Listen to: Highlander Rewatched: Under Color of Authority

Mako: I always thought that you were a man that respected the Law. Duncan: *stiffly* I like to see justice done.

Mako: Justice. Justice is what a lawyer gets when a judge rules in his favor. The LAW is what we live by. It is the RULES.

Duncan: A man can't always live by the law!

Mako: A MAN cannot LIVE any other way. Do you realize that I have been a lawman for almost six hundred years? Even before I was Immortal. I have seen cities burned, I have seen children slaughtered. Law is what separates us from the beast. We leave it, we leave a hole with no bottom. *passionate*

Duncan: *angry* Yeah, but in all this LAW of yours, isn't there any room for compassion?!

Mako: *firmly* Not from me.

1:02 Keith: Welcome to Highlander Rewatched; the podcast where each and every week we take a look at another episode of the amazing, the weird, the wonderful Highlander franchise! I'm one of your wewatchers! ... Wewatchers? I'm one of your wewatchers!

Eamon: One of your wee watchers!

Kyle: One of your Barbara Walters!

Keith: I'm the smallest one here; the wee-est watcher! I am Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: And this is Eamon.

Keith: Aaah, very good.

Kyle: The wisest watcher!

Eamon: Wise...

1:28 Keith: This week's episode is episode number 12: Under Color of Authority! It was first aired Monday, February 7th, 1994! It was directed by Clay Borris. He's back! Six-Day Clay, as Bill Panzer called him. Uh, we know him of course from The Zone, Turnabout... did he do Revenge of the Sword, I think? **Kyle: Yup!** But one thing I was thinking with these reoccurring directors and writers is, we always kind of just do a little recap of what they've done for Highlander, but I was thinking it'd be fun to kind of look at what other work they've done. So! Clay Borris, last year I guess, directed kind of an Indie-movie? *wheezelaugh* **mmhm**--called X Wins. And the trailer for it is on Vimeo, I think. The description for this movie is epic, and we all need to watch it. This is the description for X Wins:

2:12 "A young man practices for a triathlon deep in the thick forest. A beautiful young woman and her brother have broken down in the middle of the same forest. Three ominous gun-wielding hunters stop to help. A game of TIC-TAC-TOE is played and goes bad. **Eamon: What?** All hell brakes loose and a game of cat and mouse... ensures." <--bad spelling is directly from description.

2:33 *together* Ensures? Keith: It says Ensures! This is copied from their website. "The only way out is if X Wins."

2:41 Kyle: What?!

Eamon: Also there are t--

Kyle: Also, how did anyone lose a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? It is a game that cannot be lost!

2:48 Keith: If we've learned anything from the Matthew Broderick movie, Wargames, it is that it is an unwinnable game!

Kyle: Yeah.

Eamon: Mmmm!

2:55 Keith: Does anyone remember that movie?

2:56: Kyle: Of c--EVERYONE remembers that movie

Keith: *laughing* I don't know!

Eamon: I've never seen it.

Kyle: Let's play Global Thermonuclear War.

Keith: Yeah. Well, Matthew Broderick's like a hacker, master-hacker skills. And for some reason, NATO hires him... or NORAD I forget what happens.

Kyle: No. He hacks into NORAD, basically, and gains control of their computer, due to a glitch. The government has changed it over cos they've found that people couldn't... didn't have like the willpower to shoot nuclear weapons. They wanted to empower a computer to do it--**Kyle: Right.**--and Matthew Broderick gains control of it, thinking he's just in an everyday computer game. Like accidentally almost triggers a nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

3:35 Keith: But the moral of the story is... so, since it's like an artificial intelligence thing; it's like Skynet; He needs to teach the computer that it's not worth playing the game. So he has to play Tic Tac Toe, which is unwinnable. And so the moral of it is: if both sides are playing, you both lose.

Kyle: Right. *laugh*

Eamon: Wow.

3:54 *****Kyle: Wargames Rewatched! Also, meds we should have put Spoiler Alert! *laughter* 1980s movie.

Eamon: Well, in that description they're playing Tic Tac Toe, and they're also playing a game of Cat and Mouse. So there's a lot of games taking place in that movie!

Keith: Yeah, there's a lot--

Kyle: A lot of games, a lot of games between two parties, Xs and Os versus Cat and Mouse. **Keith: Yup!** Also Xs and Os are kind of even, how do they determine who's the cat and who's the mouse...

Keith: There are also hugs--hugs and kisses!

4:17 Kyle: I'm going to go out and say that--I'm going to go ahead and guess that the well-armed hunters are the mice. *laughter*

Eamon: Mmm. Are these Hunters from Highlander?

Keith: Oooh, worlds collide! **Eamon: Mmmm.** So, this episode was written by Peter Mohan. Ah, he of course wrote The Zone, so we've got the Dynamic Duo back--*Eamon: Nice!** to direct this episode. This episode guest-stars Jonathan Banks as Mako! And of course we know him from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Kyle: Mike-O?

Keith: MIKE-O? *laughter*

4:43 Eamon: Mike-O.

Kyle: He is Mike from Breaking Bad.

Eamon: He's also Commissioner Gordon in the Batman Playstation video games.

Keith: Aah, nice!

Eamon: Like your Arkham Cities, and your Arkham Planets, and your Arkham...

Keith: *whispers* Arkham Planets...

Eamon: --whatever.

Kyle: Is that like Planet Hulk?

Eamon: That's right!

5:02 Keith: So the IMDb episode description... this is a good episode description. "Richie rescues a young woman being chased by Immortal Mako. In flashback, Mako shows up to capture Tim, a friend of Duncan's. Is she innocent or is she using Richie?"

Eamon: Wait..? *laughter* They still talking about Tim?

Keith: *overcome with laughter* They got the-- Ah, wonderful!

Eamon: Wonderful!

Kyle: Buh!

5:26 Eamon: So, speaking of which, we open with a girl being chased.

Kyle: By a monster truck! **Eamon: Yeah!** By an actual monster truck!

Eamon: It like drives over a bunch of smashed cars, and like slams down...

Kyle: It's Mike-o-saurus Rex!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: This episode has some crazy style to it, in the beginning. It's very comic-booky. **Eamon: Yeah.** There's like lots of cool silhouetted--

Eamon: Like Dutch Angles on this--

Keith: Yeah, tons of Dutch Angles, like the side of the building that she's running against is bright yellow, with blue frames around the window, it's very colorful.

5:57 Kyle: You guys should explain, for the people at home, Dutch Angles.

Eamon: Oh. Dutch Angles is like... the Batman 1966 show did it a lot, where it's a skewed perspective whenever they're filming the villains, because the villains look at the world with a different point of view.

Keith: That's it!

Kyle: A Dutch point of view?

Eamon: That's right! All the Batman's Rogue's Gallery are Dutch! *laughter*

Keith: They all have wooden shoes--

Eamon: That's right.

Kyle: Suck it, Dutch people, on that shoe-burn, I guess.

Eamon: Yeah. Take that, Dutch! *laughter* *sheepish* Sorry, if we have any Dutch listeners.

6:30 Keith: Ah, so, the chase is afoot--

Eamon: That's right.

Keith: --and on wheels.

Eamon: --and it's very foggy.

Keith: Lot of mood. This girl is running from somebody in a truck, Richie comes by, I guess, and helps her on his bike.

Kyle: Finally he's back and doing something!

Keith: Yeah, finally!

Eamon: Yeah, what has he been doing?

Kyle: He went to visit the newspaper guys in Epitaph For Tommy--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and he stole Tommy's check--

Eamon: Oh, so he's been living large.

Keith: Yeah, maybe!

Kyle: --and he walked away from his fight with Rowdy Roddy Piper--**Eamon: Yeah!** **Keith: So...**--you know, a lot of nothing, is what he's been doing.

7:02 Keith: Yup. So, this girl gets on the back of Richie's hog, **Eamon: Mmhmm!** And, while they're driving away, I guess, Mako--Mike-O, he's Immortal, it turns out.

Eamon: Do we--?

Keith: Richie gets the Buzz.

Eamon: Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Keith: Uh, so he speeds off just in the nick of time.

Eamon: And Mike-O gets out of his truck and sees him drive away. **Keith: Right.** Does he see his license plate?

Keith: We'll find out later that in a bit of, I guess, cut script dialogue, that's how he tracks down Richie later, is he has memorized the license plate.

Kyle: Crafty!

7:31 Keith: Yup! Back in Mac's loft...

Eamon: He's reading!

Keith: He's just, yeah, hanging out having a nice cozy night in--

Kyle: He's drinking out of a goblet and reading in the dark! *laughter* You're gonna give yourself eye-strain, Mac! You shouldn't do that. **Eamon: Yeah!**

Keith: So, Richie shows up with this girl in tow, and I guess she's been injured at some point? She's hurt her head.

Eamon: Yeah. It doesn't make much sense.

Kyle: Leading to the line: "It's too early to see if you have a concussion." **Keith: Yeah.** I just find that--cos I don't know if that's true. If you've suffered some kind of head-trauma, shouldn't their eyes be dilated and not focusing properly, and glazed over? I thought that was pretty instantaneous.

Keith: I don't know.

Eamon: I have no idea.

Keith: I got a concussion, once.

Eamon: Did you?

Keith: Skiing. I went down real hard cos I'd never skied before, and I thought I could, I don't know, handle a hill and, whoop, that ruined skiing for the rest of the day, cos I just felt like I was gonna puke.

Eamon: Yikes!

Keith: Good story.

Kyle: Yeah, I feel like she would know. If she got a concussion. Or somebody would know.

8:26 Keith: So, Mac asks Richie what's up, and he explains this whole situation. And Richie's like "Oh, I could feel this guy coming a block away!" and I was like, "Hold on!" Cos we've had this conversation before. Richie couldn't detect, uh, what's-her-name, Sheena Easton, in--

Eamon: While she was right next to him, yeah.

Keith: --when she was right behind him, and it's like oh maybe it's because he's a baby Immortal, and doesn't have... he hasn't honed his senses. Not in this... this time! **Eamon: Yeah.** So, whatever. It doesn't matter.

Kyle: We do come to find out that Mako is VERY old. **Yeah!** He's way older than Mac. So, maybe it's cos of how strong HE is, relative to someone like Sheena Easton? Or there could just be no rules on it, and it's all bogus.

Keith: Yeah. Although we've never actually talked about that point. Is that... if the older Immortals would have maybe a stronger buzz-presence. **Kyle: Yeah.** Because they're emitting so much buzziness.

Kyle: Buzz-juice?

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: You've got so much Quickening-liquid! *chortling*

Eamon: Eew-hoo. Sloshing around in there.

9:17 Kyle: At this point we get treated to our first very nice flashback, where we discover that Mac is in the Old West, in 1880!

Eamon: And he's a newspaper man!

Keith: This is another great set-dressing! **Eamon: Yeah.** Er, it's not a set, it's a location, but it looks awesome! **Kyle: It's great!** Tons of extras, great costumes... **Eamon: Another good one!** A+! **Eamon: Yeah.**

Kyle: Yup! And Mac is hunting for cases for the Northwest Ledger!

