Listen to: Highlander Rewatched: Epitaph For Tommy

Mother: You dare to come here!

DUNCAN: I would give anything to undo this.

Mother: It's you who should be dead! *sobbing*

DUNCAN: If I could, I would.

Mother: She was supposed to marry Ned, then you came. And now Ned will be court-martialed and we have nothing!

DUNCAN: You will have whatever you need, I swear. Anything.

Mother: Can you bring Bess back? She was my only child. May you rot in hell!

( Highlander Rewatched show theme plays)

1:00 Keith: Welcome to Highlander Rewatched! The podcast where each and every week we examine the wild, the weird, the wonderful Highlander franchise. I'm one of your Rewatchers, I'm Keith.

Kyle: This is Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon.

Keith: Welcome to this week's episode. Before we jump into episode number 10, Epitaph for Tommy, we just want to talk a little bit about some reader mail we've gotten. In one of our previous episodes, actually in The Zone episode, we asked the question: What the fuck happened in The Zone ?! *laughter* Uh, so we've gotten a couple of good responses: Dominic S writes: Hey guys! So you asked about What the fuck is going on in the Zone? So I figured it was about time for another long email on the case. *laughter* It's only fair, since because of you guys I spent another two hours with The Zone while rewatching--**Kyle: Yikes!**--taking notes, listening to you, and writing this!

Kyle: NICE!

Keith: I appreciate the deddi--the dedication, Dominic: that's awesome.

Kyle: Now you know our pain.


Keith: Yes, uh, so he writes, What the fuck? I dunno! But even though this is one of my least favorite episodes by far, I found a few things to mention that wasn't covered in the podcast!

02:00 Kyle: Whaaaaat?

Keith: New territory. 1. Hehe, they're numbered. *laughter* 1: I agree it's always hard to confront Duncan with a mortal villain. Even more so, if that one has NO agenda at all.

Kyle: None. *laughter*

Keith: None. But somewhere in that episode there's a plot hiding so we can't see him. Come on! It's basically one bad guy in horrible suits with two thugs helping him out. Not too hard to fight. Where is the suspense? Where is the tension? I just wish they'd used some more hands to fight the poor, crowd, and the Immortal hero.

Number 2. You are already talking about Highlander reusing themes and motifs from popular movies. For some reason this reminds me a bit of Fist with Sly Stallone. A Stallone Zone, if you like. *laughter*

Kyle: Yes, I do like!

Eamon: The Stallone Zone. *sounds amused*

Keith: Um, 3. Who killed the Watcher in the teaser? Wasn't Mr. Bad Suit, wasn't one of his thugs. The Zone people were depicted as villums... villains. Villums?

Eamon: Villums. Willem DaFoe.

Keith: The Zone people were depicted as victims, so I have a hard time believing it was one of them. Either way, the case was never closed. Yet another bummer on this episode.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Number 4. I'm shocked you didn't talk about the biggest and most obvious bridging error in the whole show. Duncan went into the Zone wearing a blue shirt. After they left the clinic they had another walk and talk scene where he wears a white shirt and a vest, then he changes back into a blue shirt--*laughter*--only to come back with a white shirt and vest combo. Since the one wrong scene was also useless, they could have dropped that completely, OR if needed for running time of the episode, they could have just put Duncan into the second visit in the Zone. Nobody would have noticed the change in order. That one depressed me so hard. *laughter*

Kyle: You could have done anything in this episode and no one would have noticed.

03:31 Keith: And finally Number 5. The German title: Oh I love when we get into this. is Die Armee der Wehrlosen translates this means Army of Defenselessness. *laughter*

Eamon: Wow.

Keith: He says, Doesn't make it any better.


Eamon: That's the uh... the fourth sequel to the E--to the Evil Dead movies, after Army of Darkness.

Keith: Yeah, and then he has some positive things! Uh, he says... has a couple of positive things to say. There are a few things I kinda like about The Zone after all. Charlie and Mac have a few good moments, including the last scene in the episode. Anyway, hope you like the comments and if not: Sue meeee! *laughter* Cheers, Dominic. Thank you very much, Dominic.

Kyle: That was very good

4:06 Keith: And also, Adrian Paul, the man himself, wrote about The Zone in one of his issues of his fan magazine Peace. And this comes from November 1996 and he was asked: If you could reshoot which episodes, which would you like to reshoot?

And he says: The Zone and Bless the Child were two shows that were done in six days. They were shot quickly, put together quickly, and gave us no chance as actors to explore the story of each episode. I think The Zone was poorly shot and unfortunately, the lead actor was voiced over entirely because his performance was deemed non threatening.

Eamon: Wow.

Kyle: Wait, so that's not Canaan's voice?

Keith: I didn't realize that, honestly.

Eamon: Oooh, maybe your Wolverine theory still holds true...!

Kyle: 'Cause that sounded so much... like....

Eamon: It did!

Keith: We should look into this a little further.

Eamon: I actually thought the same thing, but I forgot about it until you mentioned it on the episode. Wow.

Keith: The lead character in any episode is only as strong as his opponent. And much like a tennis match, you play better against a good opponent. The choices that were made in this case, were not strong ones. *laughter*

Eamon: Interesting.

Keith: Thank you, Adrian Paul, for the insight into The Zone.

05:07 Keith: But now to move forward, episode 10 season 2: **Keith&Kyle** Epitaph for Tommy.

Kyle: For The Zone!

Eamon: *laughter*

Keith: Epitaph for Tommy was originally aired Monday, November 29th, 1993. This episode was directed by Clay Borris. Speaking of shot poorly : he's back! This guy directed The Zone.

Eamon: Oooh.

Kyle: Awww.

Keith: Although I think this episode is shot perfectly fine.

Kyle: Oh yeah, the shooting's...

Keith: Yeah, nothing against Clay. He also did... what was the episode we watched? Uh, Revenge of the Sword was also Clay Borris. This was written by Philip John Taylor. We have not seen him since Season 1. He did Free Fall , Tomorrow We Die , and The Lady and the Tiger. So I dunno we'll--we'll get into this a little later, but this episode feels very Season 1 to me--

Eamon: Yeah

Keith: --for a couple reasons.

Kyle: More than a couple.

05:49 Keith: This episo--

Kyle: Who is the writer again?

Keith: Uh, Philip John Taylor.

Kyle: Philip Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Keith: Yep. *snickers*

Kyle: Perfect.

Keith: Good one.

Eamon: Dur dur DUR. *laughter* Tool Time.

05:56 Keith: This episode has some guest stars: Roddy Piper.

Eamon: *clarifies* Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Keith: Yes, uh so--

Kyle: Hell comes to Seacouver!


Keith: Yes. He starred in an 80s movie called Hell Comes to Frogtown . Kyle, want to tell us the plot of that movie?

Kyle: It's a weird acid trip where everyone is impotent in the future except... or, or shoots blanks: Rowdy Roddy Piper's the only one with sperm that works.

Keith: 'Cause we had a...

Kyle: A nuclear war.

Keith: A nuclear war with Russia--

Kyle: --That also generated a bunch of giant anthropomorphic frog creatures, and everyone just wants to bang Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Keith: So the government takes control of his wiener, and... *laughter*

Kyle: Like, literally.

Keith: This is not a joke.

Kyle: That's not a joke.

Keith: Literally. They put a contraption on it--

Kyle: Like a shock collar. *short laugh*

Keith: And they force him to go date rape people.

Kyle: Yeah. This is NOT a porn.

Keith: No. *laughter*

Eamon: His name in that movie is John Hell, or something.

Keith&Kyle: It's Samuel Hell!

Eamon: Sam Hell. Oh! Sam Hell. Wow.

Keith: So like what is the Sam Hell is going on, uh, yikes!

Kyle: Hoo boy, but he is in this as the villainous Gallen.

Eamon: Yup.

Keith: Yes, uh and he is a--he's a pro-wrestler. Was a pro-wrestler. We have lost the late, great Roddy Piper. Last year?

Eamon: Yeah. Rest in peace.

Keith: Yeah. But he was also in the Super Mario Bros Super Show, which also--**Kyle: Guest starred!**--guest starred a LOT of wrestlers because of the person who played Mario, which was--

Kyle: Captain Lou Albano!

Keith: Lou Albano, also passed.

Kyle: Yes. So, but he does appear as himself, and Lou Albano... Mario... makes his bagpipes into a vacuum cleaner by mistake.


Keith: By... by mistake! *laughter*

Eamon: *chuckles*

Kyle: Well, er, I, no, Luigi does it. He doesn't realize that they're Rowdy Roddy's bagpipes.

Eamon: Ahhhh *laughter*

Kyle: He just thought they were some random bagpipes that he could make a vacuum cleaner out of them.

07:28 Keith: Um, so this episode also guest stars Andrea Roth as Suzanne Honniger. Um, she was in the show Rescue Me on FX. She was in a ton of those episodes. Um, but she also did some Forever Knight, Rin Tin Tin: Canine Cop.

Eamon: Mmhmm

Keith: It also stars Jan d'Arcy as Betty Bannen. Uh, this is, uh, Tommy's mother. But, she actually is not in much, but you might know her as Ms. Horne from Twin Peaks. **Kyle: Aaah!** **Eamon: Interesting!** And she's gonna be back in the new one, which I'm very excited to see!

Eamon: Hey Kyle, is there a secret about Rin Tin Tin: Canine Cop?

Kyle: No. It's actually no secret how that dog fights crime. *laughter* It's no secret at all.

