Listen to: Highlander Rewatched: Pharaoh's Daughter

Nefertiri: His name is Marcus Constantine. He is a Roman general. My enemy. I'm glad that I have YOU for a friend. *She goes up on her toes to offer a kiss, and he sort of automatically shifts his hold on her right bicep to prevent it. She blinks at him.* Why not?

Duncan: Because you don't buy loyalty with sex. *he rubs her arm with his thumb.*

Nefertiri: Cleopatra believed that the joys of the flesh could raise a man to godhood. *Her smile is enticing and tone alluring.*

Duncan: *smiles faintly* This isn't ancient Egypt. *humor triggered* It's Paris. *shaky voice* And I'm not Marc Anthony or Caesar. *He swallows somewhat unhappily*

Nefertiri: *with gentle seriousness* I am not asking you to DIE for me.

Duncan: *breathing in carefully he says, removing his hand* Yet.

1:07 Keith: Hey-ooooo! Welcome to Highlander Rewatched!

Kyle: Are you trying on a new catch-phrase?

Keith: Yeah, "Hey-ooooo" instead of "Alright!"

Kyly: Instead of alright?

Keith: Welcome to the Highlander Rewatched Podcast! The podcast where each and every week we take a look at another facet of the Highlander franchise, and talk about it in detail! I'm one of your Rewatchers, I'm Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: And this is Eamon.

Keith: And today we are joined by a very special guest! One of the hosts of one of OUR favorite podcasts, The Foxes in the Henhouse Podcast. Welcome to the show Liz! Hey Liz!

Eamon: Liz!

Liz: Hey guys! Thanks for having me on!

Keith: Of course! So, why don't you tell our listeners what Foxes in the Henhouse is all about!

Liz: Oh, God, that's such a good question. Um... we're--

Keith: I try. We've been thinking about that all day!

Kyle: Yeah! *Eamon laughs* What IS this thing?

Liz: Uh--

Keith: I didn't wanna--I didn't wanna softball it.

Kyle: *chuckling* Yeah, it's the hard-hitting questions Rewatchers ask.

Liz: So se--any question's going to be hard for me; I'm just rubbing two brain cells together. Um, it's a... I guess a geeky podcast. We sit around and we talk about pop culture mostly, of, usually at various levels of intoxication depending on the episode. And, um, other things that might come up. We've talked about, you know, having to drink our way through the holiday f--, you know, family gatherings, and stuff like that before, and all sorts of things that might come up.

Kyle: *laughing* We're here to talk about a different kind of Gathering! *laughing more*

Eamon: Oh my god.

Liz: Oooh-hoh! Oh I set you up for that. Ohf!

Kyle: Yeah, I'll be here..! Until I die!

2:28 Keith: Ah, so! So before we hop into this episode, we should tackle some reader mail from last week!

Eamon: Yes!

Keith: So, we asked a question on one of our previous episodes about, uh, if... I guess it was the Unholy Alliance episode, uh, where Xavier St. Cloud shows up with a hook-hand! **Eamon: Hm!** So our question posed to everyone was: Should Immortals grow back their hands?

Kyle: And, holy shit you guys have strong feelings on this.

Keith: Uh, yeah. VERY strong. So Kyle'll, read you some of this.

Kyle: Yeah let's just--we'll just dive right in! Melissa J writes: They should be able to reattach at any point. If they're close enough when the Immortal comes back to life. Like, if Xavier found his missing hand, even if it's all rotted 'n shit, if he put it back to his wrist--*wheeze laugh of Keith* and then killed it--then killed himself, it'd be good as new when he woke up.

Eamon: What?!

Keith: Well, see, he has to kill himself and th--WHA-hahah? *laughs*

3:16 Kyle: *continues reading* This is how Immortal bombing victims come back to life. *****So they conf--

Keith: I like it how they're like, so this is how it *with Kyle* WORKS.

Kyle: Yeah! I guess the theory is: if your... if your various bits are nearby, when you snap back into consciousness they'll reattach. But you gotta like, hunt it out like a scavenger hunt.

Eamon: Hmm.

Keith: Alright. Liz, what do you think of this question?

Liz: Uh, I already... I did give my opinion on Twitter. Um, but uh... I mean, I think that... No, it shouldn't grow back. Like, one it's cooler that... it's just more badass to have consequences like that to swordfights, because that... that does happen in swordfights. One of the... the very first villain of the franchise, the Kurgan, has a messed-up throat, you know, in the modern day, from a big swordfight that he had with Ramirez, and... like that's kind of a defining character trait. If a hand can grow back... I mean, I don't know about reattaching. That's a very... that was a very serious drawn-out theory. *Kyle laughs* But like, if a hand can grow back and regenerate, then there--then it makes no sense for... for the Kurgan to have, you know, such like, like a serious scar from HIS battle.

Eamon: That's a good point.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Unless it's specifically NECK and throat-related injuries...

Eamon: Hmm.

Liz: Oooohhh!

Kyle: Cuz like you're trying to decapitate them. So maybe...

Liz: That's like their vulnerable spot.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, it's like their Achilles' Heel, on their neck...

4:31 Eamon: You should get a--

Keith: What other--what other responses have we got? Eamon, you got anything? Or Kyle?

Eamon: Uh, let's see here. Uh, this is from... Christian: NO. They should regenerate. *moment of silence* Say the Immortals--

Keith: That's it!

Kyle: That's it. Ahahah.

Eamon: *continues* Say the Immortal gets a wound and loses his whole liver. He needs the liver to live. His liver will regenerate. Why won't his limbs? I can understand the neck, but even then... even that makes no sense. Can they get throat cancer and die? *laughter* Can they be choked? *amused repeats* "CAN they get throat cancer?" *Liz laughs*

Kyle: That's actually why the Kurgan's voice is messed up!

Eamon: Yeah, he--

Kyle: He just smokes two packs a day.

Liz: Oh, man.

Kyle: That's actually the only reason.

Keith: Interesting.

Eamon: Can they get...

5:16 *****Kyle: I think the--

Keith: I like all the angry people that have written in--

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah.

Keith: --because a lot of people just cite episodes! And they're just like: "NO! Didn't you see the episode that we're talking about?" It's like, "Yeah, we did! That's why we're asking this question!" *laughter*

Kyle: No, I like their point about internal organs.

Keith: Yeah. That makes, that makes a lot of sense.

Kyle: Very easily in a thing with swords--especially a guy like the Kurgan swinging around a giant, like, two-handed meat-cleaver thing--like, you could lose an entire organ in that fight. Like your entrails could fall out.

5:43 ***** someone makes agreeing thoughtful noise is it Liz or Liz and someone else?

Liz: Yeah, I didn't think about that.

5:45 ***** (red hair?) Kyle: Like, if that stuff doesn't regenger--regenerate, you'll just be--regingerate! Hahahum--if you don't regrow your red hair, then, uh... look, you would just be in a perpetual cycle of dying forever and ever until some merciful person came around and chopped off your head. And that doesn't sound like the way we wanna go.

Eamon: No... yeah that's interesting.

Liz: No that'd be... kind of an alright--I mean, I'd be... I'd like to see that episode, though!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: *laughs* What? Just some person with a nightmarish existence who's like, lost their kidneys in like a... to like a Bouncing Betty in World War II and now is uh--**Liz laughs**--and now is just perpetually dying?

Eamon: Well, they're like Ripley in Alien Resurrection, how they have all these Ripley clones, and one's like a Thanksgiving turkey, and it's like "Please, kill me!" *Kyle laughs** Do you remember that? It has like a fin, or something?

Kyle: It's a Thanksgiving turkey!

Eamon: Yeah, it looks like... it made me think of the Kramer with the Thanksgiving turkey-head, where he's buttering himself? But like, Ripley in Alien Resule-Rezur-oh my god--Resurrection!--6:45******Kyle guffaws*--one of the Ripleys looks like that. Anyway...

Kyle: Good deal.

Eamon: What about the throat cancer? *Liz laughs* What do you guys think about that? *laughter*

Kyle: I'm gonna go ahead and say no.

Eamon: No? They can't die of throat cancer?

Kyle: I just don't think they get cancer.

Eamon: Yeah.

Liz: Yeah, I kind of agree with that. I can't--I feel like--I feel like... I would just like, hand-wave that with their regeneration ability.

Eamon: I kind of like the idea like: the ones that lost their hands, probably got killed in a sword fight because... they couldn't fight as well? It's like if you DID lose your hand and you're still around, you're probably pretty badasss. That could be a way to look at it.

Kyle: Yeah. X-Xavier's better than ever with that hook-hand!

Eamon: Yeah! He's like--

Keith: Yeah, he is! He should have TWO hook-hands!

Eamon: Yeah, he should.

Kyle: Yeah, he should use ONLY hooks!

Eamon: ...two peglegs, two eyepatches...

Keith: Aah, hahah. *Kyle laughs*

Eamon: And two parrots.

7:30 Liz: *****twice the ***** Keith: Alright. So we should hop into this episode, shouldn't we?

Ea:Yeah it is!

Kyle: Probably at some point.

Keith: We got a LOT of responses about that. That was a divisive uh... topic.

Kyle: We didn't even read that many divisive ones. *laughter* We also read like, 1% of the comments!

Keith: Yeah, there were a shit-ton of comments! Uh, but if you ever have thoughts or feelings about our episodes, write to us at!

Eamon: Especially feelings.

Keith: Especially the feelings. All the feelings. So guys! This week we're talking about Season 2 episode 18, Pharaoh's Daughter. **Kyle: Yes!** This episode was originally aired April 25th, 1994! And for those people that care, this is a month after the last episode, so whatever.

Eamon: What? A month?

Keith: They give us a break.

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah. For people who were waiting with baited breath for their favorite show to come back, and this is what they got.

Keith: This is what they get. So this episode was directed by Dennis Berry! He did "Run For Your Life", we saw him do "The Vampyr!" recently, he usually has some pretty good episodes.

Eamon: That's right!

Keith: Solid stuff. And this was written by Elizabeth Baxter! Who wrote "Saving Grace"... this episode feels like that a little bit, I... sometimes.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: -ish! Mm. No.

Liz: Eh.

Keith: And also "Bless the Child", which is--

Kyle: Oh, MY.

Keith: --garbage.

Eamon: Bless this child.

Keith: She's really got a hat-trick going here. **Liz laughs**

Kyle: Yes! This episode guest starts Nia Peeples! Um, as Nefertiri, who I keep calling Nefertiti, but it's Nefertiti. NeferTIRI!

Eamon: I keep saying that, too. Nefer... tiri!

Kyle: That's what my notes even say, so.... *laughter*

Keith: I know! Uh, but uh, she was in like the Fame TV show in the 80s, um, she was also rec--

Eamon: She was in Blues Brothers 2000.

Keith: Say that again?

Eamon: Blues Brothers 2000.

Kyle: Was she really?

Eamon: Yeah.

Liz: Was she really?!

9:06 *****Keith: I saw that in the theater!

Eamon: Yeah. I don't know who she played.

Kyle: She was John Goodman! Hahahah!

Liz: Oh, man! You know, maybe she was one... there was a cop that I remember in the movie that maybe was--

Eamon: Yes! She's the cop! She's the cop!

9:14 Liz: Oh, right, there we go. Why do I know that?

Eamon: "I'm a cop! I'm a cop, you idiot!"

Keith: She was in a show more recently called "Nasty Boys".

Eamon: Ooooh!

Kyle: What?

Liz: Oh dear.

Keith: I did some digging on the show, and the IMDb description for THIS show, Nasty Boys, is as follows: "The Nasty Boys are a special unit of the Las Vegas Police Department. The unit consists of undercover cops and their identities are withheld, even from the department. They only answer to their boss, Lt. Krieger, who in turn only answers to the people they are working on, they wear ninja type outfits-- Ky: What?!

Ke: "--to conceal their identities."

Kyle: But why are they nasty boys?

Keith: I don't know! Why are they dressed like ninjas?

Kyle: And wh--is boys spelled with a Z?

9:56 Keith: No. That's a missed--

Liz: No, that's a missed opportunity right there.

Eamon: It is. That's fucked up.

Kyle: I know. If ever there was one.

Eamon: Also, they al--

Liz: Maybe they're Janet Jackson fans!

Eamon: That's what I was gonna say! *Liz laughs* Like, are these the nasty boys Janet Jackson was telling us about? *Kyle laughs* And when they talk to her, do they call her... what is it? Mrs--

Liz: Miss Jackson.

Eamon: --Jackson? Yeah. I'm sorry. Uh, eee...

10:17 Keith: So this episode also stars James Faulkner as Marcus Constantine!

Eamon: Mmmm!

Kyle: He's in like a shit-ton of stuff.

Eamon: He was in X-men First Class! And he's the video-game server Snape!

Keith: Oh, really? *Kyle laughs*

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: The video game! They couldn't get Alan Rickman for that?

Eamon: Nope. And he's in Bridget Jones's Diary!

10:33 Keith: And the sequels!

Eamon: It's having a new sequel coming out soon!

Kyle: Bridget Jones's... Baby?!

Keith: Isn't he like, the uncle?

Eamon: Yeah, she has a baby. I don't know!

Keith: Uncle Douglas?

Liz: I feel like I should remember this guy way more than I do.

Eamon: Yeah, he does a--I--he... I don't know. He runs like a wimp. Anyway.

10:49 Keith: He runs like a wimp! *Kyle cackles* Ah, so! The IMDb episode description for this gem IS: "Duncan interrupts the attempted theft of an Egyptian sarcophagus. Inside, he finds Nefertiri. As Duncan helps her adjust to modern life, they cross paths with Marcus Constantine, who she resents for his part in the Roman domination of Egypt."

*Eamon laughs, Kyle laughs.* Eamon: Okay.

Keith: There we go!

Kyle: I'm on board.

Eamon: That encapsulates it.

Keith: *exasperated sigh*

Kyle: It's actually one of the better ones we've gotten, of these IMDb movie descriptions.

11:15 Keith: Well it's not WRONG, which often they're completely incorrect, so...

Kyle: Often wrong.

Keith: That's a plus.

Eamon: No. Very, it's very factual. Yeah. So how does this episode open?

11:24 Keith: In a thrilling... robbery.

Eamon: Yes.

11:27 *****Kyle: It's so cl****

Keith: This is SO boring.

Eamon: *laughs* Yeah!

Keith: Like... what's the episode from Season 1, with Lucius Malfoy? **Eamon: Uuuh...** Oh! Uh, Lady and the Tiger!