Keith: So, he's hanging out with his friend Tim, who I guess is a shop-owner? And I guess Tim is talking about moving to Alaska for the Gold Rush up there, not to hunt for gold, but to open a shop--**Eamon: Yeah!**--and make a bunch of money. But he reveals that, I guess his wife is expecting! So, Mac drags him away to celebrate with some... whiskey? Or, no it's--

Kyle: 1820 Brandy!

Keith: Brandy! Which is, it says on the bottle, "Uncommonly Smooth Fine Old Brandy".

Eamon: Fine Old Brandy... **Keith: Yup!** Hooch!

Kyle: I'm glad--I like to think that even in 1820 they were marketing things as "Fine Old". Remember when you were young in the 18--in the 1790s? You remember how good you thought Brandy was then? Recapture that feeling! With 1820 Smoothest Fine Old Brandy! **Keith: Yeah!**

Eamon: Can we talk about how Mac is a journalist? *laughter* **Keith: Sure!** Or whatever? Like--

Kyle: Do we find this problematic in some way?

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: I think it's a great--

10:31 Keith: I don't find it--I mean, we've had hints of this before, right? Cos in the Pennsylvania Coal Mining town, in what episode was that? That was OH, The Zone...

Kyle: The Zone!

Keith: I think it was hinted at that he was a newspaper guy then, right?

Kyle: I thought so but...

Keith: Or did WE imply that he might be at that point?

Kyle: I don't remember...

Keith: And then it was definitely implied, I think, in the New York flashback, in Little Italy.

Eamon: Hmmm.

Keith: For... what episode was that?

Kyle: Revenge of the Sword.

Keith: Revenge of the Sword! Which was a stupid flashback but another... a great setting!

Eamon: I don't get the sense that he's a man of words.

Kyle: But he wrote that story in Epitaph For Tommy!

Eamon: That's true. Yeah, you're right.

Kyle: Ghostwrote that story!

Eamon: Maybe that's the connection. That's another one of those weird connections. He writes that story, and now he's a newspaper man. Newspaperman.

11:15 Kyle: I have no problem buying it. That, as he tries to, you know, leave fighting behind, he transitions into a profession like that. I think it's objectively a good profession for an Immortal, **Eamon: Sure.** because you have all this historical context, and, you know, you can go out there and it's an excuse to explore the world!

Eamon: It also means Mac knows how to operate a printing press.

Keith: But not a coffee-press.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Absolutely not! *laughter*

Eamon: Yeah.

11:39 Keith: So, at some point during their celebration, Mac gets the Buzz. **Eamon: Mmhm.** And it's Mako--Mik-O, come to town. **Eamon: Mike-Oooh.** So Du--

Kyle: In my notes here I was like, okay. Should the joke be Mike-O, or should I keep making Final Fantasy 7 references about Mako?

Eamon: The Mako-reactor!

Kyle: Yeah, the face you're making right now, Keith, indicates that Mike-O it is! *laughter*

Keith: I have him referred to, in my notes, a lot as Anton Chigurh, from No Country For Old Men. Cos he's basically that.

Eamon: Yeah. The music in this scene is very Ennio Morricone. Like, it's ba--

Kyle: No idea what that is. **Keith: Yup.**

Eamon: Ennio Morricone's a composer who composed all the Sergio Leone Spaghetti-Western movies. He recently scored The Hateful Eight with Quentin Tarantino--**Keith: That's right!** But he's a legendary film composer. There's this movie Once Upon a Time in the West, which everybody should watch. Harmonica's a central plot-point, but throughout the whole movie there's this harmonica musical cue, which the composer for this episode, *harmonica playing over* whose name I used to remember but now I don't, sorry.

Keith: Roger Bellon.

Eamon: Yeah. He has to have watched that movie and borrowed that for this, cos it's the same kind of thing. **Keith: Awesome!** So, yeah. Look out for that. Watch that movie, buy the soundtrack, it's very good. *chuckle*

12:52 Keith: Ah, so Mako is in town. Mike-O is in town looking for Tim, it turns out. And he's kind of rallied the townspeople around, and he [says] "I gotta find this guy, and you're gonna help me, because I know you all know where he is."

Eamon: Well, like Mac sees him out the window, and then Tim also sees him, and he's like "Ooooh, I gotta go!" **Keith: Right!** "Ooooh!" And Tim's a wiener. *laughter* **Kyle: Yeah.** Also. **Keith: Yeah.**

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, kind of.

Keith: He's a family man.

Eamon: That's tr--

Kyle: Though, as we come to find out later, he's going to fight. He gets into it.

Eamon: That's true.

Keith: Mac and Mac-O? Mac and Mako?

Kyle: Mac de Mako?

Eamon: It's a shark, isn't that a shark?

Keith: Yes, there is a shark!

13:30 Kyle: Or it's like... it's like the stuff that you get showered in if you want to join Shinra's elite group of soldiers. Maybe it's that!

Eamon: That's right.

Keith: It's been a while since I saw it.

Kyle: Readers, write us in every version of Mako! *laughter*

Eamon: Just anything Mako.

Keith: The Mako Countdown!

Kyle: *laughing* Next on Highlander Rewatch, our top-ten Makos! **Keith: Mike-Os!**

Keith: Top ten Makos! David Letterman!

Kyle: Mako the Shark, Mako the Gummy Shark... *laughter*

Eamon: Street Sharks!

Kyle: Are there... are there Makos in Street Sharks?

Eamon: Ah!

Keith: There's gotta be.

Eamon: There should be. They fight! They bite. They're Street Sharks.

14:03 Kyle: Jawsome!

14:04 Keith: Mac and Mako have a conversation. *strong laughter* We are way off base here! SO, Mac and Mako have a conversation about what he's in town for, and they seem to have an understanding. It's "As long as you stay out of my way, let me do my job," **Eamon: Yeah.** "Alright, I guess so." It's tense, though.

Kyle: They've got... they've got history already. He knows Mako's whole deal, well before this conversation starts.

Eamon: Yeah. Mako's looking for Tim because he says he killed a Wells Fargo man on a train.

Kyle: "Last time I saw yew, yew and Fitzcairn were just learning how to read!" *laughter*

Keith: That's a good reference. And... that episode hasn't happened yet, has it?

Kyle: There is in fact an episode in the future, where Mac and Hugh Fitzcairn learn to read.

Keith: Yeah! Which I thought this was a great little thing! That they've actually pre-empted the episode in the flashback. Like they've mentioned an event that is--we have not yet seen. Which is really cool.

Eamon: That IS pretty cool.

14:57 Keith: So in the next scene we--Uh, Duncan, I guess, is confronting Tim about this whole situation. It turns out that Tim, I guess, his brother was a bank robber, back in the day--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and invited Tim to go along with the ride, he didn't know what the deal was, and he--he wasn't PART of the robbery, but I guess he was maybe lookout, or something.

Kyle: He was watching the horses. Which--SPOILER ALERT!--that means you're part of the robbery, Tim. You are in fact part of a robbery. *laughter*

Keith: But I guess during this robbery, they end up shooting this guy, which was not supposed to happen, or whatever, but... they end up running off, and Tim was of course part of this gang, so he's blamed for it.

Kyle: Rightly!

Keith: Right, exactly! *laughter*

Kyle: "Oh no, no! I didn't shoot the guy! I just facilitated the people shooting the guy by ensuring that they couldn't be caught." Great! He's like the ye olde version of a getaway driver. **Keith: Right!* *foolvoce* "Oh yeah I d--I wasn't involved." Oh, okay.

Keith: You do feel a little bad for him. I mean, he says he didn't know that was what was happening.

15:50 Kyle: It's a BANK ROBBERY! *laughter* What'd he think they were going to do? Tickle the teller? *laughter* *teasingvoce* Give us your moneeeeeeeey!"

15:57 *****Eamon: Well it was probably like: "We're just gonna go watch the train go by. *laughs* Real relaxing-like. Here, hold these guns and horses."

Kyle: *choking with laughter* It's like--


16:12 Keith: So, Duncan tells Tim to flee and hide and he'll bring him supplies. He tells him to flee to Bayou Falls and... hold on.

Kyle: Where are--what?

Keith: Where are we? Again, we're definitely in the Northwest, right? Cos it's the Northwest Ledger--

Kyle: And he wants to go to Alaska. **Keith: Correct.** You're not going there from Louisiana.

Keith: Bayous do not exist up there. One: Bayou is... certainly is a French word, correct? That is, like, local to Louisiana Creole culture, or whatever. **Eamon: Mmm.** So, I don't know what the Hell's going on.

Eamon: Popeye's Chicken. Re--We do right bayou.

Keith: Can you also have wadderfall--*sheepish* wudderfalls. Hahahah Listen to MY accent. Can you--

Kyle: Wuhd-wuder. I’ll have the wud! *laughter*

Keith: Can you have--*enunciates carefully* waterfalls--**Eamon: Water.** Water! --In a bayou? Like waterfalls in a bayou? Cos...

Kyle: Cos then it's almost by definition not stagnant anymore?

Keith: Exactly, yeah.

Eamon: Creekfalls! *laughter* Puddle Falls.

17:11 Keith: I'm calling you out on your ecological terminology, Highlander! *laughter*

Kyle: Wetlands Falls!

17:17 Eamon: So, we get into this... like, this is... I think this was our opening, this philosophicalll... philosophical? Is that the right--?

Keith: I think so. **Eamon: Okay.**

Kyle: Yes!

Eamon: I thought I said it wrong, for some reason. --discussion about what the law is, and what justice is.

Keith: These two guys have clear stances on what they think the law is.

Eamon: Mako thinks justice is what a lawyer gets in court, and the law is like how we should live...? Uuuuuh.

Keith: It's like the letter of the law. And Duncan has room for compassion, I suppose. **Eamon: Mmhm.** I think these philosophies get a little muddied, especially in some of the recent episodes we've seen.

Eamon: Yeah. Of Duncan always taking the law into his own hands. **Keith: Yes!**

Kyle: Like always. He always takes the law into his own hands, until the antagonist IS a lawman!

Keith: Right! Cos yeah, Duncan is always advocating "We should go to the police, we should d--" then it's like, suddenly not anymore.

18:10 Kyle: It's a can of w--yeah, we’re done with that.

Keith: And also, Mako I think makes a pretty good argument here, because Duncan advocates for Tim. He [says] "Well I do know him, but he's a good guy. He's got a family coming, he really is fairly innocent in this scenario. So let him be." And Mako [answers], "That's fine. Let the judge decide. If that's the case, okay." And I feel like that's a pretty level-headed way to go about it. It's like, "You're right. We'll present the facts, and... if he really is fairly innocent in this whole thing, okay. **Kyle: Fine.** That's the way it works."

Kyle: Them's the rules!

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah!

Eamon: This is one of the only instances... we kind of always complain about this, where Duncan's adversaries in these episodes are made too evil, even if sometimes they have an interesting point of view. Mako isn't really a BAD guy. They never really show him do anything EVIL.

Kyle: He never does ANYTHING evil.

Keith: --ANYTHING evil.

Kyle: In some of the things that he does in present day, are... I don't know, borderline?

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: They're not EVIL.

19:04 Keith: Borderline?! But--

Kyle: Whatever they are, they aren't evil.