Eamon: *amused* Okay, good! *laughter*

Keith: And then finally in a REALLY small bit part is Bill Dow as Harry. He's the guy in the, uh, the frog-looking man in the newspaper... *laughter*

Eamon: Ohhh.

Kyle: Office? That guy, yes!

Keith: But he's in a TON of stuff. **Kyle: EVERYthing!** But I remember him, um, from Stargate SG 1. He's the scientist Harry, or whatever his name is? **Kyle: Yeah.** And he's always like--

Kyle: He's their ga--He's like their *Keith&Kyle* Q.

Eamon: I actually remember him from The Hobbit. **Keith: Oooh!** Bill Dow Baggins.

Keith: Interesting.

Kyle: Bill Dow Baggins! *laughter*

Keith: He's in a ton of stuff, so as soon as I saw him on the screen I was like: This guy!

08:35 Keith: Ready for the IMDb episode description on this one?

Eamon: Yesssss!

Kyle: *cheerfully* Let's do it!

Keith: It's another... it's another, uh...

Eamon: Corker?

Keith: Tome.

Eamon: Ugh.

Keith: Immortal Anthony Gallen attacks Duncan in a deserted amusement park. Losing, he tries to escape and hits mortal Tommy Barton with his car, killing him. That's not quite what happens, at all.

Kyle: False!

Eamon: Yeah. *exasperated chuckle*

Keith: Duncan feels guilty over Tommy's death and tries to console his mother. In flashback, the fiancé of Duncan's current bed partner-- **Eamon: guh.**--hay partner, I suppose.

Eamon: Current BED partner??? *incredulous*

Keith: --challenges him to a duel, but accidentally stabs the girl instead. Tommy's mother asks Duncan if Tommy's death was really an accident, telling him that Tommy was an investigative reporter, and he had been scared of something. Duncan decides to find the connection between Tommy and Gallen. That's it! Haha! Wow!

09:20 Eamon: Alright. So they completely excise the plot thread of the Honnigers in that description...

Kyle: The Hornbergers? *laughter*

Eamon: The Hornbergers... also, if you--

Kyle: Hornbergers! *laughter*

Eamon: Oh this is my BED partner! Can you imagine, like--

Kyle: Can we just start calling all of them his BED partners?

Keith: Bed partners?

Kyle: *laughter* Yeah. So this is bed partner Amanda.

Keith: Yeah * Duncan voce* This is my bed partner Tessa Noel...

Kyle: The one thing about that episode description that was accurate is that we DO open on some kind of bizarre amusement park.

Eamon: Is Seacouver like Gotham City--*laughter*--where there are just abandoned theme parks and candy factories and toy shops all over the place?

Keith: Yep!

Kyle: There's the abandoned chemical plant, right next to the abandoned amusement park!

09:57 Keith: So this episode Duncan is running through...jogging--

Eamon: He's going for a jog in this abandoned amusement park.

Kyle: It's like a thing that is becoming... this is the first time I think we see it, but it comes up in three more episodes coming up, that he takes a drive somewhere to go jogging.

Keith: Yes.

Eamon: Yeah! *chuckle*

Kyle: He doesn't just go jogging; it's like a road trip. It's a whole event. So he's like Oh let me drive to that abandoned amusement park so I can go for a run.

10:19 Keith: So while he's running, he gets the buzz while running through the park, and out of nowhere Roddy Piper is there, and he attacks. So there's this sword fight right away. I guess. Luckily, Duncan has his sword in the backseat of his convertible!

Eamon: Yeah which is open.

Keith: Which is open! *snicker* The way he grabs it, [it's] like the sword is just open on the back seat. It's just sitting there. *laughter* So he just reaches in and grabs it, which I think is pretty good.

Eamon: So, as he's driving around are his seats all cut up because the sword's--**Ke: Sliding.**--rolling around in the backseat?

Keith: So this is kind of a fun fight, I think. They actually... they fight on the rollercoaster track.

Eamon: Yeah, this is cool.

Keith: And they go up the incline, which is pretty neat. Then a red sports car drives up, **Eamon:

Mmhmm** I guess when Roddy sees this, he's like, I'm out. And so he jumps off the rollercoaster.

Eamon: He, like, jumps off the side. It's pretty cool.

Kyle: It's a HUGE jump. This fight scene was actually pretty cool.

Keith: Yeah, this is a great opening to that episode.

Eamon: I like that it gets, like, right into it. And this momentum is quickly stopped. *laughter*

11:12 Keith: So Roddy gets into his care and drives away, but hits this guy on his way out.

Eamon: It's this businessman looking guy.

Keith: And he's got a briefcase.

Kyle: With really puffy hair.

Eamon: Yeah, yeah.

Kyle: My first note was He looks like Dan Ackroyd. But then my next note was just No, actually he looks like the guy who gets electroshock therapy from Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. *laughter* I didn't know I was gonna be getting electric shocks! *laughter*

Keith: That guy!

Kyle: That guy.

Eamon: That's a good call.

Keith: So he gets hit with the car. The briefcase goes flying on to the coaster tracks.

Eamon: This isn't a future plot point!

Kyle: Nope!

Keith: Not at all.


Kyle: *stage whisper* Pst! Guys! It actually IS!

Keith: So then Duncan comes over, **Kyle: *whispers* Misdirect!** Duncan comes over, gives this guy CPR, and-- Eamon: Revives him temporarily--

Keith: --he revives--Yeah, he's revived for like a second

Eamon: *****I was so confused!

Keith: And it's like Oh the guy is alive! And then he just goes Ugh! and he just dies. *laughter* I dunno if that's how that works!

Kyle: It happened so quickly that I was confused.

Keith: *laughter* Yes!

Kyle: I don't think I real--I thought he just came back. I didn't think him falling back was him dying.

Keith: I had that in my notes, too! I was like Is he dead? Or just did he pass out or something?

Kyle: I just assumed he was alive, so then all a sudden when they were at a funeral and I was like What the fwa??

Eamon: Hah-hah.

Keith: I dunno if certain writers are doing this on purpose. And again we talked about this in a previous episode that show has cold opens eventually, before the credits. This feels like a GREAT cold open. We are thrown into some action, I can totally see, after this scene being done, the credits rolling and then the story progresses.

Kyle: Yeah and you're like Oh, What happened that guy? Oh no, he's dead!

Keith: Mmm we're gonna find out. The episode will tell us.

12:36 Eamon: Mmhmm! So Richie's making coffee.

Kyle: Making coffee, I love coffee. Making coffee!

Eamon: *Duncan voce* Coffee oh, I hate this coffee machine, I spilled coffee all over the place!

Keith: So this must be their morning ritual, like, Duncan is making Richie [a] full-on breakfast. And I'm loving all of this.

Eamon: Well I like that this time Richie made the coffee because Duncan can't do it. *laughter*

Kyle: Yeah it helps. Is that the thing? Is that Richie's superpower?

Eamon: That's what I imagined. Yeah.

Kyle: If anyone gets Richie's Quickening, are they the first Immor--the second Immortal to be able to use a coffee maker?

Eamon: They immediately go get a job at Starbucks.

Kyle: I can do this now.

Keith: Duncan is telling him, I guess, what happened that morning. I'm assuming it's the same morning. Richie thinks Oh that guy's [just is in] wrong place wrong time.

Eamon: Yeah Tommy Bannen is his name and he's dead.

Keith: Yeah I kept thinking like Bruce Banner or, like, I dunno, every time they said Bannen I was thinking of superhero stuff.

Eamon: Race Bannen from Johnny Quest.

Keith: Oh! Maybe that's it!

Eamon: *hums the Johnny Quest theme song* Bum-bum. Badadadolala dum dum!

Keith: Badolabumbumbum.


Kyle: So Mac's just alone at a funeral.

Keith: Yeah. It's really sad, like, Nobody came to this guy's funeral?!

Eamon: Also, like the mom's late to the funeral?!


Kyle: What's THAT about?! Was the funeral over? What was going on? What IS the actual situation?

Eamon: There's no priest...

Kyle: Nope, there's just a--I agree there's a GRAVE.

Keith: *laughter*

Eamon: Yeah, there's a grave and like ONE wreath.

Kyle: Yeah, and then a mom.

Eamon: And she's comes and she's like *falsetto Scottish accent* Oh thank you for coming to Tommy's funeral.

Kyle: Why is she Irish or whatever she is?

Eamon: *amused* I don't know!

Ky: This is the weird, I--

Eamon: Well she's SCOTTISH.

All three: Yeah, she's Scottish, yeah.

Kyle: And his name's Gallen There's like this Celtic theme that's sort of-maybe-kind of in this episode, but not really.

Keith: That's true. Yeah.

Eamon: Mmhmm.

Kyle: The whole time I was like: What's this gonna be?

Keith: Yeah, it doesn't get explored. Like all it is, is later used as a device like she wants to go back to the Highlands and needs money.

Eamon&Kyle: Yeah

Keith: So they just needed her to need money for something.

Kyle: They didn't even need that, though. That's unimportant.

Keith: Yep!

Kyle: Unlike a dog fighting crime, this one is a secret.

Eamon: *laughter* Yeah.

Keith: So she thanks Mac for saving **Eamon: Yeah.** Tommy... **Kyle: Trying.** and then we get a flashback to a literal roll in the hay. **Eamon: That's right.** It was pretty amazing.

Eamon: They're like doing it... Mac is doing it with somebody--

Keith: Like fully under hay, though! **Yeah!** *laughter* This is not like--

Eamon: Completely!

Keith: They're buried under hay! *laughter*

Keith: That can't feel good, right?

Eamon: No.

