: Oh yeah.* *Eamon: Yeah.* Cuz like... this is a great episode... I'm convinced it could be... 20% better.

Eamon: MmmMm!

Kyle: Yeah.

45:06 Keith: We're in!

Kyle: Like, I'm carving that position out now, based on some of the things we've said--

Keith: There's definitely good stuff to talk about--

Kyle: We'll cy--we will cycle back!

Eamon: Before we leave the yacht, I wanted to say two things.

Keith: Yes?

Eamon: Before he makes the goons leave, he says "Wait. Don't go that way, go out the back way." And I'm like, they're on a boat! *Keith and Kyle laugh*

Kyle: They should just dive into the water!

Eamon: *laughing* Yeah, that's what I was thinking! Do they have to like, swim away?

Kyle: *laughing* Get into a dinghy!

Eamon: And the other thing is, he says that the gym--the dojo--is on the EAST side of Seacouver. So I'm like oh! There's an east side... of Seacouver?

Keith: I guess so!

Eamon: And then uh, when he says they have a dojo, Michael Kent's just like, *sinister voice* "A dojo? Excellent!" *Keith and Kyle laugh* And I'm like... why is that excellent? Like... *Kurgan voice?* "Ah yes, a dojo. Mmmm."

Keith: Maybe he wants to possess the dojo!

Eamon: I guess!

45:55 Keith: *****gonna kill*****to possess the dojo.

Eamon: I thought that was weird!

Kyle: And that how he gets all of his real estate.

Eamon: And that's how talented this actor is. Cuz he just says that... POORLY written line, and it's like, Oooh, I'm getting the chills! *laughter for a bit*

Kyle: Yeah! Y'know, I didn't stop like... I think it's just because of his deliber--delivery? *Eamon: Yeah!* I did not actually stop to think about like, how silly that is in a vacuum, but he like, sells it somehow.

Eamon: Yeah! He's amazing! He's great.

Kyle: Yeah! Nothing but kudos for the performances in this episode.

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah. Outstanding.

46:23 Keith: So, Mac arrives back at the dojo, to Charlie getting pummeled, and he just like, sic--sits back and watches this fight!

Kyle: This is really funny! And Charlie is like legitimately kickin' butt! I mean--

Keith and Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Not like Mac-level butt-kicking, but you now, Charlie's a badass!

Keith: So, I--I was thinking, uh, as I do, trying to insert some... bit of irony into every fucking frame of this thing... Uh, like, in a TV show, this scene is really funny. Like, Mac's a smartass; he lets Charlie get beat up. If this was real life, and you watched a friend, like--even though he was winning!--like, I'd be like "You FUCKIN' asshole!" *Eamon: Yeah!* Like, "You let me--dude! I could have been killed, like!"

Eamon: Yep. Wawaaah.

Kyle: That's really funny! Yeah that's a great point, like.

Eamon: Yeah. Also Charlie is, like, just recovered from being *with Kyle* SHOT *no Kyle* in the--in the HEART! Like... like he almost died, and now he's getting, like the shit kicked out of him. And Mac's just like, ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-BA-bwa-bwa-bwa *together* sing the Blues!

47:19 Keith: So they go upstairs to check on Midori, uh, and she's GONE. *Eamon: Oooh!* And at first, Charlie thinks like there must have been another goon that like, snuck in behind him... not true. She left on her own accord. *Eamon: Hmmm!*

Kyle: Yeah. Also, I want to point out something that Charlie indicates after getting the butt--his butt kicked. It's like, "Man, you're gone for six months, I didn't get a HANGNAIL." *Eamon: Yeah!* Like, "You come back and I'm getting like PUMMELED by these goons!" And it's like hey, you know what? This is a--this is a corrosive friendship for you, Charlie!

Eamon: Oh yeah! It's--

Kyle: It's not good for your health!

Eamon: It's life-threatening! Like... *chuckling*

47:52 Keith: Uh... So uh, I guess Charlie picks up the... spy-scope... *chuckling* *affirming sounds from the others* And he's like, "Oh, what's this?" and Mac is like--

Kyle: He looks through it like a little kid, and we get like a great transition!

Keith: Yeah! So, transition's uh... through the spy-scope--

Kyle: Calling it a *with Keith* spy-scope--

Keith: --is insane!

Kyle: I mean, it's like False-Tessa! We gotta keep u--we gotta use the language of these IMDb descriptions!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: Uh, so we're back in Japan. And Mac gives this spy-scope to Hideo. And I guess he explains it's a Western invention and he shows him kind of how to use it, and just at this moment, there happen to be some, like, riders in the distance that--

Eamon: Yep!

Keith: --Hideo spots. Ah, I guess he goes out to greet them, and leaves Mac behind.

Kyle: After they have like a, cultural communication moment where Mac is so impressed with the sword, and it's so great, and like what craftsmanship and then, you know, he sees the spyglass he's like, "Oh, I had no idea that, you know, you barbarian Westerners could make something..."

Keith: Yes!

Kyle: "... you know, so precise." And they have a nice little cultural exchange.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: I was I-I-I did kind of wonder historically in this scene, w-were... telescopes 'n things like that introduced to Japan, at this point?

Eamon: Yeah. I wondered about that, too.

Keith: I don't know. Cuz I feel like, this is not too... this--what year is this supposed to be? 1798 or something like that?

Eamon: Seven--it's, like, 1778.

Keith: Okay. I mean that's, that's pretty late in history, I think like, this is an old invention.

Eamon: I don't--

Keith: So I kind of wondered if it had made its way over there.

Kyle: Yeah, not--probably not as old as you're thinking, though. *Keith: Yeah...* This is like Galileo... kind of stuff. This is not like, 1 B.C. technology.

Eamon and Keith: Right.

Eamon: I don't know my Japanese history. Like, I used to, kind of. I used to actually read about Samurai stuff and I just can't remember it anymore, but... I mean I know Japan did kind of... open its borders to...*Keith: Yeah!* the world relatively late... um...

Kyle: No, it wasn't until--that wasn't until, um, the 19th Century. *Eamon: Yeah.* Cuz they were forced to do so by...

Eamon: Right.

Keith: Yeah, cuz they were isolationists for... quite a while.

Kyle: Yeah. And, in this period it was like, very much so. You, you shut down. It's a self-contained island, effectively.

Eamon: I'm sure one of our Facebook followers knows. It might be an interesting piece of information to have.

Keith and Kyle: Yeah.

49:51 Keith: So then uh, Mac goes and has a tea ceremony with Maia. Uh, and this is a pretty good scene! Uh, I guess Mac is asking like, why do you hate me so much? Because like, she is constantly just like, throwing shade at Mac. *Eamon: Yeah.* "Oh, can I drink the tea now?" "Do whatever you want!" like, fuck off. Like, she doesn't give a shit. Like, she's just there to like, babysit Mac. *Eamon: Mmhm.* Cuz he's a barbarian! And so he explains that Hideo is his friend. And she's like, "Well what... what is a friend to you?" And Mac is like, "A friend is, like, a valuable thing like you would give your life for a friend." Maia's like, "Well then my father is the greatest friend, because he is giving his life for YOU." Bum-bum-BUM! *Eamon: Yeah.* So then this, this kind of plot unravels; that I guess, by taking in Mac, he has given himself a death sentence, because he has sheltered a barbarian, and so the Lord is not happy with that.