Eamon: They're rough, he--

Kyle: I feel comfortable saying "You should not do that!"

Keith: Yeah, and they're certainly not illegal in any way, or like--

Kyle: Yeah, they are. But--

Keith: What--well, we'll get to that later.

Kyle: Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Tons of it's illegal, but...

19:18 Keith: Alright.

19:19 Eamon: But he's not like... EVIL, like... like Horton. Horton has--

Kyle: No, not even--

Eamon: --an interesting point of view, but he's SO fucking evil. He's like--

Kyle: One of the things, and we'll talk about this when it comes up, I think we are supposed to think, based on a lot of the discussions that happen, that the Mako in the future is like a fallen... like a somewhat fallen version of the character? **Eamon: Mmhm.** Like... he's a lesser version of himself. Like he's--**Keith: Maybe.**--in some way, been a little bit corrupted.

Keith: Richie makes a comment, yeah we'll see later in the episode, he [asks] "How do you know this guy is the same guy that you used to know?" Yeah, they're definitely implying that he's maybe gone off the deep end with his version of the law.

Eamon: Hmmm.

Kyle: Right.

Keith: But I don't think they necessarily demonstrate that too well.

Kyle: They sprinkle it... but again--and maybe this was intentional-- I agree that they've sprinkled this concept, I don't think we're ever supposed to think he is SO over the line that he's a bad guy, though. Like, he might be a lesser version of himself, but he's still not... evil.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Why doesn't Mac want Tim to own up to his actions?

Kyle: That's a great question. Just because... maybe he's right that he doesn't deserve the same punishment as his brother might have gotten, but he's definitely morally culpable for this, and he's certainly legally culpable for it. There's no question that... that is a punishable offence, what he did.

Keith: And I'm not sure what the judicial system in the late 1800s would be, but I have to imagine that there is certainly room for...

Eamon: The Death Penalty? *amused*

Keith: Well, NO, there, I mean--

Kyle: There is definitely room for that!

Keith: Well there's definitely room for that, but I have a feeling that that's not what Tim would be lookin' at.

Eamon: I have no idea.

Keith: Presumably. I don't know though.

Eamon: I think they'd probably hang 'im.

Keith: Yeah?

Eamon: I have no idea. *laughter* I'm basing this off of Old West movies, that are very factually correct. *laughter*

Kyle: Realistically he is most likely an accessory to murder, **Keith: Mmhm!** and would probably be convicted of that. He would probably be facing a very harsh sentence--**Keith: Probably.**--regardless, but--**Eamon: Yeah.**--you know, that was also the system of the day. It wasn't a perfectly nuanced, well-fleshed out system, which by the way we still don't have, so... **Keith: Yeah.** Even today, someone would be facing a very harsh sentence for this.

Keith: Mmhmm.

Eamon: So maybe it's just cos Mac likes Tim, and doesn't want him to potentially go away--

Keith: That's exactly what it is. Mac likes Tim. *laughter*

Eamon: Yeah. But then it's like... it's like what Sully said. "This is right or wrong because YOU say it is." I might have some problems with that.

Kyle: One thing I will say is that at least in that instance, Sully killed a bunch of people, but...

Eamon: Right, yeah that's the other thing. It's like, Sully IS a bad guy.

Kyle: But Mac definitely... is very comfortable with his own moral judgements... and less so with others'... *laughter*

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🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

22:15 Keith: So, back in the present, I guess Richie is finding out about Mako and he's surprised that he's a cop. But Duncan wants to find out what this woman--what's her name?

Eamon: Laura.

Keith: Laura! That's it. *laughs* --what she is hiding from. She says she doesn't know. She's fibbing! **Eamon: Fibbing.** She's clearly hiding something. **Eamon: Yeah.** Because Duncan says "Well, let's get the police, then, and figure this out." And she [says] "Uh-uh. Noooo popo."

Eamon: Nooo popo...

Kyle: Yeah. That's actually a quote, and it's a direct quote.

22:42 Eamon: She's like *high voce* "No popo!" *laugh*

Kyle: Mr. Popo!

Eamon: Oooh, Mr. Popo! Kami's steadfast servant.

22:50 Kyle: Let's make the entire premise of this just to make more references that Keith does not understand.

Eamon: That sounds good! **Keith: *laughs***

Kyle: Let's see how many we can rack up! **Eamon: Blah!**

Keith: That's easy for me, cos I'm... I'm usually missing a LOT. *laughter*

Eamon: That is a Dragonball reference, Keith.

Keith: Hold on. Can we talk about how--

Kyle: He's a very racist caricature--

Keith: I meant to bring this up at the--

Kyle: --of multiple races.

Eamon: Yeah. *chuckles* Yeah, that's true.

23:12 Keith: Hold on. We've gotta take a definite side-track here. So, I'm--

Kyle: *laughs* Unlike all the other times.

Keith: Unlike everything else we've been talking about, so--

Kyle: This one's intentional.

Keith: Oh yeah. **Eamon: Definitely.** I meant to mention this at the top of the episode. But, we had talked in The Zone about how the... uh, what was his name? Uh, Canaan...**Eamon: Mmhm.** was...

Eamon: Cain and Abel.

Keith: Right. That he sounded like Wolverine, who sounds like Piccolo.

Kyle: Who sounds like Mr. Piccolo in some of the seasons.

Keith: Right. So I did some digging, on... to see what the deal was. **Eamon: makes agreeing noises** Adrian Paul said in his Peace Magazine that the villain--**Eamon: Peace!** *laugh*--the villain was dubbed. So, I think it is this guy. His name is Cathal?(kʌðɔ:l) Cathal (kəθl)... Dodd. He's the voice of Wolverine. **Eamon: Yeah.** He IS Canadian, and--

Kyle: Coz that's where that Funimation is based, right?

Eamon: Right. Yeah, yeah.

Keith: --he does not have a credit like on IMDb obviously for this; it's all uncredited, but I did find that his agent is located in Vancouver. **Eamon: Mmm!** So, I have a very sneaky suspicion that, last minute, they called him up and was like "We need to do this." And they probably gave him a couple of hundred bucks to do this gig. **Eamon: Nice!** So, I'm 90% sure it's gotta be this guy.

Eamon: That's possible.

Keith: So, Wolverine is Canaan.

Kyle: And it is also Mr. Piccolo?

Keith: I think he's Piccolo... or no, or do they just sound similar? He's definitely Wolverine. **Kyle: Yeah.**

Eamon: Yeah. I don't think... he could be. I don't know. That's pretty cool, though! **Keith: Yeah!**

Kyle: Nailed iiiiiiit! *Keith laughs*

Eamon: Good ear!

Kyle: Bub! *laughs* *moment of silence* Keith, Did you get that reference? That--

Keith: I DID get that reference!

Eamon: I'm tryin' to... *Wolverine voce* "This one's for you, Morph!" *hysterical laughter* "Wh--what about Morph?" I love quoting the first episode of the X-Men cartoon, because it's really stupid. Do yourself a favor. If you liked that show, go back and watch it again, because it does not hold up very well.

Keith: It's a giant soap opera and I love it! **Kyle: Uh--**

Eamon: Very funny.

Kyle: No, the first season, I think holds up okay. After that, all bets are off.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Pretty much every good episode that I remembered were all in the first season. **Eamon: Yeah.** And then after that it was like: The Christmas Special. **Eamon: Yeah!** With the Morlocks! **Eamon: *chuckles***

25:12 Keith: So, Laura is in the loft, giving I guess her version of the story. **Eamon: Mmhmm.** And she says she's a girl who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Or in a place where there still IS a wrong side of the tracks...

Eamon: What does that mean?

Keith: I don't know. I guess--

Kyle: That's obviously Seacouver, as we've learned--**Eamon: Yeah!**--there are multiple tracks in Seacouver, and there are wronger, and wronger sides of them! **Eamon: Yeah.**

Keith: So, she married the richest--the son of the richest guy in town--**Eamon: MmHM.**--because she says she wanted to be Cinderella. So she's like kind of a gold-digger. *laughter*

Eamon: *quote voce* I ain't saying she's a gold-diggerrrrr, rap!

Keith: But I guess her husband would come home drunk a lot--**Eamon: Mmhm.**--and hit her. And then this is very much like Nowhere To Run. **Eamon: Yeah.** Which is also directed by Clay Borris, where they cut away to these very violent scenes of her getting slapped around. **Eamon: Mmhmm.**

Kyle: And it's kind of like Predator-Vision again, yeah it's weird.

26:07 Keith: That's right! So, she ran away, and--

Eamon: And she said his father is really influential, or a judge or something?

Keith: Yeah. He told the judge that, I guess, she stole from them, and ran away with their money. And so I guess Mako has been hired to bring her back.

Eamon: So this is the story she tells Mac. Mac isn't so sure.

Keith: Right. But Richie's like "Oh, we'll help you out, baby!" He's like--this is Richie's game. He's got her right where he wants--it's like Richie's game is find women in danger and prey on them!

26:38 Eamon: Yeah! Like he always likes these vulnerable women. It was like in the one with Dominic-the-Zone-Piton, where he's like, latching on to women in trouble. Like--

Keith: Right. And he did it in The Beast Below, as well.

Eamon: Yeah. He's like leveraging his weird savior position to try to get some....

Kyle: Unsavory! Yeah!

Eamon: It's like, not cool, Richie!

Kyle: Unseemly!

Eamon: Yeah! Un-Richie!

27:01 Keith: Yeah. So, Big Star place!

Eamon: Big Star! We haven't talked about THAT in a while.

Kyle: Well I don't think it's been in the season.

Keith: Sadly, no.

Kyle: It's still in my heart, though. *Eamon: laughs* That's the biggest star of all! Maybe the Real Slim Shady... is the friends we made along the way. *chuckles*

27:16 Eamon: So, Mac-o doesn't really believe Laura.

Kyle: Yeah, of course not. **Keith: Right.** This is an odd story. Especially involving a player that Mac knows. **Eamon: Yeah.**

27:25 Keith: So, we cut to like later tha--I guess she's gonna stay with Mac, **Eamon: Mmhm.** Also, because Richie sai--he calls it out. "I don't think she's your type. I feel comfortable leaving her with you." Because Mac's not gonna sleep with her? **Eamon: Yeah.** These two are really hunting down these ladies--

Kyle: Yeah, it's weird. And like... their weird competition over Hornberger, in--**Keith: Yeah.**

Eamon: Also, I like that Richie's like, "Oh, I'll help you! Anyway, it's getting late, I gotta go home. You can stay with Mac." **Kyle: Yeah.** It's like, oh great. Thanks a lot.

27:57 Keith: Laura takes a walk down by, I guess, the waterfront? Which is, I guess not too far from the dojo. **Eamon: Yeah.** And Mac finds her there. I guess she's mulling things over. And he makes a comment about, like, he's like "Hey, you gotta be careful down here. Like, in the best times, this is a bad neighborhood." And again, it's like WHAT is Seacouver like? This is supposedly--

Kyle: Where ARE you?

Keith: This is supposedly two blocks or so from the dojo, and it's a crazy--it's like The Zone! It's like: "You can't come down here at night!" It's like right--

Eamon: Yeah. I don't get it. *Keith: laughs*

Kyle: Yeah, and first-season Seacouver, did not get that impression at ALL. **Eamon: Yeah!** Seacouver's just Flint, Michigan!