Kyle: No, it's gotta be REALLY scratchy They just get up and they're just all itchy. **Eamon; Yeah!**

Keith: That hay gets in some WEIRD places.

Kyle: Haaaah

Keith: Yep!

Kyle: Which places? I don't understand.

Eamon: Yeah I don't either, this is also a secret to me, unlike Rin Tin Tin, Canine Cop. *laughter*

Kyle: Where does the hay go? *laughter* So, as this literal roll in the hay is going on, so--her--this girl's fiancé... **Eamon: Ned.** Ned, rolls up to the party--

Eamon: Yeah, and he's like Hey! Hey!

Keith: Give me satisfaction!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: And Mac's like Yeah, no I already... I'm good. *laughter* I've already got it.

15:12 Keith: Right so it turns out that Ned is her fiancé, and Mac did NOT know about this. She's been foolin' around on the side, presumably, for a while, it seems, with Mac.

15:20 Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So Ned challenges him to a duel.

Eamon: And he's in some kinda uniform.

Keith: Right, they're in uh, according to the Watcher Chronicles, they're in Annapolis.

Kyle&Keith: He's at the Academy.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: So this whole scene, I think, is really funny.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Just the comedy, I think, works pretty well. Duncan fighting this guy is great. He's like whoop whoop! Oh, he's kind of tripping around like, him fighting this guy is no big deal and it's played for laughs. And it's pretty great until the scene takes a REALLY dramatic mood shift--**Kyle: Dark turn.**--dark turn, uh, and Ned accidently stabs... uh, what's her name, Bess. Bess.

Eamon: Yup.

15:52 Kyle: Poor Bess. I dunno for some reason in my notes all I can think about is Bess is the name for a cow, not a human being. *laughter* But no, sh--

Keith: Sorry to any of our listeners *with Kyle* that are named Bess.

Kyle: --sorry. Alright, sorry. *trying to sound serious* *laughter* I dunno it's a thing that cows are named Bessie, or Bess. It is, right?

Eamon: Yeah, yeah it is.

Kyle: I didn't make that up?

Eamon: No, no you didn't.

16:13 Kyle: I think this is the first time I've ever seen a human referred to as Bess. **Eamon: No.** Porgy? I dunno. Whatever.

Eamon: Oh, Porgy and Bess. **Kyle: Sheeeit.** What is that, Miles Davis? *laughter*

Keith: Nope.

Kyle: Nope.

Eamon: No? No. *laughter*

Keith&Kyle: George Gershwin!

Eamon: Oh. Didn't... Miles Davis did a version of it, though.

Kyle: This is true.

Eamon: Okay.

Keith: There's a lot of renditions by various jazz people. *whisper* Jazzzzz

Kyle: *whisper* Jazz!

16:30 Keith: I guess... they paint Ned as a real asshole here because he doesn't even go to be with Bess. She gets stabbed and Mac is the one to [say] "Oh no, I don't want to lose you!" And it's not Ned. I guess we're fairly unsympathetic to Ned, but I dunno --

Eamon: Also his voice is really silly. *laughter* It's like ADRed definitely.

Kyle: *high pitched* Give me satisfaction!

Eamon: *laughter* Yeah.

Kyle: Ned Stark here *laughter*

16:51 Keith: So, later we're at the funeral, and Ned is at the funeral in shackles. He's been court martialed.

Kyle: Which... why is he there?!

Keith: Good question.

Eamon: Yeah yeah.

Kyle: That man--if you're gonna bring him, you don't even--at least let him wear a suit or something. You, like, bring him up in a dirty tee-shirt!


Kyle: Okay funeral's done, we're pulling you away dramatically from the action.

Keith: Yeah, and Mac is also there, which is --

Eamon: Also strange?

Keith: --Also a little strange. I would NOT be comfortable going to this funeral AT ALL.

Kyle: Not a classy move, Mac.

Eamon: No.

17:18 Keith: I guess I can imagine that Ned would be court martialed for this. But I--

Kyle: For literally killing a person?

Keith: --But I do maybe, have a hard time believing that he would be in shackles. Ned is not a... criminal. This was like...

Kyle: Except for the part where he like killed somebody.

Keith: Well --

Kyle: While attempting to kill yet another -

Keith: Well yes, I --

Kyle: …person.

Keith: Well I guess dueling would be the illegal thing. But I'm saying like this is, this is, manslaughter, right? Like, this is neglectful on his part, right? Like he, like he, he's not some KILLER that's out there. For all intents and purposes, he's a stand up guy.

Kyle: Maybe, it depends on what state you're in. So for example, there's like transferred intent - if I intend to shoot Eamon but I accidently shoot you, I've still murdered you despite the fact that I wished you no harm and I had no intent to hurt you. **Keith: Mmmm.** I intended to do a thing and I,like, fucked up. **Keith: Right.** But a lot of places, that would still, transferred intent would still be murder. Also, a third degree kind of murder when you show just reckless indifference for the value of human life - such as by dueling next to a vulnerable person who's trying to intercede.

Keith: There we go. So that's the law-talk on this.


Kyle: In any case, so there are plenty--**Keith: Alright, alright!**--there are plenty of ways that he could have been convicted of murder. At the bare minimum it's gotta be... who even knows what military regulations would have existed at the time, 'cause he's being tried by a military court, apparently.

18:29 Keith: Yes, so! Bess' mother is none too happy that Duncan is there - uh this is the clip that we heard at the top of the episode. And so she blames Duncan for all of this.

Eamon: She has a very emotional moment of exposition. *laughter* She's Exposition Mom.

Kyle: She's my only daughter! And Ned is a -*laughter*- and Ned is being court martialed! And now we have nothing! *laughter* Slap slap slap!

Eamon: Also I don't like you! *laughter*

Keith: Duncan's--

Kyle: *quavering falsetto* Can you bring Bess back? *laughter*

18:58 Keith: So we cut back to the present.

Kyle: No more Tommy Bannen, we're just with Mommy Bannen.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: *snicker**all three laugh*

Keith: So we find out some more stuff about Tommy. We find out that he was investigative reporter, right?

*Assent from Keith and Eamon*

Keith: And last time she saw him, we find out that --

Eamon: *sounds conspiratorial* He was working on a dangerous case...

Keith: Yeah that he might have been fearful of his life, or something. **Eamon: Mmhm!** So it's like, Oooh maybe there's more to this than an accidental death!

Kyle: That's when the Hornbergers show up!

Keith: Right! Yes, so, the Honnigers drive up in a limo. And these people own, it turns out, the newspaper. They own six newspapers? Or three newspapers?

Eamon: Yeah, and like--

Kyle: They're like the Murdoch group, or something.

Eamon: --and like TV networks -- **Kyle: Right.** So they show up--

Kyle: As Richie Ryan later -- exposes for us.

Keith: Yeah, Richie Ryan knows all this for us.

Eamon: Richie's really up on the Honnigers for some reason. *laughter*

Kyle: He's like up on his media moguls. *laughter* It's like his jam.

Eamon: The Honnigers show up late to this funeral, give the mom another wreath, and then they [say] "Alright, we gotta go."

Keith: "Yeah we got a meeting, see ya!"

Kyle: And they're apparently romantically involved. And she shows up late --

Eamon: And she's like "Okay, We gotta go to this board meeting, I'll call you." And then they drive away and the mom's like "She's not gonna call." *Keith laughs*

19:56 Keith: Uh, so then Roddy Piper pulls up and it's very ominous, and he just says "A Good thing we're on uh holy ground, MacLeod." And then drives away. And it's like, there's really no threat. We don't get to learn anything more --

Kyle: We do.

Keith: Oh, that he's just involved?

Kyle: That--we know he's connected to--my assumption, immediately, was that he was connected to the Honnigers.

Keith: I guess so.

Kyle: 'Cause why would he --

Keith: Or connected to Tommy, yeah, well I guess th--yeah, I dunno.

Kyle: It makes it more than clear that it's not an accident; the fact that he shows up to this thing. **Keith: Mmm.** So I think we DO learn something.

Keith: I guess so.

Kyle: We don't know exactly what yet, but there's information contained in his presence. But then Mommy - Mommy Bannen - ***** **Keith sing-song: Mommy Bannen!** *laughter* [says] *falsetto* "Us Highlanders have to stick together." Harharharhar.

Keith: Yeah so she's been hankerin' to go back to the Highlands.

Eamon: Right.

Keith: Has not been able to afford it.

20:37 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

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21:10 Eamon: Now we're actually back and Duncan's like cooking some big meal for *chuckle* he and Richie. He's like cutting up this big hunk of bread. *laughter*

Kyle: *amused* Yeah past life, Mac was a line cook. *laughter*

Keith: They discuss this Honniger connection and both Mac and Richie decide they're gonna go do some investigating. Mac is gonna visit them, and so is Richie. Richie is gonna do some snooping around at the newspaper office.

Eamon: I actually thought this - I got distracted by all the food stuff. **Kyle: There's a lot of movement going on there.** Like Richie has a cup of coffee and Mac's pouring him cups of orange juice. *laughter* There's like sixty glasses on the table - They're drinking water, orange juice, mimosas like *laughter* bloody Marys and they're eating eggs, too.

Kyle: *amused* They are eating eggs.

Eamon: Mm. Very appetizing. *deadpan voce*

21:55 Keith: The music in this episode is very like horror movie. It sounds like the Mike Myers theme.

Kyle: *sings* Ba bwa nan bwa na, ba ban na ba na - No, that's the Austin Powers theme. *laughter*

Eamon: Hahahah! Mike Myers! "Yeah, baby!" *laughter*

Kyle: Yeah, that's what you meant right? That's what it sounds like?

