Listen to: Highlander Rewatched: Legacy

Amanda: *getting up and moving to stand in front of the fireplace* He's mine, MacLeod. You just tell me where he is and I'll be going.

Duncan: *he sits in a chair and holds a wine-glass carefully* Amanda...

Amanda: *whirls on him in frustration* What? What? You know because I'm a woman, you want to be the hero or something? Is that what this is all about? *pacing back towards the kitchen, past the sofa, her back to him*

Duncan: *urgently* I'm trying to save your life.

Amanda: *rubs her neck, expression wounded* You know, damn it, I don't want to be saved. I want revenge.

0:47 Ke: WWWWWWelcome! *Eamon laughs*

Ky: Another new catchphrase!

Ea: Hahah Shit! I wish I didn't laugh!

Ky: Do it again!

Ke: I could do it again. WWWWWWelcome to Highlander Rewatched! (laughing as speaks) *moment* Nothing?

Ky: Nothing, yeah. *speak-chuckles* It's a great new catchphrase, Keith!

Ke: Ahchi oh jeez I should do a different one very week.

Ky: Me too!

Ke: I'm gonna do a different one every week now.

1:11 *****Ky: *nasal high* It's a new day!

Ke: That's your impression of me? I want you to--

Ea: ******with Keith* Waah!... Okay, do it one more time.

Ke: WWWWWWelcome tooo Highlander (laughing) Rewa-a-a-atched! Just like that?

Ky: *high pitch* Yuuraaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Ea: Ohvi, Alright! One more time. Can't laugh.

Ke: WWWWWWelco-humm to Hi-ighlander Rewaatched! *wheezelaughing*

Ea: Where each and every week we look at a new corner of the Highlander Universe.

Ky: And talk about it in excruciating detail!

Ke: I'm one of your Rewatchers! I'm Eamon! *moment of silence*

Ea: This is Kyle.

Ky: And this is Keith? *high pitched whine* And this is KEEEITH!

Ea: Oooh! Hahahahah!

Ke: Jesus Christ!


Ea: *higher pitch* Keeeeif!

Ke: *laughing* Why am I getting all this shit?

Ky: Actually this is Kyle.

Ea: This is Eamon.

Ke: *softly* And this is... Keith!

Ky: Yeah. Are you sure?

Ke: Yeah, I mean I--

Ky: You're sure.

Ea: Gotcha, listeners!

Ky: Boom!

Ke: Hahah!

Ky: So, should we start this off with a little... special reader-mail... that we got here?

Ea: Yea-yuh!

2:12 Ky: Well! In the episode we did on "Bless The Child", Keith specifically asked *Eamon laughs* our listeners for the breakdown of the family tree, and predicted that one of our listeners, Zacko, would be able to set us straight. Well Zacko decided to send us some reader-mail.

Ea: Mmm!

Ke: Set us straight, Zack!

Ky: Yeah. Spoiler Alert: Doesn't set us straight.

Ea: Yeah. And Kyle figured it out already. *laughter*

Ky: Yeah. Also, I was already right.

Ke: Not sure. Not sure.

Ky: I'm... so sure! hahah

2:41 So he writes: "Hi Rewatchers! First, I'd like to say that I'm glad you guys are back!" --Cuz that was our first episode! Uh,--" and what an episode to return on! My Tuesdays have just been dreadful without my normally scheduled programming." --Nice! Thanks, Zack!-- "Anyway," --he says-- "I will just go ahead and second that The Zone is a better episode than Bless This Child."

Ea: Damn.

3:01 Ky: "It at least had a well-dressed, if poorly-written, flashback with Doctor Daniel Jackson, and... possibly Wolverine in there, too. So...! Keith, I am flattered that you think I could sort out this mess of a family tree. Allow me to explain what I thought was going on in this clusterfuck."

Ke: Hah!

3:19 Ky: "I totally missed the existence of the gold mine and cattle situation--"

Ke: What?

Ea: Hah!

Ky: That's just a side-note.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: Uh, Old Hoskings, he thought was the grandpa. And he thought Sara stole his grandchild--

Ea: Ah.

Ky: --after HER daughter died. "I assumed HER daughter... was the baby's mom."

Ea: Baby-momma.

Ke: Whaaaat?

Ky: "And her grand--" And so it was also her grand-daughter.

Ea: Hmmm.

Ke: Ahhhhhh--

3:43 *****Ky: I don't... I think you're very wrong. "This left me being INCREDIBLY confused about the ages, because Sara also looks to be rather young."

Ke: Mmhm.

Ky: "I thought Billy was just an angry henchman. Or MAYbe the baby's father?"

Ea: Baby-Daddy.

Ky: Maybe. "I think I--"

3:58 Who?***** *weird pitch* "Help me Daddy! Help me!"

Ea: "Help me Daddy!" *chuckles* That's right!

Ke: Highlander: 1986.

Ea: Hmm!

Ky: "As you can see, I was more lost than you guys. I think I was playing Pokémon Yellow while watching this, so that might explain some of this confusion. Keep up the great work! Zacko."

Ea: Ohhh! Thank you, Zack!

Ke: Also, I like the way Zack signed it, because... his name... his name is not Zacko.

Ea: That's what we call it, yeah!

Ke: His last name starts with the letter "O". So we call him Zack O. Uh, but he signed his name, like, Zacko! *happy* Anyway, we just wanna give a reminder to our listeners, if you enjoy the show uh, week to week, feel free to head over to our gofundme page and--

Ky: Feel free! Just feel totally at liberty to do this.

Ke: You may!

Ky: We give you permission-- *laughing* t--to go over... we've got a fun gofundme set up to help, uh, s--

Ke: Did you say "a FUN gofundme?"

Ky: Yeah.

Ke: Oh go fun me!

Ea: Fun go fun!

Ke: Ohhhh!

Ky: Skills.

Ke: What a new... busi-- That could be a new... it could be like the new Uber!

Ky: Go Fun Me?

Ke: Go Fun Me!

Ea: That's... no.

Ke: *laughing* What?

Ea: Go FUN me?

Ke: *laughing* You could just go online, you see who is in the area, that wants to...

Ea: FUN?!

Ke: Fun!

Ky: Wanna have fun!

Ke: Yeah!

Ky: Maybe have a fi--or a birthday party, go bowling--

Ke: Go down a slide!

Ea: Ohhhhh, a slide!

Ke: Like a sli--a see saw partner!

Ea: Yes! So go fund me! *chuckling*

Ke: Anyway, visit our gofundme page. It'll be great if you could donate to our podcast to help us produce content for you each and every week!

Ky: And especially down in Florida for the 30th Anniversary Convention!

Ea: That's right!

Ke: Right! We're gonna be doing interviews, live podcasting, a live show, all sorts of good stuff and giving you an inside look at the Highlander 30th Anniversary Convention! So, donate today to help out the podcast!

Ea: Yeah-yeah!

5:44 Ke: So! On to the episode, guys. We are talking about Episode #2--Nope! Episode #19, Season Numero Dos!

Ky: So, good news, you're only off by seventeen episodes. *laughter*

6:00 Ke: The episode is titled "Legacy"! It first aired May 2nd, 1994, and it was directed by Paolo Barzman! We've seen him many--

Ea: Mmmm! Yeah!

Ky: He's back!

Ke: He's back! He did Avenging Angel, which I liked; everyone else hated. Ah, The Hunters--

Ea: God's Chosen Nutcase?

Ke: "God's Chosen Nutcase..." Uh, this episode was written by David Tynan, who of course we--he's written many of the great episodes. Most recently Unholy Alliance Parts 1 AND 2.

Ea: Mmmm!

Ky: Mmm. Didn't split that up between two different writers.

Ke: Nope.

Ea: Interesting.

Ke: Sometimes they do, though!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Which is... weird, I always find. So, this episode guest stars... Elizabeth Gracen! She's back as Amanda! This is, I guess, her third turn as Amanda? Lady And The Tiger, The Return of Amanda, and this?

Ea: For every season, turn, turn, turn...

Ke: Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm, mmhm.

Ea: Mm. Emile Abobu blbl? I can't pronounce this gentleman's name!

Ke: Emile... Ab... Ab.. Abasolo--

Ea: Abossolo M'bo! (Emile Abossolo M'bo)

Ke: *sings* M'bo. Mmmbo! Mmmbo *snap*, KY: Mmba! TO: Mmbo, KY: Mmba-ba! KE: Mmbadabidida, KY: Mmbo! KY: Mm-ba-ba-doo! KE* Yay-ay-yeah!

Ky: *laughs* Wow! Uh!

Ke: So he's Luther--

Ky: Was that a bit racist?

Ea: No...

Ke: Why is it racist?

Ea: Cuz his, well his last name sounds like mmbop.

Ky: Alright.

Ea: Weigh in, listeners! *laughter*

7:21 Ke: So he is the villain, Luther, and he--

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: We might be saying the same thing.

Ea: Let's say it! 3, *with Keith* 2, 1: **Ke: He wa--** Greystoke! **Ke: --Grey-hayai!**

Ke: *laughing* Yes! Uncredited monkey in Greystoke!

Ky: *laughing* Oh God! Oh, no! Oh no..!

Ke: Yes. He was... in a monkey-suit, I guess?

Ea: Was he?

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Wow! He was also in one of my favorite Jim Jarmusch movies: Night on Earth.

Ke: Really? Hmm. He comes back, uh, in like a couple seasons, as the main character in an episode called Patient Number 7. **Ea: Hm!** So that's good that they've got him back for... he's not, you know, like, argh! I don't know why this show does this--**Ea: Yeah.**--but... he's back! He does mostly, like, French language films...? So--**Ea: Hm!**--he's not, we don't know--see him much. It also stars... Nadia Cameron! Camarone? Camaroné! **Ea: Camaroné!** Cameron-camerones! That's shrimp in Spanish, everyone. **Ea: Mm!** OH! What Maurice can do with those camerones! *laughter* Uh... Cameron-Blakey! She is Rebecca Horne. Um, she played, most notably, the part of "Additional Restaurant Guest #1" in Batman Begins!

Ea: Oh! *laughter*

Ky: Wow!

Ke: She was also in Tomorrow She Dies!

Ea: *snickering* Tomorrow NEVER Dies. The Pierce Brosnan--

Ky: Geez Louise!

Ke: Tomorrow She Dies...