Eamon: Yeah hahahah.

28:31 Keith: So she--she I guess is picking up on the fact that Mac is not trusting her, and he's warning her "You better be careful with Richie. He's gonna believe whatever you tell him. And you're just gonna drag him along to whatever scheme you're doing. Don't hurt my friend."

Eamon: He doesn't want Richie to throw his life away.

Keith: So now, we get an amazing scene. Back at Richie's apartment, and maybe this is why he didn't want Laura to come over, because he's got a great setup in his little bachelor pad. *laughter* So, Richie's taking a shower, and he has got the greatest shower curtain!

Eamon: Yeah, what is it? It's like a newspaper, or something?

Keith: Uh, he's got singles' ads on it?

Kyle: Whaaaat?

Keith: It's "32 and looking to party". Like it's all these--**Eamon: Eew!**--singles' ads. It's fantastic.

Kyle: So he just--every time he takes a shower he tries calling one? **Keith: Yeah!**

29:20 Eamon: *laughter* "Are you in trouble? No? Oh. Okay."

Keith: "Are you in trouble?" *laughing* That's HIS single ad! Singles' ad! He's like--

Kyle: I'm thirty-one, but I say I'm twenty-three!

Keith: Looking for a woman in distress!

Kyle: Yeah! Can save you from ancient lawman! *laughter*

Keith: In parenthesis: with help of friend. If you're into that.

Eamon: With help of tall, Scottish friend! *laughter*

Kyle: Oh, boy.

29:46 Eamon: So Richie is taking a shower, and gets THE BUZZ. And--

Keith: Not a block away.

Kyle: Like, right there!

Keith: Mako busts into his--

Kyle: I could feel him coming a parlor away!

Eamon: Mako busts in and punches Richie right in the fucking face!

Kyle: It's like a savage, open-palmed strike!

30:02 Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: So this whole thing is--AWSOME!

Kyle: It's... this scene is hilarious. He's got Richie by his little Ramen curls--*laughter*

Keith: And Richie's just naked, and they're just--He's just ge--

Eamon: Yeah, and he's shaking him around a lot. Richie's probably dangling a little bit down there. *wild laughter*

Kyle: I'm glad... glad you're painting a full picture!

Eamon: Yup! That's the first thing I thought of!

Kyle: Yeah. Nice word-painting of Richie's jank!

30:28 Keith: Mako asks what's the deal. Where's Laura? Richie's like "I don't know. I took her away and then just dropped her off at the bus station. I don't know where she went." So that's his little lie.

Kyle: Somewhere in the middle of this, Mako literally karate chops him!

Keith: Yes!

Eamon: Like in the neck! It doesn't seem like Mako has much interest in "The Game".

Keith: No. He warns Richie, it's like "Just don't get in my way." It's like: "We--Our kind doesn't like each other." Yeah. He doesn't seem, again, not to be a... he's not a bad guy. I think he even understands Richie's position a little bit. "You helped this girl that you didn't know anything about; I don't care. Where is she?" **Eamon: He is--** He doesn't seem like a really vengeful guy.

Eamon: He is *cough* physically assaulting this guy, though.

Kyle: After burglarizing his house. *Laughter* He is, in fact, a burglar.

Keith: Well... alright.

Kyle: He unlawfully entered someone's dwelling house at night with the intent to commit a felony therein.

Keith: Guys, it's Under the Color of Authority.

31:19 Eamon: That's right. Titular.

Kyle: Cops can't do that either!

31:21 Keith: So, after this, Mako leaves--

Kyle: Make a Mako?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: --Mako leaves, then we then cut to like a... park? Joe... Joe and Mac are meeting up, and I'm like "Where are they?" They're bird--

Kyle: My notes just say "JOE!" He's back!

Keith: They're bird-watching. It's been I guess, what, two episodes since we've seen Joe? Maybe.

Eamon: Yeah, I don't think he was in the one with Sully, was he?

Keith: He was not in The Fighter with Sully...

Kyle: He was not in the episode about a Hunter...

Eamon: Right. The Run For Your Life.

Kyle: Run For Your Life.

Keith: Run For Your Life. So what was the episode before that?

Eamon: Uuuuh... I don't know!

Keith: I don't know either! *moment: laughter*

Eamon: Run For Your Life; Epitaph For Tommy...

Keith: He was in Epitaph For Tommy, right?

Eamon: Was he?

Kyle: No.

Eamon: No.

Keith: No?!

Eamon: I don't think so.

Keith: So it's been like three episodes since we've seen Joe?

Eamon: The Fighter.

Kyle: At least. Yes.

32:07 Keith: Jeeze! Well, he's back! Thankfully! The person who delivers the opening monologue to the show--**Eamon: Yeah.**--is IN the show!

Eamon: Good job, guys.

Keith: So, Mac's there and he wants info on the girl.

32:20 Eamon: Yes, again

Keith: But it's all because that Mako is the one looking for him. **Eamon: Yeah.** Like I don't know, it's weird.

Eamon: Why would Joe have information about that?

Keith: I don't know. And Duncan doesn't need information about Mako. We get more exposition from Joe; he's like "Oh yeah," he's like "Mako. He used to be a sheriff back in the 1860s." It's like "We know! We just saw that flashback!" **Eamon: Yeah!** It's like "You're providing no information, Joe!" *laughter*

Eamon: Nope. And Mac's like "Yeah yeah yeah. Anyway, about this Laura-girl..." *laughter*

Kyle: It's just like "just call the cops..." 32:49*****

Keith: Well I guess that--I think they DO justify it. I think that's why. Duncan says he doesn't want the police involved, because he's not sure what the deal is with the girl.

Eamon: Joe also says that Mako was a sheriff in En-ga-land.

Kyle: A constable.

Keith: Right!

Eamon: Mmm, constable!

Keith: Even before he was Immortal! **Eamon: Right.** I think we find that out from Mako himself. **Eamon: Yeah.**

Kyle: From the horse's mouth.

Keith: Yeah. He's been a lawman for six hundred years.

33:08 Eamon: Then we cut to the dojo, and Richie's visiting. And this is where Richie calls Mac on his BULLshit.

Keith: Yeah, cos Mac is like don't do anything. Like, Mako is... you're not gonna beat him, and it's dangerous, and... well, he still doesn't trust Laura--**Eamon: Yeah.**--but yeah, Richie calls him out and he's like "Well, you get to help people all the time, why can't I help people?"

Eamon: Right!

Kyle: Cos you're not helping anyone, Richie! You're just trying to get some!

Eamon: Like, that's the only reason he's helping her, right? Cos she's pretty? *Keith bursts out laughing*

Kyle: Cos her story is like... her story is so kind of like so kind of facially flimsy.

Eamon: Yeah.

33:44 Keith: Well, when they go upstairs to the loft, she's packing up. It looks like she's gonna split town. And of course Richie's gotta try to step in again, he's like "No, I wanna help you!" **Eamon: Yeah.** He's really chasing that tail. I guess she explains that "Oh, like a--" what was his name? Carl? **Eamon: Earl.** Earl. **Kyle: Earl.** Like, "Earl's daddy used to hit me." And Mac is like, "Wait a minute. Earl's DAD used to hit you? I thought it was Earl that hit you."

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So sh--this is the first time we see a crack in her story, **Eamon: Hmmm.**--and we're not sure what's up. Which is weird because I don't know why--like, she legitimately is not lying about her story, as we find out. She does have an abusive husband, **Eamon: Yeah.**--we later find out, so I don't understand why there's a crack in her story.

Eamon: Probably just got nervous.

Kyle: It is very odd.

Keith: Cos yeah, there's no reason to lie! Like, everything she's talking about is basically true!

Eamon: Yeah. Doesn't make sense!

Keith: Richie is not cool hearing this "Stay out of it," from Mac-thing. And Richie's like "I'm a big boy! I can do it! Let me do it! I'm a grownup too!"

Eamon: "Mommy! Wow. I'm a big boy!"

Keith: "I have novelty shower curtains! I can do this!" **Eamon: Yeah! *chuckles***

Kyle: Hey, only a truly big boy would have a novelty shower curtain. **Eamon: Yeah!**

Keith: Well, he's ready to settle down for a relationship. **Eamon: That's right!** That's why he's looking at those ads.

Eamon: Well Mako saw him naked, so he'll always be the only one who would be able to know if Richie is indeed a big boy or not. *wheezing laughter*

Kyle: The only one.

Eamon: The ONLY one!

35:00 Keith: So, this line "I'm a big boy" is used as the transitional element--*laughing* which is amazing!

Kyle: Yeah. Woohoo woooh! (makes wavy sound effects like going back in a flashback)

Keith: --uh, to the past. We get back to the 1800s, and a little kid is [saying] "I'm a big boy!" to Mac about... what? I don't--

Eamon: I have no idea.

Keith: I wonder what the conversation they were talking about was. **Eamon: Yeah.** But I guess this kid reveals that Tim is going to have a gunfight with Mako.

Kyle: Yeah, and having a literally--literally having a quick-draw.

Keith: Yes. And right outside the door. Mac is unaware of all of this. Doesn't get a buzz, but... it's all going down.

Kyle: I could, I could feel the buzz two one-horse towns away! *laughs* **Eamon: Yeah, hahah!** Nope, the dusty road is enough to obscure that buzz! **Eamon: Yeah.**

35:40 Keith: Tim does not want to go--I guess he knows he can't run, so--**Eamon: Mmhm.**--he decides he going to kill Mako. So Mac comes out, pleading with him, "Just go with him.--**Eamon: Yeah.** You can't kill him, this won't be over."

Eamon: *perplexed* What's Tim's plan? This is the absolute worst thing he could do.

Keith: It absolutely is.

Kyle: Yeah, but they say to go to Alaska. What's honestly the likelihood in 1880 of a U.S. Marshal discovering him in Alaska?

Keith: Yeah, fleeing is a pretty good plan, for him.

Kyle: Very low. But I guess he just thinks that if he sprints, this guy's just gonna be able to catch him. **Eamon: Mmm.** Man-tracker style.

Keith: Even though Mac to--like he's not listening to Mac's advice, which was "Go hide, I'll help." **Eamon: Yeah.** He's preventing Mac from actually helping hi--they didn't even try that plan, yet. **Eamon: Yeah!**

Kyle: Well Mac got side-tracked. He's now got his apron on and he's doing some printing. **Eamon: Yeah.** *laughter* So he comes out to stop this gunfight IN HIS printing apron! **both: Yeah!**

Keith: This also maybe paints Tim as like, maybe he is more culpable in this robbery.

Eamon: He has a gun.

Keith: He draws--he draws his gun almost out of nowhere! **Eamon: Yeah!** I forget what--what does Mako say to make him draw the gun? He [said] "You're gonna come with me no matter what!" and [Tim says] "Nooooo!" and he just draw--it's like, whoa! Hold on! **Eamon: Yeah!** Put the brakes on! Also, Tim does not know Mac is immortal, obviously. **Eamon: Right.** Mac is standing in the middle of this gunfight. And Tim is just like "I'm shooting." It's like, look out for your buddy, who's trying to help you!