Keith: That's what I meant. *laughter*

Eamon: "Do I make you horny baby?"

*drawn out pause*

Kyle: *deadpan* Yes. *laughter*

Keith: So we're --

Kyle: Let's have a roll in the hay, my bed partner. *laughter*

Eamon: "Do I make you horny, bed partner?" *laughter*

22:25 Keith: Very good. *amused* So we cut to uh the Honniger's office. Duncan shows up and he demands to see Mr. Honniger

Eamon: Mmhmm!

Keith: There's a lot of great like power suits in this, like - the secretary's got like - she looks like a bumblebee, it's great.

Eamon: Yeah *amused*


Keith: With very broad --

22:40 Kyle: For the ????? environment - if she stings you, she'll die. *laughter*

Keith: So he eventually barges into the office and the chair spins around, and it's not Mr. Honniger...

Eamon: It's Susanna!

Keith: It's Suzanne.

Eamon: Or Suzanne?

Keith: Suzanne, I think.

Eamon: Suzanne.

Kyle: Oh Susanna.

Keith: Oh, Susannie.

Kyle: Suzannie get your gun.

Eamon: She's like "Surprised to see me?" *laughter* "'Cause I'm a woman?!"

Kyle: Mac is apparently surprised. *laughter*

Eamon: Yeah. *laughter*

Kyle: He's like *doofy voice* "Well I saw somebody leave this office lookin' very upset."

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: She's like "I fired him."

23:08 Eamon: Yeah. She's like the vice president of the company and she's only 25. It's pretty impressive.

Keith: Yeah, so uh we find out that, I guess, she doesn't know what Tommy was working on. Duncan asks about what's up, and she's like well why don't you come by our house later, my dad will probably know. So she gives him a business card with her home address on it -- *laughter*--which is good. And then we're in the newsroom and Richie is - is --Eamon talk to us about this scene.

Kyle: Oooh boy.

Eamon: This scene is insane. Like the two reporters are like, really jokey and they're like "Oh yeah, Tommy Bannen. Yeah I heard about him uhhhhh, sure." Like they're just going back and forth.

Keith: *imitating reporter* Short guy, stumpy leg right? Nope!

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: They're just like riffing.


Eamon: Yeah

Kyle: Just this guy, are they supposed to be... diming him out for a reason? The guy picks up the phone immediately after. Is he supposed to be like "Hey, somebody's looking for Tommy." Is that the implication?

Eamon: *sounds confused* I don't know…

Keith: I didn't think so.

Kyle: Or like, cause they've claimed to know this guy and like, make up a whole story, like, as a cover, essentially.

Keith: Well they seem like they're regular beat reporters.

Eamon: Now I --

Keith: They kind of rag on him like "Oh, those investigative types - they keep to themselves." They seem to think he's a weirdo.

Eamon: Well I thought it was just they don't know he's talking about him, and they're just messin' with Richie, 'cause then--

Kyle: Because Richie immediately goes, like, "They have no idea who this guy is." He knows.

Kyle: Yeah.

Keith: So cool scene, episode! *sarcasm*

Eamon: Yeah, it's like--

Kyle: I think we are supposed to walk away from this, the thing we actually learned is that he is NOT a reporter. **Keith: Correct.** That is false. That is a cover. **Eamon: Right.** The thing that I don't understand - is why this scene was so complicated? **Eamon: Yeah.** I was honestly expecting it to be a cover up, and that was the idea. Like these guys knew "Hey, if anyone comes around lookin' for Tommy Bannen, he's an investigative guy."

Eamon: Well I think it's supposed to be funny. But it isn't.

Keith: It's not funny. Nope. Nope, nope, not really. *laughter*

24:25 Kyle: But Richie goes to the WORST HR department in history! And manages to collect a dead guy's check.

Keith: Yep! *sounds amused*

Kyle: Just cause he said "He sent me to pick it up."

Eamon: Yeah I'm his friend and he's sick, can I have his check? I'm Jordan Richards.*laughter*

Kyle: *amused* I'm Jordan Richards.

Keith: So we find out that, I guess back at the loft, Richie's telling Mac like all about this info. He gets this paycheck which I guess he's making a decent amount of money as a reporter. He's getting a $2000 check, which I did the math on this. He's making $41 an hour, presuming this is a bi-weekly check. If not he's making $82 an hour.

Kyle: I think it's more shocking if he's making the other one. **Keith: Yeah** Because making 40 bucks...

Keith: I can see that. That's in 2016 money - 41. 2016.

Kyle: That's still only $86,000 a year. If somebody said "I'm an investigative journalist and I made $86,000 a year," I don't know that I would question that, necessarily.

Keith: Yeah, that seems to make sense.

Kyle: I certainly wouldn't go like "What's going on here?!" *joking**laughter* And they were like I make like 2 bills-- *laughter.* **Keith: Right!** --a year. Oh, you must be some hell of a journalist. Did you break Watergate?! Like what's happening here?

Eamon: Well, R--

25:49 Kyle: I dunno what this note is but I just have a note that says "Really long shot of Mac opening jars." *laughter* I'm assuming it's from back during that breakfast scene, but -- *sounds amused* It's like a hanging shot on my notes.

Eamon: Oh yeah like, it ends and he's a hanging -- just opening a jar - like he opens it, like, you see the whole process of him picking the jar up, opening it, and then starting to jelly his bread. *laughter*

Kyle: Did you ever have to take an acting class, ever? Or like a --

Keith: Acting! *dramatic*

Kyle: Acting challenge! *almost as dramatic*

Eamon: *sings* Acting! *normal* I took one in college.

Keith: I did not.

Kyle: I also took one in college. It was like--

Keith: *pleasantly surprised* I didn't know that.

Kyle: Yeah well I - Temple had an arts requirement - you had to do one arts class. I did this Intro to Acting class. **Keith: Huh!* And there's this REALLY horrible, terrible exercise that everyone has to do, but like apparently anyone who's ever taken an acting class has to do this - it's called a basic object exercise? And the entire thing is just you're supposed to go about your day. You set up a little scene and like you need to like bring in props and stuff and you just try to like accomplish some discreet task. **Eamon: Hmm!** Kyle: Like opening a jar and making a sandwich. You kind of just have to pretend to do it. And that's the entire thing. And that's this feels like. *laughter* It just feels like this one on-going little exercise of: Now I must open this jar and make it look natural. *sounds very stiff and emphatic* *Eamon laughs.* *still stiff and emphatic* Now I must make these eggs and make it look natural. Keith: *laughter*

27:05 Keith: Duncan is I guess lacing up his shoes - he's ready to head out to the Honnigers. **Eamon: Mmhmm** And I guess Richie wants a piece of the action - **Eamon: Yeah** --which is pretty good - because he's like, Oh that means uh Suzanne's gonna be there and he's--

Kyle: When did they see each other?

Keith: He's like STALKING--He's [says] "I saw a picture of her."

Eamon: Yeah. And "She's 25!"

Kyle: She's hot stuff.

Eamon: And then Mac's like *doofy* "And she's incredibly beautiful."

Keith: And Richie's like "Why don't you talk to Mr Honniger, I'll talk to SUZANNE this will work out for everybody, right?" I dunno, it's Richie kinda creepin' around again, I think.

Kyle: And then Mac also gets really creepy, I think. He says "Makes me feel young!" It's like, oh really, the fiance that died in your arms, you're thinkin' about smoochin his uh --

Eamon: Yeah

Keith: I actually wasn't sure if she really was his fiance. Like, in the cemetary talk I feel like the mother just said something like Tommy loved her.

Kyle: Ohh

Keith: I didn't know if they were really a thing or [it] was Tommy had a thing for her.

Eamon: Well I feel like they had some type of relationship--

Kyle: And told his mom about it.

Eamon: Well 'cause the mom, the mom's like Oh she won't call, so I feel like that makes--

Kyle: Yeah, she must know.

Eamon: So… Duncan goes to the Honnigers' mansion.

Kyle: He pulls up, he gets the buzz and a half hour later he makes it to the door. *laughter*

Eamon: *amused* Yeah I'm like - the reveal that Gallen is there is forever, it takes forever. And like, they don't buzz him in for a really weird --

Kyle: Yeah

Eamon: So I'm like What is happening right now?

28:19 Keith: This must be a fairly famous S--I almost said Seacouver house. Uh, probably. Vancouver house. I know I've seen this big house before. And I feel like I saw it last season on The Flash? Any way of confirming th-- I feel like Dr Zoom? Professor Zoom... I think this is his house.

Eamon: The Reverse Flash?

Keith&Eamon: *sounds of agreement*

Kyle: Spoiler alert.*laughter*

Kyle: Eobard Thawne?

Keith: Yes, yes. *laughter*

Keith: Oh, goodness.

Kyle: It's that Thawne Song. *laughter*

Eamon: 🎶 That Thawne, Thawne, Thawne, Thawne, Thawne. 🎶 *laughter* 🎶 Like when The Flash go...🎶

Keith: Anyway, Real Estate ReWatched guys.

Kyle: Speed Force like a truck. *laughter*

28:55 Keith: So Duncan goes inside, gets a little tour - gets some art shown by Balda? Ballda? We later find out he's certainly not a real artist - but when it was happening I was like Googling this person --*laughter* I'm like Who is this?! *joking angry* And nothing was turning up. *chuckle*

Kyle: So they have this weird sparring over this antique that apparently is not worth as much as Mr. Honniger thinks it is. Honniger has somehow acquired a bunch of police files about Mac, and knows that he travels to a lot of places, and is in a bunch of unsolved police files.