Eamon: Yeah. I mean, is it because he sheltered a barbarian, or because... when the Shogun's like, warriors galloped--galloped up to him, for no reason he pulled out his sword and like fought two of them and killed them...

Keith: That--that's my question, too! Is what was that initial attack about?

Kyle: No. I thought that's--I think that was unrelated.

Eamon: Unrelated?

Kyle: That's com--I think that's completely unrelated. I don't think those are like, the Shogun's guy? Cuz also they're not in the same colors.

Eamon: Oh, right.

Kyle: The people who rode up had like, this red banner--*Keith: Oh, okay.* --that it look--It looked different than the other people--

Keith: So they were just bad dudes.

Kyle: Yeah, maybe they--

Keith: Some bad hombres rode up--

Kyle: Yeah, some bad hombres rode up. *Eamon laughs* Um, cuz you know, during this--I mean, like individual, like, warlords in different territories would fight all the time, and like...*Eamon: Sure. * You know. It's, I think, unrelated struggle. *Eamon: Mmhm.*

51:19 Keith: So, Mac rushes to Hideo's side, who's now in like, I guess, he's trimming a Bonsai tree in this kind of, rice paper room.

Eamon: The Shogun has allowed Hideo to... take his own life instead of being executed.

Keith: Right. Cuz that would be honorable. Uh, so... this is the clip played at the top of the episode, but Mac has a pretty smart idea. Actually, I don't think this section was included in the clip we played. But Mac has the idea that he's gonna like spill the beans about being Immortal. And he's like, no, you should kill me in front of them, to like prove your loyalty and that, like, you know, whatever this scheme is, maybe I FORCED you to hold me here; or something like that. And then you'll be free to go, and I will actually live! Uh, so he explains what Immortality is. I think it's a pretty smart move! *laughs*

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah! It's like a clever plan! But of course, the entire point that's being reinforced about this whole thing it's like... No, like, I've dishonored myself by doing this thing. I can't fix it by like, breaking the rules. I can't fix that dishonor by lying about it.

Keith: Right.

Kyle: Um... And that's... you know, interesting. It's kind of like the central... theme of this entire thing. Like that is like the... ultimate lesson that Mac learns out of this whole thing.

Keith: Yeah, honor is clearly a personal thing, not a publi--like, no matter what you do. If you lie, it doesn't matter because... you know. Y-your... you have to be honor--you hold your code of honor to yourself, not to others.

Eamon: Right.

52:36 Keith: Uh, also, interesting point here: Mac, when he's explaining the immortality thing, he was like "Oh, I was in the water... for days--"

Eamon: For days. Yeah.

Keith: "--when you found me." So then I was like, what does a body look like when it's in the water for days. DON'T Google it, everyone! *Kyle laughs*

Eamon: Oh God. Really?! Eugh!

Keith: Yeah! *Kyle: Yeah.* Sponge.

Eamon: Ugh!

Kyle: Perks of immortality!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Yeah...

Keith: So I guess uh, he comes out okay. Or would he have been some bloated, gross... *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: Apparently not!

Keith: --transparent-looking sponge, man. Disgusting. *Kyle makes gagging noise*

53:05 Eamon: And this is when they kind of make their pact.

Keith: Yes. Mac promises he will always take care of his children or protect them if they need it.

Kyle: And he also agrees that he will help his friend commit, you know, like ritual suicide to--

Keith: Right.

Kyle: --to satisfy this punishment.

Keith: Right. So he'll be his second, and so then it's a... a very moody scene. *Eamon: Mmhm.* It's like there's lightning outside, it's very dark, and... Hideo, I guess, stabs himself in the gut, and then I guess to... alleviate his pain... I guess that's, like, the tradition is that then Mac can just kill him, outright. To alleviate any suffering.

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah. After they do like, the killing stroke, somebody else chops their head off... *Keith: Right.* to finish it, I guess.

Kyle: The Seppuku?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So Mac ends up considering this an honor, in the end. And also, something I thought that was very interesting about this, is the move he does is literally the move Hideo taught him. Like, this is the same stance; this like downward--*Eamon: Oh!*--strike. So it's actually kind of, like, an interesting kind of cyclical thing in the story is that Hideo teaches Mac what will end up being his like killing stroke. *Eamon: Yeah.* Which is good.

Kyle: That makes sense. Yeah.

Eamon: That's pretty cool. And also, part of the deal is Mac gets the sword when he's done. *Keith: Yes.* Yeah...

Kyle: So we... there's a, like, a lot of great world-building, here. Like, this fleshes out this character so much, and... really crystallizes a lot of like the--the mo--the Mac-motivations and all that stuff.

Eamon: The Mac-inations, if you will.

Kyle: OhhhhhhHHHHHHH! *Eamon chuckles* Yummy.

54:23 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

Keith: Hey, Rewatchers! March is a very special month because... it is the Trypodcasts month?

Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

Kyle: Yeah! So, for people who haven't heard of it, Trypod is s special promotion that a lot of podcasts are doing, spearheaded by the--the good content creators over at NPR, who are really trying to raise awareness of podcasts and get people invested into this really cool really dynamic medium that, HEY, your Rewatchers participate in!

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Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: And if they don't know how to access podcasts, and... you know, gain entry into this cool world of content, show them how! Give them a quick blow-by-blow on how to... get great podcasts!

Keith: Yeah! Cuz there's a ton of great podcasts out there. Not just Highlander-centric ones! *Kyle: Yeah!* There's a lot of good stuff! *Eamon: Yeah!*

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Keith: And so uh, share your love of whatever podcast you're listening to, uh, this week, on Twitter, Facebook, and just uh, add the hashtag Trypod! Which is t-r-y-pod!

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Keith: And another great way to spread the word is by leaving a five-star review on iTunes. Uh, believe it or not we're not just looking to get like great reviews and feel good about ourselves, uh--

Kyle: Though we DO--we do--

Keith: We love it.

Kyle: We are fueled by your praise. *Keith and Eamon: Yeah.* Without it... without it, I'm not sure how I'd get up in the morning! *Keith: Right!* I'm SO dependent!

Keith: Uh, but every review we get, uh, whether you actually type a review or just, you know, click on four stars, five stars... you know, whatever you wanna click. Five stars.

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Keith: Bam. You're done.

Kyle: It'll be amazing.

Keith: It's awesome. And then you spread that Highlander love all over the world!

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Kyle: Yeah! So Keith, other than our podcast, are there any fun podcasts that you've been listening to?

Keith: Oh! Who do I listen to? Let's see... every week I can't go without uh, CBB! That's Comedy Bang Bang on the Earwolf network! Which's a very fun comedy improv podcast if you're into that sort of thing.

Kyle: Yeah with Scott Aukerman and amazing guests like Paul F. Tompkins 'n Jason Mantzoukas, the hits keep on truckin'!