Eamon: Lady and the Tiger.

Liz: Lady and the Tiger. Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: This-This reminds me of that, kind of. That episode starts with him breaking out of a prison transport vehica-vehicle.

Eamon: Right.

Keith: He jumps on like a... a car carrier. Like, it's all exciting and fun!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And this is the opposite of that! Like, it is a truck slowly driving...

Eamon: Behind, like, a building. It's on a back road, or something.

Keith: Yeah! It's just like, really... I don't know. There's nothing to it!

Kyle: Taking a lazy drive. **Someone: Yeah!** Also, but uh... this one... the music's telling you it's exciting, cuz all the orchestra hits that're in the background!

Keith: Well, also like, this didn't even need to be a robbery! Like, this literally could have just been...

Eamon: Them delivering ... a thing?

Keith: Because there's a series of two robberies in this. **Eamon: Yeah.** Because like, Duncan steals HER out of it later, and, like, why is there any stealing at all? Like, why can't Duncan just find this--

12:17 *****Eamon: Duncan just put--*laughs* I don't know.

Ke --FIND this sarcophagus? **Eamon: Yeah.** It's SO stupid! So...

Kyle: Yeah, we're really--we're already going in at this hard already and it hasn't even done anything offensive yet!

12:27 Keith: *amused* Not quite! Uh, alright. So Mac gets the Buzz when this car drives by, because--**Eamon: Mmhm.**--presumably there's an Immortal in there! **Eamon: Yeah.** So he decides to follow it.

Liz: For some reason.

Keith and Eamon: Yeah!

Eamon: Like, he gets buzzes all--like, anytime he has a Buzz does he have to follow it? I--I'm like, confused on this. I mean, he follows it because he has to. But... *Keith laughs* 'cause then we wouldn't have--

12:47 *****Liz: Part of the plot, yeah.

Kyle: I think that's... I think that's probably fair. You feel a buzz, you investigate.

Eamon: Sure, yeah.

12:54 *****Kyle: mean do not--

Liz: So let's assume, like, he... he... he gets the buzz, he looks around, he sees a truck and he assumes like, it's gotta be in that truck. Like, somehow he's pinpointing the buzz. Which, I guess we don't necessarily see... like, it's always kind of... vague about how, like, you know, how well they can hone in on that feeling, I guess.

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: That's a good point because, like, he often gets the buzz on a busy Paris street, and so a lot of times he assumes it's... why isn't it any of the 200 cars that are flying by?

Liz: Right!

Eamon: Can he like--

Kyle: There aren't 200 cars flying by. There's--

Keith: A hundred?

Kyle: --there's ONE car that flies by.

Keith: I guess so. *laughter*

Kyle: You see the shot! You see it drive by, and there's ONE.

13:32 Keith: Alright. So, Duncan follows this black... truck to a warehouse. *****Liz says something? Or is it Eamon only?

Eamon: Hmm. That's right.

Kyle: That these carjackers have... **Keith: Right.**...snagged.

Eamon: And my note on this is: The music is awful.

13:42 Keith: Yeah so, this is the orchestra hits...

*****Kyle: There's more like, old school midi-music bwa bwa.

Keith: It's so cheesy, and it really takes you out of it, and augh, it's bad. So, Mac, like...

Eamon: Beats these guys up for some reason?

Keith: He doesn't know this truck was robbed! **Eamon: Yeah.** Why is he fighting--

Kyle: They--THEY attack him.

Keith: *intense* No, he a--doesn't he attack first? I think one guy walks--

Liz: Yeah, he kind of sneaks up on them.

Keith: Yeah. One guy like walks around a corner and Duncan just Batman's the shit out of him. And it's like, HEY, that guy's just like... a try... he's just a teamster! Like, lay off!

Kyle: Hahah! No, Mac hates teamsters! *Eamon laughs* He's really anti-Union.

14:17 Liz: And the best part is, like for all you know, he... like, I mean, maybe he could possibly make an argument at this point that maybe he's, you know, sensing that, you know, the Immortal's somewhere else but,***** leaving it up to--but... what if he's just interrupting the day of an Immortal who's just minding his own business, living his life as a truck driver?

Keith: Oh, yeah! *laughs*

Kyle: Living the... living the dream of the truck driver?

Liz: Like, you don't know it's an emergency situation.

Eamon: Well, if that Immortal is also a teamster... *laughter*

Kyle: That's a real problem!

Eamon: Yeah. That's... that's trouble!

14:44 Keith: So, Mac takes these guys out--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and then he open--he finds the sarcophagus...

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Cuz of course he does. *laughter*

Keith: Ah, so he opens it up and there is... a mummy. Kind of!

Eamon: Yes!

Kyle: *hemhaw* No. Nope!

Keith: So he unwraps--

Kyle: There's a woman with rags kind of draped over her... *Liz laughs*

Keith: He unwraps this person; it's an Immortal; there's a LOT of skin. This is the beginning of... a lot of nudity in this episode.

Eamon: Well, like, there's a shot just of her... rear. **Keith: Yeah!** Like--

Liz: Hashtag butts!

Eamon: This must have been on the French version, or the DVD version or whatever.

Keith: Probably...

15:22 Kyle: I don't know. What's the American censors' thoughts on buns?


Kyle: Positions only.

Eamon: This is before...

Keith: Is this pre- or post- Dennis Franz...

Eamon: I was about to say, is this pre- or post- Sipowicz's butt on NYPD Blue? *Kyle laughs* That's how I could--

Kyle: You can't say "shit" on television?!

Eamon: That's how I judge my time is pre- and post- Sipowicz's butt. *laughter*

Kyle: Is it... isn't that how ALL humans gauge time?

Eamon: I think so! *laughs*

Keith: So I guess--*sigh*

Liz: Commonly accepted by scholars, yeah!

Eamon: Yeah! Hahah!

15:45 Keith: I guess we can talk about this now. So, this person is an Immortal. They were buried... as a mummy? **Eamon: Yeah.** But like--

Kyle: But not really mummified.

Keith: Exactly! So let's talk about... mummification here!

Kyle: The laziest... the mummy-team really phoned this in. *laughter* "Hey, don't we need that device to like, scramble her brains and, like pull it out and put it into like a Canoptic jar," or whatever they called this thing? (Canopic)

16:04 Liz: *****

Keith: Yeah! Is she full of cot--is she full of cotton right now? That's SO--

Kyle: She's SO packed full of cotton!

Liz: She doesn't look particularly desiccated, either. Like, I'm pretty sure they're supposed to dry that sucker out, y'know.

Eamon: Yeah. Well, even if they DID all that--*laughter*--like... like it rea--let's just say they did all that, and it regrew like, why are the bandages so pristine? Like why isn't she like, covered in sweat and like, bodily fluids like, pumping out of her, from being like--

Kyle: Oh GOD! *laughing*

Liz: That's right.

Eamon: Or like, why isn't she dried out?

16:32 Kyle: I don't think that's a very good image--"Why isn't she dried out!" *laughs*

Eamon: This made me so ANGRY! Like, we're supposed to believe that she was wrapped up in these bandages and stuck in a sarcophagus for 2,000 fucking years, and she comes out of it like, pristine?! She--

Kyle: She also asks--the very first thing she says is "Does Rome still rule the world?" It's like, THAT'S the first question? I guess we find out that IS important later--

Eamon: She'd at least be like, bonkers. **Keith: Yeah.** From being, like... there's no reason she should be like--

Kyle: She IS bonkers, though.

Eamon: She is, but not like... like... BONKERS-bonkers! *laughter* Like, not able to string two words together--

Kyle: I g--can we--we gotta--

Liz: Her eyes need no time to adjust or anything like that.

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: *tries to interrupt*

Keith: She's wearing makeup! Haha!

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah I--

Keith: She has like, eyeliner on.

Kyle: We gotta--we gotta give this episode... it's absurd premise.

17:16 *****Yeah. This is like a--

Kyle: --we just have--to give it to it, and move on.

Keith: Yeah. Cuz the premise of this is just... Immortal out of their time.

Kyle: Yeah. And for all we know, she wasn't conscious this entire time, or something... I don't know. I guess she's hibernating.

Keith: I guess she's just been... dead the whole time?

Kyle: Gdd--Ostensibly. Why not? **Keith: Alright.** It doesn't like... the point is--

Keith: The point is let's move on.

Kyle: It's weird. We've gotta move on.

17:34 *****Liz: I mean, we could make it easier, though. I'm looking at 'em like man, okay, so--

Kyle: If she just woke up covered in her own bodily fluids, apparently--

Liz: Well I mean or blood--

Kyle: That can't be the state--

Eamon: We talked about ore spreadsheets and I'm getting shit on for... *coughlaugh* this person being fine after being buried alive for 2,000 years?!

Liz: I mean, maybe if they just didn't use as much Bronzer...?

17:56 Eamon: Yeah, yeah they--

*****Kyle: It's pretty LJLSJD

Eamon: No, I mean I get it. We have to suspend our disbeliefs... but it just kind of bugged me.

18:01 Keith: Yeah. So, Mac is gonna protect her. He... I guess, gives her his coat and they leave--

Kyle: Her English is GREAT, by the way.

18:08 *****Liz: Her English is amazing.

Keith: Oh her--oh yeah we didn't even mention that she speaks perfect English! **Eamon: Yeah.** **Kyle: Yeah.** Um, so they leave, and there's like--

Kyle: She's just--

Keith: --the shadow of someone watching them from the balcony? **Eamon: Yeah.** Then they get in his car... uh, which is a--

Kyle: He pulls the fire alarm, for some reason? What is THAT about?

Liz: O-oh!

Keith: I guess... to alert the authorities about the...

18:28 Eamon: Oh, right! I didn't know why that happened. Yeah.

Kyle: The robbery he still doesn't know happened? **Liz: Yeah!** He wants to let the police know that he's a robber cuz he beat up a teamster, and then stole a mummy. *laughs*

Eamon: Did Mac--wait, Mac didn't pull it, did he?

Kyle: Yeah! **Liz: Yeah.** Mac pulls the fire alarm!

Eamon: Oh, I didn... I didn't catch that. **Keith: Mmhm.** That's weird.

Keith: Yeah, I don't get it.

Liz: The other great part about that is that, like, that--that's an amazing way to over-stimulate someone who's just woken up in the modern world without any warning. She's like, and suddenly there's NOISE everywhere!

Eamon: Yeah! Hahah!

Kyle: Also, just ONE side note on this English-thing. She was buried before English was invented!

Keith: Right!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: It felt like-- **Liz: Yeah.** --the language that was the language that would become English didn't exist yet, and they are exactly on the same page. They are... vibing.

Eamon: Yeah I was like wondering, could they like, make it so Duncan like, knows her language somehow, and like that's how they're talking? But, no. Just... knows English. That's more suspension... **Keith: Yeah.**... of disbelief.

Keith: So oh, oh also--

19:22 *****Liz: And somehow she's speaking with an English accent, so obviously like she learned it from the Romans, cuz, you know, I've seen TV.

***** Eamon: That's right. Yeah. Right! Hahah

19:28 Keith: So, they get in Mac's car, and he has to explain the car to her, ah... which is like, "Oh, it's got... horses... in it. They're little horses!" *laughter* It's like, okay!

Kyle: Okay! I like that!

Keith: It's kind of funny! And then there is another like, shadowy figure up on the... like, bridge? **Eamon: Yeah.** I dunno if it's supposed to be the same person, but somebody's watching--

Eamon: I dunno who this is supposed to be at all!

Kyle: I do! Mmhm.

Keith: Yeah! I've got questions about this later, too.

Kyle: Yeah, we know. We do know who it is!

Keith: Who? Who? Who?

Kyle: It's... the...

Eamon: Victor?

Kyle: --mor--it's--

Eamon: The Watcher?

Keith: Is it Constantine?

Kyle: It is the Watcher--

Liz: Yeah, I think so.

Kyle: Constan--It is the Watcher who's hanging out with Constantine. That's who it is.

20:01 Keith: So, Constantine maybe was the guy inside, and the Watcher's outside? Or is it--are these two different people or the same person?

Kyle: It's the same person. It's the Watcher-guy.

Eamon: Victor.

Keith: And he knows that Constantine has got, like, an Immortal in this... thing?

Kyle: Yes. He intercepts it cuz he wants to... take her out.

Keith: Alright, and here's the--

Kyle: I'm quite confident.

Liz: Oh... yeah.

Keith: Uh, I--

Kyle: I'm not saying it's like, great, but I'm... that is what it is.

Keith: I guess I have questions about this later, about like how... cuz I wondered if it was the Watcher as well. And I was like, hold on. This is 2,000 years ago. Did the-did anyone know that she was an Immor--like, who even knew about her?

Eamon: Marcus.

Keith: Only Marcus, presumably. **Eamon: Yeah.** It took him, he said, centuries to track down her tomb.

Liz: Or maybe--

Keith: Look, had Watchers... had Watchers just been sitting on this tomb, waiting? Like, "Huh. We'll just wait here. It's buried under 200 feet of sand... We'll just hang a--"

Kyle: Well just maybe, I mean they're--we--they're not supposed to interfere, so if she's trapped there, she's trapped there. Like--

Keith: I guess.

Kyle: --maybe he knew the whole time. Or maybe he... maybe Marcus... knew, and this Watcher-guy who's hanging out with him, pieced it together why he was so keen on getting this thing... I don't know. **Keith: Hmm.** Of all the far-fetched things in this episode--*Eamon laughs*--this part's fine.

Liz: Yeah, I think I feel like that's explainable.

Kyle: Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

21:10 Keith: God dammit. Um--

Eamon: I was just--*laughter*

Keith: Later: The police are there, kind of investigating, and I was confused, I guess... I thought Constantine was a police officer, at first.

Eamon: They don't reveal who he is until like really far in the episode.

Keith and Liz: Yeah.

Kyle: This first interaction, you can kind of see that, but then he's like, very insistent that "Nothing was stolen!"

Eamon: Yeah. And Victor's like, "Alright--"

Kyle: "If you say so, boss!" They kind of both seem like they're cops, in this initial thing.

Keith: I also don't understand why it's so important for him... like, obviously Constantine knows Nefertiri was in there--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and she's out and about now, but like, why does he care if people think the mummy was there or not? If the mummy was stolen, no one is gonna find Nefertiri and be like, "You were that mummy!" Like, like... *Eamon laughs* It's like, why not just say "Yeah, the... I guess someone took the mummy! We should probably get the insurance money for that, right? Okay."