Ea: --James Bond movie, Tomorrow She Dies. It was a movie about her impending death; she's gone now. Rest in peace. *laughter*

Ky: Was she actually in Tomorrow Never Dies?

Ea: Yes.

Ky: Okay, cool.

Ea: Mmm. Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie. Not very good.

Ky: Also, is her name Rebecca Horne?

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: Did I not catch that? Isn't that a character from Twin Peaks?

Ea: Ohhhhhh!

Ke: I kept thinking yeah! It's... Is... is her name Rebecca Horne? The wife?

Ky: I thought it was the... the daughter.

Ke: Noooo. Is her name Rebecca? No.

Ea: I don't have my phone on me. I can't remember.

Ky: Mine's in the next room too. Shit.

Ea: Mmmm.

Ke: I don't think it's Rebecca.

Ea: Write in about this, too. *wheezelaugh*

*real laugh, maybe Keith*

9:14*****Ky: We're doing--

Ke: --Great after lunch!

9:17 Ke: SO! If that segment's good, let's move on to the IMDb Episode Description!

Ea: Woowoot!

9:23 Ke: "Immortal Luther kills Immortal Rebecca by holding her husband hostage. Amanda, who was once taught by Rebecca, visits Duncan to grieve. They learn that Luther believes in a myth which states that the bearer of a magical crystal will be invincible. Realizing that Luther is trying to reassemble the crystal, which Rebecca had separated and given to her disciples, then try to stop him - but not necessarily together."

*Eamon wheezelaughs*

Ky: Whaat? *laughing harder* Hahahah hohoh!

Ke: This sentence: "Realizing that Luther is trying to reassemble the crystal, which Rebecca had separated and given to her s-disciples, they try to stop him - but not necessarily together." Whew!

Ea: Wow.

Ke: "In flashback to (1850)--"

Ea: UGH!

Ke: "--Rebecca rescues newly-Immortal Amanda from being burned with other plague victims and teaches her to be Immortal."

Ea: "Teaches her to be immortal!"

Ke: "In flashback to 1635--"

10:20 Ky: It's still going? Oh my God! I dropped my notebook TWICE during this description.

Ke: "In flashback to 1635, naive Duncan *takes breath* encounters his first fighting Immortal women," **Ea: Hmm!** "Rebecca and Amanda."

Ea: Alright.

Ke: That's it. There we go.

Ea: Wow.

Ky: That's how--that's how it ends?

Ke: That's how it ends.

Ea: Very--

Ke: When naive Duncan encounters two fighting Immortal women

Ea: Oh BOY... *exasperated noise*

Ke: Alright, so--

Ea: So we open!

10:44 Ke: --with Dan Haggerty--*wheezelaugh*

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: Grizzly Adams himself--

Ea: Well I thought it was Kris Kristofferson doing his Sean Connery impression.

Ky: *laughing* My notes just say it's Kenny Loggins. *Eamon laughs*

Ke: I think that we all have different proxies for this guy.

Ea: *laughing* Yeah!

10:57 Ke: Aaah. So, he's walking--they're walking around this location that looks like where Nefertiti--Nefertiti. Nefertir... Nefer...

Ea: Nefertiri.

Ke: NeferTIRI--

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: --and Duncan fought, last episode.

Ea: Yeah. Nnnyeah.

Ke: It's like some old ruins.

Ky: Yeah.

Ke: And he's walking with... Rebecca.

Ea: Yup.

Ke: And he's... her husband, I guess. But he's older. He's mortal.

Ea: Mmhm.

Ke: And he's lamenting that, you know, she should maybe find a new... husband, cuz he's gettin' too old--

Ky: He's getting old and beardy!

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: *sings* Old and beardy. Catch me riding Old And Beardy.

11:28 *****Ky: *sings* Ridmegetmeold'nbeardy. *Eamon chuckles*

11:31 Ke: So, she gets the Buzz, and Luther is there.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Uh, and he, like, *frustrated* I don't--I don't know why this guy, her husband, John, like, gets in the way of all... like, HE just like walks--**Ea: YEAH!**--right up to Luther, basically, and gets captured!!

Ea: That's a weird decision--Well it's like, protective of her--

Ke: I guess he's, yeah, trying to protect her, but it--he does, like, ZERO--

Ky: I'm sure she is much better at this than he is.

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Yeah. It's weird.

Ke: Ah, I guess Luther exchanges his life for hers.

11:58 Ky: Which is a weird choice on her part. For a LOT of reasons. But first and foremost, like, SHE... he's like, "Put down your sword," is what Luther commands her to do. She does that. It's right in front of her, though. **Ke: Mmhm.* Like it is literally right in front of her. So then, he's like, "I--I'll keep my word; I'll let him go." Decks him in the face, he goes flying away. And she's like, "Alright. Well I guess I'm still dead now." It's like--**Ke: Yeah!**--you had SO much time to pick that sword the FUCK back up, and like, make it interesting!

Ke: Yeah. She just kinda lets him--

Ky: Decapitate her!

Ke: --take her head.

Ea: Yeah. Yeah.

Ky: I just don't understand it. Why--why is he doing that thing? Or is she doing that thing?

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Things weren't really going well with him. She was kind of sick of him.

Ke: Pfft.

Ky: But not sick enough to let Luther kill him.

Ea: Yeah, heheh!

12:41 Ke: Uh, so uh, she gets her head chopped off and like, a amulet falls off her neck. Like this crystal-thing.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: It's like: Ooh, what's that? Who knows....

Ea: Who--

Ky: We'll f--Well, we do soon!

Ke: So, the next scene is in Luther's hideout. Um...

Ea: It's like a weird catacomb or something.

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: With burning hot coals, and he's like, flagellating himself?

Ky: And like, just gripping the hot coals in his hands...!

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: Just like... I have to say, after seeing this entire episode, I still have no clue who this character is, but I kind of like him. I just have no clue what's going on here.

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: This may be the weakest part of the episode is... just like, less him. Like, we, we... I want more.

Ea: Yeah!

Ky: Yeah! Also, his voice is nuts!

Ke: Yeah!

Ea: Yup!

Ky: I have no idea what's going on, but it's very compelling.

Keith and Eamon: Yeah!

Ky: I don't know. He's like the North African Bane!

Ea: Yeah, hahah! *Keith also laughs*

Ky: *Banevoice* "Tell me, d'you feel safe?" Like, just the way he says words is very... seemingly unnatural, but very... interesting.

Ke: Yeah. So, he has this cool character trait/thing, that he hurts himself--**Ea: Yeah.**--so he says he feels alive. **Ea: Yeah.** Which I felt was kind of a cool... thing, that an Immortal might do...

Ea: Yeah. It's interesting.

Ke: It gave... it gave a cool edge to his character, or whatever. It's a bit different. He had a gimmick. Like a schtick--

Ky: Yeah, I was expecting that to link in to some religious... thing? Like he's atoning, or he's... doing something like that, cuz that's part of a lot... of varying religious... traditions, but...

Ea: It doesn't really come back into the episode at all.

Ke: No. Or it could have been cool if he like trained himself not to feel pai--like, to accu... like heeeee's had centuries to get accustomed to pain. **Ea: Mmhm.** And so it makes him a better fighter, that he can, you know, take some damage.

14:18 Ky: Oh. What's the--speaking of terrible Pierce Brosnan movies--**Ke: Yeah!**--*****we're sure that's the premise of one of the bad ones!

Ea: Oh, that's uh... Die Another Day?

Ky: The World Is Not Enough?

Ke: No. Wait. *sighs* I don't know. It's on a submar--I remember they fight on a submarine, right?

Ea: No, that's Tomorrow Never Dies.

Ke: I haven't seen those movies in so long.

Ky: They're not good.

Ea: I always get my Brosnans confused. Except for Goldeneye. Uh... I think it's... I think it's The World Is Not Enough.

Ky: That's what I think it is, too.

Ea: That's where he has the thing is his brain--

Ky: Right!

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: He can't feel pain, yeah. And Denise Richards is in it--**KY: Yeah.**--I think... Yeah, I think.

Ky: That sounds right.

Ke: Christmas, uh...

Ea: ...only comes--I thought Christmas only came once a year. *Keith gasps* Gross.

Ke: That's how that movie ends.

Ea: Yup.

Ke: And somebody's watching them have sex, with like a thermal... isn't that what happens?

Ea: They're always watching them fuck at the end of James Bond movies.

Ke: *wheezelaugh* That's right! Q will have, like, a robot in there. It's like, "Oh, nope. Time to go!"

Ea: *Q-voice* "Double O Seven! Wblblbabla!" *laughter*

15:10 Ky: Oh, boy. Also, we didn't reveal that Rebecca, in their dialogue, it's revealed that Rebecca's the one who taught Luther how to fight.

Ke: Right.

Ky: She taught him... what he knows.

Ea: Right. And uh... 's two goons visit Luther in his catacomb, and he tells them to stalk Rebecca's husband's funeral.

Ke: Right.

Ky: Right. And then he presses a flaming hot coal into the goon's hands for... funsies!

Ke: Yup! Ea: Yeah!

15:37 Ke: So we're at the barge. Maurice is... eating Mac's croissants... This is such an odd scene. Uh...

Ea: He wants him to invest in his brother's Truffle-hunting pig.

Ke: Right. But Mac is on his laptop, looking at "financial statements"?

Ky: *Mac-Voice* "They're called financial statements." *laughter* So, he wants him to buy the Truffle-pig, and he's like...and it... Maurice is trying to sell him up by going "But I KNOW this pig!" He's like, "I KNOW him!" Like, "It's like a brother!"

16:05 Ke: Amanda shows up.

Ea: It's like a... sort of reveal? But I, like, you can see... her face when she walks up on the barge.

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Strange.

Ke: Yeah. They try to make it, like, mysterious, that she's like, show--like, who's this person coming? And it's like it's CLEARLY Amanda, like...

Ea: Yeah. The Return of The Return of Amanda.

Ke: But uh, I kind of like the way the scene is played, like, she... I mean, Amanda's a great character, I think. **Ea: Mmhm.** But like, she's putting off that she's upset about something. Mac's like "Oh, what are you here to do, like rob some stuff?" and she's like, "Yeah, that's it." Like, uh... and she tries to be all, kind of, pawly, with Mac...

Ea: Mmhm.

Ky: Pawly?