Keith: Absolutely.

Eamon: That's right!

Kyle: How 'bout you, Eamon?

Eamon: I... don't miss any week without listening to Never Not Funny, the Jimmy Pardo podcast. And he is kind of like a pioneer of podcasting in general. So that's--

Keith: Yeah. He started recording in his kitchen.

Eamon: Yeah! Yeah. Kyle, how 'bout you?

Kyle: Alright. I'm gonna go in a different direction cuz *****57:24 just gonna name a comedy podcast, but let's do a hard-stop and say I've been listening a lot to the uh, Freakonomics podcast. I try listening to that every week. It's not all just fun and games. You can get hard-core non-fiction content--*Keith: Yeah!*--such as Freakonomics, which is all about behavioral economics and... you know, interesting projects that involve, you know, psychology; economics; and the cross-section between policy and thought. It's really interesting! I highly recommend it!

Eamon: If you're listening to us just because you like Highlander... like, maybe you like Highlander; you found our podcast. You probably have other interests! There are literally podcasts about everything! *Keith: Right.* Like, you can find a podcast about something that interests you. So I--

Keith: Yeah! Do you like knitting? There's a podcast about knitting!

Eamon: There is! Yeah! There are! Yeah, so--

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Kyle: Yeah, so...

Eamon: Yeah. So, just do a search 'n you'll--you're gonna find something good, I guarantee it!

Keith: Yeah, so...

Kyle: You're gonna like the way you look--

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Keith: Uh, thanks again--

Eamon: Also there's a Men's Warehouse podcast to listen to! *laughter* Every week!

Kyle: It's actually just an ad on repeat!

Eamon: Yup! That's right!

Keith: Um, uh, so thanks again for spreading the word about podcasts and Highlander Rewatched!

Kyle: #trypod! #Rewatched!

58:32 Eamon: *****laughter*

58:34 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

Keith: Uh, so! Back in the present, I guess uh... Midori has shown up on the boat, and she's coming back to Kent.

Eamon: Yeah. Did you write down what the boat's called?

Keith: NO! What is it called?

Eamon: I don't--I didn't write it down. *Kyle and Keith: OHHhh!!* It has like--

Kyle: Don't tease us like that!

Eamon: It has like a logo on the door. *amused* It's like, this is obviously just somebody's boat that they like rented.

Keith: It's probably like, *wheezing* Vancouver, like, Booze Cruise Line. *Eamon: (chuckles) Yeah!*

Kyle: The S.S. Pussy Magnet!

Eamon: *makes raspberry noise* Yeah, that's what it was! *Kyle: Yeah! 's alright.* S. S. Pussy Magnet! What's that a reference to?

Kyle: Um, nothing!

Keith: That's how Kent rolls when he's in Seacouver!

Eamon: Oh okay. I thought you were referencing something!

59:14 Keith: So then Mac and Charlie end up on the boat--

Eamon: Yeah, for some--whatever reason. Yeah.

Keith: Like, later, like this is a little bit of filler. It's like, they end up, because they're like, "Oh I think she came back here."

Eamon: Can they just get on the dock and walk onto anybody's boat they want? Is that how like--

Keith: Yeah right! *laughing* I guess it's not gated at all. There's no guard... open dock!

Eamon: Just whatever! Yeah! *Keith laughs*

59:29 Keith: So anyway. Then we cut to Japan. Because Mac, I guess, says like, "I know where they went after this." Like, "They must have returned home."

Eamon: Yeah. So, Midori's n--at the Koto Shrine grounds. *Keith: Right.* Praying at what I--I guess is Hideo's grave, or memorial, or... something.

Keith: Right.

Kyle: Yeah.

Keith: And I... I think we should play this clip and talk about a lot of what this scene is about. Okay?

Kyle: Sure.

Eamon: Eeyeah.

59:52 Midori: I chose this destiny. I have to live with it. What happens to me isn't important. *she faces the shrine* A great man rests here. Hideo Koto. It's because of him that the Koto name has remained great.

Duncan: Not because of his money.

Midori: It's funny that a gaijin would teach ME about honor.

Duncan: This is a mistake, Midori. Why perpetuate it?

Midori: Honor. It isn't about making the right choice, it's about... taking the consequences. And if I stay, I can regain that honor.

1:00:31 Eamon: Hmmm.

Keith: Good stuff.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So... This episode I... I... One thing I love about this episode is how kind of focused it is on the theme, which is honor. There are, like, five characters that talk about honor. So, Mac obviously, he's gotta honor his promise to Koto. Then there's Hidori (HEH) uh, he's gotta honor the wishes of his lord. Like, when he decides that it's... like he WANTS to kill himself... because that is the honorable thing to do, and it's what his lord wishes, so he's got a code of honor. Then Kent obviously is... he feels dishonored by being, like, a cuckolded husband *laughing and Eamon laughs* Uh, then there's Maia--

Kyle: Cuckold MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod! *Eamon and Keith laugh long*

Keith: Uh, uh... and then of course uh, then there is Maia, uh, who's also feeling dishonored by... the presence of a barbarian in their life. And then finally Midori, uh, feels like she has to like, honor her family name. So all these characters have like, honor... at the center of their motivations in this whole episode. *Eamon: Mmhm.* A+. *Eamon: Yeah.* BUZZZZZ! Kent's here!

Eamon: His intro is insane! *laughter, agreeing sounds* There's a sound it, like, zooms over to him and he's just standing there, staring at them.

Kyle: On this bridge! *amused*

Eamon: And then he walks away. It's really funny. He has his own Samurai sword, which I guess we know already. *Kyle agrees*

Keith: Right. And so, they're both fighting with... I--I wonder why they made them have the same sword? I feel like that could've--this could've easily been a two-parter, too. Uh...

Eamon: Oh, yes! Yeah.

Keith: And I think maybe getting some more backstory on HIM maybe? I dunno. It's super-solid as a one-parter, but I kind of wonder what--if there's any significance that he essentially has the same sword as Mac.

Eamon: Yeah. They don't really touch on that. I kind of wish they did, but...

Keith: Yeah. Cuz it also could have been interesting to see like, you know, I don't think we get to see HIS code of honor play out too well. Like, he mentions like, "I have to uphold MY honor, because... she killed me and cheated on me." *Eamon: Yeah.* Uh, like if, if like, both of them were--cuz we know Mac is driven by honor, constantly through this series. *Eamon: Mmhm.* It would have been nice to see if like, him be the mirror of Mac, and be driven by a different set of honor and, so that when they fight it's like, really these two codes of honor coming head-to-head. But... maybe that was, at some point, lost on the cutting-room floor. Or in the script.

Eamon: Is this Kent's house now? With the Koto Shrine?

Keith: It's a good question. I don't know. Certainly his money stopped it from being destroyed. I don't kno wif that means he... he owns it, or they own it together, or what the deal is.

Eamon: *thoughtfully* Yeah...