Kyle: He's a desperate man.

Eamon: He is. He's a wiener.

Keith: Nah.

Kyle: With Nowhere To Run, Run For Your Life!

Keith: Yeah. Mac is like, "Mako, why did you have to kill him? It didn't have to be that way."

37:07 Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, not to bury the lead, Mako wastes him.

37:10 Keith: Oh yeah Right, right.

Keith: And Mako is like, "I didn't kill him. The Law killed him."

Eamon: The Law did.

Kyle: *snarls voce* "I'm the Law!" *Judge Dredd voce* "I yam da Law!" Ye-es! Judge Dredd Rewatched! "Oyam de Lew!"

Eamon: What was that?! *laughter*

Keith: We're good at voices!

Kyle: There've been more Schw... Stallone impressions.

37:27 Keith: (mumble mouth noises) he's a good kid! Hey.

Keith: Jeeze!

Kyle: *Judge Dredd voce* I didn't betray the Law! I AM the Law! *laughter*

Kyle: Judge--I... adore that movie. It's so...

Eamon: Judge Dredd, or Dredd?

Kyle: Well, actually Dredd is quite good. Dredd is a fun movie!

37:41 Eamon: I love Dredd. Yeah.

Kyle: Dredd is a fun movie.

Keith: Dredd is a great movie. Judge Dredd, though...

Kyle: Judge Dredd is a train wreck you can't look away from!

Eamon: Isn't Rob *slight sneer* Schneider in that?

Keith: Rob Schneider's in a trashcan most of the movie... *laughter*

Kyle: Uuh, he's... at various times crawling through pipes and--

37:56 Eamon: Dust and--

Keith: Spaghetti?

Kyle: Yeah, that's a "Eat recycled food! It's great for the environment, and okay for you!" Which--

Keith: Who else is in that movie? Armand Assante, **Kyle: Ah--** Max von Sydow. The great Max von Sydow...

Eamon: He's in that?

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Yep.

Eamon: He's in a lot of shitty movies.

Keith: Who's uh... who's the romantic lead in that? It's someone who goes under--

Kyle: Diane Lane.

Keith: It's Diane Lane!

Eamon: Wow.

Keith: Hahah! It's got a ton of people in it, and... it's a hf--terrible movie.

Kyle: Ooooh, yes. But... it's great. It's also wonderful. *laughter* *Dredd voce* "I had a friend once. I Judged him."

Keith: Oh boy. *pause*

Kyle: OH! Isn't the villain in that also named Mako?!

Keith: Oh, is that Armand Assante's name?

Kyle: IIIIIIIII think it is!

Keith: Oh, those shits!

Eamon: Wow! *moment* I have to look this up.

Kyle: Oh yeah. Let's take a break real quick! *laughter*

Eamon: One minute.

Eamon: *Dredd voce* "Under Color of Authority? I AM Authority!"

38:46 Kyle: *disappointed* Oh. It's not Mako, it's Rico.

Keith: RICO! That's it.

Eamon: Rico. It's Rico. Sorry everyone.

Keith: And they're brothers, right? Is that it?

Kyle: They are in fact clones of one another.

Keith: Cloooones. 38:58. So. So! We come back from this flashback. I guess Richie's gone off with Laura, and Mac is coming downstairs, and Maco is there, waiting, in the dojo.

Eamon: Yeah. And they do this weird thing, where they show their hands, like it's a Western.

Keith: Well, they get into an argument, and Mako [says] "The kid's outside." The Buzz is working very differently, again. Cos we've talked about feeling multiple Immortals, can they do that? Clearly, he is. He knows it's Richie--**Eamon: Yeah.*--or, I guess, infers it's Richie. Uh, yeah, but yeah then they do a Quick Draw, with their swords, and it's amazing!

Eamon: Mmhmm. But they appear, out of nowhere!

Keith: YES! Absolutely out of nowhere. And I guess Duncan has his sword to Mako's neck, and...

Eamon: He HAS him!

Keith: ... he has him, but why--I mean, then-I guess Mako gets Mac because he [says] "Is this your idea of justice?" and that makes Mac put his sword down. **Eamon: mmmmmm.** Cos they both clearly have some sense of justice.

Eamon: Yeah. But i--

Keith: And in the original script apparently they fight, too. **Eamon: Ah!** This is a whole fight scene. And Mac wins.

39:53 Eamon: That's pretty cool.

Keith: Then we get that line, which I think makes this scene a little more powerful.

39:56 Kyle: Awesome.

Eamon: I did like the kind of hand-thing.

Kyle: Even though it was kind of false, because they apparently had their swords.

Eamon: Yeah.

40:00 Keith: Richie, and Laura, have a hotel room. **Eamon: Yeah.** And Laura decides she wants to 'thank' Richie, and Richie's like "Yeah, this is the payoff!" *laughter*

Eamon: But he's like "You don't have to if you don't want to."

Keith: And she's like "No, I'd like to thank him." With sexy-time! And *laugh* then they start wet-kissing. **Eamon: blech!** It's REALLY wet. It's sloppy. *wheeze-laugh*

Kyle: Here we go again!

Eamon: *Laughs* We're all disgusted by this!

Kyle: Well, I think the--well, the thing that actually makes this disgusting is the weird quid pro quo. It's like "Oh, you're helping me evade justice, and I'm repaying you with sex." That's unsavory.

Eamon: Yes. *laugh*

40:38 Keith: Mac and Joe meet back up--

Eamon: And they're at the mansion that we've seen **Keith: Where--?** 60,000 times.


Eamon: So this is Joe's house, too?

Keith: Well, alright. So--

Kyle: Maybe?

Keith: --That's what's kind of implied here. **Eamon: Yeah.** So, we're not quite sure where Joe and Mac are. Presumably it's Joe's house, but that will, I think, be called into question later, in another episode.

Eamon: Hmm. Maybe it's Watcher's Headquarters! **Keith: Hey!** Where there has already been several Immortal duels! *laughter* Where like the lawn of this mansion has exploded when guy-whose-name-I-can't-remember got beheaded. What was that guy? The guy that Mac fought with on New Year's--

Kyle: Wall Street Walter Reinhardt?

Keith: Walter Reinhardt. Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Keith: 'Wall Street Walter Reinhardt'... *laughter* So--

Kyle: I just like these Wall Street Walter. *laughs*

Keith: --Joe's given Mac the scoop on what he's learned about Laura. And I guess Mako is working for the Texas Court System? **Eamon: Yeah.** And he's in charge of br--er, I guess not in charge of. He brings in bail jumpers-- Eamon: --and he's a law-and-order fanatic! *laughs* Much like the Philadelphia Phanatic!

Kyle: Yeah, he's a fanatic with a "P".

Keith: Yeah. *laughter*

Kyle: That stupid kazoo-wearing monster has completely destroyed my ability to spell the word fanatic. *laughter* Like, I'll try typing it into my phone, and I'll start getting angry at auto-correct, and I'll be like "What the Hell? It's right!" *laughter*

41:55: Keith: So, Joe also says, the reason she's being brought in is not because she stole money, it's because she killed her husband.

Kyle: She stuck her husband with a carving knife!

Keith: It's like "Uh-ohhh!" So now Mac really doesn't trust her, **Eamon: Nope.** obviously, and thinks she's up to no good!

Eamon: Up to no good!

42:09 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

42:14 Eamon: Do you need to tell the time? And look elegant while doing so? Then you should get the Highlander Logo Bracelet/Watch. Profoundly beautiful, this bracelet/watch has immediate impact and a classic legacy. Each symbol is a powerful message to those who understand, or a beguiling mystery for the unknowing! *strongly* It's time to reward yourself! *Kyle laughs* Or, drop the appropriate hint to your own Highlander, that if he wants to be immortalized, his maiden would love this gift, for that special occasion.

It comes in a wooden keepsake box, and... Keith, how much money do you think the Highlander Logo Bracelet Watch costs?

Keith: $65.00!

Eamon: Nope!

Keith: $75.00!

Eamon: Nope!

Keith: $85.00!

Eamon: Nope!

Keith: $130.00!

Eamon: Nope!

Keith: $150.00!

Eamon: $95.00!

Keith: NINEty-five dollars? That's al--that's like a hundred and fifty dollars in 2016 money.

Eamon: That's a lot of money.

Keith: That's a lot of dough. But I can't wait to get my 'hands'--clock hands, that is--on this sweet watch!

43:24 Eamon: My favorite part of this is: "It's time to reward yourself!" That's a joke, cos it's a watch.

Keith: Uh, what are the symbols it asks us to decipher?

Eamon: I don't know!

Keith: What is it? What is the symbol?

Eamon: So there's a... a... there's like a weird Celtic knot-thing, there's a weird... head. I don't know what this head is; it looks like a dragon-head.

Keith: Probably a dragon.

Eamon: Yeah--I guess it's a Celtic dragon--d--do they have dragons?

Keith: I think so.

Eamon: One's the Watcher symbol...

Keith: I can decipher that.

Eamon: And one just says Highlander. So that's not, like... there's nothing to decipher, that you can just read it. *Keith laughs* But for the rest of these, I don't know. *laugh* There you go, guys. *laughter*

🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

44:14 Keith: So! Back at the motel after Rich 'n... Rich, Rich--

Eamon: Rich.

Keith: Rich!

44:19 Kyle: This's my old pal--

Keith: Yeah! Yeah. Dickie, uh... what's his name?

Kyle: Dickie Ryan?

44:25 Keith: Jeezus! How come I can't remember his name?! Dickie Ryan! Ah boy! Um, he comes back with some burgers and fries, I guess ta, you know, refuel after their sexcapades. *snort of laughter* And then Anton Chigurh is right on their tail. **Eamon: That's right.** I'm not quite sure how he found them--

Eamon: Who knows.

Keith: Who knows!

Eamon: --But they flee!

Keith: --They flee out the window.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: He's a pro!

Eamon: They go to Mac for his car, and Mac lets Richie know--

Keith: Which--why do they need his car? They've got his bike!

Eamon: Well they probably couldn't go to the bike because--

Keith: Oh! So they--they escaped on foot?

Eamon: That's what it seems like.

44:55 Kyle: They needed to go to a farther hotel!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Right!

Eamon: Or they took the bus--

Keith: Maybe that's how he found them so easily!

Keith: Maybe--maybe it's--Richie spends all that $600 he brought back on a very expensive cab ride--**Eamon: Yeah!**--back to the dojo!

45:09 Keith: So, we get back and then all this stuff kind of comes to a head. **Eamon: Yeah.** And we're confronted with like, "What did you do, Laura?" And, we find out that she's like not... really lying. Like, her husband *was* abusive, and was beating the shit out of her, and again we get more of these really... I think this's even more violent than the first time--**Eamon: Yeah.**--like really violent flashback Predator-vision-things of her just being beaten around. **Eamon: Mmhm. Yeah.** And she says she... I guess, wasn't even thinking, but grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband in, essentially, self-defense. But she says the reason she had to run is because... in Earl's daddy's town, she would be... killed? Befo--like, it's really weird.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Where do they LIVE?! Like, Texas is rural, but not THAT rr--like, what?!

Eamon: Yeah.