Ke: Yea, like P-A-W-- *laughing*

Ky: Like... pawing?

Ea: Paw-y?

Ke: Pawy, pawing--

Ea: Paw-y Shore?

Ke: Wow! Why did I choose those words? *laughter* Anyway--

Ky: *teasing* I'm sure. Why'd you make up that word?

16:46 *****Ke: She's---I don't know! She's being very no--

Ky: I don't know why you did that, Keith!

Ke: She's being very affectionate with Mac--**Ea: Mmhm.**--and it's to cover up the fact that she's... very upset.

Ea: *gruffly* She's hoit!

Ke: Yup!

Ky: And uh, this is the first time I've noted Mac's new catchphrase. "Goodbye, Maurice."

Ea: Haha, yeah! *Keith laughs*

Ky: That is how every interaction with Maurice ends.

17:07 Ke: So she reveals that Rebecca is dead, and... she says they don't know who did it.

Ea: Mm.

17:13 Ke: So, we get a flashback to 850AD! And there's a title-card to let us know that!

Ea: Yeah! That was pretty cool.

Ky: Thank you!

Ke: Yeah, I still don't get why they don't... do it all the time!

Ea: Yeah, I don't know, either. And do they do it in the next episode?

Ke: I don't think so.

Ea: Very strange.

Ke: It is very strange.

Ea: This is a cool flashback.

Ke: It looks great!

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: So, we're in the--we're in like, plague-ridden London, guessing or just some plague-ridden English town--**Ke: Mmhm!**--and Amanda... there's someone going "Bring out your dead!"

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: And Amanda takes this opportunity to sneak into a plague-house and steal some bread.

Ea: And then she's like, chased down by these plague-goons. And like, pretty savagely like, conked on the head? And uh... yeah, it was pretty messed up. *Keith laughs*

Ky: And then they're gonna--and then they're gonna BURN her!

Ke: Yes.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: And it's like--

Ke: Well, they're really upset that she's... like, they yell at her. They're like, "She stole the bread!" and it's like, out of the house that you marked with an X that's like, presumably empt--you know what I mean? I don't know.

Ky: Also how do they KNOW?

Ke: I don't know.

18:09 Ky: That she stole bread? Like, *****is this like, read for the distance, she like hides it, it's like uhhh...

Ea: Yeah. It's very strange.

Ke: But I guess she's always been a thief, and so--

Ky: Yeah. And these guys are monsters. So there's that.

Ea: Yeah. *soft laugh*

18:20 Ke: Uh, so they're gonna burn her, but uh... the Immortal Rebecca Horne sees her, cuz she's just hanging out and--*****

Ea: She's like, hanging out with her sword drawn... like, what is she DOING? *laughter*

Ky: I assume she draws her sword for the occasion.

Ea: Yeah! Was she like, posing for a picture? *laughter*

Ke: So she rescues Amanda--

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: --and takes her back to her castle?

Ky: Also they--I think it's revealed that they kill her. She dies.

Ke: Yeah, she's dead. Yeah.

Ea: Oh yeah, from the--

Ky: She dies from the savage beating they give her.

Ea: Yeah. Like, he really wallops her on the head, like, BAM. *Keith laughs*

18:50 Ky: Yeah. So, *****Rebecca like rolls up on a white horse, wearing all-white, with a sword drawn.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: This is our first, like, new origin story for like, uh, another Immortal besides like, Mac, like... we don't get a lot of back-story on some of the other characters.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: That's true.

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: Which like, sometimes would be fun, for some of these villains. **Ke: Mmhm!** Like, and we started seeing, like, flashbacks to other Immortals, in episodes like The Pharaoh's Daughter! **Ke: Yeah.** We got some flashbacks to those, but they, like, weren't very compelling. **Ke: No.** But this is some good shit.

19:20 Ke: Yeah, this is really good. So Rebecca is gonna teach Amanda; how to read, how to fight--**Ea: Mmhm.**--all the sort of stuffs... make her a lady.

Ky: I LOVE the way Rebecca s--explains reading. She's like flipping... she's like staring at this book like, derp. And she's like "They're words." *soft wheezelaugh* *slowly* "Written by people." *laughter*

Ea: Also, Amanda's, like, voice in this stage, she sounds like Eliza Doolittle. **Ke: Yeah, I b--** *accented* "She sowns loike dis!" like--

19:50 *****Ky: "H'oe's a be'er thief!" *Kyle laughs* "Fief!"

Ke: Oh yeah. I like that Amanda has a British accent. That's kind of--I mean, I think it's cool that she has, like, changed her voice--

Ea: Are they in England?

Ke: I think so.

Ea: But later they say this is Rebecca's ruin, and they're in Paris.

Ke: Ohhoh. That's right. Maybe they are in France!

Ea: I don't know!

Ke: Or maybe she took her to France.

Ea: Maybe.

Ke: Maybe!

Ea: Yeah. Who knows.

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

20:21 Ke: Hey, Rewatchers! You know what's coming up this December? That's right, the 30th Anniversary Gathering! Why wait a lifetime, when you can only... when you only need to wait *with Kyle* 30 years! *laughter*

Head on over to lashbadconstealevents to purchase your tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of Highlander fans from around the globe in Lakeland, Florida, December 3rd and 4th! Guests include Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, David Abramowitz, F. Braun McAsh, Elizabeth Gracen, Ken Gord, John Mosby, and many more!

Ky: Mostly, your Rewatchers!

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♫Princes of the Universe!♫

21:20 Ke: So, back in the present--

Ky: They cut to the graveyard.

Ea: Mac and Amanda are at Rebecca's funeral.

Ke: All the funerals in Highlander are always vastly underattended--

Ea: Yeah, there's ONE person there.

Ky: It's--and it's her--

Ke: And it's her husband!

Ky: Is it actually mmoh, I always assume it's like the aftermath of the funeral.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: Like the funeral already happened.

Ke: So, are Mac and Amanda late to the funeral? *someone snickers* Because that's the other thing that I was gonna mention, that everyone is always late to funerals.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: They just took like, a walk around the grounds after the funeral.

Ke: Okay.

Ky: I'm thinking. I mean it's like, "Oh, the longer I live, the more attached I get to myself."

21:50 Ke: Doesn't wanna die. So, in another flashback to 1635, uh... Mac's eating an apple, lookin' like a boss, as usual. I feel like Adrian Paul can put on like, any costume and I'm like, "Nice!"

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: You're like "Like a BOSS!"

22:04 Ea: Mac's like, walking around a market, and some guy's selling tomatoes, and be like, "Potatoes! Potatoes!" *laughter*

22:09 ***** Missing bit?

Ke: And says, and like, "Well what do YOU think it is?"

Ke: And Mac's like "I don't know."

Ky: "Food from the New World!" Yeah, that's kind of neat! Great!

Ke: I like it. Again, the set looks great, and the location looks great. Uh, so Mac gets the Buzz, he comes around a corner, and is confronted with... Amanda and Rebecca--

Ky: And what the FUCK are they wearing?

Ke: They're dressed up like mummers!

Ea: Yeah. They have like, these big hats with feathers in them, and puffy pants and sashes and swords--

Ky: They're dressed like a made-up version, on an acid trip, of the Three Musketeers.

Ke: *chuckling* Yes!

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: And he's like, they--they're wondering which one of them is going to fight him, and Mac just goes, *Scottish accent* "But you're English!" *Eamon chuckles* "And you're women!" *laughter*

Ke: It's pretty great!

Ky: Yeah, he's very confused by this.

Ke: Amanda like, kisses him? **Ea: Mmhm.** And, I guess, Rebecca kind of scolds her for that, later. He's like "Sh-He could've killed you!" and Amanda's like, "Oh, but I can use my... you know, my prowess as a lady!" Like, "My sexuality to disarm men as well!" Which I thought was good.

Ea: Yeah. And she steals his gold.

Ke: That's right!

Ea: Yeah. *chuckles*

Ky: My notes, for some reason, and it's in quotes, says "I found something better than a sword." What is that... what is that about? Why did I write that?

Ea: Uh... his penis...?

Ke: She says she's...n-- I--I--I...

Ky: Is that a dick-joke?

Ke: No no no! I--I took note of that, too, cuz I was like, "What the HELL?" I think she says she found--she's found a better weapon--

Ea: Oh, the gold!

Ke: ... No no, a sword.

Ky: Than a sword...

Ke: Which is her sexuality.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Hmm.

Ea: Hmmmm!

Ke: I thought she was talking about his dick, too.

Ky: Yeah. Not--not a dick-joke.

Ea: But they're walking and uh, Rebecca is scolding Amanda for stealing his gold and they turn a corner and Mac's waiting for them. Which is pretty cool.

Ke: Yeah!

Ky: Bat-Mac!

Ke: Bat-Mac.

Ea: Bat-Mac.

Ky: Bat-Mac B--This is like Bat-Mac Begins! **Ke: Yeah!** This is the first time he's done that.

Ea: This is the TRUE Batman--Bac--blcgh.

23:56 Ke: Mac's around the corner, uh, he demands his gold back, and he's like, "We should all get a drink together, best friends!"

Ea: I'll pay!

Ky: And he like, puts his arm around both of them and is just like, strutting with these two lovely ladies--

Ke: Yeah! It's funny!

Ky: --who would be more lovely in something that wasn't this giant puffy-suit, but that doesn't matter.

Ea: That's a funny, funny, funny scene. Funny introduction.

Ke: Yeah, it's good!

Ky: BUT YER WOMEN!? *laughter*

24:15 Ke: Uh, so then back in the present, we see Luther and his two goons, I guess, spying--

Ea: Like, watching through binoculars!

Ke: Yes!

Ea: It's like, kind of goody. They remind me of, like, the Beagle Boys, or something. *Keith laughs*

Ky: The who?

Ea: The Beagle Boys? From, uh, Duck Tales?

Ky: Uuoh, yeah...

Ea: There's three brothers who're always trying to steal Scrooge's money.

Ky: But of course.

24:36 Ke: Mac gets the Buzz... and this scene brought up a LOT of questions for me, initially. It kind of gets explained away later, because--

Ea: Yeah, it gets explained away.

Ke: --I guess Amanda's lying.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: But at first, Mac's like, "Did you feel that?"

Ea: *same time* "Did you sense that?" Yeah.