Keith: And he's suspicious. He's like Why are you interested in this whole... thing?

Eamon: And this, this callback is interesting to the police stuff, which has largely been dropped--**Kyle: Yeah!**--in this season.

Keith: And as we'll later find out in this episode is that Mr. Honniger thinks someone is after him--**Eamon: Yeah.**--to kill him. So he thinks this could be Duncan.

Eamon and Kyle: Right.

Keith: And that's why he's been snooping around.


29:45 Kyle: Weird side-note: Mac still is presented as an antiques dealer. So, I don't know if that's--we're supposed to assume he's still dealing--slinging antiques on the side, or--

Keith: Yeah, at this point does Mac give him his business card or something?

Eamon: Well he gives, he--

Kyle: Touché! Nicely done, Mr. MacLeod! *laughter*

Eamon: Yeah, that's, that's Suzanne. Mac gives Mommy Bannen his business card.

Keith: That's it. I was kind of wondering, what's that business card say...?

Eamon: Duncan MacLeod, Dude.

Keith: Ex-dude. Handsome man. *chuckle* I love this interaction that Mac and Mr. Honniger have!


Honniger: Exactly what kind of antique dealer are you, MacLeod?

DUNCAN: You should know that. You checked me out, didn't you?

*snorts of amusement*

Honniger: A man in my position can't be too careful.

DUNCAN: And what position is that?

Honniger: On top.

30:28 *much laughter*

Kyle: Doggie-style!

Keith: I love that!

Eamon: You should know that. You checked me out. *wheezing laughter*

Kyle: Oh, man! That is--

Eamon: That was good.

Kyle: That is good!

Keith: I love pulling these quotes out of context! It's the best! *laughter*

Ea?: It'll come.

Kyle: On... it'll come. ON TOP!

30:50 Keith: So, they don't really know what's up--**Kyle: Nope.**--either. At this point Suzanne comes in, I guess. **Kyle: Yeah.** And she's like, Oh, Daddy, don't worry about-- whatever, or something, I don't know. Uh, she comes in, she's there, she [says] Oh, Tommy kept notes at home. Like a normal person. Like, like that's the clue. Maybe you should check out where he lives. But then they're like just go check out his apartment, and they tell him where--are you just suggesting to break into his apartment if you want to know more? I don't know! It's weird. Like the suggestion, it's--

Kyle: Yeah, and he didn't need the suggestion.

Keith: No!

Kyle: But I guess Mommy Bannen could let him in.

Keith: Yeah, that's true.

Eamon: Sure.

Keith: I guess he just needed to know where he lived. Which he could have found out even easier from the mom.

Eamon: Right.

Keith: So, he goes to the apartment--

Eamon: Tommy's apartment.

Keith: --and he gets attacked--

Eamon: By a goon!

Keith: Yep, by the same--this is Honniger's bodyguard.

Kyle: So Mac does the ultimate Batman thing, and hangs him out a window!

Eamon: Yup!

Kyle: Careful, you might chip a tooth! *laughter* If I drop you to your death...!

Keith: Right! I love the way this is shot, too. It starts off right-side-up, and then the camera kind of spins around, it looks really cool, nice bit by Mr. Clay Borris.

31:51 Eamon: So, Honniger hired this guy because he thought Mac, as we said, was going after Honniger. And, uh, he has an extensive police record.

Keith: So I guess they kind of patch things up. The end of the scene is really funny, it's all improvised. Oh, pick me up! Say please! PLEASE! Pretty please! *laughter*

Eamon: Mac is getting kind of a perverse joy out of hanging this man outside a window.

Kyle: *gruff low* Swear to me!


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32:42 Keith: The next scene is in Suzanne Honniger's office. And she is there with Gallen!

Kyle: Ruh-roh! Rowdy Roddy!

Keith: Yeah! So, they've clearly got some sort of scheme going.

Kyle: Let's just say Rowdy Roddy lays some Piper. *laughter* 'Cause, they go at it, hot and heavy.

Keith: They go at it REAL hot and heavy.

Kyle: This is, once again, Hell Comes to Frogtown.

Eamon: Yeah. She clears the desk off and gets on top of it!

Kyle: Yeah! She throws everything!

Keith: There's a lot of legs.

Eamon: They're doing their own wrestling routine.

Keith: This is all of course cut in the U.S. version--

Eamon: Oh, is it?

33:17 Keith: Probably because it's a little steamy, um although, you know, we talk a lot about stuff being cut in the U.S. version, and sometimes it's stuff like this, that's Oh, that's a little like, maybe intense for American audiences? Or whatever?

Kyle: Like on the afternoon on Saturday?

Keith: Or standards? But there's a more practical reason that the European episodes are always and that's... we're watching it on Hulu and DVD mostly, and those are all the European cuts. But those are all a little bit longer than the U.S. version, and this is... We're getting into some nerd-stuff, here. Hey, guys! So, they're shot in--there's two different, uh, signal formats for TV. So there's the PAL, which is what's used in most of the world, and there's NTSC, I want to say, which is the National Television Services Committee? The PAL version is thirty frames per minute..? Per minute?! Thirty frames a second! And the U.S. version is twenty-five. The British cuts actually look nicer. Uh, but anyway, because the frame-rate is higher, they actually have to.... The episode would be too long to play on American television. So they actually have to cut footage out, because there... they must clearly be shooting this on the PAL format, because it's a co-financed show, it's aired all over the world, so... these episodes, while still in England, would still be forty-two minutes long. When they slow that frame-rate down for American TV, it now becomes forty-five minutes long. So they've always got to cut--**Kyle: Ah, interesting.**--three minutes out of every episode. **Eamon: Wow.** Interesting, guys!

Eamon: That is.

Keith: That's why the sex-scene is cut! *mock outrage*

Kyle: Yeah. Also, it takes like an odd turn, 'cause at some point she's... like, seconds after clearing off her desk, she's not into it anymore--**Keith: Right!** I [wondered] what is the relationship between these people?! Is he just assaulting her? But she was in--what is going on here?

34:51 Keith: So after this we're back in the cemetery, and Tommy's mother is placing some flowers on the grave, and Duncan shows up. I guess she's called him there to meet, and she reveals that Tommy's will left her everything, which wasn't much, but there was a key to a safety deposit box, and she opened it, and it had two-hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Kyle: Ch-ching!

Eamon: Which she brought with her, it looks like, to the cemetery!

Kyle: To this man she barely knows.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: He just pushes her over and takes it. *laughter*

Eamon: Two-hundred thousand dollars, you say? Screw being Highlanders, I'm taking this money!

Keith: So, she doesn't know what to do with it. Duncan [says] just deposit it in the bank. Which also sounds like a bad idea, honestly, because...

Kyle: Because if you make a two-hundred thousand dollar cash deposit at a bank, they are probably calling the police. **Keith: Yes!** But maybe not. I don't know, but I'm thinking--I'm not familiar--

Eamon: Why not just leave it in the safety deposit box?

Keith: Maybe that's what he's implying. Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. 'Cause I'm not super-familiar with wire-fraud rules, and things like that, but I'm pretty sure they've got reporting requirements when stuff like that happens, 'cause of drug-dealing, and post-9/11 terrorism! That being said, he also says one other thing. [That] there's nothing wrong with just having it. And I just wanted to go, Well... *laughter* not really true. If you know something is ill-gotten, like drug money, and you [think] let me just have it, though. I'll just take it.

Keith: Was there are previous episode that dealt with something similar to this, where he [said] You can't--that's bad money! You can't keep it, or no--

Kyle: Oh! What's the episode--

Keith: Or no, maybe he fell on this side as well. Uh, what was the episode with Richie and...

Kyle: Where he goes ham on those people and beats the crap out of the goons?

Keith: The Sea Witch, was it?

Kyle: Yeah, it's The Sea Witch!

Keith: Because that girl also stole a bunch of drug money, and he [said] Use it to start your life over, right?

Eamon: Right. Mmhm.

Kyle: As he pours coke down the drains.

Keith: Right.

Eamon: Yup. *gruff Duncan voice* This poison!

Kyle: *chirps* The more you know!

36:34 Keith: Back at Honniger's place, they're in the driveway, I guess, Honniger and his daughter. And she [says] Oh, I forgot something in the house. The files. I'll go get them. And he's complaining, *gruff* Why couldn't Johnson drive us? And who--Johnson's just standing in the driveway.

Eamon: Yeah, like, watching.

Keith: And so she gets out--

Kyle: Are they in the driveway?

Keith: Yeah.

Ky; Okay.

Keith: Uh, 'cause they're, I think they're going to the office. I think that's--

Eamon: Yeah, they're leaving the mansion.

Keith: So when she gets out, she walks away, and then the car blows up.

Eamon: Gallen calls right before on the carphone. **Keith: Right!** He's like How did you get this number? I [wondered] what if something went wrong with the bomb?

Keith: Yeah. And he [says] Say goodbye! *laughter* But I feel like... In a later scene do we find that the bodyguard is dead?

*****Kyle: No, he stays--he's very much alive.

Keith: So he's part of this whole scheme, right?

Eamon: I don't know if he is, or not.

Kyle: Maybe her--

Keith: Because that's why he's not the driver for this.

Kyle: That could be. Or maybe she just arranged to have him follow behind. And he's shocked, but still taking orders from her.

37:28 Keith: Gotcha. So, Duncan barges in to Suzanne's office, later, and he [says] Oh I'm surprised you're still working, shouldn't you be grief-stricken? and she [counters] Oh, I'm a tough businesswoman.