Keith: To me, I'm like, super onboard this episode, almost until this point. And this is where I think things get a little murky, uh, on Mac's end. 1:03:05 So, Midori does NOT want Mac to fight Kent. And she's like, "Don't. Leave it alone." And then she's like, "I release you from your vow." And Mac is like, "This is not--this vow was not made to YOU, and you can NOT release me from it." And I'm like THIS... these double standards... are out of control. Like, this--

Kyle: That's... This is so weird.

Keith: Yeah. And it's liKeith: so Hideo can make a vow that binds ALL his offspring to Mac, to be protected by him, whether they want it or not! And she clearly does not want it right now.

Kyle: Well yeah. Th--the whole thing just becomes confusing, cuz why did she come in the first place?

Keith: Well I guess she just changed her mind.

Kyle: Well I guess she was originally coming to him, because she needed help cuz she thought she had killed her husband.

Eamon with Keith: Riiiight! *Eamon: Yeah.*

Kyle: But the ingredient that changes is that he's alive, so she decides to go back to him.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Cuz I guess maybe she, I guess, thought that her reaction was wrong. That she should not have... hurt him for this... thing.

Eamon: Well, she like--

Keith: Or she just is... is... she's scared.

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Is that also part of this, like--

Kyle: Well she probably thought that like, the police were gonna come for her.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: And that's why she came. So okay, that answered my own question. Yeah.

Keith: Well I think she's scared of Kent. Like that's why she goes back to him, is she's just terrified of what he'll do, so... it's better for me just to like, be submissive and go back, then run...

Eamon: It's more like she HAS to go back, because of all this honor-stuff. Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, I guess. Cuz she lays out decent reasons. *Eamon: Yeah.* I mean, at least reasons for herself, that she--this is how she's justifying it. So yeah. So these crazy double-standards that... Hideo can make this promise that binds all his offspring to Mac, but then his offspring cannot, like, disavow that? Like t--they can't release that promise? It's like...*Eamon: Yeah.* Why? Like, you're allowed to bind people in one direction, but it can't go the other way?

Kyle: And also, like, the deal was that they could always come to him for protection. She doesn't WANT his protection. She's like, "You are not protecting me by doing this thing." *Keith: Right.* "DON'T do it."

Keith: And then--

Kyle: It's a--it's... that--it's VERY weird.

Keith: Yeah. And then at some point, I feel like Mac even like, explains--so he's like, "This is about--" It's like... why are you explaining... like man-splaining honor to her? Like...

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Like, like this kind of reeked of that. Anyway, I think this is the weakest part of the episode just cuz... it just... it gets so murky, and I--I--I don't think Mac looks... too good in this situation. So I wish... *Kyle: No...* Kent did something or--or she thought it would be okay to go back, and then he does something again, and was like, "You know what? I'm wrong." And... I don't know.

Kyle: Or she just doesn't choose to go back to him... *Keith: Yeah.* You know, maybe she's just having a moment, like maybe this is--she doesn't choose to go back. This conversation happens in a moment of, like, doubt, where she's like, thinking aloud. Like, "Maybe I should go back. Maybe it's dishonorable not to. Blah-blah-blah," and like, maybe he... you know, says like, "No, like, I'm committed to helping you, like... you're doing the right thing." And then the conflict happens. Not like "Don't fucking do it!" "Shut up I'm going to do it anyway!" *Keith: Yeah!*

Eamon: Yeah. Or, or just making, like, Kent come at Mac or something, so he has to fight. I don't know.

Kyle: Yeah! *Keith: Yeah!* Or maybe... or maybe KENT won't let it go at this point. He's like--*Keith: Right!*--you, y.. Like, Mac... you made your decision, like, you decided to challenge me. Like--*Keith: Yeah.*--you don't get to change your mind, now.

Eamon: Like are they--

Kyle: That MY code of honor says that, like, your challenge to me has been accepted, so--

Eamon: Yeah. Are they doing this on purpose? Like, Mac is never like, absolutely in the right, in any of these. I mean, sometimes he is but--*Keith: *laughing* Right!*--usually there's like a weird question... or kind of like a... inconsistency or, like, something. *Keith: Yeah.* I'm wondering if that's on purpose or not.

Keith: Maybe!

Kyle: I don't know. I think there were other ways to introduce that, though, than THIS. *Eamon: Yeah.* Like, than the way this is presented here. Cuz I feel like the challenge should come from, liKeith: Moral questions are murky, and it's hard in any situation to what the... like, 100% right thing to do is? Like, the--the-the quandary should be the source of the uncertainty, not, like, Mac kind of being an asshole to some woman. Like--*laughing*

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: --that should not be the source of like, our discomfort.

Eamon: *thoughtfully* Mmm.

Keith: Well, I think that there's an interesting question posed here too, about like, what is the difference between like, honor and morality? Cuz they're, they're different, and... at least the way the discussions in this show have kind of presented honor--especially in this episode, but we've seen it in Warmonger with that promise, and he was like, "This is about your vanity." Uh... What was... what was his name, the dying... guy?

Eamon: Oh, right! I forgot his name. But yeah.

Keith: Your morality, I feel like, is something that has to do with other people. It's like, this is how I interact with you and a community. Like, decisions I make impact of a--a group larger than me. Whereas this honor-thing, is a deeply--it is solely a personal decision. Like, ONLY one person has this code of honor: YOU. And you have to... That's why you can't cover it up with a lie, is because you're the only one who has to live with your code of honor. And so, Mac basing this decision on honor is--I find, like... everyone has different views on this thing! Like, she doesn't want him to do this; he does. The choice he makes is not the MORAL choice. He makes the HONORABLE choice. Which in some ways is selfish. *Eamon: Yeah.* Just because he--his code of honor does not line up with hers. Kyle: Yeah. That is an interesting tension. I agree in... with like, 80% of what you said about like, honor being personal, but it's also a communal thing. Like you're also dishonored in the eyes of your peers; in the eyes of the community... *Keith: Yes...* Like there is--

Keith: Well we do have shared principles, I think, that we--we consider honorable.

Kyle: Riiight. But then there IS still fundamentally an internalization--*Keith: Right.*--component that is like the... the bedrock of the whole thing.

Eamon: The other thing is, like, they're both on Holy Ground.

Kyle: But they move.

Keith: Oh okay.

Eamon: They move, but like--

Kyle: They-they leave the shrine.

Keith: Okay.

Eamon: If Mac could have like, not done this, and stayed there, so they couldn't fight... like, he makes the decision to like, go off Holy Ground and like, settle this with this guy, against EVERYONE'S wishes, like!

Keith: *laughing* Right! *Kyle laughs too*

Eamon: Like it's definitely weird, it's just liKeith: This is something I, Mac, am going to do because I want to.

Kyle: Yeah. No one's asking you to do this.

Eamon: Yeah. At this point.

Kyle: And like, and it... it doesn't seem like Kent would have forced this issue...

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Like if... Mac just said like, Okay, I'm going back home... it seems like Kent would have said "See ya! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

Eamon: Right. Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, this is the good stuff about Highlander. Like, even though it IS murky territory it gives us like, gives you lots of stuff to think about as a viewer, or talk about like, with your friends and family when you watch it, so. It's good stuff.