Ke: And she's like, "Nope," and I'm like, "Holy shit! How does THIS work?"

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Uh, it turns out she's just fibbing.

Ky: Yup.

Ke: Uh--

Ea: But, that's a pretty crazy fib. Like, "Oh now, I didn't feel the Immortal Buzz," like...

Ky: Well, she's trying to throw Mac off the trail. Cuz she wants to kill Luther herself, and knows that if Mac finds out about it, he's gonna do his Mac-thing.

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: I wonder what the Buzz like, feels like? Like does if... could you feel something that's similar to the Buzz? Like, a panic attack? You know what I mean, like, what--because, for her to be like, "I didn't feel it," maybe Mac would just be like: Oh, maybe that was just like, I don't know, indigestion, a spot of mustard. Or a piece of bad beef.

Ea: Yeah. I wonder.

Ke: Um.

25:33 *****Ky: "Yes well everything is brave about you!" Luther.

Ke: *laughs* Uh, and also there was another like, interesting Buzz... buzzbit? Buzz-tidbit? --here, uh, he mentioned something about, he's like, "Oh I don't--I don't feel him anymore," or something like... because we've, we've always wondered if, like, do you feel the initial Buzz, or does it like, stay?

Ea: Oh, does it like, stay. Yeah. Hm.

Ke: So I think this is kind of confirmation that it stays...

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: ... that you always feel when they're around.

Ky: Hm.

Ke: Hmm.

Ea: One thing I just wanted to note is, like, Amanda says "I don't think John should be alone," and then, Duncan's like, "He's not alone. He's with Rebecca." And I'm like, WHAT?

Ke: *laughing* Oh yeah! Not metaphorically, man! Like, there're people--

Ea: Yeah! Literally I don't think he should *with Kyle* be alone! Like--

Ke: For like, either physical safety or depression reasons!

Ea: Yeah! And Mac's like, "Naw, there's another person right over there." They're just in a box. *Keith laughs*

Ky: Yeah! And under several feet of dirt!

Ke: And Mac has already felt an Immortal! And he's been like, "I think that it has something to do with the murder."

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: And he STILL wants to leave John alone!

Ea: Yup. I don't get it.

Ke: Nope!

Ky: Kenny Loggins can take care of himself. Alright he's... he's been to the Danger Zone.

Ea: That's right. *chuckles*

26:22 Ke: So, uh, we cut to a jewelry show. I guess Mac i--has taken Amanda to a jewelry show to cheer her up!

Ea: Yes! Look at all these things I could steal! Yeah.

Ke: But is also like... uh, but he's also worried that she's gonna steal everything, so he's like, just like, dangling a carrot in front of her.

Ky: He's actually just gonna make her feel worse.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: He's like, "Hey, you wanna go and almost do your favorite thing, but not do it? *laughter*

Ke: Uh, Amanda, in this scene, is wearing a crystal necklace. Uh, it's similar to the one Rebecca had.

Ea: Ohhh.

Ke: And then in the middle of this jewelry show, these goons come in, wearing like pantyhose on their face--

Ea: Mmhm.

Ky: They look so goofy, cuz it's just like the translucent pantyhose!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Uh, and they steal some jewelry, and they steal her crystal. Um, so Mac wants--

Ky: But leave behind all the good shit!

Ke: Right! Uh, so Mac wonders like, what's so special about that? They came here clearly for a reason.

Ky: We now know... that Amanda knew the whole time, of course, that, that Luther was around. Aaaand, there's like some myth about these crystals, apparently.

Ea: Yeah. She... she's been hiding this from Mac, because of, I guess, the crystals, or because she wants revenge on Luther. Um, but they find this out because... they go visit John, who's looking for his wife's version of this crystal, in the field or whatever.

27:32 Ke: Right. So, uh... we find out that all of Rebecca's students are dead, except for Amanda, and Henri Valjean.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: And he lives in Paris! Uh, so they... are gonna go visit him to see what the deal is with the uh, the crystal. Also yeah, we find out this crystal makes people--Immortals ten times more powerful, I think they say?

27:52 *****Ky: Something like that. It's some ver--

Ke: It sounds like a very specific number, like "TEN TIMES more powerful!"

Ky: *gruff* "It's over 9,000... times more powerful...!" *Eamon chuckles*

28:02 Ke: So they go to Valjean's house. Uh, his secretary, or assistant, answers the gate...

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Amanda's funny in this scene. She makes up a whole thing about that they're, like, insurance claim investigators. She's really quick on her toes, cuz, Mac seems very... impressed--

Ky: Yeah!

Ke: --how quickly she's lying.

Ky: She's a pro!

Ke: But then, Kyle, we get your favorite, uh, Highlander trope--

Ky: Which one?

Ke: The secretary's giving *with Kyle* ALL the information--!

Ky: --Yeah. Or just bad receptionist--

Ke: Bad receptionist, because--

Ea: She just spills all the beans about everything. Like--

28:33 Ke: So we find out that, like, Valjean left a few days ago, and... told her to hide the crystal. Then we find out that police... alleged police--**Ea: Yeah.**--were asking about it... which are presumably Luther's goons... they ask about it. She tells them where it is--**Ea: Yup!**--then she tells THEM where it is, and she's like, "Oh, I ga--I gave it to my son so HE could hide it." **Ea: Yeah.** "D'you wanna know where HE hid it?" *Eamon chuckles* Why are you telling anybody any of this? What was the--

28:55 Ky: You were to HIDE it!

Ke: --HIDE it! *laughs*

Ky: So... is Valjean dead?

Ea: Uuuuuuhhh...

Ke: I think so.

Ea: I don't know.

Ke: Yeah they kind of ski--

Ky: Or is he--or did he bounce town to get away from Luther?

Ea: I think he just bounced.

Ke: I think the poli--oh... the police were investigating... like why were the police--

Ky: The fake Luther-goon police were investigating.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: But what's the insurance claim for?

Ea: A robbery. There was a robbery.

Ke: Ohhhhhhh.

Ea: And that's why the police showed up.

Ke: Oh, so they were robbed--maybe they showed up first to ROB the house, looking for the jewels--

Ea: Like, he bounce--told her to hide the jewel, and then... they tried to find it, they couldn't. **Ke: Mmmm.** But then why would--

29:30 Ky: --come back as fake cops--

Ea: Yeah. And then, yeah--

Ky: --and then Mac and Amanda, insurance adjusters, show up. That's actually just gonna be the next Highlander spinoff, is actually just gonna be Amanda as an actuary! *laughter*

29:40 Ke: Uh, so, we cut to the son's, like, antique shop?

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Mac's like, "Oh, you got a lot of nice stuff there." And then like, it kind of looks like a bunch of junk. Duncan, like--

Ky: So... how did we get through that entire bit without a Les Mis joke?

Ea: Yeah, Henri Valjean?

Ke: I know.

Ky: *sings* "At last... we see each other plain!" *Eamon laughs*

Ke: Very good.

Ky: Next!

Ea: So they're at Paul's shop.

Ke: Yup! So, Paul just whips this stone out, and he's like, "Oh yeah, here it is. Check it out!" Uh...

Ea: "It doesn't have any value." And then Mac gets the Buzz, so he just leaves, and tells Amanda to stay. And Amanda doesn't stay.

Ky: And qui--No. And then just instantly the guy gets robbed!

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: Yes.

Ky: She walks away, instantaneous robbery.

Ea: So then Mac and Amanda tail these goons, and split up. Mac karates HIS goon. Amanda's goon is like turning a corner, running past a car, and then she smashes him in the face with a frying pan!

Ky: It's like a--with a wok!

Ke: Where did she get the frying pan?

Ea: Yeah!

Ky: It's amazing! And she TANKS this guy--

Ea: Yeah!

Ky: Like he is--

Ke: Oh yeah.

Ky: It's like, you just murdered this guy!

30:30 Ke: So Mac comes back... *sings* Mac came back, the very next day..! Um, Amanda's upset because her goon did not have the crystal. And he's like, "Oh, mine did! I got it!" And then he makes some jokes about her, like... the first time he's ever seen her with like, a frying pan, which I thought was funny.

Ea: Yeah, hahah.

Ke: It's like, I guess she doesn't cook much.... *Eamon laughs* Character-building, guys.

Ky: *amused* Yeah! B'were, I think I have a more enriched view of this character now that I know she's like--

Ke: Well, it's not in the Watcher Chronicles, so this is only the stuff you can get from deep-watching of Highlander.

Ea: Deep-watching! Where'd she get the skillet?

Ky: Darkness 36! Deep Watching.

Ea: Is this watching as deep as the engravings on that sundial?

31:16 Ke: On the sundial? *****

Ky: No. The answer is no. *Eamon chuckling*

31:20 Ke: So, they've got this crystal. Uh, they're back on the barge, and they're having... I guess an argument about what to do with Luther. Mac wants to go after him, because he says he's better with a sword. And also we get this impression like, he's trying to protect Amanda. But, Amanda doesn't really WANT to be protected.

Ky: Amanda is a strong, modern woman...!

Ea: That's right!

Ky: Who's way older than Mac! And--

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Yeah!

Ky: --you know, wants to get revenge!

Ea: I don't get why Mac is so convinced that he... is better. I mean, is he just better? I guess--

Ke: I get the impression--

Ky: He is... I mean, he's also like, a foot taller than her--**Ea: Yeah.**--and a towering, muscular man. **Ea: Yeah.** That's gotta help. In the context of sword-fighting.

Ea: Sure.

Ke: Yeah. I think this is like a really nice, emotional scene. Like, Mac is... a little confused, I guess, at first. He's like, "Well why did you even come to me, if you don't want my help?" **Ea: Right.** And she's like, "Well, I wanted to be with you." Because, like, yeah... Maurice, I think, points this out a little later, that he's like, "You're in love with Mac." ****She's like, "Oh, I guess so."

Ky: "I don't know."

Ke: "I don't know. Maybe."

Ky: "Hmm!"

Ke: Uh, so anyway, I think this scene is... some of the subtlety in this, I think is pretty nice.

32:23 Ky: I agree with that. So, first they ascend to Godhood--*Eamon chuckles* Uh, and then... wake up in the morning, and... she thinks Mac is there delivering her breakfast in bed--he made coffee, successfully--

Ea: Oh, that's right!

Ky: --in a French Press!

Ea: The coffee returns!