45:56 Kyle: Yeah, the whole thing's... dubious. And if there's problems, you can get your venue changed for your trial and--

Keith: Well they call that out. And they're like "Oh, we can't get the venue changed unless we go back."

Kyle: Well that's accurate.

Keith: Right. But like--

Kyle: You're not gonna change the venue on a trial for someone who's actively eluding justice--

Keith: Right right right. But how--how... I don't know. But this whole town is this corrupt, that she can't go back without any protection, or anything? This seems... intense. **Eamon: Yeah.**

Kyle: It's silly. It's... Well, I think we're supposed to just figure it's untrue. I don't think we're supposed to think that she's believable... in saying this.

Keith: So do we think that this is... do we not think that she killed her husband because of... abuse?

Kyle: I think that we're supposed to buy that part, but this whole narrative she's constructed about.... she's lost a lot of credibility at this point. I don't know that we're supposed to trust this whole narrative that she can't get justice.

Eamon: Mac certainly doesn't trust it.

Kyle: Though... though I guess there is like a... I don't know, a 30% chance that she's lying about the abuse-part. I mean, she has just been lying the entire time.

Eamon: Would Mako be this dogged if he didn't think... like if the town was corrupt, does this kind of shed a different light on Mako?

Keith: Well, how does this work? They say that he works for the State. Where does this trial go? Like if he's working for the State, presumably this has become a state criminal case, not a county, or some regional court.

47:16 Kyle: Well, I mean, most court systems... it's run by the state. Like you're in the County of... whatever, the County of Philadelphia, but it's still the Superior Court of New Jersey, or the... you know, the Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania. The courts are generally state entities. Unless you're in a municipal court. That's literally, just like: you got a traffic ticket in your town.

Keith: In that respect, I think actually Mako would protect her. Cos he's such a Letter of the Law guy--**Eamon: Yeah.**--he would be like, "No, no, no. It can't be an unjust trial. That's not how this works."

47:42 Kyle: Right. Yeah, the whole thing... is... interesting. Also, she made bail, apparently. She's a bail-jumper. **Keith: Right.** So she's been--she's already been arrested for this crime. She didn't just run away. Conduct it--do it and run away. She's been arrested and then put up a bond, or cash, or something, and was allowed to leave. **Eamon: Hm.** And then ran--without making--

Keith: Who do you think put up the bail money? The father so he could kill her?

Kyle: Or her. Or someone in HER family? If they've got the money?

Keith: Maybe. But we know that she's from the wrong side of the tracks, that she's poor--**Eamon: Yeah.**--so she doesn't have the money-- *laughter*

Eamon: I don't know!

Keith: You got holes, plot!

Kyle: I don't know. It's... it is odd. Yeah, it is interesting that she is, in fact, jumping the bail. Also, is he working for the State, or is he working for a bondsman? **Keith: Oh!** Cos that's usually who employs bounty-hunters. So if he--

Keith: Well Joe said he worked for the State, right?

Kyle: Joe does say that. But that's usually not the way it works.

Keith: Or does he s--I can't remember the exact quote. Or does he say he wor--

Eamon: He said the Texas Courts.

Keith: Texas Courts.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So...

Kyle: Ordinarily, what ends up happening is that people put up bail-bonds for people, so the convention of "Oh you only need 10% of whatever the number is", that actually comes from the private system of bail-bonding, wherein you're effectively getting a private loan to post someone's bail. So you're paying the bail-bondsman 10%, and in exchange for you showing up faithfully to court, they keep 10% of the amount they posted for you. **Eamon: Mm.** In any case, when those people jump, THEY hire bounty hunters, cos if not, they're going to be on the hook for the full amount of your bail. That's another reason why it's weird. It's not like the Old West, like "Wanted: Dead or Alive! $500!" It generally does not work that way.

Eamon & Keith: Hmmmm.

49:18 Keith: So! Uh, why don't we take a listen to this clip, uh where Duncan and Richie kind of have it out, and all this stuff--**Eamon: Yeah yeah!**--comes to the fore.

49:27 Duncan: *low and intense* Richie, listen. Listen. I've spoken to a lawyer. We can fight the extradition, but she has to back to face the charges!

Richie: Why Mac?

Duncan: Because those are the rules.

Richie: Mac, to Hell with the rules. We're Immortals. Who cares about the rules?!

Duncan: Sometimes it's all we have.

Richie: You sound like him.

Duncan: *becoming strident* Richie, where is this going from here? *volume rising with anger* What happens if you're out on the road, and a COP recognizes her?! What are you gonna do, kill him?!

Richie: *voice rising* I don't--

Duncan: *furious* How far is this gonna go?!

Richie: *hurting* I don't know Mac! I don't know! *panting* All I know is... I gotta help her, Mac! *panting* Mac, she needs me!

49:57 Keith: Richie man, you're screwing up.

Kyle: Left and right.

Eamon: He IS screwing up. Big time.

Kyle: It's like also: Mac, you got a lawyer for this person? Like, good! Maybe he can assist her.

Keith: Also, I have a question. Duncan says that she has to go back to face the charges, but she--could she have made bail if she wasn't charged? Like, you don't get bail for just being [in the] lockup overnight?

Kyle: It happens simultaneously. They've got a constitutionally prescribed amount of time to charge you with an actual crime after you've been arrested. And at that same time, they will fix bail on the charges.

50:25 Keith: Mmm. I'm glad Kyle's a lawyer for this episode.

Eamon: Mmhmm.

Kyle: *laughs* Yes I am.

Eamon: The only stuff I know about this is from television... which is not accurate. *laughter*

Kyle: As we are... as we are experiencing, presently. Yeah. Also, the entire bail system is a corrupt and broken system so, you know. Maybe that's what Richie's fighting for this entire time!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: It's true!

Kyle: He's just way ahead of the curve! *laughter*

50:50 Keith: Well, Richie and Laura end up taking off. I guess Mac does give them--

Eamon: Mac, like, gives Richie his car keys. Why?! I don't understand!

Keith: Well I guess Richie's kind of given him an ultimatum. Like, "I gotta help her no matter what. So, either help me or don't?"

Kyle: Yeah, I don't know. Mac definitely caves to Richie's bullshit a lot easier in this than in any other episode.

Eamon: Yeah. That's weird.

Keith: Richie's becoming a man.

Kyle: Well I think that might be part of it. It might also be like, "You know, you're Immortal now. You need to start making these choices. **Keith: Right.** You're not just... you're not being sucked into my world. This is your world, and you need to navigate it." **Eamon: Yeah.**

Keith: Well, Duncan talks to... when he talks to Laura out on the dock or whatever, he mentions that. He [says] "Coz whatever you do, this is all Richie's choice that he's gonna make, so... don't screw that up for him." **Eamon: Right.** "Cuz it's his... his mistake to make."

Kyle: I like that he basically invited her to push the ultimate deception on him. It's like "Hey, my friend's really gullible, **Keith: Right!** He will just, hook line and sinker--**Eamon: Yeah.**--he will go for whatever you're selling, so, hey don't--"

Eamon: You're his type, too.

51:49 Keith: Right! Richie's type?

Kyle: Desperate!

Eamon: Yeah!


51:53 Keith: Laura and Richie take off. Mako comes in--now with two goons--that--

Eamon: Two Texas goons.

51:57 Kyle: This is like Texas goons.

Keith: Right!

Eamon: They have like bolo ties

Kyle: They're having a bolo tie competition.

Eamon: And Mac has his bo-staff.

Keith: So, this is maybe where we get the idea that Mako has gone a little further than he's gone before, because Mac is like "Let's just get the police involved, they couldn't have gotten too far; they're probably just a few blocks away." **Eamon: Yeah.** "We can put an end to this, and it doesn't have to get crazy."

Keith: and Eamon: And Mako's like "No."

52:20 Eamon: "--police!" He's mine!

Keith: And then he literally says "I am the Law!" *laughs* **Eamon: Yeah!** Which is fantastic!

Eamon: Much like SLYvester Stallone.

Kyle: Just like the Judge.

Eamon: Judge who?

Kyle: Uh... Dredd?

Eamon: Aaah!

Kyle: You may have heard of him.

52:33 Eamon: So Mac has his bo-staff and karate-fights these two Texas goons.

Keith: So the goons I guess... the goons distract Mac--**Eamon: Yeah.**--so Mako's able to run after Richie. And... he takes these guys out pretty quickly. **Eamon: Yeah.**

Kyle: Yeah, he dispatches them, easily.

Keith: Outside, I guess Richie gets in the T-Bird and--

Eamon: He can't start it!

Keith: --it stalls! He can't start it or whatever! *laughter*

Kyle: Oh, more bounty hunty--hunter thoughts for a second!

Keith: Yeah!

Kyle: So, New Jersey is a particularly stringent state in this regard. But a lot of states have followed suit in that bounty hunters aren't really allowed to use force on people--**Keith: Mmm.**--in just about any way, shape, or form, in a lot of states. Apparently not whatever the hell state Seacouver is in. *laughter* But, you can't bust up in people's house and detain them, because you're just a kidnapper at that point. Bounty hunters in New Jersey, not that infrequently, get charged with kidnapping, assault--**Keith: Wow!**--because they've got like a massive financial investment in catching these people, because they're gonna lose, maybe a hundred thousand dollar bond that they've posted--you know, so they end up essentially kidnapping people in order to bring them back in, and that's effectively what this guy is doing. And somehow, in my head, I imagine Texas has looser restrictions on this--**Keith: *laughs***--for "reasons", but it is strange. But I think almost universally, though, they're not allowed to draw guns on people. Like, you're not allowed to--

Keith: And those are older ru--I mean, older laws back in the early 90s, we're thinking?

Kyle: I think it was understood pretty early on that you can't literally have a reward for someone to go use violence on another person. **Keith: Right.**

Eamon: Or have Texas Karate goons fight--

Kyle: Yeah, karate... I don't know what their regulations on karate goons might be, but... in any case, it's all very odd. Actually there was a big controversy around this way; around where we are; maybe two years ago there was a big case where four people who were ostensibly bounty hunters--only one of them was licensed to operate as a bounty hunter--caused a massive car accident cos they were chasing someone and then they ended up assaulting this bail-jumper... and all four of these people got charged with crimes far more serious than the person they were chasing.

Keith: Ha-hah!

Eamon: Ooh.

54:38 Keith: So how accurate is Midnight Run? That's the big question.

Eamon: Mmmmm.

Kyle: Uh, it's less accurate than Chicken Run, but--*laughter*

Keith: I love that movie.

Eamon: Chicken Run?

Keith: No! Midnight Run! **Eamon: Oh, okay.** *Kyle laughs* Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. It's good stuff.

54:51 Eamon: So, Richie can't start the car, so they hop out and just start running?

Keith: Right. And then--

Kyle: Good thing we had--we went through that whole exchange about borrowing that car...

Keith: Yeah. Right. Completely useless. So, Mako chases down Richie and Laura, back in his truck, **Eamon: Yeah.** Which is good! More Dutch Angles, I don't know, it's not that exciting of a chase.

Eamon: No. Richie's like, "You know what? We--we have to stop this." **Keith: Right.** "You--you have to go back and face the music." And she's like *whines* "I don't wanna!" *wheezelaugh*

Keith: Women. Sorry! **Eamon hoot-laughs* Abused women.