Eamon: He's sporting a V-neck sweater with a lot of chest-hair poking out there. Hahah.

Kyle: Like any true bed-partner!

Eamon: That's right. *laughter*

37:45 Keith: We find out, I guess, Duncan has uncovered more to this plot. So, Tommy wasn't just making two thousand dollars at the newspaper--**Eamon: Right.**--he was getting two thousand dollars from three other companies. So he's making eight thousand dollars, maybe a week? That's a lot of cash!

Kyle: Yeah. That's still a lot of, that is a lot of cash. **Keith: Yeah.**

Eamon: Big money.

Kyle: No whammy.

Keith: Well, Duncan's asking what were you paying Tommy for. We don't get an answer to that, really.

Eamon: No.

Keith: I guess she says... I guess Duncan's [accuses her] You killed your father. You killed Tommy, probably, or whatever. Over something.

Kyle: He says I ran your social security--his social security number? **Keith: YEAH!** And she just gives up immediately. She [says] Well now that you mention it, blahblblblbl.

Keith: And how does he run the social--how does that work?

Eamon: His master hacking?

Keith: Yup. Back at it!

Eamon: Master Mac-ing? *laughter*

38:29 Keith: So she spills the beans, and she [says] I killed my dad because he was healthy, and he was gonna live for thirty years or whatever, and I didn't want to wait that long to take over the company.

Kyle: Right. She just wants that money!

Keith: Yup! Money money money money! *high voice* Money!

Eamon: So then she sics Johnson on him but as Mac turns around, she knocks him out. **Keith & Kyle: Yeah!**

Kyle: She gets a little physical, she takes him downtown. *****fouiground.

Keith: Later, we're in Suzanne's office with Gallen, and I guess they're kind of settling up? **Eamon: Yeah.** And he [says] Well, now that all of this is taken care of, you can pay me my money.

Eamon: Two mil--

Kyle: A lot of money!

Eamon & Keith: Two million dollars!

Keith: A lot of... a lot of cheese.

Kyle: That's an expensive hit.

39:08 Keith: So I guess she's now going to double-cross him. **Eamon: Right.** And she shoots him.

Eamon: And he's like urgh!

Keith: And I guess she claims that Oh, I'll just tell the police that you were breaking in to rob me. And it's like what a weird, flimsy thing. And apparently, in the script, it got weird and sexual again. In the script she rips her dress, and it was that you were going to rape me and rob me.

Eamon: Eeew. Keith: Yeah. Kyle: Ew.

Keith: They are always dealing with the sexual violence in this show. **Eamon: Mmhm.** 39:34 So, she shoots Roddy, and then has a drink, I guess, but then Roddy gets up.

*******Kyle: Honestly comes back!

Eamon: Yeah. Huh!

Keith: So then I assume... we cut away when Roddy ambushes her, I'm assuming he kills her.

Kyle: Oh, definitely.

Keith: So, that's the last we see of poor old Suzanne.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: Don't mess with Roddy Roddy like that!

Eamon: Nope.

39:50 Keith: Alright, so now, now we get into the meat of this episode.

Eamon: *gruff* Oh, my God.

Keith: Let's play this clip. Everybody buckle up! *laughter* Because in this--if you've listened to our Season One episodes, and if you haven't, come on. Go back, iTunes, Stitcher... we're now on Google Play. Take a listen to the Season One Collection. We talk about the mumble-fest that exists. These weird noir mumble fests, and we are treated to this amazing montage, and just fucking weirdness.

Kyle: Buckle up!

Keith: Buckle up.


Like the stroke of a sword, one second there's life. The next second it's gone. I didn't want him to die.

Honniger: Tommy was a fine young man.

Our fight isn't their fight. I should have stopped him.

Duncan: No, Bess! Stay back!

We have to be careful. Human life is too fragile. Tommy. Bess. All of them. Life is so fragile.

Betty: I'm Betty Bannen. I don't think we've met.

Bess... No matter what you do, death comes when it's ready. On its own time, not yours. You can't keep them forever.

KYLE: *****Doesn'tsixteen It comes when it's ready! *laughter*

Suzanne: I don't believe you've met my father, Mr. Honniger.

All you can do is say goodbye.

Honniger: Tommy was a fine young man. We'll miss him at the paper.

Gallen killed Tommy, but why kill him? Our fight isn't his fight.

Keith: I hate this so much.

Suzanne: If there was any chance this wasn't an accident, we have to find out.

Why kill Tommy? Gallen knows.

Betty: Two hundred thousand dollars in cash in there.

Kyle: *****

Eamon: But it's in ***** It's like Darkness-vision. It's the same as

Something is missing.

Richie: They had no idea who Tommy Bannen was, Mac. They didn't even know he was dead.

Suzanne and Honniger. Suzanne and Tommy.

Richie: They didn't even know he was dead.

Tommy dies.

Honniger: His name turns up in a stack of unsolved police files.

Then Honniger dies. What's the connection?

Eamon: He says every character's name in this episode in this flashback seventy times.

Tommy's working for Honniger. What was he really doing there?

Kyle: It's still going. It's going to take another minute.

Gallen was death.

Duncan: Your father was paying him two thousand dollars a week through four different companies.

Then who was Tommy?

Duncan: No tax evasion charges for little old Tommy.

Death comes in its own time.

Richie: Too bad about the Bannen kid. Guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Keith: Alright. *laughter*

Kyle: There's so much more of this.

Keith: It's got forty seconds to go. Alright, we're done.

What was Tommy doing there? Tommy and Gallen--something's missing. Tommy wasn't in the wrong place, Tommy was in the right place. Tommy was there for a reason--

41:52 Keith: It is SOOOO... so long.

Kyle: This is insane.

Keith: It is insane. And it's... it doesn't make any sense. He's like Then Honniger dies, what's the connection? Tommy's working for Honniger. What was he doing there? Gallen was death! Maybe Tommy was death, too. It's like... what are you talking about? ARGH! It doesn't make any sense!

Eamon: So is this supposed to be him solving the mystery?

Keith: I think so... and also we find out, because as we exit this montage, we then cut to Duncan hanging from Tommy's window. I guess the bodyguard Johnson is gonna drop him, like a little revenge thing. But Duncan is waking up from being unconscious, so no wonder this is a bunch of gobbledygook! He's been unconscious this whole time, and this is the weird shit floating around in his head!

Kyle: Yeah! My notes just say this is just like Dark Knight Rises, where Batman solves the crime with a fever dream!

Eamon: Right. Yeah.

Kyle: He's like, AHAH!

Eamon: Liam Neeson appears to him. *laughter*

Kyle: *low* I've got a special set of skills...

Eamon: What?

42:48 Keith: So, this is--

Kyle: Taken!

Eamon: Tooken.

Keith: *sigh* So, this is all this weird noir stuff, it doesn't make any sense. It doesn't give us any info--**Eamon: No.** It is dumb. Thank you John Philip Susa Taylor, whatever his name was. John...

Eamon: John Philip Sousa!

Keith: Philip John Taylor.

Eamon: Philip John Taylor.

Kyle: John Thomas! Yup! *laughter*

Keith: Um, yeah, but he did a lot of this in the first season, too. We got these mumblefests. That's bad.

43:10 Eamon: So, the bodyguard does drop Mac--

Keith: *laughs* He does drop him!

Eamon: --off a building. So he has that pleasure to wake up from. *laughter*

Ke?Ky?: Splat!

43:18 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

Kyle: Hey, is it 1993 and you need a new glassware set with pewter inlay? Then you need the hand-crafted molded pewter Tenth Anniversary Emblem-embellished Glassware! There Can Be Only One Highlander Tenth Anniversary! *laughter*

Keith: Correct!

Kyle: Don't miss--don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the Highlander legend with your family and friends by displaying this classic collection!

Kyle: I love that it's There Can Be Only One Anniversary. **Yes!** 'Cause there can be infinite anniversaries, but I guess there can be only one *together* Tenth Anniversary.

Eamon: This is true.

Kyle: Hey, there can be only one Thirtieth Anniversary, plus however many days it's been. *laughter*

Keith: So, what kind of cups can we expect, here? **Kyle: Oooh.* What kind of glassware?

Kyle: The Double Old Fashioned glass. The Coffee Mug! The Connoisseur Gourmet Coffee Mug!

Keith: Oooh, fancy!

Kyle: The, in quotes: Scottish Coffee !

Keith: What's that?

Kyle: I don't know! It's not even a mug. It just says Scottish Coffee .

Eamon: Is Scottish Coffee when you put booze in it?

Kyle: I thought that was Irish Coffee.

Eamon: That's what I thought, too.

Keith: That's racist! *laughter*

Kyle: The Red Wine Goblets. Don't put wh--

Eamon: *sings* Red, red wine!

Keith: Can we put White--

Kyle: NO! Absolutely not. It doesn't say that.

Keith: I'm fine with that.

Kyle: And last but not least, the 17 oz Brandy Snifter!

Keith: Oooh!

Kyle: That can be yours for only fifteen dollars!

Eamon: Oh!

Keith: Fifteen? **Kyle: Yeah.** Not bad. What's the most expensive glass on here?

Kyle: Guess!

Keith: Uh... Forty-nine dollars!

Kyle: No, they're actually all more reasonably priced than that.

Keith: Nice!

Eamon: How much is--

Keith: They're all cheaper than the screen saver?

Kyle: Yeah! All of them.

Eamon: How much is the Super Gourmet Deluxe Coffee Mug?

Kyle: Eighteen dollars.

Eamon: That's not bad.