Kyle: Yeah. Well I think we've all signed on very much to the David Abramowitz quote like the, the peak... the pinnacle of Highlander is like a Talmudic discussion with ass-kicking.

Keith: This-this episode has everything.

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: This definitely--this ticks all the boxes of a... like, truly great Highlander episode. And that's... that's good stuff.

Keith: Yeah! We got a fun sword fight; we got cool flashbacks; we have like a really good moral question, and it explores it, like, fantastically!

Kyle: Yeah!

Keith: And it has Charlie!

Kyle: Sh-has Char--yeah!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: *laughing* It has great performances, super-good bromance, *Keith: Yeah!* Um...

Eamon: No Maurice, though. That's a... that's a...

Kyle: Oui oui!

Eamon: ... column in the... con column? *laughter* WHAT did I just say?

1:09:41 Kyle: That's a *****column within another column.

Eamon: That comment was a con!

Keith: Let's... let's talk about... let's talk about this fight!

Kyle: Yes! Let's!

1:09.48 Keith: So, it should be noted that this is again the first fight--or the first episode choreographed by F Braun McAsh. Uh, go back and listen to our Crossing Swords interview with him and Anthony De Longis! It's pretty cool! Uh, but this is the first episode he did, and I think it's very apparent--his choreography style--especially you could really notice a lot of it on the beach, uh, in the very first fight, like. The fight just seems more kinetic. It--it feels grounded, a little more? Uh, uh, where I feel like Bob Anderson's style is... very theatrical. *Eamon: Yeah.* And F Braun comes from that school as well, but F Braun also, I feel like, no-not--I don't wanna speak for him, but also comes from a very practical sense of studying real-world weaponry, and how does this stuff function in reality.

Kyle: Yeah. Not just on a stage.

Keith: Not just on a stage. *Eamon: Yeah.* And so... Yeah, the fight just feels really kinetic and it's... it's good stuff. Um...

Eamon: Yeah. It is.

1:10:35 Keith: So th--one of the craziest moves Duncan does is he catches a blade--

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah! Well that's at the end. That's like the... the final bit of this fight. But... what do we... how do we feel about this fight in general, as it's going? Cuz like, they start on the beach; they work their way into the water... there's this very weird slow-mo...

Eamon: Yeah, the slow-mo is weird.

Keith: Oh yeah. the slow-mo was weird.

Kyle: ... which I did not love and was confused as to why it was part of it. It definitely didn't enhance my... experience of this fight.

Eamon: I feel like... they were just doing it to give it some extra juice or something. I dunno. *Keith: Yeah.* Yeah.

Kyle: Not-not just to stretch it to 43 minutes.

Eamon: Yeah, yeah.

Keith: Right!

Eamon: Or that! *laughter*

Kyle: I dunno, we need that extra minute and a half for the European cut! *Eamon: Yeah!* Let's add this slow-mo in! *Eamon: Yeah.* Yeah, so that was--that was odd. So then the make it up--back up onto the beach and they're fighting on the rocks, and it's like, some real fast sword-play, and Mac's sword get like, slammed down into the rocks--*Keith: Right.*--and he gets disarmed. Which is kind of awesome, and things are looking--

Keith: It gets stuck in the rock!

Kyle: Yeah! Things are looking ROUGH for Mac here, but then Keith! What happened?

1:11:36 Keith: So then Mac catches the blade in mid-air! And we should listen to the man himself, F Braun McAsh, talk about this.

Eamon: Oooh!

BRAUN: When I was first hired on Highlander, I was on a show-to-show contract, so... obviously you have to uh, be able to slot into... a family that already exists, and if Adrian couldn't work with you for any reason at all, obviously, you wouldn't be able to hang around. In Samurai, I wanted to have Adrian at some kind of... oh, I wouldn't say disability but ooh... obvious that he could die, within the next second. So, I had been experimenting with a move that I had SEEN, in my study of the Japanese sword. And it's... the ability to catch in between the palms. Now, obviously you're not actually SEIZING the blade, because that would pretty much put paid to your hands. What you're doing is you're clapping... the inside heel of the hand against the spine of the blade, uh which is above the cutting edge. And... I tried it a couple of times, just holding the sword and having a friend of mine increase pressure towards me to see if a) can you actually HOLD it, and then I had my friend--slowly building up speed--actually thrusting the sword at me, and me trying to actually catch the sword. And when I convinced myself that it was physically possible to do this, I then put it into the choreography where... MacLeod gets his swordblade caught in between two rocks; knows he can't get it out in time; simply catches his opponent's blade, and then goes into a hand technique on his opponent's arms that allows him to strip the sword away from him, reverse it, and then run him through. So it was uh... it was kind of a nifty way of ending the fight rather than, than the ways that had been used uh, i-in previous episodes.

1:13:16 Kyle: That's awesome! And you see again like that dedication to practicality there... *Keith: Yeah.* That, like, before you put it in he's like: Let's see if this is, like, fucking conceivable. *Keith: Right.* Cuz that was the first question I had. I was like, CAN you do this--*Keith: Yeah.*--or is your hand just going to get... shredded? *Keith: YEAH!*

Eamon: Yeah. That was like, really fascinating to hear. Duncan doesn't actually do that, if you look at the footage...?

Keith: *laughing* Yeah it doesn't quite ***** look the same way.

Kyle: Yeah he just kind of claps his hand on it.

Eamon: Yeah, but that's awesome.

Keith: But it seems like it IS possible.

Kyle: Also, I'd forgotten until we just re-watched that clip... And again, a good reminder of how like, fast and kind of furious this fight was. When his sword goes down onto the rock, there's a lightning burst sort of effect! *Keith: Oh really?* It's just like, Pkwowhwhup! when his sword hits!

Eamon: When he like, flips the sword around, it's awesome.

Keith: Yeah, it is cool.

Kyle: Yeah! This is rad!

Keith: It's good! So how does this episode end?

Eamon: With water jizzing all over Duncan MacLeod's body! *wheezelaugh*

*Keith laughs* Kyle: What in...?

Eamon: For the Quickening. *Kyle: Yeah.* Like, when the Quickening happens, like water shoots up in the air, and sprinkles on his shirt and then you can see like, every muscle... and like, it's... it's gratuitous. *giggling in background*

Kyle: Yeah. A lot of daytime Quickenings.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah. Lots of them. Yeah.

Eamon: Oh, yeah yeah yeah.

Kyle: A lot of them.

Keith: Uh, so that's pretty much the episode!

Kyle: They then like, light a candle on the... the grave to... to send it out.

Eamon: There's something I wanted to mention. When Mac pulls his sword out, Midori is like, "HEY! Wait a minute! That's my family's sword!" HOW do you know what it looks like?!

Keith: *laughing* Right! I thought the same thing!

Eamon: There's no photography!

Keith: I guess maybe there was--someone did a drawing of it?

Eamon: Is there a drawing?

Kyle: Why not?

Eamon: That's insane! Yeah--

Kyle: It IS weird, but...

Keith: I did think the same thing.