Kyle: Are you Sean Connery over here? *laughter*

Eamon: Listen to Sean Connery over here!

Kyle: Also, there literally is a defense for people like her. In most places, there--**Keith: Yeah!**--they give particular instructions, not just for self-defense, but also for battered women syndrome, and the way in which it affects people... I think even in the 90s, it was coming into the fore as an accepted form of essentially PTSD that abused women get.

Keith: Right. They have this little tug-of-war. She doesn't want to give up; she wants to still run so, she's like on the curb's edge--

Eamon: And Richie's grabbing her?

Keith: Yeah, he's pulling on her, like "Come with me!" or "Stay here," I guess.

Kyle: *Arnold-voce* "Come with me if you want to live."

Keith: And so Mako speeds around the corner in his pickup--

Eamon: Yeah. And he's coming at them and she tugs free and trips--

Keith: And she trips and gets hit by the truck--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and dies.

Eamon: And she's dead.

56:09 Keith: WA-WAH.

Eamon: And Richie's very sad by this.

Kyle: As he should be; it's kind of his fault.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Then Mako comes out of the truck and is like, "Ah well. It was nobody's fault. Time to go home, kid." Like--

Kyle: Right!

Keith: Well, this is the whole "Under Color of Authority". He does not take any personal responsibility for basically anything that happens on his watch. **Eamon: Right.** Because it's under the Law. It's just doing a job.

Eamon: But he doesn't really seem too concerned or, about this, or like, he doesn't really seem like he missed out on anything, not like getting her and bringing her in, he's just like "Oh well."

Kyle: Yeah, he's pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. **Both: Yeah.** He doesn't enjoy it.

56:47 Keith: You get the impressions that it's like, "It didn't have to be this way." **Both: Yeah.** Yeah. Which is really the lesson everyo--It's kin--I don't want to say it's Mako's fault entirely, it's everybody's fault, a little bit. **Kyle: Yeah.** **Eamon: Sure.** He was way too aggressive; the girl should have turned herself in; Richie shouldn't have helped her the way he did. It was no bueno all around. **Kyle: They sh--yep.** But as the byproduct of stupid decisions, she got killed.

Eamon: Mmhm.

Kyle: Yeah. They shouldn't have violated the buddy-system when trying to cross the street.

Eamon: That's right. *laughter*

Kyle: That's very important.

57:15 Eamon: Richie, like, goes beast-mode and like... *burst of laughter from Keith* ... grabs Mako and throws him through a store window.

Kyle: Yeah. Like an abandoned--

Eamon: Like strip-mall or something?

Keith: It's like a huge department store or something, yeah.

Kyle: Under construction. They're building a Nordstrom's.

Eamon: That's right. *laughter*

Kyle: Not in Seacouver though, Seacouver can't afford it. Apparently. **Keith: Right.** Cos it's all one never-ending wrong side of the tracks.

Eamon: Yeah. *laughter*

Keith: It's the world's largest dollar-general.

57:42 Eamon: So they're fighting in this weird construction zone, which has weird black-lighting, for some reason?

Keith: Yeah! I--I like the way it's lit, honestly. Like this felt comic-booky, again. It was orange, and blue--

Kyle: Very Dick Tracy!

57:54 Keith: Yeah! It was really bright!

Eamon: Or like the scene in Batman Forever, where Robin fights those weird glow in the dark bad guys.

Keith: Glow in the dark skeleton people!

Kyle: Glow in the dark skeleton people as he's pretending to be *together* Batman!

Keith: And then Batman shows up and drives his Batmobile up a wall? Is that the same scene?

Eamon: That's in the beginning of the movie.

Kyle: I forgot.

*together* Yeah, wow.

Kyle: Get it straight!

Keith: Sorry guys!

Eamon: That's right, Keith! *wheezelaugh*

Kyle: Joel Shumarcker--Schumacher is... well, not rolling in his grave, but he's rolling.

Eamon: Joel Shumache. *laughter*

Kyle: Yeah-hahah. That's what--that's what piñatas are made out of, right?

Eamon: Yeah, that's right.

Kyle: Shumache... *laughter* I'd like to make a piñata of that movie and then ritualistically destroy it. *laughter*

58:35 Keith: So, a large part of this fight... it's fairly well choreographed--**Eamon: Yeah! It's good.**--I like how it moves around this warehouse, but I would say a good 30% of this fight is dedicated to kicking Styrofoam around.

58:45 Kyle: Yeah! Or plastic yeah.

Keith: There's a bunch of just kicking construction debris--

Eamon: And there's like weird--

Keith: --LIGHT construction debris--

Eamon: --plastic sheets all over the place.

Kyle: 58:53 I was waiting for them to kick one [and say] "Ah, that was full of nails!" **Eamon: Um--** It's a hard-hat only zone!

58:57 Eamon: But we should say that Mac has also followed everyone and is kind of following Richie and Mako--**Keith: Yeah.**--as they are doing this fight.

Keith: So, this kind of echoes the Tim... Tim V Mako dawn of... liter--Dawn of Justice. *laughter* Uh, that we had earlier, where Mac tries to intercede and he's like "It doesn't have to be that way." **Eamon: Mmhm.** But... it's repeating itself. So he's like, "Alright. Fine. If this is--this is your choice, Richie." So we're back to this Richie has to make his own decision-thing.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Richie's growing up.

Keith: *laughs* "Richie's growing up!"

Eamon: He's a big boy!

Kyle: Yeah. Also, my note on the setting is just "I'm blue da ba dee da ba die." *laughter*

59:37 Keith: So, they're fighting and Mako is... winning. He ends up cutting Richie across the chest. **Eamon: Yeah.** Uh, because he gets, he gets the high ground! **Eamon: That's right.** Yeah, he slices Richie across the chest, and then when he goes to jump down to take his head, he falls through the table.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: I think the table breaks under him.

Keith: Right, yeah!

Kyle: I don't think it's like... I don't think it's an error by him, necessarily.

Eamon: Richie--Richie, Richie swings at him, and he jumps over. And when he jumps on the other side, he falls through--

Keith: --He falls through.

Eamon: So he's like a perfect, you know, whack-a-mole for Richie.

Keith: He's stuck. Yeah. So then Richie gets up, and takes his head.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Mmmm.

Eamon: Doesn't hesitate this time.

Keith: No.

Kyle: He's no Sheena Easton. **Keith: So--** So is Richie just sexist? Is that Richie's biggest weakness?

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: He has no problem killding an old, righteous man... **Eamon: Yeah!** *laughter* But he can't kill a lady terrorist.

Eamon: Cos Mac and she had a connection, is that why he didn't kill her?

Kyle: D'you care that much if you're Richie?

Keith: I don't know. I was just gonna ask--

1:00:34 Kyle: Does Richie know? Does Richie know that they were "bed" partners?

Eamon: I guess he doesn't.

Keith: Dock partners!

Eamon: Bed partners, dock partners! *laughter*

Kyle: Oh, that sounds like something else!

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: Ah-ooh! **Keith: Docking?** I'm interested in hearing about dock partners!

Kyle: We are not explaining docking on this podcast! *laughter*

Eamon: Awww!

Kyle: Those so inclined can look it up!

Keith: No, don't!

Kyle: DON'T do that, either!

1:00:54 Keith: So, I w--we've talked about Immortal immune systems?

Eamon: Mmhmm.

Keith: --On this show before? How do we think Immortal hormones work? Like, is this really Richie just being like a crazy horndog? Is it because he's nineteen years old and he's just gotta--

Eamon: And he's a virile young lover?

Keith: Yeah. Like is that why? Like, he's not sexist but he's just crazy-horny? *laughter*

Kyle: Are y--so wait. Is your theory here all Immortals are just horny all the time?

Keith: Well the younger ones, may... does his... does his sex-drive go down?

Kyle: What? This makes no sense.

Keith: What?!

Kyle: I don't understand the premise of this.

Keith: Yes you do!

Kyle: No I don't! He's just twenty-two!

Eamon: What was the line Richie said? "My hormones are--" what? Do you remember that?

Keith: Oh, uh... it's like uh--

Kyle: In meltdown?

Keith: *laughing* Hormones in meltdown, baby! Maybe that's what's happening.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, he's just twenty-two. *laughter*

Keith: Yeah! I'm saying does someone like Mako have a lower... you know.


Eamon: A lower... sex drive?

Keith: Yeah! Lower sex drive!

Eamon: I don't know! Mako... Mako gets a hard-on from The Law! *laughter*

Keith: A law-on?

Kyle: The Law is his bed partner! **Eamon: That's right.** He shall not want!

Keith: Lady... Lady Justice! **Kyle: Yeah.** She likes the blindfold! *snicker*

Kyle: She's a swell-looker, Lady Justice.

1:01:59 Keith: So. Eamon, tell us about this Quickening.

Eamon: Oh my God. *accusing* You said you liked this!

Keith: *gleeful* I do!!

Eamon: This Quickening is 90s Nickelodeon. *Keith cackles* This is like double-dare the Quickening. *Keith can't stop laughing*

Kyle: The quote in my notes is just "Gack sprays everywhere."

Eamon: So, like Richie... it is, I guess, a fine job of Quickening-acting, but they're... they like, they're in a room that the--

Keith: Quickening-acting!

Eamon: Yeah--

Keith: That's a great one!

Kyle: Jizzing?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: In my notes I have--

Kyle: Quick-jizzing?

Keith: --this is paint jizz, it says.

Eamon: Well, they're in a room that's being painted, or whatever, but like--

Keith: Painted a bajillion colors, apparently!

Eamon: Yeah. They're all, like, neon, but... so all the paint cans start exploding. And I was like, this is... you know what's NOT dramatic?

Keith: There's another weird element to this Quickening where... there's like stars, that come from the bottom of the screen? Like, we saw this in the last episode, The Fighter, where there's a weird animated ghost-sort of like a mist that comes up?

Eamon: Yeah, like a ghost-writer. Yeah.

Keith: And in this one it's similar, except it's like stardust... it's like--

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: --what?

Eamon: It's really weird. I don't get it.

Keith: But I actually kind of liked this Quickening. I think it's fun.

Eamon: What do you like about it?

Kyle: It's just the interpretive painting!

Keith: Yeah, it's different! It's, I think kind of creative. It's fun. I don't know.

Eamon: I think the paint cans are really goofy.

1:03:11 Keith: I'm into it.

Eamon: I... I just couldn't do it. I'm like... No...

Kyle: It's like an entire Quickening of just the oil and hose from the garage scene of the movie--**Eamon: Yeah hahahah!** What stuff can we splooge everywhere? **Eamon: Hahahah!**

Keith: My notes on the--I'm just looking at my notes, and they're so matter-of-fact about what I thought about this scene. It just says "Dash: All the paint cans explode, which is cool." *Eamon: laughs*

Eamon: I'd like to see a Quickening in a bathroom, where a tube of toothpaste just... shoots all the toothpaste out!

Kyle: It just curls into a little... it's a little snail-like coil!

Eamon: Yeah, it just curls itself! *confidentially* Or what if it was in a toothpaste factory? *wheezelaugh*

Keith: *laughing* Even better!