Kyle: Oddly enough, the most expensive thing--Oh! Look at this! There's some hiding on the left-hand side! There's also... there's a White Wine Goblet...

Eamon: Oh, those are separate.

Kyle: A Pilsner Glass. A Collector's Beer Mug, and a Collector's Sport Mug.

Eamon: Ooooh.

Keith: That's not bad. So, that one that's eighteen dollars, that would only be twenty-seven dollars in 2016 money. That's still not that bad. **Ea makes mm noises* These are actually nice glasses. I always wish I'd bought them when I was a kid.

Eamon: Can we still get them on eBay?

Keith: Ooh, I bet you can!

Eamon: Oooooooooh.

Keith: Hey, any listeners out there want to send us some free glasses? *laughter* We'd love 'em!

45:37 🎶 Princes of the Universe! 🎶

45:41 Keith: Ah, so then we cut to the amusement park! And so Mac and Richie are there--Richie's back! In this episode.

Eamon: Where was he? Yeah.

Keith: I don't know, most of this episode he does abso--he eats breakfast with Mac, he asks the newspaper guy some questions, and then he goes to the amusement park. What a fun day out for Richie.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: That does sound like a kind of fun day out.

Keith: Exactly!

Kyle: Well, I get to see a printing press, and see where they used to make corn dogs, before they abandoned it. I can't believe I'm at the circus! *laughter*

46:11 Keith: So, Mac's pacing around--

Eamon: Well he's doing an Agatha Christie: re-creating the murder scene. Richie, wait. You stand here! *laughter*

Keith: So he's trying to piece the puzzle together, and he [remembers] Oh, the tracks! and he goes over and sees the briefcase!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: And inside of it is a 9 mm.

Eamon: Right. So this is where [we realize] Tommy's a hitman or something.

Keith: So yeah, this is the clue that puts it all together. It's like, why did he have a gun? You would think there would be something so much more important in this briefcase.

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Why is the gun in the briefcase? Why isn't it ON Tommy? Ooh, ah, argh This episode! So, it turns out that, I guess, Duncan realizes that Tommy was hired by Mr. Honniger to find out who was gonna kill him, and stop him. So Tommy has found out that it must be Gallen. So Tommy is at the amusement park to get Gallen. Duncan determined earlier in the episode that it was a completely chance meeting that I met Gallen. We weren't supposed to meet. He wasn't ready for me, I wasn't ready for him. It's like, what is Gallen doing at the amusement park, and why does Tommy show up to assassinate him there?

Kyle: I think it's a cat and mouse thing.

Keith: That's IT?

Kyle: I think so. I think this is just where they--

Keith: --were chasing each other?

Kyle: --set upon each other. Or Gallen's going by, doesn't know Tommy's following him, stops because he gets the buzz... I didn't get any reason to think that Gallen particularly wanted to be at this amusement park, but he got the buzz, so he encounters Mac, and he STOPS fighting him because he realizes Tommy's behind him. He's like Oh, there he is! You...

Keith: But why did Gallen come to the amusement park?

Kyle: He wasn't specifically going to the amusement park. He just got the buzz, there, as he was go--

Keith: So he was walking by the amusement park?

Kyle: Sure, why not?

Keith: *and Ky* I don't know! *no Ky* It's like the--

Kyle: Why does anyone gotta be anywhere? *laughter*

Eamon: Maybe Tommy and Gallen had--the answer to this question is there is no answer. It's just bad writing. I mean, that's the answer.

Kyle: Yeah, I don't think there is.

Keith: Do you guys wanna listen to the montage again? Maybe there's a clue!

Eamon: Sure!

Kyle: *****ay!

Eamon: We have to hang upside down first, though.

Keith: Okay!

Kyle: So we can have the same insights?

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah, I guess if all the blood rushes to your head, you'll probably figure this out.

Eamon: Right. Yeah, so the mystery's solved, I guess. *laughter*

Keith: Which is that Tommy's a bad guy, kind of. I don't know.

Kyle: Kind of. Maybe. He's got a gun. He's not calling the cops on him.

Eamon: Right.

Keith: Right. I mean, maybe not a bad guy. He's hired to kill another bad guy.

Eamon: I... see...

Keith: It's probably like--they're all bad guys. I don't know. I don't trust... I don't like any of these people in this episode. No one is likeable in this entire episode.

Kyle: Here's the--the righteous hitmen out there.

Eamon: Yeah. No, this guy's a GOOD hitman. *laughter*

48:39 Keith: So we get this fight!

Eamon: Yeah.

Keith: Which is pretty cool.

Eamon: Yeah!

Kyle: Until the strobe-light thing happens.

Keith: Yeah. So they're fighting in the amusement park and eventually they go to a--a haunted house? **sort of thing** with a strobe light.

Kyle: *****It's like a, or like a hall of mirrors, or whatever. It is a haunted house thing.

Keith: It's some sort of little ride thing

Eamon: But there are spooky diversions that pop and there's a cart that goes through.

Kyle: *giggling* Spooky diversions! Spooooooky!

Keith: At one point, Roddy puts him in a choke hold, and Duncan bites his hand!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: That was pretty good!

Kyle: I just found this so hard to focus on. All I could think was the Simpsons fighting Seizure-robots. Like that? *laughter* As you just see this strobe-fight. Also, it literally does make everything look SLOW. **Eamon: Right, right.** 'Cause they're moving FAST throughout the rest of the fight, and now all of a sudden everything's... you get to see like one frame per second of their movements. **Keith: Yeah.** And then, the other thing that kills me, is it just made it look like Freefall. **Eamon: Oh, yeah.** Yeah. Where they have the black and white fight on the beach with Joan Jett. And I was like Ooah, bad memory! Bad sense memories!

Keith: Yeah. This person was watching some David Lynch, or something, and was like That's cool! But he knows how to do it. The Quickening, though! I love this Quickening! I'm into this!

Kyle: They emerge out of it onto the circle swing! Which is in the credits at some point.

Keith: Yeah, maybe ****jeezus.

Eamon: Mac wins, and then all the rides light up for the Quickening.

Keith: Yeah. This kind of reminds me of the movie, when the Quickening activates the cars, like it kind of interacts with the environment around. So, all the rides light up, which I think is pretty cool, and Duncan yells, *together* COME! COME! *laughter*

Kyle: My note just says Cum cum. *laughter* Death. It comes when it's ready.

Keith: How did you spell come in your notes?

Kyle: C-U-M, C-U-M.

Keith: So did I! *laughter*

Eamon: *pretend snide* I spelled it the normal way.

50:24 Keith: So he blows up this carousel, and it's cool! **Eamon: Yeah, it is.** I think it's a great Quickening. The production value is there.

Keith: And so the dénouement of this episode is: on a park bench, Duncan's reading a newspaper article that says FATHER/DAUGHTER MURDER PACT. We find out he's talking to Tommy's mom. And she [says] This is the story he was working on, the whole time. Duncan has forged a story, submitted it under Tommy's name, and [says] Oh, he got that byline he always wanted. 'Cause that was some crock of shit--

Eamon: This is insane.

Keith: --he fed his mother.

Kyle: A little insane, yeah. So, what is the actual story?

Keith: *snorts incredulously* I don't know!

Kyle: What's the headline, again?

Keith: It says Father/Daughter murder-pact.

Eamon: So he like--

Kyle: They murder each other. In theory.

Eamon: Yeah. But what exploded, and--

Keith: But he died before them! He died before either of them died! So, how did he write this thing, know about a pact?

Eamon: It doesn't make any sense.

Keith: Maybe the story is about Gallen being a like a double--double-crossed both of them?

Eamon: But then what--like...?

Keith: I don't know!

Eamon: It-d-it-d--the timeline makes NO sense!

Kyle: It just... it's so confusing.

Eamon: We do later find out, though, in a future episode, that Duncan was at one point a newspaper man and can write an article. **Kyle: Right!** *laughter* Okay.

Kyle: Neat!

Eamon: Yeah!

Keith: I like that that scene gives this scene a lot of richness and backstory. **Kyle: *tongue-tied* *The universe-building--

Kyle: --needs building to write written words. *laughter*

Eamon: But, you know, Mac basically lies to Tommy's mom about Tommy's role in all this.

Keith: Does this also mean that Tommy really did work for the paper? Because how does Duncan submit the article under Tommy's name? Without someone going Who the fuck is this? **Eamon: Yeah.** So at some point, he must have--did he... do we think he really worked there in SOME capacity?

Kyle: Or maybe just collects a check from them, like he's on their payroll?

Keith: And so they s--I don't know. Whoever the editor was, was like I've never read one of your articles, but, uh--I'll take this!

Kyle: I'll put it on the front page! Front page news!

Keith: Mommy Bannen is taking the money, she's gonna go back to the Highlands. She makes Duncan PROMISE to visit...

Eamon: That's a future episode, right?

Keith: Exactly! *laughter* Uh, and that's it.

Eamon: Yeah.

Kyle: It's over.

Keith: Let's talk about this episode.

Kyle: I've got one big question.

Keith: Go for it.

Kyle: What's Tommy's epitaph? *snort laughter*

Keith: I guess it's the--

Eamon: The article.

Keith: --the article. I think it's the article. That like, that's his--

Kyle: Failed hitman Tommy fails to--

Keith: Yeah. This is a bummer all around. So, Richie doesn't need to be in this episode, right? He does nothing. **Eamon: 'Nmm.**

Kyle: He should do more.

Keith: Oh, yeah! Yeah, obviously.

Kyle: You notice how he bizarrely leaves. When he goes to fight Rowdy Roddy, isn't Richie there? He's just like, I'm gonna go.