Eamon: Yeah, I don't know.

Liz: Well probably because if they--

Keith: Why the cover-up?

Liz: *takes breath* I mean, if the cops chase it down and manage to track down where, where the mummy went, whether or not she's still in mummy-state, um... how or whatever passes for a mummy in the Highlander Universe... um, you know, they're gonna figure out that she's alive. Like it's not like, you know, they're gonna take her and lock her up in evidence and then suddenly they've got, you know, a naked lady with T.J. Maxx handles on. **Eamon: Yeah!*laughs*** I mean, there's a lot to explain.

Keith: So, Mac--

*****Kyle: Yeah, ... rule I'm sure.


22:21 Keith: --Mac... yeah. Mac arrives back at the barge with Nefertiri. Uh, it's pretty... her... these interactions are fairly comical. Like, she gets out and she's like "That was fucking terrifying!" Which I thought was pretty good!

Kyle: Parts of this episode are really funny!

Keith: I... legitimately enjoyed the premise of this episode. Like, this is just like a fish out of water story. Not to get too much into my feelings about it in general, but I feel like... it doesn't know if it's gonna be a sss--a serious episode, or like a really funny episode.

Eamon: Well this is like the, um, Tommy, uh, Sullivan... problem. **Keith: Yeah.** Where we have this character that we're like, taking a journey with them, and they're sympathetic, and then--spoiler warning--they turn out to be murdering psychopath--*laughter*--later in the episode.

Kyle: SHE'S not a light-hearted character. **Eamon: Yeah.** Like, her seriousness is what makes these events funny. **Liz: Yeah.** So I guess it's not THAT big of a leap to get to; that she's actually kind of a bad person, but it's still like a weird tonal-problem.

Keith: It ends up being a heavy episode at the end.

Kyle: Oh, yeah!

Keith: VERY heavy!

Eamon: Yeah!

23:20 Keith: So anyway, Mac shows up, they go in the barge. She of course starts just undressing right away, and Maurice is just like...

Liz: GOD dammit.

23:27******laughter* Eamon: Yeah hahah.

Keith: Hanging around!

Kyle: Maurice is all about it.

Eamon: Well this is like--

Liz: Oh God he's the worst!

Eamon: This is what like--

Kyle: I still like Maurice.

Eamon: This is when like, lechery is funny. Like, "Hahah, he's a pervert!" *the men laugh*

Liz: But he's just the... he's the creepiest man in all of France. Well, okay. That's probably a stretch.

Eamon: Yeah, hahah!

23:43 *****Kyle: strauss kan is a real person. **Eamon: Hohoho.**

Keith: I like what Mac gives Nefertiri to wear. After all of this, she undresses and he's like, "Oh, let me get you some clothes." All he gives her is just an over-size button-up shirt.

Eamon: Yeah! Something like that! *laughter*

Keith: She's still very scantily clad.

Eamon: No pants or anything. **Keith: No.** *Eamon laughs*

Keith: I guess he... I guess he got rid of all of Tessa's clothes... *laughter*

24:05 Kyle: Too--too soon!

Eamon: He like, went to the Goodwill... *laughter* Just dumped 'em off at the curb. *laughter*

Keith: He should've just dressed her up like Tess and put a blonde wig on her.

Eamon: HAHAH!

Kyle: Oh, yeah!

Liz: Oh, jeeze.

Keith: Ohhhh.

Eamon: This is like Vertigo. "Why don't you put this on. Wear your hair like this!"

24:28 Keith: We get some backstory. It's been 2,000 years. So she's VERY old.

Eamon: 2,000 years old.

Keith: Yeah. And she was, I guess, Cleopatra's hand-maiden, and she's like, "I wanna learn about this new world!" And then we get a montage!

Kyle: *sings* We need a montage!

Keith: Oh, man, it's... this is so great!

Kyle: I... LOVE this!

Keith: What is your favorite part of the montage, guys? And gals! **Kyle: Aaah--** Mine is the dustbuster by far!

Liz: That was pretty good.

24:54 Kyle: gajgoiauga trim

Keith: He is just holding a dustbuster, turns it on and shoves it in her face! *laughter*

Kyle: So let's like, walk through this. He introduces her to the concept of a clock--**Keith: Right.**--he's like, "Oh, it's like a sundial!" Then, he threatens her with a dust devil--**Eamon: Yeah.**--she tries to blow out a lamp, and lightbulb she's like afraid of it. Then of course he goes right to the answering machine, the phone, newspapers--*wheezelaugh*

Liz: But not the umbrella. Don't touch that. It's just like an umbrella just randomly in the garbage.

Kyle: --Mopeds--

Liz: I just love that part.

Kyle: --trying to teach her about mopeds; then she goes to like a dressing room, to try to get changed, and just immediately is like--

Keith: More clo--

Kyle: "Take off my clothes!" and, of course that doesn't fly. He's like, "Well, no. You have to go into the back." And so she just starts like, disrobing as she walks--**Eamon: Yeah!**--and then, learns about the concept of high heels, and almost punches a cop. **Eamon: Yeah!**

Keith: Oh, also, the music in THIS scene is, like, the second insane music here. *wacky music in the background* **Eamon: Yeah.** Oh, we're gonna put these on the-in the podcast. It's SO good. Ah!

Eamon: Yeah. It's... yeah. When she like, falls, I was like, "Oh my God! Did she really hurt her foot?" It looked like she really, like, fell in those heels.

Kyle: Like really rolled her ankle?

Eamon: Yeah. *laughter*

Liz: Gee, I don't know if you guys have walked in heels, but it's... that's-that's about right for learning how to--**Eamon: Yeah?** I can--I mean I wear flats when I can, but like, oh yeah! I--I gave them points because, one: that's hard to walk in. Two: They used wedges, which is kind of like training wheels of heels. *Eamon laughs* It's like you've got a continuous flat surface, which is the only secure thing that I'm willing to go with. I've definitely done that wiggle before. It's KJLKSJFD *****26:32

Eamon: It looked uh, it looked painful. And she also punches a cop who tries to... direct her in traffic.

Kyle: Right! Yeah, and she did slap him in the face? Yeah, she does! And this cop is totally chill! He's like, "Oh, sorry officer!" And it's like "Oh, you're getting arrested!" Also good thing you're in France--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and not like, Ferguson.

Eamon: Oh, yeah.

26:51 *****Liz or Keith: Oh, MAN!

Kyle: Sorry. Was that too much?

Eamon: Heh. The cop just kind of gives her the stink-eye. He's like, "I guess I'll allow it."

Kyle: Yeah! "I guess I'll let you assault me!"

Eamon: Yeah!

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

27:04 Keith: Hey Rewatchers! This episode is brought to you by the Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering Convention in Lakeland, Florida, December 3rd and 4th. So, make sure to head over to lashbadconstealevents, to pick up your tickets, today!

Kyle: All your favorites Highlander personalities gonna be there! Adrian Paul, Elizabeth Gracen, and most importantly, your Rewatchers--

Keith: That's right!

Kyle: --will be there!

Eamon: We will be there! We wanna see YOU there, too!

Keith: Yup! We're gonna have a booth uh, right in front there! And uh, we're gonna be doing some live podcasting interviews! We can't wait to meet YOU and talk to you in person! Also, other exciting guests are F. Braun McAsh! He's the Swordmaster from the Third Season on in Highlander...

Eamon: And there's gonna be a Sword Experience there as well.

Keith: Absolutely! Uh, so, make sure to sign up for the Sword Experience, AND get your tickets for the Highlander 30th Anniversary Gathering!

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

28:01 Keith: So, next we uh, we cut to the museum, and we're back with, I guess, Constantine and his, like, cohort. Uh, so this is I guess when we realize like, "Oh! These guys AREN'T cops." **Eamon: Yeah.** And the one guy has a Watcher--his like, co-worker has a Watcher tattoo. **Eamon: Yeah.** So it's like, OOOOH!

*****Kyle: Under his sweet turtleneck.

Eamon: It's like, you never noticed this before, like the Watchers maybe need to... put their tattoos somewhere else. Although I guess Immortals don't know what the tattoo is. **Keith: Yeah.** But still... *Kyle laughs* Like maybe put that, like, under your armpit or something, I don't know. *Liz laughs*

Kyle: But then how're you gonna show your friends? Like, oh yeah I'm a Watcher. I mean I can't show you. I can't disrobe now in public, but, you know, trust me! I know what this is all about, secret society member!

Eamon: You just gotta wear tanktops! I don't know.

28:46 Keith: So, all this scene really does is let you know this guy's a Watcher. I don't think we get too much extra info. Right?

Liz: *coughs*

Kyle: Well--

Liz: Ah, but... mm. ... Well, I'm... I just have rage from this sce--this scene just made me recoil, and my notes go into caps lock for a few lines.

Kyle: What do we got, Liz?

Liz: I... so... so... as someone who's studied... you know, museum studies... there were just... there were just so many protocols violated here. They were just like handli-- "Take a look at this thing! Oh, it's this many thousand years old!" *2 men laugh* And they're just getting their oily hands all over this thing, and just groping that bust, and look, what are you--WHAT ARE YOU--! NO, don't DO that! Oh God! Is it the right relative humidity in that room? Um... *the men laugh* But like... I will give them points, though, because I got curious about stuff that they were handling, like the bust that uh... that Constantine's handling he's like, "Take a look. Fifth Empire from Saqqara." There's no such thing as Fifth Empire in ancient Egypt, though, but, um... *laughter* The bust actually seems to be modelled off of an actual wooden statue from Saqqara, from... like, the Old Kingdom. And like--they just added coloring*****29:43

Keith: But not the Fifth Kingdom!

Liz: Not the Fifth Kingdom. Whatever that is. Or Fifth Empire, yeah. **Kyle: Yeah!** But like, it was actually--the original is a wooden statue they apparently just--they must've just added color and glazing just to make it look cooler. But even down to this, like, crack that's in the original. Made me give them like, a bit of points. But then I got mad about them handling things all over again.

Kyle: So, the other side of this, or in terms of what this scene is supposed to be adding, they're setting up right now that, "Oh, this robbery was set up, what happened?" and, you're supposed to... they're sowing the seeds that it's turtleneck-man who's behind it. And the whole time you're like, "Oh, is he trying to pilfer this stuff?" It seems like, initially like just a straight-up robbery, and then we get the reveal that he's a Watcher, so maybe there's mooooore! *Keith and Eamon hum agreement.*

30:33 Keith: So then we cut back to Nefertiri and Mac. They're walking around. They walk in front of the, uh, I forget the name of it--(Obélisque de Louxor)--this obelisk in Paris, and she... talks about seeing that out her... I guess, window?

Kyle: Yeah. So they have this whole conversation in front of a giant phallus! *laughter* It's like... it's just like... straight up between them is a giant, symbolic dick! *laughs* 'Scuse me! It's an obelisk, but...

Keith: So, then we continue this uh, the education of Nefertiri, **Eamon: Yeah.** and she wants to learn history, so Mac takes her to a museum. *Liz laughs* Uh, and they start just walking around. He's like, "Oh, this's the Dark Ages," he's just giving the timeline, like a real abridged version.

Liz: *indignant* And he goes up and touches--OH! I'm so mad at Mac, cuz he's like an antique dealer, and he goes and just up and runs his fingers on this one metal object, like NO! That's the worst thing he could do!

Kyle: Can we talk about the lead-up to this... museum?

Keith: Sure!

31:21 Kyle: What is up with this SHOT?! The camera looks like someone's kicked over the tripod! **Keith: Oh yeah!***Liz says something?* It's like this insane Dutch Angle, and they are SO far away from the camera! **Keith: Yeah!** We just very. slowly. *Keith cackles* watch them. approach....*Liz wheezelaughs* the door. *Eamon laughs* It's SO slow!

Keith: Yeah, it's very weird.

Kyle: They're practically walking vertically on the ground, cuz the camera angle is so skewed! **Eamon: Yeah.**

Keith: My favorite part of this scene is: they walk up to a-a painting, and she likes it, and he's like, "It's from the Renaissance (Ren NAY sance)." And I was like, how do people pronounce any words in this show?! *Eamon and Liz laugh*

31:59 Keith: Last time it's

Liz: Well that's the British pronunciation, though.

Keith: Is it?

Liz: Yeah.

Eamon: There you go.

Keith: Well! Alright.

Liz: It's weird.

Eamon: Take that, Keith!

Kyle: Ka-boom!

Kyle: You're the worst! Xaviay!

Keith: Xaviay!

Eamon: Xaviay! I--

Keith: Renaissance! Let's go to the... ballet!

Eamon: *amused* The ballet!

Keith: Ballet!

Eamon: Well yeah, Nefertiri's like, touching all this stuff in the museum too. That's when I noticed, Liz. I was like--

Liz: Yeah.

Eamon: She's just walking up and like, touching... all this stuff. Takin--she picks up, like a bowl or something?

Liz: *laughs a Yes* See, I'm willing to give HER a pass, though.

Eamon: Yeah. I mean, that's her shit. But--*laughs* *Keith laughs too* But when I go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, if you stand even sort of close to the paintings, some usher gets in your face and is like, *growls* "Step back!" *laughter* This is a very--

Liz: Well considering how many, like, crazies are goin' in--are just like going in and PUNCHING paintings--

Eamon: Yeah. That was a... that was a fun story.

Liz: I'm not really surprised!

Eamon: Take that, painting!

32:53 Keith: So, we uh... they go into the Egyptian Room, and she's checking out all the stuff and then, we get a flashback, to 30 B.C.! And it's in an embalming room, and... I guess Cleopatra is dead. Uh, there's more... a lot of side-boob, a lot of... uh--*someone snorts* This episode has SO much, like, nakedness! It's remarkable! Anyway, we'll also talk about that more, because I think Bill Panzer has a lot to say about that. *Liz laughs*

Eamon: Oooh.

Liz: Awesome!

32:19 Kyle: Oh, oh, OH REALLY?

Keith: Absolutely.

Kyle: Is he a little taken with Nefertiri? She's a swell-looker!

Keith: Sure!

Eamon: The Liam Neeson movie?

Keith: So anyway, Nefertiri asks, I guess these embalming... people... the sla--I guess they're slaves... she tells them to leave, and then she, I guess, drinks poison? Like, she has a whole speech about not wanting to live under Roman rule, so she's gonna kill herself. And I guess it's implied that she's, like, gonna kill herself and hopefully come back when it's... they're done?