Eamon: --that you would remember that drawing so like... maybe she di-would. I don't know. I thought that was weird.

Keith: Yep! Good point.

Kyle: I did get the impression that the sword is, like, of particular... importance.

Eamon: Sure.

Keith: It's like legendary status.

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: So, maybe there's some writing about it, or, whatever. Or it's just... described throughout the family.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Not sure. But yeah. This fight seems amazing. The episode's really good. And yet... I think it could be better.

1:15:11 Keith: So Kyle! You mentioned a 20% increase in quality of this episode! So, how would you prescribe that happens?

Kyle: Alright. So, first order of business: It struck me as this fight was going on, I was like: Is this The Last fucking Samurai? Are they Tom Cruise? The Samurai is one of these two white guys, like? Was the--really, it's supposed to be *together with Eamon* Hideo, *Keith: Yeah!* *alone* is supposed to be it, but it's got this very like, Tom Cruisey-like feel. *Keith: Right.* Was point 1. So I think the first thing I would do, is... Kent should be Asian. *laughing* *Keith: Okay* *Eamon: Yeah.* He should actually be Japanese. *Keith: Mmhm.* To, like, avoid that like, odd... bit.

1:15:46 Kyle: Second point. They should know each other. In the past. This is how I would've done this to like, amp up the tension on the honor portion of it, and also to give a motivation to Kent doing some of the things he does throughout this episode. Those riders approach? One of them... is Kent. He's coming to deliver a message from the Shogun. And... he has the conversation with Hideo. Afterwards, he then talks to this other Immortal, and it's like, "Look. He found ME. Oth--Anyone else would've been dead. This is special, like, are we gonna have beef? Don't do it." And he says, "No. Because of like, honor and justice, like. This is the Lord's order. It MUST be carried out, withOUT exception." And that's the tension. He's like, "No. The letter of the thing is this. Anything less is dishonorable. We're done here, like, and if you interfere, we're gonna have a problem. Otherwise, you know, you can go."

Kyle: So this happens. Hideo dies. That's that. They then see each other again. Over time, this like, dedication to, like, the bru--kind of like, a brutal, ruthless interpretation of what honor demands, doesn't mesh well in the 21st Century. So it's ths... even if they wanted to play with this whole like, cuckold scenario? It's like, his honor over the hundreds of years, has not changed. So he's like: I must kill him to clean the stain on my honor. *Keith: Right.* It's not malicious, it's just what must happen.

Keith: Very much like Mako! *Kyle: Y--* Has th--this sort of problem where his code of the law is--doesn't really jive too well with the subtleties of the 20th Century, or the modern era.

1:17:18 Kyle: Right! And then, he confesses to her, he's like: "I killed this guy. As far as I'm concerned that satisfies your dishonor to me. That's the situation." She freaks out because--obviously that kind of a crazy thing to do in the 21st Century. *Keith: (laughing) Right!* She still kills HIM, and then the same problem re-emerges. Like, he doesn't want to possess her again, but she has attempted to kill him, in a way that like, must be answered. *Keith: Right.* She has to be punished for this, because she tried to kill me and betrayed me. *Keith: Right.* And like... it's not necessarily that he's angry about it, but that's what must happen. *Keith: Right.* And then Mac steps in and is like, "No, like... I have to protect her. Like, she messed up, but like, I am pledged to do this thing." *Keith: Right.* And that's the collision course, and like everything else kind of stays intact, but his... his position is not inherently unreasonable though... incompatible with the 21st Century, and then they have to fight about it. *Keith: Yeah.* And then that solves the problem where you have to like, man-splain honor to Midori, cuz she IS still threatened--*Keith: Mmhm.* And granted, she tried to kill him, like... *Keith: *laughing* Yeah!* She's not being pursued, uh, unreasonably, necessarily, but like, there's more--like, there's ambiguity around her situation. And then, they just have to fight, for their sense of honor and, only one of them can make it.

1:18:31 Keith: Yeah. I, I like having the honor be at stake, for BOTH characters. As you said like, they're on a collision course. Like these two codes of honor will inevitably collide with each other.

Eamon: Rrrrright. And I think that's... I think would have... allayed a lot of our concerns about this episode, and would have just like, put a nice thematic bow on the whole thing. But it IS very good. *Eamon: Yeah.* And I like--And I like the actor who played the villain, too!

Eamon: Oh, he's great!

Kyle: He does a phenomenal job, so it's like--

Eamon and Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: --monkeying with it too much is maybe... courting disaster. Just--

Keith: I--I had a note, uh... Speaking of the--the villain, like... I feel like the villain is, in some ways kind of weak? I mean but the actor completely crushes it and... he also doesn't--the way this episode is structured, he doesn't need too much motivation. I agree with you, Kyle, that like tha--those things would make it better, but I think he really serves his purpose well, and the actor portrays him so well, like, he... he reminds me a lot of the Alexi character. Where it was like... kind of like--

Kyle: Oh yeah! We're just bull--The character's bullshit but the villain's amazing!

Keith: *amused* The character--yeah, but he's amazing--*Eamon: Yeah!*--just because he brought so much like, style to it? And this guy brings so much like, threatening... you know, this threatening nuance to it which is pretty good. So...

Kyle and Eamon: Yeah.

Eamon: Kyle's point also just made me think of... we know nothing about this guy, as an Immortal. *Keith: *laughs* No!* Like, we don't know how old he is. Like we don't know... what his story is at all. *Keith: No!* Uh, so that's... a great point, and yeah, why isn't he Japanese? That's a--that's a great point.

Kyle: I yeah--I don't--Yeah, I, like, that... maybe that just like bothered me more optically, seeing these two guys fight--fight--wi--these two white guys fighting with, like, priceless Samurai swords, on like the--*Eamon: Yeah.*--the--the beaches of Japan, and it's like--*Eamon: Yeah!*--where's Tom Cruise? Like--

Eamon: Yeah!

1:20:05 Kyle: Hahah! Well! Perhaps it's time for some Watcher Chronicles! *Eamon: Ooooh!* If we wanna learn a little bit more about Michael Kent! *Kyle: Oh yeah!* Coz we didn't get too much from the episode! Uh, so! Michael Kent was first born in 1866 in Topeka Kansas!

Kyle: *laughing* Topeka Kansas, perfect! *Eamon: Yeah!*

Keith: *laughs* His first death was in 1911. Uh, he was caught in a threshing machine! Uh--

Kyle: JESUS!

Keith: His first teacher was Orville Webber. Cultural affiliation is American. His occupation is a commodities broker. *Eamon: Oh!* Let's see, to read about him... so this is pro--

Kyle: He really reads as a commodities broker. *Keith and Eamon: Yeah!* Cuz most commodity brokers have goons, right?

Keith: Goons? Um--

Kyle: Hey! I need--

Keith: They're advisors, man! They're financial advisors. Slash goons.

Kyle: I wanna buy six tons of pork belly, Goon #1!

Keith: Well, *Eamon laughs* from his Watcher Chronicle, Kyle: "The irony that one can ride pork futures..." *laughing*

Eamon: WHAT? *all laugh* NO WAY!