Ky: Yeah. But alas, no. It is in fact Maurice, and she is VERY naked.

Ke: Yep!

Ea: Yeah. Maurice is just IN Mac's bedroom, like, serving her food, like creepily looking at her sleep.

Ke: Yep!

Ea: Very creepy.

32:52 Ke: So, Mac has somehow found Luther. *wheezelaugh* I'm not sure how...

Ky: How does he...? Yeah. I don't know.

Ea: He just finds him.

Ke: I mean I get this; the idea is Mac snuck out and wants to take care of this without her knowing, but I don't know how he's located--

Ea: Maybe he got it out of his goon?

Ky: Yeah, I didn't actually think about it too hard, but I have NO idea.

Ke: Mmhm!

Ea: Yea. They don't tell you. Yeah.

33:11 Ke: So anyway, Mac says he doesn't have the crystal. He's there to fight Luther--*Ea: Yeah.**--and when he tells him that he doesn't have it, Luther goes Bat-Mac, and has like a smoke-pellet-thing and he--

Ky: Ah! No he--no, he thr--it's the hot coals. He throws water on the hot coals--**Ke: Ohhh!** causing them to steam up--

Ea: Was he holding water?

Ke: I don't remember that! **Ea: Yeah.** I thought he had, like, a little smoke-bomb!

Ea: Well no, it was definitely the coals, but I was like, why did the coals, like, flare up at that moment? But, yeah.

Ky: He definitely throws something on 'em. I don't know where he gets the water, but... you know. *Keith laughs* That's fine.

Ke: Where did the water--

Ea: He just keeps it on him.

Ke: Where did the lighter-fluid come from?!

Ky: *affected accent* Where-ever did the lighta' fluid come from? *Eamon makes exasperated noise*

33:43 Ke: So we're back on the barge, and THIS... Oh! We've--we talked about that weird establi--

Ky: "There are two things Maurice knows about-" Hahah! "Food... and love."

Ke: We talked uh, in the last episode about that weird shot of the museum where it's like a Dutch Angle, and it's really wide? **Ea: Yeah.** THIS has the strangest establishing shot... it's like a close-up of the ground, and a little bit of the barge, like, I had to... I was like, what the--where ARE we? It's really abstracted. I don't know why they didn't just use any old shot they had of the barge, but there was a weird shot of the sidewalk!

Ky: Large barge.

Ea: Peewee Herman.

34:16 Ke: So anyway, Amanda's very relieved to see Mac, and she calls him out on his sexism. It's like, "You're just trying to be a man! I can take care of myself!"

Ky: "Do the GUY-thing!"

Ke: Yup!

Ky: Ummm, yeah, which--

Ke: And that was the clip we played at the top of the episode.

Ky: Yeah. Which... she's ri...! I mean, she's right, to an extent. You know, he should let her make her own decisions; if she thinks she's up to this fight, she should be allowed to handle it. Like--**Ke: Yeah.**--he can't just fight for her forever. That's not the deal.

Ke: Mm. But he cares about her. Which is why he did it. So I don't think he's like, completely being blatantly sexist, or anything like that. I think he's legitimately like, "I... also love her, and I want to... I wanna help."

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: So, plus we get a little character-building on Maurice, here, cuz we discover that he was fired for stealing wine from his... from his cooking job.

Ke: *laughs* Right! Hahahah!

Ky: He was just tasting, like, four bottles a...! *Keith laughs*

35: 02 Ke: So we get another flashback to 1853. Amanda is training with Rebecca!

Ea: Yeah, this is fine. I mean...

Ke: It's like a... it's like a sword-fight, basically Rebecca is just like "You've learned enough!"--**Ea: Yeah.**--"You can go on your own!"

35:14 Ky: I think this is meant to, like, give you some of the... emotional content as to why she's so keen on fighting with Luther. **Ke: Right.** And you get to see her give her a piece of this crystal charm*****

Ea: Right.

Ke: Glowing piece of the awesome rock!

Ky: Radical rock! It's a RADICAL rock!

Ke: Oh, sorry!

35:30 *****Ky: Some of the Aggro Crag!

Ea: Do you know that Mike O'Malley is in Sully? The Sully movie?

Ke: No way!

Ea: He's got like a major part.

Ke: Really?

Ea: I saw him in the trailer and I was like, WHAT?!

Ke: What about Mo?

Ky: Is Mo in it?

Ea: No. No Mo.

Ky: *amused* N--nomo?

Ea: No Mo.

Ke: No Mo-Mo.

35:47 Ea: *clearly* No, no Mo. *laughing* No Mo. NO Mo. *wheezelaugh* One thing I wanted to say about, uh... Luther totally buys into this crystal having magical powers and making him, he says, invincible. And Mac is like, "Nope. This isn't a thing."

Ke: Nope!

Ea: This is a myth. I find it interesting that Mac is so, like, doubtful, or--

Ke: He's so grounded about this.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: I mean, I'd be doubtful about it.

Ea: Oh, sure.

Ky: Why is this rock gonna like, specifically increase the power of an Immortal? What's that even mean? Also, obviously, Rebecca used to have all the pieces of this thing!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: So....

Ea: So if it was so valuable, why does she break it up and give it out?

Ky: Yeah. So, it's a silly plan from jump on Luther's part. But... his whole thing is like he... he's like, "Why wouldn't I? Even if it's not real, why wouldn't I try to--"

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: "--why wouldn't I try to figure it out for myself?" Which is a fair-enough point. I mean--**Ke: True!**--you are a discreet magical thing, Luther. You are an Immortal being, like, why not chase the--What else? You got something better to do? Why not chase down this thing?

Ea: Yeah, that's a good point.

Ky: That's pretty cold-blooded that he kills her and all of her formash--former students like, yeugh--

Ea: Yeah, that's messed up.

36:50 Ke: Yeah. So, back in the present... Uh, Mac locks up the crystal, like in a trunk, or something. *moment of silence*

Ea: And then they... do it again?

Ke: *laughing* They do it agai--yeah. They do it again.

Ky: They re-ascend to Godhood? *Keith laughs* Anyway, so...

Ea: Amanda steals what she thinks is the crystal. But it's really--

Ke: Right, the next day. Mac is like, asleep.

Ky: So, it's her turn to pull this sneak-away maneuver. I like to think that Maurice also came and made Mac breakfast--**Ke: Hohohoho!** *Eamon laughs*--as a result of this whole thing, but... we don't get to see that. Maybe Mac finally gets the coffee he's always wanted--

Ea: Maybe! Yeah.

Ky: --from his boy Maurice.

37:23 Ke: Um... so, she goes outside, and... I guess she notices this the night before, like the goons are out there, waiting for her.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: So she like, strikes a bargain with them. She tells them to go distract Mac...

Ea: While she meets Luther.

Ke: ... and she calls Luther and she's like, We're gonna meet and settle all this stuff.

Ky: Distract the Mac.

Ke: And of course, during all this, I found this music--Eamon, we differ I think on this--I found this music crazy and annoying. I called it "laser music". *Eamon laughs* *music plays* It's like, lots of weird electronics Psshoo wishoo hishoo--

Ea: I kind of liked it. I don't know why.

Ke: Interesting. Pew! Ch-b-pew!

Ea: But it was crazy.

37:55 Ke: It's crazy. It.. it's not music we've heard before in this show. So Mac wakes up and the goons confront him and he, very hastily, dispatches all of them, with--

Ea: This weird hook-stick-thing...

Ke: --with a hook-thing.

Ky: "Can you swim?"

Ke: It's like the thing you uh... you're supposed to tie up your rope with. Like, to get the rope off your boat.

Ea: Oh, okay. He throws him into the river--that is funny, Kyle, when he says--he's about to leave then he double-checks, "Can you swim?" *Kyle laughs* So that the guy doesn't drown.

Ky: --drown. Yeah.

38:22 Ke: So, we're at the old ruins, where we were at the beginning of the episode with Luther and Rebecca. And uh, it's fighting time!

Ky: My notes for this just say: Silly questions about a good fight! *chuckles* Which is, 1: Why are there hay bales everywhere?

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Like, HUGE stacks of hay bales.

Ea: Yep!

Ky: Why is there a huge, old-timey wagon?

Ea: Yeah! *laughing*

Ky: Why do they take their coats off at the same time? *Keith laughs* Why are they wearing the exact same costumes? They're both wearing blue shirts, with black pants--**Ea: Hm!**--for unknown reasons! They like, literally mirror each other! **Ea: Yeah!** And they both like took off their coats off at the same time; they both take the same roll in the hay; the same roll through the wagon... *laughing*

Ke: That's really funny.

Ky: *laughing* I don't... quite understand what's going on here. But the hay features prominently.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: It does. So--

Ea: Well they're--they're fighting on top of a really large stack of hay, and I was just like, this is--

Ke: Well this is later, right? That's Mac fighting.

Ky: Oh, sorry!

Ea: Oh yeah.

Ke: We have to get Mac--there's some other stuff--

Ky: Mac and Luther are in the same costumes.

Ke: Right. I was a little disappointed that, like, Luther defeats Amanda, like, very quickly.

Ea: Right away. Yeah.

Ke: And like, he really bests her.

Ea: Yep.

Ke: He disarms her, she's on the ground, like... it's curtains for Amanda.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: I was just kind of bummed because it's, like, oh! Shouldn't she be bet--I don't know. I feel like, I would have liked to have seen Amanda really hold her own...

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: But anyway, so he's about to kill her, and then all of a sudden...

Ea: Mac's there.

Ke: Mac is just SITTING there!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Like, SITTING there.

Ky: Yup, he's just chillin'!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: No Buzz; nothing! And he's like, "Oh, surprised to see me!"

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: And it turns out HE has the crystal, and so Amanda opens her crystal bag, and like, just a rock comes out! *chuckling* So I guess she didn't check.

Ea: Or is it a piece of croissant?

Ky: She didn't check.

Ke: She didn't check.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: So it's just full of shrimp. *laughter*

Ea: *Maurice-Voice* "'Tis where Maurice keeps his shrimp!"

Ky: Yeah! "Za sings I could do wit shrimp!" *laughter*

Ke: I wish that was true!

Ea: "De tings I could do with crystals!"

40:13 Ke: Ah, so then Mac and Luther get into it.

Ea: Yeah. I don't know, I mean... this fight's okay, I guess...