Kyle: The fuck IS this? Like, she knows she's... at first, I thought that was her first death. Like she--**Keith: RIGHT!**--did not know she was Immortal, and then just wakes up trapped in a sarcophagus.

Keith: That would make so much more sense!

Kyle: Whuuuut...

Liz: That would've make sense, yeah.

33:56 Kyle: Also, that would've also been interesting to have Mac try to explain to her what was going on. Because imagine all the odd Egyptian religious layers you might give to this situation, if you discovered your Immortality when you were entombed.

Eamon: Do we know for certain that isn't what happened?

Kyle: Yes.

Keith: Because, I think it's because she says she knows she's gonna come back. Or is she talking about, like, the Afterlife?

Eamon: That's what I thought she was talking about!

Keith: Hmm! I don't know! But they never explain the rules of the Game or anything like that, so...

Kyle: And Mac never once says "By the way, this is what you ARE."

Eamon: Well like... if the guys come back in and find her dead, maybe they did mummify her and bury her along with Cleopatra.

Kyle: I think that's what we're... I think that is what happen--what we're supposed to think happened.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: But I guess in a tomb very far away from Cleopatra, because... they didn't find her tomb when they found hers?

Liz: *amused* I feel like they would have said something.

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: If you find something, say something. *laughter*

34:50 Keith: Anyway! So that's our flashback! I have mixed feelings in general about this episode. Uh, but one thing I thought that might have been interesting ground to cover: in the museum, when she is... going through all the Egyptian stuff? I thought it could've been interesting for her to like, remark... like that stuff is HER LIFE. But it's now on display in a museum. Like, I thought there could have been an interesting commentary because like, how do you view history? And it's like, for people who live, like, that live 400 years, or 2,000 years, this is what her life was like! And it's in some way reduced to... you know, a blurb in a text book. Or... a thing in a case! And it's like, that's not what that is! That was my life! I wish they'd kind of... delved into that. That's what I was thinking, at this moment. I was like, "Ooh! This would be neat." But it wasn't.

Liz: I mean... that, you mean in the flashback? Or do you mean back in the museum?

Keith: Oh, in the museum! That, like, there were these artifacts--

Liz: I feel like they kind of talked about it.

35:36 *****Kyle: They do. She alwaystartswith she feels like a ghost.

Kyle: Yeah...

Liz: Yeah. And she's... and she's asking like, do they remember--I mean, unless I'm remembering the wrong scene in sequence here, but I feel like she's asking, you know, at this point, do they remember her, and do they remember how great Cleopatra was and what she did.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah and everybody knows who Cleopatra is. **Keith: Right.** Well, and this is what upsets her, like... being here upsets her and she kind of storms out of the Eqyptian Room, I guess--

Keith: That's true.

Eamon: --so, I think it did have an effect, but they don't really go into it. Really.

36:06 Keith: Yeah. Hmm. So! We get... the Buzz! **Eamon: BZZZZ.** And so the museum guy, it turns out, is Immortal! Marcus!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: His... his name! His name kills me! *Liz laughs* They just mashed together, like "Okay, what's Roman-sounding stuff?" *Liz laughs more* They might as well have called him Julius Caesar! *Eamon laughs* Marcus Constantine?!

Eamon: Yeah haha!

Kyle: Oh, it's another real Roman-sounding thing? "Oh, it's Eastern Empire. Eas-ten Empire!" So um...

Keith: So he's shocked to see her, so... Marky-Marcus runs after Nefertiti and she, like, well she's like mad, right? She wants to attack him.

Kyle: Yeah. And Mac comes--

Keith: And then she runs off and Mac intercedes.

Kyle: And there's more drum machine.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, this is like--this reminds me of that shitty Richie-music from the first season where he's parking the car--*music plays in background* It's this attempt at like, hip-hoppy...? I can't tell. It's such garbage, this music.

Liz: It definitely ruins the mood. I feel like it, you know, this should be a life-or-death sort of scenario.**Eamon: Yeah.** And it's more like, you know, looking around like d--where DID I park my car? You know, just... just... walking around the city. *music stops*

37:09 Keith: So, she--

Eamon : She runs--

Keith: --almost gets mugged by like*****French Danny Trejo--*laughter*

Kyle: Trejo! Hahah! This is poor man's Danny Trejo! That's what my notes say, too!

Liz: My notes say that, too, yeah! *more laughter*

37:25 Kyle: Like this guy really looks like Bobo Danny Trejo. And he's got like, hah, s-ai-just a sw-like, get her with a switchblade? Of course--

Eamon: But it looks like... it looks like she's in like a mall, like--

Kyle: Yeah! In the middle of a mall!

Liz: Some kind of an atrium! Worst mugger ever! It's like broad daylight, there are people everywhere, probably security cameras, and he's just like "Aw, this seems like a good idea!"

Kyle: Haven't strayed that far from the H&M! *Liz laughs*

Eamon: Yeah, she's getting mugged in front of the DSW, like--*giggling from Liz and Kyle*--but she like, beats him up--

Kyle: And destroys his nuts. **Eamon: Yeah! Hahah!** Just annihilated!

Eamon: Maybe that's why Danny Trejo's so grumpy, these days. *laughter*

Liz: It's his origin story.

Keith: I guess this is really a montage of just her being on her own--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and being... in an uncomfortable space? So then she meets up with Mac again at that obelisk--

Kyle: Yeah. It's over. It's all just fine. **Keith: Yeah. Um...** Well they like uh ... they had... agreed, that like, if we ever get separated--**Keith: Oh!**--meet at... meet at sundown at the giant dick. **Eamon: Yeah.** I'm making this up. That didn't happen.

Keith: Oh! Okay! I was--

Kyle: Keith! You just agreed with me like I was describing an actual plot in this episode!

Keith: Literally, I thought I'd missed something very important, so I was like, oh okay!

Kyle: Oh okay, yeah!

Keith: I'm keeping the momentum going!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Yes! And? *laughter*

Liz: I do appreciate the trust between you guys. This is very nice.

Eamon: Yes. This... podcasting is all about trust.

Kyle: Yeah!

Liz: Haha. Oh.

Kyle: 'Cept we do trust-falls to practice for this thing! We make dick-jokes, and then trust-fall. *Eamon laughs*

38:47 Keith: Hah! So, uh, this is the clip we played at the top of the show. They have a whole co--like, she tries to kiss Mac, and they have a whole conversation about, like...

Eamon: In a rare episode of restraint, Mac doesn't kiss her back.

Kyle: Yeah, it's a very short-lived episode of restraint! It's not a two-parter! *laughter*

Eamon: But Mac says you don't buy loyalty with sex.

Keith: Right.

Kyle: IT-t! She says something insane! Like, "Cleopatra believed the joys of the flesh could raise a man to godhood!" *laughs*

Eamon: She was just talking about his wiener! *laughter*

Kyle: Dick-jokes and trust-falls.

Liz: Was that--

Eamon: Is that a real quote from Cleopatra?

39:22 *****Liz: --rent--

Kyle: I'm gonna--I'm gonna go ahead and say no. And if it is, I'm gonna lose a lot of respect for Cleopatra. *laughter*

Liz: She definitely used her charm for, you know, like for politicking. I mean, Julius Caesar did the same thing right back at her. That sounds like an unnecessarily bad innuendo-laden quote 39:41 *****to ralaycrimtocool.

Eamon: Yeah, hahah. In front of an obelisk.

Kyle: Yeah. So, from now--for like, every time Mac has another love-interest, can we start referring to that as them raising him to godhood? *laughter* SOOO, random reporter-lady... raises Mac to godhood.

40:02 Eamon: Hahah!

Keith: Yikes.

Eamon: I like that.

Kyle: Zeist!

Eamon: This is where we also learn that Marcus Constantine was a Roman general.

Keith: Right.

Kyle: His name is actually just Roman Romanstein. Roman General of Rome. *laughter*

Eamon: Roman General.

40:12 Keith: So, Mac... leaves, I guess, Nefertiri, back on the barge with...**Eamon: Maurice!**--with Maurice to--**Eamon: Yeah.**--who knows what. He's making her chicken, so...

Eamon: Coq au vin! Right?

Kyle: Coq au wha?

Liz: God, Maurice, why?

40:24 Keith: ...and Mac goes back to the museum, to talk to Mark-Marky-Marki-Markibuuu...?

Eamon and Keith: Marky Marcus.

Eamon: Marky Marcus.

Keith: Marcus accuses his little cohort of staging the robbery...

Kyle: Yeah.

40:36 *****Keith: He's like, "You have no proof!"

Eamon: And he's like, "Your kind NEVER call the police."

Keith: Oooh. **Kyle: Ohh!** *Liz laughs*

Eamon: But before we can find out what he means by that, Mac saunters in, and...

Keith: And they kind of hit it off! **Eamon: Yeah.** Uh, like Mac... Mac thinks that this guy's like--

Kyle: They're immediately buds!

40:53 Eamon: Yeah. *****They start mackin...

Keith: Yeah. Mac thinks this guy's like bad news, and it turns out he's kind of a good guy! He's like a great guy.

Eamon: Yeah. He's seems like a good guy.

Keith: Yeah. So he the--he's dedicated his life to history, because he believes we should "learn from our mistakes, blahblahblahblahblah!" *wheezelaugh*

Kyle: "I... I used to make history. Now, I try to preserve it."

Eamon: Hmm. And I have a note here, that the music is okay. *Kyle laughs* *Keith and Liz laugh* Like I'm--

Kyle: This is an okay scene, so I'm glad it has some okay music.

Eamon: Yeah. I was like, "This music ISN'T awful and doesn't wanna make me, like, rip my ears out," so, I dunno.

Liz: They didn't completely screw it up. How nice!

Eamon: Yeah. Roger Bellon, he's a... he's across the board on this episode. **Kyle: Yeah.** *laughter*

Liz: Constantine immediately won me over. Like, oh, you're one of the helper-Immortals. I like that. That's nice. Also, you like history, so, how bad can you be? Awesome! But I di--heh, I did notice uh, on my second watch-through this, that the suit of armor that he's looking at, is on like... it looks like a department store mannequin that the museum has gotten somewhere. *laughter* It's the most amazing thing to look at.

Eamon: And that was, like, allegedly HIS armor--**Kyle: Yeah!**--that he wore--

Liz: It's in pretty good condition!

Eamon: --in Rome!

41:56 Kyle: It's nice! It's like a***** arc that his character to go on... I think... the thing that bothers me the most about this episode is there are a lot of good things in it. **Eamon: Yeah.** This is a GOOD character--**Keith: Yeah!**--who's like, doing something kind of interesting.

Liz: I read somewhere that uh, that he was, like... they were gonna set him up as... sort of like a new Darius-character...

Eamon: Oh... **Keith: Oh!**

Liz: And it just didn't stick. **Kyle: Huh.**

Keith: That makes sense!

Kyle: I mean, I'd be into that. It would work. Yes. Spoiler-alert: He doesn't DIE--**Keith: Yeah.**--in this episode. That we know of.

Keith: "That we kn-hohoh." *chuckles*

Kyle: Actually, that's actually what happens, as soon as the credits roll Mac whacks him! *laughter* He said, "I--I changed my mind. See ya!"

Eamon: Nevermind!

42:31 Keith: So, back on the barge, Maurice is hitting on Nefertiri. He's like, "Are you into older men?" Aiee.

Liz: Oh, God!

*some fake French lecherous noises*

Eamon: And she says, "I haven't met one." **Keith: Right.** Which--

Keith: Which means that she must have been immortal for QUITE some time.

Eamon: Well, 2,000 years, right?

Keith: Well I mean before that... **Eamon: Oh.** I'm thinking.

Eamon: It doesn't make sense.

Keith: Ah, whatever. Anyway, Victor's creeping around. Victor is the uh... the Watcher/we--well, Hunter, I guess we find out. He's not a Watcher.

Kyle: Why does he come for HER, instead of for HIM?

42:59 Keith: I... I..!

Eamon: I think that he, like, found out who Mac was, and then... Mac's still with Constantine, so he's like, "I'm gonna go to Mac's barge and like, get him when he comes back." And then Nefertiri happens to be there.

43:13 Keith: So he busts into the barge; he's got a ...knife, right? Or no. Or he has a gun!

Eamon: He has a gun.

Liz: He's got a gun, yeah.

Keith: But no sword...

Eamon: No sword, yeah.

Keith: So I don't know what his plan was. Uh, but he makes a comment--

43:22 *****Kyle: ....a bread knife somewhere in there.

Keith: He makes some comment that he's like, "I came to Paris for the Roman--" **Eamon: Yeah.** "But I get you and Mac as like a bonus-thing." Like, I can see if his scheme was like... "Marcus knows where Nefertiri is, so I'm gonna wait for him to find her. That way I can kill her, and kill him." He does not know about Nefertiri. So like--

Kyle: He clearly does, though. Cause he staged the robbery of the sarcophagus. At some point he--

Keith: But I guess at some point he does--

Kyle: At some point he fin--he found out about her.

Keith: My point is he makes the comment: "I only came here for the Roman." Initially. Right?

Kyle: Yeah. That's fine.

Keith: Right! That's fine! So, if he came there for the Roman, what is this ruse? Like, he-he works for the guy, he's his friend... like, they've clearly been looking for Nefertiri for, like... he came there to kill him, I just don't understand this relationship he has with everybo--like--

Kyle: It's the Long Con.

Keith: WHY?! *Eamon laughs* Like, WHY the Long Con?

Eamon: Well, if he-if he's--

Kyle: He's one guy! He's there by himself; he's... building trust, he's learning as much as he can...

44:19 *****Keith: I guess... I don't know. I mean, if his mission is to go kill the guy--

Kyle: This episode has so many stupid things in it *Eamon laughs* and we're focusing on the things that are actually kind of believable! **Keith: Alright--** Like, it's totally believable to me, that he like, observes this guy for a good long while before he'd wanna make a--his move, and then, in the course of that discovers other opportunities for killing things that he hates. **Keith: Mmm.** Totally acceptable.

Liz: I feel like he's also just really bad, you know, thinking on his feet, just judging by his actions in the barge.

Eamon: Yeah. **Kyle: Well yeah.** Yeah.

Kyle: He could still be a doofus, but...

Liz: Not a good person.