Eamon: Well he's like, no he's like, you know the rules, no one-on-one, Richie. And then he just leaves.

Kyle: Oh and then he just--

Keith: And he just goes.

Kyle: And he just never comes back. I'd think he'd be on--

Eamon: But maybe he could wait, and if Mac loses, Richie could chop off Gallen's head?

Keith: Yeah!

Eamon: I don't know. No, he just... he just leaves.

Keith: He just disappears. Gone. I forgot about that.

Eamon: Maybe wait and see what happens to your friend.

Kyle: He's on the carousel. He's on the swinging swings! **Eamon: Wheeeeeee!** *laughter* He wants Mac to activate the ride!

53:27 Keith: So, does Gallen need to be Immortal in this episode? Not really. **Eamon: No, but--** The only time it comes into play is when he gets shot by Suzanne, and comes back.

Eamon: He doesn't need to be Immortal, but the best thing about this episode are the fights between Gallen and Mac.

Keith: Roddy Piper does a gre--I think a really good j--he's threatening, I think he's--

Eamon: He's great. He's wasted! **Keith: Yeah, totally!** This episode should have just been about him. **Keith: Yup!**

Kyle: For a second I thought you just meant he was drunk. 'Cause who would believe that.

Eamon: Yeah, yeah! Well he was both! He was both wasted and wasted!

Kyle: But obviously he's a good physical actor, 'cause that's his--his day-job--**Eamon: Yeah.**--is being a wrestler.

Eamon: I thought he was great. I'm disappointed he wasn't a more major villain.

Keith: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, he... well he really just wasn't IN it that much. He very quickly comes and goes throughout this episode.

Keith: Mmhmm. Yeah, it's a bummer.

Kyle: It was a great cold-open! **Eamon: Yeah.** The two of them going at it on a rollercoaster!

Keith: There's a lot of pretty good stuff in this episode! The Quickening's great; the sword fights are great; the cold open is great; the eggs Duncan makes Richie, like--

Kyle: Yeah, those are great eggs!

Eamon: Those eggs, man.

Kyle: What did he do with all that tossed salad and scrambled eggs? *moment of silence*

Eamon: I don't know what to do with that.

Kyle: Mac probably knows. That's probably something he learned-

Eamon: *sings* But Mac does know what to do with those tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Yeah.

Kyle: So, what's the connection between the flashback with Bess and the modern day plot?

Eamon: Uuuuuuh.

Keith: Good question. In the flashback, the whole is about... I guess it's supposed to be that Duncan feels responsible for this person's death. And it's indirect in BOTH circumstances, I suppose, or slightly less indirect in the flashback. He sleeps with this woman, the fiancé gets mad and accidentally kills her as a result, and in the beginning of this episode, before this plot gets uncovered, he thinks that him and Gallen had this kind of chance meeting at an amusement park, and because of that, Tommy ended up getting run over because Gallen was fleeing. **Kyle: Okay.** So I think that's the r... he feels connected, that he has inadvertently caused people's death.

Kyle: Okay, so he's feeling personally responsible for Tommy.

Keith: That would have been an interesting way for this... like if the episode had to do with Mac forgiving himself? **Eamon: Mmhm.** That might be interesting. Like if he carried around a lot of guilt for Bess' death, and it's liKeith: you know what? It's not really your fault. You can let it go.

Kyle: That one I feel like was kind of his fault. 'Cause Bess is like Don't do this, and he [says] Tell him! and he's pretty cavalier... he's having fun.

Keith: I get the impression in the flashback that Mac does not want to fight him. Mac's kind of just tripping around like, like... he's not actively fighting this guy. He's defending himself, though.

Kyle: Yeah. But if he had handled the situation differently, she would still be alive.

Keith: Probably. It's a little spotty.

Kyle: Yeah, I do think he's to blame for that one. **Eamon: Yeah.** I'll go out on a limb and say it.

Keith: Thematically, if he carried some guilt for this, and then it was like... if this episode was about him blaming himself for Tommy, but then realizing that, you know what? It wasn't my fault. It was Gallen's fault, really. **Eamon: Right.** Or Tommy's own fault, honestly. *chuckling*

Eamon: Yeah. Yeah. **Kyle: Hmm!**

56:17 Keith: That's a good point! So, the Watcher Chronicles for this episode: Anthony Gallen!

He was born Anthony Morgan, in 1813 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Hey, that's not too far! **Eamon: Whaaaat?** **Kyle: Whaaaat?** Actually, it's a little far.

Kyle: I mean it is kind of far, but it is the capital of our great State of... excuse me, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. **Eamon: Mmm!**

Keith: That's right. So, he died for the first time in 1855 in a drunken brawl, and his teacher was Harry Hogan. I wonder if the Hogan is a reference to...!

Eamon: Rasslin'?

Keith: Hulk! The Hulkster!

Kyle: Or his heroes. Hogan's Heroes!

Keith: So, again, here's a fantastic Watcher entry!

56:50 Anthony Gallen never met a woman or a dollar bill he didn't want. Born with no conscience back in 1813--

Eamon: *snickers* Born with no conscience! **Kyle: Yes!**

Keith: --Gallen was a real S.O.B. even before he became Immortal. *laughter*

Kyle: Can you read the rest of this as Macho Man Randy Savage?

Keith: *gruff* He was always lookin' for a good fight. On a roll or in the sack. And if one or the other ca-- *normal voice* Is this right?

Kyle: Yeah, you're pretty close! Also, in the sack?!

Keith: *gruff* --in the sack! And if one--*Ky wheeze laughs*--one of the other came with a paycheck, so much the better! **Oooyeeeaah!** Being Immortal didn't change his lifestyle much, it just meant he got to rob, cheat, and KILL, whatever else his clients required, for eternity! And the part about not being able to die, was a handy bonus for a guy who spent lots of time dodging the police with the bullets.

Kyle: *laughing* With the bullets!

Keith: *gruff* In the end though, he picked a fight with a--he couldn't win, with Duncan MacLeeeeoood. *second of silence* Bonesaw is readyyyy!

Kyle: I love that. That's not a bad ***** Randy Savage.

Eamon: Good job, Keith.

Keith: That wasn't Keith.

Kyle: That was, that was--

Eamon: That was

Kyle: That was Macho Man! He came down from Heaven to--

Keith: He came down from Heaven, *laughs*

Kyle: *laughing happily* --to read that little bit!

Ea?: *gruff* They say Duncan MacLeod has the largest biceps in the world! These aren't chopped liver.

Keith: Also we find out in R--Richie has new Immortal Chronicles in the Watcher Chronicles.

Eamon: Ooooh! New Immortal Chronicles!

Keith: Uh, I'm not going to read his Chronicle, just because before it was always categorized as mortal Richie Ryan. **Eamon: Oooh.** And then it's like for dates past this, check out these other listings or whatever.

Eamon: That's cool.

Keith: But it's--the thing that's kind of funny is, he has a different Watcher than Mac does. **Eamon: What?** But I guess that makes--at some point, Richie kind of leaves and does his own thing, so maybe that's--

Eamon: *jokewarning* Spoilers!

Kyle: He's got his own path.

Keith: Yeah, he's got his own path. So, maybe that's kind of what they're talking about.

58:44 Fighting Immortals will give you a Mac-attack-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak, you oughta know by now... 🎶You oughta know by now... 🎶

Keith: So, what lessons have we learned this week from... The Mac?

Eamon: I learned from this episode that Mac could be a good stand-in for Batman, if he ever needs a break--*wheezelaugh*--because he's good at hanging perps out of windows, and exploring abandoned amusement parks.

Keith: And solving crimes!

Eamon: That's right!

Kyle: I learned that it's most important to lie to Mommy Bannen about the activities of Tommy Bannen. *laughter*

Duncan: (((We should do this more often!)))

Kyle: So, I'm a little curious about what else the Quickening can affect. We know it can light up an entire amusement park. What are--what do we think are the limits on the Quickening's power to affect the surroundings are?

Keith: Well in the movie, we've seen it turn on firehoses. **Eamon: Mmhm!**

Kyle: K-ts-sk Fully engorged.

Keith: Fully engorged firehoses.

Eamon: Fully engorged.

Keith: Uh, we've had, uh, I guess the oil from a car, leak... leak out or splooge out.

Kyle: So, yeah does it cause the leak, or does it just force a lot of activity that causes it to erupt?

Eamon: Mmmm!

Keith: Although that's in the movie, so different than the show. If we want to keep these things a little separate. Hmm! **Eamon: Hm.**

Kyle: We know it can blow up glass...

Keith: In a later episode, we'll see it have some effects on paint cans...

Eamon: Oh, God. *laughter*

Keith: I like that!

Eamon: *disbelief* Do you?

Keith: *laughing too much** I did!

Eamon: Okay.

Keith: Write us at, or comment on Facebook.

Kyle: I like the idea that it can turn on anything electric.

Keith: That makes a lot of sense. I like that it can damage electric things, too. **Kyle: Yeah.** Like cellphones, or computers....

Kyle: Computers, *gleeful* thus preventing evidence from getting out! **Keith: Yup!** Brother!

Keith: So tell us what you think on our Facebook page, or write us an e-mail on what does the Quickening affect? Thanks for joining us this week! Uh, next week we're going to be tackling the episode The Fighter ! I'm excited for this one. I've been one of your Rewatchers, I'm Keith!

Kyle: I'm Kyle!

Eamon: This is Eamon!

Keith: *gruff* This is Bonesaw! And I'm ready! *laughter*

1:00:55 Why isn't this episode called Epitaph for Ned?