Keith: I swear, I swear!

Eamon: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Keith: I swear.

Eamon: I can't believe that happened.

Kyle: *sings* ***** the best ***** around!

Keith: Uh, "--pork futures and soybean forecasts to the penthouse in the legendary Ginza District of Tokyo was never lost on Michael Kent. Even while, uh, Nippon-Kent Enterprises was the foremost company at both the Tokyo Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade, Kent in many ways still viewed himself as the poorly educated pig-farmer he was at the time of his first death. And that self-image haunted him. Everything he had done since that first death: education, fine clothes, trophy wives... was an attempt to flee that image. Kent was intense. Extremely serious to the point of humorless, driven to succeed at any price. He had little interest in taking heads, preferred to play the game of business, but true to his nature he made sure he had the best sword, and the best training money could buy. Not good enough, it turned out. *laughs*

Eamon: Hmm... isn't Superman from Kansas?

Keith: That's right.

Kyle: Yes.

Eamon: And his name is Clark Kent. *moment of stunned silence*

Keith: Oh, man...

Kyle: Shit.

*laughter begins*

Keith: Holy shit!

Eamon: So... Michael Kent is Superman's brother! *long laughter* Or grandpa, or whatever. *Keith and Kyle: Grandpa!* Distant cousin.

Keith: Yeah! That's good!

Kyle: Amazing!

Keith: Worlds collide.

Kyle: World's Finest collide. Did we learn any lessons from Mac today? *moment* I feel like we did. *Eamon: Ooh!*

Keith: It's time for...

1:22:15 🎶Fighting Immortals will give you a Mac-attack-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak, you oughta know by now... 🎶You oughta know by now... 🎶 Kyle: Mac-Attack! The lesson where--not every week, but every once in a while, we stop to reflect--

Eamon: Every now and then.

Kyle: --on the lessons we learned from Duncan MacLeod. Eamon, what did you learn from Duncan MacLeod this week?

Eamon: I learned that aaaaaa... eugh.

Kyle: We just talked like so much about the lessons we learned from this episode--

Eamon: I know.

Kyle: --and now we can't distill them!

Eamon: I learned that a promise is still a promise even though nobody wants you to go through with it. *Keith laughs*

Kyle: Yeah I was going to say. I learned that: Only a man can make an eternal vow. A woman can't release you from it.

Keith and Eamon: OHHHH!

Keith: Oh, boy.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Sorry, Mac! That was too much!

Eamon: Yeah. It was rough. I'm like... now that we talk about it, I don't know... I don't know how to feel about the ending of this episode.

Kyle: I mean, I'm a little upset by it, frankly. Cuz...

Eamon: I mean, Kent is a murderer.

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: So there's that.

Kyle: That is DEFINITIVELY not why Mac kills him.

Keith: I mean in--in--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: In any other episode, the way this plays out... ends up going fine. Like, Midori is like, I still don't wanna be with him, and Mac does what needs to be done. And I think as viewers, we're all like: Okay. Like that guy was shit, Mac is protecting her. But like, the turn at the end where she's like, "Do not do this, it is NOT what I want, and that is not how I want to preserve my honor--"

Kyle: And you're only involved in this because she came to you.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: That's... that becomes a huge wrench in the works.

Eamon: Mac also taught us to let your friend get beat up if it's good for a joke!

Keith: Yes! And it was! It was good!

Kyle: It IS a great joke, though!

Keith: He was right! Why is this always--this will be comedic gold!

Kyle: Yeah.

Keith: Eat it, Charlie!


Kyle: Yeah. Awe, Charlie!

Eamon: *sings* Charlie!

Keith: So--

Kyle: I learned--Today I learned from Mac that all Charlie's parts work!

Keith: Ugh.

Eamon: Yeah! *laughs* *softly* Hey, all the parts work!

Keith: Hoh boy.

1:24:00 Duncan: *echo* We should do this more often!

Keith: Guys! I think it's uh, it's been a little while since we've played a game!

Eamon: Ooooh!

Kyle: Not true. It's been a weekend since we played a game!

Keith: Alright, we maybe played a game on the Highlander 2 podcast. It's hard to tell.

*Eamon makes agreeing noise, Kyle laughs*

Keith: It seems like it's been a while. But um--

Kyle: *sings* It's been a whiiiiile!

Keith: What it HAS been a while since we talked about is Highlander 1!

Kyle: Oh... yeah!

Eamon: What's this now?

Keith: Yeah! Highlander 1! So, uh, since we've just finished Highlander 2, I thought it might be fun to do a little game where we revisit Highlander 1. So we're gonna play a game of... it's a klin-klind of clute. We're gonna play--

Eamon: Kind of clue...

Keith: We're gonna play "It's a Kind of Clue" Highlander 1-style!


1:24:38 Eamon: Ooooh!

Keith: I'm gonna give you both, uh, some cards...

Eamon: Oh God.

Keith: Right--

Kyle: You're so good at this one, Eamon!

Keith: --and--

Eamon: This is the one where I said the answer every time I gave a clue.

Keith and Kyle: Every single time!

Eamon: I'm sweating, right now, audience!

Keith: Um so, the only rules are you can give clues about the name, or place, or whatever the clue is on the card, or the... the item is on the card. Uh, you just can't say that thing itself, or a part of that word, itself!

Kyle: You got that rule, Eamon? *Eamon: Ugh.* You have that one? You can't say what's on the card.

Keith: I, and uh... What is the time limit? I think we did... sixty seconds?

Kyle: We did a minute last time, and we each had like seven.

Keith: A minute? Right. Alright guys. So!

Eamon: *groans* Very stressed.

Keith: Alright. So! When I start the clock you're gonna turn this over, and you're gonna be giving these clues to Eamon! *Kyle: Right.* Ready! Time starts, NOW!

1:25:23 Kyle: Uh, Second Unit Director! We interviewed him!

Eamon: Uh, uh, uh, Andy Armstrong!

Kyle: Yes! Uh, this was the struggle between the... United States and the Soviet Union that was going on at the time!

Eamon: Cold War!

Kyle: Uhhhh... This is the wrestling act, in the very beginning!

Eamon: Oh, shit! The--

Kyle: It's a... song by that Alabama band!

Eamon: Uh, the... the, the, the, the, the... nope. Nope, nope, uh... ooh... pass. *laughter*

Kyle: Uh... uh... oh! Uh--

Eamon: The Fabulous Freebirds?

Kyle: There it was!

Eamon: Fuck!

Kyle: Uh, Connor wears this footwear the entire time.

Eamon: Oh, Adidas... tennis shoes!

Kyle: Uh, what color are they?

Eamon: White! *laughter*

Kyle: Uh, I'm gonna give you that one. Uh... This is a... stone structure in the Highlands!

Eamon: Oh uh, Stonehenge?

Kyle: Uh...

Eamon: A... castle?

Kyle: Yeah! This is a Scottish instrument!

Eamon: Uh... bagpipes!

Kyle: *moment* Uh... this is the studio where it's filmed at the end.

Eamon: Silvercup!