1:03:54 Eamon: But yeah, Mac is like, kind of not very happy about any of this. He's like... he like looks disgusted.

Keith: Yeah. So, we get the--now the d--

Kyle: An appropriate response.

Keith: The denouement of this episode is back in the loft. They talk about it's gonna be winter..?

1:04:06 ***** Eamon: GameofThrones voce: "Winter is coming!"

Keith: Yeah, uh... whatever. So, uh, Mac tells Richie he's gotta leave. **Eamon: Mmhm.** So I assume that's because... too many witnesses were around? Or so--I'm not exactly sure what the implication is, but--

Kyle: Yeah, there's a headless body in a department store--

Keith: Right.

Kyle: --that a bunch of construction workers are gonna see tomorrow. And a bunch of people watched him on the street--

Keith: Throw a man--

Kyle: --throw a man through the plate glass window.

Keith: Yeah.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Mac is really cold about this whole thing, I think--**Eamon: Yeah.**-- and like, clearly again disappointed. DISAPPOINTED!

Eamon: Well Richie did ignore all of his good advice.

Keith: This ends with Richie asking if they're ever gonna have to fight each other. Which--this is like a real dark turn. **Eamon: Yeah.** And Mac is like, "Maybe." And it's like... *with Eamon: YIKES! **Eamon: Yeah.** Right? Yeah. Woh.

Kyle: Well, Richie's kind of on a bad path, right now.

Keith: Yeah, he is.

Kyle: You can extrapolate a path of this: He just killed the nicest Immortal we've probably encountered--*Keith laughs* **Eamon: We--ell--**

Keith: That wasn't like a friend of Mac's.

Kyle: --that was like an actual antagonist--**Eamon: Yeah.**

Keith: Or didn't have like split personalities and was a maniac!

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah! Like--

Kyle: "I'm Quentin Barnes!"

Eamon: *growly* "It's me! Quentin Barnes!" *laughter*

Kyle: *Luigi voce* Mario!

Eamon: It'sa me!

1:05:15 Keith: So, Richie leaves, and Mac is literally... he's crying. **Eamon: Yeah.** And then it's fade to black and credits.

Eamon: It's sad!

Keith: So... I don't know. I was a little torn up about this ending, cos Mac is so disappointed in Richie, but the whole crux of it, from the beginning, was Richie needs to make his own decision. So he like, let him kind of make these... I don't know. I--I feel weird, like, he's like "I'm gonna let Richie make his--a decision, cos he has to learn," I guess. And then he does, and it's not the best decision. Obviously... it's actually the wrong decision.

Eamon: Right.

Kyle: It migh--It borderlines on the worst decision. **Keith: Yeah.** Two people are dead. **Eamon: Yeah.**

Keith: But then Mac's response to this is: "Go away."

Eamon: Well, also it's the same--

Keith: Whoa! As his mentor-figure, it's like--

Eamon: Well, Mac made the same decision. Mac was in the same position, and he did the same thing. In the flashback.

Kyle: Explain.

Eamon: He didn't let Tim go with Mako, he said hide, and then he got... he basically, instead of turning Tim over to Mako, let Tim hide and basically, that's why Tim then was able to face Mako and get shot.

Keith: Yeah, Mac has definitely harbored people before--

Kyle: I don't think letting someone making their own choices precludes you from being sorely disappointed in them. He obviously DOES need to leave, cos of the multiple homicides that have just occurred. So... like he's gotta go, and... oftentimes adults make decisions not to kill each other. Like, when they do, you're allowed to be upset with them!

Keith: Mmhm.

Eamon: Sure. I just feel like Mac should be able to maybe relate.

Keith: We find that a lot of times, that like in Mac's younger days--

Kyle: Yeah, but Mac didn't--Mac didn't KILL anybody.

Keith: That's true.

Kyle: Mac didn't tell Tim to have a quick-draw with an Immortal--

Keith: And after, he--

Kyle: He certainly didn't tell his buddy Tim to stick up a Wells Fargo man!

Keith: That's true. And after Mako did kill Tim, Mac didn't turn on Mako. **Eamon: Right.** Out of passion.

Kyle: Right. People make their decisions, like--he also didn't turn on Richie, for this whole situation, like... he's very responsible for her death, and for killing an otherwise pretty good person. That was a very bad thing he just did. Like, we're being very nice to Richie, here. He kill--

Keith: I suppose so.

Kyle: He killed--not an innocent man, but like--

Keith: Not a guilty one.

Kyle: --he is--he did not--he had no need to do that, and he did not kill an evil person. In fact, probably in the cosmic scale, he killed a pretty good guy. Yeah. We can be disappointed in Richie Ryan. Like, Mac, you can shed your one tear as he rides your bat-vader out of your weird loft. *Eamon laughs low*

Keith: Uuuh. So what did you guys think of this episode in general?

Eamon: This was a good one, I thought.

Kyle: This is great.

Keith: I liked this episode a lot.

Kyle: Really good! **Eamon: Yeah.** And it was good that a bunch of pieces that had been missing from the show all kind of reunited. Like, Richie's finally back. Joe's finally back. A moral center is... finally back!

Keith: Yeah, there's a sword-fight and--

Eamon: Good flashback.

Keith: Good flashback, yeah!

Kyle: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, this had a lot going for it!

Kyle: This ticked all the boxes of a good Highlander episode.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And also even moved--like this didn't feel necessarily like a...

Kyle: Freak of the Week?

Keith: Yeah, Freak of the Week because of the larger plot gets moved forward, which is Richie gets kicked out--**Eamon: Yeah.**--and it's like what's gonna happen with their relationship? We're moving some big pieces now. Which is pretty nice!

Eamon: And Jonathan Banks is really GOOOOOOD.

Keith: He's great!

Kyle: Yeah, heeee does a great job with this part!

*agreeing noises*

Keith: It's too bad--**Kyle: Mike-O!**--I don't think we ever get to see him again, which is a bummer.

Kyle: Well, he IS dead.

Eamon: Yeah!

1:08:19 Keith: Well, in like a flashback, or, you know. **Eamon: Sure.* I did just wanna bring up the Watcher Chronicles, very briefly. It's nothing in particularly special about Mako's chronicle or anything, but Laura has a chronicle. And it's awesome. It's so brief, it basically says: "Accused of stabbing her husband." I--it might not even say accused. It might just say "killed her husband." And it's just... it's just checkmarks. It's like: Killed her husband. Ran away with Richie. Dash: Girl from wrong side of tracks. *laughter*

Kyle: Awesome.

Keith: That's cruel.

Eamon: "Girl from wrong side of tracks."

Kyle: Did we, uh, learn any lessons this episode?

Keith: There's a lot of lessons.

Kyle: A whole lot of lessons. **Eamon: Mmhmm!** That's why it's time for a segment we like to call:

1:09:00 🎶Fighting Immortals will give you a Mac-attack-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak, you oughta know by now... 🎶You oughta know by now... 🎶

Keith: Welcome to Mac-Attack!

Kyle: Where each and every week we talk about the lessons we learned from Duncan MacLeod! So, this week, I learned: there's really no difference between being the Law, being above the Law, and apparently just murdering the Law! *laughter* It's ALL the same.

Eamon: I learned that I enjoy the Steven Seagal movie "Above the Law".

Kyle: From Mac?

Eamon: Uh-huh! *laughter*

***Mac: We should do this more often!***

Kyle: Mac is not the only one who teaches us some lessons. We also have Richie Ryan. Which is why we have our favorite segment!

*Eamon and Kyle sing* What you don't do-do-do-do-do-do-do!

Kyle: What'chu don't do! The lessons of Richie Ryan.

Eamon: So, what you don't do is: Rescue a girl, leave her at Mac's house, and then go home and take a shower, when a bounty hunter is following you.

Kyle: When Boba Fett is on your trail!

Eamon: That's right. *chuckles*

Kyle: What'chu don't do, is you don't t--you don't trade sex for committing felonies! **Eamon: Yeah!** That is not a good trade for you, Richie! It's not. a. good. trade! Don't knowingly harbor a felon!

Eamon: No, I think that's an excellent lesson. Also, buy some new fuckin' shower curtains! *mad laughter*

Kyle: Lonelyheart36! What'chu don't do... get karate-chopped by Mike-O in your own shower!

Eamon: Mike-O... *chuckling*

***Mac: Haven't you learnt anything yet?!***

1:10:31 Keith: Well thanks everybody for joining us for this week's episode but, before we go, we wanted to talk about our very first Highlander Rewatched Contest!

Now we mentioned this back when we did our seven-part episode on the movies, from 1986, and if you haven't heard those already, make sure to go back on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, we're now on Google Play! And check out those back episodes, cataloging the movie! So Eamon, why don't you tell us about what this contest is gonna be!

Eamon: So, there's a lot of talk, a lot of buzz, about rebooting Highlander. So, how would YOU reboot Highlander? We want to hear from you.

Keith: That's right. So, what we're asking you to do is to actually write us a pitch. Think of it as, like, pitching a movie studio. So, write us a one-page treatment, 500 words, telling us what you would do to the Highlander franchise. And, so we want this to actually read like a short little narrative, so we're the--the studio executives at Lionsgate Films, let us know what your version of Highlander looks like! And what we're gonna do is we're gonna participate as well. We're gonna do a brainstorming session, that we'll record, and then we'll write our own reboot treatment, and share it with everybody--

Kyle: And there will actually be some fabulous prizes for our favorite submissions! Including some custom artwork from our old pal, Eamon! Isn't that right?

Eamon: That's right! I will draw you a picture!

Keith: *laughs* And that's worth a thousand words!

Eamon: That's right!

Keith: Which is basically two entries in our contest. *laughter*

Kyle: So if you give us one entry in our contest, we will just give you back two. *laughter* **Eamon: That's right!** No, that's not true. You'll get very cool custom artwork.

Keith: Absolutely. And we might have even some--yeah. We'll see exactly what the prizes are going to be as we get closer to the due date, and so these entries: you can send to Again, that's We're going to be judging these at the end of our second season, which is gonna be in a couple months, but it gives you plenty of time to think about it and, you know, put your thoughts together. We're really excited to read what everyone's thinking out there, and I'm excited to talk about what our ideas would be, as well.

Eamon: Yeah yeah!

Kyle: Yeah! This is gonna be a lot of fun. So, Keith! Just to add some more flesh to this... contest, is this a pitch for a new movie, or a new television series?

Keith: This is a pitch for a new movie!

Kyle: Great! So, Highlander fans, get on your thinking caps, get ready to pitch us your ideas, we can't wait to read them!

1:12:40 Keith: Thank you everybody for listening to this week's episode of Highlander Rewatched! Join us for the next series episode we cover, which is going to be "Bless the Child". I've been one of your ReWatchers! I'm Keith!

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon! Bye!

Kyle: Bye-bye!

1:13:08 Keith: Richie and Laura get a hotel room. I guess Mako's still on their tail? Or no... hold on. Rija--*laugh* Richie and Laura get a, like, motel room. **Eamon: Mmhm.** And, Richie comes in, he's got like... does he have like burger--no, ah! Fuck, I'm way off on this!