Eamon: Also another recurrence of the B word. **Keith: Yup!** He says, uh... "Don't lie to me you immortal ...bitch!"

Liz: Yep. There we go.

Eamon: Yikes.

Keith: Whyyy?

Kyle: Why do we have such a problem with this? We've said cum-orgy on this show! *laughter* Six times!

Keith: It's different!

Eamon: It is different.

Kyle: I'm sure... It's like... They use it in the most misogynistic way they can!

Eamon: And like, they always seem to really relish saying it!

Keith: Yeah. And it's often follow... Like you said, it--he says like, "lying bitch". **Eamon: Yeah.** I feel like that's come up before, like the guy who called Tess the B word. **Eamon: Yeah.** Like, he was like "Give me your purse!"

Kyle: Which one?

Keith: --and she's like, "I don't have that!" Like, like a purse and he's like, "You're a lying bitch!" it's like, whoa! **Eamon: Yikes.** It's very... I don't know. I don't like it. Don't like it.

Eamon: Just surprised by how much this flies on 90s TV, but, whatever.

Kyle: It was like the one word they were allowed to say on 90s TV.

Liz: Yeah, that's what I was gonna say, yeah. I mean like, maybe it's also just, you know, just... that's about as edgy as we can get on, you know, network TV.

45:49 *****Kyle: And this is--we're still talking pre-sports here, so--

Keith: Pre-sports? Hahah.

Eamon: Oh, right. I forgot. This is p--

Liz: I mean, for me it's better than "your woman", so...

Kyle: Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

45:54 ***** WHAT? Kyle: "I had your woman!!" (Caleb from Mountain Men)

Keith: That hasn't come up much, has it? I don't think recently.

Eamon: Not lately, no.

Liz: Maybe not in your lives, guys.

Eamon: Oh! Haha.

Kyle: Oh! Yeah. Ohh.

Liz: Oh, no. I just mean I like... every once in a while "MacLeod!" (Caleb from Mountain Men) just comes into my mind. It's good.

Kyle: I thought that was, like, an unfortunate comment about the state of like, rape culture. **Eamon: Hoho!** Haha. But alright, that's WAY better! That's way better. I'm glad you have justification--

Liz: I mean, if you want to have the conversation, we can, but, uh--

Kyle: Hahah.

Eamon: Hasn't stopped us before. *Kyle and Liz laugh.*

46:20 Keith: So, back at the museum, Marcus is telling Mac that it took him centuries to find Nefertiri, and he was in love with her. **Eamon: Mmhm.** So, we get a flashback with... all sorts of butt. Like--**Eamon: Yeah.** Like some Egyptian thong--**Eamon: Yeah.**--something.

46:34 Liz: ***** all the butts.

Kyle: B.O.D thong. It looks like someone took toilet paper and totally tied it into a knot.

Eamon: *laughing* And dressed a set with it, as well!

Kyle: And dressed the whole set with it!

Eamon: And just TPed like, stone room!

Kyle: This episode brought to you by Charmin!

46:50 Kyle: So, they're just, like, making out a lot, that's--

Eamon: With, like, kitty-cat meows in the background.

Keith: Oh, that's SO distracting!

46:57 **** someone

Kyle: Yeah what's with that?

*they start meowing*

Eamon: Did like--were cats... I know cats in Egypt is like a thing, but was it like, that prevalent?

Keith: Just cats everywhere!

Eamon: That there were just, like, cats all over the place, meowing, like--

Liz: Maybe she was a cat lady. I don't know.

Kyle: She's... that's actually... She's already an old crazy cat lady.

47:13 Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

*****Liz: At this point.

47:16 Keith: And so that's... that's all this flashback is. All they do is l--they just make out.

Eamon: Well, they talk about, like, loyalty and she's like, "You know, if it came down to you, or my Queen, I'd pick my Queen." They're kinda establishing like--**Liz: Yeah.**--where her loyalties lie...

Kyle: And like, trying to say like, "Oh, like, will you protect me?" like--

Keith: How did I forget all of that? *laughter* My notes just go from like, thong--**Eamon: BUTT, to--**--she has a crazy Eqyptian thong... that's it. *laughter*

Kyle: So--

Eamon: You're just a Sisqó fan.

Liz: I guess so!

Kyle: --this is... a Sisqó fan!

Eamon: Like it when the beat go... like it Nefertiri GOoooo! *laughter*

47:54 Kyle: Guys, what are dumps like a truck?

Keith: Ah, boy.

Eamon: Guys like what? What? WHAT? *laughter*

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

48:05 Keith: I know Nefertiri has some problems adjusting to the conveniences of modern life. Dustbusters are a problem. Those little tiny horses that are in your car... but! Clocks will not stump her anymore, because she can turn to the Highlander catalogue for all her time-telling needs! Sunrise, sunset, sundial! Time passes slowly when you're Immortal. The days blend, one into another. The sun seems to tread slower along its path. What better way to record the passing of time than with this Highlander Sundial! *Kyle laughs* Roman numerals are DEEPLY engraved in this--*there are cackles*--oh Jesus. Roman--this is a good--Roman numerals are deeply engraved in this extremely heavy cast-pewter *laughing too hard to talk* time-piece! Hahahah!

Eamon: That's a selling point. This thing's heavy!

Liz: The Roman numerals are as deeply ingrained as her hatred for Constantine and Rome.

Keith: So, just to describe--

Eamon: That's right!

49:00 Keith: We should try to put a picture of some of this catalogue-stuff on our Facebook page, but... it LOOKS extremely heavy. Pewter Sun-dial. It just says the word Highlander on it, and the... like, the sun-dial part--like the s... the thing that sticks up?

Liz: Mmhm?

Keith: --is a sword... handle.

Eamon: OoOh!

Keith: That's... that's it.

Keith: So, the mer--

Kyle: That's a stronger connection than a lot of the things in that catalogue.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah but the--the... the merchandi--I mean like, WHAT TV show... it's like, "We've run out of ideas. What can we put in the catalogue? Oh, a sun-dial!"

Eamon: That's, like, tangentially related. *moment of silence*

Liz: Ummnnnnnnn.

Eamon: Time...

Kyle: In that it's about time?

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Well--

Keith: How much do--

Liz: Oh, man.

Keith: How much do we think the sun-dial cost? In 1999 money.

Kyle: $199.00!

Keith: Okay, Eamon?

Eamon: $250.00.

Keith: Liz?

Liz: I'll say 130.

Keith: Wow. Everyone way over-shot.

Eamon: Oh! *Liz wheeze-laughs*

Keith: It's the very affordable price of $79.00.

49:55 *****Liz: It's that cheap pewter.

Eamon: It's heavy. It has deeply engraved Roman numerals.

Liz: Yeah!

Keith: Well, I mean... I think that's a bargain, if you like telling time by going outside--

Kyle: Ooh, will Nefertiri not buy it cuz they're Roman numerals?

Keith: --on a sunny day! The convenience of... hm?

Kyle: I said, will Nefertiri not buy it cuz they're Roman numerals?

Keith: Ohhhh! You're right!

Liz: Ohhhhh.

Eamon: You're right. Yeah. She's not gonna buy that.

♫Princes of the Universe!♫

50:19 Keith: Alright. So, we're back on the barge, but ah--

Kyle: Oh, but just to pause here!

Keith: Okay, sorry.

Kyle: This is where we, like, sort of get the seeds of things to come.

Eamon: Mmmm.

Kyle: Because she's like, assuming that because they're intimate, he will protect her no matter what, forever and ever. And, of course, that doesn't quite happen.

Eamon: Right.

Liz: It's kind of a jerk-move, considering it's like, he's got his own loyalties too, but she's like nope. Obviously mine take precedent.

Eamon: Yeah.

50:44 Keith: Yeah. True.

Liz: Hmm.

Keith: So, back on the barge, Mac, I guess, finds the body--

Eamon: Yeah, he finds Victor--

Keith: --and she's just like, I had to do it, I had no choice. It's like, okay. Commercial break.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And then it cuts back, and it... Mac is just like, coming in and he's like, I took care of that. It's like-- *laughter* "What did you do to the BODY?!" Like--

Eamon: He dumped it!

Kyle: He took... care of it!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: The shady stuff Mac does, like, off-screen, is amazing.

51:07 Kyle: You think he just owns a pig-farm?

Liz: I would accept that--I would just accept that this is where Maurice is useful. *someone chuckles* Like, that is the one reason I would accept his presen--continued presence in the show. It's like maybe, maybe he's just really good at burying things.

Eamon: Hahah!

Kyle: He's just a really shady bagman! *Liz laughs*

Eamon: Yeah! Or he just hides all the bar--all the bodies on Maurice's barge.

Keith: Or in his stew. He eats them--

Kyle: Oh, God.

Eamon: Oh, yeah. He eats them! He cooks them, yeah!

Kyle: *Maurice-voce* Coq au vin! *giggling*

Eamon: *French affirming sound*

Kyle: *same French affirming sound*

51:32 Keith: So, she thinks that Marky Marcus sent this guy to kill her--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: --like, that this is his... whole scheme.

Eamon: And Mac's like, "Uh-uh!"

Kyle: *slightly slurred voice* "No he's a good guy, he's changed!"

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: "He's changed!"

Eamon: "He's changed!"

51:43 Keith: So we get another flashback, and I guess this is the uh--

*Eamon makes exasperated loud sigh*

Keith: --the falling apart of the--

*Liz is laughing*

Kyle: "This is Eamon" has something to say.

Keith: Well they--*sighs* Go on, Eamon.

Eamon: This is SO goofy. *laughter* This looks like an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Like--

Keith: It does. It looks like they're in a high school play.

Kyle: That's only because they're in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

Liz: I felt like this was the least goofy, like, you know, flashback scene for me so far in terms of like, costuming and--and--and set design. I--I mean, don't-don't get me wrong--

Kyle: And something actually happened!

52:13 Eamon: That's true.

Liz: That's true.

Kyle: Things... things occurred!

Liz: I feel like--I feel like throughout like, it was, you know the--the inspiration for costumes and set in this episode was like, a combination of like, Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments and like, Party City. *the others laugh*

Eamon: Yeah-hahah! Definitely. A lot of gold spray-paint in this scene.

Liz: SO much!

Eamon: Nefertiri is fighting off some Roman... guards. So I guess they're--

Kyle: And housing them.

Eamon: Yeah. And then Marcus comes in. And they fight a little bit.

Liz: Yeah.

Kyle: A very... a very little bit.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah.

52:42 Kyle: So, she's all amped-up and wants to kill him, he doesn't wanna hurt her. He's just like "I'm just doing my job, here to conquer, cuz I have to. But, like, you don't have to get hurt."

Keith: Right.

Kyle: But she's not into it.

Keith: But then, I guess she... she runs away after some other guards show up--

Kyle: So like, some Egyptian guys show up. I assume cuz they're shirtless. Um--

53:00 Keith: Yeah, right.

*****Liz says something

Eamon: From their different shields.

Kyle: Yeah, that's the only indicator. It's like, okay, only Romans wear clothes. I'm on board. *Liz laughs* That's actually why Rome conquered the Earth: cuz they figured out that you have to wear clothes. **Eamon laughs* Anyway--

Keith: Oh my God.

Kyle: Sorry! That drove me nuts. And that's the thing--

Liz: Imagine if they discovered pants earlier, imagine what could've, what could've been. You know.

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Yeah. The world as we know it would be totally different!

53:23 Keith: And I was still... I still have questions at this point about... both of their Immortality.

Eamon: Well I don't--

Keith: Like, I... I never knew if she was Immortal before her... this death in the sarcophagus, or if even HE knew he was Immortal. Like, I was never clear--

53:36 Kyle: Yeah. Totally. They both know.

Keith: I guess...

Kyle: There--But there's no reason to assume they don't know.

Keith: I don't know.

Eamon: Yeah I was unsure, myself.

Keith: Hmmm.

Liz: Yeah, I think I just assume that they know unless... unless there's... unless it said otherwise.

Eamon: Yeah, they know because, like, she's not surprised to see him--

Keith: Yeah.

Liz: Yeah.

Eamon: --in the museum.

Keith: That's true.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Hmm.

53:54 Eamon: Thinking!

Liz: She would have known beforehand, though, wouldn't she?

Eamon: Not before... seeing him in the museum. Right?

Liz: Well not before--I mean like nngl, no--

Eamon: Like if she--if she didn't know he was Immortal,

Keith: She would have died and been buried in the sarcophagus after this meeting.

Liz: Right but I feel like--

Keith: Obviously.

Liz: Or maybe I'm getting ahead of--maybe I'm getting ahead of the episodes here, but I feel like she would have had that feeling that this... this is, like, a pre-Immortal.

Keith and Kyle: Ohhhhhhhh.

Keith: Preemie.

Kyle: PREEmie?

Keith: Sorry.


*Liz laughs*

Eamon: Pre-mi. Pre-Marcus.

Liz: I don't know. I feel like... I feel like if he weren't yet Immortal, at the very least there would have been some sort of... or at least there should have been some sort of like, mentoring angle or something.

Eamon: Yeah, but--

Liz: Unless they were both not Immortal at the time.

Keith: Yeah.

Liz: In which case it would have been a whole, bigger mess.

Eamon: Yeah, and Mac doesn't, like, lay down any Immortal tutelage she... he's just, like, throwing dustbusters in her face. *laughter*

54:43 Kyle: Yeah, and he's like: "And this is electricity!"

Eamon: Yeah.

54:47 Keith: So, back in the present, Nefertiri, I guess, does not wanna forgive him... I think this is a cool element. Especially cuz the last episode we watched, uh, Warmonger, dealt a lot with "How long do you have to keep a promise," like, forgiveness is a big part of this show. Uh, and I think this is interesting like, she has not had time to forgive him. Uh, like... for HER--

Kyle: She's not living her life. Yeah.

Eamon: Right.

Keith: Yeah. For her, this all just happened a WEEK ago. And so Mac is like, trying to convince her like, *stupidtone* "No. He's not that person anymore."

Eamon: I feel like Mac could've, I mean--again, it's a TV episode, *Liz laughter* so we have to DO IT, quick! But he's like, "Yeah, let's meet with him for dinner, tomorrow!"

Keith: Right! *laughter*

Liz: Yeah this is not... he's not the best therapist. Like this is not how you ease someone, like, out of the trauma of everything that's happened in the past few days of her consciousness.

Eamon: It just... seems quick.