40:18 *****Ky: I think it's fine--

Ke: This--the hay-thing is weird. I mean like--

Ky: There's SO much hay, if you--

Ke: They're trying to like, switch it up. It's like, we're in the middle of a big field! Argh, how do we make it interesting?

Ea: Well, fighting on top of hay is not, like, exciting. I don't know. He's good! The guy's good. **Ke: Yeah!** Luther. I don't know.

Ky: M'bop? Yeah, he's pretty good.

Ea: M'bop. M'bop's pretty good.

40:36 *****Ky: shrucopfie

Ke: There's also some like, weird, sped-up film in this fight, too. **Ea: Yeah.** Which I was like, wow! We haven't seen that for... 25 episodes! Like, why is that here?

Ky: Can we talk about this Quickening?

Ke: Oh, yeah!

Ky: Cuz Mac wins!

Ea: Yup.

Ky: Spoiler-alert!

Ea: This is such a d--dramatic Quickening. Like, he's in front of some green-screen footage? And all these clouds rush in--

Ke: Well it's the daytime, so I guess they're sticking to that thing where they're like, "Yeah, oh, daytime Quickenings aren't good!" **Ea: Yeah.** So they're like, let's just make it nighttime! *laughing* **Ea: Yeah!** So, the clouds go crazy, and then all of a sudden it's night, and then... stuff in the field was filled with gasoline?! Cuz everything just starts ex-*with Kyle*-PLODING!

Ky: --everything just blows up--

Ke: --there's explosions, yeah!

Ky: --including the hay bales! *Keith laughs* **Ea: Yeah.** Which Mac does a tumble off! Like, he just does a flip--front flip off the hay bales!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Yeah!

Ky: I'm a Level 7 Wizard, so...

Ke: There's like a lightning snake that goes around MacLeod's sword, too?

Ea: Yeah...c--

Ke: It's a--I mean, they're always trying to switch things up, which I think is good--**Ea: Yeah.**--cuz it does get... it would get boring if... if these were always the same, I think we'd really be criticizing them. So whatever. I don't know. I guess it's fun--

Ky: No, it's perfectly fine! The flipping off the hay bale thing, I laughed out loud at. *Eamon chuckles* I was dying!

Ea: Well he also does like a weird little dance, like there's a low-shot angle, and he does like this weird... looks like he's free-style rapping or something. *Keith laughs*

Ky: He is.

Ea: Yeah. Hahahah!

Ky: "I'm Mac. I'm Mac. I'm Mackity-Mac-Mac-Mac!" That's his rap.

Ea: *amused* Mackity-Mac.

Ky: Don't talk back! *Eamon laughs*

Ke: Oh, boy.

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

42:13 Ea: "50% Savings Special Purchase! Stay twice as warm for half the price!" *Kyle laughs* "Highlander Four-Seasons Jacket! We've cut the price by half"--So they're really reinforcing this half-price thing. **Ky: The deal!** Yeah! "--on our epic Four-Seasons Jacket! So that you can battle the elements with ease and in great Highlander style! Fall, winter, spring! Or summer!" *laughter* "The unique convertible design and creative use of state-of-the-art fabric technology--" *Keith laughs* "--means you'll be prepared for action in any weather conditions, and in any season! The light-weight but weather resistant nylon 42:54 ***** an outer shell breezes through spring and summer, while the reversible nylon ripstop and cozy artic fleece jacket harbors against the cool autumn nights! When things get REAL NASTY, slip the shell over your fleece and warmth dry--" what? *laughter* "Slip the shell over your fleece and warmth and dryness are locked in."

Ky: Oh, walk in that dryness!

43:18 Ea: "Beautifully detailed and ruggedly crafted, it's like having four jackets in one! And at one fantastic price! Look at all you get in this 4-in-1 jacket!" *Kyle or Keith laughs* "Outer shell, silky smooth nylon tassle and outer shell--" I can't say that word-- "--is highlighted--" *Keith laughs* "HIGHlighted--"

Ke: Oh, I get it!

Ea: "--by a pair of snap-close hand-warmer pockets, pair of deep snap-close chest pockets, sturdy zipped-and-snap front, and concealed drawstring hood!" **Oooh!** "Highlander Sword Logo is embroidered on the zippered sleeve pocket, cool Highlander rubber patch--" **Ke: What?** "--light as a feather polyfill inner lining adds warmth without adding bulk, deep interior pocket, too. Highlander Logo is embroidered on the back of a--"

44:05 *****Ky: Just thinking, deep interior pocket.

Ea: "--nylon inner shell reverses to fleece shown at right." *Kyle wheezelaughs and laughs* "Reversible inner shell--"

Ky: Oh, here's more?!

Ea: Yeah, there's more!

Ky: Oh, good God!

Ea: "--cozy artic fleece with pair of hand-warmer pockets, reverses--

44:23 *****Ky: This is just fanfiction.

Ea: Yeah. *laughter* This coat doesn't exist. *more laughter*

Ky: Like all High--this fashion fiction!

Ea: Hah-hah! Fash-Fiction. *more laughter* "Reverses to active ripstop nylon in black and silver, with bold Highlander 'There can only be one!' embroidery on back--

Ky: There can only be one?

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Does it actually say that? *laughter*

Ea: It does.

Ke: *laughing so hard* They got it wrong! They got the catchphrase wrong!

Ea: On no, it does say "There can be only one."

Keith and Kyle together in disappointment: OOOOooh!

Ea: My bad. My bad.

Ky: I was gonna say, that's like the Chinatown knockoff version...!

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: "There can only be one!"

Ea: *amused* That's my uh, dyslexia.

Ky: Or just: Isn't there one?

Ea: Then it says "Send us your faaaaaaavorite photo in Highlander-wear and win a fabulous gift if we use it in our next catalogue!" And then there's a picture, Highlander fanning it-blblblblee--Highlander fan climbing a glassy-ay in Alaska.

Ke: Glassy-ay?

Ky: A what?

Ea: A glassy-ay.

Ky: A glacier? *wheezelaughing hard* Whaaat?

Ea: "Notice the Highlander Shades," it says.

Ke: Ohhhh. Nice!

Ea: So, uh, guys... this is 50% off. **Ke: Oh, sweee--** Special savings.

Ky: Are we guessing the pre-sale or the post-sale price?

Ea: So, we're gonna guess... both. We're gonna guess the pre-sale, and then... divide that by half, baby!

45:43 Ke: And then instantly have our *****

Ky: And then just immediately do a math test!

Ea: Yes!

Ke: Alright. Well, it's four jackets in one--

Ea: That's four jackets.

Ke: --so, I'm gonna say they're probably charging like, at least a hundred bucks per jacket.

Ky: You think this is only four hundred bucks.

Ke: I think the original price was 400 'n something dollars. I'll say 400.

Ky: I think it's 200.

Ea: Kyle wins.

Ky: Course I do. *Keith wheezelaughs* How much was it?

Ea: $249...?

Ke: Wow!

Ea: For Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Extra-Extra-Extra Large, Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra Large.

Ky: Wow! Highlander fans really needed that--you know those extra extras. *laughter* There can only be one! *Keith laughs*

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

46:26 *still laughing* Ke: Ah, so... the, uh, the little end-cap to this episode: Uh, Amanda I guess is kind of mad at Mac for interrupting... **Ea: Yeah.** It's like very... this is back to their love/hate relationship dynamic, which is always kind of fun. She's like, "Oh, you shouldn't have interrupted!" and he's like, "Well you would've been dead!" 'n it's funny, because obviously she's happy that he interrupted! **Ea: Right!** So, Mac gives her a crystal. Which I guess is the one... well I guess that was the one he took from Valjean. **Ky: Yessss.** So he's like, "Oh, this isn't your crystal, but it's one of 'em!" and she's like "Oh, good" And then she's like, "Maybe we should go and find the other ones!"

Ea: And he's like--

Ke: "I KNEW IT!"

Ea: Yeah. That was pretty funny.

Ke: Yeah! It's good! Um... and that's uh...

Ea: That's it.

Ke: That's it! This episode...

Ky: For some reason my--

Ke: I mean just looking back on the two episode--the two episodes we've... have recorded recently like, we spent a lot--this episode moves along! There's kind of not much plot to this.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: Cuz it's such--

Ke: Or because it's a good episode. I dunno.

Ky: It's a--well it's a good episode... also, it's very emotionally driven. **Keith and Eamon: Yeah.** Like, there's a lot of fairly straightforward, but emotionally rich dialogue.

Ke: Which is good.

Ky: Yeah! Which is great. Totally great.

Ke: No, I'm glad that this isn't like a plot-heavy--there's not a lot of weird questions I have. Uh, but it's good because it's replaced with emotional content.

Ky: Yeah. Like, you feel that Amanda's genuinely upset about this. **Ke: Mmhm.** You... are invested in defeating Luther. **Ke: Mmhm.** So, yeah. I liked this... top--pretty much top to bottom. Honestly, I wish things were reversed. So the entire scene where Am--where Mac drops in on Luther, in like his weird blue pit--but we didn't talk about how BLUE that scene was. *laughter* **Ea: Yeah.** It's very blue, and I don't know why. Dabadi-dabidie. *wheezelaugh* Um, but... **Ea: Hah. Yeah.**... I wish that was Amanda. **Ke: Yeah.** And Amanda doesn't have the crystal, so he fucks off. Then... Mac is the one who pulls the switcheroo the next time, goes to get Luther... Luther's gonna beat Mac, Amanda shows up with the crystal, like SHE saves the day.

Ke: Yeah. That would be better.

Ky: I would've been more invested in this episode I think, in like the catharsis of her actually getting her vengeance--

Ea: She hasn't had a moment on the show really yet, even. Like, The Return of Amanda, she doesn't really do anything. And in this she's--

Ke: And in The Lady And The Tiger she takes Lucius Malfoy's head by b-breaking the rules we had questions about, like?

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: Some serious questions about!

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: But it would be better, because... she has like a really great line when her and Mac are arguing about who should fight Luther. He's like, "I have a better chance to beat him." And she's like, "But I have a better reason." **Ea: Yeah.** And so again it like ties in... you know, her winning the fight has to do with HER emotionally being, like, invested in what this fight means to her. **Ea: Mmhm.** **Ky: Right.** You know

Ky: She's gonna be the best she's ever gonna be, while...