Kyle: Yeah! Well done!

Eamon: NICE!

Kyle: Y'got 'em all.

Keith: Very good! You got seven! *Eamon: Nice!* And you got the Fabulous--and you got 'em all done in the uh... ahead of time! *Eamon: NICE!* And you got Fabulous Freebirds! Because, I gave you that one because you *with Kyle* got it wrong last time!

Eamon: Yeah! Yeah, yeah! And I almost got it wrong THIS time!

Keith: You almost did it again!

Eamon: Yeah. Very generous for giving me that point, because I passed on it. Mmm! Alright, Kyle! Get ready for me to give you all the answers! *chuckles*

Kyle: How'd you guys do at home, *teasing* listeners?

Keith: Yeah! Write us in and tell us your score! We'll read them aloud! *soft* We won't.

Kyle: Yeah. It'll just be a series of numbers. *Keith: Yup!* *Eamon: We won't.* Five. Six. This guy's an idiot: one. *laughter*

1:26:53 Keith: Alright! Eamon are you ready to give clues to Kyle, in...

Eamon: There can BE only one. Sorry.

Keith: What's the name of this game again?

Kyle: It's a Kind of Clue.

Keith: It's a Kind of Clue!

Eamon: It's a Kind of Clue...

Kyle: It's a sloppy play on "It's a kind of magic."

Keith: Very sloppy!

Eamon: *Christophe voice* "It's a kind of clue!" Heheheheh.

Kyle: Then why did everyone sign onto it if it's so sloppy?

Keith: Cuz we need something!

Eamon: Sloppy seconds in honor of this episode! *laughter*

Keith: Uh...

Kyle: GROSS!

Eamon: Yup!

1:27:13 *****Keith: R.I.Piper Akira. Alright Eamon, are you ready, to give these clues to Kyle?

Eamon: Yyyyyyes!

Keith: AND 3, 2, 1!

Eamon: Uh, he did the music for Highlander 1!

Kyle: Michael Kamen!

Eamon: Uh, this is a movie about a evil pig that Russel Mulcahy directed--

Kyle: Uh, Razorback!

Eamon: Uh... ooh! This is a member of Queen who wrote music for this movie? I don't remember which... uh...

Kyle: Oh...

Eamon: Uh, before--the month before June is... uh...

Kyle: May?

Eamon: Yup! Uh... and the first name is, uh... I'm just gonna give you that one. *Keith hoots* Uh, this is the coat that uh, Connor MacLeod wears--

Kyle: Trenchcoat?

Eamon: Yup! Uh, this is the name of the woman that comes in and uh, entertains the Kurgan, um...

Kyle: Candy!

Eamon: That's right! Uh, this is, uh... ball Z!

Kyle: Dragon?

Eamon: Yup!

Kyle: Yeah! Good clue!

Eamon: This is something that Connor's compatriots, and Connor wears, in--

Kyle: Kilts?

Eamon: Yup! And... that's it. You did it!

Keith: Very good!

*Game show music*

1:28:17 Kyle: What is his first name?

Eamon: Brian.

Keith: Brian May!

Kyle: It's Brian May...

Keith: The guitarist.

Kyle: That was a hard one.

Keith: I know. I was trying to switch it up a little. *Eamon: Yeah.* That was probably the trickiest one in the whole bunch.

Eamon: I don't know how I could have gotten you to say Brian. I don't know what clue...

Keith: I guess... Yeah!

Eamon: ... that could be, but...

Keith: The dog on Family Guy...

Eamon: Oh that's a good one! Yeah!

Keith: There we go.

Eamon: Da da da da da Family Guy!

Keith: Good job, guys!

Eamon: Yeaaah!

Kyle: Yeah! That was fun! That was a good one!

1:28:38 Keith: Fun times! So, uh, at the end of the day we always rate these episodes out of five! Kyle! How many... uh, out of five slices of raw octopus would you give... this episode?

Kyle: This gets four and a half slices of raw octopus from me.

Keith: Very good.

Kyle: I think it--I think it would have hit five, if not for that discussion at the end! *laughing* Frankly. *Eamon: Yes.* But it's very good overall.

Keith: Eamon. How many out of five... jealous cuckolded husbands would you give this?

Eamon: Hahah! I think I have to go with Kyle's four and a half cucks for this episode.

Keith: Half cucks! *laughing*

Kyle: Four and a half cucks. See? I'm a thought-leader! *laughter*

Keith: And then out of uh, five Scottish--*Scottish accent*--Scottish bodies! I would give this... I think I might go the full five...? I was really debating this.

Eamon: The full Monty!

Keith: The full five on this one.

Eamon: It's the best episode of this show we've seen. *Keith: Yeah.* I don't--I don't think there's any arguing that.

Keith: It also like, I--I worry, like, giving a full five? It's like... I don't know. Is any episode ever perfect? But... *Eamon: No.*... this gets as close as most of these episodes can get--*Eamon: Yeah.*--so I'm giving it a five. This is a must-see. *Kyle: Yeah.*

Eamon: Is there... better episodes than this to come?

Keith: There's some VERY good episodes.

Kyle: There are some VERY good ones coming up.

Keith: But as we said, this one ticks all those boxes--*Eamon: Yeah.*--really well. So, good stuff!

Kyle: Yeah. It's...

Keith: Uh, write us in this week, tell us what YOU think the... honorable thing to do--and what would the moral thing to do have been in this situation.

Kyle: Yeah. If they were different, let us know! *Eamon: Yeah.*

Keith: Yeah. Would these things have not been the same? It's good stuff! Davis Panzer has a really cool poster, uh, that's inspired by this episode. Uh, Davis Panzer put together a really nice poster of Duncan MacLeod. Uh, it's kind of like a side-story to this episode. Uh--*Eamon: Yeah!* Which is pretty cool!

Kyle: Yeah! It's him in his Japanese garb--*Keith: Mmhm!*--weilding a sword. It's a--it's a cool piece of art.

Eamon: Mmhm. Yeh-yeah!

Keith: Absolutely! So, next week join us for episode TWO of Season Three: In The Line Of Fire! I can't wait to talk about THIS one! It's gonna be a lot of fun!

Eamon: Oooh!

Kyle: Oh! I... love that episode, so... *Eamon: Yeah!* *Kyle laughs* sign up! It's gonna be great! *Eamon: Yeah-yeah!*

Keith: Absolutely! Uhh, so thanks for joining us! I've been one of your Rewatchers! I'm Keith!

This is Kyle!

This is Eamon.

Keith: Bye!

Eamon: Bye-bye.

Kyle: Salut!

1:30:51 Keith: Yeah, and then he starts finger-blas-- *****

Kyle: Oh God!

Eamon: Very rapey... and gross. And then I'm just like, I don't know, you want her--want her to take a shower first! ***** *grossed out noises from Keith and Kyle*

Kyle: Oh, no! *Keith: Oh God.* "You want her to take a shower first."

Keith: Gross!

Eamon: I don't want Akira's... remnants on me!

Keith: Oh. Oh boy.

Kyle: This is why the viewers tune in.

Eamon: That's right!