Liz: It's like "It happened a long time ago!" Like, not for HER! "Let's just... let's just g-let's hang out and it'll be fine!" *agreeing noises* "What could go wrong?"

55:39 *****Kyle: Nothing with hanging out!

Keith: Another cool element, I think, of this story idea of her not being around for so long is that like, your identity... she's kind of, I think, lost in this scenario. Everything, you know, she IS is gone.

Eamon: That's true.

Keith: So it's like, how does she now define herself? So she falls back on hating Marcus 'n stuff. That's all she knows.

Kyle: Right. And that's the only thing that can be consistent between her previous life and now.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Hmmm.

Keith: Neat stuff.

Eamon: Neat stuff!

Kyle: That and feeding Mac grapes!

Eamon: Oh. Yeah.

Keith: SO...

Liz: *exasperated sigh* Oh God.

56:11 Keith: ... then we get to kissing, and--

Kyle: So Mac--Fuck it!

Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

Kyle: --then picks her up and runs a lap.

Eamon: Yeah-heheh! *more laughter*

Kyle: *struggles to speak through laughing* I don't understand what happens.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Mac lifts her off the ground, and just does like, a tour of the room! *mad giggling* And returns from whence he came!

Eamon: And she's just like, "Oh, kiss me!" and he's just like, "Alright! Guess I'm going to!"

Kyle: "I wasn't going to do this before, but NOW--"

Eamon: Yeah. Now that we have grapes...

56:38 Keith: So... so this is the second episode in a row that he is down to business.

Kyle: And I just re-my notes again just say "Tess who?" *indignant?*

Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

Keith: And this is like... this is pretty graphic, AGAIN, isn't it? Am I the only--I don't know.

Eamon: Yeah, well this li--

Liz: It's a great episode if you have a back fetish. If you have a thing for backs, this episode is the one for you. *men say yeah* Cuz that's what you see a lot of.

56:59 Keith: Or ****

57:00 ***** Kyle: We're bringing sexy backs!

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Hyeah!

Eamon: Yeah. And there's also lots of going up and *twang* down, and grinding and--**Keith: Yeah!** humping and--

Liz: That's true.

Eamon: *Laughs* Why am I always this hillbilly?

Kyle: Oh you just became an old Southern man! *Liz giggles*

Eamon: *gruff twang* There's lots of grinding and going up and down!

Kyle: You kids!

Eamon: It's gross. I got grossed out cuz I'm twelve years old. And then when the grapes happened I was just like, are you fucking kidding me? Ugh.

Keith: It would have been better if it was the Coq au vin.

Eamon: Coq au vin, yeah!

57:27 *****Kyle: about the Coq au vin!

Eamon: Maurice is in the background--*lots of giggling*

Keith: Oh that would have been amazing if it panned over and showed Maurice! *laughter*

Liz: Dude, I was half-expecting that! I mean like, clearly Mac doesn't have curtains, so...

Eamon: Yeah! And why doesn't he have curtains over his barge windows? That's another thing I'm like... "barge windows"? Is that the right... *with Kyle* portholes?

Liz: Yeah, sure.

Eamon: Speaking of portholes... No, no no.

Kyle: Uh, NO, we're not speaking of portholes!

Liz: Wow.

57:54 Keith: Very good. So, after this... naturally they go to church. Um...

Eamon: *sings* Take me to church--

Keith: Marcus and Mac--

Kyle: Y'gotta make it to the church on time.

58:02 Keith: Yeah. Uh--they go to Darius' church! Which I thought was a cool reference... reference? I don't know. A cool--

Eamon: Callback?

Keith: --callback to Darius. And it's also neat. Marcus, I guess, knows... KNEW Darius.

Kyle: I--I love--I actually LOVED this exchange.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Because obvious-cuz Darius was one of the people who sacked Rome, so Darius effectively did to Marcus what Marcus... ostensibly did to Nefertiri. That's interesting.

Keith: It also I think shows that, like... how Marcus has changed as a person, cuz he's like "Oh, you knew Darius!" And he was like, "Well, he was my enemy, and then became my friend." The power of time to change these relationships, I think is cool.

Kyle: Right! Yeah. And as another character, Darius is kind of the embodiment of redemption in this show.

Liz: I feel like it--

Kyle: We say that about a character who's in 1/12th of the--of the show and like 1/16th... no, less than that. Like, 1/32ndth of the episodes!

Eamon: Yes! *laughter*

Liz: It's nice that they show this sort of like... forgiveness-angle in this, uh, in this parallel here with Darius, at the same time, they probably had a few centuries to get over, you know, the bad blood....

Eamon: Right.

Liz: So, I--like, it's still like, you guys are trying to rush this all quite a bit. And it's like "No, let's just put them together. What could go wrong?"

Kyle: But the--it's cuz of the Marcus/Mac... the Mac-ish romance is--

Eamon: Mac-ish...

Kyle: --is strong. But, he's like, "I'm missing Charlie, it's not the same with Maurice..."

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: "It's not the same with Maurice.." *laughter*

Kyle: "Richie is God-knows-where..." *laughter*

Liz: Maybe just feeling that much better because he's been raised to Godhood, so to speak.

Eamon: Yeah, that's right.

Ky:He's just like, "... I just got raised to Godhood, I'm here with my bro--"

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: "We're talking about Darius..." *laughter*

Keith: Ah!

Eamon: Get some chess games going! *Liz laughs*

Keith: So--

Eamon: Nefertiti! You want in on this? *Liz laughs more* Also Mac wants to show off Nefertiti, kind of rub it in Marcus' face a little bit.

Keith: Yeah, it's true!

Liz: I had not thought of it that way.

Eamon: Yeah hahah!

59:50 Keith: They all meet up on Holy Ground, and they're like, we're gonna have dinner together!

Kyle: And it's like "Hey! You wanna have the world's most awkward double-date?"

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And then they do! Accompanied by... HOLY SHIT. This music is like--*laughter* Jazz? It's like the cheesiest, like, Bluesy Midi-sounding garbage. *music plays in background*

Kyle:! YES!

Liz: Oh God.

Kyle: That isn't just the music that WE'RE hearing, THEY are listening to this music!

1:00:17 Keith: And then Mac literally goes "Is this uh, Sidney Bechet? Hmm."

Liz: Sidney Bechet on Soprano Sax.

Keith: Right! And he's like, "Huh! The phrasing doesn't sound quite right!" It's like, no shit it doesn't sound right! It sounds AWFUL!

Liz: It sounds like neither Sidney Bechet nor Soprano Sax!

Eamon: It sounds like garbage.

Keith: Do you think this is what music was like in the Highlander uni--

1:00:39 *****Kyle: Like, is this how people experience music?

Eamon: In the Highlander Universe, Sidney Bechet was on Midi!

Ky:*snobbishly* Well, ever since the beginning of time... We talk about music as though nothing ever changes! *laughter* I wonder why?

Eamon: So do you think, whenever the music plays on Highlander, the character can hear it?

1:00:54 *****Kyle: *laughing*At this point, every time! Ahhh.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Oh, God.

1:00:57 Keith: So then Mac... he's still on that coffee-kick. "Who wants some coffee? Coffee, coffee coffee coffee coffee!"

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So Mac and Marky-Marcus go into the other room to be men, aaaand the ladies clean up, and they're in the kitchen, and... what's his wife's name? Angela?

Eamon: Angela. Yeah.

Keith: She's like being... overly nice to Nefertiti, and she's like, "Oh, like, I knew it was gonna be aw--"

Eamon: *high voice* "Oh, it's so nice to meet you!"

Keith: "Like, you're really a great person, like..." Uh, so anyway--

Liz: Maybe they let her know, like, you know, she's... she's a little sore. It's a little weird and touchy between us still, and she's like... "I'm just gonna be super-nice and let her know that everything's fine, and then we won't stab each other. It'll be great!" *Eamon laughs*

Kyle: How'd that plan go, though? *Eamon laughs again*

1:01:36 Keith: Twist. Stab!

Kyle: Yeah.

1:01:38 *****Liz: She gets stabbed.

Eamon: Literally, twist!

Kyle: Yeah. Stabbed and twisted.

Eamon: Puts the knife in. Yeah. *seriously* This is horrifying. Like--

Keith: Yup. So, she stabs Angela, like, in the stomach--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And then she returns to Marcus and just gives him the bloody knife, and she's like, "A life for a life." And then his reaction is aMAzing, cuz he's like, "ANGELA!" and he goes running out of the room in the most comical way possible!

Eamon: He runs like... like Niles Crane. *much laughter*

Kyle: From your favorite show Frazier?

Eamon: That's right! Like, he has his like, hands up in a--in a, like, dainty fashion. Uh, it's amazing!

Liz: Uh, are you familiar with Narm?

Eamon: No.

Keith: No!

Liz: So, I think it's from... like, I think the trope is named after something that happened on Six Feet Under, I wanna say, where someone died. They had like an aneurism or something, and they were trying to say that they had a numb arm. And they kept going from numb arm, numarm, into like narm narm narm and then they dropped dead. *Eamon utters a laugh* And it's really meant to refer to moments where, like, it's clearly supposed to be something serious, and in the real world might actually be a scary thing to happen, but when you're watching it's just like, "This is silly." *burst of laughter*

Kyle: NARM!

Liz: I feel like this was a Narm-run, you know.

Eamon: This... definitely was! *Kyle laughs* Until he gets up and runs, it's like pretty, pretty chilling.

Keith: Um, yeah and it's--

Kyle: Yeah! This is cold...-blooded...

Keith: And he's like, over her body, and she's still like, I don't know, she's like, taunting. You loved her so much, she was your world, now she's gone! It's like, YIKES!

Kyle: Yeah. You destroyed MY world, now I've destroyed YOURS. It's like YOWZA!

Eamon: Yikes!

1:03:10 Keith: So, Mac and her get out of there. Um, and, we're back at the barge and he's like, throwing her out.

Eamon: Well he's packing up all her... oh, I guess they went shopping, never mind. I was like, why does she have all this stuff to pack?

Kyle: But he had--they had a shopping day.

Eamon: There was literally a scene where they went shopping and bought all the things I'm questioning.

1:03:25 Keith: So he kind of threatens her. He's like "You're lucky I don't take your head."

Eamon: Yeah. Ooh!

Keith: Not just Marcus, yeah. Like he's... he is not cool with any of this.

Eamon: No.

Keith: This is an intense... scene.

Eamon: It is.

Keith: I feel like... well I guess she throws this, like, sex-thing right back at him. She's like, you were supposed to be loyal to me and protect me, cuz we were in bed together... *Liz wheeze-laughs*

Eamon: Yeah. Well and then comes--

Kyle: I raised you to godhood!

Eamon: Yeah! *laughter*

Keith: Four times!

Eamon: A classic line in the vein of "So you break into his house and set him on fire?!" Hah! Which is, uh... "You used me to get into his home! And kill his wife!" *laughter* Which is like, taken out of context is gonna be an amazing clip.

Kyle: Yeah. It's... intense. Also, her send-off to him is "Live and be happy NOW."

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Is the last thing that she says to Marcus Constantine.

Eamon: Yeah. Marky Marcus.

Kyle: Yeah, she's deplorable.

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: He didn't kill Cleopatra himself, his organization did or whatever.

Liz: You know it's true, she's acting like he, like, single-handedly conquered Alexandria.

Eamon: It's--

Liz: Like this is all your fal--I guess, you know, you could argue that she's projecting because... everyone else that she could possibly get revenge on is dead, but...

Eamon: I guess in a way she's lucky.

Kyle: *laughs* That she's got one person around that she can still murder!

Eamon: Yeah!

1:04:46 Keith: So, we're at the graveyard, and, I guess, Mac and Marcus are at Angela's grave?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Funerals in this show happen very quickly--

Eamon: Yup.

Keith: Like, next day.

Liz: I mean, I don't know if you guys noticed, but that is a really old 'n... she must've gotten a used grave marker.

Keith: *laughing* Right!

Eamon: Hahah, yeah! *Kyle laughs*

Liz: Cuz it's like, in the center of the shot as they're panning up, and you're just like seeing every bit of, like, weathering, and like chipping on it, like, was she buried in the 1200s all of a sudden?

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: They actually just like, disinterred someone--*Eamon laughs* then replace--j's "I like this text. We'll just replace it."

Eamon: "Find someone else named Angela that's buried!"

Liz: Space is at a premium in France, apparently.

Eamon: Yeah, hahah!

1:05:23 Keith: So, Mac and Marcus are... upset. I guess they're both upset with themselves. That... Marcus is upset that he... even I guess, thought he could patch things up with Nefertiri. Mac is upset that he kind of facilitated all of this stuff happening--

Kyle: Cuz this was Marcus' whole plan, like. **Keith: Right.** He wanted to FIND her, and like, make it right. And instead, she made his wife dead.

Eamon: Yeah.

Liz: *soft laugh* Yeah, basically.

Keith: Yeah. High body-count in this episode.

Eamon: So, like, do we think--

Ky: Is there?

Keith: I don't know. A couple. Two?

Kyle: Two.

Eamon: Two, yeah.

1:05:54 Keith: That's more than...

Kyle: That's--I agree that that's more than one.

Liz: Some soldiers.

Eamon: Yeah! Some soldiers. Cleopatra.

Keith: Everyone st--

Kyle: If you really--If you count the entire Egyptian civilization--

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: --there're so many!

Eamon: You're right, Keith!

Kyle: Wow! What a body count! *Eamon laughs* Let the bodies hit the floah!

1:06:12 Keith: Very good. So, *laughter* there's a, there's a buzz, and Nefertiri...

Eamon: Shows up.

Keith: ... shows up, wearing...

Eamon: ... weird, like...

Keith: ... an outfit...

Eamon: Yeah.

Liz: Like a headband, cuz why not.

Eamon: Yeah, a headband...

Kyle: Well y-y--she's Eqyptian, right? We need some--we need to really drive this home.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Wait, she's Egyptian?

Keith: Oh, my God. *laughter*

Eamon: She went to like, Halloween Adventure and got--*laughter*

1:06:35 Kyle: That's definitely where got like that strap--

Eamon: --like a Prince of Egypt costume. *laughter*

1:06:38 Keith: So, she wants to fight Marcus. Marcus refuses to fight her.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Also, my notes here just says, "Oh, Holy Ground or...nah?"

Liz: That's, yeah! *echoed by the men*

Keith: YEAH!

1:06:48 ***** did Keith say Yeah twice?

Kyle: Where ARE they?