Ke: Right. Not just cuz Mac has muscles and he's like, "Well I'm bigger--" **Ea: Yeah.** "--so I can fight him." And it's like, NO! She can... she has the will to beat him, so...

Ky: Yeah.

Ea: It would be--it would be cool to see like, a really emotionally charged fight like that. **Ke: Yeah.** Which I don't think we've seen too much of, really?

Ke: Nah...

Ky: I mean, the closest thing I can think of is Richie fighting Mako--**Ke: Yeah.**--in Color Of Authority. **Ea: Yeah.** Cuz he's really keyed up during that fight.

Ea: Yeah. This is a good episode, but it doesn't, like, it doesn't really grab on to me--**Ke: Interesting.**--like certain other ones I really liked? But it has everything you want...

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: It's got ALMOST everything I want. **Ea: Yeah.** The thing this doesn't have is like a real moral question at the heart of it.

Ea: Right.

Ke: I'm okay with that. Again I think cuz of--it's supplanted by emotional stuff.

Ky: Yeah. No, I think that's like the complete package, though, on a Highlander episode. But this is like, damn close. Great villain.

Ea: Yeah, the villain's great!

Ke: I SO wish we had more of this villain!

Ea: He, he's... yeah, he's a little under-utilized.

Ky: Y--SO under-utilized for how like, compelling, and kind of weird he is--**agreeing noises**--like, they gave him all these interesting quirks; his VOICE, I would just watch anybody with that voice...! **Ke: Yeah!** Like, he's...

Ea: Well then he's just... he's just kind of a bad guy. Like, there's no reason why... like, why did Rebecca take him as a student, and why did he turn against her? That could have been interesting ground to delve into. Like--

Ke: Even if they had just even mentioned it. Like, what happened to him? **Ea: Yeah.** Or I think she does mention that Rebecca er... he was the only person Rebecca wasn't sure if she really trusted.

Ea: Right.

Ke: And I was like, "Oh, okay."

Ky: That's f--I mean the--the difference between not trusting somebody and that person coming back and MURdering you--**Keith and Eamon: Right.**--and taking your husband hostage, that's like...

Ea: Yeah. Strange.

Ky: Next level.

Ea: And she didn't seem surprised.

Ke: *laughs* B-right! Yeah!

Ky: Yeeeeah! So yeah, I was curious what all that was about. But... interesting stuff. Good all around. **Ke: Mmhm!** How many Quickenings did Mac get out of this one? What's our calculation on...

Ke: Oh, wow. So he gets Rebecca's, he gets...

Ky: He also gets Rebecca, Luther...

Ea: Possibly Valjean's.

Ke: Possibly. Yeah. We're not sure if he's dead or not. I'm gonna have to watch--

Ky: How many students did Rebecca have... if Luther got all of them...

Ke: Right.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Yeah, do they ever mention how many pieces of the crystal there are?

Ea: I don't think so.

Ky: No.

Ke: Cuz presumably, if they're divided evenly among the students--

Ky: Though...

Ke: --then we'll know.

Ky: Though we do, at one point, see the case when she hands Amanda the crystal. I did not count how many pieces there were. But my memory says there were at least five.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: It looked like one of those oranges you get; chocolate oranges. Where you like, smash it.

Ke: Oh yeah, you smash it!

Ea: Or I guess a real orange. *wheezelaugh*

Ky: *Laughing* Just like one of those real oranges that has slices.

Ea: Haha, it's one of these real oranges you... you like kind of peel it, and you take the pieces out...

Ky: And like, you put 'em in your mouth, right?

Ea: Yeah!

Ky: Cool.

Ea: Yeah. Or you squeeze it in a glass!

Ke: Cut it... how do you divide 7 apples among 8 people? *moment of silence*

Ky: *whispers* Make applesauce.

Ke: Right! Orange juice. Um--

Ky: Was that the--was that the game? Did I just win the game again?

Ke: You just won the game again!

Ea: *laughs* Damnit!

51:58 *****Ke: You are the champion! I've snuck it in! We didn't even need the theme song!

Ea: Urrrr!

Ke: Speaking of which, we'll hit the theme!

Ky: Bagedabageda bageda bawn!

*gameshow music plays*

52:09 Ke: Guys, it's Game Time! That's right!

Ea: Gaaaame sauce.

Ke: So, we're gonna play a NEW game, today! *Eamon Oohs* Um... this is basically... how to describe this game... It's kind of like Pyramid? So you are going to--or was it Outburst? Where you have to guess someone--get somebody to guess the words on a card without saying that word. Does that make sense?

Ky: Yes! It does!

Ke: So if I had--

Ky: Or like Taboo. Or one of those kind of games.

Ea: Aah.

Ke: Taboo, right. So if the word on my card was... car, I would be like: "You drive in one on the highway!" Then you would say "Car!" and you'd get a point.

Ky: Rickshaw!

Ke: Right. So, we are going to do a Highlander-themed...

Ky: Taboo?

Ke: Taboo.

Ea: Taboooo!

52:43 Ky: Uh, so! You guys are gonna play with each other, I suppose. And I'm gonna give you a minute, and there are ten cards. And you get a point for each one you get right!

Ea: All right.

Ky: So... how exactly does this work?

Ke: So, Kyle, you are goi--or Eamon--

52:55 *****Ea: Here.

Ke: Eamon you're gonna give first--**Ea: Okay.**--so here are your cards. Don't look at them! I'm not giving them yet! **Ea: No-kay.** Hold on! Uh, so when I start the clock, you're gonna flipinoff. Flip it off. I don't know. Uh, and you're gonna start asking Kyle--er, giving him clues to get him to answer things, I dunno. This is just for fun, guys!

Ky: Yeah. Okay. So zissis cuz--So, cuz like, we're like kind of on a team--**Ke: Yeah.**--so there's no way I can--there's really no way I can beat Eamon on this one.

Ke: No. But it'll be fun.

Ky: Alright. Well, I'll accept it. But--

Ke: Alright? Alright. Let me get out--(voice fades)

Ea: *laughing* You can't continue your winning streak. *laughter* But, is there anything I can't say?

Ke: You can't say the words on the card.

Ea: Okay.

Ke: So you can give any other clue. So, here we go, I'm gonna get the stopwatch out. You have one minute!

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: Ready sir?

Ea: Yes!

Ke: One minute starts... NOW!

Ea: Uh... it's a sword that Mac holds--

Ky: Katana?

Ea: Yes. Uh, they fought on this roof, it's the name of a movie--** Ky: Opera House?**--studio, uh--**Ky: Uh, Silvercup!** Ea: Yes. Uh, this was a sword-maker in Japan, he was very famous, uh--

Ky: Uh, Musashi Miyamoto, uh, *Eamon also uhs* What the fuck's his name?!

Ea: Uh, he... um...

Ky: Masumune!

Ea: Yes! Uh.... Some people might be interested in these of the antiques business, uh... especially a certain cop... uh, the ins and outs of...

Ky: The Vicissitudes?

Ea: Yes! Uh... Tarzan was in--

Ky: Greystoke?

Ea: Yes! Uh... Rest In Peace.

Ky: Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Ea: Yes. Uh... Joan Jett sang this song...

Ky: Cherry Bomb!

Ea: Uh... i... what's your... when you're smoking a cigar, uh, and you get to the very... smallest part of it...

Ky: Ash? Nubbin? Butt?

Ea: It's a... a... cigar... wow. This one is... tough. Can I skip it?

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Uh... uh... Connor drank this at the bar, it's a...

Ky: Glenmorangie?

Ea: Yes but a...

Ky: Whiskey? Scotch?

Ea: Yes, but...

Ky: Scotch-Whiskey?

Ea: How many... uh...

Ky: Double?

Ea: Yes. Uh, and this person uh... shchshchsh Mac fought on New Year's on a roof...

Ky: Oh, Wallstreet Walter Reinhardt!

Ea: Wow!

Ke: Very good! Alright!

Ea: I couldn't get THIS.

55:03 *****Ke: What was it? I can't even remember my clue!

Ky: Oh, Stubbs! Mr. Stubbs!

Ea: Stubbs...

Ke: Stubbs! That was a hard one.

Ea: Ohhh! Shit. I forgot the context of the episode.

55:08 *****Kyle said something.

Ke: Yep. So, Kyle, you got, uh, 7 points within the allotted time. 2 were outside the allotted time.

55:15 *****Ky: Oh, but you let it slide.

Ke: But I came up with... you got Wallstreet Walter Reinhardt, because that was--I tried to make it hard! I didn't put Walter Reinhardt. I put Wallstreet Walter Reinhardt on the card! So you got it!

Ky: Wait. Oh! It was actually full--

Ke: Full-on title!

Ea: Full-on Wallstreet Walter Reinhardt.

Ky: Full-on the dumb name I gave that guy?

Ke: Yeah!

Ea: So how many didn't he get? Two?

Ke: Uh... three, I think.

Ea: Three cuz I didn't count--

Ke: --cuz one got skipped. So, yeah, you can skip. I should have mentioned that. But...!

Ea: Cool!

Ke: Cool game, guys!

Ea: Good job!

Ke: Ready Kyle?

Ky: Mmhm!

Ke: Ready to give it? Give it to Eamon good!

Ea: I'm gonna suck at this!

Ke: *laughs* Ready?

Ky: Say when.

Ke: Aaaaand GO!

55:49 Ky: Uh, Mac sells these.

Ea: Antiques!

Ky: Okay, where's he from?

Ea: Scotland!

Ky: Uh, who's the guy in Bad Day In Building A, who gets plugged running up the stairs?

Ea: Uh... JERRY!

Ky: Uuuh... ooh. Okay, it's like oysters 'n shit in French. *Eamon makes garbled noise* Um...

56:05 Ea: *****Oh, uh, Fruze d' maire.

Ky: Yeah! Uh, who is the wrestling act in the beginning of the first Highlander movie?

Ea: Oh shit. The Doberman Brothers. The W--

Ky: Uh, what do you... what song do you yell to heckle a band?

Ea: Uhhhh... oooa. I don't know.

Ky: By... alright, we're skipping that one. What do I call Amanda's shitty art-piece?

Ea: Bacon In Flight!

Ky: Uh... Richie accuses people who go to Charlie's Gym of having these.

Ea: Uh... extra Y-chromosome. Extra X--**Ky: Hmm.**--extra...

