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(C)1990 by Zen Nine Productions
Lyrics (C)1989 by The Zen Nine
Try to dismember each character rendered in high romance or science fiction
Show us they're tender but never surrender to circumstance or malediction
Try to engender a hint, just an ember that love has a chance despite all prediction
We will remember each soul that you render,
And wallow. Wallow wallow wallow.

Those who seek action can stay with their faction
The same for hardware wars and monsters
Give us dejection, rejection, compassion
Attacks with guilt instead of blasters.
Show us they're caring despite all their swearing
And what the girl's wearing that's got him flustered.

Heartache and passion
And sometimes high fashion
We'll wallow. Wallow wallow wallow

Call me a sadist but it seems that I'm gladdest when I can watch the hero suffer
When things look dimmest I know by each grimace what he survives will make him tougher!
The way things are going I take heart in knowing though times have been bad they will just get rougher
Stories are best when there's never a last test
Let's wallow! Wallow wallow wallow wallow!
And waaaAAAAAAaaallooooow

For filk, well you can find filk here and there, but Prometheus Music is an excellent source.