Liz: I was wondering about that. Like, I--

Kyle: And where do they drift into?

Liz: Are they supposed to be--is it--is there, is there some sort of sweet spot they're standing and it's between, like, the cemetery and the church that's... suddenly it's okay for a fight?

Eamon: Yeah. I don't know.

Keith: I didn't even think about that!

Eamon: So they're definitely at the grave, right?

Kyle: I THOUGHT so...

Liz: It's heavily implied.

Kyle: We see them slowly walk... unless they walked far enough away from it...?

Eamon: Because then when they fight, it looks like they go into like, a section of the museum.

Kyle: Maybe it's just like the joke in Johnny Dangerously? *laughter* Where they're just like, walking down the street, and Michael Keaton is talking about how he never knew any members of his family, and then they're just in the middle of nowhere, and they're just like, "Where the Hell ARE we?"

Eamon: Yeah!

Liz: I feel like so--like, this's... this is some sort of like, weird gallery that's set up just for the fight but, you know... theoretically, or I assume, but at the same time looking at it, man I feel like some photograph--some photographer's gonna walk in later and like, oh, an engagement photo shoot is just ruined!

Eamon: Hahahah! Yeah!

Keith: That's what this felt like, that this was like the room for a wedding. That was like, going to take place there.

Eamon: I read that they ran into like a Dove Soap commercial. *laughter*

Liz: Or a Prince video. It's very purple and just... birds.

Eamon: Yeah, yeah yeah.

1:07:59 Keith: Yeah. So, there's a fight that starts with Mac and her.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: At first I think this is all... like, I'm like... in my notes it's like "This looks really cool!" Like, they go into this white room--

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And it's like, everything is white; she's in white, this is really dramatic and stark-looking. And then it's like, "Oh this doesn't look good at all," because then they're like, oh no, it's purple now. And now it's red. And now it's purple again. Like what the FUCK?! It's weird! I don't know why they did this! What is the point of these weird filters?

Eamon: I don't know.

Keith: I don't know, either!

Eamon: Make it look cool.

Keith: It doesn't! *laughter*

Kyle: It doesn't!

Liz: Someone thought they were making art.

Eamon: Yeah, basically.

Keith: Like, Mac gets stabbed twice, and both times he gets stabbed, the screen turns red.

Eamon: Oh. I didn't notice that.

Keith: Yeah.

Liz: Oooh.

1:08:37 Kyle: It's deep, Keith. You wouldn't get it! *laughter* *fake foppish voice* "I think that symbolizes his pain."

Eamon: "I think that symbolizes the blood that comes out of his stab-wound." *chuckling*

Liz: I do have a quick question, though.

Eamon: Yes?

Liz: Where... where do we think... like where do we assume she got her sword from?

Eamon: I have no idea.

Keith: Who knows.

Liz: Wha--

Eamon: Did she steal it from the museum?

Kyle: Probably.

Keith: Maybe. If that's where they are.

Liz: God, you can just walk in and touch anything, so apparently.

Eamon: Yeah! She was touching stuff, lifting up bowls. She put some things in her purse, like, why not? *Liz laughs*

Kyle: Yeah! It's fine!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Who cares! Sure!

Liz: Like, the best I could explain to myself is she uh, maybe had it lying in a trunk somewhere. She spotted it while she was on the floor.

Kyle: Oh, there it is! There's my old--there's my old su-ward!

1:09:17 *****Liz says something: What about grrresom

Eamon: Is that the same sword she had in the flashback?

Liz: Oh, dear.

Eamon: I didn't take note of that.

Kyle: Maybe... good gravy.

Eamon: Hmmm.

Kyle: Oh, MYYYY!

Eamon: Oooooh myyyy.

1:09:26 Keith: So, Mac wins, and he takes her head...

Kyle: Okay, this fight, we did... we did... we're not doing this fight justice.

Keith: Okay!

Kyle: Well we talked about the absurd filter things that are, like, flashing in and out. Also, like the weird Dutch Angles are back, where again it looks like somebody just kicked the camera over... she's seemingly beating him--

Keith: Mmhm!

Kyle: --for like, the entire fight until he like, does a barrel roll!

Eamon: Yeah.

1:09:48 Kyle: And somehow t--and somehow her head comes off!

*****Keith: He didn't--

Kyle: Like it rolls on the ground, and sh--

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: --she's dead.

Eamon: The sword... like, the angle of his sword strike to her head didn't make any sense.

1:10:00 Kyle: Also, you're literally doing a somersault. Like what is going on here?

Eamon: Yeah! I don't know!

Liz: I feel like she was... she was more on top of her choreography. I'm mean like, not whoa, whoa, hang on. I'm not gonna say that--you know, I'm not gonna criticize Adrian Paul's dedication to his choreography and his, and his style. But I feel like this one was mapped out in a way that just... like... she really threw herself into the fight pretty well, considering, like, Marcus Constantine's fighting earlier. But in the meanwhile he's just, sort of doing, like you said, the random somersaults. It's a little weird and half-assed!

Kyle: And also doesn't she like slam him into a--what looks like a giant birdcage?

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: Which is filled with birds!

Liz: Those poor birds!

Keith: Yeah, live birds! ... Which is... ah man! So, when this Quickening happens, well... there's confetti, like everywhere.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: So it's actually funfetti?

*Eamon raspberries*

Keith: Yeah. Um, so I guess that looks cool, like, I don't know--

Eamon: No.

Kyle: No.

Eamon: *amused* It doesn't. *laughter*

Kyle: You're wrong about that! *laughter*

Keith: It always helps when there's stuff flying around.

Kyle: It DOES help when there's stuff flying around.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Oh, man. I--

Eamon: Are they supposed to be feathers, though?

Liz: There are feathers everywhere.

1:11:04 Keith: I so... I so wanted the power to just--****

Eamon: The flying birds to explode? *laughing*

Keith: *laughing* I wanted the camera just to cut to the birdcage, and just BRBRBRRR!

Eamon: *laughing* Like that video of the baseball player throwing a ball into a bird--

Liz: Oh God!

Kyle: And it hits the bird!

Eamon: --and the bird explodes? *laughter*

1:11:20 Kyle: That is SO intense! Also that kind of a ball--

Liz: Ohh, I should be so much more sad about that than I am.

Eamon: Haha! No, it's amazing.

Keith: So--

Kyle: Guys, what is it like when doves cry?

Eamon: Like this! *laughs*

Kyle: Yikes!

1:11:28 Keith: Uh, so... this is all over. Mac and...

Eamon: Marcus.

Keith: Mad Marky Marcus are... up on his barge. Uh, so they're reminiscing about Darius, and they're like--

Eamon: Darius was great. Yeah.

Keith: --she was an extraordinary woman. Sure was.

Kyle: She was extraordinarily evil.

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: And then that was kind of it.

Eamon: Yup.

Keith: It's a--it's a weird ending.

Eamon: It is.

Keith: I feel like the--the episode doesn't really wrap up some of the themes of the episode, or... I don't know. It's just odd.

Ea. No...

Kyle: Guys, how COULD someone... so much love, turn into so much hate?

Keith: Oh my--

*Kyle laughs*

Eamon: I don't know. I guess--

Kyle: That is the stated question of this episode, at the--during this denouement.

Eamon: Maybe getting buried alive for 2,000 years...

Kyle: No, she's clearly terrible before that.

Eamon: Yeah.

1:12:10 Keith: So, how 'bout we take a listen to Bill Panzer and David Abramowitz's thoughts on this episode!

Kyle: Why is this episode called the Pharaoh's Daughter?

1:12:18 Bill: ...our old pal, Dennis Berry. Dennis is famous for his... sweeping camera moves whenever he's given an opportunity, and he's also famous for his... love of the female body.

Kyle: *wheezelaugh* Famous for his love of the female body!

Bill: This episode probably has more flesh in it than any other Highlander episode before or since. And, uh, Nia Peeple's body double, would be the first person to tell you that when she got outta that sarcophagus in the, uh, warehouse, that it was... very, very cold. *burst of laughter Kyle: What?* Duncan and Nia... are having their love scene and when Nia and Constantine are having their love scene. I mean, this is pretty good stuff!

Eamon: Ugh.

Kyle: This is pretty..!!

Liz: Hmm.

Bill: And we tried to use as much of it as we possibly could.

1:13:04 *****Kyle: Of course!

David: Every now and then you have an episode or an actress that comes off the screen, and GOD did she come off the screen!

Eamon: Ugh.

Keith: And on the screen.

Kyle: Stop. No. Nononono.

David: She was so incredibly beautiful, and you know that she's beautiful is that when she was playing her scene with Adrian, and they were--their lovemaking scene, people would pass by the doors, who were watching Dailies, and peek in, and come and watch half an hour of dailies just to watch the two of them. Because they were SO incredibly beautiful--

Kyle: Cuz they're SO lecherous.

David: --and so incredibly sexy together. Um, and she was also a pretty good actress.

1:13:38 *laughter* Kyle: Thanks!*****

Bill: One of an Immortal's greatest fears is... to be buried alive, and probably unfound for thousands of years, and we thought it was an interesting notion that... out of such great loyalty, that an Immortal would CHOOSE to be buried, knowing that she would revive and come back--

Eamon: Ah. Okay.

Bill: --who knows when, out of loyalty to her queen. Thought that was kind of cool.

*Laughter* Kyle: I think it's not. But... maybe.

*****1:14:02 Bill: The sets are all kind of small, but it's amazing what a Set Designer can do when they've got just the right few props, the right few touches, some gauze, some fabric, and suddenly you're transported... into another world. I think it's pretty amazing that these guys both... y'know what, we always talk about Steve Geaghan in Canada, but the guys in France did a fabulous job as well. These were the oldest two Immortals... uh, Constantine and Nefertiri, that we had had since Darius, and until we got to Methos. In fact, Constantine was our first attempt to replace a Darius-like character for MacLeod to have someone to talk to who was older and more experienced than he was. And, as things happen in television, that didn't exactly work out, but then... that's why we got Peter Wingfield to play Methos. Nia--

Keith: That's interesting.

Kyle: So we almost had Marcus instead of Methos.

Eamon: Hmm.

Bill: --was our choice to do the part, but just on a historical note, Catherine Zeta Jones also wanted to do the part. What a difference a decade makes. The sword-fight was pretty... bold--

Kyle: The sword-fight was NOT bold!

Bill: --because what Nia lacked in experience she made up for in ferocity. And if you look at it, and you'll... nobody ever came at Duncan with such incredible aggressiveness! She was not pulling her punches; there was no attempt to slow-down, half-speed, soften the shock. She just went at him and, everybody was just hoping that Adrian could take care of himself. *chuckle* Which he could! *Kyle laughs loudest* And it's very kind that in all of the e-mail, fan-mail, conventions, and all of the times we've discussed this episode, I think it's VERY kind that none of you have wondered... why we allowed... a 2,000 year old person to get out of a sarcophagus where they'd been imprisoned for that long, speaking perfect English.

Eamon: Heh.

Bill: Thanks for your understanding.

Kyle: Alright, until now. Cuz we're the worst and we questioned why she got out of that sarcophagus speaking English.

1:16:07 Keith: Guys! What time is it?

Eamon: Game-time?

*Gameshow music*

Keith: Question answered. Yes! *chuckling*

1:16:16 Kyle: What time is it? Game-Time!

Keith: Alright! So, we're gonna play Keyword! Liz, do you wanna join us for this game?

Liz: Oh God. Uh, okay. ... Yes--

Keith: Okay, so the rules of the--

Liz: --I mean yes, I would love to!

Eamon: Hahah!

Keith: Okay, so the rules of the game are simple! I'm gonna read some IMDb keywords for some previous episodes we've discussed, and each uh, keyword are ordered in points from their least relevant to most relevant. And uh, the sooner you guess the correct answer, the more points you get. So! Are we ready to playyyy Keyword?

Eamon: Yes.

Kyle: Let's bang.

Keith: Alright! Liz/Eamon/Kyle! Are you ready forrrrr Round 1?

Kyle: Yep!

Liz: Sure.

1:16:54 Keith: Alright. Here we go! 1660s. 17th Century. 1840s! Sword 'n sorcery.

Eamon: Oh...

Keith: 19--Nineteenth Century--

Kyle: You're the worst.

Keith: --Healer.

Kyle: Shi--Oh! Uh...

Keith: Midwife.

*Liz sighs.*

Kyle: Saving Grace!

Keith: Bam!

Eamon: Damn!

Keith: Kyle gets 4 points!

Eamon: Good job.

Liz: I just remembered I'm really bad at remembering episode titles.

Eamon: Me, too. I'm awful--

Kyle: So say we all.

Liz: Awesome.

Eamon: --about it.

1:17:24 Keith: So the remaining clues in this round were... medical researcher--

Kyle: Ha-what?!

Keith: --stalker--

Eamon: Oh, yeah.

Keith: --and obsessive lover.

Kyle and Eamon: Eeeew.

Liz: Ohhhh!

Keith: Alright.

Kyle: Oh, my!

1:17:36 Keith: And now, Round Two! Our first clue: Two-word title!

Kyle: WHAT?!

Eamon: *raspberry*

Keith: Reference to the tooth-fairy! Reference to Barbara Walters!

Eamon: Bad Day in Building A!

*moment of silence*

Keith: Photo Development!

*Eamon makes exasperated sound*

Kyle: Deadly Medicine!

Keith: Missing pers--Six points for... seven points for Kyle for Photo Development!

Liz: Damn!

Eamon: Damn!

Keith: "Two-Word Title" is a god-damn keyw--

Kyle: "Two-Word Title" was a keyword!

Eamon: Oh. And I'm an idiot because I said something with, like, much more words than that. *laughter*

Kyle: *still laughing* It's a Bad. Day. In. Building. A!

Keith: Uh, the other keywords in this round were: Missing person. Latex gloves. *laughter* Escape--

Eamon: Ugh.

Keith: --Camera. Crooked doctor. *Kyle laughs loud* And human experimentation.

1:18:27 *****Kyle said something while Keith was speaking

Kyle: Wow. Crooked doctor is really good.

1:18:32 Keith: Crooked doctor. Alright! Round Three! The score is currently: Kyle, in the lead, with 11 points! Eamon has zero. Liz... first-time player, big time not-winner. *laughter*

Eamon: Ouch!

Liz: I'm used to it.

Keith: Okay!

Kyle: Awe!