Ky: They go... Vin Diesel movie!

Ea: Triple X! Triple X Chromosome!

Ky: Alright! Uh... the... *bad Indian accent* "The THIS you know?"

Ea: The Indian!

Ky: Yeah what, what is the...?

Ea: Motorcycle!

Ky: Yeah! Uh... where does the wrestling match happen in the first movie?

Ea: Uh, uh, Madison Square Garden.

Ky: Okay!

Ea: *Connnor-voice* "Madison Square Garden."

Ky: What do we call the villain in the... the episode with Buggy Ding Dong. ... Uh, what's it even called...

Ea: *whispers* Oh, shit.

Ky: Innocent Man! What did WE call him.

Ea: Oh, FUCK. *Keith laughs*

Ky: What generic name did we call him? *long silence* *gruff imitation of someone* He's a cop! *moment. Keith is laughing* He's not... he's not good.

Ea: *uncertainly* Bad? Uh... shit. *whispering* I don't... I can't remember. Uh...

57:25 *****Ky: I'm just, I'm just kind--

Ke: And it's time!

Ea: Oh, Sheriff Badguy!

Ke: Yes! *laughing*

Ky: Yeah.

Ea: Dangit!

Ke: So you guys, uh, basically tied! **Ea: Wow!** You both got 7, uh, in the time allotted, and both got TWO outside the time allotted.

Ea: Fabulous Free... Fabulous Freebirds?

Ke: Yes, that was the one, yeah.

57:39 Ke: *****-- Fabulous Freebirds. That was the "what do you call to heckle a band." *laughing*

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: *laughing* That was fun! Good job, guys!

Ea: Yeah. That was good. I liked it.

Ke: I was legitimately impressed with the--I was trying to make it, you know... hard, but not too hard. I don't know.

Ea: We knows our podcast.

Ke: Yeah!

Ky: *sings* Not... too... shabby!

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: I like that you got Bacon In Flight, by the way. Very good!

Ea: Yeah. That's a beloved *mid-yawn* trope!

Ke: So, uh, why don't we hear a bit from... Executive Producer Bill Panzer on this episode!

58:06 Bill: Legacy was originally planned to be an episode called The Chalice of St. Antoine. *****Ky: Huh?** But because of a jurisdictional dispute, **Ea: What?** with the French Writers Guild, the Canadian Writers Guild, the episode had to be postponed. And instead this episode had to be written. Now, we had already booked Elizabeth Gracen, Amanda, months in advance. The schedule would be blocked out for how many episodes she was gonna do over the course of the year, and she had blocked that time out, so, we had to use Amanda, so it had to be a story about Amanda. So why not, we said, have the story about how MacLeod and Amanda met. And also, kind of the story of Amanda's mentor, Rebecca, played by Nadia Cameron, who is a Canadian actress who lived in London for 20 years, and was absolutely fantastic. Struck just the right note, and became a very very popular character of ours.

59:05 Bill: Luther was a brilliant actor, who had a very heavy Jamaican accent.

59:10 **Ke: He's JaMAIcan?** **Ea: Mmhm.**

59:10 Bill: And when we edited the show and were... doing the sound-mix on the show, people were commenting that they couldn't understand what he was saying. And... this led us to re-voice him with a Canadian actor, ****the Jamaican actor.

59:24 **Ke: Oh! So he really IS like the Bane of this episode, right?** **Ea: Mmyah.** **Ky: Huh.** ******Bane-voice* "Do you feel safe?"

59:24 Bill: ***** and I think it came out pretty well. This show was directed by Paulo Barzman, who is Dennis Berry's best friend--

59:36 Ea: *****He didn't attempt to pronounce that actor's name. *someone laughs*

59:37 Bill: They were both sons of the Black List. Both of their parents were black-listed. When they were tiny babies, they had to leave America--

*****Ea: Tiny babies.

59:46 Bill: --and flee to France. But Paolo found himself a little behind schedule, on this episode, so when he was shooting the final sword fight, and the Quickening, he just started shooting during the day and kept shooting and it became night and, he figured that we would sort it out later in post-production!

**Ea: Wow.

1:00:05 Bill: Which we did. *laughter* Don Paonessa had the idea to just play it the way we had to, and found a place where we could put in the sky getting darker, and night coming on, and... it worked a treat! And seeing how MacLeod and Amanda met--

1:00:21 **Ky: He's swallowing a LOT. *Keith laughs* He's really got a lot of spit in his mouth.

1:00:23 Bill: --I thought ***** Cuz you saw her character. You saw her character from... the very beginning. And her character's remained the same for... hundreds of years. She's a thief. When we first met her, she's a thief. Today, she's a thief. She's always been a thief. Once a thief, always a thief.

1:00:43 **Ea: Tomorrow, she'll be a thief... Next year she'll be a thief.

1:00:44 Bill: For the first time, magic comes to Highlander. The Legend of the Crystals...

1:00:46 **Ky: She's taking a break after Highlander. **Ea: Yeah.**

1:00:48 Bill: Very controversial. About half of the audience did not like the idea of there being magic in Highlander. And the other half loved it! So, under the heading that controversy is good: watch for the Crystals; they'll be back!

1:01:02 *Kyle***** bursts into laughter*

Ea: There we go.

Ky: Yeah! Well, also, we don't know that magic is real.

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: We know that one character, who is now dead, thought magic was real. So. You know!

Ea: Yeah!

Ke: At this point in the show.

Ea: Mmmmmmm!

Ky: Indeeeeeed! *moment* Yeah, unfortunately some of this stuff gets stronger answers than maybe I would like.

Ea: Huh.

Ke: Yeah. Oh! I looked up on The Watcher Chronicles! Uh, so... uh, Valjean was killed by Luther.

Ea: Aaah!

Ky: *sings deep* "At last!"

Ke: Yeah.

Ea: Hahah! So unlike--

Ky: "Who am I?" So read us Watcher Chronicle 24601.

Ea: Did they name that character Valjean because Amanda steals a loaf of bread in this episode?

Ke: *whispers* Oh, man!

Ky: I...... think so.

Ke: Any final thoughts on this episode, Kyle?

Ea: It was um--

Ky: I like this a lot! I still can't believe that guy was dubbed!

Ea: *coughslaughs* Woops. Sorry.

Ke: I can't either! **Ky: They didn--** I think that actually makes it weirder! Like he... he does actually have a very weird quality about him. And I think it--I didn't realize he was dubbed, either. I just thought he was weird!

Ky: Cuz usually it's like, really obvious when they're dubbed. **Eamon and Keith: Yeah!** But I think maybe the voice is SO weird that it, like, hides it.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Also, it's--a lot of times it's weird because it's, like, clearly, like the French po--like a French Inspector dubbed with an American...**Ea: Yeah.** or a Canadian accent, and it really takes you out. But he had--I just thought he was French, or North African, or something.

Ky: Yeah!

Ea: Mmhm.

Ky: Dunno. That's fascinating.

Ke: Yeah.

Ky: Good shit, though. This is a cool episode; it's got a lot of real emotional content. I give this... 4.5 crystals.

Ke: That's right! I was just about to ask you how many crystal shards do you give this, uh, this episode! So Eamon!

Ky: The answer's 4.5.

Ke: 4.5! *laughs with Eamon* Eamon, how many... stacked hay bales do you give this episode?

Ea: I'm gonna give it a 3-stacked hay bale.

Ke: 3 stacked.... Alright. I'll give this a solid 4.

Ky: You'll give it... you'll give it 4 shrimps!

Ke: 4 shrimps. 4 shrimps in a trunk.

Ky: *laughing* In a trunk!

Ke: In a trunk in a bag.

Ea: Yeah! In a bag in a trunk.

Ky: I'll give this 4 things I can do with shrimp!

Ke: Yeah. This is a solid episode; I think Luther is the weakest part of it for--he's also... he's strangely the weakest part and the strong--like, one of the stronger elements of it. Like--**Ea: Yeah.**--he's very effective as a villain--

Ea: Just under-utilized.

Ke: Yeah. And I wish we got... I dunno. I mean, I guess I'm not surprised that he dies at the end of it, but... he's a character--

Ky: Cuz they ALL die.

Ke: Well, yeah. But he's like, a character I really wish came back.

Ky: Especially cuz he's got such a long-view plan. **Ke: Mmhm?** The entire problem is that these people are getting picked off like... that seems like something that shouldn't be condensed into a single episode. **Keith and Eamon: Yeah.** Like maybe, you know... maybe he doesn't kill ALL of Amanda's s--er, Rebecca's students, maybe he just kills Rebecca--**Ke: Right.**--and her students start disappearing, and then... maybe you finally get the--

Ke: It's almost too bad we didn't get an interaction with Amanda AND Luther.

Ky: Do they EVER interact? Other than, like, their fight?

Ea: No.

Ke: Like, previously, like... it might've been neat if they'd trained for a little together, or Amanda visited Rebecca--**Ea: Yeah.**- when she was training Luther, and maybe had... you know... maybe didn't trust him then, eith--you know what I mean? Like, I just felt like they could have built this relationship a little more, just given more to Luther and fleshed him out, cuz... he's cool, then.

Ky: He's interesting. He's... I... there was... th-th-that's a real drag. There's something there, with that character, that would have been fun. Uh...

Ke: This feels like it could have honestly been a movie plot. I feel like the scope of this episode feels... pretty solid.

Ky: Yeah. It certainly could have been a two-parter or so... but... oh well.

Ea: Yeah.

Ke: Oh, well!

Ea: Alas.

1:04:19 Ke: Thanks for listening, this week! Ah, make sure to join us next week when we'll have a VERY special guest to discuss THIS particular episode, Miss Elizabeth Gracen! So, definitely stay tuned for that! I've been one of your Rewatchers! I'm Keith!

Ky: This is Kyle.

Ea: *Elvis tones* This is Eamon.

Ke: Bye-bye!

Ky: Salut!

Ea: Bye!

1:04:45 Ke: As usual, I feel like Adrian Paul can put on like, any costume and I'm like, NICE!

Ea: Yeah.

Ky: You're like, "Like a BOSS!" *Keith laughs* Keith's like, "Ah, chubs!" *Eamon laughs*

Ke: My obelisk was...

Ea: Throbbing!

Ke: Guys, let's ascend to Godhood here!

Ea: Hahah!

Ky: Hahahah! That's it!