Keith: Round Three! Here we go. 19th Century. 1880s. Sword 'n sorcery. *Eamon groans* Villainess. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Hidden agenda.

Eamon: Freefall.

Kyle: Yes! YES!

Liz: Ah, that's the one.

Kyle: What? *with Keith* Wolf in sheep's clothing. *alone* Wolf in sheep's clothing! *with Keith* Hidden agenda! *alone* Wow.

Keith: Oh my.

Eamon: Boopbadeboop! That's something. I got something.

Keith: You got a point! One point.

Kyle: That was the last one?

Keith: Hidden agenda? Yeah. There were only six keywords for this one.

Eamon: Because people don't like this episode.

Keith: As opposed to Deadly Medicine which had 26. I had to cut most of them out.

*Liz gasp-laughs*

Eamon: That's crazy

Keith: Well, after three rounds the score is Eamon with 1, Kyle with 11. However, I've got a Double Bonus Round!

Eamon: Ooooohhhhhh!

Liz: Oh man.

Kyle: A Double Bonus Round?

Keith: Double ba-Bonus!

Kyle: What makes it a Double Bonus Round?

Keith: Cuz there's two bonuses. Buckle up, everybody.

Kyle: I'm confused.

Keith: Bonus Round ONE!

Liz: That's just math.

Eamon: *laughing* Two is double?

1:19:57 Keith: 1670s! 17 Century... Scotland.

Eamon: Is that it?

Keith: That's it!

Eamon: Family Tree.


Kyle: Um...

Eamon: Oh wait. Uh...

Kyle: Wow. Um...

Liz: *long sigh* Titles.

Kyle: That's IT?

Eamon: Revenge of the Sword.

Kyle: I'm trying to remember which ones we actually go back to Scotland for, now. Uhhhh... hmm. HmmHMM.

1:20:26 Keith: Alright! Time is out!

Kyle: The Gathering! What is it?

Keith: The correct answer is: Unholy Alliance: Part 1!

Eamon: Oh, what?!

Liz: Wait, really?

Eamon: Yes!

1:20:32 *****Kyle: Why are those the ONLY keywords for it? How is that possible?

Keith: Hey, don't ask ME. Ask the Internet! *laughter* Bonus Round Number Two!

Eamon: Wait, read me those clues again!

1:20:41 Kyle: They're terrible!

Keith: Bo--eh-um, Yeah. It's OBVIOUS that it's Unholy Alliance: Part 1. *Liz laughs* I'll read 'em slower. 17 Cench... 17th Century. Sixteen SevenDEES.

Eamon: *amused* OH.

Keith: And Scotland.

1:20:55 Kyle: Do they th--OH, I guess they have the flashback to the night-fight in Scotland.

Eamon: Right.

Kyle: I guess that's--

Eamon: I misheard you. Sixteen-sevenDEEEES.

Keith: Yeah, sorry.

Kyle: Yeah. If you had said Sixteen-SIXties, I would have been like, "Oh!" but--

Liz: Right. Obviously. Right. Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Do-doy.

1:21:09 Keith: And finally, Bonus Round Number Two--

Kyle: D-Darius!

Keith: Here we go!

Kyle: D-D-D--

Keith: 1810s! 19th Century! Napoleonic Wars! Scottish Regiment.

Eamon: Band of Brothers?

Keith: Eamon's out.

Eamon: Oh.

Liz: Oh. Oh crud!

Eamon: So there's o... Ugh!

Kyle: For Evil's Sake?

Keith: Kyle's out!

Kyle: Oh.

Keith: LIZ!

Liz: No, I can't take the pressure!

Keith: This is your chance to pull it up!

Kyle: I actually... I was gonna guess Band of Brothers.

1:21:38 ***** Liz:


Kyle: Is it Unholy Alliance: Part Two!

Keith: *gleeful* YES!

Eamon: Aaaaaah!

Liz: WHAT!

Kyle: Unholy Alliance: Part 2!

Liz: Oh, mmm.

Keith: Unholy Alliance: Part 2 has those keywords.

Liz: OH, hmm. Yeah, okay.

1:21:47 Ea: Aaarghurmmurrgh!

Keith: Sorry guys! I don't think anyone's a winner, really.

Kyle: Oh I--I--

Keith: Except for--

Kyle: --except for me! Cuz I am the only one!

Eamon: Except for Kyle.

Liz: Kyle, yeah, well.

1:21:54 Eamon: Kyle is murdering me in these games!

Liz: Yeah?

Kyle: Well you won the last one.

Eamon: Oh, did I?

Kyle: Which I am a little salty about. But it's okay.

Eamon: Oh. You salty dog. That's a sailing term.

1:22:02 Keith: So, guys, this episode, final thoughts. Kyle, you--you brought up a good point. I think.

Kyle: WHY is this episode called "The Pharaoh's Daughter"? *laughter* There's NO Pharaoh, and there are NO daughters! *laughter*

Eamon: That's a good question!

Liz: The best I can connect to is like, that phrase is like a biblical reference, I guess?

Kyle: Is it?

Keith: Oh yeah, it's um...

1:22:21 Liz: I mean that's how um, Bithia's... Bith... oh God, if I'm remembering CCV right at all. I--

Kyle: Don't even know who that is.

Liz: Or maybe I'm just remembering The Ten Commandments. But like, I'm pretty sure Bithia's the uh... the one who uh... like the foster mother who took Moses out of the river.

Eamon: Ohhhh.

Liz: I think she's referred to as Pharaoh's Daughter.

Keith: I think you're right.

Liz: Maybe...?

1:22:37 Keith: It definitely is a biblical term, but still has below ***** for one,

Liz: It has nothing to do with ANYthing.

Keith: *amused* Has nothing to do--

Kyle: For--for what thing?

Eamon: Ah, Duncan is Moses! *laughs* I don't know!

Kyle: Well--

Liz: Cuz she's a child of Egypt, maybe?

Eamon: Yeah. I guess.

Kyle: I don't understand this. It doesn't make any sense! Like, we never encounter a Pharaoh!

Liz: Well, Cleopatra. A dead one.

Kyle: *laughing* That's... and it's not... and she's not her DAUGHTER....

Liz: No.

Kyle: She's in fact much OLDER than her...

Eamon: Maybe there's a poster of Pharaoh Fawcett in Mac's... uh--


Kyle: Pharaoh Fawcett!

Eamon: --rec room.

Kyle: Woof!

Eamon: Ah.

Liz: Oof.

Kyle: Yeah, what the hell is going on here?

Keith: I guess she's the Phara se--pharaoh sex? Ah.

Liz: Nah. Plot twist: It's Angela.

Kyle: Boo!

Eamon: Angela's the Pharaoh's Daughter?

Liz: Yeah. *laughter* And that's an edited scene.

1:23:24 Keith: So, Kyle. Final thoughts on this episode.

Kyle: There are two separate good episodes here. Neither of which makes it into this episode. *laughter* The whole reeducation of what's a Dust Devil is really good. That is really funny, and there are parts of that that are really comedic. And I feel like, just in a straight-up comedic episode, that would be interesting. *Keith Mms.* And then this whole vengeance aspect is also good. Like, this tension between someone who's just come back; this wound is still raw; they have to define their identity by keeping this old hatred alive. That is also good. They should not exist in the same episode. Like, it should NOT be one and the same, and this episode just feels like... they knew this episode was bad, but they had a really hot actress, so they called it good. They're like, "We don't need to make this any better. We'll just have them make out and it'll be fine."

Eamon: Mmm. *Keith laughs* Well it's... I guess it's a symptom of 90s, like, episodic TV like this is: the whole episode could have been just like, "You've been buried for 2,000 years. Here's the new world! Let's get used to it!" Like, them having to have a sword fight at the end of th--every episode sometimes is a problem.

Kyle: But they DON'T, though! They don't always have to have a sword fight at the end of the episodes!

Keith: Right!

Kyle: We just--we did our Quickening Count last episode--

Eamon: But there's usually some--

Kyle: --and discovered there's been shockingly little sword-fighting!

Eamon: Yeah, but there's always some kind of fight or action element at the end of the episode.

Kyle: So maybe the climax of this episode is just destroying Danny Trejo's nuts?

Eamon: Yeah! *Keith laughs*

Kyle: That's actually the climax of the whole episode.

Keith: Liz, do you have any final thoughts on this episode?

1:24:59 *****Liz: *breathes out* Uh... I really hate Maurice. Just... not so much. No, I, well...

Kyle: I still like Maurice. Maurice could have been a fun foil for her like... Maurice trying to show her the world, and Mac having to correct Maurice!

Eamon: And Maurice gets kicked in the nuts?

Liz: Also continually trying to get in her pants.

Eamon: Yea. Yeah...

*Liz makes noise of dislike for Maurice*

Keith: Kyle...

Kyle: So I have yet another thought.

Keith: Sure.

Kyle: Why is the Hunter character in this? What role does he play in anything? *moment of silence*

Eamon: None.

Keith: None.

Kyle: Insofar as he was IN this thing, it might have been interesting, IF... Mac was making progress toward bringing these two worlds together, she's... maybe acclimating to the idea that Marcus has changed, THEN this guy makes her move... and that defeats the forward progress, and she's convinced that he tried to kill her. Like, maybe then there'd be some legs to this plot. But...

Keith: Yeah.

1:25:52 *****Eamon: I almost read it was this was like a setup to show that she's like... has a violent side, or something.

Liz: Yeah, he doesn't need to be here. Mmhm. Kyle: We already learned that from the things she did to Danny Trejo's nards.

Keith: And in the flashback.

Kyle: And she did to like the... the flashbacks where she kills the Roman soldiers. We already know that she can fight, and she's Immortal. Of course she can scrap.

Eamon: Yeah. That's how I read the tone of the scene though, was: Mac comes home to find a dead guy, and it's like, oh. Maybe she's not so innocent. Cuz Mac's kind of underestimating her.

Kyle: But Mac's way into that.

Keith: Yeah, they have sex RIGHT after she murders someone, and he destroys the body or something.

Eamon: Yeah, that's true.

Kyle: It's like, oh yeah! Dump that body in a mine shaft! Uh...

1:26:34***** Keith: I'm hungry for some grapes. *laughter* Speaking of shafts! *more laughter*

Kyle: You're all welcome.

Keith: Um, oh boy. *Liz laughs* Kyle. How many, uh, from one to five, how many Egyptian Sarcophagi would you give this episode?

Kyle: This gets two Sarcophagi.

Keith: Two. Oh, I didn't give MY final thoughts on this episode.

Kyle: No, you didn't!

Keith: I'm sorry!

Kyle: You coward.

Keith: *laughs* No, I agree with a lot of what you said, Kyle. I feel like this is... should either be... a fairly serious episode about, like, forgiveness, and people changing, and... you know. That--those sort of issues, or this sh... I think I'd prefer this episode to just be funny.

Kyle: Cuz some of those elements are legit funny!

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: Her trying to blow out the lamp and being scared of a vacuum cleaner is funny.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Her punching a cop in the face and not getting arrested for it, also funny. *chuckles*

Keith: So Eamon! How many Bobo... Tre--Danny Trejos would you give this episode?

Eamon: Uh... whew. I--yeah. Uh, I think two.

Keith: Another two.

Eamon: Yeah. *beat* Two nuts.

Keith: Two nuts!

Kyle: One for each of his nonexistent nards?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: *laughs* Uhhh.... And Liz! How many, on a scale of one to five, exploding Quickening doves would you give this episode?

Liz: Those poor doves! Um... just given the uh... the character concepts th--I liked those a lot, and, um... that's really about it. Um, and some bonus points for history. I'm gonna say, can I--are halves allowed? Can I give two and a half?

Keith: Sure! It's unprecedented, but we'll allow it!

Liz: Two and a half exploding doves?

Kyle: We'll allow it!

Liz: Yeah. Oh, okay.

Kyle: It's actually just the--

Eamon: Half of a dove exploded!

Kyle: It's actually just the extra-crispy thighs of that half-dove that remain! *Liz laughs* After it was cooked by the lightning.

Keith: Yeah! That's the best way to enjoy dove!

1:28:16 *****Eamon: Yeah, like, lightning!

Kyle: The Quickening turned them all into little chicken sandwiches! *laughter*

Keith: I... I... I'll give this episode three. I--

Kyle: How many throbbing obelisks... do you give this episode? *laughter*

Keith: Three throbbing obelisks, I think.

Eamon: Three throbbing! Ooh!

Kyle: Wow! Alright. That's--

Eamon: That's a lot of throb.

Liz: Ah.

Kyle: *laughing* Oh, yeah.

Keith: Yeah, I... uh... This episode has got a lot of solid potential. And it's just kind of, you know, I find that with a lot of Highlander episodes. It's like... I think also now that we're deep into Season 2, that... I don't think we've had, like, you know... there's some real Season 1 clunkers.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Like real... like, I would, you know, almost say skip 'em. Like they're awful. I... I don't think... I don't remember the last, like, awful episode we watched. It's, I think, divided up between pretty great episodes--

Kyle: Uh--

Keith: --and then episodes that are--

Eamon: Bless The Child.

Kyle: I think you do, because we even made spreadsheets about it.

Keith: Oh yeah. But, alright, but that's a terrible episode.

Eamon: Bless This Child. *Liz laughs*

Keith: Yeah. Alright. Maybe that's the one standout one. But I mean episodes like this and Warmonger--

Eamon: They're fine.

Keith: --they're not my favorite, but... but it's still pretty solid. The concept is there; it's not maybe executed as well as it could be. So... I don't think we've had like--

Kyle: "I don't do diapers, man!" *Keith laughs*

Liz: Yeah, I think it's about right.

Keith: Uh, well, I hope everyone enjoyed listening to this episooooode! *moment stretches* Uh. Come on guys.

Kyle: What?

1:29:33 Keith: I don't know! I gotta*********

Eamon: Listening to this episooooode!

Keith: I'll do it again.

Kyle: Yeah, why don't you do it again!

Keith: I'll do it again. Alight! ... Oh, fuck.

Eamon: Hahah!

Kyle: Booooo!

Keith: Thanks everybody for joining us this week on Highlander Rewatched. Join us next week when our episode will be... Legacy! I've been one of your Rewatchers, I'm Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon and uh--

Kyle: With special guest!

Liz: I'm Liz!

Eamon: Liz! Thank you!

Liz: Thank you guys!

Keith: And we'll see you next week! Bye!

Eamon: Bye-bye!

1:30:00 Kyle: Salut!